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Summer Training Report

Submitted In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirement
Of Bachelor of Business Administration

Training Supervisor Submitted By
Name: Romilla Machado Name of the student: Tarun Jindal
Designation: HR Manager ENR No: Batch 01615103913

Submitted To:
Management Education & Research Institute, Janak puri, New Delhi
(Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University)

Success is the expression of diligence, insistence, motivation inspiration and novelty. While
making this project, I had a wonderful experience. But this journey I have not travelled all
alone. There are some special people who made my journey easier with the words of support
and more intellectually satisfying by offering help in improving the quality of this work and
bringing it to a finish.

I would like to thanks Mrs. Romilla machado (HR manager) who has been a constant source
of inspiration and guide for my project report.

My warm thanks to my parents for their continuous encouragement, interest and advice given
throughout the study. My thanks are also to all those who have shown keen interest in this
work and provided the much needed encouragement

Last but not the least, God helps those who help themselves and thus I kept on helping
myself and God helped me through infinite ways I cannot define and God is too grateful and
big for my unallied efforts to thank him.

TARUN (07261201710)



10 ANNEXURE 64-66

I have made project on financial planning where I explained the financial plan as the process
of making learned money management decisions in order to safeguard your future. After it I
have told about reliance life insurance, its image n working in the market. This was followed
by the research conducted by me which tells that the people at the young age people invest in
highly risky situations but dont have knowledge about it. It would be interesting for you
when you will read my project and understand the individuals financial planning in the
ongoing time on the basis of my data in reliance life insurance.

The voluntary compliance of social and ecological responsibility of companies is called
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Corporate social responsibility is basically a concept whereby companies decide voluntarily
to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment. Corporate social responsibility is
represented by the contributions undertaken by companies to society through its business
activities and its social investment. This is also to connect the Concept of sustainable development
to the companys level.
Over the last years an increasing number of companies worldwide started promoting their
Corporate Social Responsibility strategies because the customers, the public and the investors
expect them to act sustainable as well as responsible. In most cases CSR is a result of a
variety of social, environmental and economic pressures. The Term Corporate Social
Responsibility is imprecise and its application differs. CSR can not only refer to the
compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to the
fight against climate change, sustainable management of natural resources and consumer
The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility was first mentioned 1953 in the publication
Social Responsibilities of the Businessman by William J. Bowen. However, the term CSR became
only popular in the 1990s, when the German Betapharm, a generic pharmaceutical company
decided to implement CSR. The generic market is characterized by an interchangeability of
products. In 1997 a halt in sales growth led the company to the realization that in the generic
drugs market companies could not differentiate on price or quality. This was the prelude for
the company to adopt CSR as an expression of the companys values and as a part of its corporate
strategies. By using strategic and social commitment for families with chronically ill children
children, Betapharm took a strategic advantage.
In July 2001, the European Commission decided to launch a consultative paper on Corporate
Social Responsibility with the title Promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social
Responsibility. This paper aimed to launch a debate on how the European Union could promote
Corporate Social Responsibility at both the European and international level.
The paper further aimed to promote the CSR practices, to ensure the credibility of CSR
claims as well as to provide coherence in public policy of CSR.
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To work under 3hd media and perform the tasks in 3hd media to
improve the people standard of living by giving them better jobs using the internet
Following are the secondary objectives of the study:
To collected data of both unemployed and employed people who are interested in
finding jobs.
To provide a better standard of living to the people
To reduce unemployed rate in the country
To help the lower segments of the society
To reduce the exploitation of lower segments who are not provided fair wages.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a major role in developing the economy of a
country. It can be defined as the way in which a company manages various business entities
to produce an impact on the society. Companies with high CSR standards are able to
demonstrate their responsibilities to the stock holders, employees, customers, and the general
Business organizations that have high corporate social responsibility standards can attract
staff thereby reducing employee turnover and cost of recruitment. What is the importance of
corporate social responsibility? Anyone can give a clear answer to this question. Companies
voluntarily contribute a large sum of money to make a better society and a clean
environment. Corporate social responsibility is a process in which all companies come
together as one and take part in the welfare of the society. Many organizations conduct
campaigns to create awareness among corporate, civic bodies, and government bodies about
the importance of corporate social responsibility.
Many national and multinational firms are booming in various developing countries. But at
the same time, these countries suffer social challenges such as poverty, corruption,
population growth, etc. Therefore, it is important for all companies to strive together and
adapt corporate social responsibility standards to make the society better than before. An
organization can exhibit a better image in the society if it cares for its employees and involve
them in social activities. The responsibilities of an organization may range from providing
small donations to executing bigger projects for the welfare of the society. Many business
houses around the world show their commitment to corporate social responsibility.
What is the importance of corporate social responsibility? The answer lies in two things:
1) organizations understanding their role in developing a society and
2) awareness among business houses, corporate bodies, and the people. Versatile, profitable,
and dynamic businesses are the driving forces that build the economy of the country. We
must remember that the growth of a country purely depends on the growth of the society and
the people in the society.

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly discovering that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
and sustainable business practices can foster improved green programs and overall
environmental stewardship.
Today, we are seeing increased awareness and active participation by business professionals
in the development of CSR policies. Organizations are increasingly more involved in green
initiatives by adopting sustainable processes and practices, adapting products and services to
the low-carbon economy and innovating in all areas their business. The net positive on
reducing waste, designing green buildings, implementing green operations and maintenance
plans all have continually proven to yield a positive return on investment (ROI).
CSR has come to rely on a more complex set of factors than corporate governance alone, and
likewise also depends on sustainable development, environmental impact and supply chain
The development of the new carbon trading markets, verified emission reductions (VERs),
also known as carbon offsets, and renewable energy credits (RECs), it has become easier for
organizations to create and measure direct ROI from CSR. Likewise, CSR efforts have shown to
yield measurable returns in waste reduction, improved efficiency, diminished liabilities,
improved community relations, and brand recognition.
Through communicating clear and measurable sustainability objectives and the
implementation of practical and equally functional corporate governance mechanisms,
organizations are realizing that they can have a achieve ROI through their sustainability
efforts. Integral strategies in ensuring substantive long-term results include:
expected organizational outcomes

ical success indicators with CSR
performance metrics

Innovative organizations that understand the value of CSR work to create a corporate culture
in which each employee is committed to doing his or her part to improve the environment.
According to Forrester Research , effective CSR and sustainability practices within large
companies have been shown to contribute to a profit increase up to 35 percent.
Whats Your ROI?
There are proven methodologies that demonstrate ROI benefits to CSR. A partial summary
of such strategies has been outlined below and reflect best practices in the implementation of
successful CSR programs designed to drive improved operational performance and net
positive ROI.
Business Benefit: Improving Operational Efficiency
Perhaps the strongest and best documented argument for engaging employees in
environmental practices is the connection between CSR involvement and increased
operational efficiency. Front-line employees are often in the best position to identify
inefficiencies and propose improvements. Educating employees on CSR can improve
profitability by supporting greater efficiency through less waste, water and energy usage.
Business Benefit: Innovation
Employee E&S education is also a source of innovation and savings resulting from the
development of new product and service lines as well as new technologies, materials or
processes that reduce water, energy usage or harmful materials.
Business Benefit: Supply Chain Management
Educating employees on sustainability practices throughout the supply chain can lead to
greater efficiencies and help build collaboration to meet sustainability, quality and other
goals. It can also strengthen relationships between a company and its suppliers by aligning
values and objectives.
Business Benefit: Financial Responsibility
We are seeing an unprecedented level of government programs and initiatives designed to
drive corporate decision-making within markets that include manufacturing, construction,
etc., to invest in implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction,
operations, and maintenance solutions.
In many cases, the good news is that implementation of sustainable operations can drive
increased efficiency through reductions in energy consumption, implementation of building
maintenance methodologies that are often cost neutral, and decreasing the cost of workspaces
through use of recycled furniture while changing too low use lighting (which provides eco-
friendly work environments), to name a few.
Government subsidies and incentives often further complement and reward efforts to develop
and implement successful sustainable operations and maintenance programs. Nearly all of the
points needed for LEED Certification (40 points) can be achieved through the energy and
atmosphere category (35 points).
It is by far the largest category within the rating system, and emphasizes the combination of
energy performance and renewable energy, which has shown can lower costs by up to
50percent in the first year alone. It is widely accepted that green building occupants are
healthier and much more productive in their work. With an average of 90 percent of
Americans spending more of their time indoors, green buildings often have better indoor air
quality and lighting, among other key advantages
Measuring the impact of CSR in achieving social and environmental goals can be difficult,
but is becoming more common if not expected within corporations, often as a factor of CSR.
Typically in business, what gets measured gets managed, and as long as the right metrics
system is created and data is tracked accurately, almost any environmental CSR initiative can
yield positive results.
There seems to be a direct correlation between the implementation of effective green
programs and design of green buildings to improved office worker productivity and
employee morale, while driving efficiencies and reduced consumption.
Innovative, forward-thinking companies have learned that they must be fully committed to
strategic initiatives that are directly tied to their business core competencies (or those of clients,
employees, etc.). The advantages of doing so through an effective CSR program, such as
building brand recognition, realizing increased sales and fostering trust with employees and
community, can be achieved as a win-win in almost all situations. With committed leadership
and a strategic approach most companies can find a substantial ROI benefit in CSR

3HD Media is a rich digital media agency offering an endless list of digital services all aimed
at engaging the customer on one single touch point that the customer never fails to carry
along and that is their mobile phone. Entertainment giants are re-editing shows and creating
new content for small screen, these are the BIG BUCKS in selling Television on the go

3HD Media has absorbed the best technological brains in the country and bought them under
one roof so that both advertisers and brand could benefit from the latest digital media
technologies. Its an effort of the experts who have strived hard to develop various mobile
applications, one of them being Mobile Video Streaming that allows you an instant access to
a particular content in a usable and appropriate format on any mobile phone.

Our team possesses extensive intellectual technologies across the entire digital services like
Mobile Video Streaming, Location Based Advertising (LBA)/ Marketing(LBM) Bluetooth
Advertising, Internet Advertising, Video SMS , Video Emails, WiFi Advertising, Product
Launches and Social Media.

We are also the pioneers and the only organization owning the software for Mobile Video
Streaming for transmitting TV on Mobile and that too on a 2G network delivering 18 frames
per second(as good as normal television) using just 60 kbps of bandwidth.

It is crucial in this ever-changing global business landscape to have the right technology &
knowledge hence 3HD Media focuses on; delivering the technology & knowledge that
companies not only want, but the critical insights on how to ensure success on their
marketing plans.

Who would not want to be the first to witness an electrifying product launch live on their
mobile phone/computer, 3HD Media brings together the latest footage on the most portable
screen irrespective of your target audience being at home, work or traveling, we promise they
wont miss it !!!!!!

Mobile Phone is believed to be the third screen for viewers after Television and Computers,
its like a wildfire waiting to set blaze so now one can have the latest per minute shows and
sports action just within a time it takes for the eye to blink or the heart to beat.

3HD Media integrates all the various digital touch points of a customer on a single platform
and uses the latest analytic tools to create an unmatchable ROI for the product. The company
envisions being the definitive market leader on the Digital Media landscape of India. So now
come give us a chance to serve you so that we could create a win-win situation on the most
promising medium for the two of us.

About 3HD Media:
3HD Media is an online digital media agency. Since we are a digital media agency we
believe that the world is changing faster than we can imagine and we are now living in a
brand new world where the only certainty we have that the world is uncertain so what does
the finance team do in these uncertain times, how do they increase their top line and increase
market capitalization in spite of the world going through an economic crisis. Since the world
is changing rapidly we have made a survey from various Management schools all over the
world and have come to the conclusion that the below mentioned skills are the most
important for any Finance student to challenge& succeed in this brand new world in which
we are living . Following are the basic skills required for Finance students:
Quantitative Skills
Basic Understanding of Accounting and Financial Management Principles
Ability to interpret numbers and draw conclusions from results of various financial
strategy changes
Ability to handle a wide variety of tasks
Evidence of solid Intellectual Capacity
Ability to elicit information from others and to synthesize that information into a
cohesive story
Strong Listening Skills
Ability to Communicate with all levels of Management, from Line Managers to the
Ability to see the big picture
Ability to determine KEY issues from confused and incomplete information
Project Management Skills

"If you're brand in not on the mobile, your market share is getting smaller and smaller..."

3HD Media provides a unique mobile video streaming technology on the 2G & 3G networks
that streams up to 18 FPS (Frames per second which is as good as a normal television) by
using only 60 kbps of bandwidth. 3HD Media with its latest video streaming- proprietary
compression technology built by our team of IT professionals can deliver the smoothest
video, clearest audio and richest multimedia experience which no other company can provide
that too both on the 2G & 3G networks.
3HD Medias end-to-end solution enables mobile video streaming from any mobile handset
right from the high end to the low end devices. We will help your brand reach its right
audience & keep you updated with the ever evolving demography.

According to this Streaming Media post, the H1 2011 Allot Mobile Trends Report found a 93
percent increase in mobile video streaming during the first half of 2011. This growth
accounts for 39 percent of all mobile bandwidth, and makes video the largest single
consumer of the available mobile bandwidth & 3HD Media is very much aware of this fact.

Unify and expand your organizations mobile video communications today with the help of
3HD Media!

Location Based Advertising
Get ready to light a fire under your profit generation by getting acquainted with the
latest & the trendiest Location based advertising technology brought to you by the IT team of
3HD Media.
3HD Media provides the "PUSH" technology wherein you can send any content to a wireless
mobile device at any time even without the subscriber's request. In push LBA, advertising
messages are sent to a consumer's cell phone (or mobile device) based on a particular
consumer's location and previously stated product preference.

3HD Media also offers "PULL" technology wherein users can interact with our mobile
applications and the offers are presented in a standard pull advertising model (specially
designed by 3HD Media). Through this medium we provide advertisements specific to the
location of the consumer delivered to the mobile device only when it is explicitly requested
for. In this type of LBA, the consumer initiates the request for advertising or promotions for
preferred product categories close to his/her location.

With 3HD Media's LBA technology you can capture your target easily, increase impulsive
buying, develop stronger one-to-one relationship marketing, and boost psychological
nurturing thus increasing your ROI.

"New crowd of mobile customers,
Then you gotta go where they go and be where they hang out!"
Do you want to outwit your competition, increase brand awareness or improve customer
relationship, then leverage on the latest technology of Bluetooth Advertising provided by
3HD Media to WOW your customers and be ahead of the game.

We will help you achieve this goal by offering superior technology in
Broadcast location-based coupons.
Contextual advertising.
Localized information.
Gaming and music.
Content on demand.
Specific and targeted campaign.
It's a breakthrough in technology which 3HD Media has developed wherein one could
communicate through Bluetooth for a distance of up to 250 meters.

According to the latest numbers, mobile telephony is expanding at the rate of 20 million
customers a month and there are currently 23 mobiles for every landline phone. Taking this
into consideration
3HD Media, with the help of Bluetooth advertising, can help you develop Business
Opportunities in restaurants & cafes, bars & nightclubs, cinemas & theatres, offices schools,
colleges, & universities, retail outlets & shopping malls, banks, exhibitions & events, public
places, airports & train stations.

3HD Media helps in creating high-conversion, interactive direct marketing services to help
brands succeed in the online marketplace. Through the medium of internet advertising we
help you in immediate publishing of content that is not restricted by place or time.

In India, Internet users will more than double to 237 million by 2015 from the current figure
of around 100 million. At 3HD Media we do it for you!

Our dynamic internet advertising solutions include:
Pay Per click Management (PPC)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Contextual/Display Advertising
Landing Page Optimization
Web Design & Development
Online Video Marketing
Internet Marketing Consulting
Strategy Development
Online Marketing Audits
Affiliate Marketing
Custom, Proprietary Internet Marketing Technology
3HD Media provides you with all these solutions under one roof & boosts your brand value
in this competitive & dynamic market thus differentiating you from the rest.

Video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us want to "see" something before we
"read" something. In the context of internet marketing, 3HD Media brings to you video
messaging which can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer
about the product or services, creating an image and building the brand.
3HD Media has made a breakthrough in the video messaging arena by bringing in the unique
compression technology which means greater flexibility & more data can be handled in a
small space. By means of 2G & 3G networks we enable video service that allows users to
make a video call, record video and send it to any other subscriber.

Voice or Video SMSes are fast ways to send short messages to any mobile subscriber. If
you're tired of typing a message, now you can simply record it! 3HD Media offers you a
non-intrusive and expressive way of communication to your target audience thus bringing
easier and faster communication to reality.

"Picture speaks a thousand words & videos a million" & therefore we introduce you to our
Video sms technology for
A truly personalized communication with customers
Shortens your time to market considerably & allows the transmission of time-
sensitive information
Enables you to effectively target both new and existing customers
Maximize cost-effectiveness and returns for all we know it is GREEN!!!!!
Video Emails

Everyone prefers watching and listening to video, so why not delight THE CUSTOMERS
and improve MARKETING campaign results . We at 3HD Media showcase the audience
that you care enough to communicate face-to-face.
3HD Media has streamlined the video email process to the point where the whole
recording, linking and sending process is done within our secure 3HD Media
We also allow you to record evergreen (reusable) videos ready to go at the push of a
button. These are often used as a follow up to a phone or email enquiry, and are an
effective first-step in the relationship building process. Our team at 3HD Media
offers unprecedented level of coaching and support that teaches businesses to put the
human element back into their communications.
3HD Media offers ground-breaking video compatibility with almost all handset
devices & with our video email compression technology we assure a revolution in the
video email marketing technology space.
With video email marketing techniques, 3HD Media offers a significant
When you use web video, you not only refine the process, you enhance it. Plain text
can only say so much. Video takes your processes via your message to the next level
& FAILURE OF A BRAND Incorporating video email, and web video, into your
marketing efforts will increase the impact of your copy exponentially. With video
email marketing technology we allow you to fix your hard costs, regardless of the
number of videos you send out.

You just need to get their attention, invoke their desire & lead them to take action by walking
through your doors & you will make more money!!!

Traditional marketing tactics have to be reinvented to keep up with technology and the ever
evolving demography. 3HD Media creates a direct response marketing opportunity that will
give you information that has not been available through traditional means with the help of
WIFI advertising.

"The bottom line is that WiFi puts butts in seats," Our brand of WIFI technology is designed
to build a stronger one-on-one connection with your desired target audience.

3HD Media's WIFI advertising system can be used to:
Pre-qualify leads for your business by determining which users are meeting your
specific prequalification metrics.
Provide valuable product feedback directly from your consumers.
Provide the multiple branding opportunities necessary to convert potential customers.
3HD Media, through its WIFI advertising system attracts what you are looking for. We have
created a unique branding and data collection opportunity for advertisers wanting to reach
their target audience. Our software delivers targeted advertising campaigns and collects the
data for you in an easy-to-use and download interface.

Our unique opportunity and proven technology will advance your marketing effort.

The business world today is witnessing cut-throat competition, not just due to the race to
increase the revenues, but also since all the brands are offering a wide array of products.

"Launching a product is similar to launching a rocket you have to break the tremendous
inertia that is holding the body at rest"
We can bring a perfect storm in making your product ready, your partners screaming at you
to ship and your buyers foaming at the mouth in anticipation. 3HD Media helps you
differentiate your brand from the rest and swoop on the handsets of your potential customers,
you can now:
Demonstrate use of a new product
Train your business partners almost anytime and anywhere
Send latest updates on the critical attributes of your product
So what are you waiting for, when you can reach your customers/agents at just one click?
Thus being precisely cost-effective with the power of mobile video streaming you can get the
world out quicker, build your customer base faster and generate more revenue.

"Social media is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It's picking up speed & a few years
from now, it's going to be the standard" & therefore we at 3HD Media create digital
marketing & technological applications across all social media platforms.

"If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world with the highest
per capita income."

3HD Media strives to help your brand engage with the consumers, reach them on various
social networking sites, blogs & micro blogging platforms thus creating & managing brand
pages on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Myspace & LinkedIn. With the
implementation of analytical tools 3HD Media provides information as to what people are
talking about your brand on the web across blogs & forums, so that you have a real time
consumer feedback at your fingertips. 3HD Media helps you to respond to what consumers
are saying, managing negative posts & build positive influence.


3HD Media provides you with this tool thereby providing flexibility, web-based social
media monitoring and engagement platform that lets you view relevant conversations
happening around your brand and products in real time. We aggregate those conversations
saving you lots of legwork and put them into visuals that make analysis and measurement
meaningful and actionable.

Regional Voice SMS
India is a land of regional diversity with more than 22 languages and thousands of dialects.

In India there are more than 850 million mobile phone users and only 10% of these users
speaks English.

Inspite of this most of the interactions on the mobile phone takes place in English

It would be any marketers dream come true if he could communicate to rural india in their
own language through the mobile phone

Regional voice based SMS services enhances the quality of your communication by making
interactions more meaningful.

Don't just convey but stay connected with your customers through voice SMS

Features & Benefits of Voice SMS
Broadcast in all Regional languages
A Mechanism for inbuilt feedback
Immediate call connect
Instant MIS
Emotional Appeal
So what are you waiting for call 3HDMedia and take advantage of technology at its best in
this fast changing world.

Mobile Video Training
"Mobile is no longer about what you can do on your cell phone.
Mobile is all about doing more, all of the time."
3HD Media initiates an exclusive video compressed technology which is able to present
large amounts of detailed information in a finite, condensed form wherein enterprises can
easily speedup training time taken for educating and guiding new workers or employees
including agents/distributors at their convenience, newsletters, e-mailers can be designed in
the form of video and target its direct audience within no time.

Consistency of content is another major benefit that 3HD Media provides with video training
rest assured that all viewers receive the same content. Not to forget the retention of video
content is far more effective than any traditional training method.

3HD Media with the aid of mobile video training allows the training facilitator to travel to
different locations and quickly set up and break down equipment, or convert any place into
an instant training facility. It's the most inexpensive way to train, develop, and motivate your
employees, for any workplace.

With most enterprises wanting to employ solutions that can offer best ways of cutting down
cost, we at 3HD Media introduce Video Training like an optimized solution that can solve all
training woes.

Research Methodology
Research Design:-
Research design used was descriptive. Descriptive research describes data and
characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. Descriptive research
answers the questions who, what, where, when and how. Although the data description is
factual, accurate and systematic, the research cannot describe what caused a situation. Thus,
Descriptive research cannot be used to create a causal relationship, where one variable affects
another. In other words, descriptive research can be said to have a low requirement for
internal validity.
Descriptive research can be either quantitative or qualitative. It can involve collections of
quantitative information that can be tabulated along a continuum in numerical form, such as
scores on a test or the number of times a person chooses to use a-certain feature of a
multimedia program, or it can describe categories of information such as gender or patterns
of interaction when using technology in a group situation. Descriptive research involves
gathering data that describe events and then organizes, tabulates, depicts, and describes the
data collection (Glass & Hopkins, 1984). It often uses visual aids such as graphs and charts to
aid the reader in understanding the data distribution.
Data collected included both primary and secondary data.
Primary data is that kind of data which is collected by the investigator himself for the
purpose of the specific study. The data such collected is original in character. The advantage
of third method of collection is the authenticity. A set of questions were put together in the
form of questionnaire with . Question. The method of sampling was the random method as
it is unbiased.
When an investigator uses the data that has been already collected by others is called
secondary data. The secondary data could be collected from Journals, Reports and Various
Publications. The advantages of secondary data can be economical, both in the term of
money and time spent. The researcher of the reporter also did the same and collected
secondary from various internet sites like Google.com. Altavista.com and many more. The
researchers of the reporter also visited various libraries for collection of the introduction part.
Sources of Data collection:-
Primary Data Collection: - Primary data was collected directly from the respondents.
Secondary Data Collection:- Secondary data was collected with the help of books, magazine,
internet and company brochures.
TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION: - The popular ways to collect primary data consist of
surveys, interviews and focus groups, which show that direct relationship between potential
customers and the companies.
Survey method was used in the study and the tool used was the questionnaire.
Questionnaire: - questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions
and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents.
Sampling is the process of selecting units (e.g., people, organizations) from a population of
interest so that by studying the sample we may fairly generalize our results back to the
population from which they were chosen.
Sampling Design: - Sampling design used was non-probability sampling that include
convenience and judgmental sampling.
Non- probability sampling:-
Non-probability sampling is a sampling technique where the samples are gathered in a
process that does not give all the individuals in the population equal chances of being
Convenience sampling is probably the most common of all sampling techniques. With
convenience sampling, the samples are selected because they are accessible to the researcher.
Subjects are chosen simply because they are easy to recruit. This technique is considered
easiest, cheapest and least time consuming.
Judgmental sampling is more commonly known as purposive sampling. In this type of
sampling, subjects are chosen to be part of the sample with a specific purpose in mind. With
judgmental sampling, the researcher believes that some subjects are fit for the research
compared to other individuals. This is the reason why they are purposively chosen as
Sampling Unit: - investments by public in life insurance
Sample Size: - 100
Sampling Area: - Dwarka sector-7, New Delhi-75
Data Analysis: - Data was analyzed with the help of pie-charts, graphs and tables.

100 millions educated unemployed in india
Providing jobs to each and every individual unemployed
Bridging the gap of unemployed indians
To elevate the people standard of living by giving them better jobs using the internet

Full name Mobile no. Age Gender Current
986814637 22 M 110045 Cook Yes No
Madhu 9716450358 40 F 110010 Cook Yes No
Nitin kumar
8587413201 24 M 110010 Cook Yes No
7819658432 30 M 122001 Cook Yes No
Tanu taneja 9899999173 37 F 110010 Cook Yes No
Raju chetri 9715463821 47 M 122001 Cook Yes No
9765428326 25 M 110075 Cook Yes Yes
Ram 9958324651 26 M 110066 Cook No Yes
Prince 9654371892 30 M 110059 Cook Yes No
8281493652 26 M 110075 Cook Yes Yes
Mukesh rai 9868374527 26 M 110066 Cook Yes No
Usha sagar 9926148372 26 F 110063 Cook Yes No
9854736812 31 M 110024 Cook No Yes
9768453215 38 M 110030 Cook Yes No
Puja 8814598436 23 F 122001 Cook Yes No
Khemraj 7854639555 20 M 122001 Cook Yes No
9716543289 25 M 110075 Cook Yes No
Rattan 9954326684 44 F 110067 Maid Yes No
Harish 9968541762 29 M 110001 Maid No Yes
Lokesh 9825071620 25 M 122001 Maid No Yes
Pradeep 9657861238 22 M 110001 Maid No Yes
Anita 9982648573 26 F 110013 Maid No Yes
8826154372 26 M 110030 Maid No Yes
9854786320 20 M 110075 Maid No Yes
Manpreet 9968371409 22 M 110075 Maid Yes No
9638274561 22 M 110065 Maid Yes No
Aniket 9632457810 22 M 110075 Maid No Yes
9802648535 29 M 110059 Maid Yes No
Saurav saini 9856743210 25 F 110057 Maid No Yes
Deep kumar 8265457399 22 M 110062 Maid No Yes
Indu 8259743821 34 F 110075 Maid Yes No
Hemant 9836574125 28 M 110001 Maid Yes No
9957864352 25 M 110017 Maid No Yes
Suraj 9567843515 23 M 110032 Maid Yes No
Lovekesh 9868413379 25 M 110045 Maid Yes No
Sunny 9868050593 28 M 110034 Maid Yes Yes
Jyoti 9968020446 22 F 110062 Maid No Yes
Pooja 9868091153 21 F 110065 Nanny No Yes
8805051993 22 F 110070 Nanny No Yes
Suman 7568943521 23 F 110016 Nanny No Yes
9927111958 36 F 110002 Nanny No Yes
Shadab 9946587932 23 F 110002 Nanny No Yes
Mehrun 8854679325 36 F 110067 Nanny No Yes
Neha nagar 9867458132 39 F 110009 Nanny No Yes
Sumita roy 9886192711 29 F 110002 Nanny No Yes
Madhavi 8838231119 28 F 110005 Nanny No Yes
Prem singh 9785053091 26 M 110062 Nanny Yes No
9753019854 21 M 110001 Nanny No Yes
Bala Sharma 9868937479 23 F 110045 Nanny No Yes
Laxmi 8849758264 21 F 110062 Nanny No Yes
Bulbul jain 9871625455 40 F 110030 Nanny No Yes
Kiran 9854763152 29 F 110014 Nanny No Yes
Paramjit 9645678312 48 F 110016 Cook Yes No
Kanchan 7865943951 31 F 110085 Cook Yes No
9996872439 34 M 110062 Cook Yes No
Simmy 9867584231 29 F 110001 Cook Yes No
Ashish 9786451235 34 M 110085 Cook Yes No
Varindar 9687455321 32 F 110018 Cook No Yes
9868343738 22 M 110002 Cook No Yes
7827407159 25 M 110001 Cook Yes No
9658493210 26 M 110033 Cook Yes No
9687601254 28 M 110068 Cook No Yes
Uday bisht 9845678356 24 M 110001 Cook No Yes
9745678348 29 M 110058 Cook No Yes
8821467935 25 M 110075 Cook Yes No
7824682683 36 M 110009 Cook Yes No
9825378318 29 M 110001 Cook Yes No
9578643281 26 M 110002 Cook Yes No
Manish 9785463285 20 M 110001 Nanny No Yes
Pooja 9653287591 26 F 110075 Nanny No Yes
Anika singh 9953377988 23 F 110017 Nanny Yes No
9868462226 24 F 110046 Nanny No Yes
9910155614 24 M 110019 Cook No Yes
Rohit 9910221054 26 M 110057 Cook Yes No
Aman deep
9954687301 23 M 110053 Cook Yes No
9568734120 32 F 110019 Nanny Yes No
7956682985 25 M 110026 Cook No Yes
9802346571 22 M 110001 Cook Yes No
8434972681 23 F 110007 Nanny No Yes
9643582483 28 F 110059 Maid Yes Yes
Hemlata 8815373892 23 F 110027 Cook Yes No
Ritesh 9937856420 34 M 110054 Maid Yes No
8427349385 25 M 110063 Cook Yes Yes
8535861234 29 F 110028 Nanny No Yes
7582630534` 38 F 110039 Maid No Yes
8832461832 24 F 110025 Cook Yes Yes
7826458349 27 F 110079 Maid Yes Yes
Kiran 9527654819 26 F 110055 Maid No Yes
9978342358 39 M 110027 Cook Yes Yes
9567519381 28 M 110054 Cook Yes Yes
9867818834 30 M 110059 Nanny No Yes
9786482351 24 M 110036 Cook Yes Yes
9975367878 29 M 110046 Cook No Yes
9578333643 34 F 110035 Maid Yes Yes
Habib khan 9983047657 25 M 110045 Cook Yes Yes
Jwala sinha 9955555983 30 F 110059 Nanny No Yes
9956171311 26 F 110078 Maid No Yes
Megha 9862862483 25 F 110054 Maid No Yes
Rahul 8760563522 25 M 110054 Cook Yes No
8865749878 31 M 110032 Cook Yes No

From the research, I collected the following findings:
Lesser income due to easy availability
Majority of the respondents are female
Controlled by some agencies as well
Majority of the respondents are ready to work part time
People are less educated

The conclusion to be drawn from the project are:
More of part time jobs to be generated
Higher income to be provided to the people
Contacts with agencies needs to be maintained for those who are not allowed to
switch job
Peoples job should not be against the interest of society and the people employed

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