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FVR: Pinoys training with jihadists in Iraq, Syria

August 22-28, 2014

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August 22-28, 2014
Msgr. Gutierrez
PNoy: Lameduck He
is Not and Reformist
He Must Be - p. 6
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Zena Babao Ben Maynigo
Most expensive parking
building in the world
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Live Life
Well - p. 10
Who, What and
Where - p. 8
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A parents journey to sending their kids to
college: Community colleges have their own
special reasons and advantages!
Our Life and Times
Chinese drones fy over Phl
ship in Ayungin
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Publisher & Editor
San Diego Asian Journal
The Original and First Asian Journal in America
Published in the San Diego Asian Journal
August 17, 2007
Second in a series of articles
San Diego, California
Daughter of Marcos tag amuses Grace Poe
Jesus, I Trust in You!
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grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
PHL Senator Grace Poe
August 15 - September 15, 2014
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by Louis Bacani, Philstar.
com | MANILA, 8/20/2014 --
The Makati City Hall II park-
ing building is overpriced by
up to 300 percent and could
be the most expensive parking
building in the world, accord-
ing to the lawyers who fled
a plunder complaint against
Vice President Jejomar Binay
and Mayor Junjun Binay.
Testifying at a Senate hearing on
Wednesday, Atty. Renato Bondal
claimed that the carpark building was
Their daughters choice of going to a community college in the frst two years saved at
least $40,000 in expenses. The experience was unique, endowing the 18-year-old with a
more intensive, down-to-earth and practical education than what a straight, four-year
program would have afforded.
ollege education for their children is a subject Adam always brushed aside from
his mind when his kids were small. This is because he did not know how to solve
the impending problem. He did not know where to get the money to fnance his
childrens schooling. For this reason, he would always try to ignore and forget about it
whenever the subject fashed in his mind. He was like an ostrich with his head buried in
the ground, ignoring what was happening to the world around him.
Come to think about it, it was a matter he just left to fate. Bahala na (lets leave it
to fate) a trait said to be inherent among fellow Filipinos to cope with the unknown.
Of course he and his wife tried to save as much money as they could from their meager
income. But with the huge expenses of a growing family, there was not much they could
do. To make matters worse, they suffered a major setback when the huge stock options
his wife owned suffered from the dot.com crisis at the turn of the decade. They were
only able to save $60,000 out of their $100,000 nest egg, which they immediately with-
drew to pay off their outstanding bills.
But that was the least of their problem then. Their eldest daughter, Irene still did not
have a college of choice when she was about to graduate from high school. As the weeks
passed, she eventually settled on attending a community college frst before moving on
to a university.
By Paolo Romero, Philstar.
com | MANILA, 8/21/2014
Former President Fidel Ramos
raised the alarm yesterday
over reports that some 100
Filipinos are training with
jihadists trying to carve out a
fundamentalist Islamic state in
Iraq and Syria.
Ramos said there are
reports that the Abu Sayyaf
and the Bangsamoro Islamic
Freedom Fighters (BIFF), a
splinter group of the Moro
Islamic Liberation Front,
have pledged support for the
Islamic State (IS), an emerg-
ing militant group in Iraq and
The report that has been
reaching us retired people, at
least 100 of our young Fili-
pino Muslims have already
infltrated Iraq to undergo
training to return and be jihad-
ists or militants, the former
leader told ANCs Beyond
Ramos, however, did not
give other details on the infor-
mation that he received.
Earlier, Islamic militants
in the country have expressed
support for the jihadist cam-
paign in Iraq and Syria in
videos uploaded on YouTube.
Last July 23, a video of
senior Abu Sayyaf leader
Isnilon Hapilon, who carries
a $5-million bounty from the
US government, and masked
men was posted on YouTube
where they declared support
for IS.BIFF spokesman Abu
Misry Mama said his group
has also pledged support for
the IS.
The Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP) remains
clueless over claims that some
100 young Filipinos are now
in the Middle East training
with the IS.
Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala,
AFP Public Affairs Offce
(PAO) chief, said the military
has not received any informa-
tion about Filipinos joining
the Islamic State of Iraq and
Syria (ISIS).
Ive already checked with
the intelligence units of the
AFP and we have not moni-
tored, not even names of Fili-
pinos who are there fghting.
So there is none, he said.
By Jaime Laude, philstar.
com | MANILA, 8/21/2014 -
Drones believed to be Chi-
nese have been seen hovering
above the Philippine garrison
in the grounded BRP Sierra
Madre on Ayungin Shoal, ac-
cording to soldiers manning
the isolated outpost.
Since late last month and
early this month, we have
monitored at least three over-
head passes of a kind of UAV
(unmanned aerial vehicle), a
Marine said.
The military has reported
increased presence of Chinese
vessels in Ayungin Shoal and
in other areas within Philip-
pine territory.
The outpost had served as
refuge from a storm and a
Chinese patrol to six Japa-
nese journalists and reporters
from radio station dzRH and
The group was on its way
to Pag-Asa Island on a small
fshing boat with local of-
fcials led by Mayor Eugenio
Bito-onon when it encoun-
tered a Chinese patrol early
this month. The Chinese tried
to drive away the small boat
despite the bad weather.
The soldiers said they have
by Camille Diola, philstar.
com | MANILA, 8/20/2014
Late cinematic legend Fernan-
do Poe Jr.'s daughter, Senator
Grace Poe Llamanzares, takes
lightly suspicions that her bio-
logical father was late strong-
man Ferdinand Marcos.
In a televised interview,
Poe said she has already ad-
dressed the rumors, denying
she is an illegitimate child of
Marcos and Sampaguita Pic-
tures star Rosemarie Sonora.
"Nung kampanya, ibina-
bato lahat sa'yo. So sabi ko,
totoo naman ako'y adopted
child," Poe said in an inter-
view with TV5's Ka-Talk sa
Umaga with Lourd DeVeyra
Page 2 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
Ninoy tells PNoy in letter: Live with honor, follow
your conscience
by Louis Bacani, Philstar.com |
MANILA, 8/21/2014 -- Ninoy was
detained on Sept. 22, 1977 at the MSU
Compound of the Philippine Army at
Fort Bonifacio Presidential Museum
and Library/PCDSPO/"Ninoy: Ideals &
Ideologies 1932-1983"
by Louis Bacani, philstar.com | MA-
NILA, 8/21/2014 - While in prison dur-
ing the early years of Martial Law, the
late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino
wrote a personal letter to his only son
and namesake.
In his letter dated August 25, 1973,
the elder Aquino explained to his son
why he decided not to participate in the
proceedings of the military commission
assigned to try the trumped up charges
of illegal possession of frearms, subver-
sion and murder fled against him.
Aquino said his decision was an "act
of conscience."
"It is an act of protest against the
structures of injustice that have been
imposed upon our hapless countrymen.
Futile and puny, as it will surely appear
to many, it is my last act of defance
against tyranny and dictatorship,"
Aquino wrote in his letter.
Aquino also relayed to his son a pre-
pared statement that he intended to read
before the military commission.
He explained in the statement why he
did not follow suggestions that he beg
for mercy from the Marcos regime.
"Son, this I cannot do in conscience. I
would rather die on my feet with honor,
than live on bended knees in shame,"
Aquino said.
Aquino also apologized to his son for
passing to him the responsibility of tak-
ing care of their family.
He asked his son to stand by his
mother, the late President Corazon
Aquino, and look after his two younger
sisters, Viel and Kris.
"Krissy is still very young and fate
has been most unkind to both of us. Our
parting came too soon. Please make
up for me. Take care of her as I would
have taken care of her with patience and
warm affection," Aquino said.
The martyred senator also apologized
to the younger Aquino for not being able
to leave him material wealth.
"The only valuable asset I can
bequeath to you now is the name you
carry. I have tried my best during my
years of public service to keep that name
untarnished and respected, unmarked
by sorry compromises for expediency.
I now pass it on to you, as good, I pray,
as when my father, your grandfather,
passed it on to me," Aquino said.
The democracy icon ended his letter
urging his only son to imitate his actions
and continue his legacy.
"The only advice I can give you: Live
with honor and follow your conscience,"
Aquino said.
"There is no greater nation on earth
than our Motherland. No greater people
than our own. Serve them with all your
heart, with all your might and with all
your strength," he added.
"Son, the ball is now in your hands,"
Aquino concluded.
The nation is commemorating today
the 31st death anniversary of the elder
Aquino while his son, now in his fourth
year as President, is being accused of
destroying his parents legacy for declar-
ing his openness to amend the 1987
In an interview with TV5 last week,
Aquino said he is open to amend the
Constitution to clip the powers of the
When asked if he wants a term exten-
sion, Aquino said he listens to his bosses
- the Filipino people. He added, how-
ever, that this does not automatically
mean that he would seek reelection.
Meanwhile, some of the President's
allies are pushing for Charter change to
extend Aquino's term.
Militant groups have criticized Aqui-
no, saying Charter change, a second
term and a weaker Supreme Court are
"ingredients for a dictatorship."
Malacaang, on the other hand, has
defended the President, dismissing
opinions that he is destroying the legacy
of his parents.
"It is well known that the President
has been doing his best to institute re-
forms that will bring about the transfor-
mation of Philippine society in keeping
with his parents' legacy," Presidential
Communications Operations Offce
head Herminio Coloma Jr. said.
Ninoy was detained on Sept. 22, 1977 at the MSU Compound of the
Philippine Army at Fort Bonifacio Presidential Museum and Library/
PCDSPO/"Ninoy: Ideals & Ideologies 1932-1983"
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A parents journey to sending their kids to
college: Community colleges have their
own special reasons and advantages!
Our Life & Times
Read Sim Silverios previous articles by visiting our
website at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
A Monthly Forum hosted by and for the Fili-
pino American Community of San Diego
He must admit that it was quite a let
down for him. Like any other California
parent, he was hoping that she would at
least be attending UCLA, the Univer-
sity of California in Los Angeles. Look-
ing back, however, he felt that Irene is
the type of person who didnt want to
be pushed or pressured. She must have
hated competition. He would often glean
that at the sign of pressure, she would
hold back and let others win the race.
That does not mean however that
she was not without talent. In fact,
she graduated top of her class in her
elementary school. The award came as
a surprise to them that Adam held on
to the $100 award she won that is, until
he misplaced and failed to deposit it in
her bank account. Irenes talent would
simply push her ahead with nary an
effort on her part. The family would just
be pleasantly surprised to learn that she
would win awards in art contests in her
But community college or not, she
came out well ahead. She might have
started the race slowly but she did
well, very well indeed. After two years
in the community college, she went
to the California State University in
Northridge and eventually to UC Santa
Cruz where she obtained her Bachelor
of Arts in Sociology.
When Irene graduated from UCSC
more than six years ago, they did not
have diffculty picking her out among
the sea of black graduation gowns and
caps during the graduation ceremony.
Always a free spirit due to her artistic
persona, she tied a red balloon on her
cap so that they could track her down
wherever she went.
The cost of tuition in a community
college then was only about $15 per
unit. Since Irene was staying at home
because her school is in the area, her
college expenses hardly had a dent on
their family budget. Had she attended
a university during her frst two years
in college, the family would have spent
at least $20,000 a year with grants,
fnancial aids and scholarships taken in
The University of California in Santa
Cruz has the most beautiful campus in
the UC System. Nestled in a mountain,
it is also near a beach along the Mon-
terrey Coast south of San Francisco.
Occasionally, wild life like deer would
dart across the narrow winding road that
leads to the campus and into the woods.
Downtown Santa Cruz is a haven for
the hippies and other artsy people. The
main boulevard is dotted with trees and
sidewalk cafes. It is a place where one
could literally want to spend the rest
of his life. The nearby beach is also an
idyllic hideaway where lots of activities
and events are held all year round.
Graphic Artist
At frst Irene wanted to be a graphic
artist. At the back of Adams mind, he
feared that it might be a highly com-
petitive career where only a select,
talented few could succeed, but he did
not discourage her. He just kept his fn-
gers crossed and hoping that she would
eventually end up in a more fnancially-
rewarding calling. When the time came
for her to declare her major, she chose
to major in Sociology because it was
the next interesting course for her aside
from Fine Arts while she was at UCSC.
The education at UCSC widened her ho-
rizons and extended her options leading
her to her next goal as a teacher.
She has not abandoned her passion
for the arts, however. She would always
have a sketchpad in her hand during
her free time, drawing scenes at a park
or other places she visited. Some of
her works are proudly displayed in her
parents house, works of art that are
more precious than a Monet or a Picasso
for Adam.
Fiercely independent, Irene moved
into an apartment with friends much to
Adams consternation, when she came
back to San Diego. He assumed it is
normal for Filipino parents to want their
kids back to their nest, at least until they
get married.
Although Adam was still more
than willing to fnancially support his
daughter, Irene was too proud to accept
his offer. Her college education was
paid for. She also by then had a car to
get her started with her livelihood when
she fnished college. For Irene, it was
good enough. She was all set to tackle
the world.
All she had to worry about were her
living and graduate school expenses.
The frst she solved by working at an
In-N-Out Hamburger Chain, chopping
lettuces for hamburger sandwiches and
cleaning up the kitchen. She hated the
job so much that it must have strength-
ened her resolve to pursue a graduate
degree. She was accepted at a Teachers
Program at UCLA, which focused on
inner-city youth education. However
she decided to avail of the program at
UC San Diego which was academically
competitive because it was shorter, only
18 months, although it involved a much
more intensive training. She availed of
a student loan, which would be paid
for by the government if she worked
for fve years in an underachieving
elementary school in San Diego. Right
now, she is on her third year teaching at
such a school, and in two years time, she
would be debt-free, without spending a
single cent.
Irene truly found her calling. Adams
mother, who retired as a public school
teacher, must be smiling up there in
heaven, certainly proud of her grand-
daughter, the frst and only one among
her many grandkids to follow her
footsteps. Irene is doing so well in her
job that she has earned opportunities to
undergo additional training that would
qualify her for much more fnancially
rewarding, albeit challenging teaching
positions. This summer, she was chosen
to train as a GATE (Gifted and Talented
Education) teacher. Her family is all
impressed with the way she handles
children. At school, she is like a fsh
in water. Over dinner, she would show
them her teachers face, the one they
are trained to don to be able to discipline
their pupils by merely looking at them.
During her sisters visits to her classes,
it was obvious to them that she was
the students favorite. Yet, she could
deal with all kinds of parents, even
those with different ethnic and cultural
Their daughters choice of going to
a community college in the frst two
years saved at least $40,000 in expenses.
The experience was unique, endowing
the 18-year-old with a more intensive,
down-to-earth and practical education
than what a straight four-year program
would have afforded.
In contrast, many parents spend thou-
sands of dollars on the frst two years
of their childrens college education
in universities with not much positive
result. This practice is similar to fnanc-
ing their kids stay in luxurious country
clubs where the point is often to have
fun without seriously attending to the
reason they are there for: obtaining an
Is that why you gave me a Volvo?
Irene asked them one time they talked
about the savings.
Certainly, by obtaining her Masters
Degree. Irene lived up to their hope that
she would set a high standard for her
younger sisters to follow. In their book,
she surely played the role of an elder
sister, and the college game, to perfec-
tion. - AJ
(To be continued)
Next issue: Campus tours are part and
parcel of the experience of choosing a
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By Gabbie Tatad (The Philippine
Star) | 8/16/2014 Robin Williams
suicide is a reminder that depression
manifests differently in each person it
takes hold of. When depression dug its
clutches into me, I didnt recognize it,
because I still made jokes all the time, I
laughed a lot. AP
The frst time I thought about killing
myself, I took the tallest chair I owned
out onto my balcony, stood on top of it,
and looked 16 foors down into oncom-
ing traffc.
MANILA, Philippines - Earlier this
week, news came of screen legend
Robin Williams suicide and his struggle
with depression. Amid the Instagram
posts of famous Williams quotes and
melancholy clips fromDead Poets
Society, those who loved Williams had
their fair share of questions: how did he
become so depressed without anyone
knowing? How could someone who
made us laugh so much be so sad? How
could someone beloved by so many feel
so alone?
While I rarely discuss my personal life
in this medium, I fnd this instance to
be an exception. Major depression has
also been a bedfellow of mine, so I do
have some sort of understanding. I dont
claim to be any sort of expert on the
matter, and what I will go on to tell you
is simply based on my personal experi-
ences. But I believe it is important to
talk about this, as depression is a grave
issue that we need to be able to discuss
more openly. There is a large need to
broaden our understanding of mental ill-
ness past the obvious Crispin, Basilio
reference and soon, before we lose any
more good men to this illness and others
like it.
When I was younger, I saw someone
I love suffer from depression. All the
signs were classic there was an in-
ability to bathe oneself, mood swings,
total disregard for personal appearance,
and a complete change from the person
I once knew. This was the mask I knew
depression to wear, and did not at the
time realize that this illness manifests
differently in each person it takes hold
of. When depression dug its clutches
into me, I didnt recognize it, because I
still made jokes all the time, I laughed
a lot, I bathed every day, and I cared a
great deal about making myself look
However, there were little things that
tipped me off things that told me that
something was not exactly right. The
smallest of tasks became diffcult, like
stepping out of my apartment build-
ing to buy bread from the 7-Eleven
fewer than 10 feet away. I was irritable
and uncomfortable around unfamiliar
people, and I made sure that any errands
involved little to no contact with others
as much as humanly possible. I shifted
between extremes: I was either eating
all the time or not at all, and I could
either sleep for almost the entirety of a
day or stay up until Id seen the sun both
rise and set again. I lost interest in the
things I loved most, including writing,
as I could not get my brain to focus on a
coherent string of thought. And as if that
wasnt enough, I was in serious physical
pain, as though somebody had balanced
a sub-zero freezer on my chest, stabbing
straight through me on a daily basis.
No one, not even my closest friends
or those I lived with, knew that I was
suffering. Because I was living in New
York at the time, where most people
function under a moderate amount of
depression anyway, I didnt feel as
though it was right to complain about
my lot in life. I thought that asking for
help when I had already been given so
much was an abuse of others kindness.
I walked with shame because I couldnt
control my disorder, and I became an
expert at keeping the symptoms of my
illness far from view of those who loved
me. However, the guilt, the fear, the
anxiety, and the exhaustion had crushed
me to a point where the question of life
itself seemed negotiable.
The very frst time I thought about
killing myself, I took the tallest chair I
owned out onto my balcony, stood on
top of it, and looked 16 foors down into
oncoming traffc. I placed my foot on
the edge of the banister and wondered
what it would be like to free-fall. Most
people in this situation would be gripped
by fear, but all I felt was relief. I stepped
down from the chair and decided that
while things wouldnt transpire that day,
I would soon meet the sweet release of
death. And instead of an obvious, glar-
ing red fag, as it should have been, it
became a source of consolation for me.
Any time someone would ask to go to
a concert or on a trip sometime within
the following months, Id respond with,
Well see. Then I would smile to
myself because I clung to the idea that
while my friends enjoyed music and
beaches, I would simply be free.
This continued for months, and one
day I received a call telling me that one
of my best friends, Helena, had jumped
from a building in Ortigas. My blood
ran cold, and I wept uncontrollably. I
knew exactly how alone she must have
felt, and I wished we could have com-
miserated together. I wished one of us
All I know about depression
Ong M.D., Philstar.com | 7.29.2014 In
an earlier article, I wrote about 20 strat-
egies to live longer. This list includes
stopping smoking, getting vaccinated,
living a less risky life, exercising regu-
larly, and eating fruits and oily fshes,
among others. However, unknown to
many readers, there are still more ways
to add a couple of years to your life.
1. Be conscientious (plus two years).
Conscientious people live longer,
according to a report by the Terman
Life-Cycle Study. Conscientiousness is
a habit of being organized, thorough,
disciplined, and committed to what you
are doing. Conscientious people may be
more aware of their own health needs
and more careful in what they do. They
may choose to eat healthy foods even
when they dont feel like it and avoid
risky situations when common sense
dictates so. The study also showed that
children who werent conscientious died
at an earlier age. The lesson is to teach
our kids to be concerned about their
2. Think young (plus two years).
Never consider yourself old. Think old
and youll feel old. But think young and
feel young, and your body will follow.
We are not saying that you should start
sky diving at age 70, but rather to keep
yourself open to new challenges and
opportunities at any age. Be up-to-date
with current events. Learn new technol-
ogy instead of avoiding it. Surround
yourself with young people to imbibe
their energy and enthusiasm. Reaching
the age of 100 is now an attainable goal.
Eat less, dont smoke, and help in the
community. These are the simple secrets
of centenarians.
3. Attain a higher social status
(plus four years). Life isnt always
fair. For example, several studies have
shown that people with a higher social
status live longer compared to people
with lower social status. According to
epidemiologist Michael Marmot, the
so-called Status Syndrome is true world-
wide. There are two plausible reasons.
First, people in higher positions get bet-
ter health care. Second, they may have a
stronger drive to live because their work
is important to society.
4. Maintain an active mind (plus
four years). Medical wisdom advises
us to use our brain or else, well lose
it. Hence, dont retire completely from
work. Consider going back to school
even at a later age. Continue doing
what you love to do. In a study at Rush
University Medical Center in Chicago,
those individuals who continue to be
active in reading, learning, and solving
puzzles had almost a 50% reduction in
Alzheimers disease.
5. Stay short and slim (plus ve
years). In the 1970s, a study on athletes
showed that shorter and lighter men
lived longer compared to taller and
overweight men. In 1992, the World
Health Organization reported that
American men less than 5 feet 9 inches
lived approximately fve years longer
than men over this height. The reason is
unclear although some believe that taller
men burned more calories and are more
prone to age-related diseases. Further-
more, being overweight is clearly a risk
factor for heart disease and diabetes.
A 2006 study by the National Institute
of Health showed a direct relationship
between increasing weight and shorter
lifespan. So be happy if you are short
and slim.
6. Eat less food (plus one year).
Several studies have shown that restrict-
ing calorie intake extends the lifespan
of animals, including rats, worms,
and fies. Could this also be true for
humans? Maybe. According to the
theory on dietary restriction, eating less
food (around 20% less) may reduce the
amount of infammation in the blood
vessels and may decrease the amount
of toxins in the body. Even in Biblical
times, fasting and avoidance of certain
foods were encouraged. A word of warn-
ing: Dont overdo it. Our body needs
food for its nourishment. Just choose
healthier and lower-calorie foods, such
as the Mediterranean diet.
7. Try Mediterranean food (plus ve
years). A Mediterranean diet consists
of greater portions of vegetables, fruits,
beans, nuts, cereals, seeds, and olive
oil. Fish and chicken are also eaten in
moderation. Studies show that people
who consume Mediterranean food have
a very low incidence of heart disease
and Alzheimers disease. In fact, some
experts consider this as the healthiest
diet. Similarly, studies have consistently
shown that vegetarians have a low
incidence of cancer as compared to meat
8. Choose good fats (plus one year).
Most experts agree that there are two
kinds of fats: the good fats and the
unhealthy fats. The unhealthy fats (satu-
rated fats and trans-fatty acids) cause
heart disease. Saturated fats are found
in butter, cream, and pork and beef fat.
Trans fats can be found in margarines
and certain cooking oils and processed
20 lesser-known ways to live longer (Part 1)
Katherine Kam , New America Media
| SAN FRANCISCO, 8/14/2014 The
loss of the brilliant comedian Robin
Williams has stunned the world and left
many asking, Why? How could one
man have had so much, including a dis-
tinctly zany brand of humor that touched
millions, and yet have felt so hopeless
and despairing that he took his own life?
Mental health professionals routinely
see clients whose outwardly successful
appearances are at odds with an inner
life of deep emotional pain. But for the
rest of us who lack that vantage point,
the suicide of a talented, accomplished,
well-liked, even beloved human being
makes little sense. Didnt he or she have
everything to live for?
For the past several years, I have
asked myself Why? again and again
as I read news stories about Asian
American college students who have
taken their own lives. In April, the body
of Jiwon Lee, 29, was found in the Hud-
son River--an apparent suicide. She was
a Columbia University dental student
who also performed standup comedy
in New York City. The death of such a
promising young woman reminded me
of the loss of Mengyao May Zhou, a
talented Stanford University graduate
engineering student who killed herself
in 2007. These two women left behind
families and friends who were shocked
and disbelieving. Zhous father told a
San Diego newspaper that his daugh-
ters death left him sleepless, upset,
confused and puzzled.
Didnt these young women have
everything to live for?
As a journalist who began report-
ing on depression and suicide in Asian
American students a couple of years
ago, I now understand that an extraor-
dinary, even charming and humorous,
exterior can mask an interior world of
depression, shame, addiction, feelings
of unworthiness and disconnection from
others. Despite all of their relationships
and achievements, the deeply depressed
often believe that they have absolutely
nothing to live for.
Many Asian American students struggle
psychologically. But so often, we dont see
these problems because the outward signs
point to a seemingly perfect life. We see
intact families, academic honors, an impres-
sive roster of activitiesyet we dont look
hard enough to see the crushing stress and
sadness that plague so many students today.
In the aftermath of Robin Williams
tragic death, we must begin to understand
that depression and suicide affect people
from all walks of life, regardless of how
superfcially stellar their lives appear. Its
time to challenge the stigma that surrounds
mental illness so that those with depression
can acknowledge a serious, potentially life-
threatening problemwithout having to fear
loss of face or worrying that others might
think less of them.
And its time to ask questions and to really
listen if we suspect that those around us are
in emotional pain. We dont have the luxury
of assuming that, like Robin Williams, they
had it all.
Katherine Kam specializes in reporting
on health and medicine. Read her three-part
series on Asian American youth and mental
health, supported by a Rosalynn Carter
Mental Health Journalism Fellowship, and
produced for New America Media:
Cultural Stigma Hurts Asian American
Teens with Depression
A Psychological Lifeline for Asian Ameri-
can Teens
On Some College Campuses, a Focus on
Asian American Mental Health
Robin Williams -- Behind the Curtains
of a Seemingly Charmed Life
had been brave enough to let the other
know that this was how bad things were,
and then maybe we could have carried
each other. Yet amid the heartbreaking
loss, instead of taking that event as a
cue to tell someone about my situation,
I thought, It shouldnt have been her; it
should have been me.
Depression is a mental disorder that
warps a persons way of thinking and
way of viewing oneself, so things that
ordinarily stand to reason no longer
follow. On my absolute worst days, I
had convinced myself that I was of little
value, and no amount of praise from
another person would change what I
viewed as fact. Ive realized since that a
huge deterrent in asking for help is not
just the fact that depression triggers a
huge sense of low self-esteem, but also
the immense fear of being judged.
The real trouble is when people who
Page 5 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 22-28, 2014
California Communities
A new CDC report shows
signifcant rise in U.S. dia-
betes rates, provides more
ammo for soda warning
label advocates:
29 million Americans have
diabetes, up from 26 million two
years ago.
One in ten Americans has diabe-
tes. One in three is pre-diabetic.
Diabetes costs the United States
$245 billion annually.
In 2010, 234,051 death cer-
CA Medical Assn calls for passage of SB 1000 Sugar-Sweetened Safety
Warning after 2014 CDC reports sharp rise in U.S. diabetes rates
tifcates cited diabetes, yet the
disease is usually left unreported
as a cause of death in 60 percent
of cases, suggesting a much
higher rate.
DAVIS, CA, June 10, 2014
Consumers have a right to know the
unique role that sugary drinks play in
the development of diabetes. One-in-
three hospital beds in California are
flled with a diabetes patient, costing our
state billions of dollars and thousands
of lives. The epidemic has gotten bad
enough. It is time to tell the truth about
these uniquely harmful products.
To turn the tide on skyrocketing
diabetes rates, the California Medi-
cal Association, California Center for
Public Advocacy and over 100 medi-
cal organizations have proudly joined
together to champion SB 1000, the
Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Safety
Warning Act.
- Dr. Harold Goldstein
Executive Director, California Center
for Public Health Advocacy
Learn more about the Sugar-Sweet-
ened Beverage Safety Warning Act at
Read the entire CDC report on diabe-
tes at http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/pubs/
CHINA LAKE, Calif. Capt. Scott
Fish Fisher from San Diego, turned
over his role as commanding offcer of
the U.S. Navys Air Test and Evalu-
ation Squadron (VX-9), nicknamed
Vampires, at a change of command
ceremony July 31.
The airborne change of command
ceremony took place near Naval Air
Warfare Center Weapons Division
China Lake, Calif., where Fisher passed
command of the squadron onto Capt.
Gordon Gordo Cross. As commanding
offcer of VX-9 Fisher was responsible
for directing the efforts of more than
400 Sailors, Marines and civilians. The
Vampires test and evaluate weapon
systems for the Navy and its air defense
mission. The squadron has recently
completed tests for the AIM-120D
Advanced Air-to-Air Missile, Advanced
Anit-Radiation Ground Missile, and
software updates for the F/A-18 Super
Hornet, EA-18G Growler, EA-6B
Prowler, and H-1 helicopters. Com-
San Diego Native Hands Over
Command of Navy Test Squadron
Capt. Scott Fish Fisher from
San Diego, turned over command of
VX-9 July 31. (U.S. Navy Photo)
manding VX-9 is Fishers last tour with
the Navy, retiring after 26 years of naval
9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126
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Tel: (858) 530-3005
5 Min. Official Photos-Passport
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Final Expense
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All I know
(Continued from page 4)
mean well say things meant to con-
sole, but are actually rather callous or
insensitive. Things like, There are
worse things happening in the world,
and Suicide is never the answer. There
is already so much guilt that comes
with being depressed that comparing it
to world hunger or ongoing wars only
reinforces the idea that the sickness is
invalid, which it isnt. Sickness needs
treatment, especially if it puts you at
the risk of death. Likewise, people who
are so depressed they have considered
killing themselves dont need reminding
that there are other solutions, because
without treatment, the illness makes all
other options appear to still be steeped
in misery. What people in this situation
need is not your expertise in morality,
your quotes of the day, or your over-
compensating encouragement. What
helps most in this diffcult and extreme-
ly sensitive time is a patient, listening
ear free of judgment. Trust me, it is the
difference between life and death.
The way I fnally received help, I
am almost ashamed to admit, was not
by gathering the courage to ask for it.
Rather, help was thrust upon me due to
an unsuccessful attempt on my own life.
Following the incident, I was confned
in a psychiatric facility for a brief pe-
riod, where I was asked if I would agree
to take medication. There was some
resistance on my part. I am the kind of
person whos wary of taking an Advil
if I can sleep it off, because each drug
comes with a set of side effects. Often
enough, if these side effects become
unbearable, it leads to being prescribed
another type of medication to manage
those side effects until an endless chain
of medicating begins.
As it turns out, going on medication
was one of the best decisions Ive ever
made. Not only did it assist me in my
road to recovery, but it has helped me
acknowledge that while I am sick, what
I am stricken with is treatable. And the
truth is, the medication isnt magic. Its
not like I no longer feel sad or irritable
at all, but more like Ive been given a
dimmer switch where there once only
used to be pitch black. I am reminded
of the light; of what happiness can
feel like; of what it is to laugh and live
without so much physical pain; and of
the possibility that sadness, while it still
exists, can be feeting. With both medi-
cation and therapy, I fnd I am slowly
becoming better equipped to cope when
negative emotions inevitably arise.
The rest of my stay in the facility bore
some resemblance to Girl, Interrupted.
There were different characters: massive
former criminals who silently peered
at you down the hallway, a man who
leered at every woman that walked by,
former models with at least 10 disorders
to their name, some of the kindest and
most patient nurses known to man, and
a few kindred spirits who were just try-
ing to get through the hell of their own
being. It sounds cheesy, but it put things
in perspective, that even though Id
hit rock bottom, I had been spared the
exploration of the subterranean levels
that lay beneath it. So I stand before
you now, not completely healed, but
infnitely better and fnally remembering
what it is to enjoy being alive.
If any of these things sound familiar to
you or make you question how youve
been feeling lately, it may be time to
reach out and ask for help. Ask for help,
not only because you need it but because
you deserve it. You deserve to know
how valuable you are, and you deserve
the ability to enjoy your life.
Take the time to look at your situation
as if it were happening to somebody
that you love, and consider that you
would be willing to help them out in a
heartbeat, whether or not they asked. If
no one has offered to help you, its not
that they dont care, its that they may
not understand how grave the situation
is. My family was surprised when they
learned of my illness because I gave
no indication of its breadth or depth.
Still, they rose to the occasion, and have
taken every step to ensure that I know
I am not alone, that I am valued, and
that they are rooting for my recovery.
So while I know that the thought is ter-
rifying, talk to somebody important to
you and give them a chance to love and
support you.
In Dead Poets Society, Robin Wil-
liams character has an incredibly
insightful moment with a student, Todd
Anderson, played by a young Ethan
Hawke. Williams says, Mr. Anderson
thinks that everything inside of him is
worthless and embarrassing. Isnt that
right, Todd? Thats your worst fear.
I think youre wrong; I think theres
something inside of you thats worth a
great deal. Then Williams teaches him
to reach down from within, to fnd his
voice, and a young poet is born. While
I know nothing of Williams struggles,
my heart grieves hoping he had been
reminded of all the things inside him
that are worth so much, before it was
too late. Still, it is my sincerest hope that
you understand it isnt too late for you.
This is not the end, dear friend. There
is no failure or loss that is insurmount-
able, even if it is the only thing in view
at the moment. This pain that plagues
you will not be the thing that defnes
you and it certainly will not be what
kills you. So stand on your desk and ask
for help, because the rest of your life
a good and better life is waiting to
A probation offcer leads a tour from the court tunnel to the juvenile living
Do your kids think Juvenile Hall is
where all the cool kids end up? Well, tell
them to cross their arms in front of their
chest with their hands under their arm-
pits, line up against the wall and listen
up: being incarcerated is no vacation.
A probation offcer explains the
Juvenile Hall attire --how it is issued
and how even underwear is shared.
The San Diego County Probation De-
partment is again offering children and
parents a tour through Juvenile Hall and
court. This years annual open house
will take place Saturday, Sept. 20. The
experience can serve as a reality check
on the consequences of delinquency.
The free tours through the juvenile
justice system start in a courtroom and
then proceed through the court tunnel to
the living quarters where youth spend
their days and nights. The public is
welcome, and youth groups, parents and
children are encouraged to attend. Tours
start at 9 a.m. and continue through 1
p.m. at the Juvenile Detention Facility,
2801 Meadow Lark Drive in Kearny
Juvenile Hall houses pre-teenagers,
teens and young adults who have com-
mitted a range of offenses from vandal-
ism and theft to drug and alcohol viola-
tions to serious violent acts. The public
will not see any of the youth being held
at Juvenile Hall during the tour, but they
will get a glimpse of what life is like for
those being held there.
Probation Department groups and
community partners will also host a
resource and informational booth fair
outside Juvenile Hall to help steer youth
toward positive life choices.
Behind the Walls of Juvenile Hall
Read the UCLA Center for Health
Policy Research Report on Californias
diabetes hospitalizations at: http://
The California Center for Public
Health Advocacy (CCPHA) is an
independent, nonpartisan, nonproft
organization at the forefront of solving
the obesity and diabetes epidemics by
advocating for groundbreaking policies
that build a healthier California. For
more information, visit: www.publi-
California Water Use Estimates for 2010 Released
SACRAMENTO, Calif. About 38
billion gallons per day (42,000,000 acre-
feet per year) of water were withdrawn
from groundwater and surface-water
sources in California in 2010, according
to a new U.S. Geological Survey data-
set, which is now available online. To
put the quantity in perspective, this
daily amount is equivalent to drain-
ing Lake Shasta, Californias largest
reservoir, at full capacity about once
every 40 days. The site shows water-use
estimates based on source type (surface
water vs. groundwater, and fresh vs.
saline water) and withdrawal category,
including irrigation, public supply, and
thermoelectric. Estimates are provided
for individual counties and for the entire
"The current drought in California
has increased demand for these data,"
said USGS California Water Science
Center Director, Eric Reichard. "This
information is critical for managers and
planners to understand how factors such
as population, industry, crops, energy
production and climate affect water
Since 1950, the USGS has com-
piled and published national water-use
estimates every fve years. In response
to increased interest associated with
current drought conditions, the 2010
water-use estimates for California have
been released prior to other state or
national water-use publications, which
are expected to be published in late
2014. The delay between data collection
and release is due to the time it takes to
compile data from many sources and
assure its quality.
Water-withdrawal estimates are
provided for individual counties and for
the entire state by source type and by
category, following the USGS National
Water-Use Information Program guide-
lines. The USGS California Water Sci-
ence Center is responsible for determin-
ing the most reliable sources of data,
compiling and analyzing those data,
estimating missing data, and prepar-
ing documentation of the sources and
methods used to estimate water use for
These estimates provide a snapshot
of water use in 2010. The quantifca-
tion of water use provides a baseline for
assessing the interrelationship between
factors such as demographics, land use,
irrigation practices, climate, economics,
and legal decisions, and water avail-
ability. These water-use estimates are
important inputs to hydrologic models
that are used for water resource planning
and management.
In 2010, Californians withdrew an
estimated total of 38 billion gallons
per day (42,000,000 acre-feet per year)
compared with 46 billion gallons per
day (52,000,000 acre-feet per year) in
Total estimated surface-water with-
drawals in California were 25 billion
gallons per day (28,000,000 acre-feet
per year) (67%), compared with 35
billion gallons per day (39,000,000 acre-
feet per year) (76%) in 2005.
Total estimated groundwater with-
drawals were 13 billion gallons per
day (15,000,000 acre-feet per year)
(33%), compared with 11 billion gallons
(12,000,000 acre-feet per year) (24%)
in 2005.
About 82% of all California water
withdrawals were from fresh water
sources, compared with 72% in 2005.
In both 2005 and 2010, about 74% of
all fresh water withdrawals were for
The 38 billion gallons per day
(42,000,000 acre-feet per year) of with-
drawals in 2010 were distributed among
eight categories:
Irrigation: 61% (23,000 million gal-
lons per day, or 26,000,000 acre-feet per
Thermoelectric power generation:
17% (6,600 million gallons per day, or
7,400,000 acre-feet per year).
Public supply: 17% (6,300 million
gallons per day, or 7,100,000 acre-feet
per year). Average daily gross per
capita use was 181 gallons.
Aquaculture: 3% (970 million gallons
per day, or 1,100,000 acre-feet per year).
Industrial: < 1% (400 million gallons
Page 6 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
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Bills Corner
Read Bill Labestres previous articles by visiting our
website at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Bill Labestre, MBA
Finally! A social media
horoscope you can believe in
If youre like so many other people
on this warming, cuddly planet of ours,
you think that it would be nice to know
whats going to happen to all of your
social media efforts. That certainly
makes sense to me because, personally,
Ive never been all the fond of surprises
either (although if someone were to give
me a new Bentley Id probably love
surprises in a hurry).
By some estimates (those I could fnd
with a Google and Wikipedia search
lasting at least a few seconds) astrology
has been around for at least 3000 years
and perhaps much longer. A person's
horoscope, or birth chart, depends on
the time of the calendar year that she or
he was born. The year is composed of
twelve sections which make up the zo-
diac. Each section is called a sign. The
zodiacs correspond to twelve constel-
lations. Theres much more to it than
just that, of course, but any more and
my head would probably explode and
thats never a good thing.
The point of all this (and you were
starting to wonder, werent you?) is that
Ive been working on something called
Miles Astrological Designs (M.A.D.).
And M.A.D. is guaranteed (but dont
call me if you have a problem Im out
of the offce that day) to offer you the
opportunity to possibly see into your
own (or someone elses) social media
future. Maybe.
So below are the twelve zodiac signs
and corresponding months for those of
you who may have forgotten because of
all the other things going on in your life.
M.A.D. signs of the Zodiac with your
social media horoscope
Aries: March 21 April 20
You are destined to spend a great deal
of your life looking for cool fonts. As
far as the future goes, well, good luck
with that. You will work hard, play oc-
casionally and, if youre lucky, youll
meet someone who has more followers
than you. Lucky color: sand
Taurus: April 21 - May 21
Youll spend your life fxing the world
and then breaking it again. Youre strong
and people will resent you for that and
will tweet about it. Get over it; youve
never cared what the world thought so
far, why start now? Lucky color: leather
Gemini: May 22 - June 21
You keep trying to fnd former high
school friends. Facebook has banned
you. Lucky color: pale sushi brown
Cancer: June 22 - July 22
You are still deeply annoyed at the
name of your sign and even more an-
noyed that no one paid the slightest
bit of attention at the petition you sent
around to change the name. Lucky
color: dark brown
Leo: July 23 -August 21
Ah, the strong lion. Youre tough, fre
off opinions to strange blogs, and wish
all those cancer weirdoes would leave
you alone. If they dont like the name
of their sign they should just change it
and quit whining to you about it. Lucky
color: dark rust
Virgo: August 22 - Sept 23
You hated this sign as a kid because
you thought it was vertigo and heights
didnt make you dizzy so whats up with
that? But then you grew older, realized
the sign was Virgo, and said to yourself,
Well, never mind and headed for the
nearest Starbucks for a double latte
with whipped cream while you posted to
their website. Lucky color: Latte brown
Libra: Sept 24 - October 23
You love breathing, eating, and you
love a glass of water occasionally.
You like people when they mind their
manners and no, you wont watch
anyones kids. Making nasty comments
to decorator websites is your idea of a
great Sunday afternoon. Lucky color:
Mississippi mud
Scorpio: Oct 24 - Nov 22
Youve always been a spidery kind of
individual, great legs, vicious sting, and
not one to be messed with. You have
lots of followers but are inclined to drop
them just for the hell of it. Lucky color:
scorpion tan
Sagittarius: Nov 23 - Dec 22
Archery? Get real. The only thing you
like to shoot are whiskey shooters and
even then youre picky about who you
shoot them with. But youre cute and
your tweets are read so you can usually
get away with it. Lucky color: teak
Capricorn: Dec 23 - Jan 20
You despise this sign because you are
not a goat; youre dependable only when
you feel like it, and stable? Only in the
right mood and even then the mood
wont last long. You do make good
fudge which keeps you in the family
but only barely, especially after you told
everyone in your LinkedIn page to f*
off. Lucky color: goatskin
Aquarius: Jan 21 - Feb 19
Age of Aquarius? A social con-
science? Sure, okay. You love helping
people but distance is good too. Your
iPhone case is baby blue. Lucky color:
Pisces: Feb 20- Mar 20
You like this sign because you love
goldfsh and your screensaver is flled
with them. Lucky color: Clam shell
So did M.A.D. nail you or what? I
know, I know, youre simply amazed
at my mental ability to transcend space
and time. What can I say? Some of us
have this remarkable ability and most
of you do not. But not to worry: for
a small fee Ill be more than happy to
offer a personal reading. Please make a
reservation, and remember, dollars, yen,
pound, yuan, pesos or euros only no
checks or credit cards.

Quote: Wikipedia
ajority of us dont
want to talk about
death and taxes. In
reality, these two things are
guaranteed to happen. We
might as well accept the facts
and get ready for them. What
will happen if you dont die
quickly but, instead you get
very sick or disabled? It is a
terrible thing to happen but, it
could. How would you pre-
pare for death or disability?

Ultimately everyone dies, so you need
to have life insurance for the family you
left behind. At a minimum it should be
enough to cover funeral expenses. If you
still have young children, the coverage
should take care of them for years to
come. If youre old or all alone, you
wont need much. There is no need to
insure young children since you reside
in the U.S. where young childrens
mortality is fairly low. Besides, they are
not the breadwinners.
Most life insurance policies are sold
to us by relatives or people we know.
Were they really concerned about our
future well-being or just the commis-
sions they received? You dont have to
sign any policy unless you understand it.
Get a second opinion from a third party.
Find something that fts your need.
Dont be bullied by high pressure agents
even if theyre family. It is your money
and future.
Buy insurance to protect you from
events like disability or death. If you
want to invest money in the market,
deal with a licensed broker or fnancial
representative. Your agent may not be
licensed to sell both life insurance and
securities for the investment of your
hard earned money.
How many of us have updated
Wills? It is tempting to have a generic
one from the internet but, its a good
idea to sit with a lawyer. You dont
want the probate court to make future
decision for the assets you left behind.
Have a simple Will to fulfll your
wishes, assign a guardian to minors and
to designate a trusted executor. Discuss
with your family how your personal
effects be handled. Make sure somebody
knows where to fnd your Will after you
The advance health-care directive or
Living Will might be needed to instruct
your end of-life care. Do you want to
be kept alive through artifcial respira-
tion and feeding if your breathing or
heartbeat stops?
As you get older, you may be-
come incapacitated where you need an
Agent to make legal and fnancial
decisions for you. It has to be some-
body who knows how to manage your
fnances. For this agent you need to have
a signed Durable Power of Attorney.
You may also need a Medical Power
of Attorney to designate any adult to
make medical decision for you in case
you are unable to make them yourself.
Find a person you believe who can stay
calm in a crisis.
Some of us may not have Life
insurance, Power of Attorneys or Living
Wills. A few may have Living Trusts but
never updated for years.
If you are an employee, you may
claim for disability or workers comp if
you ever get disabled. Self-employed
should also buy disability insurance.
What would happen to your love
ones should you die or get severely
disabled tomorrow? None of us will
live forever.
Estate Planning
PHL Consulate: Advisory to the
Filipino Community
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Sharon Cuneta
My mistake was I should've picked my
battles like I always used to. I was shocked
and unprepared, and so I was wrong to react
the way I often did.
Sharon also thanked her fans who have
been with her through the ups and downs of
her life and career.
She said, It has taken me a while to take
stock of my life and what has happened to
me in the last few years. I will not make any
promises to you this time. But this I can say:
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by Benjamin Maynigo
Take It From
My Barber
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He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990s.
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
PNoy is determined to institute
reforms in our society. Showing that
honesty is the best policy, he unmis-
takably displayed it both in words and
in action. To prove that he was very
serious in instituting Tuwid Na Daan
(Righteous/Straight Path) in governance,
he is following what I described as
GPS (Grand Prosecution of the Sleazy).
Working through frst, the NBI (National
Bureau of Investigation) and the DOJ
(Department of Justice) and then the
Ombudsman, we are now witnessing the
prosecution and trial of public offcials
charged with plundering public funds
and criminal corrupt practices.
He hoped to achieve as much reforms
within his six-year term. He further
hoped that someone who would surely
continue the reforms that he initiated
would succeed him. Recent surveys
are seemingly dashing his hopes, thus
imperiling the accomplishment of his
envisioned reforms both short term and
long term.
Reforms could be initiated in several
ways: frst, by Executive/Administrative
Action; second, by Legislative Fiat; and
third, by Constitutional Amendments.
PNoy has less than two years left to
continue what he started and to lay the
foundation for further reforms appli-
cable within the next eight, fourteen, or
even 20 years.
His enemies include time and the
perception promoted by his naysaying
critics that he is a lameduck President
who is no longer as effective. Such a
perception usually generates more cour-
age to oppose or take more independent
stands that differ from those of the
Time is relative and depending on
how it is used, it could be your friend
as well. The truth is, if used effectively,
effciently, and smartly, reforms could
be initiated by either or a combination
of Executive, Legislative and Constitu-
ent actions.
There is time to propose and pass
constitutional amendments. Proposals
to amend some economic provisions
of the Constitution, for example, have
plenty of support in Congress. Acting as
a Constituent Assembly, Congress could
propose other amendments outside of
the economic ones. It could propose
to allow another six-year term for the
President or to change from the current
Presidential to a Parliamentary system.
Floating the potential changes would
erase the lameduck perception and
reinforces instead the belief that the
President and his coalition continue to
control both the immediate and mediate
political future.
PNoy still controls the disbursements
of the appropriations of all the execu-
tive and implementing agencies of the
government in the next two years. It
remains a major leverage that affects
the fate of ambitious politicians, be they
local or national. The next President
would still be his choice, whether he
chooses himself, Mar Roxas, or a third
If a Parliamentary system is installed,
the coalition led by the Liberal Party
and those who remain loyal would really
control the government for a long period
of time. Then there would be a greater
guarantee of instituting reforms by
legislative fat. It would also strengthen
the notion that the power of the purse
really belongs to the legislative depart-
ment. PNoy or Mar could be the Prime
Minister of the new legislature.
Meanwhile, aside from proposed
constitutional changes, there are legisla-
tive initiatives that can also be achieved
before the expiration of PNoys current
term. Passing them would most likely
endear him and his coalition to the
There are 91 constitutional provisions
that require enabling or implementing
laws. Two of those are the implement-
ing laws for Anti-Dynasty and Freedom
of Information. Passing most if not all
the required enabling laws would make
the Cory Constitution really a living,
dynamic, and meaningful document.
PNoys critics, naysayers, and so-
called political analysts are making a
big deal out of his supposed decreasing
satisfactory or performance ratings.
For them, such decrease weakens his
endorsement or his push for reforms.
The fact is, while compared to his own
record a decrease is noticeable, a careful
analysis would show that compared to
PNoy: Lameduck He is Not and
Reformist He Must Be
his predecessors, he still registers very
high ratings to deserve the trust and
confdence of the people who clamored
for his leadership in the frst place.
A majority (56%) remains satisfed
with his performance. About 26% are
dissatisfed but a substantial portion of
them will always be dissatisfed regard-
less of PNoys performance. We call the
latter as naysayers or negativists.
Let us consider what SWS Mahar
Mangahas himself wrote:
The new rating is higher than: (a) all
the eight ratings of the Cory Aquino ad-
min for 1989-92; (b) 20 of the 24 ratings
of the admin of Fidel Ramos (except for
scores of +30 to +32 in September 1992,
December 1992, July 1993, and July
1997); (c) eight of the ten ratings of the
short admin of Joseph Estrada (except
for a +36 in November 1998 and a +34
in March 1999); and (d) all of the 35 rat-
ings of the long admin of Gloria Arroyo.
The new record low rating under P-
Noy is far better than the worst ratings
under previous presidents: -10 (Poor)
under Cory in November 1990, -18
(Poor) under Ramos in October 1995,
-8 (Neutral) under Estrada in December
1999, and -45 (Bad) under Arroyo in
March 2010.
Even the so-called 16-point fall of
PNoys rating is not as bad as his prede-
cessors: 27 points under Cory; 24 points
under Ramos; 26 points under Estrada;
and 29 points under Arroyo.
So, those who do not wish PNoy well
are advised not to celebrate yet. Even
famous author and novelist F Sionil Jose
had this to say:
In spite of the dip in his popularity as
manifested in the recent surveys, I think
he is doing very well and is far from
the dictator that he is being charged
with by, of all people, those who helped
legitimize that immoral Marcos regime.
Above all, I have it on good authority
that he is honest a quality I cannot
say of many of those who are vocifer-
ously critical of him.
In stating these, I disagree with the
Supreme Court. The President has the
right to spend government funds where
they can do the most good. What the
Supreme Court should have looked after
was how the moneys were spent. Did
the DAP enrich anyone?
PNoy became the countrys leader
and he brought honesty and humility in
governance as well as honor and hope
for the Philippines. At this point in our
history, he deserves the Filipino peoples
support more than ever.
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Los Angeles, 20 August 2014 -- The
Philippine Consulate General informs
the Filipino Community of the follow-
I. No travel agency and/or travel agent
is accredited for the conduct of consular
II. Consular services can be availed of
at the Consulate without going through
travel agents and/or travel agencies.
Thus, any payment over and above the
consular fees found in our website goes
only to the travel agent/agency;
III. Due to recent reports of unscru-
pulous travel agents, the Consulate also
informs the Filipino Community that
in transacting with travel agents and/or
travel agencies to do the following:
A. For all Residents: Contact the
Better Business Bureau: http://www.
B. For California Residents: Ask to
see the travel agent/agencys registration
acknowledgment, a one-page docu-
ment issued by the California Attorney
Generals Seller of Travel Registration
nga when Miguel looks for someone,
he just writes initials like W for his wife
(Julie), Na for Nanay because thats how
he calls Sandy and the nurses would ask,
Whats Nanay? They dont know that
it means mother.
Asked if the family bond has become
closer, Christopher answered, No doubt
about it. Sandy is still in the US monitor-
ing Miguel and she reports to me whatever
progress. My son, Rafael, who lives in New
Zealand is also in the US to take care of his
brother. Also, my sister Pinky (de Leon) who
immediately headed to San Francisco from
L.A. on the day when my son collapsed and
until now andun sya.
Christopher expressed hope to go back to
the US as soon as they get to tape several
episodes to set up the house to make it
easier for Miguel to completely recover after
he leaves the hospital.
Unit. Also check the expiration date to
determine whether the registration is
still valid; Check if travel agent and/
or travel agency is/are registered at
this webpage: https://sotas.doj.ca.gov/
sellerSearch.action ; or Contact the
Offce of the Attorney General -- Seller
of Travel Registration Unit at Seller
of Travel Registration Unit 300 South
Spring Street Los Angeles California
90013 fax no: (213) 8978846 email:
C. For New Mexico Residents:
Contact the Offce of the Attorney Gen-
eral: http://www.nmag.gov/home
D. For Arizona Residents: Contact
the Offce of the Attorney General:
E. For Texas Residents: Contact the
Offce of the Attorney General: https://
er/index.shtml F. For Nevada Residents:
Contact the Offce of the Attorney
General: http://ag.nv.gov/Complaints/
File_Complaint/ ###
'Im baring my heart.'
Meanwhile, Sharon said she is expect-
ing her bashers to again use the open
letter to mock her.
I am baring my heart, even with
the understanding that others who take
pleasure in someone else's pain might
just use this post again, against me. At
this point, it is not my problem if they
cannot distinguish between words spo-
ken from the heart and those spoken for
someone's 'image,' she said addressing
her bashers.
The actress-host-singer admits that she
may not be able to control her temper, es-
pecially whenever bashers direct their insults
to her family, especially her children.
Sharon says her reaction to them may
not be Christian-like, but explained that
shes being provoked and that shes just a
human being who will do anything short of
murder someone who is full of malice and
such disrespect that I, and any member of
my family, and truly any of YOU -- do not
Although she apologized for the upsetting
words that I used when I could have ignored
so much negativity, and adds that I simply
treated in a mean way, being insulted to the
depths of my soul when I have done nothing
to deserve it except to defend myself and a
loved one.
She further adds: I cannot apologize for
the person I am. I am transparent. I cry when
I'm sad, I laugh uncontrollably when I'm
happy, I am frank and say what I think when
any part of my person or property is violated.
I was very matiisin for many, many years,
and lots of people took advantage of that. So
very many.
So I learned to stand up for myself. Twit-
ter was one of the few places that provoked
me to show that side of me, but make no
mistake about it -- I am a fghter. I am not a
doormat. And like every other human being,
I deserve respect, especially because I know
I am not a bad person.
Page 7 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 22-28, 2014
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Sharon Cuneta
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Most expensive
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Chinese drones
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
Immigration 911
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20 lesser
(Continued from page 4)
foods such as biscuits. Check the label
and try to minimize the intake of these
foods. Conversely, good fats in the form
of mono- and polyunsaturated fats can
be found in nuts, olive oil, avocadoes,
and oily fshes like salmon, sardines,
and tilapia. When shopping, choose low-
fat milk and low-fat spreads. Remove
visible fat from meat before cooking.
9. Maintain good dental hygiene
(plus three years). Studies have shown
that having gum disease is associated
with heart disease and may actually
reduce your lifespan. It is believed that
infammation of the gums is linked to
infammation of the heart arteries. Since
the oral cavity is teeming with bacte-
ria, mouth infection may also lead to a
dangerous infection of the heart valves.
Brush your teeth thrice a day. Use a
tongue cleaner to remove bacteria from
the tongue. And remember to foss every
10. Practice regular and safe sex
(plus three years). Yes, its true. Sex is
good for your heart and overall health.
According to studies, healthy men who
have sex two to three times a week can
decrease their risk of a heart attack and
stroke. Moreover, women who enjoy sex
also tend to live longer than those who
dont. Other studies report that increas-
ing ones sexual activity from once a
month to once a week also increases
general happiness. Its also good exer-
cise for the heart. Take note, however,
that we are referring to safe sex between
spouses and lifelong partners. On the
other hand, engaging in unsafe sex can
lead to sexually transmitted diseases,
including HIV-AIDS.
Next time, learn about 10 more
(lesser-known) habits for a healthier life.
Stay tuned.
overpriced at P2.7 billion, an amount
that includes fxtures and furniture.
"Lumalabas po na ang pinagmamalaking
Makati parking building ang pinakamahal na
parking building sa buong mundo," Bondal
Bondal claimed that the controversial
building had an average cost per square
meter of P84,000.
"Tatlong daang porsyento ang naging
bukol ng taong bayan ng Makati. Dagdag pa
po diyan, karamihan po sa ginamit na pera sa
pagapapatayo sa building na 'yan ay galing
sa utang," Bondal said.
"Dalawang bilyon ang bukol at kinita ng
mga Binay sa building na ito,"
Bondal said the building has 11 foors,
31,928 square meters, fve parking foors,
fve offce foors and a basement.
He also compared the Makati parking
building to other buildings in the city, such
as the P2-billion, 46-storey Shang Grand
Tower that only had an average cost per
square meter of P40,000.
The Binays had repeatedly denied that the
building was overpriced.
grown accustomed to Chinese
presence in the shoal. Its
nothing. But of course we al-
ways have to report to higher
headquarters on what is hap-
pening here, said a Marine
The soldiers said they only have
binoculars to monitor the goings-on in
the shoal.
Meanwhile, a former Cabinet offcial
said that if theres anything President
Aquino should extend, it is the countrys
patrol reach in the West Philippine Sea
and not his term, a former cabinet of-
fcial said yesterday.
Former interior secretary Rafael Alu-
nan said the President should put an end
to speculations about his seeking a sec-
ond term and instead focus on protecting
the countrys territorial integrity.
All this talk and speculation of
extending his term is distracting the
government and the citizenry from the
crucial task of defending the countrys
sovereignty and resources in the West
Philippine Sea, Alunan said in a state-
Alunan, a convenor of the West Phil-
ippine Sea Coalition which organized
protests against Chinas territorial
intrusions, urged the Aquino administra-
tion to adopt a clear-cut defense policy
and strategy. Such policy, Alunan said,
should emphasize the need for a sustain-
able investment in defense.
The Aquino administrations procure-
ment of additional military and naval
equipment is a step in the right direc-
tion. But much more needs to be done,
Alunan, who served during the Ramos
administration, said.
Beefng up the quality and quantity
of our white ship inventory should
be part of a comprehensive defense
buildup, free from corruption, to provide
the country a credible defense shield,
he added, referring to civilian vessels.
Earlier, Aquino said he was now open
to Charter change and pursuing a second
As the controversy over the Presi-
dents change of mind persisted, reports
emerged about Chinas new incursions
in the West Philippine Sea.
The STAR reported early this week
that China is building concrete sea bar-
riers on a reclaimed area of the Mabini
(Johnson South) Reef in the disputed
Spratly Islands.
A Chinese coast guard ship also ha-
rassed a small fshing boat carrying local
offcials and journalists on their way to
Pag-Asa Island in Palawan last Aug. 1
China is also conducting extended
patrols over Recto (Reed) Bank, a
potentially oil-rich area 80 nautical
miles from Palawan. A source told The
STAR recently that Chinese vessels
were putting markers in the area, which
is well within the Philippines exclusive
economic zone (EEZ). With Alexis
ing that Elise hasnt lost a beat and is as
strong as ever.
To promote her new album, Elise will
do a series of shows at the Ayala Malls
starting Aug. 19 at the newly opened
Fairview Terraces; Aug. 21, Market!
Market!; Aug. 22, Marquee Mall, Pam-
panga; and Aug. 24 to 25, Harbor Point
in Subic and Trinoma in Quezon City,
respectively. All shows start at 5 p.m.
Elise will also do rounds of radio
and TV guestings in Manila and will
promote two new tracks from her new
album. Among these tracks is Over &
Out, an EDM-type of pop club music
that samples the memorable choruses
of the New Order hit Bizaare Love
Triangle. Then theres the upbeat
track Champion which a local R&B
station has been raving about and
playing in their playlists. Elises new
album #Round3 also includes a song
titled All It Takes Is A Moment, which
she dedicated to survivors of Typhoon
Elises #Round3 is distributed in the
Philippines by Viva Records.
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on Twitter
I am going back to basics. More on what I
mean in the coming weeks.
Sharon also parted with her fans the mis-
sion which is to inspire and encourage, to
show that in this crazy world, there are still
a few of us you can count on to be real. To
show that you fall every once in a while, but
you get up. You must. It is our obligation to
do so. I know it is my obligation to do so.
Not just for me, but for all of you.
I don't say this lightly, but I love you. For
loving me even if you don't know me as a
normal human being and not the girl on tv
and in movie reruns. I love you for knowing
that I am not perfect, and loving me anyway.
I love you because you give me a reason to
go on doing what I love to do -- singing, act-
ing, hosting... I love you because you make
me feel needed and still worth something in
this fckle world," she said, ending the letter.
The Violence Against Women Act
(VAWA) applies to men as well
On March 7, 2013, President Obama
signed into law a bill that both reau-
thorized and strengthen the Violence
Against Women Act (VAWA). This
means thousands of domestic violence,
sexual assault, dating violence and stalk-
ing will be able to access resources they
need in their communities to help heal
from their trauma. How does VAWA
impact immigration? The law creates
special routes to immigration status for
certain battered noncitizens, men and
children are included. Among the basic
requirements for eligibility, a battered
noncitizen must be the spouse or child
of an abusive U.S. citizen or permanent
resident. Through a self-petitioning, the
battered spouse or child may apply for
immigration status without the knowl-
edge or involvement of the abuser.
By way of example, consider
Jose, a Filipino national, came into the
United States with his fve-year-old
daughter, Bianca, on visitor visas. Jose
met Marilou, a U.S. citizen, during a
4th of July party held at a common
friends house. The attraction was fatal
that before the month ended, they got
married in Las Vegas. It turned out the
Marilou has bipolar disorder and violent
temper. She was also a very jealous and
controlling partner. One night, Marilou
caught Jose chatting online with an
ex-girlfriend. Marilou few into a jeal-
ous rage and started hitting Jose with a
baseball bat on his head. Jose had to be
taken to the emergency room to treat his
head injuries. On the very next day, Joy
fled a restraining order against Marilou
and fled for divorce. It turned out that
Marilou was previously married and
did not divorce her frst husband before
marrying Jose.
In this case Jose can fle his
VAWA self-petition, which includes
his daughter, so they can change their
status from visitors to legal permanent
residents. The self-petition must be sup-
ported by extensive evidence of battery/
abuse/extreme cruelty and proof of the
qualifying relationship to the abuser. If
the VAWA petition is approved, the im-
migrant is granted deferred action status
in most cases. Deferred action means
that removal, or deportation, proceed-
ings will not be initiated. Applicants
are also eligible for work authorization
upon approval of their VAWA petition.
The process to apply for
adjustment of status includes a criminal
check for fngerprinting and medi-
cal exam. Applicants with record of
involvement with drugs, prostitutions, or
other crimes, if they previously commit-
ted fraud, or were previously deported
might not get an approved. In the case
of Jose, there was a police report and
medical record of the abuse. These,
however, are not necessary. The law
recognized that more often than not the
battered spouse or child is afraid to call
the police or go to a clinic for treat-
ment. Lack of police reports or medical
records should not be a ground for
denial of VAWA self-petition. Further,
VAWA is not limited to physical abuse.
It includes exploitation, verbal abuse
and degradation, emotional abuse,
isolation, intimidation, economic abuse,
coercion or threats to take away children
or have one deported. The law requires
that the battered spouse must have
entered the marriage in good faith, that
the abuse occurred during the mar-
riage, and that the marriage is still valid
or was terminated less than two years
prior to self-petitioning. In Joses case,
even if the marriage was bigamous,
he should be eligible to fle the VAWA
petition because he honestly believed
that Marilou was free to marry him. The
abuse must have occurred in the United
States, and the victim must have lived
with the abuser. The self-petitioner
must provide evidence of his/her good
moral character. This usually refers to
a review of the self-petitioners criminal
record or other immigration transgres-
sions. Certain arrests or transgressions
may be waived if the self-petitioner can
show such actions were connected to the
abuse s/he suffered. Applicants should
consult with legal counsel for a close
review of any such arrests, convictions
or transgressions.
We welcome your feedback. If you
have any immigration questions, please
feel welcome to email me at susan@
law-usimmigration.com or call 619
819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone
Page 8 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
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site at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Virginia H. Ferrer
Spiritual Life
2014 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Retired Filipino Language
Teacher who once taught at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.
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ing our website at www.asianjournalusa.com
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
Lower Your
21st Sun. in Ord. Time: August 24, 2014
CBCP. News | MALATE, Manila,
July 21, 2014 After 426 years since
it was built, the historic Malate Catholic
Church (Our Lady of Remedies Parish)
fnally has a Filipino parish priest in the
person of Columban priest Fr. Leonito
Leo Distor.
Installed on May 1, 2014, Koronadal-
native Distor became the very frst
Filipino priest of the Malate parish,
replacing Fr. John Leydon.
Malate Church has rst Filipino parish priest
I am quite happy to be part of this
bigger picture of our mission in the Phil-
ippines. It just happened that I was the
one who was able to take this. I am very
delighted. I am happy to be part of our
[Societys] dream, he told CBCPNews.
It has been the desire of the Society
of St. Columban to turn over churches
under its care to Columban Filipino
priests. And its frst church in the Philip-
pines the Malate Catholic Church
by Michael Brown, SpiritDaily.com
God has blessings for you, blessings
you don't even know are there, bless-
ings you may not even have requested.
Our Lord is a giving God and He has all
kinds of blessings in store for you. He
has happiness. He has contentment. He
has security.
Those are gifts He may have wrapped
for you and it may be time to claim
them. We're not talking about material
things (although they may fgure into
it). We're talking about grace. The Lord
has abundant graces assigned to each
of you, and when you get to heaven,
you'll see the extent of them. He may be
ready to give you gifts of joy, patience,
prayer, love, friends, insights, peace,
and well-being. There's no telling what
he has wrapped for you, and the point
is to realize them now -- to claim them
-- so there won't be regrets later, in the
afterlife, when you'll be able to see the
entire plan for your life.
What a promise this is! The Lord
wants you to live life to the fullest and
if you follow His precepts -- clearly
marked out in the New Testament -- you
will fnd what you have yearned for
(albeit not always in the way you have
yearned for it). The Lord wants us to
have life and life abundantly and He
wants us to live in the joy of knowing
that earth is but a trial and that beyond
that is His Kingdom.
He grants blessings in the same way
that there are holiday gifts. Often He
grants us what we request, but just
as often He catches us off-guard. He
surprises us. Often, He gives us things
we didn't ask for. There are big gifts.
There are small gifts. There are gifts
that seem minor until we mature enough
to appreciate them. Suddenly we turn a
corner, and there it is: something from
God has blessings for you that are
wrapped like the choicest of gifts
the Lord that sets us right and changes
us in a way that's like manna from the
sky and makes life all the better!
That's how generous God is. He's
always looking to make us happy, but
like any parent He doesn't give us things
that are not good for us. When we die,
we'll see the many things we sought that
would have caused us damage. It will
be remarkable to see God's plan for our
lives laid out in ways we couldn't grasp
while we were wearing earthly blinders.
We're His children, and He's the
ultimate parent, which means He is also
strict. He wants us to develop in the
right way. He wants us to seek heaven.
And so He sends what will give us the
best opportunity to attain not just happi-
ness on earth but happiness forever. To
claim His blessings means having faith.
We have to know He answers prayers --
and then suddenly we see in quick suc-
cession how quickly (if it's in His will)
He answers. As we increase in holiness
we increase in faith; as we come closer
to perfection we attain more of what in
holiness we request.
There's no telling what He has in store
for you. It could be a spouse, it could be
a new job, it could be solving a problem
with a son or daughter or friend. It could
be the opportunity of suffering.
The Lord surprises with His goodness
as well as His generosity. Only Christ
would make His birthday a day in which
others receive gifts! He may well be
ready to give you what you have sought
for so long, but is waiting for you to
learn a fnal lesson in patience or prayer
or humility. He may be waiting for you
to turn your life completely over to Him.
Be holy. Know that there are bless-
ings around the corner. Have faith! That
potent combination will loose many
blessings and lift you in a way that'll
exceed even your favorite Christmas.
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is now under a Filipino, a native of
Mindanao at that.
But Distor is also very aware of the
adjustments he needs to make having
spent the majority of his priesthood
abroad and even with his formation
years away from his own community.
The Malate Church is also Distors frst
formal assignment in the Philippines as one
having served abroad as a missionary priest,
although he served for a little while in Ma-
labang, Lanao del Sur under the Prelature of
Marawi, working with such Irish Columban
inter-religious luminaries in Mindanao as Fr.
Rufus Halley and Fr. Desmond Hartford.
While the Malate Church was established
by the Augustinians on September 8, 1588,
it was turned over to the Columbans in 1929,
the year the order came to the Philippines 11
years after its founding.
It is also the oldest parish run by the Soci-
ety of St. Columban in the Philippines.
The Malate Catholic Church has the
distinction of being the oldest of the 17
churches with Nuestra Seora de los Reme-
dios as patron. Its image of the the Virgen
Joke of the week: Einstein dies and
goes to heaven. At the Pearly Gates,
Saint Peter tells him, You look like
Einstein, but you have no idea the
lengths some people will go to sneak
into Heaven. Can you prove youre
Einstein? Einstein said, Can I have
a blackboard and some chalk? Then,
he proceeded to describe in arcane
mathematics and symbols the theory of
relativity. Saint Peter said. Welcome to
heaven! The next to arrive is Picasso.
Once again, Saint Peter asked for cre-
dentials. Picasso said, Mind if I use that
blackboard and chalk? Picasso sketched
a truly stunning mural with just a few
strokes of chalk. You are defnitely the
great artist you claim to be! Come on
in! Then, Saint Peter looked up and
saw a politician. He said, Einstein and
Picasso both managed to prove their
identity. How can you prove yours?
The politician looked bewildered and
said, Who are Einstein and Picasso?
Saint Peter sighs and says, Come on
Scriptures: First Reading: Isaiah 22:
19-23: The promotion of Eliakim as
holder of the key of the House of David
made him a prominent person in the
kingdom. He has the authority over who
has access to the kings presence. The
Lord told Shebna, Eliakims predeces-
sor, about his replacement. Second
Reading: Romans 11: 32-33: In spite of
his great mind, Paul has to admit that
he has not solved everything. He has
to accept the fact that there are things
beyond the limits of our intellectual
comprehension. His faith in the Lord
made him surrender all to God. Gospel:
Matthew16: 13-20: Jesus wants to be
sure that his disciples can hear him now.
If they are his followers, he would like
to know if they understand who he is.
Peters profession of faith that Jesus is
the Son of the living God earned him by
divine decree the authority to bind and
to loose (in reference to forgiving sins).
Reections: Jesus was in pagan ter-
ritory. Being in the Canaanite region
Jesus intention was not to proclaim
the Good News to the pagans as he had
responded to the Canaanite woman: I
was sent only to the lost sheep of the
house of Israel. (Matt. 15: 24) Given
some rest from his ministry, Jesus want-
ed not only to teach his disciples about
his true identity as the Son of Man, but
also to prepare them about his impend-
ing sufferings and death. So, he asked
frst what others say about him and then
Who, What and Where?
Lumilipas ang bawat gabi na akoy nakasandal
sa malaking punong iyon ng mabangong ilang-ilang
nagbabakasakali na may darating at mahahabag
papansinin akot sa akin ay makikipag-usap.
Mga nalaglag na dahon siyang aking naging unan
sa aking pagkakahiga sa matinding paghihintay
sa aking pagluha, panaginip ang siyang karamay
para bagang bale wala ako sa mundong ibabaw.
Di ko namalayang nagsimula ang lahat ng ito
na wala akong kaibigang nagmamahal ng husto
buhay koy tila nauupos nadudurog ang puso
wala na ngang dahilan na mabuhay pa ako sa mundo.
Wala na silang ginawa kundi akoy paglaruan
ang ako ay hamakin ay kanila nang kasiyahan
mahal ko naman sila na aking mga kaibigan
pero bakit ganuon sila ano ba ang dahilan?
Bakit nga ba kailangan na sapitin ko ang ito
at kailangang maubos na ang lahat ng luha ko
kung ito may panaginip sanay magising na ako
kaibigan lamang naman ang tangi kong sinasamo.
-- Anonymous
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Tech IT
from My Barber
by Benjamin Maynigo
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Malate Church
(Continued from page 8)
(Continued from page 8)
Who, What ..
de los Remedios was brought from Spain to
Malate by Friar Juan de Guevara, OSA, in
Through the centuries, the Malate Church
has been a silent witness to Philippine his-
tory having survived the Chinese invasion
of 1662, the British occupation of the church
in 1762, the Great Earthquake of 1863, and
the World War II bombings in February 1945
during the liberation of Manila.
The installation of Fr. Leo as parish priest
of Malate also makes the church the base of
operations of the Society of St. Columban in
the Philippines. (Bong D. Fabe)
The International Consumer Elec-
tronic Show (CES) 2015 will be held on
January 6-9, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada
otherwise known as Sin City.
For about a score and a few years
now, I have been attending this event
either as CEO of an IT company or as a
credentialed member of the Press. I have
witnessed and listened to the Keynote
Speeches of Microsoft executives like
Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and other
CEOs of the largest consumer electron-
ics companies in the world during their
As a member of the Press, I had the
opportunity to interview, converse,
discuss, and exchange ideas with CEOs
who launched innovative products and
new technologies over the years. I hope
to do so again this year as I mix it up
with other digital players in what has
been described as The Worlds Largest
Innovation Playground.
I registered and got confrmation of
my Press credentials early. I am done
with my fight and hotel reservations.
Now I have to plan my schedule in Las
Vegas: conferences to attend, sessions to
join, booths to visit, CEOs to meet and
interview, parties to enjoy, shows to see,
friends to meet, and of course, set aside
some money to contribute to the Las
Vegas economy.
As a columnist for the ASIAN JOUR-
NAL USA that is headquartered in San
Diego, California and as a blogger for
Google BlogSpot, I always ran a series
of articles entitled, Miracles, Magic,
and Mind-Boggling Technologies in the
Sin City.
Recently, I added the word Mysteri-
ous to make it 4 Ms. In developing
the stories, I usually ask the inventors
or innovators this question, Is your
product amazing enough to be described
as miraculous, magical, mysterious and/
or mind-boggling?
Indeed, many are describable as such.
In fact, usually included in my articles
are published product reviews which
the manufacturers or distributors of the
new technologies eagerly anticipate. Of
course, sample products are given pre-
cisely to test the features and capabili-
ties of the gadgets.
Like in previous years, at least 20,000
of these new technologies will be
launched, displayed and/or demonstrat-
ed in Las Vegas. Obviously, time and
human limitations will prevent me from
personally witnessing all the launchings
or trying all of them out.
It takes some effcient and effective
planning, organizing, and controlling to
maximize attendance in a choice event
like the International CES. Prioritization
would be a key factor. In a place like
Las Vegas, in most cases, the priorities
of attendees get distracted by tempta-
tions to some unexpected, unavoidable,
and unplanned but justifed as being
joyful, entertaining, educational and
even proftable activities. After all, they
say, What happens in Las Vegas, stays
in Las Vegas.
Fully aware of the circumstances, the
CEA which has been effciently and
competently managing the events sur-
rounding the worlds largest innovation
playground, developed some methods to
assist attendees.
First, there is the CES app, which is a
mobile planning tool available for iOS
and Android smartphones and tablets.
Second, there is the MyCES Planner,
which combines planning and logistics
into one easy-to-use tool. I have used
this program to fnd exhibitors, sort by
location and add personal appointments
to make the most of my visit.
Third, CEA staff and management
also made sure that you plan the logis-
tics of your experience on-site well.
They show you how to obtain food,
stow your bags, and even list the phone
numbers to call for emergency. They
even provide services for the Blind
and Deaf. Scooters, wheelchairs and
segways are permitted at the Las Vegas
Convention Center in lobbies and on the
foor for ADA use only.
Fourth, Coat, bag, and suitcases
check, even strollers are also available.
Fifth, Security is a primary consider-
ation. The job of protecting more than
150,000 attendees is a gigantic task.
Sixth, Transportation going to and
coming from the conventions and
conferences is no problem. Shuttle buses
are provided for the CEA management.
Most importantly, members of the
Press are provided with pressrooms that
include all the needed facilities plus
food and drinks.
I am arriving in Las Vegas two days
earlier. Like in previous years, I am at-
tending events exclusively for the Press.
I particularly like hearing the State of
the CE Industry both here and in the
world as of January 2015. I also like to
be an early witness to the unveiling of
some of the newest and featured innova-
tive products in 2015.
*For the information of our readers,
The International CES is the worlds
gathering place for all who thrive on the
business of consumer technologies. It
has served as the proving ground for in-
novators and breakthrough technologies
for more than 40 yearsthe global stage
where next-generation innovations are
introduced to the marketplace. As the
largest hands-on event of its kind, CES
features all aspects of the industry. And
because it is owned and produced by
the Consumer Electronics Association
(CEA), the technology trade association
representing the $208 billion U.S. con-
sumer electronics industry, it attracts the
worlds business leaders and pioneering
thinkers to a forum where the industrys
most relevant issues are addressed.

The Worlds Largest Innovation
what the disciples think of him.
According to Brian Stoffregen, Medi-
terranean culture is dyadic; that is,
they are other-oriented. They depend
on others to provide them with a sense
of who they are. As a consequence the
ancients did not know each other very
well the way Westerners think psycho-
logically or emotionally. The Easterners
neither knew nor cared about psycho-
logical development and were not intro-
spective. Non-Mediterranean comments
about the feelings and emotional states
of characters in the biblical stories are
simply anachronistic projections of sen-
sibilities. Their concern was how others
thought of them (honor), not how they
thought of themselves (guilt). It is from
signifcant others that such information
came, not from the self.
The quest for Jesus and his identity is
going on for so many centuries. Usually
the quest for the historical, theologi-
cal, philosophical or sociological Jesus
is conditioned by the cultural values,
needs and intentions of the seekers. For
instance, at the turn of the 20th century,
a German Christian, Albert Scweitzer,
published his book, The Quest of the
Historical Jesus. Schweitzer pointed
out that Jesus delivered a simple mes-
sage on the Fatherhood of God, the
brotherhood of man and some teachings
on social justice. Schweitzer painted a
picture of Christ, somewhat different
from the Gospels, to suit his own needs
and those of the German Christians of
his era. Jesus Christ is Jewish, but he
has a million faces. The answer to the
question, Who do you say I am? is
always situated within the contingent
and diverse ways of hearing and under-
standing the question and the plurality
of responding to it.
The Incarnation of the Son of God, the
Paschal Mystery (his death, resurrection
(Sacramento, CA) Senator Hueso
announced today the successful ap-
proval from the Governor on his bill
to promote consumer protection and
enhance ethical dealings for small busi-
ness owners involved in commercial
real estate transactions.
Under current law, real estate agents
dealing in residential property sales are
required to disclose to the buyer and
seller whether he or she is acting as the
buyers agent exclusively, the sellers
agent exclusively, or as a dual agent rep-
resenting both the buyer and seller. SB
1171 extends this disclosure requirement
to commercial property transactions.
In particular, this disclosure will help
small business owners understand when
a real estate agent is representing both
them and the landlord when negotiating
a lease.
Lack of disclosure, often leads to
higher lease prices. In San Diego, leases
created under a dual agent are on aver-
age 9% higher than those negotiated
between two brokers, Senator Ben
Gov. Brown Signs Commercial
Real Estate Transactions Bill; SB
1171 to require disclosures that
reduce confict of interest
by Liz Dodd, The Tablet
Pope Francis has told a crowd of
50,000 young German altar servers
gathered in St Peters Square yesterday
not to waste their lives on futile dis-
tractions such as chatting on the internet
or on smartphones.
Asked by one of the young people
how to make time for assisting at Mass,
Pope Francis said that excessive use of
the internet and social media distracted
them from what was really important.
"Maybe many young people waste too
many hours on futile things, chatting
on the internet or with smart phones,
watching TV soap operas, and [using]
Dont waste time on futile internet and
smartphones, Pope tells young Catholics
the products of technological progress,
which should simplify and improve
the quality of life, but which distract
one's attention away from what is really
important," he said.
Pope Francis surprised the crowd by
greeting them in German, which is not a
language he uses frequently.
Acknowledging that young people are
often torn between many different com-
mitments including school and church,
he advised: You need to organise your
lives a little, plan things in a balanced
But you are German, this comes
naturally to you."
MANILA, Philippines - From a park-
ing building to cakes given as gifts to
senior citizens, the Makati government
is guilty of overpricing.
This is according to lawyer Renato
Bondal, who elicited jokes and laughter
at the Senate Blue Ribbon committee
yesterday as he brought out three cakes
to bolster his accusations about the
building overprice.
The Binays have described Bondal
as part of a political demolition team
targeting Vice President Jejomar Binay,
who is leading in surveys for the 2016
presidential race.
Bondal, who is accusing the Vice
President and his son Junjun of cor-
ruption, pointed to the cakes as he
explained the overpriced Makati City
parking building 2.
Bondal said the birthday cakes, given
to senior citizens residing in Makati,
could be overpriced by around P1,000
He presented two other cakes from
Red Ribbon and Goldilocks bakeshops
to compare the discrepancy in the price
of the Makati birthday cakes.
Prior to this, Senate acting minority
Red Ribbon appears at Blue Ribbon Probe
Makati Mayor Junjun Binay takes his oath during yesterdays Senate Blue Ribbon com-
mittee inquiry into allegations of an overpriced parking building in the city. Cakes were also
presented (right) by Binays accuser to illustrate allegedly anomalous transactions involving
expensive birthday gifts to senior citizens in Makati. MANNY MARCELO
leader Vicente Sotto III asked if the
cakes have a connection with the Sen-
ates mandate to conduct inquiries in aid
of legislation.
How is the cake related to legisla-
tion? Sotto asked in jest.
The issue provided comic relief during
the Senate hearing, which was charac-
terized by name-calling and accusations
of corruption.
But Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV took
the jab seriously, saying that Bondal
was trying to prove a point that there
had been many instances of overpric-
ing, ranging from cakes to government
Trillanes said the Senate can look
again at the provisions of the procure-
ment law after hearing of the alleged
anomaly of the cakes.
He also tasked the Commission on
Audit to look into all details regarding
the distribution of birthday cakes to
senior citizens in Makati City.
Mayor Binay said he is ready to pres-
ent documents proving that there is no
overprice in the purchase of birthday
and ascension), is one of the founda-
tions of faith. His question, Who do
you say I am, is more about our faith
in God and how it affects our life. If we
believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior of
the world, then that faith sheds light on
who are we, why we are in this world,
and where is our destiny. Jesus Christ
gives meaning to our earthly journey,
to our successes and failures, and to
the destiny of the whole universe. If he
really rose from the dead and prepared
a place for us in his Fathers Kingdom,
then our earthly life that is also fraught
with sufferings does not end in death
but in everlasting joy and eternal peace.
His question goes profoundly to the very
basic meaning of human existence. In
our struggle to identify who Jesus is, we
are in effect identifying who we really
are! A Brazilian theologian, Leonardo
Boff, said, Only at the end of history,
therefore, we will be given to know
fully who and what he (Jesus, italics
added) is. Until his defnitive coming, it
is given to us only to assist at his mani-
festation as Lord of history.
Quotation of the Week: What other
people think of me is becoming less and
less important; what they think of Jesus
because of me is critical.-Cliff Richard.
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by Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr.
Member, State Bar of California &
Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Phil - Am
Law 101
Selling Untitled Lands in the
In our previous articles, we discussed
about how to sell your properties in
the Philippines. Briefy, we said that
there are several steps involved, such as
updating the yearly real property taxes
(with the city or town where the prop-
erty is located), paying the capital gains
tax and the documentary stamps tax
(with the BIR), and paying the registra-
tion and titling expenses (with the Reg-
istry of Deeds). The process becomes
more complicated when the property is
still under your parents name, because
you will also have to pay the estate taxes
(formerly called inheritance tax) in the
BIR. The Registry of Deeds will not
allow title to be issued to the buyer if all
these taxes are not paid.
But what if the property is not titled?
You see, real properties in the Phil-
ippines can either be registered or
unregistered. Registered lands are those
with titles, called either an Original
Certifcate of Title (OCT) or a Transfer
Certifcate of Title (TCT). The OCT is
issued by the Registry of Deeds based
on a court decree or, sometimes, after an
administrative proceeding such as in the
case of patents or grants. If you transfer
a land with an OCT, the buyer will get
a new title called a TCT. As the name
implies, a TCT is issued after a transfer
is made.
On the other hand, there are lands
that still do not have an OCT or a TCT.
Instead, they have what we call a Tax
Declaration. Strictly speaking, a tax
declaration is not evidence of title, but
proof only that the person named therein
is in possession of the land. This is
important because possession for several
years can be a basis of getting an OCT
to the land.
Although without title, unregistered
lands can be sold. But what do you pres-
ent to the BIR to prove that the seller
really owns the land? Since there is no
OCT or TCT, the deed of sale is sup-
ported by a copy of the tax declaration
only. The BIR also asks for a certifca-
tion from the Bureau of Lands that the
land is not titled. Sometimes, the BIR
also asks for a certifcation from the
previous possessor that the seller is now
the new occupant/owner of the land.
The owner of an unregistered land
who intends to sell it has the option of
either selling the property as is (i.e.,
without title), or to frst have the land
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Only from the Asian Journal
Even a small gesture as letting another
driver go ahead of you can produce
happy results in your life. If you are
interested in volunteering, whether its
walking dogs at an animal shelter or
reading to the blind, do so.
Get enough sleep.
You will be healthier and more
mentally alert if you get enough sleep.
Adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep at
night. If you dont sleep well, or use
caffeine to get through the day, follow a
consistent bedtime/wake time schedule.
Avoid caffeine after 4 p.m. and ban
distractions (TVs, work projects, cell
phone) from your bedroom.
Create joy and satisfaction
Laughing decreases pain, positive
emotions can lower stress, and leisure
pursuits distract you from your prob-
lems. If life doesnt feel very laugh-
provoking right now, keep a comedy CD
in your car, or make a Happy Board of
photos that make you smile. Do some-
thing youve always wanted to do.
Eat well.
Eating right can boost energy,
lower the risk of developing some
diseases, and enhance good-mood body
chemicals. But when we are stressed,
many of us reach for the wrong kind of
food. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, whole
grains, low-fat dairy and lean meats.
Dont skip meals. Vary your healthy diet
to get the nutrients you need.
Take care of your spiritual side.
There are many ways to nourish spiri-
tuality: studying the Holy Scriptures,
attending religious services, appreciat-
ing the beauty of nature, or simply being
quiet with your thoughts. Spirituality
cuts the stress than can trigger diseases.
However you express your spiritual
side, there are real benefts, according to
research. People with strong religious
beliefs recovered from heart surgery
faster than those with weaker faith.
People who regularly attend religious
services have a longer lease in life than
those who dont.
Cope with hard times.
Death, fnancial problems, a
health crisis can bring us down. To
help you cope with these devastating
life events, write down your feelings for
emotional release. This can help you
cope and be less overwhelmed.
Get professional help if you need it.
If lifes problems keep you from feel-
ing good and functioning well, consider
getting professional help. Dont wait for
a crisis to develop.
Arts & Culture
Light &
Read Zena Babaos previous articles by visiting our website at
by Zena Sultana Babao
Live Life Well
San Diego, CA July 31 - The 7th
Annual Brazilian Day San Diego Street
Fair and Parade is the largest Brazilian
Festival in the United State, after Brazil-
ian Day, New York, attracting over
50,000 attendees annually. Brazilian
Day will once again bring the spirit of
Brazil to the heart of San Diegos iconic
beach town, Pacifc Beach, with this
years theme Getting into the Brazilian
Brazilian Day San Diego invites you to the 7th Annual Brazilian
Day San Diego Street Fair & Parade, Sept 7
While you have the gift of life, it is
better to live life well. You can do that
by taking care of all aspects of your
life: physical, mental, emotional, and
Connect with others.
Good relationships can make you
healthier and happier and could result
in a more productive life. Connect to as
more people as you could, whether its
speaking to them face-to-face, through
letters and emails, or through the social
media. Enroll in classes or join clubs or
other activities that puts you in contact
with others. Commit regular time with
those you care about and share the
positive feelings you have with them.
These connections have been proven
in research to bring the support than
enhances well-being.
Stay positive.
Pessimists, research shows, had a 20
percent higher risk of dying too soon
than optimists. Brain activity actually
changes when you take positive steps
like keeping a Gratitude Journal and
breaking the loop of negative thoughts
and behavior.
Being optimistic doesnt mean ignor-
ing the negatives of life, but focusing on
the good things that boost your mood.
Get physically active.
Exercise not only help prevents
diseases and help manage weight, but
it also lessen stress, reduces anxiety,
and stimulates the feel-good hormones.
While a daily session of walking or
bike riding is great, you can reap more
benefts with 10 minutes of strenuous
Help others.
Research repeatedly suggests
that those who help others experience
less depression, fewer pains, and better
health. Helping others will make you
feel good and reminds you of your lifes
blessings, help you feel connected with
others, and add purpose to your life.
The event is located just one block from
the beach, on fve blocks of the lively Garnet
Avenue. The Brazilian festival provides
a day for the entire community to come
together to embrace the cultural favors,
sounds, and arts of Brazil. It is free to the
public, and provides activities and entertain-
ment the whole family can enjoy. Children
will enjoy a kids zone with games and
activities. vendors will serve up traditional
Brazilian dishes and other fair favorites,
as well as display multicultural arts, crafts,
aired Wednesday.
Poe, a neophyte senator,
recounted that she and Mar-
cos' son, Senator Ferdinand
"Bongbong" Marcos Jr., spoke
about the matter in jest when
she frst met him in the Senate
last year.
"Noong frst session namin, frst time
ko nakita si Bongbong Marcos. Ang sabi
ko sa kanya, 'Hi, bro!' Sagot niya, 'Sis!'
... Napaisip siya. Sabi ko, 'Siguro naman
narinig mo yung issue nung tumatakbo
pa 'ko ... 'Wag mo sabihin sa mommy
mo ha na we're taking it lightly," Poe
"Kasi for me, there's no truth to it. It
doesn't affect me," Poe added.
Poe earlier admitted that she has
experienced insecurity about being an
adopted child of the action superstar
and actress Susan Roces, but she never
felt her parents lacked in giving her care
and support as they would a biological
"Kung ano man ang oportunidad na
binibigay sa isang biological na anak,
binigay naman sa akin 'yon," Poe had
said in a televised 2013 interview.
"Ako naman, naging epektibo naman
ang pagpapalaki ng mga magulang ko
sa akin ... Sa lahat ng ginagawa ko,
binibigyan ko talaga ng karangan [si
Fernando Poe]," she explained.
As a newborn, Poe was left at a church
and was taken in by a family while the
parish priest sent out announcements
about the child. Poe's wealthy, would-be
godmother then took her in and would
bring her to events attended by newly
married couple Fernando Poe and Susan
Poe's godmother then allowed the dot-
ing couple to adopt the child, believing
she needed parents.
(Continued from page 1)
Daughter of Marcos
titled. Obviously, titled land commands
a higher price, not only because the
buyer will not have to worry about hav-
ing it titled, but because it can readily
be transacted by sale or mortgage. Ad-
ditionally, the Torrens System makes the
OCT or TCT indefeasible against fraud,
forgery or unlawful occupation. In con-
trast, a registrant under a tax declaration
may still lose his rights to someone who
can prove a better right of possession
over the land.
Atty. Rogelio Karagdag, Jr. is licensed
to practice law in both California and
the Philippines. He practices immigra-
tion law in San Diego and has continu-
ously been a trial and appellate attorney
in the Philippines since 1989. He travels
between San Diego and Manila. His
offce is located at 10717 Camino Ruiz,
Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92126. He
also has an offce in the Philippines at
Unit 1718, Manila Executive Regency,
1200 J. Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila,
with telephone numbers (02)554-0412 &
(02)5221199. Please call (858)348-7475
or email him at rkaragdag@attyimmi-
gration.com. He speaks Tagalog fuently.
Articles written in this column are
not legal advice but are hypotheticals
intended as general, non-specifc legal
information. Readers must seek legal
consultation before taking any legal
(Continued from page 9)
Selling untitled lands
Hueso said. As new business owners
enter the California economy, we want
to ensure that protections are in place
that level playing feld and improve their
chances of success.
There is a common misconception
that parties involved in commercial real
estate transactions are 1) sophisticated;
2) of equal bargaining power; or 3)
equally knowledgeable and experienced
in real estate as the other party or the
brokers involved. This is not always
(Continued from page 9)
Gov. Brown
souvenirs and more. Non-stop entertainment
will take place on two stages with energetic
music and spectacular dance ensembles. The
highlight of the festival is the carnival style
parade, full of vibrant foats, extravagant
costumes, and contagious rhythms.
Brazilian Day San Diego will take place
Sunday, September 7, 2014 from 11:00am
until 7:00pm, on Garnet Avenue between
Bayard St. and Everts St. in Pacifc Beach.
The parade is scheduled from 3:00-4:00pm.
Brazilian Day San Diego is produced by
the Brazilian Institute for Arts and Culture, a
501 (c) (3) non-proft organization. Its mis-
sion is to facilitate the education of Brazilian
arts and culture for community enrichment,
by providing educational programs and com-
munity festivals for all ages, promoting
Brazilian dance, music, literature, folklore,
traditions, capoeira, and the Portuguese
For further information contact Paulo
Batuta at (619)867-3231 or go to www.
the case. For example, a small business
owner whose only real estate transac-
tion over the next fve years will be his
or her offce lease is not going to be
as sophisticated as a landlord whose
primary business is real estate and who
is negotiating multiple leases a year
with the help of a team of sophisticated
professionals. That business owner is
at a severe disadvantage at the bargain-
ing table and should be educated on
the duties or limited duties the licensed
real estate professionals involved in the
transaction owe to all parties.
In addition to receiving bipartisan sup-
port throughout the legislative process
SB 1171 was supported by many small
businesses, the CA Retailers Associa-
tion, CA Grocers Association, National
Federation of Independent Business
along with the Hispanic and Asian
Chambers of Commerce.
Senator Ben Hueso represents the
40th Senate District, which includes
the cities of Chula Vista, National City,
Imperial Beach, Coronado a portion of
the City of San Diego, Imperial County,
and the southern part of Riverside.
Page 11 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 22-28, 2014
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An ecobee thermostat helps you save money and energy. Youll be able to control
your thermostat remotely from your smart device. And you can earn an even higher
credit on Reduce Your Use
Reward days by allowing your air conditioner to be cycled
on or off or be raised four degrees. All of this helps our region reduce the need to
tap into more energy supplies. Thats cool. Act now, because this thermostat (a $300
value) is available in limited quantities.
Connect to see if your home qualies for this offer at sdge.com/thermostat.
2014 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
Energy-efciency programs are funded by California utility customers and administered by SDG&E

the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. SDG&E is not responsible for goods and services
selected by the customer.
connected to summer-saving ideas
4SDG12377__SUMMER PREP_Therm_ASIANJOURNAL__RUN:08_22_14__6.4375x10.5
A thermostat offer thats
incredibly smart.
4SDG12377_SP_Therm_ASIAN_6.4375x10.5.indd 1 8/14/14 10:38 AM
com | MA-
NILA, 8/17/2014 Elise Estrada
returns to the Philippines to promote her
new album titled #Round3 through a
series of shows at the Ayala Malls
MANILA, Philippines - Canada is
a hot bed of pop music activity. Justin
Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Mor-
risette are just some of the big names
to have come from the big country up
north and this proves that Canadians can
pump out great sounding pop. Thats
why its with great anticipation that
were holding our breath for one Elise
Estrada. Dubbed as the Canadian Pop
Princess, Elise is a singer-songwriter-
performer with a string of No. 1 hits to
her name. Her music videos are bombas-
tic audio-visual experiences and best of
all, Elise has got Pinoy blood pumping
in her veins.
had an
back in
and its
satiable hit No. 1 at the Canadian Bill-
board pop charts. Her streak continued
with another Top 10 hit inThese Three
Words, before hitting the top again with
the R&B tinged pop track Unlove You.
Elise has since been nominated for the
Juno (Canadian Grammy) Award for
Best R&B Soul Album and has aced
prestigious nods like the Emerging Art-
ist Award, Best New Artist and has over
40,000 airplay spins on Canadian FM
radio for Insatiable alone.
Over the course of two R&B infected
dance albums, Elise has produced a total
of 10 Top 10 hits. She has also shared
the stage with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, 50
Cent, Sean Kingston, Enrique Iglesias,
Nelly and Backstreet Boys making good
on the moniker given her as the Rihanna
of Canada.
Canadian popstar is a Filipina
Elise lived in Marikina until she
moved to Canada with her parents and
two siblings when she was four years
old. She has kept in touch with her
Pinoy roots all the time though she was
establishing herself as a pop, R&B and
dance artist in Canada. Pinoys would
do well to know about Elise as she
has done us proud on her own through
music, half a world away.
This month, Elise returns with a new
album titled #Round3, bannered by the
knockout pop track You Dont Need 2
Know. On the song, Elise, is in full-on
foxy mode. It is a nice piece of infec-
tious pop music.
Elise is assisted by her creative A-
Team, led by producer Adam Hurstfeld,
who has produced tracks with R&B
star Ne-Yo and pop metal giants Def
Leppard. Theres also Grammy-winner
Orlando Calzada, who has mixed
albums for Destinys Child, Lady Gaga,
J.Lo and One Direction.
Entertainment ( Article MRec ), page-
match: 1, sectionmatch: 1
The music video for You Dont Need
2 Knowhas already made the rounds of
music channels here in Manila a few
months back (MTV Pinoy and MYX).
In Canada though, the music video went
straight to No. 1 on Canadas top music
channel and was highlighted on the front
page of Vevo TV upon its release prov-
By Bot Glorioso, Philstar.com |
MANILA, 8/14/2014 Christopher
Boyet de Leon is not one to wal-
low in sadness despite the distressing
health condition of his and wife Sandy
Andolongs son Miguel at the moment.
Miguel was diagnosed with testicular
cancer. The support of many people,
through their fervent prayers, is enough
to make him stronger in these tough
First and foremost, I would like to
thank ABS(-CBN), the Dreamscape
staff and Deo (Endrinal) for allowing
me to leave for the US because we
were already taping when I learned that
my son collapsed and he was in the
ICU, Christopher told The STAR and
other members of the press after the
presscon for the Book 2 of ABS-CBNs
primetime soap Ikaw Lamang, where
he portrays the older version of Franco
Hidalgo, Jake Cuencas role in the se-
ries initial outing. I asked them if they
could give me at least a week to check
on my son and then they told me to go
right away. I am also thanking all the
people who have prayed and continue to
pray for my sons fast recovery.
According to the actor, Miguel is still
in the ICU of the California Pacifc
Medical Hospital with tubes and respira-
tor attached to him. But there is nothing
to be alarmed about, he assured, Def-
nitely, he will get better because this is
curable and the doctors are doing their
job round the clock. He even cited fa-
mous cyclist Lance Armstrong who had
fully recovered from the same illness.
Christopher furthered that his sons
testicular germ cell tumor was inborn.
Miguel already had an operation when
he was fve years old. We saw in the
X-ray result na napunta na sa lungs so
thats what theyre trying to eradicate
now. Miguel already underwent chemo-
therapy for fve days and then they had
to stop. What he needs now is the Cat
(Computerized axial tomography) Scan,
to defne accurately kung ano na. The
next step would be radiation.
It was only last Monday morning
when Christopher few back to the
country. Its very diffcult to leave but I
have a commitment to do.
His being professional refected
when he revealed that he headed
straight to the set of Ikaw Lamang to
tape his scenes that were also aired
last Monday evening. Its an honor
to be part of the show. I am playing
Franco which was Jakes role nung frst
chapter. Ive seen Jakes acting as
Franco; he was so intense and true to
the character because he would dress up
like kung anong era yung una. I dont
know how am I going to continue the
intensity of the character pati yung nu-
ances ni Jake noon dapat meron din ako.
I was impressed with his performance.
Work, admitted Christopher, has also
become a source of strength as it keeps
his mind focused only on the positive
side of life. I know that in Gods time,
everything will be okay. Nakakatuwa
Boyet stays strong for sick son
Christopher de Leon, star of the ABS-CBN primetime soap Ikaw Lamang
Book 2, cannot thank enough the people who continue to pray for his and wife
Sandy Andolongs son Miguel (back row, right).
by Joyce Jimenez, Philstar.com |
MANILA, 8/20/2014 - Megastar Sharon
Cuneta has said that she went through a
midlife crisis.
Sharon reached out to her fans on
Monday through her Facebook page
with an open letter, where she addressed
certain issues and realizations in her life.
She opened the letter by saying that
she gave up on myself as she goes
through a midlife crisis.
My reaction to it was awful; I be-
came rebellious because I hated myself
for the way I looked and the time I
continued to waste by not focusing and
working on bettering my own person,
she stated.
Sharon adds: I feel that I have let you
[fans] down. I let myself go, I allowed
myself to get fat and stay fat. I became
complacent... and I never lost faith in
God, and in you, but I ignored the fact
that I had lost faith in myself. It was
I who let myself become affected by
the fact that I had turned forty, not my
I feel that I had lost that "hunger"
to be on top of my industry, maybe be-
cause I fnally had a peaceful home and
a loving family and focused on my chil-
dren so much, she further adds. And
so I suffered the consequences of failing
to treasure and take care of all that God
had blessed me with with regard to my
career. It IS my fault, my friends. I am
only human.
Entertainment ( Article MRec ), page-
match: 1, sectionmatch: 1
She said this reaction has led her to
committing mistakes that have affected
all that I have worked for, bled for over
the past thirty-six years.
(Continued on page 6)
Sharon Cuneta: I
was going through
a midlife crisis
Page 12 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
County Aging Programs Earn
Innovation Awards
The County Health and Human
Services Agencys Aging and Indepen-
dence Services (AIS) recently received
national honors for two of its programs
aimed at supporting older adults.
Grandparents Raising Grandchil-
dren and the Legacy Corps program re-
ceived Aging Innovations Awards from
the National Association of Area Agen-
cies on Aging. The Innovation Award is
the national associations highest honor.
The San Diego County programs were
two of 13 Innovation Awards announced
at the associations recent national
The county is always looking for
groundbreaking ways to serve its
residents, and its great to be recog-
nized for that, said Supervisor Dianne
Jacob, chairwoman of the county Board
of Supervisors. These two programs
are especially important because they
help our older residents and military
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
is an initiative led by Supervisor Greg
Cox to assist grandparents and other
relative caregivers who are raising
younger family members. Workshops
have been provided around the county,
which include resource fairs, support
groups and expert speakers. Legacy
Corps provides support and respite for
veteran and military families caring for
a loved one.
This award is great but what has re-
ally been rewarding is the impact weve
had on countless grandparents who have
suddenly found themselves respon-
sible for raising their grandchildren,
Cox said. Weve reached out to them
with seminars, a resource book and
much-needed support and this national
recognition lets us know we are making
a difference.
Both programs are part of Live Well
San Diego, the Countys initiative to im-
prove the health and safety of residents.
These programs highlight the
Countys commitment through Live
Well San Diego to take fresh approaches
in how we deliver services, and respond
to the needs in our communities, said
Nick Macchione, Director of the Health
and Human Services Agency.
AIS also received Achievement
Awards for two other programs, the
Care Transitions Partnership and the
Beacon Care Transitions Pilot Program.
AIS is one of more than 600 Area
Agencies on Aging nationwide that
coordinate and support a wide range of
home and community-based services,
including elder abuse prevention,
information and referral, care manage-
ment, meal programs, transportation,
employment services, health promotion,
civic engagement and more. To contact
AIS, call (800) 510-2020, or visitwww.
August 15, 2014 SAN DIEGO
The Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation (JCNI) will unveil a
strong and unique Cultural Celebra-
tions & Performances series at The
Village at Market Creek in
southeastern San Diego. The
year-long program will
showcase the diverse
cultural activities
that are available
to all of the San
Diego regions
More than a dozen
events are scheduled
for the coming season beginning now
through spring 2015. Partnerships with
organizations such as the San Diego
Dance Theater, The Old Globe Theater,
Pacifc Arts Movement, Media Arts
Center San Diego, Culture Shock Dance
Troupe, and area museums will infuse
the community with music, dance, the-
ater, flm, and more.
We are pleased to offer such a rich
line-up of arts and culture events this
season. We hope it brings new people to
our community while providing a way
for our neighbors to come together to
celebrate arts and culture, explained
Victoria Hamilton, Arts and Community
Development Manager at JCNI.
Funding is provided in part by the
Jacobs Family Foundation and Grants
from the County of San Diego.
Jacobs Presents Cultural Celebra-
tions & Performances Series
Market Creek Summer Film Series,
which kicked off earlier this month,
will showcase diverse programming,
live entertainment, fun activities and
concessions. Pre-show entertainment
begins at 7 p.m. The FREE series, pre-
sented in partnership with Media Arts
Center, continues with Pulling Strings,
on Friday, August 15. A special matinee
of Coach Zoran and His African Tigers
will be presented Sunday, August 17,
2 p.m. The series ends with Disneys
Frozen, on Friday, August 22.-- www.
San Diego Dance Theater will pres-
ent Trolley Dances on September 27,
28 and October 4, 5. In this 16th annual
event, viewers travel to sites along the
Trolley Line accompanied by trained
tour guides to see world premiere
site-specifc dances. This year, Trolley
Dances travels from City College to The
Village at Market Creek to perform live
Jacobs presents performance series to showcase cultural richness of Southeastern San Diego
at the Market Creek Amphitheater.-- 619
225 1803 sandiegodancetheater.org
San Diego Museum Council will host
the 2nd Annual Museum Mash Up
on Sunday, September 28,
1 pm - 4 pm in the Jacobs
Center Celebration Hall to kick
off Kids Free in October,
presented by Time
Warner Cable. Featur-
ing numerous museums
with hands-on activities
and performances , this
program will provide an
opportunity for community resi-
dents, especially families, to experience
the arts for free. 619 276-0101 www.
Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles,
Sunday, October 12, 2pm at Market
Creek Amphitheater. The frst all female
mariachi in the United States was
formed in 1994 and has taken the history
of women in mariachi music from being
solely singers to being the full comple-
ment of musical performers. The group
will perform music from their three
highly successful albums. 626 279-1700
On Saturday, October 18, 11 am - 7
pm the Samoan Community Council of
San Diego will host the Samoan Day
Festival, an annual event at the Market
Creek Amphitheater. Samoan Day Festi-
val will celebrate Samoan cultural heri-
tage and promote cultural diversity and
awareness. Attendees can enjoy lively
music, dancing, drumming, food, arts,
crafts, and more. A free family friendly
event. 619 888-1037 www.samoancom-
Indian Fine Arts Academy of San
Diego will present Divine Strings and
Dancing Bells on Sunday, October
19, 3 pm 6 pm in Celebration Hall at
the Jacobs Center. World-class perfor-
mances of renowned Indian musicians
and dancers will be accompanied by
exceptional local talent. 858 442-1586
On Sunday, November 2, at 2 pm The
Old Globe Theatre will present Shake-
speares fascinating romance Alls Well
That Ends Well in Celebration Hall at
the Jacobs Center. The performance,
part of The Globe for All community
outreach program, is free to the public.
619 238-0043 www.theoldglobe.org
The AMP Music Festival, in partner-
ship with the Pacifc Arts Movement,
will feature almost a dozen Asian and
Pacifc American musicians Sunday,
November 15, 6 - 10 pm in Celebration
Hall, Jacobs Center. Also featured - a
video game area, meet and greets with
performers, and a multimedia presenta-
tion featuring Asian flm shorts, music
videos, art installations, live artists, a
DJ room, and food. 504 390-3271 www.
On Saturday, December 13, from 1
pm - 5 pm, PASACAT will present the
Parol Phillippine Lantern Festival in
Celebration Hall at the Jacobs Center.
The Parol is a star-lantern symbolic of
the Star of Bethlehem that hung in front
of homes during the holiday season.
PASACAT shares the tradition with the
community during this holiday festival.
Featuring food, cultural dances, songs,
and parol display. 619 477-3383 www.
On Sunday, March 21, the San Diego
Art Institute will perform a compo-
nent of the video and performance art,
FLEX IT! My Body My Temple. The
event will consist of a day-long series of
performances from 4pm - 10pm, and a
screening of videos from 6pm - 10pm in
the Market Creek
Amphitheater. FLEX IT! will
engage audiences in healthy lifestyle
choices. In addition, nationally and
internationally exhibited social practice
artists will create work in collabora-
tion with the community. 619 236-0011
Lao Community Cultural Center
will host the Lao New Year Festival on
Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5,
8 am - 6 pm at Market Creek Amphi-
theater. The festival will showcase Lao
classical and folk dances and costumes,
modern music and singing, traditional
alms offerings to Buddhist monks, and
a ceremonial procession in celebration
of the Lao New Year. The two-day event
features authentic foods and displays of
Lao handcrafts and artworks.- 619 869-
4017 www.lcccsd.com
As a part of their 30th anniversary cel-
ebration, San Diego Gay Mens Chorus
(SDGMC) will present Tylers Suite at
an April concert in Celebration Hall at
the Jacobs Center. This inspiring music,
composed in memory of Tyler Clementi,
the gay Rutgers College student who
committed suicide after being bullied
by his roommate, was co-commissioned
with six brother choruses and Oscar
and Grammy winner Stephen Schwarz
(Wicked and Pippin.) 619 347-8704
The Center for World Music will pro-
duce the Multicultural World Music
and Dance Festival on Saturday, May
9. The free, multicultural world music
and dance festival will be held at the
Market Creek Amphitheater, 11 am - 4
pm. Professional world music and dance
performing ensembles will perform the
traditional music and dance of Africa,
Asia, and Latin America. The Center
will also offer workshops and informal
educational cultural experiences. Light
cuisine will be for sale. 760 845-9480
San Diego Asian Pacifc Islander
Community Health Network will
present Culinary Fusion Festival, on
Saturday, May 16, 10 am 3 pm at the
Market Creek Amphitheater. Sample the
healthy dishes of 13 local Asian Pacifc
Islander restaurants within San Diego
County. This year, the theme is coconuts
a fruit that is present in many cultures
and used in many different ways. 619
477-4451 www.operationsamahan.org
Culture Shock Dance Troupe will
present ShockN the Park at the Market
Creek Amphitheater on Saturday, June
7, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm. Culture Shock
San Diego is an international non-
proft network of Hip Hop, Breakin and
Street dance companies founded in San
Diego in 1993. Over the years, Culture
Shock discovered the needs outside of
the professionally motivated dancer
population and developed youth and
adult programs. 619 743-1786 www.
For more information on Jacobs Pres-
ents go to www.jacobspresents.com
The Jacobs Center for Neighbor-
hood Innovation (JCNI) is partnering
with resident teams in southeastern
San Diego to transform nearly sixty
acres into The Village at Market Creek,
a LEED-certifed neighborhood and
vibrant cultural destination. Through
a network of nonproft and for-proft
partners, locally-owned businesses and
national tenants, a community and con-
ference center, and a portfolio of social
enterprise projects, JCNI is creating as-
sets that will become economic engines
for the community when the foundation
sunsets in 2030. Under the banner of
Resident Ownership of Neighborhood
Change, the people who live and work
in the community create the vision, lead
the implementation, and own the change
in their community. Learn more at www.
Page 13 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 22-28, 2014
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Callao caves: The well-kept secret
mecca among trekkers and lovers
The Callao caves possess a
divine, ethereal atmosphere
making it suitable for a
makeshift chapel -- a perfect
spot for traveling couples.
Philstar.com MANILA, 7/24/2014 -
Adventurous couples seeking a unique
and truly memorable place to commune
with each other, with nature and with
God will appreciate visiting the famous
Callao caves in Peablanca, Cagayan.
Mere minutes away from the swelter-
ing city center of Tuguegarao, the seven-
chamber massive tunnel is situated in
the western foothills of the Northern
Sierra Madre mountains. With natural
crevices that let in streams of light, the
cavernous space is illuminated by an
ethereal glow. One of the bigger cham-
bers near the entrance has been turned
into a chapel, where an altar has been
placed right below a natural skylight.
Rustic wooden pews complete the sense
of solemnity.
While impractical as a venue for full-
production weddings or other religious
ceremonies, the Callao caves have
in fact been a well-kept secret mecca
among mountain climbing and trekking
enthusiasts, especially couples who fnd
the chapel a perfect blend of romance
and divinity.
Indeed, perhaps many secret vows
have been whispered here - with the
quiet halls of the caves standing witness
to professed love and undying devotion.
For the solo adventurer or less roman-
tically inclined, visiting the Callao caves
is no less an exhilarating experience.
Reaching the entrance of the chamber
is a test of determination, with its uphill
path of 187 steps. However, the rewards
of reaching the entrance are great, as
air gushes out of the mountain and into
natural vents, cooling the insides of the
cave and providing a refreshing atmo-
sphere. Unique, picture-perfect rock
formations of stalagmites and stalactites
also abound.
After visiting the cave and trek-
king back down, couples can enjoy an
extended romantic date along the banks
of the Pinacanauan River. A short banca
ride can take lovers to the other side of
the river, where the setting is equally
serene - calm, clear waters with tower-
ing trees and tall bamboo framing the
riverbank. A local resort in the area can
serve a feast with the days fresh catch.
As the sun sets, another daily spec-
tacle to look forward to is the fight of
bats from a nearby cave from Callao.
Travelers to Callao cave can rent a van
in Tuguegarao City for a comfortable
30-minute ride. Reaching Tuguegarao,
meanwhile, is a 12- to 14-hour trip via
bus from Metro Manila.
The safest and most convenient way to
travel to Tuguegarao is through Victory
Liner - the leading bus company plying
the Northern route for the last 69 years.
With ample legroom, wide seats and
reliable air-conditioning, a Victory Liner
trip is guaranteed to be comfortable.
Safety is also paramount to Victory
Liner, with each bus equipped with
Japanese-technology tacograph that
alerts drivers if they exceed the maxi-
mum speed limit of 90kph.
Cheap travels near the Metro for the long-weekend
By Alixandra Caole Vila (philstar.
com) | MANILA 8/20/2014
MANILA, Philippines - Another long
weekend is almost upon us and our
thoughts have turned to hitting places
where we could take a little break from
the demanding city life. Manila itself
is thriving with many historically-rich
spots, but if you want more, the nearby
provinces can defnitely give you what
you want.
Lie on the volcanic ashes of
Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove in
Today, Anawangin and Nagsasa coves
have risen as popular tourist destina-
tions for its ashen sand dumped by Mt.
Pinatubo decades ago and agoho trees
that emanate a unique Baguio-meets-
Boracay vibe. Unlike other beach
destinations, there are no fancy rooms
or accommodations in these places. It
is necessary that you bring your tents
and camping supplies when planning to
go there for the weekend. Include also
fashlights and spare batteries because
there is no supply of electricity. There is
completely no reception in this island,
so if you are looking for a trip away
from the bustling and modern Manila,
Anawangin and Nagsasa coves are the
right spots for you.
Beat the scorching heat in Tagaytay
If you want a quick whiff of refresh-
ing air, Tagaytay is a place where you
most certainly would get it. Tagaytay
offers the best views, with cool atmo-
sphere to savor. It is an ideal place for
doing leisure activities such as picnic,
horseback riding, and sightseeing. If you
are the type of a person who does not
want tiring adventures, then you could
go into a spiritual journey in Tagaytay
by visiting churches and gardens where
you can meditate and just relax. The
chilly weather is also right for drinking
coffee while enjoying the view of Taal
Dive and spoil yourself with marine
biodiversity in Anilao, Batangas
Anilao in Mabini, Batangas has been
one of the divers favorites because it is
only three hours away from Manila. It
boasts of teeming marine biodiversity
with abundance of corals, which make
it renowned all around the globe. The
beach does not have white sands, but
what you will see beneath the water will
make up for it.
Discover art and culture in Angono,
Anilao Balai View by Raymond CC/ BY-NC-ND
Anawangin Cove by Allan Ascao/ CC BY-NC
Anilao Twin Rocks by Raymond/ CC BY NC-ND
Rizal and Paete, Laguna
For those who do not know it, Angono
is the art capital of the Philippines. The
Angono-Binangonan petrolyphs is con-
sidered as the most primitive artwork
in the country. Angono is also where
the National Artist, Carlos Botong
Franciscos home stands. You may also
try to do some food tripping by trying
their Soup No. 5.
Laguna is not just about hotsprings.
Paete town takes pride of the sculptures
while Liliw boasts of its "bakya." For
real adventure seekers, dare to visit
the underground cemetery in Nagcar-
lan, Laguna. Roam around the nearby
Page 14 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
By Fr. Shay Cullen
The good news is that hundreds, if not
thousands of children will be protected
from abuse and molestation y some of
the 660 British subjects arrested for
accessing unlawful images of children
on the internet by a oordinated police
action throughout the United Kingdom
a few weeks ago. Many more suspects
have been identifed as accessing these
horrifc images of children being abused
and could be arrested soon. The depress-
ing news is that many of the images
are of very young Filipino children and
some could have been made by a British
subject or her male associates.
The discovery of 5 children between
the ages of 5 and 7 years old and a 6
month old baby in the house of a British
born woman in Subic, Philippines has
shocked readers. Some of the children
bear signs of having been sexually
abused and tell horrifying experiences.
A boy, 7 years old, tells of being sexu-
ally molested and being photographed
naked by a male visitor to the house
where he was confned. A six year old
girl was found tied to a chair in a flthy
room strewn with empty liquor bottles.
The suspect, now in the custody
of the Philippine police, is a female
British subject from Scotland, Lilian
May Thomson Zimmer, 65, with a US
passport. The images of these abused
children are likely to be shared with
paedophiles in the UK and elsewhere.
Perhaps some of the 660 suspects ar-
rested a few weeks ago around England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
have viewed them already.
Zimmer is charged with direct as-
sault on persons in authority, serious
illegal detention and child cruelty. More
charges may follow. The children were
rescued after a month-long campaign
by the Preda Foundation to persuade the
authorities to save the children. Finally,
the children are now safe in a govern-
ment child care home and recovering
from their ordeal and talking about it.
There is a growing number of arrests
in the Philippines of suspects making il-
legal images of children and using chil-
dren for live cyber sex shows beamed
over the internet whose customers are
from the UK and other countries. They
satisfy their depraved desires and earn
huge sums of money. They get away
with it because of lax law enforcement,
bribery, and the non-compliance of the
Internet Service Providers(ISPs) with
the law.The 2009 law, Republic Act No.
9775, states that flters and blocking
software must be installed on the servers
of the ISPs but it has not been done,
that is fve years of non-compliance and
blazon fouting of the law.
The telecommunication corporations
and the National Telecommunication
Commission (NTC) are in some kind
of collaboration; that must be investi-
gated by President Aquino. The NTC
regulators have perhaps been embraced,
captured, and who knows, even money
may have changed hands. If so, it is a
criminal conspiracy to subvert the law.
This law, if implemented by the
specially created Senate and House
Committee headed by the respective
Chairs of the Senate Committee on
Youth, Women and Family relations and
the House of Representatives Commit-
tee on Justice would give at least 85%
protection and thousands of children
could be saved. But the committee has
failed to act, and has failed the Filipino
children; a worse crime perhaps than the
politicians who are accused and jailed
for allegedly stealing billions of pesos
from the people.
Republic Act 9775, under Section 9,
says: The duties of Internet Service
Providers (ISP) are to monitor the con-
tent passing through their servers, notify
the police of illegal content and provide
the authorities the particulars of users
who gained or attempted to gain access
to an internet address which contains
any form of child pornography. All
ISPs shall install available technology,
program or software to ensure access to
or transmittal of any form of child por-
nography will be blocked or fltered.
(complete law on www.preda.org)
The National Telecommunications
Commission (NTC) is supposed to over-
see the implementation of the law. The
law says that the ISP failing to imple-
ment and comply with the law should
pay a fne and have its license to operate
revoked for non-compliance. But the
law is clearly ignored, fouted and
disobeyed. It is a grave injustice to the
Filipino people and children worldwide.
It is a stark reminder just how the rich
corporations can manipulate the govern-
ment commission and offcials so they
can continue to earn huge profts from
the transmission of these illegal images
of children to be sexually assaulted,
raped and abused. They claim they are
innocent and not responsible for the
images passing through their servers.
But the law says they must prevent the
transmission. What greater evil is there
for such images to circulate among child
abusers instigating them to commit
This evil trade and the complicity of
government agencies and corporations
in not stopping it is a gross violation
of children's rights and an insult to the
Filipino people. Such neglect and der-
eliction of duty that allows the images
of thousands of children being sexually
Lighting a Candle in the Darkness
Windsor Gardens Apartments will be accepting applications
for one (1) bedroom apartments for seniors 62 years of age
and older and/or disabled individuals who qualify with low
Starting Monday, September 22nd applications can be
submitted at the address below on weekdays between the
hours of 9am 12pm and 1pm 4pm.
Equal Housing Opportunity
Windsor Gardens
1600 W. 9th Ave., Ofce
Escondido, CA 92029
(760) 741-5606
20+ Years Experience
Been living in San Diego since 1977
Attorney is available daily on regular business days at the San Diego Ofce
*Member, California State Bar
Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court
Southern California and California Supreme Court
*Author,How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa as listed by
worldwide bookseller Amazon.com Bookstores
*Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immi-
gration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic
Diocese of San Diego
*Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City
Association, Inc., San Diego, California
*Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985),
Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and
Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984);
Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983);
Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979)
*Born in the Philippines (Cavite)
For your convenience, walk-ins accepted
especially between 2:00pm 8:00pm
Business days Monday to Friday
We can accept the following on a Contingency Basis
WORK DISCRIMINATION (Racial, Age, Gender, Disability)
240 Woodlawn Avenue, Suite 11, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Convenient location and plenty of free parking;
Near Chula Vista trolley station. Nagsasalita kami ng Tagalog
For free consultation
call (619) 203-5782
We can help you stop worrying about your legal problems.

Also Featuring:
Debt Negotiation
Bankruptcy Assistance
Loan Consolidation
Food for Thought
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The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Eternal Father, I ofer You the Body and Blood, Soul
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
the whole world.
On the Hail Mary beads say:
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
on us and on the whole world.
In conclusion say three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Laughing Matter
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An elderly Chinese woman had two
large pots, each hung on the ends of a
pole which she carried across her neck.
One of the pots had a crack in it while
the other pot was perfect and always
delivered a full portion of water.
At the end of the long walks from the
stream to the house, the cracked pot ar-
rived only half full.
For a full two years this went on daily,
with the woman bringing home only one
and a half pots of water.
Of course, the perfect pot was proud
of its accomplishments. But the poor
cracked pot was ashamed of its own
imperfection, and miserable that it could
only do half of what it had been made
to do.
After two years of what it perceived to
be bitter failure, it spoke to the woman
one day by the stream.
'I am ashamed of myself, because this
crack in my side causes water to leak
out all the way back to your house.'
The old woman smiled, 'Did you
notice that there are fowers on your side
The story
of the path, but not on the other pot's
'That's because I have always known
about your faw, so I planted fower
seeds on your side of the path, and every
day while we walk back, you water
For two years I have been able to pick
these beautiful fowers to decorate the
Without you being just the way you
are, there would not be this beauty to
grace the house.'
Each of us has our own unique faw.
But it's the cracks and faws we each
have that make our lives together so
very interesting and rewarding.
You've just got to take each person for
what they are and look for the good in
SO, to all of my cracked pot friends,
have a great day and remember to smell
the fowers on your side of the path!
And Learn very day and share knowl-
Short & Efcacious
Reparation Prayer
to the Eternal Father
(22 July 1999)
All who adore My Precious Blood
console My Father Who loves His
Son the most. As you adore My
Blood, the pains of My Sacred
Heart lessen. The Sorrowful Heart
of My Mother will also be consoled.
Children, adore My Precious Blood
always and offer it to My Father
for mercy. Hear this prayer. Pray it
always in reparation for the sins of
the whole world. Pray it three times
each time you pray it. I assure you
that the Divine Mercy will multi-
ply. Pray it always and many times
a day, since you are living in these
ungodly days. Pray it so that you
shall be safe from the purifcation
fre. Children, make it known to the
whole world.
Eternal Father, I offer to
You all the wounds of Your
dearly beloved Son, Jesus
Christ; the pains and agony
of His Sacred Heart and
His Most Precious Blood,
which gushed out from all his
wounds, for the reparation
of my sins and those of the
whole world. Amen.
(repeat 3 times)
Reprinted from the Precious Blood of Je-
sus Daily Devotional, p 110. Download the
prayerbook from http://www.preciousblood-
Live-in caregiver
call or text
(858) 900 6646
-Capable to prepare Chinese food
-Willing to help in the kitchen
-Willing to work in dierent
locations: Del Mar, Encinitas,
Hillcrest, and La Jolla.
-No experience necessary
-will train
August (619)805-5001
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Old man comes into a restaurant, sits
at his usual table, and orders the usual
matzoh ball soup.
The waiter sets it down in front of
him, and stands back to watch him enjoy
it. But the man just sits there.
Is there something wrong? the
waiter asks.
I cant eat this soup, the man replies.
Is it too hot? the waiter asks. No.
Too cold? No. Too salty? No.
The waiter calls for the maitre d, and
for the chef, and each goes through the
same routine: Too hot? Too cold?
No, no no.
Finally the chef, at his wits end, says,
Sir, I will taste the soup myself. Where
is the spoon?
Says the old man: A-ha!
Taste the soup
Filipino Sales Representative
Needed (Escondido & Temecula)
Filipino Employee needed to serve our growing
base of Filipino Customers. Compensation up to
50,000 a year.
Please send resumes to Mack and Irene at:
mack.hembree@gmail.com &
CALL: (619) 262-9636
Page 15 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com August 22-28, 2014
(Continued from page 13)
Cheap travels
abused broadcast around the world to
pedophiles is a crime in itself.
Clearly, President Aquino, the anti-
corruption President, does not know
this is happening but for him to act now
would be a great service to the children
and will inspire the nation. We can
all help by writing to the President at
Malacaang Palace, Manila, Philippines.
Lighting a candle in the darkness will
enlighten the minds and hearts of those
that live there. [shaycullen@preda.org ;
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Classifed Ads
FVR: Pinoy
(Continued from page 13)
Callao Cave
(Continued from page 5)
CA Water
(Continued from page 14)
LIghting a candle
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Looking for Caregiver in Carlsbad
area to work in 6-bed facility.
Full-time or Part-time
Call: Natalie
(760) 696-6595
per day, or 450,000 acre-feet per year).
Mining: < 1% (270 million gallons per
day, or 300,000 acre-feet per year).
Livestock: < 1% (190 million gallons
per day, or 210,000 acre-feet per year).
Self-supplied domestic use: < 1% (170
million gallons per day, or 190,000 acre-
feet per year). Average daily per capita
use was 69 gallons.
A water-use trends analysis will be
provided on the web site at a future date,
but in general a comparison with previ-
ous compilations indicates that overall
withdrawals increased from 1950 to
1980 as population more than doubled,
but have generally declined since 1980,
even though the States population has
increased by more than 50% since then.
In California, as in other states,
there are uncertainties associated with
estimating some of the water use com-
ponents. The biggest uncertainties for
California are associated with irrigation
water use. The quantity of groundwater
pumped for irrigation is generally not
measured, and surface-water diversion
data, particularly at the county level, are
incomplete or only available at scales
different from those used in this study.
Therefore, irrigation water use must
be estimated using crop coeffcients
generated from crop evapotranspiration
models that compute water require-
ments, and from reported irrigation crop
The USGSs National Water-Use
Information Program is responsible for
compiling and disseminating the nation's
water-use data. The USGS works in
cooperation with local, state, and federal
environmental agencies to collect water-
use information and compiles these data
to produce water-use information aggre-
gated at the county, state, and national
levels. Every fve years, data at the
county level are compiled into a national
water-use data system and state-level
data are published in a national circular.
The downloadable dataset is avail-
able online.
USGS provides science for a chang-
ing world. VisitUSGS.gov, ca.water.
usgs.gov, and follow us on Twitter@
USGS, @USGSwaterCA and our
other social media channels.
The bus company offers daily routes
to Tuguegarao and other Northern
Luzon destinations on regular, deluxe,
super deluxe, and frst-class buses. For
more information on schedules and
trips, visit www.victoryliner.com or fol-
low www.twitter.com/victorylinerinc.
provinces and visit historic churches,
ancestral houses, and unique restaurants.
Paete was named after the "paet" or
chisel of its artisans and is famous for its
wood carving. Photo by Jojo Nicdao/
Learn history and go for some ghost
hunting on Corregidor Island
This tadpole-shaped island lies at the
mouth of Manila Bay and was a strategic
military base during World War II. The
remnants of the past remain standing at the
eerie place, so if ghost-hunting is right up
your interest, they say it is also the place
to be.Corregidor Island by cisc1970/ CC
Zagala said they received reports that
some Abu Sayyaf members pledged
an oath of support to the ISIS and took
videos of the event which he described
as mere propaganda aimed at generating
foreign fnancial support. With Jaime
Enjoy the beach, nightlife, and jungle
paintball in Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera has been the go-to summer
destination among city-dwellers for beach
activities such as swimming and beach bum-
ming. But Puerto Galera is not just about
the beaches and the nightlife. Approximately
10 kilometers from Puerto Galera, Tamaraw
Falls is well worth taking the time to visit.
Puerto Galera is also where X-Treme Sports
Philippines Adventure Par is located. Aside
from paintball shooting, you can ride go
karts, dune buggies, quad bikes and more.
Puerto Galera by Carolyn/ CC BY-V
Page 16 August 22-28, 2014 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
TeI 61-2-4065 / 0-612-232 EmaIputsdQgmaI.com www.put.ca
In honor of the Medicine Buddhas birthday,
Bodhi Meditation is holding a special celebratory
ceremony. The Medicine Buddha has made
twelve great vows to fulfill the needs of those who
call upon him. Blessings from the Medicine
Buddha will rid disease, disaster and trouble
while bringing fortune intelligence, and success.
*Free Admission & Auspicious Gift*
Holistic Healing
Event Celebrating
the Birth of
Medicine Buddha
Oct 12, 2014 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
Event Venue: Four Points By Sheraton San Diego
8110 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA 92123
*All Fees Waived & Lunch Provided*
The retreat offers training in unique methods of Bodhi Meditation practices. It is designed to enhance overall
physical and mental health.
Meditation & Energy Healing Class
(9:30 AM 6:20 PM)
Aug 30, 2014 - Sep 1, 2014
7838 Wilkerson Court, San Diego, CA 92111 Location: San Diego (TACC)