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One Wild Night

By Bee1982
Edward's mood song: 'My Girl' by The Temptations by the end of this one
shot you'll understand why.
I stood, slowly inhaling the last of my cigarette. I didn't like to be kept waiting, and Alec
knew it.
"Sorry, Man," Alec smirked, finally walking out of his house, buttoning up his pants.
"Isabella is a little demanding today." The lucky fucker; Alec had the most desirable
female in the nightclub. Breaking Dawn was renowned for its beautiful women, but
Isabella was in a class of her own. Fuck, she had been making my dick permanently hard
for the last two years, ever since she'd arrived. It didn't help that she had killer legs that
went on forever, and that quite honestly made me think about her pussy each time I
gazed at them. Breasts that made my mouth water, and her fucking incredible, long,
wild brown hair; I fantasized about holding onto her hair while I fucked her hard at least
three times a day.
"Are we going to the fucking club or not?" I snarled.
Being sexually frustrated over a woman you could never have was tough. Isabella
belonged to Alec, the only son of the big boss. So much as a look in the wrong direction
could cost me my life. Plus, Alec knew I had a thing for Isabella. The motherfucker
teased me daily about it.
"You need to get some, Edward," Alec snorted. "You can't keep dreaming about what I
"I get plenty, thank you." Yeah, I fucked a lot, but it didn't stop me from wanting her.
The rest of the boys were already at Breaking Dawn. Alec was quick to get the drinks
brought over. I knew we had come to talk business. We were hijacking a large drug
shipment tomorrow night and needed to prepare.
I'd fallen into my job over seven years ago. I had been involved in a street fight that
Alec's father, Aro, had witnessed. I was just as fucked up then as I was now. I could kill
with my fists if I wanted to, and almost did on many occasions when I was younger. Aro
liked that in me; he saw a rawness that reminded him of himself and decided to take me
in. He was the only father figure I had ever known. He taught me how to fire a gun, and
the general rules of underground crime. I was his number two, under Alec, which I was
fucking proud of. I wasn't family, but I knew Aro trusted me more than some of his own
"Are we ready?" Aro asked, taking a seat in between Alec and me awhile later.
"Yes," Alec glared, downing his whiskey. Alec and his father didn't get along. Alec
wanted his father's power, and was too young to understand that that amount of respect
only came from experience. He was in too much of rush, and if he didn't calm down, the
idiot was going to get himself killed.
"Edward, I want you to control this one." I gaped at Aro. What the fuck? Me, lead? No
fucking way!
"Father," Alec tried to interrupt but Aro continued.
"You've been ready for a while now. I want to see what you've got." Aro patted me on
the back. "What do you say?"
"Thank you. I don't know what to say."
"Go and get a bottle of my favorite bourbon and we'll celebrate," Aro suggested. I looked
towards the bar. Fuck, my dick was twitching; there she was: the goddess leaning
over the bar in a tight, black dress, her legs long and incredible as always. Her hair was
tamed tonight, long and sleek. Shit, I'd give anything to be able to slam into her from
behind right there and then. I wouldn't give a fuck who would be watching.
The closer I came to her, the more my dick throbbed.
"Good evening, Edward," Isabella smirked, eyeing me. She was such a fucking flirt and
that didn't help matters.
"Hello, Isabella." Her name always rolled off my tongue. I wanted more than her name
to roll of my tongue, though. What I would do to this woman if I was given half a
chance. I'd fuck her raw, leaving dents from my cock in her pussy walls. I was such a
dirty fucker, but fuck me, I wanted her.
"You have got to stop looking at me like that," she giggled, throwing her hair over her
shoulders. Christ, her breasts were perfect. I could see them even better now that her
hair wasn't covering them. "It will get you into trouble one day."
"I have no idea what you mean." I smiled crookedly at her while I gestured to the
bartender for a bottle of bourbon. Usually, my grin worked on females, and their pants
dropped within seconds, but Isabella had always been immune.
"I hear your taking the lead tomorrow," she commented, sipping her cocktail. I was
mesmerized by her deep red lips, and subconsciously licked my own lips. "You'll look
after Alec, won't you?"
"Don't I always?" I chuckled before moving back to the table.
We finished off the entire bottle of bourbon while I watched Bella onstage. She was a
dancer, but nothing too seedy. Alec wouldn't allow it. She was too beautiful for that, but
with one sway of her hips, I was always captivated.
Would I ever stop thinking what a lucky fucker Alec was?
The motherfucker had finally flipped. The hijacking ended with Alec taking a bullet to his
leg. Why did that fucker never listen to me? If I hadn't have shot the gunman down, Alec
would've been pushing up daises right about now. Why didn't he let me lead like Aro had
asked? Stupid, dumb fucking idiot!
"Oh, God," Isabella cried while Emmett and I carried Alec into his house. We'd already
called the doctor. "What happened?"
"The stupid fucking idiot couldn't follow orders!" I snarled, pushing him down.
"I had it!" Alec winced as Isabella pulled a cloth tight around his leg.
"Yeah, it looks like it," Isabella grumbled. Shit! While she was knelt on the floor, I could
see right down her top. A fucking black lace bra? You have got to be kidding me.
"Where is he?" I heard Aro before I saw him. Our doctor was behind him. "Alec, will you
never learn?" he hissed. "What the fuck happened? I thought we had agreed on Edward
leading this one."
"Alec tried to act the big man as usual," Emmett glared. "If it wasn't for Edward, your
son would be dead right now."
"Is that true?" Aro glared at Alec, throwing his arms up in the air. "Will you never learn?
You can't win these battles alone! You have to let Edward help you. How will you ever
take over from me if you can't even trust you're second in command?"
"I trust him," Alec muttered, looking at me.
"He just doesn't like me having the control," I added. I fucking knew what this was all
about. I didn't want to take Aro's place; when would Alec realize that? I just wanted to
fuck his girlfriend with his permission of course. I was only asking for one night. One
fucking wild night. Yeah, a guy could dream, I guess.
"Just let the doctor fix you up," Aro stressed to his son. "Isabella, can you show Doctor
Hale to one of the spare rooms? Emmett and Felix will help Alec." My eyes were on
Isabella as she got up. I could tell she was worried for Alec. He had no idea how lucky he
was. She really cared about him. Fuck, the poor girl might even love him, but that didn't
stop him from dipping his dick in any pussy that came his way. He really was a fucking
idiot. If Isabella were mineshit, no, I couldn't even think about thatbut I knew for
sure, hers would be the only pussy my dick would visit for the rest of eternity. How could
he think any woman was better than her?
"Come have a drink with me, Edward," Aro muttered. I followed him into Alec's study.
"It would seem I am in your debt," Aro mused, pouring us both a drink.
"It was nothing, Aro. I'm just doing my job."
"You've gotten my son out of many scrapes over the years."
"He's like a brother to me. I have to watch his back."
"You never ask for anything in return, Edward," Aro commented, thoughtful.
"There is only one thing I want, and Alec would never agree to it."
"Oh, yesIsabella." Aro chuckled. "Well, that would be up to Alec and Isabella."
"I would never degrade her like that. She has never been interested in me that way,
anyway." I knew that for a fact. I'd lost count of the number of times I asked if I could
fuck her. She'd always roll her eyes at me, telling me to sober up before Alec beat the
crap out of me.
"Alec doesn't treat her with the respect she deserves." Didn't I fucking know that?
"She cares for him." Fuck knows why, but I knew she did.
"What can I offer you, Edward? You can have anything."
"You know what I want, Aro, just like you know that Alec will never agree."
"One night," Aro muttered.
"Excuse me?"
"If I could persuade Alec, it would only be for one night."
"Are we still talking about Isabella?" Why was my heart racing so much? It was never
going to happen.
"I'll talk to Alec," Aro mused. "He owes you. He's fucked around enough in his time. I
can't see why you and Isabella can't have one night together."
"I'm not willing to force her, Aro. Isabella should have the choice."
"She will," Aro smiled, shaking his head at me. Yeah, I was being a bit of a pussy, but in
all the times I had fantasized about Isabella, she had always been very willing. I wasn't
that much of a sex crazed monster that I'd force her. I wanted her moaning, begging for
more. Christ, I would want her screaming my name all night while I made her cum over
and over again.
It was late when I exited Alec's study. I was just about to leave when a sweet voice
called me.
Fuck, Isabella was wrapped up in her robe with my favorite high, silver stilettos on. Was
she trying to kill me?
"Edward," she whispered, moving to stand in front of me. "I just wanted to say thank
"What for?" I asked confused, becoming drawn to the small part of bare cleavage I could
see under her robe. I was such a fucking pervert.
"For saving Alecagain," Isabella stressed.
"It's my job."
"I still want to thank you," she said, touching my chest. I watched as her chocolate eyes
widened at the simple touch. Was I affecting her? I did affect most women. I stepped
closer, moving so she was flush against the wall. Damn, she smelled so good. I wanted
to run my tongue from her neck down towards her cleavage.
"What would you say if I asked for a night with you in return for saving Alec again?" I
whispered, putting my arms on either side of her head. My hands were braced on the
wall behind her. I don't think I'd ever been this close or bold with her before.
"Alec would never agree." Fuck me. Was that disappointment in her eyes?
"I might have my ways," I smirked, pushing off the wall. I was becoming way too
aroused just from looking at her.
"You need to give up on me, Edward. You had your chance," Isabella giggled. There she
goes again with her flirtatious ways. I never had a chance. Alec claimed her within
seconds of me catching sight of her at Breaking Dawn that first night.
"We'll see," I chuckled. "Look after Alec, and if you need anything, just call." Isabella
nodded before I finally left.
I had a shower and jerked off while thinking of Isabella that night. I was too tired to find
someone to come over, so I sat on my veranda, checking my gun over and drinking
whiskey until the early hours of the morning. I guess I would be running things with Aro
while Alec recovered.
"I'm not agreeing to this shit!" Alec snarled, throwing his chips on the table. We'd been
in the casino for a few hours. Aro was still working on him with the Isabella situation, but
I wasn't sure why he was even bothering. Alec was not going to agree.
"Alec, it's one night. If you were that committed to the girl, you wouldn't screw every
new dancer who arrives at Breaking Dawn. Isabella is well aware of your betrayal."
"She is mine!" Alec glared at me with pure hatred in his eyes.
"Chill, Man. It's Aro's idea, not mine." I held my hands up. "I'm on your side."
"Isn't there anything else you want?" Alec pleaded. He knew there wasn't. I was already
a rich man, and I had the world at my feet. All I wanted was that hot piece of ass for one
night. One night! What was his fucking problem? "Fuck!" Alec pulled at his hair. "She's
my fucking girlfriend. I'm even considering asking her to marry me. Why are you two
doing this to me? It's not fucking fair!"
Motherfucker, he was going to marry her. The lucky bastard!
"Okay, Alec, let's make this fair," Aro suggested, picking up the die from the table. "Let's
throw a die and let fate decide." Was Aro for fucking real?
"What?" Alec asked confused while we both watched Aro.
"Edward can pick odd or even; if he wins, he gets Isabella for a night, to do with as he
pleases." This was all going to be decided on the roll of a die? Holy fuck, I was one
choice away from an entire night with Isabella Swan. I braced myself.
"We are going to gamble on Edward fucking my girlfriend with a die?" Alec roared. "Fuck
"Do you have any better ideas? You owe him, Alec; this is all Edward wants, if Isabella is
"She'll fucking kill me when she finds out about this," Alec stressed, defeated. Fuck, this
was really happening. "You better fucking lose, Cullen," Alec glared, downing the entire
contents of his whiskey glass.
"Edward: odd or even?" Aro asked, tossing the die in the air, ready to throw it onto the
Fuck it; it was fifty/fifty. "Odd," I breathed as Aro tossed the die. It felt as if I was
watching in slow motion as it tumbled down the casino table. It bounced and finally
rested on a number.
"Three," Alec gasped. Sweet motherfucking Christ, it was odd. Odd! "Fuck! You win!"
"For real?" I inhaled.
"It's just one fucking night, and if you go near her after that, I will fucking kill you." Alec
was seriously pissed, but a deal was a deal.
"One night is all I need." I tried to hide my smirk, but I was already planning all the
positions I was going to fuck her in.
"This is to be kept between only us. I don't want the guys thinking I am hiring her out."
Alec groaned. "I'll speak to her when I get back." Fuck me, was this really happening?
I stood outside the nightclub waiting. Why was I so nervous? Emmett had been telling
me all day my mind wasn't on the job, and he was right. Isabella and I were having 'the
chat' today. She'd agreed, much to my surprise, and all we needed to do now was sort
out the 'when and where.'
I was outside smoking my sixth cigarette in a row when she came out to find me. She
looked beautiful, with her hair half up, wearing silver hot pants and a small, tight red
top. She must be dancing later.
"Here you are," she smiled, standing and watching me. "I've been looking for you
"I needed a smoke." I smirked.
"Are you going to share?" she asked, raising a perfect eyebrow. I handed my half
smoked cigarette over to her, watching her inhale before handing it back.
"I thought you'd be angry," I muttered, trying to keep my eyes from her legs. I couldn't
wait to get in between them and have them wrapped around my neck while I attacked
that pussy of hers. My mouth was watering just thinking about it.
"I am, but not at you," she murmured.
"You're angry that Alec agreed to this?"
"I'm more pissed that it was decided on the roll of a die," she replied, crossing her arms.
Did she realize how amazing her chest looked when she did that?
"You can say no; I'd understand."
"Alec fucks around, why should I miss out on all the fun?" Sweet fucking Jesus Christ,
she licked her lips, looking me up and down, eye fucking me. "I have to admit: you are
one hot piece of ass." I needed to tell my dick to stay the fuck down before it ripped
through my slacks. I was becoming as hard as steel. She was quoting me. She was such
a fucking tease.
"I've been thinking the same thing about you for two years, Isabella."
"Yeah, I gathered that," she giggled. "So, where are we going to do thisyour place?"
"If you're okay with that."
"Alec is away for the weekend, and I have Sunday and Monday off. I was thinking
Sunday night would be good." Shit, that was only three days away. Three motherfucking
"I'll send a car for you at seven on Sunday, then," I replied, finishing my cigarette and
discarding it on the floor. I couldn't stay out here with her for too long; people would
start talking.
"I look forward to it, Edward." Isabella pushed herself closer to me, and I could feel her
chest against mine as she placed her hands on my shoulders. "I hope you fuck as well as
I imagine you do." I think I just came in my pants.
"That would be telling." I smirked, running my hands into her hair. Holy shit, it was so
smooth and silky.
"Until Sunday it is, then, Edward." Isabella chuckled as my lips got a little too close to
hers. I felt as if I had vertigo when she moved away from me.
"Do you have any requirements about what you'd like me to wear on Sunday night?" she
asked before going back into the club.
"I don't really care. I don't intend for you to be wearing anything for long once I get you
into my bedroom," I teased, giving her the panty dropping smile. Fuck me, that time I
think it might have worked as I heard her gasp a little.
"I have work to do," Isabella replied, looking a little flustered as she rushed away. Well,
fuck me, I had gotten her worked up and she wasn't even naked yet.
I wandered back into the club a minute later. Isabella was already working the pole as I
scanned the room. She was so incredible. Every male's eyes were on her.
"Remember, it's just one fucking night," Alec snarled in my ear. "Don't get any fucking
ideas. Isabella is mine."
"I'm aware of that, but a deal is a deal. You need to relax."
"Hopefully she'll start talking to me again afterward."
"She's not talking to you?" I had to hold in my amusement. The way Alec was tonight, if
I laughed, it might start a fight. He was still getting over his gunshot wound, and was
pissed that he had a limp.
"I've never seen her so angry at me before."
"That happens when you offer her out at the roll of a die." Fuck, I shouldn't have said
that. Alec glared in my direction before limping off through the crowd. He needed help
with his anger problem.
"What was all that about?" Emmett asked, taking a seat next to me. "Do I detect a
problem in the ranks?"
"Alec is still pissed about the stunt he pulled the other week."
"You're stronger than him and Aro knows it." I turned, rolling my eyes at Emmett. I
knew Emmett and Jasper were on my side, just as Felix and Demetri were on Alec's, but
I would never step over Alec. I never wanted to be number one ever. Why would I
need to be? I had everything I needed already.
"I'm slightly older than Alec. He still has a few things to learn."
"A few?" Jasper sniggered, joining us.
"He's Aro's son," I pointed out.
"That doesn't give him the right to think he's better than all of us," Emmett commented.
I was going to reply, but something in the distance caught my eye. Isabella seemed to
be having trouble on her podium. What was it with these fucking men? The girls were
not to be touched!
"Edward, where the fuck are you going?" I could hear Emmett and Jasper call me, but I
was already making my way through the crowd, so I didn't turn back to explain myself. I
knew they'd follow me anyway; I only ever walked off when there was trouble.
I pushed past the last two guys violently when I saw Isabella being grabbed by at least
five intoxicated dickheads.
"Get your fucking hands off her!" I roared, punching and head-butting as many as I
could to reach Isabella. "Where the fuck is security?" I yelled as Emmett and Jasper
reached my side, helping me with all the fuckers in my way. Isabella was shaking when I
reached her. I needed to get her out of this room. I didn't even think; I scoop her up in
my arms, fucking bodyguard style, and carried her to the girl's dressing rooms in the
back. She clung to me with her head on my chest. My hands were touching her bare legs
since she wasn't really wearing much, and I fought back a moan. Now was not the time
to be getting turned on. The poor girl had almost been mauled by five assholes tonight.
"It's okay, Isabella," I soothed, kicking the side door open. "I've got you. You're safe."
Still, she didn't say anything.
"What happened?" Jane asked as she caught sight of us. Jane was my regular fuck. She
had one hell of a mouth when it was wrapped around my cock, but damn, was the girl
"Can you get Isabella a drink? Some fuckers tried to grab her onstage; and find Alec.
That fucker should have been watching. I can't do fucking everything while he is
healing," I bellowed. Jane scurried off.
I sat Isabella down on the sofa in her dressing room. "Hey," I cooed, lifting her chin up
so I could look into her eyes. "Do I have to treat you for shock? Or perhaps I should give
you mouth to mouth." She smiled up at me then. "There's my girl." I grinned, moving
my hand away from her face.
"Thank you, Edward," she whispered. "That's not the first time you've come to my
rescue." Didn't I know it? I always came to her rescue. I was such a pussy. Alec was
always too busy playing gangster to see how dangerous it got for a woman with
Isabella's beauty in here.
"You need to speak to Alec. You need more security when the club is this busy."
"I'll speak to him," she replied as Jane rushed in with a bottle of vodka.
"It's okay, Bells," Jane stressed, pushing me out the way. Jane never did like Isabella
and I being too close. Like I said, Jane was a little clingy when it came to me because
she was my regular fuck. I think she thought she had some sort of claim on me. Fucking
"I'm alright, Jane. Stop fussing," Isabella moaned, pushing her friend away but taking
the vodka bottle first. "You should go out on stage; Vicky will need you. It's crazy out
there tonight." Jane looked torn.
"Just go, Jane," I commanded. With one longing look in my direction, Jane was gone.
"You can go, too, Edward. I'm fine," Isabella murmured as I turned to look at her. "I'll
have an hour to get my head together before I head back out onstage."
"You should go home."
"No, really, it's nothing. I just freaked out when I realized some guys had gotten onto
the stage."
"You're an amazingly brave young woman."
Isabella laughed to herself before speaking. "I must be to have agreed to sleep with you.
Jane talks about you all the time." Now I was intrigued.
"Does she now? And what does she say?"
"I'm not going to stroke your ego. Wellnot tonight, anyway." Sweet fuck, would Sunday
come already!?
"I can see I'll have to keep an eye on you," I chuckled, standing up. She'd stopped
trembling now, and I was sure Alec would arrive at any second, limping in and acting the
hero. My job was done.
"Edward?" I turned, watching her wide, chocolate brown eyes searching deep into mine.
"On Sunday can I ask you a favor?"
"Of course."
"Will you call me Bella the entire time?" I had no idea what that meant, but I wasn't
given a chance to find out as Alec limped in, taking the beautiful Isabella home with him.
I guess that explanation would have to wait until Sunday.
"Something is definitely going on," Emmett mused, looking around my apartment. "Are
those fresh flowers?"
"Get out of my fucking bedroom, Em!" I stressed.
"Are you trying to impress a girl?"
"Can you just leave?" I bellowed. It was already almost six. Isabella would be here in an
hour, and I still needed to shower.
"It is a girl!" Emmett snorted. "Fucking hell! You putting roses and shit in your room,
who is she?"
"Please just fuck off," I muttered, starting to push him out my door.
"Make sure you wash your balls, Eddie," Emmett yelled down the street. An old woman
with her dog looked at him with alarm. "Good evening, Madame," he gestured towards
her; she said nothing back.
"Just fuck off, Emmett. I don't want to see your face around here until tomorrow night."
"Not into a threesome, then?" he teased, finally turning to leave.
I had my shower, paying careful attention to my balls. Fucking Emmett; he was making
me paranoid. I'd never had confidence issues before, but I needed Isabella to want me
as much as I wanted her. After all, this was my only chance to be with her. I changed
into my usual black suit pants and white shirt. I didn't see the point of putting anything
else on; I wouldn't be wearing it for long. I styled my hair into the usual disarray, and
made the final finishing touches in my apartment just before my doorbell rang. Isabella
was right on time.
I opened the door, my mouth going dry as I took in the beauty in front of me. Her hair
was down and wild, her body wrapped up in a long purple coat, but fuck me, she had my
favorite silver stilettos on. I would be asking her to keep those on for a while later.
"Hi, Edward," Isabella smiled, tilting her head. "Are you going to let me in?" Shit; yeah, I
needed to stop ogling her.
"Of course," I mumbled, stepping back to let her in.
"So this is your place?" Isabella muttered, looking around as she slowly began to undo
each button on her coat. My eyes were mesmerized, watching her hands. Fuck, would it
be too much to fuck her in my hallway before she had even taken her coat off?
"Yes," I managed to breathe out.
"Do I get the grand tour?" she smirked, slipping her coat off her body. Sweet mother of
fuck, she was in a tight, deep purple dress, her cleavage almost bursting out of the top.
Her legs long, and I fucking hoped those were stockings she was wearing. I needed to
get my shit together.
"Let me take your coat," I murmured, standing close to her. As Isabella handed me her
coat, our hands brushed and we both groaned a little. "Did you want a drink?" I asked
her as she followed me into the kitchen.
"Do you have any vodka?" I turned to smile at her, picking up the vodka bottle. I knew
what my girl liked to drink. "You seem very prepared."
"That's me," I grinned, pouring us both a shot of vodka once I had hung her coat up.
"Are you hungry? I can order out."
"I've eaten. I didn't think you would be wining and dining me." How could she think so
little of herself?
"I'll wine and dine you first if that's what you want, Isabella," I whispered, turning to
look her in the eyes. "You deserve it: a beauty like you."
"Please call me Bella tonight, Edward." Oh shit, yeah! I'd forgotten about that. "And you
don't have to carry on with all the romance. I know what this about. I've seen it all
"I have no idea what you're talking about, Bella."
"Thisit's a territorial thing. I'm with Alec. You want to be in his place. By fucking me,
you think you'll have the upper hand."
"That's what you think tonight is about?" I chuckled, pouring us another shot of vodka.
"It isn't?" Isabella no, Bella raised her eyebrow at me.
"Not at all," I muttered, my eyes roaming her body. Why were we wasting time with all
this talking? "Let me show you around," I replied, taking her hand in mine.
My apartment was quite large. I left my bedroom until last, knowing once we were in
there, I wouldn't be letting Isabella out until I was finished with her. I needed to try to
remembering to call her Bella tonight. Why, I had no fucking clue, but I'd do it for her.
"Do you play?" Bella asked, gesturing at my grand piano as we made our way to my
"Not so much now, but I used to," I commented, pulling her towards my bedroom door.
"This is my bedroom."
"The main event," Bella replied playfully.
"I fucking hope so," I moaned, licking my lips as I looked at her breasts. They really did
look incredible tonight. It made me wonder what she was wearing underneath to get
that effect.
"Are we going in then?" Fuck, I was standing there like a fucking idiot, eyeing her chest.
"After you," I grinned, pushing my door open.
"My, you really have gone hard-core with the romance," Bella giggled, wandering around
the room. My bedroom was full of vases of red roses and candles. Not to mention the
soft Motown music playing in the background. Motown was my preferred chill-out music.
You couldn't beat Percy Sledge or Otis Redding in my book when you were romancing a
lady. I walked over to the candles, lighting them while Isabella watched me.
"How do you want to do this then?" I asked, once all the candles were lit.
"That's up to you, Edward. I'm yours for the night. What do you want to do?" Fuck, my
dick was starting to throb already.
"I want to sit in this chair while I watch you take that fucking dress off," I blurted out.
Isabella smirked, stalking towards me like a sexy vixen.
"Well," she smoldered, pressing her hands against my chest to force me down into my
chair. "You're lucky; what Edward wants, Edward gets tonight." Fuck, I was one lucky
son of a bitch. Isabella stepped away, turning so her back was to me. "Can you turn the
music up? I strip better to music." I reached for my remote control, knowing the exact
song that I wanted to watch her strip to. "My Girl by The Temptations," Isabella giggled,
slowly undoing her dress. "Interesting choice of song, Edward." I didn't give a fuck.
Isabella Swan was my girl tonight.
I watched in awe as the purple dress slowly began to fall down her body while Isabella
swayed to the beat of the music. Fuck, she was in a tight black bodice. No wonder her
cleavage looked amazing. My breath was coming in pants as she began to roll the dress
down her waist. Christ, her curves were making me want to fall down to the ground in
worship. I groaned, taking in her small black thong and stockings as her dress hit the
ground. Isabella's back was still to me, and her cute, fuckable ass was on full display.
"Sweet mother fucking hell. You really are one piece of hot ass, Isabella," I groaned,
rubbing myself over my pants.
"It's Bella," she chuckled, leaning down to start to undo her shoes. I was momentarily
lost in the perfection of her ass before I spoke.
"Leave the shoes on," I groaned. Shit, I was so hard already. Isabella turned to look at
me through her incredibly long legs. How was I going to hold my shit together? Fuck,
those legs and that ass!
"I take it you like my shoes?" she purred, turning to face me.
"There is a lot I like about you," I replied, still rubbing myself. This goddess was almost
naked in my bedroom, and within the hour I would be slamming into her hard.
"Really?" Isabella replied seductively as she began to stalk towards me. "Like what?" she
asked, standing right in front of me. I was drawn to the curves of her stomach and her
see-through, lace panties. Sweet fuck, her pussy was right in front of me. It wouldn't
take much to grab her ass, pull those little panties down, and fucking dive my tongue in
until she was screaming my name.
I controlled myself with those thoughts, and instead, slowly traced my fingertips down
her stomach towards her belly button. A small groan escaped her lips at my first touch.
Christ, her skin was so soft and smooth.
"I love your curves," I whispered, tracing my fingertips down her hips. "I love the feel of
your skin." I was breathing quite heavily as my hands moved to cup her perfect ass. "I
am a huge fan of this." She giggled as I pulled her closer to me, gripping her butt firmly
so my lips finally made contact with her arousing skin. I skimmed her belly button with
my lips, moving to pull lightly on the elastic of her panties.
"OhEdward," Isabella groaned, her hands falling into my hair and tugging it.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to be able to do this to you, Isabella," I
whispered against her panties.
"Bella; fuckcall me Bella," she begged as I ran my nose against her sex, over her
panties. She smelled amazing, and my mouth was aching to taste her.
"Bella," I chuckled, earning another groan from her as my breath blew across her
"You're still clothed," Bella moaned, clutching my shoulders just as I was about to part
her panties and taste her for the first time. My lips were tingling just thinking about it.
"That hardly seems fair. You see most of my body every night at the club, but I have yet
to see yours."
"Are you trying to get me naked?"
"I thought that was the point," Bella giggled. "Stand up. I want to undress you." I stood,
my hands finding a home on her hips. I wasn't sure why, but a part of me didn't want to
rush this part. I wanted to explore her before I fucked her. Sometimes the anticipation
was better than the main event. Then again, somehow I knew it wouldn't be that way
with Isabella.
I looked down at my goddess. She was such a tiny thing in my arms. I towered over her,
but she seemed so sure and strong as she began to undo my shirt buttons. Once she'd
opened my shirt, she ran her tiny hands up my chest and I shuddered at her touch.
"You have an amazing body," Bella mused, pulling the shirt off my back. "I knew you
"You don't have to pretend," I smiled sadly. I knew Isabella had never been interested in
me. I'd spent two years trying to make her see me.
"I'm not," she smirked, going for my slacks. Fuck, yes! Now we were getting
somewhere. "I've always wanted you, Edward." I laughed; why was she doing this? She
didn't have to pretend with me. I knew this was just one night of hard fucking. "Surely
you know that." I looked at the surprise on her face. Fuck, was she for real?
"You're serious." I gasped. Fuck no; Isabella, you're taking this way too far. I can't know
you actually want me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
"Let me show you just how much I want you." She bit on her lip, removing my pants and
boxers in one go before pushing me back down onto the chair. I was paralyzed watching
her greedy eyes roam over my aroused, naked form. Then she licked her lips and knelt
in front of me. Shit, yeah, I knew what was coming next, so I braced myself.
I gripped the arms to my chair as I felt her hot mouth take me in. Christ, her mouth! It
was warm and so wet. Bella began to work me like a pro instantly, her tongue swirling
up and down my cock while her hands massaged my balls. Fuck, I wasn't going to last
long if she kept that up, and I was not prepared to have all my sexual frustration of the
last two years be wasted in her mouth.
"FuckShitBella," I groaned, throwing my head back. This girl knew how to suck cock.
I snarled as her teeth grazed down my length. I needed to stop this. I was on the verge
of spilling my load. "BellaBella" I was trying to pull out of her mouth, but she held me
there, sucking even harder. Fuck this. "Isabella, no!" I groaned, pushing her shoulders.
Bella looked up at me from the floor. Fuck me, she was pouting.
"Are you pouting?" The desire I had for her was filling me. I needed to fuck her, and
now. I couldn't wait.
"I wanted to show you how much I am attracted to you," she murmured. I held back a
groan. This woman was going to be the death of me. In one sudden movement, I picked
Isabella up off the floor, grabbing her ass firmly as I molded her to me.
"How about I show you how attracted I am to you first?" I smirked, watching the shock
of my actions register on her face. I didn't give her chance to respond; my lips were
firmly against hers before she could even get her next breath. We both groaned at the
contact, her legs wrapped tighter around me as our tongues began to explore each
other. She tasted like Vodka and strawberries. Was that her lip gloss?
I lay Bella on my bed, ripping the small black thong from her body. I searched her eyes,
and all I saw was longing. I pulled a condom from my bedside table and put it on.
"I'm going to fuck you," I groaned, lining myself up as Bella arched up towards me. I
slowly ran my fingers through her sweet folds to make sure she was ready for me. God,
she wanted this. She was so fucking wet. "I might be a little rough, Baby."
"I can take it. Fuck me, Edward. Just fuck me." Bella groaned as I slammed into her.
Motherfucking Christ, it felt like home as if her pussy was made just for me. I
withdrew and slammed in again. Oh, yeah, my girl liked that.
"Do you want it harder?" I snarled, slamming into her all the way.
"YesGod! Fuck, Edwardmore. I need more." I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled her
hips up at an angle and slammed in over and over again. Yes! This was what I had been
fucking waiting for. I let her have it all as I ground, slammed, and rolled into her. She
was becoming wetter and wetter with each thrust. I wished I'd taken her fucking bodice
off so I could get my hands on those incredible breasts of hers, but I'd do that next
after I'd given her the best hard fuck of her life. After a few minutes of thrusting, it still
wasn't enough; I needed to be deeper. Bella was mewling underneath me, and I fucking
loved her sounds. I flipped her around onto her stomach, knowing I could get deeper
that way.
"FUCKEdward!" Isabella dug her nails into my bedding as I slammed right into her from
"I've been dreaming of this position for years," I groaned. "Oh, fucking hell, Babyit
feels so good." Bella was moaning, her head buried in my comforter. "I want to hear
you, Baby. Don't hide it." Bella lifted her head, moaning loudly.
I now realized I could undo her bodice in this position. I continued slamming into her
while I pulled at the lace ties. In a matter of seconds, my girl would be naked beneath
I threw the last of her underwear onto the floor once she was free from the bodice, and
moved my hands to palm her breasts. She fit perfectly in my hands.
"UghEEd" Bella couldn't even speak as I twisted and pulled her nipples while I
pushed deep into her soaking sex. I was close, and I could feel her begin to tremble.
"Come on, Baby; give it up," I purred, moving one hand to her sex, running my fingers
over her clit to help her climax.
"Oh, God, EEdwEdward!" Bella yearned while I worked her release.
We both shuddered as I felt euphoria wash over me, and my girl began screaming my
name as her climax washed over her.
"OH, GODFUCKFUCKYESYES!" Bella fell apart beneath me.
"Fuck, Baby, yes!" I moaned as I emptied my seed.
I lay breathless on top of her for a short while, not pressing my weight into her; I knew I
would have crushed her. I just didn't want to move my cock. He was extremely happy
with himself. That fuck was 'the best' he'd ever had.
When I managed to pull myself out of her and place Isabella on her back, I was greeted
with the glorious sight of her breasts for the first time.
"Holy shit, you're so perfect." I snarled, my lips descending to her breasts.
"Oh God, please Edward," Bella groaned, pushing me back. "I need to breathe for a
second." I gazed at my girl. Her hair was wild around her face, her cheeks flushed.
Perspiration had gathered on her forehead.
"Baby, you looked well and truly fucked," I teased, stroking her cheek.
"Do you think?" she pointed out, her eyes widening. "Edward, that was"
"I know, Baby, I know." I smirked, leaning down to kiss her lips. Bella groaned, her arms
wrapping around my neck as we began a slow and sensual kiss. I took my time with this
kiss, taking each of her breaths deep inside me. My fingertips grazed over her skin as we
explored each other's mouths. Her hands roamed my body, and I chuckled against her
mouth as her tiny hands groped my ass.
"I never had you down as an ass girl," I smirked once our lips parted.
"There is a lot you don't know about me," Bella giggled beneath me.
"I'm starting to realize that."
"Is this about territory, Edward? You can tell me. I don't mind," she asked, looking up at
me curiously.
"I only ever wanted you," I whispered, running my hands through her wild, dark brown
hair. "I'm not interested in being top dog, Isabella. You have to believe me."
"Bella," she smiled, running her fingertips across my jaw. "Please call me Bella tonight."
"I don't want to pretend tonight. I've been doing that for two years."
"Don't you think this is getting a little too sentimental?" I teased, running my hand in
between her legs. "This is just sex, Baby."
"Why do you always watch out for me in the club?" Bella asked, her eyes rolling to the
back of her head when my fingers met her wet entrance.
"Alec asked me to," I lied. This was just one night. I couldn't let it go too far or risk
falling for this girl. It was just sex!
"He did?"
"You don't think he'd want you safe?"
"Edward, look at us. This is happening because Alec bet on me at the roll of a die. Is that
Alec's way of keeping me safe?"
"He loves you; it wasn't his idea. Aro tricked him. He knew how much I wanted this." I
groaned, thrusting my fingers deeper inside her. Fuck, how I wanted this. Bella moaned,
arching up to me. I took it as an invitation to suckle on her nipples, lavishing them until
she was panting under me. "As much as I love talking to you, Baby, the night is closing
in on us, and I have so many positions I want to fuck you in before I let you sleep," I
cooed, chuckling as I noticed Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' come over my speakers. I
had always wanted to fuck slowly to that song.
"This is your night, Edward," Bella giggled, wriggling beneath me. "Just don't leave
marks. Alec will kill you." I sniggered, moving back to her breasts while my fingers
continued to bring her to the brink.
"Are you really saying I can do anything?" I mused as she began to shudder and clench
beneath me. I had worked out her body already.
"OhGodYesAnything!" Bella panted, thrashing against my fingers.
"Well, Baby," I chuckled, moving down to bite gently on her nipples. "I think it's going to
be a long night," I breathed, moving down towards her wet sex.
"Fuck" Bella jolted. "Edward." I ran my tongue against her wet folds, sucking on her
clit. "You're going to have to brace yourself, Bella. I haven't even really started with you
yet," I cooed in to her center while moving my hands to her ankles to remove her shoes.
Bella didn't answer. I think my girl had already succumbed to my powers by then.
I had no idea what time we eventually fell asleep, but it was definitely the early hours of
the morning. I'd fucked Bella in every position possible. All my dirty fantasies had come
true last night. I couldn't even pick a favorite part of her body. I loved it all. Well,
perhaps her pussy had to be number one. The way my girl screamed when I fucked that
tight pussy of hers. Fuck, I knew it would take months to get this night out of my head. I
might even have to take more than one girl home with me from the nightclub, just to try
and forget how amazingly fuckable Bella was.
She was fast asleep by my side, her wild hair over her face while she slept on her
stomach. Would I get one more round in the morning? I hoped so. I wasn't quite ready
to give her up yet, but was that part of the deal? Alec had said one night; that didn't
sound as if the morning was included, and I had no idea what time his car would pick her
up tomorrow.
I scooted a little closer; fuck me, she was beautiful. Alec was the luckiest man alive to
have this creature on his arm. I moved the hair from her face, wrapping my arm around
her waist to pull her into me. Bella mumbled a little, but didn't wake as she moved her
arm to rest on my chest. The smell of her sweet scent soon had me falling into slumber.
I awoke with big brown eyes watching me.
"Hi," I yawned, stretching. Bella was sitting on the edge of my bed. Fuck me; was she
wearing my shirt from last night?
"Good morning," Bella smiled. "I made breakfast."
"You did?" I asked, sitting up. Shit, yeah it was my shirt. I should ask for it back and
make her eat breakfast naked. Fuck, I would rather have her for breakfast.
"If you're anything like Alec, I expect you skip the most important meal of the day."
"I'm not usually up in time for breakfast," I replied, getting out of bed and pulling my
sweats on. Bella smiled warmly before following me into the kitchen. It was a spread fit
for a king. Pancakes, bacon, eggs and fresh coffee. I had no idea I had all of this stuff in
my kitchen.
"You shouldn't have gone to all this trouble," I muttered in awe.
"I wanted to thank you. Edward, last night wasamazing." Bella blushed, playing with
her hands. I'd never seen her so unsure of herself before. I crossed the room, pulling her
into my arms.
"You will always be my perfect woman, Bella. Everyone I meet after you I'll always be
comparing them to you, and I know they'll never come close."
"You can't say things like that to me, Edward." Bella smiled sadly. "We both know what
will happen if we get carried away."
"What time is Alec's car collecting you?" I asked, brushing her hair away from her face. I
knew Bella was right, but I just needed her to know how fucking special she was. Bella
tilted her face into my hands.
"In a few hours," Bella whispered, looking deep into my eyes.
"I guess we should eat breakfast then," I smiled, moving away. "I take it you'd like to
shower before you go?" Bella nodded as I pulled a chair out for her and poured us both a
We tucked into the breakfast, and shit, I was hungry.
"Slow down; you'll get indigestion," Bella giggled, taking a bite of her pancake.
"I must have worked up an appetite last night," I smirked.
"I'm not surprised. You're like a machine. Where do you find the energy?"
"I didn't hear you complaining; you did a lot of screaming, but no complaining."
"I'm definitely not complaining," Bella smiled. "I was hoping we'd have time for one
more round before I go." I dropped my fork. Fuck yes. I'd get on with that right now;
screw the breakfast. "I understand if you're tired. I was just"
I pushed my plate away. I had almost finished anyway. "Stand up, Bella," I smoldered,
moving over to the side of my table that wasn't set for breakfast. I was going to finish
my breakfast, but Bella was going to be it. Bella stood, and I couldn't mistake the desire
in her eyes. Oh, my girl wanted this bad. When I reached her, I lifted her up onto the
table and took the seat in front of her, pushing her back against the wood. Fuck, she had
no panties on I realized as I pulled her towards my face, moving my shirt up her body.
"I'm going to fuck you with my tongue right here, Bella," I cooed, running my fingers
into her already slick folds. All Bella could do was groan. "Then I'm going to have you in
my bed one last time, and rip my fucking shirt from your body." That had her
whimpering and thrashing before my tongue had even made contact with her sex. "I'm
going to miss this, Baby, and I've only had you for one night," I moaned, slowly starting
to lick up and down her folds.
"OhdeeperUse your fingers, EdEdward," Bella begged.
"No, BabyI'm taking my time with this. I need to savor you," I teased against her
center. She was so wet. I lapped up everything and kept her on the edge for half an
hour before I let her fall down around me.
"You're such a fucking tease," Bella glared as I pulled her up into my arms to carry her
back to my bed.
"I'm savoring you. I did tell you that." I grinned, setting her on her feet once we were
back in my bedroom. Now was the time to rip that shirt from her body. I had what, forty
minutes left with her at the most? I could do a lot in that time.
"What about me savoring you?" Bella mused, running her hands down my bare chest
and running her fingertips across the top of my sweats. "You didn't let me lead once last
"I didn't think"
"Let me lead, please, Edward?" Bella purred, pushing me down onto my bed. My dick
stood at attention the moment I hit my mattress. My goddess slowly began to undo each
of the buttons on her shirt as she moved to straddle me. It was too fucking slow.
"Just let me do one thing," I said, sitting up. Bella looked confused until I ripped her
shirt open in one swift movement, the buttons flying in every direction. "That's better," I
smirked, leaning back down.
"This was your shirt, Edward." Bella rolled her eyes at me as she peeled out of the
remaining shirt.
"I know; I have others, and it was worth it." I grinned, gazing over her now naked body
as her tiny hands worked on pulling my sweats off.
"You don't think Alec will be pissed at us for doing this now? I mean, the deal was one
night," I asked in concern, hissing as her hands stroked my cock.
"I couldn't give a fuck about Alec right now. He said I could do whatever I wanted with
you until the car picked me up."
"Fuck, Bella," I groaned as she positioned her soaking heat over my cock. "What about
the condom?" I panted. She leaned over, picking up a condom. I had the joy of her
breasts near my face and couldn't resist a lick.
"Right now, I want to show you you're not the only one who can fuck hard," she purred,
rolling the condom down my length. Fuck, even that felt good. "Are you ready for me,
Edward?" She smiled wickedly, slowly easing herself onto me.
"Holy fuck," I tensed with pleasure. "I was born ready." She licked her lips, leaning down
to pull on my bottom lip before bracing herself on my chest as she began to fuck me
Shit, my girl could fuck. I held onto her hips, loving watching her breasts bounce up and
down as she rode me. I should have let her do this last night; it was pure ecstasy, and it
didn't take long for me to spill my load. Bella hadn't even reached her climax before I
snarled below her.
"Jesus, Bella," I panted.
"Told you I could fuck hard, too," she giggled, sliding off me and looking at her watch. "I
really need to think about getting ready. The car will be here in an hour." Did I see
disappointment in her eyes? I'd never been good at reading her. I thought she'd never
been interested in me. How wrong was I?
"Why have you been acting as if I hardly existed these last few years, Bella?" I asked as
she wandered around my room collecting her things. I really had thrown her clothes
everywhere last night. I was such an animal.
"It was easier," she sighed, not looking at me.
"Easier?" I replied confused.
"I've always been attracted to you, Edward. Just imagine what could have happened if
I'd acted on that. We're lucky we were given this one night. It has been truly amazing." I
was still lying on my bed, exhausted, but I was determined to fuck her one last time.
"You were doing that to keep away from me?" Fuck, this wasn't good. Should I really be
encouraging her to talk about this? I couldn't stop, though; I needed to know.
"I needed to, Edward. We would have been killed if we did any of this behind Alec's
"I'd never"
"I know you'd never cross Alec that way, too, Edward," Bella smiled, interrupting me. "I
just wanted to make it easier for both of us."
"And you think it's going to be easier now?" I raised my eyebrow, sitting up. Bella
walked back over to the bed, perching on the edge.
"It was just sex with someone I'm attracted to," she laughed. "Don't be so dramatic." I
smiled, pulling her back onto the bed. "I have to get ready," she giggled as I climbed on
top of her, nipping at her neck and massaging her chest.
"It's just sex with someone you're attracted to, Bella," I smoldered, moving my fingers
into her pussy. "Plus, you didn't climax before."
"And you're going to help with that, are you?"
"Indeed I am," I grinned, thrusting into her. We both moaned. I wasn't sure if it was
because we knew this would be our last fuck, or if we were just extremely horny, but we
got lost in that moment, holding tightly to each other while we kissed passionately as
our bodies became lost in the frenzy until we were both yelling each other's names in
We caught our breaths, the sweat dripping off our bodies as we gazed into each other's
eyes. Something silent was being said between us, but I was too fucking scared to listen.
"I better have that shower," Bella finally spoke, looking at my clock. Shit, we only had
twenty minutes. Where had the time gone? I nodded, pulling out of her. I think my dick
actually whimpered.
"There are towels in the bathroom," I called as Bella went to get ready.
I pulled my sweats back on and went to clear the rest of the breakfast dishes while Bella
got ready.
She came out fifteen minutes later, wearing skinny jeans and a tight black sweater. She
still looked incredible. She'd tied her hair into a high ponytail, and fuck, I was already
imagining pulling that while I fucked her from behind. Yeah, I was going to have to do a
lot of fucking to get over this night.
"Well," Bella smiled nervously, placing her bag down. "Thanks for a great night."
"It's me who should be thanking you," I smirked, walking over to pull her into my arms.
I still had five minutes left. "You didn't have to agree to this, and I hope you don't feel as
if you've been used."
"I felt cherished in a lot of ways," Bella smiled, looking up at me. "It's been a while since
I've felt like that."
"Alec adores you."
"He adores what everyone else wants."
"He loves you, Bella," I muttered, stroking her face. "You must see that."
"He's doesn't," she smiled sadly. I was going to speak but she continued on. "He loves,
Isabella. He doesn't know Bella." Was she trying to say I did? I was reading into this way
too much. Before I could answer her, Bella leaned up, grabbing my neck and pulling my
lips to hers. I took the kiss gladly. Damn, this was probably the last contact I would ever
have with her. Our tongues clashed, our hands devoured, clinging, squeezing and
stroking. We were still kissing passionately when my doorbell rang.
Our lips parted even though it seemed that neither of us wanted to separate.
"Goodbye, Bella." I whispered against her lips.
"I'll see you at the club," she murmured, her tiny hands gripping my hair one last time.
"I hope you'll still watch out for me. I always feel safer when you're there."
"I'll always be watching out for you." I smiled, kissing her forehead. "And that's not just
because Alec tells me to." Bella smiled at that.
I helped her with her bag as we made our way to my front door. I knew Alec wouldn't
pick Bella up himself; I noticed he had sent a private taxi as I opened the door.
"Thanks for last night, Edward," Bella smirked, kissing my cheek.
"You're most welcome, Isabella," I called as she made her way to the car. She turned to
look at me, knowing what I meant. This was where it had to end. No repercussions. We'd
had our wild night. That was more than I could have ever hoped for.
"I'll see you around the club." Isabella smiled before getting into the car.
"You will indeed," I replied, stretching to get a cigarette.
"Do you have a spare?" Isabella called from the car window. I rolled my eyes. Isabella
was back. She was always asking for a cigarette or a light. I walked down in just my
sweats, offering a cigarette and then lighting it once it was in her derisible lips.
"Some things never change," I chuckled.
"Nothing has changed, Edward," Isabella pointed out, and she was completely right.
We'd fucked for a night; that's where it ended.
"You're as right as ever," I commented.
"I usually am," Isabella teased, starting to roll her window up. "Goodbye, Edward."
"Goodbye, Isabella," I muttered just before the car pulled away.
It sped into the traffic, and with that, my one wild night was over, but fuck me, what a
night it had been with my goddess Isabella or should I say, my Bella?
Chapter 1
Edward's mood music: 'These Arms of Mine' by Otis Reading, because once
you've had a taste of paradise, it's almost impossible to go back.
"Thanks for last night, Edward," Bella smirked, kissing my cheek.
"You're most welcome, Isabella," I called as she made her way to the car. She turned to
look at me, knowing what I meant. This was where it had to end. No repercussions. We'd
had our wild night. That was more than I could have ever hoped for.
"I'll see you around the club." Isabella smiled before getting into the car.
"You will indeed," I replied, stretching to get a cigarette.
"Do you have a spare?" Isabella called from the car window. I rolled my eyes. Isabella
was back. She was always asking for a cigarette or a light. I walked down in just my
sweats, offering a cigarette and then lighting it once it was in her derisible lips.
"Some thing's never change," I chuckled.
"Nothing has changed, Edward," Isabella pointed out, and she was completely right.
We'd fucked for a night; that's where it ended.
"You're as right as ever," I commented.
"I usually am," Isabella teased, starting to roll her window up. "Goodbye, Edward."
"Goodbye, Isabella," I muttered just before the car pulled away.
It sped into the traffic, and with that, my one wild night was over, but fuck me, what a
night it had been with my goddess Isabella or should I say, my Bella?
"What is with you today?" Jasper asked as we made our way to Aro's mansion.
"I had a long night," I smirked. Why did I even sleep last night? I could have fucked
Isabella at least another three times if I hadn't. I groaned internally at the thought; it
was too late now. My wild night was over.
"I have never seen you this hyped up before," Jasper mused, removing his sunglasses as
we pulled in to the large Volturi estate. Didn't I know it? Isabella had some kind of power
over me. I could still taste her on my tongue. I had even rolled around in my sheets
once she'd left this morning, jerking off to the memories of last night. If that made me a
pervert, then fuck it!
"I had some top class pussy last night," I muttered, noticing Alec was already outside
the mansion waiting for me.
"It was a female that made you this hyper?" Jasper replied in shock, bringing the car to
a stop. Alec walked towards the car window with his arms folded. The motherfucker was
shooting daggers at me.
"I need to speak to you, Cullen in private," Alec spat, expecting me to follow him as
he walked away.
"I have business with your father first, Alec," I called, ignoring his hissy fit.
"Like fuck you do. You will see me, now!"
"Keep your panties on, Alec," Jasper teased, smirking at me. "Aro told me to get
Edward. Something important has come up."
"Why wasn't I told?" Alec yelled, storming into the house. "Why I am always the last to
fucking know in this house!?"
"Probably because you are too busy throwing your toys out of your stroller," I murmured
so only Jasper could hear me.
I followed Jasper down the hallway, gazing up at the grand stair case and wondering if
Isabella was here or at her own apartment. I needed to stop being such a fucking pussy
and let her go.
"Why am I never told anything?" I could hear Alec arguing with his father before I could
see them.
"Alec, you don't need to know every single detail. That is my job. Are you acting this
way because of Isabella's whereabouts last night?" Aro snarled back just as I met his
gaze. "Oh, Edward, you're here. That was quick."
"You know I hate to keep you waiting, Aro," I smirked, darting my eyes to Alec. Yeah,
fucker, I had your girl last night and she loved every single second of it.
Aro smiled before gesturing for me to sit down. "Thank you, Jasper, that will be all," Aro
called. Jasper nodded, looking at me with a grin. I think he might have worked out who I
was with last night. I hope he doesn't say anything to 'big mouth' Emmett.
"Now, boys, do we need to get anything out in the open before we begin the tasks for
the day?" Aro asked as soon as his office door was closed.
"You fucked her, didn't you?" Alec snarled.
"I thought that was the point," I responded smugly. Alec flew for me, but I was quicker.
I grabbed his arm, pinning his face to the carpet. "Yes, I fucked her!" I growled in his
ear, "And no, I won't ever touch her again. You have my word, so chill the fuck out!" I
yelled, letting him go.
"You fucked heryou really fucked her," Alec moaned into the carpet.
"You didn't think I would?" I replied.
"You're supposed to be like a brother to me. How could do that? I love her!"
"You love her because everyone wants her!" I snarled. "If you truly loved her, you
wouldn't fuck every stripper who comes to the club!"
"I can't believe you've caused this wedge between Isabella and me. She won't even talk
to me, you motherfucker!"
"That was the deal for Edward saving your life, Alec," Aro added, shaking his head at his
son. I could see the disappointment in his eyes yet again. "You need to move on.
Isabella will come around. It's good to have a woman with some fighting spirit in our
profession. Edward has given his word. He won't touch Isabella again."
"Too fucking right he won't," Alec seethed, looking at me, "because I will kill the
motherfucker if he so much as looks at her in the wrong way!"
"You're throwing death threats at me, after what I have done for you!?" I roared.
"Boys," Aro stressed, waving his hands in the air. "We can't conduct a business with my
two boys arguing."
Alec turned his ice cold stare on Aro. "I'm your boy, Father. Edward is a piece of crap
you found on the streets."
"A piece of crap that has saved your life countless times," I commented with a sigh as I
poured Aro and me a whiskey. Alec would calm down after his little hissy fit was over. I
had heard this all so many times before.
"You only wanted to fuck Isabella to piss me off."
"No, I've wanted to fuck Isabella from the moment I saw her, and you know that. I
made it very obvious the night she first started at Breaking Dawn."
"Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because I don't want you anywhere near her from this
moment on. You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend!"
"Alec," Aro inhaled. "I think we have bigger things to worry about than Isabella at this
point in time."
"What's gone down, Boss?" I asked, pouring him another drink when he downed his first
in one gulp.
"Thank you, Edward." Aro smiled, going to sit behind his desk. "I think someone may be
trying to interfere with our drug shipments. I need one of you boys to go down to Brazil
and smooth things over with our main source."
"I'll do it," I replied. I knew this was what Aro wanted. It would also give Alec some time
to cool off.
"Are you sure?" Aro asked.
"I'll take Jasper and Emmett with me. Jasper could do with getting a tan. He's looking a
little pale lately."
"Oh, Edward," Aro chuckled, getting up from behind his desk to pat me on the back.
"You and your humour never cease to make me smile."
"How long will he be gone?" Alec sulked. "Have you forgotten I am still nursing a bullet
to the leg?"
"Which was your own fault," Aro glared. "I think Edward has held your end of things for
long enough. He deserves a break."
"A break!" Alec laughed in disbelief. "After what he did to my girlfriend last night, I
"ALEC!" With both jumped at the thunder in Aro's voice. "No more talk of Isabella and
Edward in this office. Do I make myself clear?" The tone of his voice was threatening.
This was Aro in boss mode.
"Yes, Father," Alec muttered, slumping back down onto his chair.
"I need you to make sure our source has no other contacts in Chicago, Edward. I'm not
prepared to share my shipment."
"Do you suspect that Diego might be selling to another dealer?" I asked, running my
fingertips over the top of my whiskey glass.
"I doubt it. Diego is very loyal to our family; I have history with his father, but if he has
been offered more money, we can't rule it out."
"When do you want me to leave?"
"Tonight, if that's possible." I had no other engagements, and the way my body was
humming just thinking about Isabella, I knew some separation until I saw her again
would be a good thing.
"Tonight it is then," I grinned, getting up. "I'll make the preparations and let you know
when the boys and I land." Alec went to leave with me when Aro called for him.
"Alec, can you sit back down? I need a private word with you." By the look on Aro's face,
Alec was about to get another tongue lashing. Why did Alec always act like such a
spoiled brat? Was he ever going to grow up? How could Aro hand Alec the business when
he acted like such a fucking prick?
Jasper was leaning up against the wall outside, finishing his cigarette as I wandered out
to him.
"We're going to Brazil," I muttered.
"Tonight. We need to call Emmett."
"I think he's dipping his dick," Jasper smirked, "like you were doing last night."
"I don't care where his fucking dick is. I need him here, now," I snarled.
"You fucked Isabella last night, didn't you?" Fucking Jasper; he was too intuitive for his
own good.
"Don't be a fucking idiot." I tried to laugh it off, taking a cigarette out of my jacket
"I know I'm right, but there's one thing that's confusing me." I turned to look at him as I
lit my cigarette with a match. "How did you fuck that pussy without getting your head
blown off?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about," I smirked.
"The fuck you don't," Jasper huffed. "You're going to spill everything when we're in
"Whatever," I sighed, watching Jasper pull his phone out to call Emmett.
It was clear while Jasper spoke to Emmett on the phone that he did have his dick in
"Tell him he has an hour before he has to meet us at the club," I scowled.
"Edward says you have an hour. He must be feeling generous because he got some top
class pussy last night." I hit Jasper on the head playfully before he hung up. "What the
fuck was that for?"
"Who's the Capo?" I asked, tilting my head. Even I could hardly believe the position I
had been handed by Aro. I wasn't Italian; Hell, I wasn't even family, but Aro trusted me
enough to run half of his organisation. Alec was of course the underboss, and that never
bothered me like I told Isabella last night. I didn't want the power. I was happy with
what I already had. I got to be involved in all the action, and that was what mattered to
"You're the Capo," Jasper confirmed.
"Then shut the fuck up, and I don't want a word about any of this getting back to
Emmett. Do you understand?" Jasper nodded, going back to his phone to book our
Once our flights had been booked, we headed to the club to collect some money for our
trip. Smoothing things over with our drug shipment contact always involved a little bribe.
"I tried to call you last night," Jane pouted, standing at my office door in a tight black
dress and red killer heels. The girls here would be the death of me, but only one would
always make me fall to the ground in worship.
"I was busy," I mumbled, checking the safe.
"Are you busy now?" I turned to look at Jane. She'd closed the office door and was
slowly starting to peel her dress down her body. I didn't have time for this shit today.
"Yes, Jane; put your fucking clothes back on and go and do some work," I stressed.
"You seem a little on edge, Baby. I could help you with that." Jane could suck cock like a
porn star, but I had no time for that today. Not to mention, Jane was trailer trash
compared to what I had last night. Isabella I closed my eyes for a brief second, trying
to store every detail of her perfect body in my mind. The way her body arched as I
pounded into her. Fuck, did she love it rough. I liked that about her.
"Edward," Jane was by my side, stroking my arm. "It will only take a few minutes." Fuck
it! I could spare a few minutes. I needed a release anyway; thinking about Isabella last
night had made my dick as hard as steel again.
"Are you offering to please me with that pretty mouth of yours again?" I smirked.
"If that's what you want." I undid my trousers and slumped back onto the chair, letting
my dick spring free.
"You need to make this quick," I added as Jane got on all fours.
"So romantic," Jane commented as she took me in her mouth. I closed my eyes, my
mind drifting back to last night. Isabella stripping in front of me, how it felt the first time
I thrust into her hot pussy. Bella's groans of pleasure as I pulled on her hardened nipples
while I continued with my relentless task of worshiping her. Fuck, her breasts were
perfect not too small, but not too big. I could have suckled on them for days. The feel
of my dick sliding in and out of her from behind while I pulled on her wild dark brown
hair. Fuck, her hair was so silky and smelled like strawberries.
I snarled, feeling my release coming. "Oh fuckyesBellayes!" I shouted, my head
snapping back as I exploded into her hot mouth.
"Did you just call me by another chick's name?" My eyes snapped open to Jane, who was
glaring at me.
"What would it matter if I did?" I commented, buttoning my pants back up. I was fucking
losing it. I'd just called Jane, Bella. I needed to get my shit together.
"You are a heartless son of a bitch, Edward Cullen," Jane sulked, getting up. "Who is this
Bella?" For once I was glad I had said Bella rather than Isabella. Jane knew I never
referred to Isabella as Bella, I just hoped she was too stupid to figure it out. "Is she the
one you were with last night?"
"Do I have to answer to you?" I stated. "You are just a damn stripper I fuck when I'm
horny. Now, get the fuck out of my office!" Jane scampered off, blubbering like a school
girl. Fucking women!
"Emmett is here," Jasper called as I walked back into the club. My eyes zoomed in on
the center of the stage. Fuck me! There Isabella was, grinding down the pole, making
every man in this club want her. I tried to look away, but my eyes were fixated on her
body. The curve of her hips, the shape of her fuckable ass. I'd fucked this girl in every
position imaginable last night, but that still wasn't enough. I wanted more. Fuck!
"Edward!" Jasper brought me out of my trance. "Come on; if you've done the deed with
Miss Isabella, I think some separation for a while will be a good thing."
"I have no idea what you're talking about." I brushed his comment off, trying to gain
some composure as I walked out of the club. I did notice that Isabella didn't look at me
once while she was on stage. But then, why should she? Isabella would have it all if Alec
was really planning to marry her. I was only worth a quick fuck; I couldn't offer her
anything else. None of it would ever stop me from wanting her, though, especially now
that I'd had her.
"Where are we headed, Boss?" Emmett asked, stretching out in the back seat as Jasper
"Brazil," I sighed, watching the club get smaller behind me. "We have some business to
smooth over."
"Brazil!" Emmett replied, exited. "Will I be able to work on my tan?"
"A tan," Jasper chuckled. "You are just thinking about all the Brazilian pussy." I had to
laugh at that. Maybe I needed to think about some Brazilian pussy, too.
"Just keep yourselves focused, boys. We have a job to do first, and then we can have
some fun," I added as the car sped onto the highway.
Chapter 2
Why did I feel like I left a piece of my soul behind when the car pulled away from the
curb? It was just one night. One night of the best sex I'd ever had. Edward Cullen
definitely knew how to fuck.
I knew he had a fuck-hot body; I'd been fantasizing about him for two years, after all.
Never in my wildest dreams though, did I ever think he could live up to my expectations,
and I would gladly admit to being wrong about that. Not only did he live up to every
single one of them, he eclipsed them.
On the drive back home, I got lost in my thoughts. Alec was a selfish lover. Everything
was always about pleasing him. I spent way more time on my knees sucking him off
than I did screaming his name in ecstasy as he fucked me. In fact, I had to fake my
orgasms more often than not so as not to give him a complex. Sweet, hot, fuckable
Edward, on the other hand, was all about giving me pleasure. His tonguehis
fingersMy God, how many times could that man make me cum?
It was just my luck that I would start to fall for someone I could never have. I was Alec
Volturi's girl, even if he had chosen to loan me out on a bet. Well, fuck him! For once, I
got something I wanted out of it. And as much as I wanted to stay with Edward, I knew
it wasn't a possibility. If he and I were to ever go behind Alec's back, we would both be
as good as dead. One thing I'd learned in my time with Alec is that you don't mess with
a mafia familyespecially the Volturi family.
I couldn't believe I had gotten myself in to this mess. I had gone from one shitty life to
another, and there was nothing I could do about it at this point. My mother died of
ovarian cancer when I was four, leaving me to be raised by my sperm donor, Charlie
Swan. To put it mildly, Charlie was an asshole.
He blamed me for my mom's death, and so he took his anger out on me any way he
could. I can't tell you how much time I spent in the hospital from broken bones or
concussions. Charlie always told the doctors that I was clumsy and could easily trip over
air, and no one ever questioned him. He was the Chief of Police of Forks, Washington,
the small town we lived in, so they had no reason to. When we would finally get home,
he'd tell me I was a waste of space and money, and that he couldn't wait to get rid of
For years, I put up with his abuse, biding my time for when I could get the hell out of
there. By the age of seventeen, I had managed to save up about three thousand dollars,
so I packed my bags one night and I ran as far from Forks as I could. I hitchhiked over
state lines in to Idaho, and worked out a plan from there. I would find a job in a diner,
settle in at a cheap motel, and stay for two or three months at a time. I wasn't sure
where I was going, I just knew that the more distance I put between me and Forks, the
Between the cash I earned in tips, and what I had with me when I left Washington, I
was able to make it two full years. At the age of nineteen, I had made it to Chicago,
Illinois and couldn't go any further. My money had finally run out. I lived in homeless
shelters for a while, but after about two months, I was able to get a job at a small diner,
and the owner agreed to pay me under the table. A month after that, I was able to rent
a room at a shabby, roach-infested motel. At least it was better than the shelters.
I was working the graveyard shift one night, and at about three in the morning, a group
of men dressed in tailored suits came in and sat at a booth. They were definitely out of
place in the run-down diner, but they didn't seem to even notice. They were talking
amongst themselves when I approached the table to get their orders.
That was the night I met Aro Volturi, the Boss in the Volturi family mafia. I didn't know it
at the time, so I treated him like any other customer. The men sat and talked for hours,
ordering only coffee and pie. Mr. Volturi kept his eye on me throughout the night, and I
didn't know what to think about it. If I was being honest, it sort of creeped me out. I was
wary when he signaled me for the check, but I printed it out and approached with a
smile on my face.
As he reached for his wallet, he grinned at me. "Ah, Miss Isabella, you are a lovely
woman. May I ask what has you working in a run-down whole-in-the-wall like this one?"
His face was friendly and his voice sounded genuinely curious, so I decided to tell him
the short version of my fucked-up life. "I was dealt a shit hand of cards. When I moved
to Chicago, it took me two months to find a place to work that would be okay with
paying me off the books. It's not ideal, but it puts a roof over my head."
His face instantly morphed with a wide grin and his eyes twinkled. "Then I have a
proposition for you, my dear. I run several Gentlemen's Clubs, and am always looking
for new dancers. I would pay you five-hundred a night to start, off the books of course,
and whatever tips you make would be yours to keep."
I was speechless for a moment, but finally took a deep breath and was able to collect my
thoughts. "You mean like a stripper?" I asked, slightly offended. I couldn't believe this
man thought I would be willing to take my clothes off for a bunch of strange men just to
make some cash. I was no virgin, but I had more fucking class than that.
"No, sweet Isabella, I don't mean like a stripper. Of course, you can do that if you
please, but it wouldn't be a requirement. Tell me, have you ever done any dancing?"
I thought back to high school and the year of dance that I took. It wasn't much, but it
was better than nothing, so I nodded as I explained. "I took a year of dance in school. I
wasn't the greatest, but I am a quick study."
Mr. Volturi chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure you are." He slipped his hand in to his suit pocket
and pulled out a business card to give me. "My number is on the card. Think about the
offer and give me a call. I think you would fit in well with the girls at Breaking Dawn. It
was a pleasure to meet you, Isabella. I hope to hear from you soon." With that, Aro
Volturi walked out of the diner with the other men following behind him.
It only took me one night to think about his offer. Honestly, working for $500 a night
plus tips would allow me to save up some money and finally be able to get the hell out of
there. I hadn't heard from my sperm donor since I left Forks, and I doubted he'd ever
even think to look for me in Chicago, but I still didn't want to take the chance.
Well, that was two years ago. I accepted Aro's offer, and that first day I walked in to
Breaking Dawn, I met Alec and Edward. I was instantly drawn to Edward, but he scared
me a little with how intense he was when he spoke to the men in the club. No one
seemed to question his authority, and when he gave an order, everyone was quick to
obey. His confidence was sexy and intimidating at the same time.
I was stupid one night, and against my better judgement, I let Alec take me home to
fuck me. He was drunk, and started rattling off about his family and the fact that they
were in the Mafia. I wanted to drop everything right then and run, but knew there was
no way I could. I was stuck, and there was nothing I could do about it. If I did run, I'm
sure they would have found me and killed me because I knew too much.
Alec and I started dating, and he was sweet at first. He would give me gifts and whisper
sweet nothings in my ear. He wined and dined me for about a month, and then asked
me to move in with him. He said he hated that I was living in such a shitty motel and
wanted to keep me safe. Things started to change once I made the move. He became
possessive, treating me more like I was his property rather than his girlfriend. He told
me he loved me, but I knew he didn't. He simply loved the idea of me. He loved being
able to brag to his friends that he was fucking the hottest dancer at Breaking Dawn, and
that I belonged to him. He loved pulling his weight around and threatening people who
even looked at me wrong.
No, he didn't love me. If he loved me, he wouldn't be fucking every goddamn pussy at
the club behind my back. The man must've thought I was blind to not have seen it. He
would come home at three or four in the morning, and I could smell it on him. I didn't
say anything because I knew it wouldn't do any good. If he loved me, he wouldn't have
ever agreed to the bet with Edward. Who does that to someone they love?
As the car pulled up to the house, my mind was made up. I would no longer let Alec
treat me like trash. I couldn't believe I'd let it go on as long as I had. I never thought I'd
let another man treat me so poorly after I ran away from home, but sadly, I had. It was
time to put my foot down and stand up for myself, consequences be damned. My night
with Edward showed me that I was better than that. That I should be cherished. I knew
it was just sex with him, but the way he looked at me - the way his eyes seemed to
penetrate my soul - made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
When the driver opened my door, I got out and walked inside. Alec was right there
waiting for me, and I had expected that. I knew he would be going crazy thinking about
my night with Edward. Well, he could stew on it for all I cared. I wasn't going to be
talking to him for a while.
"Hey, Baby," he said, immediately trying to pull me in to his arms. I pushed his hand
away and walked up the stairs without a word. I had showered before leaving Edward's
but I was far from relaxed, so I locked myself in the bathroom and started filling the tub.
An hour later, I emerged from the bathroom in my white robe, and saw Alec sitting on
our bed wringing his hands. His eyes met mine, and he looked remorseful. I almost felt
bad for him, but then I remembered it was his fault in the first place. I didn't say
anything to him. I simply walked to the dresser, pulled out an armful of clothes, and
then walked down the hall to the guest room. When I got there, I closed the door behind
me and locked it.
Within seconds, Alec was there, banging on the closed door. "Goddammit, Isabella! Open
this fucking door and talk to me. I'm sorry, okay? It will never happen again."
His words were my breaking point, and I found myself ripping the door open and getting
up right in his face. "Don't you fucking talk to me that way, Alec. This is your fault.
You're the one who bet me on the roll of a fucking die. Do I honestly mean that little to
you?" He tried to interrupt me but I kept talking. "Something like this is gonna take time
to get over. Until I do, I don't want to talk to you. I'll be moving my things into this
room and will be sleeping here for the time being. I don't want to hear shit about it,
either. You owe me at least that after what you did. Now go the hell away so I can get
ready for work. I have to be at the club in a little while."
It was a lie, but I knew he wouldn't check. I wasn't scheduled to go in, but I needed to
work off some of my pent up anger, and dancing had become a great outlet for me. I
dressed in a pair of white cut-offs and a black tank, applied my make up, brushed out
my hair, and then walked out the door. My gold hot pants, matching bikini top, and gold
stilettos were already in my locker in the dressing room, so I didn't have to worry about
those. I'd change once I got there.
Alec was downstairs pacing in the hallway, and looked up instantly when I descended the
stairs. I shook my head at him and walked out the front door without a word, waving
down his driver. The car pulled up and I scrambled in to the backseat. "Take me to the
club, please," I instructed the driver.
He looked at me in the rearview mirror, and then to Alec, who was standing in the
entryway of the mansion. His shoulders sagged, but he nodded his head slightly,
signaling his driver that it was okay to go. A moment later, the car pulled out onto the
street, and we were in traffic once more, on our way to Breaking Dawn.
When I got there, I walked straight back to the dressing room, praying Jane wasn't
there. I really couldn't stand that bitch, especially with the way she talked about fucking
Edward all the time. I was in luck; Angela and Jessica were the only ones in the room,
and I actually considered them to be friends.
"I thought you had the day off today. What are you doing here?" Jess asked when she
saw me.
I wanted to tell them about my night with Edward and that I was here to get away from
Alec, but I didn't dare do it here. Sure, we were the only ones in the room, but Aro
owned the club, and I knew he had ways of keeping track of his girls. I didn't want word
to get back to Alec about how incredible my night had been. "I just need to blow off
some steam. Think you guys can squeeze me in?"
"I'm supposed to go on in twenty minutes. You can take the slot if you want. I need to
make a phone call anyway," Angela said with a shrug of her shoulders.
"Thanks, Ang. You're the best. Let me get changed and then I'll let Garrett know. I feel
like dancing to some DefLeppard tonight, so he'll need to cue up the music." With that, I
turn to my locker and quickly change my clothes before walking out to the DJ's booth.
"Well if it isn't the ever popular Isabella. What can I do you for, doll'?" Garrett asked
when I walked up to him.
I couldn't help but smile. Garrett was one of the DJs who worked at the club. Out of all
of them, he was definitely my favorite because he was so easy going. "Hey, Gar. Ang
said I could take her next slot and I feel like dancing to some DefLeppard. Can you
queue up Pour Some Sugar On Me for me?"
"You got it, babe," he said with a grin before looking over my shoulder at something that
caught his eye. I turned to see Edward walking in the door and heading straight for his
office in the back. Fuck, he looked good! "Looks like something's going on," Garrett
commented, gesturing in the direction Edward headed off in. "He didn't acknowledge a
single person here, and that's not like him."
I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly, muttered a quick thank you, and then headed
back to the dressing room. My night with Edward was over. It was just sex. I needed to
forget about how incredible he made me feel and move on. If Alec knew how much I
wanted a repeat of it, he'd kill us both.
Ten minutes later, I headed backstage to wait for my turn. When the music ended and
the lights dimmed, I took my place by the pole, breathed in deeply, and then looked to
Garrett and nodded. The moment Joe Elliot's voice filtered through the speakers, I was
moving. I had picked up on using the pole quite easily, and couldn't imagine dancing
without it now.
I danced seamlessly to the beat, letting the music pump through my veins. About
halfway through the song, as I was grinding against the pole, I glanced up to see Edward
staring at me from across the club. The look in his eyes had me instantly wet, and I
wanted to jump off the stage and fuck him again right then. It wasn't possible, though,
so I kept dancing through the rest of the song. He and Jasper had walked out a minute
after I spotted him, and I suspected they were off on 'official business' for the family. I
just hoped it was nothing too dangerous, and if it was, that Edward would come back in
one piece.
Chapter 3
Edward's mood song: 'Trouble Man' by Marvin Gaye because that could be
Edward's middle name, and no matter how much shit he gets into, he still has
to keep moving on.
"The van is here," Emmett replied. I stretched, nodding. We'd arrived in Salvador, Brazil
a while ago, and had been waiting over an hour for one of Diego's men to pick us up. It
was lucky I had been able to change into some khaki shorts and a t-shirt, otherwise I
might have been forced to punch someone hard. I fucking hated the heat. I was
irritable most of the time, but humid heat pissed me off without warning.
"How many men did Diego send?" I asked, still checking over my glock and its
cartridges. I didn't trust any of these Brazilian fuckers.
"Two," Emmett muttered, looking over at Jasper who was already conversing with the
"Keep your eyes on them. We can't be sure Diego hasn't been bought. This could be a
trap," I muttered before getting up. I was fucking pissed already. Then there was this
fucking heat to deal with! I wouldn't be taking any prisoners when we arrived at Diego's
base camp.
"Mr. Cullen," one of Diego's men gestured toward me.
"Just get the motherfucking bags. I am in no mood for this shit!" I snarled. "You're lucky
you don't already have a bullet in your head for making us wait." That got a reaction
from the two greasy fuckers as they rushed around, clambering to collect our
"You wouldn't really shoot them, would you?" Jasper muttered as we got into the van. I
smirked, quirking my eyebrow. "You fucked her, didn't you? She is affecting your mood."
"It's this fucking heat!" I moaned.
"Who the fuck are you two talking about?" Emmett complained as he got in. "You were
bitching the entire flight."
"Shut the fuck up and that's an order," I glared as a final warning.
"They can't hear us. They're still putting the bags in the trunk," Emmett huffed.
"I don't care. We keep our minds on the job. This isn't a fucking holiday," I pointed out,
pulling out my phone. I was still waiting to get a cell signal so I could let Aro know that
we'd arrived.
"Do you think it's someone inside trying to infiltrate our deal?" Emmett asked.
"I don't know, but someone has to be giving them information for our stock to go
"How much are we talking roughly?" Jasper pulled his gun out, placing it in his right
pocket so he was ready for action.
"Aro thinks we've lost at least fifty-five thousand already."
"Motherfuckers!" Emmett murmured before Diego's men got into the van.
An hour later, we had finally arrived at the main base. Diego was outside waiting to
greet us.
"Olmeu amigo!" Diego gestured with his arms as I stepped out of the van. I was in no
mood for his fucking Portuguese today.
"Diego, why did you keep us waiting?" I glared.
"Edward, I have a business to run." Diego smiled.
"With Aro's fucking money," Emmett added as he and Jasper joined me.
"I'm sorry. I can assure you we got to you as quickly as we could. I have some nice cold
beers for you inside as an apology," Diego offered.
"And women?" Emmett questioned. "Please say there are fucking women." Emmett
always let his dick do the talking, the fucking idiot.
"Why are you boys here, apart from the women?" Diego was still chuckling at Emmett's
outburst, crossing his arms. " I know how much you hate this heat, Edward."
"Jasper needed a tan," I smirked.
I was aware of all the eyes on me as we walked into the base camp. There seemed to be
a lot of new faces around. The site was full of small shacks with men huddled around
them. Considering the amount of money Diego made, he could afford to get these
fuckers out of the poverty they were living in, but he was all about putting the cash in
his own pocket. I knew most of these men were probably wanted for some crime or
another, and anything was better than jail to them. The main building was in the
distance: Diego's 'palace' as he liked to call it.
It was quite the operation here in Salvador. The drug fields were guarded twenty-four
hours a day. The main shipments were prepared and distributed with ease from this site.
Aro had all of the local authority in his pocket no one questioned his power. This
arrangement had been created years ago by Aro and Diego's fathers.
"Shall I show you to the house so you can settle in?" Diego suggested. I nodded. I
needed to get out of this motherfucking heat.
"Have you noticed anything yet?" Aro asked. I had finally gotten a few bars of signal
inside the house after I'd been shown to my room.
"There are a lot of new faces, but don't worry, we'll take a good look around."
"I don't know what I'd do without you, Edward," Aro chuckled over the phone.
"How is Alec?" I didn't give a fuck about him, really, but I was hoping Aro would tell me
that Isabella was alright. She didn't have me watching out for her, and I knew what
those perverts were like in that club. Fuck, I had been one of them.
"He's taking care of everything while you're away." Yeah, that was bullshit. Alec couldn't
take care of shit. "Isabella is fine, too." Fuck, even her name made my cock harden.
"He's not giving her a hard time is he?"
"No; I'd say it's the other way round." That's my fucking girl. I really needed to stop
thinking of Isabella as mine. She never was, and never would be.
"I'll call you once I've found something."
"Try not to kill anyone, Edward," Aro teased. Yeah, he knew that would be impossible if I
did find someone stealing from us.
"That depends on what I find."
"Keep yourself safe," Aro called before finally hanging up. I was just about to get some
sleep when a light tap came at my door.
"Jasper said you might want some company," a sexy dark haired Brazilian woman purred
as I opened my door. Fuck, I just wanted to lay my head down and jerk off thinking
about Isabella.
"Jasper was wrong," I sighed, about to close my door when the female put her hand up
to stop me.
"He said to tell you my name." What would her name have to do with anything? I was
going to bed! "My name is Bella." The motherfucker, Jasper!
Now she had my attention. "Bella, you say?" I smirked, widening my door to invite her
in. "Well, let's see if I can find you something to do, Bella," I mused as I shut my
bedroom door.
"How was the watch last night?" I yawned as I greeted Jasper the next morning.
"I didn't notice anything. I think they're all on their best behavior because you're here."
"Give them time. Someone will slip up once we've been here a few weeks. They'll miss
their money," I yawned again.
"Did you get any sleep last night?" Jasper sniggered. Emmett was nowhere around, so I
could speak freely.
"I fucked her all night."
"I thought you might," Jasper mused. "Are you going to tell me how you managed to
fuck Isabella Swan?"
"It's a long story," I sighed, watching a few of Diego's men come into view. It was early
morning, and the next shipment was about to be loaded into the vans.
"We're here for weeks, Edward," Jasper pointed out.
"I'll tell you later," I murmured, watching Emmett surface from the main house. "We
have work to do."
The boys and I took shifts over the next few weeks to keep tabs on the shipments. Like
we had expected, Diego's men ran the operation like clockwork. I knew if we wanted to
find out what was really going on, we'd have to dig deeper.
"We need to look harder into the transportation. It has to be going missing there," I
mused, watching Emmett check over all his guns. I had no idea how he was going to
smuggle them all back into the county when we went home.
"And how do you suggest we do that?"
"You boys will have to go undercover." My boys loved undercover work anything that
meant they could get their hands dirty.
"We're listening," Jasper smirked.
"You're going away for a week on holiday."
"I think I see where this is going," Emmett snorted, downing his beer.
"I need you to watch those shipments twenty-four/seven. I will not go back to Aro
without an explanation."
"It's covered, Edward," Jasper said as he patted me on the back. "Come on, Em. It's
vacation time!"
"Are you going to be okay here alone?" Emmett asked, getting up.
"I'm sure he'll find something to do." Jasper raised his eyebrow. He knew I'd be calling
on the sexy Brazilian Bella again while they were away. She was a long way from my
Goddess, but she sure knew how to ride my cock while I moaned out her name. Yeah, I
think I'd be fine while the boys were away.
"Edward!" Diego joined me at the dinner table later that night. "I hear your men have
abandoned you."
"Only for a week; they needed a break."
"They are very loyal to you."
"They are loyal to Aro," I pointed out.
"That's what I meant." Diego smiled, going to his fridge to pull out some beers.
"Don't you miss Chicago?" I asked as he passed me a beer.
"Not anymore. I need to be here. This is my kingdom, Edward." I tried to hide my smirk.
I didn't have the heart to tell him that this was no kingdom. "You've done well for
yourself. Aro holds you in higher esteem than his own son."
"Aro knows what our strengths are, Diego. I'm not in a competition with Alec. He has his
uses, just as I have mine."
"You're a better man than Alec, and you know it!"
"Don't let Alec hear you say that, or those will be your last words."
"He doesn't scare me," Diego laughed. "Now, you on the other hand I'll never forget
Miami." Diego was referring to the incident when I killed a rival mob member with my
bare hands. I didn't very often kill with my hands these days, but if a motherfucker
deserved it, I'd make it as slow and as painful as possible. On that particular day, the
rival mob member had tried to hurt Aro. Not a good thing to do while I was around. I'd
smashed his face into the pavement a few times before smashing his jaw and killing the
"Are you still getting the nightmares?" I teased.
"Daily," Diego chuckled as one of his ladies wandered in. "If you'll excuse me." He smiled
as she led him away. I smiled, thinking I'd do the same thing so I went to look for my
Bella replacement. What the fuck was I doing? This wasn't going to help when I had to
go back home, but to be able to say her name as I climaxed was worth more than the
air I breathed down here.
"You're sure?" I asked Emmett and Jasper when they returned later that week.
"It's being taken at the dock only small packages at a time, but it adds up quick,"
Jasper confirmed.
"Do we have a name?"
"Mario Sanchez." The name didn't sound familiar, not that it mattered. I knew what I
had to do. We had to set an example so it wouldn't happen again. We also had to find
out if Mario was working for anyone else. Aro knew mafia families all over the world who
would kill to get their hands on this deal. He was lucky he had me to make sure that
never happened.
"Okay, go and get Mario. I'll meet you in the clearing in half an hour." I couldn't hate
this part of my job. It was what I lived for, but I never got any peace from killing
someone. Whether he was a thieving motherfucker or not, he was still someone's son.
"I haven't done anything!" I could hear Mario begging as Emmett and Jasper pulled him
into the clearing. I needed to get information out of him before I made an example of
him back at the base.
"You know that isn't true," I called as Mario made eye contact with me.
"Oh no, please God, no" Mario dropped to his knees. "I didn't mean toplease, Mr.
"Who are you working for, Mario?" I whispered deadly in his ear before pushing him to
the ground. "Tell me and I'll make it quick."
"All I have is a lead name!" Mario cried. "Please, Mr. Cullen. I'll tell you anything
"Give him the fucking name," Emmett huffed, kicking him hard. "We don't have all day."
"Jacob, Jacob Black," Mario sobbed, digging his hands into the dirt. I'd never heard of
that name before. "Please. I've told you all I know."
"Mario, you stole from us. Did you really think I'd let you get away with that?" I laughed,
signaling for Emmett and Jasper to help him up.
"No! Noplease, I beg you!" Mario was still crying and yelling as we dragged him into
the camp.
"Edward, what is the meaning of this?" Diego asked as he and his men surrounded us.
"This man has been stealing from us." I glared.
"What?" Diego gasped, his eyes darting to Mario. "Why would you do that?"
"I had to I have a family to support," Mario began to explain, but I was in no mood to
hear his sob story. I'd been stuck in this hellhole for a month no thanks to this fucker. I
wanted to go home. I needed to see Isabella.
"You know what the penalty is for stealing from us!" I roared, turning to punch him in
the stomach. Mario winced, crying out at my powerful blow. "You can't expect to walk
away from this."
"Pleaseplease," Mario was sobbing into the ground. This was when you sorted the men
from the boys. When my time came, I wouldn't hide my face in the dirt. I would stare
my killer right in the eyes, and remember his face for when he joined me in hell. Yeah,
death didn't scare me at all.
I pulled out my glock. Mario was still sobbing, clawing at the ground.
"Let this be a lesson to everyone here," I glared, looking around at the gathered crowd.
Not one person stood up in Mario's defense. I had to admit I loved the fear these men
had for me, and they had every right to be afraid. I was dangerous. I would kill any
fucker who stood in the way of doing my job. "Steal from us and you will face death."
With that, I pulled the trigger, and with one shot to the head, Mario fell to the ground.
There was a deadly silence as everyone looked stunned by Mario's lifeless body.
"Diego," I glared, "you need to be more selective with your men. He was robbing us
"Edward, I had no idea," Diego gasped. "Is this the real reason you've been here all this
"How about we talk back at your house?"
"Of course.Men, clean up this mess!" Diego ordered, leading me away. "You should have
told me, Edward. I could have helped."
"I needed to be sure you weren't in on it," I admitted once inside the house.
"You thought"
"I had to be sure," I interrupted. "No hard feelings."
"No," Diego smiled, handing me a glass of whiskey. "I can't believe one of my men
would do that to me to us."
"Have you heard of a man named Jacob Black?" Diego shook his head. "Mario was
working for him."
"I'll ask around." Diego smiled. "Although, I have no doubt that you'll track this Jacob
Black down yourself, and I wouldn't want to be him when you do find him."
He was right, but as I finished my whiskey, all that was racing around my head was that
in less than twenty-four hours, I'd be able to see Isabella again, and after our fucking
incredible night together, I had no idea how I was going to act around her.
Jasper and Emmett were outside waiting for me.
"What's next, Boss?" Emmett asked.
"Home," I smiled. "Good luck trying to smuggle all your new guns in."
"I'm sure Emmett will find a way," Jasper smirked. "He's always been so inventive."
"I tried to shove a gun up my ass crack once, Jazz. Are you going to mock me for the
rest of my life?" Emmett complained as we collected our bags.
"Probably," Jasper laughed.
It looked like it was going to be an interesting trip back home with the boys.
I couldn't wait to be back in my own bed. A part of me was wondering if Isabella's scent
would still be on my pillows. Fuck, I was so screwed! I hoped I could keep my shit
together when I finally did see her again.
Chapter 4
I stayed at the club as long as I could once I was finished dancing. I had even picked up
two additional slots for the day. I didn't want to go home and face reality. After about
four hours, though, Alec's driver walked into the club and made his way over to me.
"Miss Isabella, Mr. Volturi has instructed me to bring you home now. He's waiting for you
there." Knowing I didn't have much of a choice, I said goodbye to Ang and Jess, and
followed him out to the car. When we arrived back at the mansion, I walked in, intending
to head straight up to the guest room, but my plans were foiled quickly by Alec.
"Isabella, I'm so glad you're here. Will you please join me for dinner? I'd really like to
talk to you." With a roll of my eyes, I followed him into the dining room silently. He could
talk all he wanted, but I didn't feel like saying a damn word.
The dining room had been completely transformed. The table was set intimately for two,
with three pillar candles serving as the centerpiece. There were also smaller candles lit
throughout the room, providing a soft atmosphere that I'm sure was supposed to be
romantic. I wanted to turn around and sprint up to my room, but I didn't. What was the
harm in listening to what he had to say?
I had taken a seat after moving my chair about a foot away from his, and then waited
for him to start. With a frown on his face, he took the other seat. "Isabella, I'm so sorry.
You have every right to be pissed off at me, but I need to let you know that I do love
you." I tried to interrupt him, but he rushed on quickly. "I understand that things are
going to take some time to get back to the way they were, but I'm willing to wait for
that. I wanted to organize this dinner tonight to prove to you exactly what you mean to
me. I can't stand it that you're not talking to me, Isabella. Will you say something
"What do you want me to say, Alec? That all is forgiven?Because it's not. I am pissed as
hell at you for so many reasons. I don't want to sit here and eat with you, or listen to
you tell me that you love me when it's not true. You don't love me, no matter what you
say. You treat me more like your property than your girlfriend, and I'm sick of it. I won't
put up with it anymore." I was so angry with him that I wanted to scream. If he honestly
thought that he could wine and dine me again and it would solve all our problems, he
was sorely mistaken.
"What are you saying, Isabella?" he asked, looking at me intently.
I sighed heavily, trying to figure out how to put my thoughts into words. "I'm saying that
I can't do this right now. I need time, Alec. I need space. That doesn't mean that I want
you to treat me to your idea of a romantic dinner, or try to take me out on dates. I.
NEED. TIME! Time away from you and all your bullshit!" I shoved my chair away from
the table and stood up, so frustrated that I felt tears of anger welling up in my eyes. I
refused to let him see me cry, though, for fear he would misinterpret my tears. I wasn't
crying over him, and I never would. He was an asshole, through and through, and I
wanted nothing more than to pack my bags and get as far away from him as I could.
That was impossible though, and even though I didn't want to admit it, I had a reason
for staying. That reason was Edward. He might not love me either, but at least he
treated me like a person and not an object.
Without another word, I left Alec in the dining room and made my way upstairs to my
new room. Once I was securely inside, I locked the door and collapsed on the bed, my
tears finally making their way down my cheeks unchecked. I needed to come up with a
plan to get the hell out of this place. I had continued to put some money aside for the
last two years, and had quite a nest egg saved up, but I didn't know if it would be
enough. I didn't know how far I would have to run, or for how long. All I knew was that I
was going to get the hell out of dodge as soon as I could.
Later that night there was a knock on my door. I knew it was probably Alec, or one of his
men bringing me a message from him, but I wasn't in the mood to deal with it, so I
ignored it. Whoever it was didn't give up, though, and continued to knock. So fed up
with the bullshit, I stormed to the door and threw it open. "What the hell" I fell silent
when I saw that it was Aro at my door. "Aro, I'm so sorry. Please excuse my attitude. I
thought you were Never mind, it doesn't matter. What can I do for you?"
Aro chuckled and shook his head. "It's alright, Isabella. You thought I was my son. I
understand, and don't blame you at all for your attitude. May I come in? I would like to
speak with you for a few minutes if that's okay with you."
Would Alec really sink so low as to send his father to my door on his behalf? What other
motive could Aro have besides that? "Where's Alec?" I decided to ask.
Aro laughed again, this time more genuinely, and I immediately relaxed. He obviously
didn't come here to talk on behalf of his son. "I sent him to take care of some business
at the docks. He'll probably be gone most of the night, my dear. You can speak freely,
and I would hope that you do."
I stepped aside to allow Aro entry to the room. Even though it was his house, he always
respected me and my space, and I appreciated that. "Please, have a seat," I said,
motioning to the small sofa in the corner of the room as I took my own seat at the desk.
"What's on your mind?"
"Isabella, I have come to know you quite well in the last two years, and I will be forever
grateful that you accepted my offer to work at Breaking Dawn. I was thrilled at first that
you and Alec started dating. I thought he would settle down and keep his dick in his
pants, but that hasn't happened, as I'm sure you are well aware. If anything, it's gotten
worse." I stared at Aro, not sure what to say to that. Luckily, he continued on and there
was no awkward silence. "I know you don't deserve to be treated like that, Dear. No one
does, but there's only so much I can do. I wanted to tell you how much respect I have
for you, though. There are not many people who would stand up to Alec and put him in
his place like you have done tonight. I only hope it's enough that he sees his juvenile
behavior for what it is, and corrects it soon. Isabella, you have become like a daughter
to me, and even though I love my son dearly, I hate to see you get hurt. You deserve
far better than that."
His words brought tears to my eyes. Here was a man who was known for his
ruthlessness, and he was telling me that he cared about me, that he didn't like to see his
son treat me the way he had been. "Thank you, Aro. I do care for Alec, but you're right.
I'm tired of being treated like shit by him, and I'm not going to put up with it anymore.
Recent events have proven to me that I am more than that, and until Alec realizes that,
there isn't much hope for us." I knew I couldn't tell Aro that there would never be hope
for us again, but it wasn't possible. I valued my life, after all, and no matter what he
said about thinking of me as a daughter, Alec was his flesh and blood. I had no doubt
that Aro would choose him over me if push came to shove.
"Ah, yes. Speaking of recent events" he said with a grin on his face, "I hear you had
quite a night last night. Tell me, did Edward respect you and your wishes?"
I could feel my face burning at the fact that my boyfriend's father was asking about my
night of passion with another man. I didn't want to reveal too much, but I couldn't not
say something. "Edward has always shown me respect, Aro, unlike Alec." Aro chuckled
at that, shaking his head.
"Edward is a good man, Isabella, but he has it bad for you. He always has. If it wasn't
for my son getting in his way, I'm sure the two of you would have gotten together and
been quite happy." With a heavy sigh, Aro continued. "You should know, Isabella, that
Alec will not tolerate unfaithfulness. While he feels he is free to parade around with any
whore he wants, he expects you to remain his and only his. That is part of the reason I
made the decision to send Edward and his men to Brazil for a while. Like you, Alec needs
time to cool off. He threatened to kill Edward this afternoon if he ever even looked at
you inappropriately again."
"WaitEdward went to Brazil?" Why did I feel my heart sink at the news?
Aro simply nodded his head and sighed. "Yes. I gave Alec and Edward the option as to
whom would go, and Edward volunteered, like I knew he would. We have some business
matters that need to be dealt with down there." Rising from his seat, Aro walked over to
me. "Thank you for talking with me tonight, Isabella. I must leave you now to attend to
some business, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I support your decisions
regarding Alec. Whatever you choose to do, I will respect that." He leaned in and kissed
my forehead before backing away.
"Thank you, Aro. That really means a lot to me," I told him honestly. I wasn't used to a
father figure being so kind and supportive, so it was like a breath of fresh air.
Aro shook his head and smiled at me softly. "There is no need to thank me, Isabella.
Have a good night." With that, he left the room, closing the door behind him.
Brazil. Edward had been sent to Brazil, and if I was being honest, I was worried about
him. I knew I shouldn't be, but I couldn't help it. When Aro told me where Edward and
the boys had gone, I almost lost it. What if it had been a trap? What if something
happened and I never got to see him again? My heart broke just thinking about it. Our
night together had been just sex for Edward, but to me it was so much more. I had
fallen for Edward that night, hard and fast. It took me almost a week to realize it, but
since then, I hadn't been able to keep it from my mind, and it had already been three
I was still living in the guest bedroom of the mansion, refusing to sleep with Alec and
hardly even talking to him. I knew I was being somewhat childish, but I couldn't find it in
myself to care. Alec was getting pathetic in his attempts, too. He would constantly
arrange alone time for us, but I would always blow him off. I knew he was getting fed up
with me turning him down all the time, but he was getting enough pussy from the
whores at the club that I didn't really care. I would overhear the other dancers talking
about things that no woman should have to hear about her so-called boyfriend, and that
bitch, Jane, was the worst one of all. She would never say his name or admit it to me
directly, but I could see it in her eyes every time she looked at me. She was flaunting
the fact that she was fucking Alec doing everything she could to throw it in my face. I
didn't know what the fuck her problem was, or what I had ever done to her, but I was
secretly hoping that Alec would contract some sort of disease from her nasty snatch and
his dick would fall off. After all, who knew what sort of disgusting shit she carried.
After being dropped off by Ang at the end of our shift, I walked into the mansion to find
a very pissed off Alec pacing in the foyer. The moment he saw me, he stormed up to me
and grabbed me by the arms. "Goddammit, Isabella! I am so fucking sick of all your
bullshit!" he screamed at me, shaking me roughly. "You have turned me into the
laughing stock of my own fucking men, and it's going to stop RIGHT FUCKING NOW! Do
you understand me!?"
I had never seen this side of him before. Yes, I'd seen him angry, and yes, I'd seen him
boss his men around. Once, I'd even seen him beat a man half to death with his bare
hands, but this was different. There was a feral look in his eyes that scared me. It was
the same look that my sperm donor would get right before he beat the shit out of me. I
could feel Alec's hands gripping tighter and tighter on my arms, almost to the point of
cutting off all circulation. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak, I couldn't do anything. I was
absolutely terrified of the man in front of me, afraid of what he would do if I denied him
once again. That wasn't an option anymore. If I valued my life at all, which I did, I had
to give in to his orders and do as he demanded.
With a shaky voice full of pain and tears, I spoke quietly. "Plplease, Alec. You're hurting
me," I cried. His grip only got tighter, his anger intensifying.
"I asked you a goddamn question, Isabella, so ANSWER ME!" he roared, towering over
my small frame and pinning me up against the door.
"Yyeyes, I understand you. I'll do whatever you want me to do, just please let me go.
You're really hurting me, Alec." I knew that once he removed his hands from my arms,
there would be bruises already starting to form, but he didn't seem to care.
"I will let go of you when I am damn good and ready, Isabella," he hissed menacingly,
and I didn't miss the double meaning of his words. Alec wasn't going to ever let me go
willingly. "Now, I want you to go upstairs to my room and be ready for me when I get up
there. You have ten minutes, Isabella, and then I'm going to come up there and take
back what's mine. Felix!" he shouted behind him, "make sure she doesn't try any
bullshit. I have to speak to my father and then I'll be up. You better fucking be ready,
Isabella, because I plan to reclaim that sweet pussy of yours tonight." Alec turned
around and left without another word.
I knew I had to give myself to him willingly, or things would be much worse now than
they ever were in the past. Alec was completely bat-shit crazy, and a little voice inside
my head was telling me I needed to do whatever he said if I wanted to live through the
With a heavy heart, I trudged up the stairs and into Alec's room, with Felix following
right behind me.
Once I was in the room, I heard the door lock engage, and I knew I was stuck. Nothing
could save me now.
Last night wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be. Alec was rough with me, taking
what he wanted, how he wanted it, but I didn't resist him. I couldn't. I let him use my
body, and he took pleasure in fucking me in every possible orifice. I woke up this
morning, alone and naked in his bed. Every inch of my skin was crawling and burning,
and I wanted nothing more than to drag myself into a hot shower and scrub my body
from head to toe until I felt clean again.
When I stumbled my way to his bathroom and flipped on the light, I gasped at what I
saw in the mirror in front of me. I had very clear handprint shaped bruises on each of
my upper arms, and I knew there was no fucking way I was going to be able to cover
them up any time soon. With a resigned sigh, I put on a tank top and a pair of yoga
pants, and left the room in search of my boss. I needed to let Aro know what happened,
and why I wouldn't be able to work for at least a week. I just prayed that he would be
It had been a week since the night that Alec got so mad. Aro had been more than
understanding, and was willing to still pay me for the week of work I would miss because
of the bruises on my arms. He also gave Alec a good beating for laying a hand on me. I
was secretly pleased, even though I knew it was more because the club would lose
business in my absence than for him hurting me. After all, I was their most popular
Aro threatened Alec, telling him that if he ever left another bruise on me, he was a dead
man. It was nice to see, and I felt somewhat vindicated by his actions, but I doubted Aro
would really kill his own son for hurting me.
The bruises had faded enough to be covered up, and tonight was my first night back at
the club. I was scheduled to dance at five, six-thirty, eight, and ten-thirty. My first song
selection was Joan Jett's Do You Wanna Touch Me, and I was excited. Within fifteen
minutes of my scheduled time slot, I was dressed in a sexy black miniskirt, held together
by four silver rings on my right thigh. My top was basically a black bikini top with laces
that criss-crossed around my waist several times before it tied in the back. It, too, had
one silver ring that rested just above my left breast. To finish off the outfit, I had on a
pair of black, strappy stilettos. I felt sexy, and I knew just the sight of me would drive
the men in the club nuts tonight.
When my time came to dance, I made my way to the pole in the darkness of the club,
and signaled to Garrett that I was ready. When the music started to pump through the
speakers, the lights came on and I started to move. I was trying to make eye contact
with everyone in the club because I always got better tips that way, when I came across
a pair of hauntingly familiar green eyes. Edward. Edward was back from Brazil after a
month, and he was watching me dance.
I needed to look away from him and keep dancing, but it was the hardest thing I ever
had to do.
I did it, though, because I had to. If Alec caught Edward watching me, or even looking at
me, I had no doubts that Alec would kill him. I couldn't do that to Edward, so I broke our
gaze and started to climb the pole at center stage, holding on with my legs as my body
flipped around and I dangled upside down for a few seconds. The men in the front few
rows went wild, and by the time I glanced up to see if Edward was still watching me, he
was gone.
At least he was home now. That was all that really mattered. He was home, and for the
time being, he was safe.
Chapter 5
Edward's mood music: 'Hard to Handle' by Otis Reading because well, Edward
can love Isabella better than Alec, and damn Edward can be hard to handle!
"You're going straight to the club?" Jasper asked after we'd dropped Emmett off. My
body was burning. I just needed one glimpse. I had to know she was okay.
"I need to put some personal money in my safe. It's okay, Jazz. You can go home once
you've dropped me off."
"Will you need me when you see Aro later?"
"No; he's in a meeting with Marcus. It could be a long night. I'll fill Aro in alone."
"You're itching to see her, aren't you? You can't fool me, Edward. You are the toughest
guy I know, but Isabella Swan is your weakness."
"I don't know what you're talking about." Weakness? I don't fucking think so. I craved
her in deep, unhealthy ways, but that wasn't a weakness. It was my cock talking, not
my fucking heart. I wasn't a pussy!
"Are you sure?" Jasper quirked his eyebrow at me, smirking. Fucker!
"Just fuck off, Jazz," I sighed as he pulled up outside Breaking Dawn. "I've seen enough
of your ugly face this month to last a mother fucking lifetime. Go and get some pussy or
listen to Taylor Swift. I know you have that shit on your phone!"
"Okay, I can take a hint," Jasper laughed. "Are we still on for tomorrow tonight?"
"I'll call you."
"That loosely means: no, you're going to spend the evening at home with your porn."
"I don't have any fucking porn. My office is in a nightclub full of dancers. I can get any
pussy I want!" I snarled. I needed to get a grip. No I needed to make sure my girl
was alright. My fucking girl, what was I saying?
"Now, we know that isn't true, Boss. There is one female you can never have again, and
it's going to eat away at you." Jasper was a dead man if he didn't back off. Why the fuck
did I tell him about my bet with Alec? I was never going to hear the end of it. "Go and
see your girl." Why did that thought excite me so much?
"You can't breathe a word," I fumed.
"I won't. You know I'll always have your back, just like Emmett."
"I'll meet you and Emmett at Jumping Jacks tomorrow. I doubt Alec will be able to get
Aro's money. You know what Frankie is like," I replied before getting out. Frankie was
always a difficult customer of ours. You had to threaten to break his fingers before he'd
hand you any money.
"What time?"
"Midnight. He'll be cashing out then and have no excuse," I murmured before shutting
the door. I never needed to tell Jasper twice. I knew he would be there.
I pushed my way through the crowd and into the club. The way every fucker was
crowded around the main stage, I could guess where Isabella was. I moved so I could
get a glimpse.
Sweet mother of all things fucking holy, there she was. In one of the shortest miniskirts
I had ever seen. Was that a black thong? Fucking pervert! I was looking too closely. But,
oh, I knew what was beneath that thong: a sweet, juicy pussy, ripe for the tasting. Get a
fucking grip, Edward.
Isabella hadn't noticed me yet, which was good. I could gawk at her a little more. I had
only gotten as far as her legs. God damn, those legs. I knew how smooth they felt
against my shoulders while she screamed my name as I attacked that pussy of hers.
Fuck, how I wanted her again, even more than before. I was practically aching for her.
My eyes travelled further up her body, to her perfect, firm, toned waist. I had loved
licking around her belly button. Isabella liked it, too she had purred like a kitten. My
mouth was watering as my eyes moved up to her chest. She was wearing a black bikini
top that lifted up those perfect tits; this woman is going to be the death of me. The ties
wrapped around her waist a few times before disappearing in the back, and I imagined it
was my arms wrapped around her. I needed to look away, but just as I was going to,
her eyes connected with mine. My entire body began to burn. Fuck me, those eyes. I
would drop down on the floor in worship if she asked me to. Isabella, why couldn't you
have been mine a little longer? A month of fucking that Brazilian whore meant nothing. I
wanted nothing but the goddess sashaying her way down the pole right then. How could
she make something so seedy look so God damn beautiful? She was flawless, every inch
of her, and the sight of her alone made my dick twitch. I knew I had to leave before I
made it too obvious. I pushed through the drunken crowd, making it into the back office.
"Edward, you're back," Jessica smiled as she greeted me in the hallway.
"I can't get anything past you, can I, Jess?" Jessica never was the brightest of the
Breaking Dawn girls. I'd fucked her once, but never again. It was like fucking a wild
woman, and the bitch pulled some of my hair out.
"Where have you been?" she asked, leaning up against the wall next to me while I
unlocked my office.
"You know I can't tell you girls things like that," I tutted. "How has it been here while
I've been gone? Has there been any trouble?"
"No, it's just been busy," Jessica sighed, squeezing her breasts together. Jessica, if you
think that's going to work, you are dumber than I thought. I value my hair too much.
"Isabella has been out for a week. She only came back this afternoon."
"What? Why?" I snapped. Had she been sick?
"She had a bug or something. Aro came in and told us."
"Aro came in?" Something was wrong. Aro only dealt with important personal matters
himself. I needed to speak to Isabella and make sure she was okay. If Alec had done
anything to upset herI clenched my fists together. Cool it, Edward.
"Edward, are you okay?" Jessica asked, touching my shoulder.
"I have things to do," I snapped, walking into my office and slamming the door in her
I had just started to boot up my computer when a knock came at my door. I called for
whoever it was to come in.
"You're back. I thought Jess was teasing," Jane grinned, closing my door behind her with
a wanton look on her face. Seriously, girls! Can we all just calm the fuck down? I've only
been here for fifteen minutes, and I'm not planning on fucking any of you tonight. Well, I
would fuck one, but I was never getting that chance again.
"Jane, I'm really busy," I exhaled, not even looking up at her.
"You don't even have time for me to welcome you back? What about a drink? I could get
you a whiskey?"
"No!" I snarled. "So get your bony ass out of my office." Jane just stood there, pouting
at me. "FUCK OFF! NOW!" I yelled. Jane jumped and then quickly scurried off. Fucking
women! I had work to do!
I put away all my personal money and then checked to see how my private shares were
doing. I was making quite a profit.
I was going to put some big money down on a few fighters Emmett had learned about
last month. If I was lucky, I'd double my money. The boys and I went to fight nights
quite often. It was a good place to do business and make a little personal money. The
next big fight was in City Limits basement next week. It was an old, rundown nightclub
that was probably the roughest place in Chicago, but that never fazed me and the boys.
We lived for it. We owned this mother fucking town!
I began to research Jacob Black once all my money was safely tucked away. I had no
idea if he belonged to a gang, or if he was a lone trouble maker, but I was going to find
this motherfucker. No one stole from Aro and lived to tell the tale.
While I was searching, another tap came at my door. Mother fucking Jane she never
could take no for an answer. I stormed out of my chair, so pissed I was ready to hit
"For fucks sake, Jane, when I say no, I" I stopped, swinging the door open fully to
finally take in who was standing outside my office. Why the fuck was Isabella at my
"I thought I better bring you your whiskey. It seems you've already pissed off Jess and
Jane. That's a record for you," she smiled, holding up my glass of whiskey.
"Isabella" I was a fucking moron! Was that all I could say? Then again, I was clearly
looking at her chest. Christ, I knew what was underneath that little top. I'd tasted,
suckled, and devoured those fucking breasts of hers a month ago.
"I'm up here, Edward," Isabella glared, making me look up at her face. She was so
fucking hot!
"Jess said you were off last week," I muttered, snapping myself out of the daze only
Isabella could put me in.
"I had the flu," she commented, following me into my office and shutting the door
behind her. That's a dangerous thing to do, Isabella, locking yourself in here with me.
"How was Brazil?"
"Alec told you where I went?" I frowned. Isabella shouldn't know so much. I worried how
deep she was involved with this fucking family. We were both trapped. We knew too
much, but I was bonded to Aro like a son. He was a father to me, but I wasn't sure it
was that way for Isabella.
"No," she smiled sadly. "Aro told me."
"Brazil was fine," I smiled, realizing she was still holding my whiskey. "Wasn't that for
me?" I smirked. "Why don't you bring it over here?" Yes, bring that sexy body over to
me, Baby.
A sexy smile spread across her face as she seductively walked over to me. Fuck, my dick
was twitching already. She leaned over the desk, placing my drink down. My eyes fell on
her black bikini top again.
"Have you ever had sex on a desk, Isabella?" Did I really just ask that out loud?
"I'm not sure you should be asking me that, Edward," Isabella tutted, standing up and
shaking her head at me.
"It's not like I haven't asked you before," I smirked, trying to brush the comment off.
"Things are different now," she muttered, taking a step back as I got up from behind my
desk to stalk toward her.
"Are you referring to the fact that I fucked your brains out last month?" Isabella
whimpered a little, her eyes darting everywhere but at me. Now I knew she had some
sort of feelings for me. This was so different than before. I knew it was wrong, but if
Isabella would have let me, I would've thrown her over my desk and fucked her
senseless all night long Alec and Aro be damned. If she wanted me, I was hers
Isabella was pressed against my door now. I was inches away from her, my body
humming with desire as I felt the warmth of her body near mine.
"Don't," Isabella whispered, pushing me away. "You can't be like this, Edward."
"I don't know how to be any other way," I admitted.
"If that's the case, then you need to stay away from me." I knew she was right, and as
she opened my door to leave, I made no attempt to stop her. I needed to get a fucking
grip. What the fuck was Isabella doing to me?
I continued researching Jacob Black until Aro called me to say he was heading back to
the mansion. It was after midnight by then, so I called it a night at the club and went to
fill Aro in on Brazil.
"You look well, Edward," Aro smiled as he greeted me in his office.
"A whole month in the sun will do that for you," I smirked as he hugged me.
"So I've heard," Aro chuckled, gesturing for me to sit down. "My brothers and I were
talking about you tonight."
"You don't want me to move to Brazil to keep an eye on Diego full time, do you? That
fucking heat almost killed me."
"No, Edward; we have far bigger plans for you," Aro chuckled. This sounded interesting.
"But first, tell me about Brazil."
"You were right. Someone is trying to muscle in on your shipment." Aro got up to pour
us both a drink.
"Did you find out who we are dealing with?"
"I have a name, but not much to go on yet. Does Jacob Black mean anything to you?"
Aro took his time to think about it. He knew a lot of people, and he never forgot a name.
"It's not a name I've come across before. Is he behind the missing shipments?"
"He paid one of Diego's men to take them."
"Where is Diego's man now?"
"Dead," I breathed, downing my whiskey. Aro was pleased, I could tell by his face.
"Will you need any help tracking down this Jacob Black? I'm quite tied up with the
commissioner at the moment. He wants more bribe money." Greedy asshole.
"I've got it under control so far, but I'll let you know," I replied as Aro poured us another
drink. "How has it been here while I've been away, apart from the commissioner?"
"Taxing," Aro stressed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Alec has been rather challenging
these last few weeks."
"Nothing new, then," I chuckled into my whiskey glass.
"I had to give him a beating last week," Aro sighed. "He's out of control, and I have no
idea how to rein him back in."
"Why did you have to give him a beating?" I glared. Fuck, it better not have anything to
do with Isabella. If Aro had used force, it must have been bad. Maybe he lost some of
Aro's money while he was dipping his dick in a new pussy at the club, or maybe he failed
at a job. Alec did that sometimes, when his mind wasn't on his work. That was how he
got shot the last time. The fucking idiot.
"He got a little rough with" Aro stopped, looking at me. "It doesn't matter, actually. It's
all been sorted out, now."
"He got a little rough with who?" I snarled, slamming my glass on the table.
"Edward, calm yourself. I have already rectified the situation. Alec won't ever lay a hand
on Isabella again." That was all it took for me to hurl out of my chair and march out to
find that motherfucker!
I knew he had to be in the mansion somewhere. I saw his car when I arrived. I ran into
Felix as the anger surged through every vein in my body.
"Where is Alec?" I fumed at him.
"In the study we're about to play a game of poker if you want to join us. How was
Brazil?" I didn't even answer him as I raced to the study. "Edward, what the fuck is
wrong?" Felix called, but I had already pushed my way into the room.
Alec was sitting there laughing into his whiskey glass with some little blonde slut on his
lap, trying to play the big man. Who the fuck did he think he was? He wasn't the boss
"Edward!" Alec beamed, looking up at me. He was drunk. "You're back." He pushed the
blonde off his lap like she meant nothing. I couldn't believe he was doing that shit to
Isabella in her own home. She could have walked in on him instead of me. Or did Alec
know she'd still be at the club? The fucker! I was losing it even more. "You look really
troubled, Man," Alec frowned as he stood in front of me. "How did it go in Brazil?"
I answered him with my fist flying hard into his face. This smug piece a shit had to pay. I
wouldn't let him keep doing this to Isabella. She was too good for that.
"You motherfucker!" I snarled, hitting him again, this time in the stomach.
"Edward," Alec winced, holding his stomach in pain. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Hurt her again and I will fucking kill you!" I roared. I was about to hit him again, but
Aro's voice stopped me.
"Everyone out, accept Edward and Alec!" Aro bellowed. The room was empty in seconds.
"You bastard!" Alec fumed, trying to tackle me to the ground. I dodged him instead, and
pushed him onto the poker table. Glasses, cards, and chips flew everywhere.
"STOP THIS NOW!" Aro's demand was a final warning. "I have already dealt with this
matter, Edward. It is none of your concern!" None of my concern? Isabellano, wait; Aro
was right. What the fuck was I doing? I never got this worked up over a pussy.
"He's out of fucking control father he should be punished! I think he broke my fucking
nose," Alec whined, moving off the table as he wiped his bloodied nose.
"You deserve far worse," I seethed back at him.
"Edward, I sent you to Brazil to get all of this out of your system. We can't run a
business this way with my boys in a constant feud," Aro stressed deeply. "It has to stop
right now no more repercussions. We have bigger things to worry about than Isabella.
You got what you wanted, now things have to go back to the way they were before.
Isabella is Alec's girlfriend, and you should be grateful for the one night you had with
her!" Grateful? I needed to count to ten before I lost it with Aro, too. I could never afford
to disrespect Aro like that; I wasn't his son.
"I'm willing to forgive and forget. How about we shake on a fresh start, Edward?" Alec
murmured. Aro turned to me, waiting for my response.
"Okay," I sighed, dusting of my suit that had some of Alec's blood on it. Damn, this was
my favorite suit! I clasped Alec's hand hard, glaring at him in silent warning. That's right,
fucker; you better treat her like a princess, or I will come after you! "To a fresh start
brother," I replied.
"Yes, brother," Alec smiled. Yeah, like that meant anything. I wasn't stupid. I knew Alec
hated me he had for years. Alec only kept up the pretense for his father. The moment
he took over for Aro, I knew he'd want me dead. I had always known my fate. Death
was something I faced daily, and like I'd said before, I wasn't afraid of it. Alec could
fucking try to kill me; that didn't mean I would go down without a fight!
"Now," Aro clapped his hands, before patting us both on the back, "I think you two
should get some rest and clean yourselves up. I have news for the two of you tomorrow.
We are having a family meeting at noon. Everyone is to attend." Family meetings didn't
happen too often, and it could only mean one thing some serious shit was going
I waited for a cab outside the mansion. I knew I could have called Jasper, but it was
almost 1am. I saw a car pull up into the driveway and held my breath, knowing that it
was Isabella getting back from her shift at the club.
Why couldn't I go back to the way I had been before I fucked her? I needed to get my
shit together. She was just a fuck hot pussy! I shouldn't be this affected by her!
She stepped out of the car in those fucking killer silver heels I loved so much. Those
fucking legs my mouth was watering just from gazing at her fuck hot body. She was
in jeans and a small pink vest top now, and she still made my dick twitch. I pulled out a
cigarette to calm myself. I was standing under the entrance archway, so Isabella hadn't
noticed me yet.
As she walked into the light, I noticed the fading bruises on the top of her arms. The low
lights had hidden them in the club earlier. I clenched my fists tightly to keep from
storming back into the mansion fucking Alec! Control it, Edward. You have to.
She was startled when she finally noticed me.
"Hello, Isabella," I greeted her, exhaling a puff of smoke from my cigarette.
"Aro has you working already? You just got back!"
"I had a few matters to deal with," I stated, looking at her arms as she came closer. I
didn't even want to think about what Alec had done to make those marks. Isabella
noticed me looking at her arms and pulled her coat over them that she'd been carrying.
"I hope it had nothing to do with me," she worried.
"Why didn't you tell me that Alec had hurt you when we spoke at the club earlier? You
didn't have the fucking flu last week," I whispered, stroking her arms with the slightest
touch. I couldn't help myself.
"It was none of your concern," Isabella glared, pulling away. "It won't happen again.
Aro's assured me. He's already spoken to Alec."
"Aro won't be around forever to protect you." Why was I so worried for her?
"I don't need protecting! I can look after myself!" Fuck, she was so hot when she was
angry. I wanted to slam her against the wall and slip my hands into her panties while
she yelled at me. "And stop looking at me like that, Edward! Are you trying to get
yourself killed?"
"I can look, Isabella," I smirked as a cab pulled up. "I just can't touch." She rolled her
eyes at me before making her way inside. "Oh, I might have broken Alec's nose, by the
way, so he's extra cranky!"
"Great!" Isabella threw her arms up in the air. "Thanks a lot, Edward!"
"It was my pleasure," I teased.
"You need to stay away from me." Why did it feel as if Isabella was begging me? Was
this hard for her, too?
"I'll try," I called before getting into the cab.
I watched her walk into the mansion, knowing she was going to look after Alec's broken
nose. Would I ever stop thinking that Alec was one lucky motherfucker to have that
Chapter 6
When I walked into the mansion and closed the door behind me, I sank down onto the
cold, tile floor. Why did Edward have to make this so much harder than it needed to be?
Why did he have to stand up for me? He didn't have feelings for me. It was just fucking
sex for God's sake! The best sex of my life, but stillto him it was just sex. If I had
wanted him to know that Alec hurt me, I would have told him. I didn't need him to act
like my knight in shining armor. I could take care of myself. Still, the fact that he broke
Alec's nose for me, made me want to kiss the hell out of him. I wasn't used to anyone
standing up for me, and that was exactly what both Aro and Edward had done.
After a few minutes of just sitting there in the entryway, I got to my feet and headed
upstairs to take care of Alec. I went straight to our en suite bathroom, where I figured
he would be. Sure enough, he was sitting on the toilet seat with his head tipped back,
trying to stop the blood flowing from his nose.
"Here, let me take a look," I told him as I approached carefully. I knew he would be
irritable, and I was a slightly afraid of what he might do. When I got closer, I could smell
the alcohol on him. I figured he was probably drunk, and the last thing I needed was for
him to lash out at me for something that was beyond my control. He didn't disappoint.
"What the fuck do you want?!" he hissed at me as he dropped the wad of tissues into the
trash bin beside the toilet, quickly grabbing another handful.
I didn't want to let him see my fear, so I squared my shoulders and looked him right in
the eye. "I came in to take care of my boyfriend. I guess if you want to deal with this
shit on your own, be my guest." With that, I turned around and started walking out of
the bathroom.
"This is your fucking fault, you know! If you hadn't gone crying to Edward about me
grabbing you, he wouldn't have broken my fucking nose!"
His words stopped me dead in my tracks. I spun around on him, forgetting my previous
fear, and shoved my finger roughly into his chest. "My fault?My fucking fault?! For your
information, Alec, I didn't say a goddamn thing to Edward about what you did to me. He
heard I missed a week at the club, and when he asked about it, I told him I had the
fucking flu! I didn't cause this you did the moment you put your hands on me last
week!" I watched as his eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared. He was getting pissed off,
and I knew I needed to be careful. "Look, Alec," I said after taking a deep, calming
breath, "do you want my help or not? If not, then I'm going to bed; I've had a long day
today, and I'm exhausted." He glared at me for a long moment before his shoulders
finally slumped and he nodded.
Somewhat tentatively, I walked up to him and removed the tissues. The bleeding had
almost stopped, but his nose was definitely broken. I could tell because of the swelling
and all the bruising that was starting to develop. "Alright, Babe; I need to reset this so
it's straight. It's probably going to hurt, though. Are you ready?"
"Whatever. I don't want a fucking crooked nose for the rest of my life, so do what you
have to do."
Once the words were out of his mouth, I grabbed his nose roughly and pushed the
cartilage back into place. When I heard a sickening crunch, I was filled with a sense of
twisted satisfaction.
"FUCK!" Alec screamed out in pain and I had to turn away to hide the smirk on my face.
Could I have been gentler with him? Definitely. Did I want to be? No way in hell. He
deserved to hurt for what he had done to me. Even Aro beating the shit out of him
wasn't enough. I needed to do something too, and this made me feel somewhat
I shuffled through the medicine cabinet looking for a bottle of Motrin, and when I knew
I could control my facial expressions, I turned back to Alec. His eyes were clenched shut
and he had a death grip on his knees. I could see wet streaks trailing down his cheeks,
and I knew it had to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.
"You should probably take these, Babe, and I'll go down and get you an icepack. It's
going to be swollen for a while, and you've already got two black eyes forming. The ice
should help with the swelling, though." Without another word, I handed him two Motrin
and then walked out of the room.
I had been able to avoid Edward the following two days. My body yearned for him in
every way, begging me for just a glimpse of him, but I knew what it would mean if I
gave in to the call. If I ever got caught even looking at Edward wrong, we would be dead
faster than it would take a snow-cone to melt in hell.
Things with Alec had gotten better in some ways, but worse in others. Because of the
injury to his nose and the bruising on his face, he was in a lot of pain. That meant that
he wasn't overly aggressive in the bedroom. He would still shove his cock down my
throat whenever he felt the need to, but when he fucked me, it wasn't as rough as it had
been in the past. It was honestly a nice change of pace, but I craved a different man. I
craved warm, emerald green eyes instead of cold, steely black ones. I craved soft, loving
caresses and feather light kisses, over a man who would cause me pain just to get
himself off. The truth wasI craved Edward, and I didn't know how long my resolve to
stay away from him would hold up.
I decided to put it to the test the next day at the club. Aro had sent Alec and his men on
an errand, so I knew we wouldn't have to worry about prying eyes. When he walked into
Breaking Dawn and straight back to his office, I made my way to the bar to get him a
whiskey. I was scheduled to dance to Hot For Teacher by Van Halen in an hour, so I was
dressed the part in a very short plaid skirt and a collared, button up shirt which was
unbuttoned and tied in a knot just below my boobs to show my black, lacy bra and
ample cleavage. To finish off the outfit, I wore white fishnet stockings and a pair of black
and white, Mary Jane style, 5 inch fuck me heels. I knew I looked damn hot, and I was
proud of that fact as I strutted my way toward Edward's office.
When I got to the door, it was partially open, and I could hear Jane speaking to Edward
in what I assumed was meant to be a seductive tone. "Oh, come on, Eddie! You know I
suck cock better than anyone here. Let me help relieve some of your tension, Baby," she
offered in her nasally voice. I risked a peek through the door and saw that little whore
on her knees in front of Edward, reaching for his belt buckle.
My heart skipped a beat until I saw him push Jane's hands away and stand up to get
away from her. "Goddammit, Jane! I fucking said NO! I don't need you to suck my cock.
Shit, I don't WANT you to suck my cock! Get the fuck off your knees and out of my
office." With that, I backed away from the door and quickly went into the locker room.
Jane stormed in a few seconds later, and I swear she looked possessed, but I didn't say
a word. She didn't notice me standing there, so I walked right back out and into
Edward's office, closing the door behind me.
"Good evening, Edward. I thought you could probably use a whiskey," I said in greeting
when he looked up at the sound of the door closing. His eyes were traveling over every
inch of my body, lingering longer than was appropriate on my exposed legs and chest.
Secretly, I was flattered and felt my stomach tighten in need for this man, but I couldn't
let him see my weakness for him. Instead, I cleared my throat harshly and spoke.
"Edward! I know I've said this before, but I'm up here," I said, snapping my fingers by
my face.
His eyes immediately met mine, and I could see the lust in them. "Hello, Isabella. What
can I do to youum, for you this evening?"
Holy hell! I was going to spontaneously combust if he kept looking at me like he wanted
to devour me. "I, uh, brought you some whiskey, like I said. I'm scheduled to dance in a
bit, but I'm on break right now and haven't seen you come out of your office all night, so
I thought I'd bring you a drink."
His eyes landed on the tumbler in my hand, filled with his favorite amber colored liquid,
and then drifted up to my exposed cleavage. He licked his lips, and I was instantly
aroused. Shit! I wasn't ready to face him and I knew that now. I needed to get outside
and get some fresh air as quickly as possible, or I would find myself straddling his lap,
begging him to fuck me again. Maybe I really wasn't any better than the other whores in
this place.
Without another word, I set the glass on the corner of his desk and exited the room
quickly. I made it into the alley outside and sank down against the wall. I couldn't
breathe; I couldn't think. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest that I thought it
would punch its way through.
I'm not sure how long I sat there, but it couldn't have been long before the back door
opened and someone joined me. I knew by the change in the air that it was Edward; it
had to be. No one else affected me like he did, and the night I spent with him only
intensified the feeling.
"Isabella? Are you okay?" he asked as he took a seat next to me, pulling his smokes out
of his jacket pocket.
I shrugged noncommittally, because I really wasn't okay. I didn't know what the fuck
was wrong with me, or what I was supposed to do about it. I thought I was strong, but
when it came to Edward, I was as week as a newborn baby.
"I'm fine," I finally said after a few moments of silence.
"You don't look fine," he commented immediately, handing me his cigarette and tapping
another out of his pack.
I took a long drag and let the smoke permeate my lungs. When I needed oxygen, I
released the tainted breath and sucked in a lungful of the air around me. The nicotine
calmed me down infinitesimally, but I was still one big ball of nerves. "Just been a long
few days, I guess." I knew it was a crock of shit, but I couldn't tell him the truth. I
couldn't admit to this man that he was all I thought about anymore, all I dreamed about,
all I wanted. I knew if I did, my resolve would weaken, and I'd allow myself to do
something stupid that would cost us both our lives.
Edward looked at me closely for what seemed like an eternity before pulling a long drag
from his cigarette, finally breaking eye contact. He sighed heavily, releasing a whoosh of
smoke, before he said anything. "Yeah, I know what you mean." I highly doubted he
knew what I meant, but I didn't tell him that. Instead, I took another long pull of my
smoke and sat in the silence of the night. Well, as silent as it could get in Chicago, that
Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to say something. "Edward, can I ask you a
question?" I turned to meet his gaze, which quickly became teasing.
"You just did."
"Alright, smart ass! That's not what I meant, and you know it!" That was so typical of
Edward to say, but I couldn't control the pull of my lips as they lifted into a smile. The
tension seemed to melt away, and for that I was grateful.
"Isabella, you can ask me anything," he said in a soft tone that held an undercurrent to
it. I wasn't sure what it was exactly, but it sounded a lot like longing.
I inhaled the sweet smoke once again, and then let out a deep breath before asking the
question that had been plaguing me. "Why do you keep turning Jane down when she
offers to give you head?"
His eyes met mine and darkened with lust. "Because there's only one set of lips I ever
want wrapped around my cock again, and they don't belong to that slut."
I was shocked at the look of pure desire on his face, and the pull between us intensified.
It was so strong, I couldn't fight it anymore. I found myself leaning closer and closer to
him, until our lips were only a breath apart. My eyes traveled down to his mouth, and I
watched as his tongue poked out to wet his skin. I did the same, and then looked back
up into his eyes. This was so wrong, but I couldn't stop it. My body was acting on its own
now, blocking out any sense of reason.
"EdEdward, Iwe" I couldn't even form a sentence, my mind was so clouded.
He brought his right hand up to cradle my face as he stared into my eyes. "Shh," he
shushed me. "I know." He leaned in just the slightest bit and was about to kiss me when
the back door to the club opened with a bang. The noise caused us both to jerk apart,
but I knew Angela saw more than she should have when her eyes just about popped out
of her head as she looked at us.
"Um, Bella? You're on in five, so I wanted to come find you. Are you ready?"
I stood up quickly, brushing off my skirt and tossing my cigarette to the ground. "Yep!" I
said with a bit too much eagerness. "Let's go! See you later, Edward. Thanks for the
"Anytime, Isabella," he replied easily. I could feel his eyes boring into my backside as
Ang and I walked back into the club and the door shut behind us.
"What the fuck was that?!" she whisper-yelled once she had pulled me into the locker
room and made sure it was empty.
"What was what?" I tried and failed to act like I didn't know what she was talking about.
"Don't you dare try to feed me that bullshit, Isabella. I know you better than anyone
here. You were about to kiss Edward, weren't you?" she demanded.
You know that old expression 'like a deer in the headlights'? Well, I was the deer, and
Angela was the car barreling toward me at seventy miles an hour. "Ang, can we talk
about this later, please? I need to get out to the stage for my set," I begged.
Ang raised a bitch-brow at me and tapped her foot. "You bet your sweet ass we'll be
talking about this later!" she hissed. "And I want the whole fucking story; do you
understand me?"
Normally, Angela was very laid back, but she could be scary as hell when she wanted to
be. Right now was obviously one of those times. With my tail sufficiently tucked between
my legs, I met her gaze and nodded. "The whole story, I promise." With that, I left the
locker room and took my place on the stage.
It had been three days since the near kiss, and I had successfully avoided speaking to
Edward. I had made it a point to stay as far away from him as possible, and it seemed to
be working so far.
With Alec still off on Aro's errand, I was able to have lunch with Ang the following day,
and I told her everything.
I admitted to her that Alec had gambled me away on the roll of a die, and that I had
spent the night with Edward before he left on his business trip. I told her that night I had
had the most incredible sex of my entire life, and that I couldn't get Edward out of my
head. I explained about why I was off the last week and what Alec had done to me, and
the subsequent beating he took from his father because of it. I told her about how
Edward found out somehow and went off on Alec the night he got back, which is what
caused Alec's broken nose. We laughed together over how I 'reset' his nose for him.
Finally, I told her about the alley and the pull I felt for Edward.
"Holy shit, girl! You're in love with him!" she squealed when I had finally finished my
"Goddammit, Ang! Keep it down, will ya? Someone could be listening!" I hissed at her.
"Sorry," she said, properly chastised, "I just can't believe it! Do you know what Alec will
do when he finds out?"
I sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of my nose. "Yes, Ang, which is why he can
never find out," I explained. I wanted to deny the fact that I was in love with Edward,
but I knew she'd see right through me and that there would be no point.
"Alright, then we need a plan," she whispered as she leaned in closer to me.
We spent an hour that afternoon coming up with a plan to avoid Edward. I knew it
wouldn't be easy, but if it saved our lives, it would be worth it.
Later that afternoon, I found myself at the club again. It was a Friday, so we were
expecting some major crowds. Aro had hired two extra bouncers while Edward was in
Brazil to come in on the weekends, so I felt more comfortable dancing when it was busy.
After that last incident had shaken me to the core, Aro agreed that we needed better
I was in the locker room getting ready for the evening. My outfit consisted of skin-tight
leather pants that were laced at the thighs and had a faux studded belt built in and a
black leather V-neck halter top that tied around the neck and laced up in the back. To
top off the outfit, I had on a pair of black, strappy 4 inch stilettos that were adorned with
studs that matched my top and pants.
I was dancing to I Love Rock 'N' Roll by Joan Jett, but my clothes were inspired by the
outfit Brittney Spears wore in her music video of the song. I felt so incredibly sexy, and
my confidence was soaring as I did my makeup all dark and smoky.
When it was almost time for my song, I took my spot backstage. I would be using the
pole for the first part of the song tonight, but for the second part, I planned on engaging
the audience a little more driving them wild, so to speak, to draw in better tips.
When Jane finished her striptease, the club went wild and I couldn't help but roll my
eyes. You just wait, gentlemenyou ain't seen nothin' yet, I thought to myself. I was
counting on making over two grand in tips tonight to hide away for when I made my
escape, and I was willing to pull out all the stops in order to make it happen. I had to get
out of Chicago and as far away from Edward and Alec as I could. That was one thing Ang
and I had agreed on.
The lights died down, and when they did, it was like someone hit the mute button. The
boisterous club from moments before was now so silent you could hear a pin drop. That
was my cue to take my spot center stage, and I did so arrogantly. I had this tonight, and
nothing was going to stand in my way.
Garrett hit play, and immediately, the first two notes of the guitar filled the room as the
spotlights flickered, casting a strobe-light effect on me as I began to move with a slight
shake of my hips. When Joan's voice filled the room, I added my arms, reaching above
my head before sliding my backside seductively down the pole.
As the song went on, I continued to grind myself against the pole, both front and back,
driving the men in the club wild. When the chorus started to play, I turned my back to
the crowd and reached up high on the pole, making sure my grip was firm. When I was
sure I wouldn't fall, I hoisted myself up so I was straddling the pole at shoulder height,
and clenched my thighs together so I could release my hands. One of the reasons I liked
to wear these pants was so that I could do small tricks like this occasionally, instead of
just rubbing up and down, and spinning around the pole.
When I was sure I wasn't going to plummet to the ground, I leaned my head all the way
back and smiled at the crowd, who was going absolutely nuts. Every man in this place
knew the muscle strength and control it took to hang upside down on the pole using just
your legs I could tell by the amazed and wanton looks on their faces.
I ran my hands down my body, over my tits, which were practically falling out of my
halter, and to the pole below me. Once I had a firm grip, I loosened my legs and, using
all my upper body strength, straightened them out above me so I was parallel to the
pole. I held the position for a few seconds, and then slowly started to bend my waist and
lower my legs back to the ground so I was facing the pole once more. The club exploded
when I shook my ass at them before whipping around the pole to face them.
Now well into the second verse of the song, and right before the second chorus, I
wrapped my knee around the pole and used it to guide me to the ground effortlessly as I
twirled around it. Once I was on my knees, I moved away from the pole on all fours,
slinking toward the edge of the stage to the beat of the music.
I stopped with about a foot to spare, smiling as all the men started reaching and
grabbing for me, and knowing that they weren't allowed to touch me. I felt safe, I felt
confident, and I felt so fucking sexy as the bills started piling up on the wooden floor in
front of me.
I continued to prowl back and forth across the platform, licking my lips and teeth
seductively, and giving the front row my best 'bedroom' eyes so they would fork over
more cash. I was taking no prisoners tonight. I wanted all their money, and by god, I
was going to get what I wanted.
Just as the song was about to end, all hell broke loose. I felt myself being pulled toward
the edge of the stage before I ever even saw the guy make a move. I tried to fight him
off, but he was drunk and way too strong for me, and before I knew it, his left hand was
on the back of my neck, pulling me closer toward him while his right hand found its way
into my halter and was groping my boob. I tried to scream for security, but the moment
I opened my mouth, he covered my lips with his and shoved his tongue down my throat.
I was powerless to stop it from happening, and scared of what might happen next. If
security didn't get here soon, the crowd would probably end up pulling me from the
stage and ripping my clothes off, all vying to get a chance at me.
The drunk fucker released his hold on me to get some much needed air, and the
moment he did, I let out a high-pitched shriek for security. When I felt the man being
forcefully pulled away, I thought they had arrived. To say I was surprised to look up at
an enraged Edward right before he punched the other guy in the face causing him to
spit blood and probably two or three teeth would be an understatement.
I scrambled to my feet and moved toward them as Edward punched the guy again, this
time in the stomach. The rage that consumed his features was something I had never
seen before, and it scared me. When I saw Edward reaching behind him to pull out his
piece, I knew it was time to step in.
"Edward Cullen! What the FUCK do you think you're doing? The asshole is drunk; he
doesn't deserve to be shot for that!"
Edward's eyes locked with mine, and I could see the possessive fury lighting up their
depths. I knew he was just trying to protect me he always did but this was taking it
too far. I wasn't his to protect. Aro had paid for extra bouncers for exactly this reason,
and it was their job to watch out for me, not Edward's.
"Edward, put your fucking gun away, now, and let security deal with this!" He looked
taken aback when I screamed at him. Anyone who knew Edward Cullen knew that the
man had a short fuse, and yelling at him was the last thing a person should do if they
wanted to walk away with their life. Yet that was exactly what I had done.
"But, B...Isabella, he was practically trying to rape you in front of everyone!"
I could see the anger flash in his eyes, but I knew I couldn't back down. This needed to
end once and for all. "Well, that's not your fucking problem, is it? I'm not your girl,
Edward! I belong to Alec. If anyone is going to kill that fucker, it will be him, not you." I
gestured to the man now in restraints as security was leading him out of the club. "It
was sweet at first that you're so chivalrous, Edward, but now it's just getting old. You
need to stay the fuck away from me and let security do their job!"
I watched as his eyes widened at my words before they turned hard. Yes, I had
successfully pissed him off. The only question waswould it be enough to get him to
back away for good?
Chapter 7
I was well and truly fucked.
I got back after the disastrous night at Breaking Dawn, shaking with tension. Why was
Isabella so fucking desirable? Every greedy fucker was watching her, wanting to take her
home with them. I should have known one of them wouldn't keep their hands to
I needed to fucking hit something. No, scratch that: I need to fuck Isabella Swanagain.
That would calm my tension. I needed to ram my dick so hard in to that sweet fucking
pussy of hers, that my dick would leave a fucking imprint. But that was never going to
happen. I couldn't put our lives in danger just for the sake of my dick! Fuck!
Isabella didn't think she needed my goddamn help! She fucking did, and deep down,
Isabella knew it, too. Every fucker in that club wanted a piece of her tonight. I had to
control my breathing just thinking about that fucker who had groped her and stuck his
tongue down her throat. I should have killed him. What gave him the right to think he
could even touch her?!
She'd been driving me insane for the last two weeks, and was even making my job
difficult. I needed to focus, but all I kept seeing was her.
What was Isabella doing to me? I couldn't even think straight. Visions of the way she
moved up and down the pole clouded my every thought. The way her breasts bounced
as she danced, the sway of her hips, her fucking wild hair. Fuck, I wanted it all. I wanted
to devour her. I wanted Isabella Swan to be mine, and it was killing me that it could
never happen.
I was a better man than Alec anyway. Why did he get to have the only woman I wanted?
Argh! I just wanted to fucking scream or drown myself in whiskey. I chose the latter for
tonight. Whiskey was another way to forget what a shithole mess I had got myself into.
"You look like fucking shit, Boss," Emmett muttered, holding the door open to Frankie's
"One more word and I'll break your fucking jaw," I snarled, pushing past him. The boys
could sense that I wasn't in the mood for any teasing today and shut up instantly.
Frankie hadn't paid, even after three weeks of demands. I wouldn't be playing Mr. Nice
Guy, now, that was for sure. Frankie would know this the moment he saw me. I only
came on collection jobs when it was serious.
Maria, Frankie's daughter, was behind the bar as we walked in. Fear crossed her face as
she quickly darted her eyes to her father's office.
"Is Frankie in, Maria?" I asked, taking my glock from my jacket pocket before placing it
on the bar.
"Iumhe" Maria's voice was trembling as I glared at her.
"I don't have time for this shit, Maria," I inhaled, undoing the buttons to my well-tailored
grey suit. "Why don't you do yourself a favor and go and get you father for me?" She
scurried off, sobbing a little as she went. Jasper frowned at me. I knew what he was
thinking. Maria was only a girl, I shouldn't be frightening her. But every girl needed to
realize what the big bad world was really like. I was doing her a favor in the long run.
She should make sure her father pays his damn debts on time in the future!
"Edward," Frankie called nervously. "I was just"
"Cut the fucking crap, Frankie. Where is Aro's money? We've tried collecting four times
already. I'm not leaving without the money today." I took my glock from the bar. "I
don't want to have to make an example of you, but I have had a really bad week and
can't be held responsible for my actions if you tell me you haven't got the money."
"I have half," Frankie stressed. "Please Edward! I can get the rest tomorrow after the
fight at City Limits."
"Who are you betting on?" I asked, placing my glock back in my jacket for the time
being. I hadn't decided if I would shoot his kneecaps yet or not.
"Michael Decoma." Frankie gulped, watching his daughter who was quivering behind
him. Frankie had picked a good fighter. I'd watched Emmett do a few sparring rounds
with him a couple of months back. I'd even put some money down on Michael for
tomorrow myself.
"Okay, is the money out the back?"
"Yes," Frankie breathed in relief, wiping the sweat off his forehead.
"Jasper will go with you to get it." I nodded at Jasper, who followed Frankie out the
back. Maria went to follow her father.
"I need you to stay here, Maria." I ordered, taking a seat on one of the bar stools. "I
would like a whiskey."
"Certainly," Maria quaked, rushing to the bar. She was all fingers and thumbs, shaking
and breaking a few glasses before finally pouring my drink.
"If your father has the money, he will be fine, Maria." I told her.
"Please don't hurt him," Maria pleaded as she handed me a glass of whiskey. Her eyes
were like pure chocolate, and instantly it made me think of Isabella. Fuck it, not while I
was working.
"I'm just following orders, Maria. Your father shouldn't borrow money if he can't afford to
pay it back. We've already given him three chances."
"I know what it means when you come to collect, Edward. Please, I'll give you anything,
even myself if that would mean something to you." It was clear Maria was a virgin. She
couldn't have been a day over eighteen, if that.
"I'm flattered, Maria," I choked into my glass, "but you shouldn't go around
offering that to just anyone."
"I wasn't. I"
"Your father has until tomorrow after the fight to pay up, don't worry," I interrupted,
downing my whiskey as Jasper and Frankie appeared again. Jazz gave me the nod,
telling me we'd gotten half of the money.
"I'll see you at the club tomorrow, Frankie," I replied, dusting off my suit. "I trust there
will be no further problems after tomorrow night."
"Should I find you?"
"Oh, no," I replied, giving him a deadly smirk. "We will come and find you. I don't want
you spending all your winnings, do I?" Frankie shook his head nervously as the boys and
I left.
"You do realize that you just missed a chance to fuck a virgin, don't you, Edward? That
Maria was practically offering herself on a platter to you." I shot Emmett a look. "Aren't
you into virgins?"
"No, I'm fucking not!" What the fuck did Emmett take me for?
"I'd have fucked her."
"That's where you differ from Edward, Emmett," Jasper smirked. "Edward likes the more
experienced woman." Too fucking right I did. Isabella was a class all of her own. I still
couldn't believe we had almost kissed the other night.
Isabella wanted me. I sensed it in her body. The way her breathing changed just before
our lips had almost touched. Fuck, I wanted to taste those lips again.
"Edward," Jasper hit my chest. Shit, had I been daydreaming again? "What's next?"
"That's it for you boys today. I'm going to go for a run now, and I have a meeting with
Aro later. I am hoping I'll find out why he sent Alec away for a few days."
Emmett and Jasper nodded before taking their leave.
I plugged my ear phones in before I began to run. I found a lot of tranquillity in running,
and as the sounds of Otis Reading's Love Man filled my ears, I let my feet carry me. This
man's music relaxed me more than anything. I ran, pushing myself faster and faster,
trying to clear the images of Isabella from my head, but it didn't matter how much I
tried I couldn't get her off my mind. She was consuming my every thought. This was
all so new to me, and I had to admit, it was scaring the shit out of me. I couldn't shake
her off like I'd done before I had fucked her. It was easier back when I didn't know
exactly what I was missing.
I carried on, pushing myself faster and faster, hoping at some point during my run my
mind would change. It didn't, though. What the fuck was happening to me?
"We want you to take over the east side of Chicago, Edward." Aro explained as I sat
across from him and his two brothers, Marcus and Caius.
"But that's Alec's district," I frowned. "If you want this animosity to settle between the
two of us, do you really think it's wise?"
"Edward, Alec is losing us money and control. We have to act before someone takes
over. That is, if someone isn't already trying to take over" Aro commented. "Have you
had any luck finding a lead on thisJacob Black?" I shook my head. Whoever this Jacob
Black was working for, they were good at covering their tracks.
"My brother is right; Alec may be blood, but it's you we trust to get things done. Alec
has let the east side run wild. It's no wonder other gangs are breaking through," Marcus
commented, taking a deep puff on his cigar.
"You trust thisthis street rat?!" Caius seethed, glaring at me. I'd never been Caius'
favorite person. I wasn't bonded by blood, so that apparently meant I had no true
loyalty. "I still think you should give your boy one last chance, Aro. Perhaps Alec would
perform better if you believed in him."
"I've given Alec enough chances!" Aro bellowed before smiling warmly at me. "Edward,
will you accept?"
"If that is what you truly want, Aro, then I accept," I replied proudly. All the high
dealings were on the east side of Chicago. I felt honored that Aro trusted me that much,
but I also knew this would be a final straw for Alec.
"It is," Aro grinned, clapping his hands. "So, that's settled. You can take over on
Monday. I must warn you, though, there is much to be done." I nodded and couldn't
ignore the daggers Caius was shooting at me.
I had to go over to the club before I headed down town to fight night. I would be taking
over Alec's runners in the east district, and had asked Jasper to meet me at Breaking
Dawn so he could start to inform them tonight.
"East district?" Jasper gasped. "Does Alec know about this?"
"No, but at least we know why Aro sent him away," I murmured, opening my safe and
taking out my Glock G19. I needed a slightly more compact gun for the fight club,
something that would go unnoticed. This gun only took 9x19mm bullets, but handled
just as well as my normal glock. "I need you to contact all of Alec's runners."
"So I'm not going to fight night then?" Jasper smirked.
"Maybe next month," I grinned, throwing him some spare bullets from my safe. "Take
Tyler or Eric with you. They're at the bar." Drooling over Isabella I suspect, I thought as
my hand twitched on my gun. Fuck it; I needed to get a grip! Isabella was a dancer,
men were supposed to look at her.
"Sure thing, Boss." Jasper left without another word.
Emmett was already at City Limits, checking for trouble. He was a lot like me and
enjoyed a good fight. I had actually hired him because he almost won a street fight with
me years ago when I had been known as 'Brawler.'
I slipped my glock into my suit jacket and left my office.
Fucking God damn fate! As soon as I walked into the hallway, Isabella was there, sipping
a bottle of water. She must have just come off the stage; her body was glistening in
sweat. I gulped as I watched the beads of sweat trickle down her perfect tits that were
hoisted up in a black halter top. I licked my lips, imagining how it would taste if I drove
my tongue into her cleavage while I ripped that fucking top off her body. It wouldn't
have taken much to get those fuck-hot leather pants off her, either. I'd leave the black
high heels on, though. I loved the feeling of her heels digging into my ass while I fucked
the shit out of her sweet pussy. That wall behind her was sturdy: that would do.
"Edward," Isabella hit my chest. Fuck, she was standing right in front of me now. How
the hell did she get there? "Are you trying to get us both killed?"
"What?" I glared.
"You were just eye fucking me again!" Oh shit! What the fuck was wrong with me? "I
meant what I said. I don't need you to look out for me, and I sure as hell don't need all
this fucking attention!"
I saw red, opening my office door again and dragging her inside.
"You'd rather I let any fucker in this club grope you?" I seethed, pushing her roughly
against my door as I closed it, but not hard enough to hurt her. I could never hurt
"I have security for that!" she yelled, pushing my chest back. I was pressed right up
against her. "Get the fuck off me, Edward!" she complained.
"Yeah, some good they are!"
"You hired them!"
"No, I didn't"
"You need to forget our night. We fucked, that's it!" Isabella snarled, interrupting me
while running her hands through her hair. Fuck, I loved her hair. It was wild and
untamed, just like her.
"Then why'd we almost kissed the other night?" I mused, trying to take a step closer. I
knew she was fighting her desire for me. It was written all over her body.
"Didn't you listen to a single word I said last night? I'm not your girl, Edward!" Isabella
fumed. Fuck me, if it wasn't the sexiest thing I had ever seen. My dick was throbbing to
be inside her. "You need to stop all this shit!"
"You don't want me to be all heroic?" I gave her my panty-dropping smile, hoping it
might work this time.
"No, I don't. Leave me the fuck alone!" Isabella seethed, turning on her sexy heels and
heading for my door, but I pulled her back. Fuck me, my dick was trying to break
through my pants. She must have known how incredible gorgeous she looked.
"Please, Bella," I begged. Bella, what the fuck?
The expression on her beautiful face began to change until all I saw was loathing. "Don't
you ever call me that name again, Edward! You have no right! I gave you one night to
call me Bella. You don't get any other chances!" she roared with a fury that almost
knocked me off my feet. I had thoroughly pissed her off and didn't even make an
attempt to stop her from storming out of my office.
"Boss, where have you been?" Emmett asked when I finally arrived at City Limits.
"Don't ask!" I growled, getting the waitress' attention. I was Edward Cullen it didn't
take long until a leggy blonde came my way.
The club was packed. Everyone was gathered around the ring below. High society
clientele like me, however, had access to the upstairs balcony area.
Most of the faces I recognized, but there were a few new faces that bothered me. Three
tanned, burly men sat in the corner of the balcony deep in conversation as they gazed
over at me.
"Do we know anything about those three fuckers in the corner?" I muttered to Emmett
as I downed my whiskey.
"Just that they are from out of town Miami, I think." Emmett was always one for
stating the obvious. "I'm already watching them, Boss."
The first few fights were pretty slow. They just danced around the ring, hardly battling.
In my opinion it wasn't a good fight unless blood was spilt. Marcus joined us a few fights
in with some of his men. I had a few of my own runners circling down near the ring, and
a few upstairs with Emmett and me. I wasn't taking any chances tonight. There were
some vicious characters here tonight.
"Does this bring back memories, Edward?" Marcus chuckled, patting me on the back. "I
still remember Aro and myself watching you fight all those years ago."
"It strangely feels like home," I admitted, noticing my fighter, Michael, was up next.
Finally, some action.
Michael Decoma was a good fighter. He had pace and wasn't afraid to take a punch if it
meant he could aim for a weakness on his opponent. Plus, there was blood, and lots of
it. It went through to six rounds until he finally got a knock out. Emmett's lead had
clearly been right. I'd doubled my money, and more importantly, Frankie would be able
to pay up.
"Can you get Mickey? He needs to get Frankie to pay up. He'll spend it if we don't act
quickly," I ordered Emmett.
"Hey, Edward," a female voice called from behind me. I turned to see that it was
Marcus's daughter, Heidi. I'd fucked this woman at least six times in the last two years,
and still she wouldn't get off my dick.
"Good evening, Heidi," I smiled and kissed her hand; I had to make Marcus think I was a
gentleman, even when really I wasn't. I had fucked his daughter over his desk last year.
Not my finest hour, but Heidi had begged me. "You're looking as lovely as ever."
"When are you two going to admit your feelings for each other? Edward, you know I
want you as my son-in-law," Marcus laughed. Fuck, I think I'd rather be shot. Heidi was
Miss Fake from her nails to her tits. I liked my women real, wild and with beautiful
chocolate brown eyes. Isabella Swan to be precise!
I chuckled, trying to brush Marcus' comment off as a joke when really, I knew he was
being serious. "If you'll excuse me," I replied, noticing Emmett make his way towards
me. Something was wrong.
"What is it?" I asked as Emmett reached me. He was shaking with tension.
"The fucking Rivera brothers were shouting their mouths off. They say Frankie's money
is theirs. He owes them, too."
"Do they know I'm here?" I questioned. The Rivera brothers weren't a threat they
were little boys compared to me. Emmett grinned, shaking his head. I knew he was
thinking the same as me. Perhaps it was time to show the Rivera brothers who owned
these streets.
The brothers were currently outside the club shouting their mouths off at Frankie.
Emmett had already collected the money from Frankie, so they were wasting their
"Is there a problem, Frankie?" I called, undoing my jacket. Emmett and I had brought a
few of our runners with us in case there was any further trouble after we sorted the
Rivera brothers out.
Both brothers froze as they spotted me. "No, thank you, Edward," Frankie gulped,
looking away.
"You haven't been borrowing money again have you, Frankie? What would Maria say?" I
shook my head in disappointment.
"Frankie borrowed from us first. That money you collected is ours!" one of the brothers
yelled, trying to make a lunge for me. I stepped out of the way, slamming my knee hard
into his stomach. These boys never did learn.
"You fucker," the other Rivera brother snarled, watching his brother roll around on the
floor in agony. He began to pull out his gun, but I threw my fist into his face first. This
motherfucker wasn't playing fair. We would be settling this with our fists. I took my
jacket off, rolling up my selves while he did the same. This brother was a little tougher
than the other, and it took a lot of wresting around and quite a few punches to knock
him down. By the time I did, there was quite a gathering around us. Edward Cullen
didn't fight with his fists anymore, but I was so worked up by my current situation with
Isabella, that I needed to let off some steam. Unfortunately, the Riveras were my
unlucky victims. The other brother was still rolling around on the floor while I waited for
his stocky brother to get back up.
The bulkier one got up one more time, spitting blood and asking if that was all I had. He
got a few shots in, but it didn't hurt. I landed my final blow, smashing him hard across
the face. It was a classic final boxing knock out as he fell face first onto the ground.
"Don't make me fucking kill you!" I roared, panting as the adrenaline surged through
me. "Stay the fuck down!" The brother nodded, clutching his face and stomach.
I turned around to the crowd watching me. Heidi was gazing at me like a bitch in heat. I
don't think so, Sweetheart. You're not humping any part of me tonight. "Shows over
everyone!" I yelled, watching the crowd quickly disburse. "And Frankie, you owe me," I
smirked, wiping my bloodied lip. He nodded before rushing off.
Marcus stood with his daughter and Emmett.
"Good one, Brawler," Emmett grinned, handing me my jacket.
"Fuck, that felt good," I exhaled.
"That fight was better than the ones inside this club," Marcus chuckled. "It's nice to see
you haven't lost your touch, Edward."
"You can never show any weakness, Marcus," I smirked. "You and Aro taught me that."
"You have a strength inside you that belongs to a leader, Edward," Marcus mused as he
started to walk off. "I've always thought that, and Aro is starting to see it, too."
"I don't want to lead, Marcus."
"There might come a time when you won't have any choice!" he hollered over his
shoulder while helping Heidi back in to the club. I wasn't going to get in to this again. I
wasn't a fucking leader!
I got back to my apartment later that night and put my hand in ice. I knew my knuckles
would swell in the morning, but fuck, it felt so good letting some of the aggression out.
It didn't stop me from jerking off to thoughts of Isabella, though.
I imagined pressing my lips against hers as desire pulsed through the both of us. I
ripped her fucking halter top clean off her body in one swift movement and suckled on
those perfect tits of hers while I worked her out of her pants. I pictured Isabella before
me in nothing but her fuck hot heels, and then I slammed my dick in her hot pussy over
and over as I held her against my office door. It was a fucking beautiful daydream.
I came harder than I had in weeks at those visions.
I needed to find a different past time. It was clear I was fucking obsessed with Isabella
Swan and needed to get a motherfucking grip!
Chapter 8
After I stormed out of Edward's office, I went to the locker room, grabbed my purse, and
made my way outside. I needed a cigarette, and fast. My heart was hammering in my
chest, and I wanted so badly to march back in there and kiss Edward with everything I
had to somehow prove to myself that there was nothing between us. When he called
me Bella, I was torn. Part of me was thrilled at hearing it come from his lips, while the
rest of me was livid. He didn't have a right to call me that anymore, and I should never
have asked him to in the first place. It was too personal too much the real me. The
me I refused to let anyone in this town get to know because I feared they would use it to
break me.
I can't tell you how long I spent outside in the alley, soaking up the cool night air. Most
people would have frozen their asses off, especially if they were dressed like me, but I
couldn't care less. If my body was cold, I didn't feel it. All I felt was the thundering of my
heart and the nicotine as it worked its way into my system. I was too wound up to go
back inside afraid I would run into Edward againafraid of what would happen if I did.
I was losing the battle with myself to keep fighting. My heart and body were gaining
control of my mind and senses, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in
to him completely.
After my fifth or sixth smoke, my pack was empty and I was finally starting to feel the
bite of the cold. Reluctantly, I made my way to the back door of the club and inside to
the locker room. As I passed by Edward's office, I was relieved that he wasn't there; the
door was closed and the room was dark. Edward had already left, which I was thankful
for. Maybe whatever powers were above were finally giving me a break.
"There you are, girl! You missed your slot so Ang took it for you. Where were you?" Jess
asked, concern lacing her tone.
I wasn't in the mood for conversation, so I kept it brief. "Out back. I just needed some
time to think, and I couldn't do that in here."
"Anything you want to talk about?" she asked. One of the things I liked about Jess was
that she was truly a good person. Yes, she was sort of a slut who had a reputation
around the club about how good she could suck cock, but she truly had a heart of gold. I
trusted her, and I knew I could talk to her about what was going on. The problem was
that I wasn't ready to yet. I didn't want anyone to know I was falling for Edward,
because then it wouldn't just be the two of us in danger, it would be anyone that knew
about it and didn't say anything. I couldn't do that to JessI couldn't do that to anyone.
With a slight shrug of my shoulders and a smile on my face, I turned to her. "Thanks,
but it's just some shit I need to sort through on my own."
"Alright; well, let me know if you change your mind. You know I'm always here for you,
She walked up and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I wanted to spill
my guts to her right then, but I refrained. If I was going to tell someone, it couldn't
happen in Aro's club where anyone could be watching.
"I know. Thanks, Jessfor everything."
"No need to thank me. Alright, I'm heading out to the stage. I'm up next!" With that,
Jess walked out the door and left me to my thoughts.
A minute later, Ang came into the room. "Hey, B. We didn't know where you were, so I
took your slot. I figured you could take mine in twenty minutes. Two of the new dancers
are on after Jess, and then I was supposed to go, but the crowd out there is probably
sick of seeing me."
I laughed and smacked at her shoulder. "I highly doubt that, Ang, but if you're sure it's
okay, then yeah, I'll take the slot. I'm heading home after that, though. I need to do
some thinking, and that's not going to happen while I'm here."
"I understand that," Ang said as she gave me a hug. "I'm going to head out soon myself.
When is Alec getting back from where ever he is?"
I shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes. "I don't know, and honestly, I don't care
right now. We can talk about it later though. Are you free for breakfast tomorrow?"
Angela nodded while answering, "Yep. The usual place?" I nodded, so she continued. "Is
ten okay? You know how I hate getting up early."
I had to laugh because Ang was a bitch if she had to wake up earlier than nine. "Ten's
fine. I'll see you in the morning."
"See ya," she responded, skipping off to take a quick shower and change before heading
The next thirty minutes were a blur. I got up, danced my number, and luckily, security
did their job. No one came near me, for which I was grateful. After collecting my tips
from the stage, I made my way to the locker room, slipped on my leather jacket,
grabbed my purse, and headed out. Dancing usually helped me clear my head, but that
didn't happen tonight. I had a major headache coming on, and all I wanted to do is curl
up in my bed and sleep.
When I got home, the mansion was quiet so I went straight up to the bathroom. I took
my time in the shower, and when I got out, I tossed on a thin, silk camisole and a
matching pair of sleep shorts. I didn't know where Aro was, but I knew he was
somewhere nearby; he always was, and he always seemed to watch over me. Instead of
that thought creeping me out, it brought me a strange sense of peace as I drifted off to
sleep, dreaming of the one man I couldn't have but so desperately wanted.
The next morning, I woke up earlier than I wanted to and was in dire need of coffee and
a smoke. I made my way down to the kitchen, but paused outside Aro's office when I
heard him talking.
"Marcus told me what happened last night, Edward. You look like shit." I heard a
humorless laugh before Aro continued. "How's your hand?"
"I've had worse," Edward responded, and I could just picture him shrugging his
shoulders and playing it off. He was such a tough guy all the time.
Not wanting to listen to anything else, I made my way silently to the kitchen to start my
coffee. A few minutes later, I was sitting at the table, enjoying my caffeine fix when
Edward walked in. Aro wasn't kidding when he said he looked like shit, either. He had a
black eye and a busted lip, but it was more than that. When he saw me, his shoulders
slumped like a man who knew he had been defeated, and the sight of it made my chest
constrict painfully.
"I'm sorry to bother you, Isabella. I'm just here to get some more ice for my hand and
then I'll be out of your way." He didn't even look at me as he spoke. Instead, he kept his
head down and walked right up to the fridge. My demands for him to leave me alone
obviously worked a little too well, and it made me sick to think I'd somehow hurt him.
He was no longer radiating energy and cockiness; he was displaying resignation and
hopelessness. I had done that to him I had broken his spirit and put out his flame.
Knowing that it was my fault broke my heart.
Without conscious thought, I rose from my place at the table and grabbed a dishtowel
from the sink before approaching him. I needed to fix this to fix Edward. The man in
front of me was a stranger, not the man I secretly fell in love with. Wordlessly, I took
the bag of cold peas from him and wrapped the dishtowel around it before leading him
back to the table.
I could feel his eyes burning into me as I turned back to the coffee pot to pour him a
cup. He didn't say anything, and the tension in the air was almost suffocating. Knowing
this was entirely my fault, I took a deep breath and then turned around to face him.
"Isa" We both started at the same time and then stopped. Edward's lips twisted in a
small smile as he motioned for me to continue.
"I'm sorry, Edward. I didn't mean any of that stuff I said last night; I was just trying to
do what was best for both of us. If we ever did anything behind Alec's back and he ever
found out, he" I let my words trail off as my eyes searched his, silently pleading with
him to understand why I'd done what I had.
His eyes softened a little as he returned my gaze, and for a split second, I saw a flash of
what looked like hope. "What do you want, Isabella?"
Without hesitating, I answered him. "You, Edward, I want you, but it can't happen. We
can't happen. As much as we may want it to, as much as we both want to relive that
night, we can't. We'd be signing our own death certificates if we allowed it. I don't want
that for you, Edward. You deserve so much more than that."
"What if I don't want better? I can't get you off my mind, Isabella. You're all I think
about. Fuck! I haven't even let the girls at the club suck my dick because all I can think
about is you. You've ruined me for other women. It was supposed to be the other way
around, but it's not. I can't stop thinking about you, and I don't know what to do I
don't know how to control my thoughts or my actions anymore."
He sounded lost and it broke my heart. "I know it's hard, Edward, but you need to
tryfor both our sakes." Without another word, I leaned forward, gently kissed his
swollen hand, then his bruised eye, and then, ever so softly, I kissed his busted lip. It
was my way of showing him that I cared without going too far.
When I pulled away, his eyes were closed and his face was peaceful. The cocky Edward I
knew may not be back, but at least he wasn't the broken man who'd walked into the
kitchen. "Goodbye, Edward. I'll see you around."
He smiled my favorite crooked grin and winked at me. "See you around, Isabella."
With that, I walked out of the kitchen feeling much lighter. Things were finally starting to
look up.
Alec got home from wherever the hell he was a few hours after my conversation with
Edward, and he said that he was taking me out for dinner tonight. He told me I needed
to dress up and be ready by seven because he had reservations. Knowing I didn't have
any choice, I spent the afternoon getting ready for a dinner I was surely going to hate.
It didn't surprise me to find Alec dressed in a tux and waiting for me downstairs. He was
always over the top when it came to everything, but this was a little extravagant even
for him. Something was going on, and I had a feeling I wasn't going to like it.
When the car pulled up outside Rosebud Prime on Dearborn Street, I knew I was right.
Alec helped me out and placed his hand possessively on my lower back as he led me into
the restaurant. The hostess greeted us, looking at Alec appreciatively and blatantly
flirting with him right in front of me. You can have him, Bitch, if you think you can
handle him.
"How may I help you today?" she asked in a sugary sweet voice as she eye-fucked my
Alec was his typical 'charming' self and made me want to roll my eyes. He smiled at her
and leaned in to speak in her ear. "Reservation for Volturi. We have a private room
The waitress giggled like a school girl and smiled. "Of course, Mr. Volturi, right this way."
She led us to a small room in the back of the restaurant. On any other occasion, I would
have thought it was beautiful, but not tonight. Tonight, I knew Alec was up to
something, and it wasn't sitting well with me.
While I took in my surroundings of a single table set for two and brightened with a
beautiful candle-light center piece, Alec pulled out his wallet to tip the hostess. I couldn't
help but notice that he slipped her his card while he was at it. I also couldn't ignore it
when he leaned in and whispered in her ear, causing her to giggle and glance nervously
in my direction. No doubt he was lining himself up another whore on the side.
Rather than confronting him, I chose to ignore it, and instead, took my seat at the table
to wait for him. Almost as soon as I sat down and he joined me, a waiter came to take
our drink order.
"Yes, we'll have a bottle of the Casanova Di NeriTenutaNuova, Brunello Di Montalcino
2004," Alec said after glancing at the wine menu. It was one of the more expensive
Italian wines on the menu, which is probably why Alec chose it. He loved to flaunt his
affluence to everyone around him. The waiter nodded his head and then turned on his
heel to grab the wine.
While he was gone, Alec perused the menu, removing mine from in front of me when I
went to open it. "I'll order for you, Isabella. There's no need for you to look at the menu
I had to bite my tongue to keep from lashing out at him. One of my biggest pet peeves
was when a man didn't let his girlfriend or wife have any say in what she wanted. I was
going to be eating the damn food; it should have been up to me to choose what I
wanted not that arrogant asshole.
Once our orders were placed and the waiter was gone again, Alec turned to me and took
my hand from the table. "My beautiful Isabella, I'm sure you're wondering why I asked
you here tonight." I had to blink my eyes to keep them from rolling at his remark. He
didn't ask me to go anywherehe demanded that I join him. "We've been together for
over two years now, and while we've had our problems, I feel like we are stronger
because of them. Isabella, I want to make this more permanent. I want to know you'll
be at the house every night when I get home from work. I want to see you growing big
with my child, and I want to know you'll never leave me. Will you marry me, Isabella?
Will you give me all of those things?"
Is he fucking serious? I couldn't help the bark of laughter that came out of my mouth
when he asked me to marry him. He obviously didn't find my outburst at all humorous,
and his glare turned deadly. Still, I squared my shoulders and looked him right in the
eye to answer him.
"Alec Volturi, no, I will not marry you. Do you want to know why?" His eyes widened for
a moment before narrowing to slits as he sat there silently. "I won't marry you because
that was the most sorry-ass proposal I think I've heard in my entire life. Marriage is
about love, and the give and take between you and the other person. Your proposal was
completely one-sided. Not once did you tell me you loved me or that you couldn't live
without me. Not once did you tell me what you would give me or make me feel. It was
all about what I would be giving you. Well, I'm done being walked on, Alec. I'm done
watching you flirting with anyone with a pair of tits and a pussy. I will not be used
anymore! If you want to be with me, then it needs to be only me. I will not marry you
only to watch you have a revolving door of goomahs. I can't do that, Alec. I've looked
the other way for too long, but I'm done turning a blind eye.
"I will continue to be your girlfriend, but that's it for now. I know you can't change
overnight, and I don't expect you to. What I do expect is that when I do agree to marry
you, you remain faithful to me. I will give you six months to break it off with all your
whores and straighten up your act. If you're able to do it in that time, then ask me again
and I'll say yes. If you're not, then don't fucking bother!"
I was so mad that I grabbed my wine glass and chugged it before standing up from the
table. "Isabella, where the hell do you think you're going?" Alex hissed as I started
walking to the door. "We haven't even received our food yet."
"I seem to have lost my appetite!" I snapped. "I'm going out to the car to have Felix
take me home. You can stay here if you'd like, but I'm leaving."
With a big huff, Alec pulled out his wallet, pulled several hundred dollar bills out, and
tossed them on the table. Then he turned and followed me out to the waiting car, silently
brooding the whole way home.
To say that my timing for turning Alec down was bad would be the understatement of
the goddamn century. When we arrived home from dinner, Alec stormed into the
mansion and up to his father's study. I made my way to the en suite and started a nice,
hot bubble bath to help relieve some of my tension. While I was in there, I started
thinking about when I could get out. I had plenty of money saved up, and could go
anywhere in the world I wanted to go. I just needed to figure out where that was and
when I would be leaving.
Maybe an hour or so later, I was startled by a loud noise in the adjoining bedroom,
followed by something breaking. Wella lot of somethings breaking, really.
Cautiously, I stepped out of the tub and wrapped myself up in my robe, tying the belt
tightly around my waist. I could hear Alec cussing and continuing on his rampage, so I
tried to slip out of the room as quietly as possible. If he noticed me, he didn't say a
I made my way down to the kitchen and searched through the fridge for something to
eat. I had told Alec that I lost my appetite and I had but now I was starving. I
pulled out the makings for a sandwich and was just starting to put it together when I
heard someone stomping down the stairs. That was followed by a loud crash, and then
the sound of the front door slamming.
I stepped into the foyer and peeked out the window just in time to see Alec climbing into
his Escalade with Felix. Once they were both in, Felix took off like a bat out of hell. I
found it hard to believe that me turning Alec down affected him like that, but wasn't sure
what else could have set him off. Deciding that I didn't really give a shit, I went back to
making my sandwich.
A few minutes later, as I was eating at the dining room table, I heard voices coming
from the other room.
"I wish he were more like you. He destroyed half my house with his little tantrum." Aro
was obviously talking to someone as he descended the stairs.
"You knew giving me the East District wasn't going to go over well, Aro," Edward
What? Aro had taken away the East District from Alec and given it to Edward? No
wonder he was so fucking pissed. First I turned him down, and then this. Wow! I almost
felt bad for the guyalmost.
"Yes, but I hoped he would act a little more mature about the news." I could picture the
frown on Aro's face as he talked. It was always the same when he was disappointed for
some reason. "I'm heading out to meet Caius and Marcus for drinks tonight. I trust you
will keep an eye on things for me here?"
"Of course, Aro," Edward replied. "I'll try to keep Alec from busting anything else if he
comes back. The staff is already going to be livid in the morning when they find the
mess he left for them."
I heard Aro chuckle and then say thank you before the front door opened and closed. I
knew it was wrong of me to listen to their conversation, but I was down here already,
and wasn't about to leave my half eaten sandwich to go back up to the room that Alec
obviously destroyed.
I was just finishing my sandwich when I heard footsteps behind me.
"Hello, Isabella. Late night snack?" Edward questioned as he joined me at the table.
I barked out a laugh. "You could say that," I shrugged. "I didn't really eat earlier, so I
was starving."
Edward's eyes narrowed for a moment before he spoke. "You didn't eat dinner? But I
thought Alec was taking you out tonight?"
"He did take me out, but I walked out on him before the entrees even arrived."
The look on his face would have been funny on any other night, but I wasn't in the mood
to laugh tonight. I was still pissed off about what had transpired at the restaurant.
After some serious coaxing on his part, I told Edward exactly what happened, from Alec
slipping his number to the hostess, to his sorry-as-hell proposal. I caught him glancing
down at my hands several times before he finally gathered his thoughts enough to
"So he asked you to marry him after giving his number to some random chick right in
front of you?" he questioned incredulously.
"Yep," I responded, popping the 'p.'
He shook his head and then glanced down at my hand again. "Didum, what did you
Was it my imagination, or did Edward look almost defeated? Without even thinking about
what I was doing, I moved my hands to his and gave them a gentle squeeze. "I told him
no," I whispered, looking into his eyes as he stared at our joined hands, which were
resting in his lap. He still wasn't looking up, so I squeezed his hands again.
Slowly, he brought his gaze up to meet mine, and I felt the world disappear around us.
"You said no?" he asked, sounding puzzled by my revelation.
"Yes, Edward; I told him no that I wasn't going to marry him if he couldn't be faithful
to me. I gave him six months to clean up his act, and told him if he didn't, not to even
bother asking me again because the answer would be the same."
The air was thick around us, making it hard to breathe. I wanted to look away from his
penetrating stare, but I couldn't. "And what happens in six months? What happens if he
does clean up his act? Will you say yes?"
Would I say yes? No; there was no way I could. I refused to live in fear ever again, and
I'd be sealing my own fate by agreeing to marry Alec. I couldn't tell Edward that,
though. He didn't know anything about me or my past. He didn't know I was planning to
run, and I wanted to keep it that way. Not knowing what else to say, I shrugged. "I don't
know," I finally answered, hoping he wouldn't see right through me.
I didn't have to worry though, because Edward wasn't looking at my face anymore; he
was looking at my bare shoulder and partially exposed chest. The tie on my robe had
worked itself loose without me realizing it, and the hunger in his eyes was unmistakable.
Before I even had time to blink, Edward was out of his seat and hovering above me, his
lips securely attached to mine. I moaned involuntarily at the feel on Edward's kiss, and
he took that opportunity to deepen it, sliding his tongue into my mouth to dance with
mine. God, I missed this!
It wasn't until I felt him fumbling with the belt on my robe that I pulled back. We
couldn't do this especially not here. "Edwarduh, we ca we can't do this. Ugh We
need to stop." Trying to form coherent sentences was nearly impossible as he kissed his
way to my shoulder, pushing the thin material of my robe to the side. "EdEdward,
stop!" I had to stop this before someone walked in and saw us. Sensing my urgency,
Edward pulled back and looked me in the eye.
His actions seemed to finally click, and then he started apologizing profusely. "Oh my
god, Isabella, I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me."
He was freaking out, and it was rather endearing. "Edward, it's okay. I said we can't do
this, not that I didn't want to." I met his eyes and smirked, making him groan loudly.
"Fuck!" he hissed under his breath. "I'll just beum, upstairs for a few minutes taking
care ofyeah." With that, he jumped up from the table and bolted up the stairs,
slamming some door behind him.
It looked like the great Edward Cullen had a weakness after all and that weakness was
Chapter 9
Edward's mood music: Justin Timberlake 'Sexy Back', because sometimes
you need different music to try and forget what you really desire.
What the fuck am I doing? I kept asking myself as I splashed my face with water.
Isabella wanted me. She didn't have to tell me, I'd felt her need for me in her body when
we'd kissed.
I was supposed to put Aro and in turn Alec before all this shit, but the more I learned
about how Isabella felt about me, the more Aro and his family slipped from my mind.
I couldn't fight this. I wanted Isabella too badly, and knowing she felt the same way only
meant that at some point we would both break and give in.
I had jerked off in one of Aro's guest bathrooms when I left the kitchen. Yeah, I know,
I'm a pervert, but after getting my hands on Isabella again, even if it was only for a few
short moments, it had stirred all the memories of our wild night together.
I hoped that Isabella had moved from the kitchen when I surfaced fifteen minutes later.
I groaned internally as I spotted her, still there in that motherfucking robe, sipping a cup
of coffee when I walked back in. She was practically naked under that robe, and I felt
my cock begin to stir again. Stay the fuck down!
"Is everything okay, Edward?" Isabella smirked, crossing hers legs. She knew what she
was doing to me, and I fucking loved her for it.
"I needed to relieve a littlepressure." I chuckled, putting my hands through my hair.
Why was my body burning? What was this aching inside of me? A woman had never
made me feel this way before.
"I can imagine," Isabella mused, her eyes roaming down towards my crotch. I needed to
change this conversation right now. My dick couldn't take much more of the fucking
"I've taken over the East District. If you were wondering why Alec has trashed the place,
that's why," I muttered, taking a step back. I needed to keep my distance. My dick felt
like sonar in search of Isabella's sweet pussy.
"I did overhear that," Isabella mused, standing up. I became lost, watching her robe slip
off her shoulder again. My lips had been there less than an hour ago. "Do you think it's
wise? I mean, Alec is never going to accept you taking over his district."
"I have to clean up his shit. Once everything is running again, he can have it back!" I
snapped, still looking at her bare shoulder.
"Always the big man, I see," Isabella smiled. "Well, I'm going to bed now, Edward."
I gulped. My mouth began to water, wishing I could join her. "I take it you're going to
wait until Alec gets back?" I nodded, swallowed hard, and tried to fight my stifling
desire. "Are you staying here for your benefit or for mine?" she questioned.
"Yours, Isabella it's always been for your benefit," I breathed. She was gazing up at
me now, her tiny frame pressed against my chest.
"Will you ever stop trying to protect me?" Her voice was a soft whisper.
I gently moved my hand, threading my fingers softly through her hair. It was pure silk,
just like I had remembered. "As long as I have a breath in my body, I will keep on
protecting you," I murmured.
"Goodnight, Edward," Isabella gasped a little, pulling away quickly from my hold.
"Sweet dreams, Isabella," I called as she began to climb the grand staircase. 'Dream of
me,' I wanted to add, but then I thought, 'When had I turned into a motherfucking
Alec came back late that night, completely wasted. That was easier for me; I watched
Felix dump him on the living room couch once Alec had passed out.
"I know what you are trying to do, Edward," Felix spat just before he was about to leave.
"Excuse me?" Felix really shouldn't be starting this with me. I was in no mood for this
shit right now.
"You really expect us to believe you don't want to be top dog? It's all playing into your
hands, isn't it?"
"I don't want it, Felix, and I don't give a fuck what you think anyway!" I snarled. "If Alec
and you boys were doing your jobs properly, I wouldn't need to come and clean up after
"We had it under control!" Felix growled.
"You have been losing shipments left, right and center!" I laughed in disbelief. Felix was
fucking delusional. "None of this matters. Aro decided this. Aro is who I follow, who I'd
fucking die for. We are all on the same fucking side, Felix. Alec needs to start realizing
"Who will you follow when Aro is no longer around?" Felix smirked. The fucker and I both
knew the moment Aro died, Alec would put a bullet in my head, and like I'd said before,
I wouldn't go down without a fight.
"You and I both know what will happen when Aro is no longer here." I glared just as Aro
returned home.
"Mr. Volturi," Felix dropped his eyes, "I've brought Alec home. I'm afraid he's had a little
too much to drink. Would you like me to carry him upstairs to his room?" No fucking
way! Alec wasn't going anywhere near Isabella in that state.
"No, he can stay where he fell. Perhaps when he awakes in the morning, he'll apologize
for his reaction earlier," Aro fumed, not even looking at his son. "Edward, thanks for
keeping watch while I was out."
"It was no problem, Aro."
"Do you have time for a glass of whiskey before you go? I think my brother has a lead
on this Jacob Black you've been trying to track."
"Of course," I replied, intrigued.
"That will be all thank you, Felix. Edward and I have business to attend to," Aro gestured
as I followed him into his study.
"I think your office is the only room Alec didn't trash," I mused while Aro poured us both
a glass of his favorite whiskey.
"Will my son ever be as controlled as you, Edward? Nothing ever fazes you," Aro sighed,
slumping back into his chair. "I knew Alec would be angry, but I didn't expect this much
destruction. His temper will be the death of him one day."
"He'll calm down in the morning. Something tells me he'll have a hangover from hell
when he gets up, but he'll come round, Aro. You know how hot headed he is."
Aro chuckled, nodding. "What do you know of the Leoni family, Edward?"
"I only know of the battle between them and the Carelli family in the early eighties in
Miami, why?" It had been quite a battle and cost the 'The Boss' of the Leoni family his
life. His brother had taken over after his death. I couldn't recall their names.
"Jacob Black works for the Leonis," Aro stated, watching my reaction.
"What would the Leonis need with our shipment source? They have their own contacts."
"I'm not sure, Edward, but we need to get to the bottom of this. Rumor is that Jacob
Black and his boys have been seen in Chicago these past few weeks." It suddenly
dawned on me, those three fuckers at the Fight Club last night had that been Jacob
Black? "What is it?" Aro asked while I was deep in thought.
"I think Jacob Black might have been at City Limits last night," I glowered, downing my
drink. That fucker thought he could case me. He was a dead man when I laid eyes on
him again.
"I have no idea why they would suddenly take an interest in my family. We have never
had any issues with the Leonis." Aro was keeping something back. I could see it in his
eyes. I sat waiting for him to continue. "There is something that has been playing on my
mind since Marcus informed me of this information, though."
"You can tell me, Aro," I pressed.
"When I sent Alec away for a few days" Aro stopped, but I had an idea of what he was
going to say.
"Alec went to Miami," I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. What had that
motherfucker done now? I stretched my hand out; it was still aching from the fight last
"I hope that Alec wouldn't create trouble but" Aro sighed deeply, "it does tend to follow
him around.
"It might not be the case, Aro." I tried to reassure him, even though I suspected the
worst; Alec must have done something in Miami. More fucking work for me to do to
when I got to my office later! "Perhaps the Leonis are getting a little greedy. You do
have one hell of an empire."
"Is that what you really believe, Edward?" Aro smiled.
"Alec is a lot of things, but he wouldn't bring a mafia family to your doorstep."
"I hope your right," Aro mused.
"Do you want me to go after this Jacob Black? He could be a rogue player; just because
he's working for the Leonis, it doesn't mean the entire family has an issue with us."
"I have a feeling this Jacob Black will show himself, Edward. He's here in Chicago for a
"And I'll be waiting," I replied, getting up.
"Get some rest," Aro called. "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon for a debriefing. I'm going
to try to get some answers from Alec when he awakes." I nodded before I got up to
I woke up early the next morning after a restless sleep. With my strong desire for
Isabella, Alec's possible involvement with Miami, and Jacob Black casing me running
around my mind all night, it didn't leave much time for sleep.
Isabella was at the forefront of my mind. I needed to keep focused these next few weeks
and that meant keeping my distance from her. I knew that was going to be difficult.
I went for a run along the route used for the Chicago 'rave run' once I was up. It was a
favorite running spot for me, with its views of the Chicago skyline, Lakeshore drive and
Lake Michigan. It was a clear morning which helped my speed and the views.
I had my fast paced music on. I couldn't rely on Otis today. He would only make me
think of Isabella. Instead, I had Justin Timberlake singing in my ear about bringing sexy
back. Emmett had downloaded his workout playlist onto my iPhone last week. I wasn't
sure it was really getting me ready for the day ahead, but I continued to run regardless.
I was covered in sweat by the time I arrived back at my apartment. Jasper was already
parked outside with Emmett. My boys were keen.
"You guys are early," I panted, getting my keys as they followed me into my apartment.
"Emmett can't wait to see Alec's face this morning at the debriefing. I mean, he lost the
East District, the fucking idiot," Jasper smirked. Emmett had already wandered into my
kitchen and was helping himself to food from my fridge.
"Make yourself at home, Em," I chuckled as I went to grab a shower and get changed.
Emmett was munching on some left over mac and cheese when I emerged, fastening my
cufflinks as I walked.
"Is there anything you won't eat, Emmett?" I asked, pouring myself a fresh cup of
"You need to get some new music on your sound system, Edward. Some of that shit I'm
sure my mother wouldn't even know." Emmett snorted into his food.
"Funny." I rolled my eyes, looking at Jasper who was trying to hold his smile. "It's not
my fault you have no taste in soulful music."
"Soulful? Edward, it has too much meaning for a heartless bastard like you. I just don't
get your love for it." Emmett would never understand. My love for Motown music came
from my mother and her preacher friend who put us up when I was younger.
"Come on, you can finish that in the car," I called as I began to head outside towards the
Cadillac Escalade. "I'm taking my car, too. I have a few errands to run on my own after
the meeting."
"Can I come in your car?" Emmett teased. The fucker he knew I wouldn't let a single
drop of food near my black Aston Martin DB9 Convertible. "Is that a no?"
"That's a fuck off," I replied, getting into my car.
I arrived at the Volturi mansion before the boys. I wondered if Aro had already had a
chat with Alec. I strolled up to the big grand doors, noticing Alec smoking outside.
"How's the head?"
"Fuck you, Cullen!" Clearly Alec still had a hangover.
"Nice," I chuckled, leaving him with his temper.
"You think you've fucking won, don't you?"
"Alec, I'm just doing my job. I really don't understand this hatred you have for me. We
used to be friends."
"You really think you can control the East District better than me?"
"Your father and uncles decided this; I didn't ask for it. We need to end this feud. We are
on the same fucking side." I needed Alec on my side if I was ever going to work out
what this motherfucker had been doing. He wouldn't have told Aro the truth, if he had
said anything to him at all.
"It's never going to be like before and you know why that is."
"Please tell me this still isn't about Isabella," I sighed, undoing my jacket. This asshole
was already giving me a headache.
"I asked her to marry me yesterday." Oh fuck, here we go; get the motherfucking violins
out. "She said no."
"Alec, if you stopped fucking around and treated her with some respect, maybe she
would have said yes."
"She's given me six months to change my ways."
"Do you think you can?"
"Honestly?" Alec smirked. Yeah, motherfucker, I know you, and so does Isabella; you'll
never change. "I'm not sure I can."
"Then you don't deserve her," I glared as I wandered into the mansion.
"And you think you do?" Alec spat, following me inside and grabbing my arm.
"Grow the fuck up, Alec," I rolled my eyes. "There are more important things for us to
fight over than a fucking hot pussy." I didn't mean it, but I groaned internally as my
eyes met a shade of chocolate brown. Trust Isabella to hear me say that, and I couldn't
even defend myself not with Alec standing there watching me.
Isabella dropped her eyes from mine and rushed up the main staircase. Fuck, please
don't say I'd upset her!
"Isabella, I thought you were heading to the club?" Alec called up after her.
"I am, I just forgot something," she mumbled back at him. Fuck, I had upset her, but if
it meant I could gain a few weeks distance while I worked all this shit out, it probably
wasn't a bad thing. Why did it fucking hurt so much, though?
"I know I'm a lucky motherfucker," Alec smirked, licking his lips while watching Isabella
walk up the stairs. "I will make her marry me, Edward. That woman will be my wife." I
didn't like the dark tone he used with his words.
"Keep your dick in your pants then," I muttered, starting to walk into Aro's office.
"Okay," Alec replied, patting my back. "You want a truce. I'll give you that."
"Really?" I asked in surprise. He was up to something.
"So if you are taking over the East District, does that mean I get your office in Breaking
Dawn?" Alec teased as we entered Aro's study.
"You with that many women on tap? I don't think so, Alec. You're supposed to be
changing you ways so Isabella will agree to marry you, remember?"
"I just need to be more careful and not make it too obvious," Alec smirked as he sat
down, waiting for his father to arrive.
"No, you need to stop dipping your dick," I pointed out just before everyone else began
to arrive.
I had so much shit ahead of me in the next few weeks, but all that kept crossing my
mind while I sat in the debriefing was that I hoped Isabella wasn't too upset from my
outburst earlier.
The thought of her being hurt by my actions cut me fucking deep, and I'd be lying if I
didn't say that scared the motherfucking shit out of me.
Chapter 10
I had been so wrong about Edward. It would seem that I wasn't his weakness after all;
his need for my pussy had been controlling him all along. He was just as bad as Alec,
and the conversation I overheard between the two of them proved it. "There are more
important things for us to fight about than a fucking hot pussy." Edward's words played
on repeat in my mind as my eyes met his. Sure, I could see a hint of remorse in them.
The question was was he truly remorseful because of what he said? Or did he simply
regret getting caught? Alec's voice pulled me from my thoughts when he mentioned the
club, and I stuttered a response before making my way upstairs and to my room.
After about ten minutes, when I knew they would be safely tucked away in Alec's study
or Aro's office, I silently made my way down the stairs and out the front door. I climbed
into the back of the Escalade, which was already waiting for me, and closed my eyes as
the driver made his way to Breaking Dawn.
He pulled into the alley and dropped me off at the back entrance, but as I made my way
inside, I had a strange feeling come over me almost like I was being watched.
Chalking it up to my fucked up state of mind, I shook my head and walked into the
locker room. With it being a Friday night, the club was extremely busy, so all the girls
were out on the floor, leaving me to my thoughts as I got dressed.
I knew nothing good would come from the night I shared with Edward. I saw how he was
how he had always been. Girls were just a means to an end for hima way to get off.
He never showed any feelings for them or got emotionally attached. Why did I ever think
things could be different with me? I was no one special. At least, that's what Charlie told
me every day of my life until I ran away. I may not have had much, but I never lost my
will to fight, no matter how deep the shit was I was wading through. This situation would
be no different. Edward could go fuck himself if he thought of me merely as a 'fucking
hot pussy!' Screw him! I just had to keep my head on straight, stick to my plans, and
get the hell out of Chicago as soon as I possibly could.
With it being the busiest night of the week, I planned an outfit that I knew would make
me a killing in tips. It was a little more risqu than I usually wore, but it was sexy as
The top was a black, vinyl strapless halter bustier with red ribbon lacing up the front as
trim. It was held together and tightened by similar red ribbon in the back, and it fit my
body like a glove, accentuating my cleavage perfectly. The skirt, if you could even call it
that, was the same black vinyl with red lace trim in the front. The part that would drive
the men crazy though, was the back. It, too, was held together only by the red ribbon,
leaving the crack of my ass clearly visible. It was also so short the bottom curve of my
cheeks hung out. I slipped into my skin colored G-string to cover up my pussy so no one
got any ideas, then I slipped into the skirt and top. Luckily, Ang chose that moment to
come in on break, and helped me lace everything up.
"Goddamn, Girlie! You look smokin' hot tonight. You're going to have them eating out of
the palm of your hand."
I just laughed as I slipped into my red fishnet thigh-high stockings, and attached the
built-in garters of the skirt to the tops of each one. The final touch to the outfit was the
shoes, and in my opinion, they tied it all together. They were clear vinyl with black
accents, and a single black belted strap that wrapped around my ankle. With a six inch
heel that was black and diamond studded, they made me feel like I was on an even
playing field with everyone in the room. I almost felt invincible.
It was just what I needed to get over the comment that Edward had made. So what if he
only wanted my pussy? It's not like it was ever going to happen again. I deserved better
than Alec Volturi or Edward Cullen. I deserved a man who would love me for me, not
what I could offer him in bed. There had to be a guy like that out there somewhere, I
just had to find him.
With one last glance in the mirror to check my make-up, I headed out of the locker room
and into the club.
Irina was DJ'ing tonight, so I gave her my song and then waited for my turn on stage. I
stayed in the shadows, silently observing the crowd. I saw several familiar faces men
who would come every week and blow half their paychecks. Then there were those faces
I didn't know. It wasn't unusual to get new men in, especially on a Friday night, so I
didn't worry too much about it. When Carmen finished her set, I waited until she cleared
her tips before taking my place at center stage. As an interim song, Aretha Franklin's
voice filled the club, demanding some RESPECT. I couldn't help but smirk at Irina. It
seemed like her subtle way of letting the patrons know that they needed to respect the
dancers. Word must have gotten around to her about the incident that happened before
with the jackass groping me. She saw me smiling at her and winked at me before going
back to her work.
When the music died down, the club fell silent, too. It happened every time I was
scheduled to perform. The men knew I was up next, and they gave center stage their
full attention, waiting for the music to start.
The sound of drums suddenly filled the room as the lights flashed on me. I started my
dance, doing a few tricks on the pole before Pat Benatar's voice filtered through the
sound system, singing none other than Heartbreaker. Each step I took, every move I
made, made me think about what Edward had said, and how much of a heartbreaker he
truly was. I put all my hurt and anger into dancing the song, and the men were going
crazy. They obviously liked the attitude that I was giving off tonight, so I played it up a
bit more and watched the cash pile up on the stage. As the song neared the end, I
glanced around the room while circling the pole and giving everyone a very nice view of
my ass.
As I struck my final pose, and before the lights dimmed, a table at the front caught my
eye. There were two men sitting at the table, watching me closely, and not in the normal
way men do in the club. No, these two had an air of malice surrounding them, and it
sent shivers down my spine. Once the lights were down, I scrambled to collect my tips
and get back to my feet. When I looked back at the table with the two men, I found it
empty. The men were gone, and I was left to wonder if I had imagined the whole thing.
Back in the locker room, Ang pulled me aside before she headed out, finalizing our plans
to meet for lunch the next day. Later that night, as I left the club, the feeling of being
watched intensified, and I was thankful that Alec's driver was there on time to pick me
I was looking forward to a nice relaxing lunch with Ang at the small diner down the
street from Breaking Dawn. Because it was nothing fancy, I dressed in a pair of dark
blue skinny jeans and a comfy, white spaghetti strap tank. I tossed on my chocolate
coloredCarnagie UGGs, threw my hair up in a ponytail, and turned to go. I was
scheduled to dance at the club later, so I'd have to come home to freshen up anyway. I
wanted comfort more than anything right now.
I had the driver drop me off at the diner, and I walked inside and up to the booth where
Ang was already seated.
"Hey, Girlie!" she greeted me, standing to engulf me in a bone crushing hug. I couldn't
help but smile. This was why she was one of my only real friends. It didn't matter how
shitty my life was or what was going on, Ang was always there for me. "Alright, spill,"
she demanded once we were seated across from each other.
"Spill what, Ang? The fact that Edward is a fucking asshole who is no better than Alec?
Because he ishe's just as bad as or worse than my fucking boyfriend and it hurts. I
thought there was something between us, but he was just using me. I overheard him
last night telling Alec that I was just a fucking hot pussy and wasn't worth arguing over."
Angela gasped as her hand flew up to her mouth. "Oh, Babe, I'm so sorry. Want me to
kick his ass for you?"
I couldn't help the laugh that burst out of my chest. I would love to see the day when
any woman could kick Edward Cullen's ass. Hell, I'd pay to see that happen. Once I
calmed down a little, I shook my head. "Thanks, Ang, but no." I leaned in closer to her
to continue our conversation because a few patrons had entered the diner. "What he said
just reinforces my plan to get the fuck out of here as soon as I can. I can't do it anymore
I won't."
Leaning in closer still, I lowered my voice until it was just a whisper. "I made almost
three grand in tips last night. Add that to what I have put away, and it's nearly forty
thousand dollars. I'm hoping that I can make another ten in the next two weeks, and
when I do, I'm gone."
As I was speaking, I heard the bell over the door ring, signaling that someone else was
entering the diner. Without really thinking about it, my eyes swept to the door and then
back to Angela. There were three men that had entered and made their way to the bar
together. It took my brain a few seconds to register that it recognized one of the men
from the club last night. It was one of the men whose presence had sent shivers down
my spine before he pulled the disappearing act.
I tried to act like nothing was wrong as I continued to talk to Angela. During our entire
conversation about where I would go and what I would do, I kept the men in my
peripheral vision. They were huddled together at the bar whispering quietly to one
another, and I could tell they were watching me.
Something didn't feel right to me about these men, and I figured it was time to get the
hell out of there. "Ang, we need to gonow. Last night, I felt like someone was watching
me. Well, one of those guys at the bar was at the club last night, and the way he was
watching my every move gave me the creeps." I flashed my eyes over to the bar,
silently signaling to the men.
Her eyes darted over and then back to me in a flash. "What do we do, B? Do you have a
We had been to this diner hundreds of times before, and I knew the layout pretty well.
My first time here, I went in search of the restroom, only to mistakenly walk into the
kitchen. It was as good a plan as any.
"Let's ask the waitress for the check. Just follow my lead after that, okay?"
She nodded and flagged the waitress down, asking for the check. The young girl started
to hand it to her, but I grabbed it from her. I glanced at it and then slipped a one
hundred dollar bill out of my purse, handing it back to her.
"I'll be right back with your change," she said sweetly.
I smiled at her before speaking loud enough so the men could overhear me. "No
problem. We're just going to run to the restroom to freshen up. I'll grab it when we
come back out. Thanks, Hun."
With that, Angela and I exited the booth and headed for the hallway off the dining room.
Angela started to turn left into the women's restroom, but I tugged her arm to the right
instead, and into the kitchen. Once we were there, I grabbed her hand and we took off
running to the back. I'd worked in enough diners to know that this place must have a
back door somewhere. Luckily, it wasn't hard to find.
It opened up into a dirty alley that spilled onto the street right beside the parking lot.
Just as we got to Ang's car, I heard a horn honking frantically and look up to see a black
SUV parked in front of the diner. In the driver's seat was the other man from last night,
and he was waiving agitatedly to his friends in the restaurant. "Hurry, Ang! They saw
We both jumped into her little Honda S2000 and she peeled out of the parking lot as fast
as she could. The SUV, which I could finally see was a Lincoln Navigator, pulled into
traffic right behind us, doors being hastily slammed shut as they went. Angela was
swerving in and out of traffic, trying to lose them, but nothing was working. Whoever it
was that was driving got brave at one point, and he tried to pull a pit maneuver on us.
Ang kept the car under control though, and was able to make a sharp left-hand turn
while the SUV was beside us on our right.
By the time they could turn around and follow us, we were already well ahead of them.
Not knowing what else to do or where else to go, I directed Angela to the mansion. I
knew there would be men there that would protect us protect me from whomever it
was that was after me.
When the car pulled through the gates and on to Aro's property, I felt a small wave of
relief pass through my body. It wasn't enough to calm my frazzled nerves, though. I had
unanswered questions that kept spinning through my head. Who the hell was that? Why
were they after me? And what the fuck did they want with me?
I never heard Angela get out of the car, nor did I see her enter the mansion. I was
frozen where I was as the adrenaline from the chase finally left my body. All I could do
was sit there and shake while asking the same three questions to myself over and over
"Isabella, my dear, you need to come inside and tell me what happened so I can help
you." I heard Aro's voice before I saw him. When my eyes finally focused, I noticed he
was leaning into the car through the now open passenger door beside me. "Come on.
Let's get you out of this car and up to your room," he coaxed as he offered me his hand.
Without hesitation, I took it and allowed him to help me from the car. "Where's Angela?"
I asked when I finally found my voice. After a quick glance around, I didn't see her
outside anywhere, and I was suddenly worried about her.
"She's fine, Isabella. Peter is setting her up in the guest room as we speak." Breathing a
sigh of relief that Angela was okay, I allowed Aro to lead me into the mansion and up the
stairs. He left to ask one of his men to make me a cup of tea, and when he came back, I
told him everything that happened from the feeling of being watched, to the two
menacing men last night at Breaking Dawn, to today in the diner and the subsequent car
When I finished telling him everything, Aro looked livid and was swearing under his
breath. I couldn't help but think that the old saying 'if looks could kill' was coined from
him. He looked like he was ready to murder a person or four. "Isabella, you're safe now.
I will not let anything happen to you, I promise," he said as he pulled out his phone.
Before I could even respond, he had hit a number on his speed dial and put the phone
up to his ear. "Edward, drop whatever it is you're doing and get back here now! I have
an important job for you."
Dammit all to Hell! Why did it have to be Edward?
Edward's mood song - 'I Can't Get Next to You' by The Temptations, because
the closer Edward gets, the further Isabella seems to slip away.
Chapter 11
"Where are we heading?" Jasper asked as I slipped into the Escalade.
"We are going to pay Frankie a visit," I smirked. I'd paid his debt with the Rivera
Brothers, which meant Frankie was working directly for me now. He had a good eye that
would be quite valuable with the events that had gone down lately.
Frankie had had a few unfamiliar faces in his bar last night asking about the Volturi
family, and he had apparently gathered some interesting information. Something told
me one of these unfamiliar faces was Jacob Black, so I was heading down town to see
what Frankie had found out.
"Good old Frankie," Jasper sniggered, pulling into the traffic just as my phone began to
ring. I looked down at the caller ID in shock. It wasn't like Aro to call unless there was
an emergency.
"Edward, drop whatever it is you're doing and get back here now! I have an important
job for you," Aro spoke firmly as soon as I answered.
"Okay," I replied, knowing his tone meant no questions asked.
"What is it?" Jasper asked as I hung up.
"Change of plans. We need to go to the mansionimmediately!"
"What has Alec done now?" Jasper sighed. "You'll need to call Emmett. He's already
heading to Frankie's with Eric."
"You can call him while I find out what's going down. Emmett might as well talk to
Frankie without us. I might be occupied for a while, and if it was Jacob Black at Frankie's
bar last night, we need to know what he's planning next."
"If it is Jacob Black, he's taking a lot of interest in our districts." Jasper was right, and I
was still no closer to finding out why. Every lead I chased had been a dead end. I had no
fucking clue why Jacob Black was so interested in the Volturi family. Was I missing
something really obvious?
I left Jasper to call Emmett while I rushed into Aro's office. I was expecting to see Alec
already waiting for me, but I froze as Isabella's worried eyes met mine. This emergency
was about Isabella? Why was my heart racing so fast?
"Ah, Edward," Aro smiled. "That was quick."
"You said it was an emergency," I muttered, my eyes never leaving Isabella's.
"Isabella and Angela have had quite a scare today," Aro continued. "It seems someone is
following the lovely Isabella, and if it wasn't for her quick thinking in the diner, I'm
worried about what would have happened if they'd gotten their hands on her." I was still
stunned as I listened to him. Someone had gone after Isabella. My Isabella. I had to
fight back the surge of anger that flared through me. I couldn't let Aro see that. I
couldn't let him see I had a weakness.
"Someone has been following you?" I snarled, looking directly at Isabella. All she could
do was nod. "Are you in trouble? Have you gotten yourself involved in something?
Goddammit Isabella! Why didn't you tell us?!" The thought of Isabella being mixed up in
anything that could hurt her affected me more than I could understand, but whoever
these fuckers were that had followed her, they were dead once I found them!
"No, I'm not that stupid!" Isabella snapped. Why was she so pissed at me? Oh shit! The
last time she had seen me was when I told Alec we shouldn't be fighting over a hot
pussy like her. Fuck, I had offended her!
"What did these men look like?" I asked her, trying to be softer as I moved to sit next to
her. Her scent washed over my senses, and I had to flight a groan as memories of me
holding her naked, arched body began to cloud my mind.
"Tanned, dark haired and very stocky. I think I counted four of them in total." It had to
be Jacob Black and his men. What the hell did they want with Isabella? "I noticed them
at the club last night. Oh, and they chased us in a black SUV if that is any help. I'm
pretty sure it was a Navigator."
"They chased you?" I held back a snarl. These motherfuckers had gone too far. I needed
to get my hands on them now! "Tell me exactly what happened," I demanded.
I sat and listened to Isabella as she filled me in on everything. Aro was silent, watching
us the entire time.
"Why hasn't Alec done anything about this yet? We've known Jacob Black has been in
town for weeks!" I fumed at Aro when Isabella had finished.
"He's on his way, Edward," Aro replied. "We don't know if it was Jacob Black following
Isabella or not, and remember, Alec is in the dark about this as much as we are."
I snorted in disbelief; if Jacob Black was after Isabella, then this had to be Alec's fault.
The fucking idiot had done something, and he was going to tell me what.
"Alec must know something about this," I snapped. I couldn't hide my frustration any
"We'll see what Alec has to say when he gets here. Maybe he can shed some light on this
situation," Aro mused, looking between Isabella and me. "If this does concern Jacob
Black, you'll have to run things here while I take Alec to Miami. I'm not having this turn
into a feud with the Leoni family if I can help it." Isabella was still sat gazing at us,
looking a little lost. This must have been too much information for her.
"Maybe Isabella should go to her room while we talk to Alec?" I suggested.
"No, if this really does concern me, I want to know." There she goes again, making my
dick twitch with her strength. She was incredible. How could a little, fragile beauty like
her, have so much inner strength? She did, though; I had seen a small part of it when
she'd been mine for the night.
"Isabella, my dear, there are some things you just can't know. Trust us we will look
after you," Aro cooed warmly. "Why don't you retire to your room? I will get Alec to
come and explain everything to you once we have finished." Isabella knew Aro's words
were final, and without a glance in my direction, she left his office. Yeah, she was
definitely still pissed at me. I needed to explain my actions to her when we were alone.
"What is so fucking important? Has Edward failed with the East District already?" Alec
sneered, stumbling into his father's office. Was he drunk?
"An attempt was made on Isabella today, Alec," Aro seethed. "She was chased by an
"What?" Alec gasped, slumping down on the couch, trying to act like he fucking cared.
"You need to fucking explain yourself! Why the fuck would someone go after your girl,
Alec? What the fuck have you been playing at?!" I yelled, slamming my hands down on
Aro's desk.
"Why do you think I have anything to do with this?" Alec frowned. "Is Isabella okay?
Where is she?" Alec turned to his father for answers. Oh, now he was just trying to piss
me off! Alec worried for Isabella what a fucking joke! I bet he was just fucking some
blonde before he came here.
"She is upstairs and safe," Aro soothed. "Do you really have no information, Alec? I need
you to think back really hard."
"I would never do anything to put Isabella in danger, Father; I love her." I wasn't sure if
I was going to throw up in my mouth or laugh my ass off. Love what a fucking idiot.
"Go to her then," Aro sighed. Did Aro seriously believe this shit? "Edward, I need you to
do a sweep over the districts for me. We need to find this Jacob Black. He can't be too
difficult to find now that we know he is after Isabella for some reason." Great, I got to go
and do Alec's dirty work for him while he got to console the beautiful Isabella. Fuck,
what I'd give to console her. I would strip that sweet, glorious body of hers naked, and
then fuck all the fear out of her sweet pussy. I groaned internally thinking about her
pussy was making my mouth water, and Aro and Alec were watching me. Get it
together, Cullen!
Jasper was waiting for me outside, leaning against the wall while smoking. He offered
me a cigarette as I approached him.
"I have some news from Emmett," Jasper smirked as I lit my cigarette, cupping my
hands to stop the wind from getting to the flame of my lighter.
"It had better be fucking good news. I can't deal with anymore shit today," I sighed,
taking a deep drag of nicotine. Fuck, I needed that.
"Oh, it's fucking priceless," Jasper chuckled, and suddenly, he had my full attention.
That fucking lying son of a bitch, I marched back into Aro's office as soon as Jasper had
finished talking.
"What's wrong Edward?" Aro asked as I slammed the door open.
"Alec stole money from Jacob Black. That is why the motherfucker is here in Chicago!" I
roared. "I can't keep doing this shit, Aro! How can I keep everything under control when
your son keeps fucking up?!"
"Where did you get this information?"
"Frankie; Jacob Black was at his bar last night, and Frankie overheard the whole
conversation. They are planning to get Alec back by taking Isabella." Over my fucking
dead body would Jacob Black get his hands on her! "Emmett just called Jasper to
"Can you go and get my son, Edward? I need to speak with him alone!" Aro voice was
deadly. I wouldn't want to be Alec right now. Served him right, the fucker!
I wandered upstairs to Isabella's and Alec's room. If his dick was anywhere near
Isabella, I might shoot the fucking thing off with the mood I was currently in.
How the fuck could he steal from Jacob Black and think he could get away with it?
I could hear voices inside, but to me it seemed as if they were arguing. I knocked loudly,
and had a huge smug smile on my face when Alec answered.
"What the fuck is wrong now!?" Alec snapped, ruffling his hair. I could see Isabella
sitting on the bed, wrapped in a towel. Relax, Edward, Isabella is not naked she is not
naked But fuck, she was underneath that towel.
"Your Father wants another word with you," I glowered, trying to look over his shoulder
at Isabella. Alec closed the door further, blocking my view. Motherfucker!
"What about?"
"Just go and fucking talk to him, Alec, I have shit to do," I sighed, walking away. I didn't
go too far, and as soon as Alec headed down stairs to Aro, I was back at his bedroom
door, knocking again. I needed to know that Isabella was okay. It must have been so
frightening for her being chased like she was.
"What do you want?" Isabella seethed, going to shut her door as soon as she opened it,
but I stopped it with my foot.
"I need to make sure that you're okay," I soothed.
"I'm fine!" Fuck, she was so hot when she was angry.
"Yeah, you seem it," I chuckled, pushing myself into her room.
"Get the fuck out of my bedroom, Edward. Alec might be back at any second!"
"He'll be gone for a while, Isabella, don't worry."
"Oh, I see you've come to try your luck with the hot pussy again! Well, fuck you,
Edward. If you think you're ever going to get" I tried to control it, but Isabella was in a
fucking towel that didn't leave a lot to the imagination. Her breasts were heaving up and
down as she yelled at me, and I watched the few remaining droplets of water trickle
down her neck. Fuck, I wanted to lick those droplets away with my tongue. In a flash,
without my brain even catching up with my actions, I pinned Isabella against the wall,
crashing my lips hard against hers. My hands held her arms above her head, securing
this goddess so she couldn't get away from me. I wanted the towel to drop. Damnit, I
wanted to drop to my knees and part her legs so I could taste that sweet pussy of hers,
but I suddenly realized she wasn't kissing me back. Her entire body had shut down, and
as I pulled back to look at her. I felt a sharp and hard slap against my face.
Holy shit, Isabella had just slapped me!
"You are some piece of work, Edward Cullen," Isabella growled, pulling away from me
while I was still stunned. I did notice that she wrapped her towel a little tighter around
her body. Damn it, why did I do that? I just couldn't stop myself. "Who the fuck do you
think you are? How dare you force yourself on me like that! You're no different from
those assholes who try to grab me in Breaking Dawn." That was a little below the belt. I
didn't grope her for a fucking start, but yeah, okay, I wanted to. Still, it hurt my feelings
that she'd compare me to those dickheads in the club. "Just get the fuck out of my
bedroom!" Holy shit! Isabella really had no idea how hard she was making me. My dick
kept twitching with every glare she gave me.
"I actually came to apologize," I chuckled, still rubbing my cheek. "That was one hell of a
slap, Isabella."
"You were out of line," she snarled back at me. Fuck me, now, Isabella!
"You're right, I was. I'm sorry. II just can't help myself around you, and haven't been
able to since our night together. Isabella, you have bewitched me." I tried to move a
little closer to her, but she stepped back, holding her towel even tighter. Didn't she trust
"I heard what you said to Alec, Edward. I'm just a hot pussy that isn't worth fighting
over. It's good to know you are just like every other man!"
"I didn't mean it. I was just trying to make peace with Alec. You know how he's been
since I took over his district." Some understanding crossed her face. "I also came to
make sure you're okay," I soothed, taking a step closer towards her. "Nothing will
happen to you, Isabella I won't let it. When I catch these bastards, they are dead!"
"I don't need you to fight for me, Edward. Alec will deal with it." Yeah, she wouldn't be
saying that if she knew Alec was the reason she was in danger in the first place. I hoped
Aro was giving him hell downstairs.
"Alec is going to be out of town for a few days with Aro. I'm afraid you have no choice
but to accept my protection," I smirked.
"Great!" she sighed while looking around, clearly frustrated. I knew this goddess wanted
me. How much longer were we going to deny our desire? I understood that I was
fighting a losing battle. Surely Isabella felt the same way. "UmI need to get changed,
Edward, can you please leave!?"
"I'll be downstairs once you've changed. We'll need to chat about your plans for the next
few days."
"I'll be at Breaking Dawn." Like fuck she would be!
"You're not dancing at the club until we know what we are dealing with," I snarled. How
would I be able to protect her at the club? Dancing was out of the fucking question.
"You're not my keeper, Edward!"
"Aro and Alec will agree with me. Isabella, you won't be dancing at the club until I say
so." By the look on her face, I thought she was about to explode with rage. If she had, I
would have fucked her against the wall judging by the stiffness of my cock. Luckily for
Isabella, she stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind her. I guess
that was Isabella's way of telling me to leave before she slapped me again.
"Is Alec still with Aro?" I asked Jasper when I found him and Emmett in the kitchen.
"Yeah," Jasper smirked.
"Did Frankie have anything else to say?" I asked Emmett while he was digging into some
leftover pasta. Where did he put it all?
"Nope, but Jacob really wants a piece of Isabella. He's been to Breaking Dawn and
watched her. Frankie said he was talking about her pert ass cheeks and fuckable
breasts." I clenched my fists. Why did every fucker want the same girl as me? They
would all die. Calm the fuck down, Cullen.
"Jacob Black is not getting anywhere near her," I seethed as Aro's door slammed shut. I
watched Alec rush outside to his car and speed off. Would he ever man up and accept
his responsibilities?
"Someone doesn't look happy," Emmett snorted.
"I'll go and see Aro," I muttered. "I'll be based here until Aro returns from Miami with
"You're in charge?" Emmett grinned like a fool.
"Don't get any ideas, Emmett." I chuckled, making my way out of the kitchen.
"Maybe you would get the girl instead of Alec if you were second in command!" Emmett
"Shut the fuck up," I called before I left. I could hear Jasper telling Emmett not to push
his luck as I made my way to Aro's office. I was so glad Emmett didn't know the truth
about Isabella and me.
Aro was looking thoughtfully out of his window as I entered.
"Dare I ask how it went?" I called, distracting Aro from his thoughts.
"Ah, Edward, I sent Alec out to cool off. I told him if things didn't improve, I wouldn't be
handing any empire over to him. He's been lying to me for months." Aro looked
exhausted. I knew Alec wasn't easy to control. Aro tried to be as fair as he could, but
with Alec blatantly lying, Aro had no choice but to give him a warning. Threatening Alec's
birthright was the only option he could use.
"I can see why he didn't take that well."
"Our drug shipments being taken in Brazil was Jacob Black's way of trying to get his
money back." I'd been sent to that motherfucking heat because of Alec! I was fucking
"At least we know, now," I pointed out. "We don't have a mafia family picking a fight.
It's just a small feud between Jacob Black and Alec."
"Alec and I leave for Miami in the morning. I am hoping the Leoni family will listen to his
apology and accept my gift, plus the money he stole from Jacob Black. Once they get
word back to Jacob, I am hoping he'll leave our town."
"Did he tell you how he managed to steal the money?"
"He slept with Jacob's girlfriend to access the money he'd lost at the poker game." The
son of a bitch! Alec never did play fair. It explained why Jacob was after Isabella, though
an eye for an eye and all that shit. Jacob Black would have to walk over my dead body
to ever get his filthy hands on her. "Look after Isabella while we are gone, Edward. Do
not let her out of your sight. Jacob Black is very much like you. He's deadly."
"Isabella will be safe with me, Aro," I muttered.
He could see the determination on my face. Aro must have known what Isabella meant
to me, and a small part of me hoped that he had entrusted her into my care because he
knew I could protect Isabella better than his son.
I'd even give my own life to save hers if I had to. Fuck, what was Isabella doing to me?
I'd risk my life for her? Yes, I fucking would, even when she wasn't talking to me.
I really needed to sort that out and make her understand. Luckily, I had her all to myself
in the Volturi mansion for a few days. That might not be as hard as it seemed.
Chapter 12
Alec and Aro had been gone for less than twenty-four hours, and I had managed to
avoid Edward the entire time. I was so conflicted over what to do. I wanted him God,
did I want him but I was still so hurt by what I'd overheard. Yes, he had apologized,
and I wanted to believe he was sincere, but I had been burned too many times in the
past to just give in. If I was more than just a fuck hot pussy to him, he would have to
prove it. And considering the way he shoved his tongue down my throat in my room
yesterday, he had a long way to go to do that.
Before Aro left with Alec, he sought me out to talk to me. He explained what Edward had
discovered, and why those men were after me. I don't think I had ever been so angry in
my life. I knew Alec was a cheating bastard who couldn't keep his dick in his pants, but I
didn't know he was so incredibly stupid. He fucked a rival mob member's girlfriend and
used her to steal back the money he lost in a goddamn poker game. It was no wonder
these men were here looking for revenge. Chills ran down my spine at just the thought
of what this Jacob Black guy had planned for me if he did get his hands on me.
Aro also told me that Edward would be staying at the mansion while he and Alec were
away. His main focus would be to ensure that nothing happened to me because of Jacob
and his men. I knew he was capable of protecting me he had proven that on countless
occasions in the past I just didn't know if he could remain professional while doing so,
and my resolve to resist him was definitely weakening by the minute.
I couldn't stay in the mansion for days without Aro as a buffer between Edward and me.
I didn't have enough willpower to keep my distance, and there were men and women
who worked for Aro lurking around every corner. I'm sure Alec had several of them in his
pocket, too. Not to mention the number of female staff he'd probably fucked or let suck
him off. Yeah, there was no telling who we could trust to keep a secret and who we
I decided to shower and get ready to head to the club. Aro said I didn't have to dance
while he was gone, but it was something I needed to do, if only to get out of the house
for a while. Even though I hadn't faced Edward since the night before, the air around me
was so thick with tension it was stifling. Once I was dressed in my favorite pair of yoga
pants and sports bra, I tossed on my hoodie, packed my clothes for the night in my
duffle bag, and headed to find Edward.
He was using Aro's office as his own while he was staying here, so I approached the door
and knocked. I knew he'd be able to work from his office at the club just as easily, so I
knew he wouldn't throw too much of a fit when I told him I wanted to go dance.
"Come in," he called from behind the closed door. When I opened it, I noticed that he
was on the phone. "Sorry, Jazz, I'm gonna have to call you back," he said into the
receiver as he took in my appearance.
I smiled at him, but it was forced. I knew he felt the tension as much as I did, so I
figured I'd just say what I came to say and get it over with. "Edward, I'd like to go to the
club tonight, and before you interrupt me and tell me no, please hear me out." I waited
until he motioned for me to continue before speaking again. "Alec fucked up, yes, but
that doesn't mean that I'm going to put my life on hold while he and Aro fix it. Dancing
is my life, and if you're at the club with me, working or not, I don't see what the problem
would be. Yes, there will be more variables to contend with, but I'm going crazy here,
Edward. Please?"
Edward sighed and ran his hand through his crazy hair. I longed to be the one to do
that, yet I stayed where I was by the door. Without saying anything to me, he picked up
the phone and dialed a number. "Jazz, there's been a change of plans. I'll be at the club
instead of the mansion, so when you and Em get done with your rounds, head over
there Yeah, I'm heading there now with Isabella Okay, I'll see you in a while."
After hanging up the phone, Edward looked straight at me, waiting for who knows what,
so I decided to break the silence. "Thank you for not arguing, Edward. I appreciate it."
After he nodded his head and stood up, I turned to leave the room with him right behind
me. When we got outside, I saw his Aston Martin parked at the curb and I squealed
internally. I had been dying to go for a ride it in ever since I saw it the first time. It was
a sexy black convertible that could go from zero to sixty in 4.6 seconds. I admit, I had
done my research on the car because it was so hot. Just the sound the 6.0L V12 engine
was enough to have me clenching my thighs together for some much needed friction. I
hid my reaction from Edward as best I could as he reached around me to open the
passenger door. With a small smile, I slipped into the car and waited for him to come
When we got to the club, Edward followed me to the locker room to make sure no one
was in there that wasn't supposed to be. When he was satisfied, he called one of the
security guards over and posted him outside the door with strict instructions to make
sure no one entered while I was changing not even any of the other girls. I thought he
was going overboard, but I didn't want to argue with him. "Isabella, I need to run to my
office for a few minutes to grab some things. I will meet you back here in ten minutes
and then escort you to and from the stage for your numbers tonight. Whenever you're
not dancing, I expect you to wait in my office with me so I can keep an eye on you. Any
His demeanor was cold and to the point, but I could see a hint of something else in his
eyes. He really did want to protect me, but he had to make sure everyone else just
thought he was doing his job. Well, I could play along, too. "No, Mr. Cullen. I will wait
here for you once I've changed, and I have no problem spending my off time in your
office tonight. I know it's necessary with what happened yesterday."
Edward nodded, glared at the security guard in warning, and then walked off down the
hallway. Deciding not to waste any time, I went in and started to get changed. With Alec
being out of town, I was going to wear another of my more risqu outfits one I knew
would bring in good tips. It was a white, stretch lace teddy that barely covered my
breasts. The front was cut in a V down to my bellybutton and then opened up again until
the panties started. The built in panties were more of a barely there G-string, and the
whole teddy tied at my neck and back, leaving most of my skin exposed. To finish off the
ensemble, I had a pair of white, patent leather calf-high boots that laced up the front
and had a four and a half inch heel.
When I finished getting dressed, I went to the mirror and touched up my makeup and
hair. I don't know why, but most men preferred it when I wore my hair down in
wavesat least that's what the tips told me. Once I was ready, I took a seat by my
locker and waited for Edward to come in.
A few minutes later, I heard the door to the locker room open, followed by a sharp
intake of breath. I looked up to see Edward staring at me with his mouth wide open and
a very prominent problem in his pants. "Fuck, Isabella, you are not wearing that out of
this room. There is no fucking way," Edward said when he finally composed himself
enough to speak.
"Excuse me? You're not my fucking father, Edward, and you're not my boyfriend. You
have no say in what I do or do not wear when I dance, you got that?" I asked as I rose
from the bench and approached him, pushing my finger into his chest to drive my point
I saw anger flash in his eyes as his skin grew red. "Isabella, I don't give a fuck if I'm
your boyfriend or not. My job for the next few days is to fucking protect you from Jacob
Black and his men. How in the fuck am I supposed to do that when you'll have every
man in the club shoving their way onstage to get a piece of you? Thatumscrap of
material or whatever the hell you call it is out of the fucking question!" he yelled,
causing me to flinch back.
Deep down, I knew Edward would never truly hurt me, but the event with Alec was still
fresh in my mind and my reaction was involuntary. "Edward, wearing shit like this gets
me better tips, and right now, I need all the money I can fucking get, okay? Just
because you can't seem to control yourself around me, doesn't mean that no one else
will be able to. Get off your fucking high horse and do your job. I am dancing tonight,
and this is what I'm wearing. Fucking deal with it, or not, but I'm not changing."
With that, I stormed past him and out of the locker room. When I got backstage, I took
a deep breath to calm myself down. I heard something break from down the hall, and I
figured Edward had smashed one of the mirrors or something. I stepped back into the
hallway to go apologize right as Edward stormed out of the open door. "Keep a fucking
eye on her," he spat at the guard before shoving his way through the crowd and out the
Figuring he just needed a smoke, I went back to waiting for my turn. I had already given
Garrett my song choices for the night when I called the club earlier, so there was
nothing else I needed to do but wait.
After a few minutes, Jess came off the stage trying to catch her breath. "It's crazy out
there tonight, girl. There were a few men at one of the tables in the front who were
tipping with fifties and hundreds," she said with a smile on her face. "Good luck."
I waited a few extra minutes for the club to settle down before I took my position at the
pole. My first song tonight was Harden My Heart by Quarterflash. It was one of my
favorite songs, and I thought it was appropriate with everything going on.
When the music started and the lights came on, I began by doing a few tricks on the
pole. Jess was right, the men seemed to be extra generous tonight, and I wasn't
complaining one bit. The crowd was a little rowdy, but there were several security
guards posted around the sides of the stage, so I knew everything would be fine. The
audience must have seen the imposing men too, because no one tried to get up on stage
while I was dancing. It was quite a relief not to have to deal with grabby hands or
drunken fools. Whether the whole night would go that way or not remained to be seen.
When the song ended and the lights died down, I started to pick up my tips. After
gathering up all the bills, I made my way offstage and back to the locker room. Just as I
was about to open the door, I heard voices on the other side. I immediately recognized
one of them as being Gianna. She was a newer stripper at the club, and from what I'd
heard, she was willing to do just about anything to make money. The other voice had
me stopping in my tracks because it wasn't another dancer. No, the voice belonged to a
man one I'd never heard speak before.
I was curious, so I put my ear to the door and listened to what was being said.
"Out of the way, Gi. We have business to take care of and then you'll get your payment,"
the unfamiliar voice said.
"Jacob, you promised me five grand for letting you and your boys in the back door
tonight. I want my money before you step out of this room!" Gianna yelled.
Jacob? As in Jacob Black? That was not a good thing. Fear ran through my entire body,
and I stood upright and bolted down the hall. If Jacob Black was in the club, then it was
obvious he was here for me. I didn't know what to do, so I ran straight to Edward's
office and locked the door. After shutting the light out, I went around his desk and
crawled underneath to hide, pulling his desk phone with me. With shaky hands, I
managed to dial his number on the first attempt. It rang three times before he picked it
up and barked into the receiver. "Who the FUCK is this, and why are you calling me from
my fucking office?"
"EdEdwEdward, it's Isabella. He's here," I whispered as quietly as I could manage.
"Isabella? What the fuck are you talking about? And why the hell are you in my office?"
he questioned.
I was shaking so hard that it was difficult to talk. "Sweetheart, I need you to calm down
and talk to me, okay? Take a deep breath and let it out." I did as he said, and it helped
to settle my nerves slightly. "Again," he instructed, and again I followed his instructions.
"Ok, Isabella, tell me what's going on."
"I just finished with my song and was heading back to the locker room. I heard Gianna
talking to some guy, so I stopped to listen before going in. The guy told her to move
because they had business to do and then she'd get her payment, but I guess she
wouldn't budge. She said that he had agreed to pay her five grand for letting him and his
boys in the back door, and she wanted him to give it to her before she moved." I took a
deep breath and continued. "Edward, she called him Jacob. I recognized the name and
ran straight to your office. I'm hiding under your desk with the light off," I explained.
"Fuck! Don't move, Isabella. I'll be there in three minutes, okay?"
"Oka" I was cut off by the sound of someone trying to open the office door. "Edward,
someone is trying to open your door!" I whisper-yelled. My whole body was shaking
"Stay quiet and don't open the door. I'll be there soon," he said.
Whoever was at the door didn't give up when they discovered it was locked. Instead, I
could hear the knob being jiggled even harder, and then the door itself rattled in the
frame. The person was determined to get into the room, and if I had any doubts before
about them being after me, they were all washed away when a voice spoke from the
other side. "I know you're in there, Isabella. You have nowhere to run, so just open the
door. I'm not going to hurt you; I just want to talk."
Edward must have been able to hear what was going on through the phone, because he
spoke in my ear again. "Don't say a word, Isabella. I'm right around the corner."
The sound of something crashing into the door suddenly scared me, and I screamed
before I realized what I was doing. "She's in here!" Jacob said to someone in the hall
with him. "Break the fucking door down, now!"
"I'm pulling into the parking lot right now, Isabella. Nothing is going to happen to you, I
swear," Edward told me. I could hear his voice shaking with what sounded like rage.
With three more loud bangs on the door, it finally gave way with a crash, causing me to
scream again. Please hurry, Edward!
The lights were flipped on, and I could hear two sets of feet shuffling toward me. "Well,
what do we have here?" a tall, dark-skinned man said as he knelt down to my level,
pulling the phone from my hands. "This would have been so much easier had you just
opened the damn door, Isabella. Now get up!" he snapped, grabbing me roughly by the
arm and pulling me out from under the desk.
His eyes ran up and down my body and he smirked at what he saw. "Fuck, I'm definitely
going to have some fun with you," he said menacingly.
"Like hell you are!" Edward said, appearing in the doorway with his gun cocked and
Chapter 13
I needed to get out and clear my head. Fuck! Isabella had made my dick hard as steel. I
had never been this hard ever. The white lace teddy she had been wearing at the club
left nothing to the imagination.
Fuck, I wanted her, but it was so much more than before. I craved her like the air I
breathed. I needed her to be mine, and mine alone. Was that why I had flipped out so
much? Was it that I didn't want to share Isabella with anyone not even Alec? Or that I
had suspicions about what Isabella was planning when she'd argued with me about
going on stage tonight. I'd been watching her for months now at the club. Isabella
seemed to rely on her tips, but why? She was Alec's girl; she didn't need the money
unless she was saving it for something. Was she planning to leave Alec? Fuck, why did
that hurt so much? But if that was her plan, Isabella was playing a dangerous game. No
one could run from the Volturi family not when they knew so much information.
I was still fuming when I turned on the engine. As my Aston Martin purred to life, I sped
off into the traffic my dick still throbbing. What was Isabella doing to me? She really
didn't seem scared of me. I'd never had a woman stand up to me like that, and that only
turned me on even more. She was so motherfucking hot!
I was out of ways to fight back my desire; that sexy as fuck lace teddy had been the
final straw. I needed to fuck Bella. I really wasn't sure how my body would function
without tasting her again. My dick needed that sweet, wet pussy, and he wasn't going to
take no for an answer. My subconscious, however, was telling me that by doing that, I
would put her in danger. Fuck it all! I couldn't do that to her. That would make me no
better than Alec!
I was pulled from my thoughts by my phone ringing with a call from my office. Who the
fuck was in my office?
"EdEdwEdward, it's Isabella. He's here." She sounded petrified.
"Isabella? What the fuck are you talking about? And why the hell are you in my office?" I
asked, confused. I could hear her panting and gasping on the line. She was scared. What
the fuck had happened? I needed to calm down and get her to relax. "Sweetheart, I
need you to calm down and talk to me, okay? Take a deep breath and let it out." It
sounded as if she doing as I asked. "Again," I soothed. That's it baby. I'm here. Nothing
is going to happen to you, just breathe. "Ok, Isabella, what's going on?" I asked once
her breathing had regulated.
"I just finished with my song and was heading back to the locker room. I heard Gianna
talking to some guy, so I stopped to listen before going in. The guy told her to move
because they had business to do and then she'd get her payment, but I guess she
wouldn't budge. She said that he had agreed to pay her five grand for letting him and his
boys in the back door, and she wanted him to give it to her before she moved. Edward,
she called him Jacob. I recognized the name and ran straight to your office. I'm hiding
under your desk with the light off."
The motherfucker was inside the club! Jacob Black was a dead man! "Fuck! Don't move,
Isabella. I'll be there in three minutes, okay?" I tried to sooth her, but she could
probably sense my anger.
"Oka" she was cut off by something. "Edward, someone is trying to open your door!"
"Stay quiet and don't open the door. I'll be there soon!" If he harmed one hair on her
head, Jacob Black would die a slow, painful death.
I stayed on the phone until I pulled up outside the club. I was lucky that I spotted Jasper
and Emmett arriving at the same time.
"What's wrong, Boss?" Emmett frowned as I began to charge through the back door.
"Black is in my office. He's after Isabella," I snarled. "Emmett, do a sweep of the club.
There may be more of these fuckers inside. Jazz, follow me!"
I could make out Jacob Black's voice as I charged down the hallway.
"Fuck, I'm definitely going to have some fun with you," I heard him say to Isabella as I
caught sight of them. Jacob was holding her by the waist while running the barrel of his
gun down her body. There was one other man standing there laughing, and Isabella was
shaking with fear. These fuckers were dead!
"Like hell you are!" I roared, pulling out my glock and aiming it directly at Jacob.
"Edward!" Isabella cried out my name like a prayer. Don't worry, Baby, I'll keep you
"Who is this?" Jacob chuckled darkly at me.
"I'm your worst nightmare. Let her go, Black," I glared, squeezing the trigger slightly but
not firing the weapon.
"You know who I am." He seemed impressed. You fucking wait until I've put a bullet in
your head if you hurt her.
"You are not getting back at Alec Volturi through Isabella," I stated. Jazz had moved to
the left hand side of me and was watching the other guy in the room carefully. "I
suggest you let her go before I damage your kneecap."
"Who are you?" Jacob chuckled, pulling Isabella tighter against him and pressing his gun
harder in to her side. He really shouldn't be pissing me off.
"Edward Cullen. I'm giving you one final warning," I cautioned. "Get your fucking dirty
hands off her!"
"You're not going to shoot while I have Isabella, are you?" I could see tears begin to
trickle down my girl's face. I needed to end this and fast.
"True, but I'm not letting you take her out of this club, either."
"I'd say we are at an impasse, then. Wouldn't you agree?" Like fuck we were. "How do
you suggest we end this?"
"I want you to get the fuck out of this club and pick a fight with Alec some other way."
Jacob raised his eyebrow in response. I didn't want to kill this fucker. Truthfully, if it
didn't involve Isabella, I secretly hoped this guy would give Alec a beating he'd never
forget. I could hear commotion and shouting behind me, but I wasn't shifting my focus
until Isabella was safe.
"I'm up for that, but I'm not letting Isabella go until I am near the back door. I value my
life too much." Clever fucker, but I knew his game. I'd already spotted the getaway car
outside when I arrived. If he tried to take Isabella with him, he was a dead man.
"I suggest you start walking then," I glared. I watched as Jacob pulled Isabella with him,
using her to protect himself. His glock was pinned against her waist as they walked. I
hated the fear in Isabella's eyes. Just a few more second's, Baby. Hang on.
"You looked worried, Edward," Jacob mused as his colleague slipped through the side
door. "You're close to the back door. I'm wondering if you are stupid enough to try and
take Isabella with you," I admitted, leaning my arm on the back door. Jacob smirked
darkly while trying to slip through the doorway, pulling Isabella back with him. Fine,
fucker, if that's how you want to play it. Isabella was watching me worriedly, so I quickly
pulled the heavy metal back door hard into Jacob's shoulder, making him loose his grip
of Isabella for a slight second. That was all the time I needed to pull her out of Jacob's
arms and push her toward Jasper.
"You were that stupid," I snarled, hitting him in the face with the butt of my gun. Jacob
stumbled, falling out the back door.
"Are you going to kill me?" Jacob groaned from the ground. It was an intriguing thought,
and I did consider it for a second, but I needed to make sure Isabella was okay.
"This isn't my fight, but I'm warning you leave Isabella out of this. I don't care if you
pick a fight with Alec he deserves it but I'm telling you to find another way to get
him back for what he did."
"You're really letting me go?"
"Fuck off before I change my mind," I sighed, watching him stand up and rush over to
his getaway car.
"The club is clear, Boss," Emmett called, but I was hardly listening. My eyes were fixed
on Isabella, who was watching me with tears streaming down her face.
"I'm going to take you home," I whispered as I moved a few steps toward her. I wanted
to pull Isabella into my arms, but there were too many people watching us. Isabella
simply nodded as I took my jacket off to wrap around her shoulders before I led her to
the car.
She was quiet the entire journey, and for once, I had no idea what to say to her. The
poor girl had just been held at gunpoint. I wasn't even sure if she'd seen a gun up that
close before.
I followed her into the mansion when we arrived back. We both stopped at the main
staircase. I had no idea what to do.
"Ddid you need me to help you?" Why the fuck was I stuttering?
"Please," Isabella whispered. I smiled gently as I scooped her up in my arms. She was
still in that fucking lace teddy, but luckily my jacket was covering most of her skin. I
didn't want desire to be filling me right now. She needed to be looked after. "Thank you,
Edward," Isabella breathed against my neck as I pulled her tightly to my chest.
"You don't have to thank me."
"I do. I don't even want to think about what Jacob Black would have done if"
"Shh, it's okay. You're safe now," I soothed as I noticed her start to tremble in my arms.
"I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I shouldn't have been such a dick earlier and I
definitely shouldn't have stormed off."
"I shouldn't have shouted at you. I know you were only looking out for me." We were at
her bedroom door now, so I slowly released her. As she slid down my body, gripping my
shoulders, I suppressed a groan.
"You know I'll always look out for you," I smirked, leaning against her door frame as she
opened her door.
"Can you come and sit with me for a while? I'm not sure I want to be on my own yet." I
gulped. I needed to compose myself and tell my dick not to get carried away that was
not happening tonight.
"If that's what you want," I muttered, following her into her bedroom.
"I'lljust go and get changed." She half smiled, grabbing a few items of clothing and
walking into her bathroom.
I wandered around her room, feeling lost. This bedroom was hers and Alec's. I shouldn't
be in here, but I couldn't leave.
Isabella came out in yoga pants and a T-shirt with her hair pulled back. Fuck, she was
stunning in whatever she wore.
"How are you feeling?" I asked, smiling softly.
"Pretty shaken," she admitted, holding her arms around her body.
It was instinctual. My body moved of its own accord, pulling Isabella to me. She fell into
my embrace without a fight.
"It's okay, Sweetheart, I've got you," I cooed into her hair as she started to sob. I
scooped her up into my arms and lifted her onto the bed before joining her and pulling
her against my chest. We must have stayed that way for hours. I even drifted off a few
It was in those few short hours, I realized I couldn't deny my feelings for Isabella any
longer. This wasn't just lust anymore had I fallen for her?
"You're leaving?" Isabella mumbled as I tried to slip out of bed a while later. I needed to
check in with Jasper and Emmett. I wasn't completely sure Jacob would listen to my
warnings, which meant we needed to keep an eye on him until he left Chicago.
"I just need to check on a few things; I'll be back. Sleep," I grinned, leaning down to kiss
her forehead. Isabella surprised me by moving her lips to meet mine, and with a groan,
her arms wrapped around my neck and she pulled me down on top of her.
Fuck, she tasted good as her lips crashed urgently against mine. Her hands found my
hair, gripping and pulling. Holy shit! How did she know I loved that? I traced the
contours of her legs with my hands, and soon they were gliding up and into her T-shirt. I
needed to stop, but I just fucking couldn't.
"UghBBellawe needto stop," I moaned as my lips caressed down her neck.
"Just one more minute, please," she begged, pulling me closer. Was this her way of
thanking me? I could give her one more minute. Fuck, I wanted that minute, too. I let
my hands continue on their journey underneath her shirt. I wanted to grope her just
one squeeze of those perfect tits. It had been so long. As my fingertips came into
contact with her hardened nipples, we both groaned.
"Fuck, I've missed this," I snarled, pulling on her nipples as I crashed my lips hard
against hers once more. Bella thrust up toward me, and it didn't help my growing
erection. I needed to stop this before I actually fucked her. "Bella, Baby, we need to
stop." I pulled away reluctantly, looking at Bella as she lay beneath me.
"Thank you, Edward," she smiled, running her hands through my hair before she finally
released me.
"Why do we always end up in a lip-lock?" I teased as I pulled myself off the bed.
"That was a little more than a lip-lock, Edward," Bella giggled.
"Sorry, you know I get a little carried away when I'm with you," I admitted. "Are you
going to be okay?" Bella nodded, lying back down. "I'll be in the office if you need me."
"Edward?" I turned just as I was about to open the door. "That kiss was a thank you.
Don't read anything into it, okay?"
"I won't," I sighed before I left. It had meant something to both of us; I felt it in the
kiss. Why were we denying our obvious feelings for each other? Okay, it might have had
something to do with getting ourselves killed if we ever actually did anything about it.
Fuck my life!
"You've done well, my boy." Aro patted me on the back when he and Alec returned the
next day. It had been a waste of time in Miami. The Leoni's weren't interested in hearing
about a petty feud. If it had been a situation concerning the two families as a whole, it
would have been different, but an argument over a poker game between two rival mob
members was of no concern to them. Alec and Jacob had to sort this dispute out
"What is Alec going to do now?" I asked. Alec was checking on Bella fuck, Isabella
to see if she was well enough to attend church this morning.
"He'll try to talk to Jacob Black and reason with him. Alec has already agreed to pay him
back the money if he'll listen," Aro mused, looking over at his computer and checking his
shares, I gathered.
"What were the Leonis like?"
"I only met the Under Boss because the Boss was otherwise engaged, but Eleazar was
very understanding. It would seem that Jacob Black is a live wire just like my son."
"So every Mafia family has one," I joked.
"Perhaps," Aro chuckled just as Alec walked in. "How is Isabella?"
"She wants to come to church," Alec replied, darting his eyes at me. What the fuck was
his problem? I'd saved his girl again, I might add but Alec was still glaring at me
like he wanted to punch me.
Half an hour later, Bella came down the stairs looking like an angel. She nodded,
gesturing toward me before Alec pulled her into his arms.
"You look lovely, Baby," Alec muttered, kissing her lips. Lovely!? She looked fucking
stunning. I rolled my eyes in frustration and walked outside, pulling a cigarette out.
"We've done a sweep," Emmett called from behind me as I finished my cigarette. He and
Jazz must have just gotten back.
"Anything to report?" I asked.
"There has been no sign of him." That wasn't good; something told me that Jacob Black
was still in Chicago.
"Well, keep an eye out. I'll be at the club after church if you need me." The boys nodded
as Aro emerged with all the family.
Church was a big thing to any mafia family, but it meant even more to me seeing as how
I was the only non-family member invited, without including Bella, of course. She was
family in Aro's eyes, just as I was.
"What did you think of the service?" Heidi asked as we began to make our way down the
aisle. Would this woman ever get the hint?
"There's a lot that can be said about sacrifice." I smiled, trying to inch away from her
before Marcus came over and started talking weddings again. I couldn't help but notice
Bella watching me as she stood with Alec. I couldn't read her face. Was it jealousy?
"Have you ever had to sacrifice anything, Edward?" Heidi asked.
My sanity every time I talk to you? "No, not really," I sighed, watching as Aro made his
way to me.
"Can I speak with you, Edward?" Aro asked. Heidi made a quick exit after that, as did
most of the family.
"Is everything okay, Aro?"
"I wanted to say well done. The East District is under control, and wellyou ran things
effortlessly while I was out of town."
"I'm just doing my job," I grinned.
"Edward, you have no idea how much I wish Alec were more like you."
"He'll learn, Aro, just give him time."
"I'm not so sure anymore," Aro mused before we were both interrupted by shouting and
screaming. I had one guess at who was outside Jacob Black.
I rushed out the doors, coming face to face with my biggest fear. Jacob and his men
were pointing their Glocks at Alec, who in that split second had pulled Bella in front
of him, using her like a human shield. Motherfucker, was that really how he saw her?
I didn't even think. I had no time before those fuckers pulled their triggers. In that
second, I had to make a choice: me or Bella? Of course, there was only ever one choice.
I dove in front of Bella just as the guns began to fire. I could feel the bullets as they
ripped through my skin like fire, but all that mattered was Bella safely nestled in my
How many times had I been hit? The stabbing fire seemed to be coming from
everywhere, but I was fading. Everything was almost dreamlike, as if I were floating. I
could hear gunfire going off, and people rushing around yelling, but one voice was all I
could concentrate on.
"Edward! Edward! Look at me stay with me! Don't you fucking go anywhere, do you
hear me?!" Bella sobbed, looking down at me. She was holding my shoulder, pressing
down hard. Fuck, it burned. I must have been shot there.
"BBella," I forced out, trying to lift my hand to touch her face. She must have known
what I wanted, because she leaned her head down toward my hand.
"Why did you do that, Edward?" she sobbed.
"I madea choice," I croaked. "Youaretooimportanttome."
"You just jumped in a line of fire to save me."
"BBecause I lo" I didn't get a chance to finish my words as I began to choke on my
own blood. Fuck, this was bad. Was I dying?
"ARO!" Bella screamed. "We need to move him now, he's losing too much blood!"
I could feel everyone rushing around me as I began to slip under.
I tried to rationalize my actions. I had just sacrificed my own life for Bella. What did that
tell me? I kept coming up with the same conclusion the one truth I had been fighting
for the last two years, but I could no longer deny it.
I was in love with Bella Swan, and if I made it through this alive, I needed to tell her.
Chapter 14
Church was pretty boring, but I knew how much it meant to the family, so I dutifully
attended every week. When the service was over, Alec stood and offered me his hand.
We weren't even fully out of the pew when he stopped to talk to someone. I had no idea
who the man was, so I allowed my eyes to wander, taking in the sanctuary around me.
My eyes froze on Edward, who was talking to Marcus' daughter, Heidi. I couldn't help but
glare as I watched how she kept trying to get close to him. What I wouldn't do to be in
her shoes at the moment, standing right beside him. I was completely jealous of her,
and I had no reason to be. It was obvious that Edward wasn't interested in her by the
way he kept inching away, but the bimbo was too fucking stupid to notice. When he
caught me watching them, I immediately let my eyes drop to the floor.
Alec was done a moment later, and he escorted me up the aisle and out the door. We
had to wait for Felix to bring the car around, and while we were waiting, a black SUV
pulled up in the street. The next thing I knew, Jacob Black and two of his men had
stepped out of the vehicle and started to approach us. "I want my fucking money back,
Alec!" Jacob shouted in a deadly voice. It was so cold that it sent shivers down my spine.
This was not a man I would want to mess with.
I could see Alec smirk at Jacob from the corner of my eye. "I don't owe you a goddamn
penny, Black!" What the fuck? I knew Aro planned to pay back what Alec stole, so why
was he acting like this? Was it a matter of pride? With Alec, who knew?
"Suit yourself, Alec. Don't say I never gave you the chance to make things right!" Before
I could even register what was happening, Jacob and his men had drawn their weapons
just as Alec had pulled me in front of him, trying to use me as a shield. This was not how
I pictured dying, but there wasn't much I could do about it. I heard three loud pops as
the guns went off, but then something ripped me out of Alec's grasp and I started to fall.
It took me a second to realize that Edward had grabbed me and pulled me down.
When I shook off my haze, I took a second to look around. Jacob and his men had run
back to their truck and were peeling off down the street. Alec had crawled back into the
church like the coward he was, and there were several other men around scrambling and
yelling, trying to decide what to do with themselves.
It was then that I looked down to see that Edward was losing consciousness. Fuck! My
eyes raked over his body and took in the massive amount of red staining his body. It
was obvious he had been shot at least twice, and he was losing too much blood.
My hands went to his shoulder to apply pressure as I started to talk to him. "Edward!
Edward! Look at me stay with me! Don't you fucking go anywhere, do you hear me?!"
I couldn't control the sobs that broke free from my chest as it all sank in. Edward
jumped in front of me to protect me, and now he was dying because of it. I put even
more pressure on his shoulder and he winced.
He opened his eyes and looked straight at me, trying to say something, but it was
muffled and hard to understand. I leaned my head down, and nearly sobbed when his
hand cupped by cheek in a tender gesture. "Why did you do that, Edward?" I cried. I
needed to get him help or he wasn't going to last much longer.
His eyes met mine and he spoke clearly for a second, even though it was coming out
between ragged breaths. "I madea choice. Youaretooimportanttome."
His words caused conflicting emotions within me. I wanted to kiss him for protecting me,
but I also wanted to slap the shit out of him for putting his own life on the line. I wasn't
worth dying for. "You just jumped in the line of fire to save me," I said as it all started to
really sink in.
"Bbecause I lo" His words were cut off when he started choking, coughing, and
spitting up blood.
"ARO! We need to move him, now! He's losing too much blood!" I screamed, looking
frantically around me for someone to help.
Aro was by my side in an instant, barking out orders to the people around us. In less
than a minute, Edward's body was pulled off the pavement and into an awaiting SUV to
be taken back to the mansion. I climbed in beside him while Aro went around, getting in
on the passenger side, his phone glued to his ear.
"Dr. Hale, I need you at my house, now!" Aro shouted into the phone once the door to
the SUV was closed. "Edward's been shot and it doesn't look good. Alright, we'll meet
you there in five minutes."
Time seemed to slow as we drove through town. I kept pressure on Edward's shoulder to
staunch the flow of blood, but I wasn't sure how much good it was doing. His breathing
was really shallow, and his color was draining.
"Edward, stay with me, please!" I begged through my tears. "I need you to stay alive."
When we pulled up to the house, several men rushed out and pulled Edward out of the
SUV and away from me. Dr. Hale was standing outside, directing the men on where to
take Edward when Aro spoke. "Isabella, why don't you go get yourself cleaned up?" he
suggested. I tried to shake my head, but he held out his hand to stop me. "Dr. Hale will
do everything he can, but he's going to need some help. In order for you to do that, you
need to be clean so as not to cause any unnecessary infection in the wounds. They are
taking him to the study. You can meet us there after you've showered."
I knew there was no point in arguing, so I went up to my room and took a quick shower.
The rest of the afternoon flew by as I worked side-by-side with Dr. Hale to get Edward
cleaned up. He had taken three bullets: two in his left shoulder, and one that just grazed
his left arm, causing a flesh wound. Luck was with him, because both the shots he took
in his shoulder were through-and-through. We didn't have to worry about digging out
the brass on top of everything else.
Dr. Hale left several hours later, once Edward was stabilized. He handed Aro two bottles
of pills on his way out the first an antibiotic to help with infection, and the other a pain
pill that would take the edge off. Aro thanked the doctor and instructed someone outside
the room to show him out.
I had just slumped down into the chair across from Edward when I felt Aro come up
behind me. "Isabella, can you tell me what happened?"
With a heavy sigh, I turned to Aro and explained the events as best I could. To say that
he was pissed off at Alec would be an understatement. He was downright livid, and I
didn't want to be around when he confronted his son about what he had done. Luckily, I
didn't have to be. Aro asked me to stay in the study with Edward until he was well
enough to get around on his own. I owed Edward so much for doing what he did, so I
readily agreed.
Aro's men had been unable to locate Jacob Black after the shooting, and he was worried
that they would try something again. He knew that Alec would be the main focus of any
attack, but he was worried for Edward's and my safety, too. The day Edward regained
consciousness, Aro pulled me aside to speak to me privately.
"Isabella, things are quite dangerous right now, and until Jacob Black and his men go
back to Miami, I want to send you to one of our safe-houses." He paused and looked at
me as if waiting for me to object. When I said nothing, he continued. "Edward won't
survive another attack, either, so I have arranged for him to go as well. Would you mind
terribly if I asked you to look after him for me while you're there? I need every capable
hand I have here right now, so it would just be the two of you. My dear, I know it's a lot
to ask, but you are honestly the only person I trust with this task. I think of Edward as a
son, and I don't want to see anything happen to him."
I looked up at Aro, somewhat shocked at his request, but more so because of what he
said about the man who lay before us. I knew he thought highly of Edward, but I had no
idea he considered him a son. "Isabella?" he questioned when I didn't respond right
"I'm sorry, Aro. Your words just took me by surprise. I knew you cared a great deal for
Edward, but I never realized you thought of him as family like that."
He looked at me with a very serious expression on his face. "Yes, my dear, I do think of
Edward as part of my family. He's been with us for quite some time and has been
nothing but loyal to me since the day I pulled him off the streets. He's a good young
man and I'm lucky to have him around." He looked so genuine in that moment that I
couldn't help but smile slightly. "And Isabella, he's not the only one I consider to be part
of my family," he said, placing his hand on my arm, his meaning clear. "Now, back to my
previous question" he trailed off, effectively changing the subject.
"Aro, Edward took three bullets for me. I owe him a lot more than just taking care of him
for a few weeks. It's not too much to ask of me, either. He has helped me so many
times, that even if he were hurt under different circumstances, I would gladly return the
The room was silent for a few moments as he observed me, looking almost as if he
wanted to say something. He must have chosen not to, though, because he then nodded
and pulled me into a hug. "Thank you, my dear. Make sure he gets better and then bring
him back to me. I've already programmed the address of the safe-house into the GPS of
one of my cars. Once you have your bags packed, one of the men will load them up for
you. The house is about three and a half hours from here, so you should be able to make
it without stopping. The cleaning company was there this morning. They stocked the
fridge with all the necessities, but if you need anything, just give me a call." He paused
for a moment, obviously going over a checklist in his head. "Alright, I do believe that's it.
Thank you, Isabella," he said, hugging me one more time.
"I'm happy to help, Aro," I told him with a smile. "I'll bring him back to you healthy as a
He chuckled as he started walking toward the door. "I'm sure you will, Dear. I'm sure
you will."
Three and a half hours and two states later, the GPS in the car said the destination was
in two miles. It had been a long, uneventful drive. On several occasions before we got
out of the city, I saw Edward checking the review mirrors for a tail, but he didn't need
to. Aro told me what to look for before we left, and said that if I thought someone was
following us, I should disregard the directions on the GPS and call him immediately.
Edward must have realized I was keeping a close eye out, so about an hour into the
drive, he slumped down in the seat as best he could and fell asleep.
For the first leg of the trip, I was constantly checking my rearview mirror, but I never
saw the same car for more than a few minutes. We were in the clear, and I breathed a
sigh of relief once we were outside the city of Chicago. The trip had taken us from one
side of Lake Michigan to the other, and we ended up near Muskegon, Michigan, at a
beautiful cottage right on the lake. I had never seen something so breathtaking in my
entire life. After waking Edward and telling him to wait in the car for a few minutes, I
made my way inside to take a look around.
The cottage was painted red with white trim, and was relatively small. There were two
bedrooms, one bathroom, and a spacious living room with a wood burning fireplace. It
also had a beautiful, airy kitchen, quaint dining room, and cozy little sunroom. Plus,
there was a large backyard that had luscious green grass and a fire pit, as well as a
charcoal grill and patio furniture. I could just picture spending the evenings out back,
enjoying the peace and tranquility while listening to the waves hit the shoreline of the
The best feature of the cottage, though, had to be the stone steps that led from the front
door down almost directly to the shorefront. The view of the lake was breathtaking, and
I couldn't wait to see it once the sun started to set. There was a lighthouse visible a
short distance away, and I thought that once Edward was feeling better, maybe we could
walk to it together.
With a sigh, I turned around and headed back to the car to help Edward inside and then
grab the bags. When I reached him, he looked deep in thought, but shook his head when
I asked if there was anything wrong. It was going to be an awkward few weeks if he
planned to avoid me the whole time.
This Edward was different from the cocky guy I had always known. There was still an air
of confidence surrounding him, but he wasn't as smug as he usually was. Nearly dying
apparently made him take a look at his life, and I guess he didn't like what he saw.
Once he was inside and situated in front of the fireplace, I went back out to grab our
bags. I knew we needed to talk about what happened and why he did what he did, but it
didn't seem like he was ready to do that just yet, so I was going to let him come to me
when he was. I grabbed the bags, carried them inside, and then started a fire and
tucked a blanket loosely around Edward's body. He had been getting tired really easily
lately, and was already sound asleep, so I was going to let him relax where he was for a
bit while I took a walk to clear my head. After snagging his smokes from the car, I
headed down the stone steps and toward the beach with no destination in mind.
After walking for a few minutes up and down the shoreline, I took my shoes off and sat
down in the sand, lighting a cigarette and taking a drag. Only then did I allow myself to
think about the events of that day less than a week ago. My brain blocked it out at the
time because I was so worried about Edward's safety and whether or not he was going
to live, but the last few nights, I had been replaying our conversation in my mind.
There was so much to think about. When he cupped my cheek, the moment was so
tender, and there was something in his eyes I couldn't understand. When I asked him
why he did it, he said I was too important to him. I wasn't sure what exactly he meant
by that, but I got the feeling it wasn't just about sex with him anymore. Had Edward
somehow developed feelings for me? Could he possibly feel the same way about me as I
did about him?
I had been trying to fight my feelings for so long because I didn't think there was any
way they were reciprocated. What if they were? Would Edward be willing to run away
with me when I was ready to leave? Would it even be possible?
The longer I thought about our circumstances, the more questions I started asking
myself. Our situation was impossible. Even if Edward had developed feelings for me,
what could we do about it? Alec would never let me go willingly, and Edward was too
deep in the mafia to just walk away. Trying to pursue anything was pointless. Still, that
didn't make me want it any less.
I don't know how long I sat on the beach, lost in my thoughts, but the sun was low in
the sky when Edward found me and joined me. He winced a little as he sat down, but he
didn't say anything about the pain.
"Hey," he whispered quietly once he was comfortable.
I smiled at him as my eyes raked over his body, looking for signs of discomfort. "Hey.
How's your arm? Do you need another Percocet?" He started to shake his head as he
chuckled. "What's so funny?"
My words caused him to sober up quickly and he looked me straight in the eye. "I'm
sorry, Isabella. It's not really funny, I guessjust awkward. My arm is fine a little
sore, but fine. You don't need to worry about me."
Hearing him call me Isabella instead of Bella felt wrong when we were alone it felt off.
When I looked up at him, I saw that he was staring at me, and it was a little unnerving.
"Um, while we're here, can you call me Bella? Isabella is too formal coming from you,
and it doesn't feel right."
He nodded, so I continued talking. "I didn't get a chance to say thank you for saving my
life before" I stuttered, feeling really awkward all of a sudden.
He started chuckling again as he grabbed my hand, causing a jolt of electricity to shoot
up my arm. "Yeah, bleeding out on the side walk sort of put a damper on that, huh?" he
said with a wicked grin.
I rolled my eyes at him but didn't say a word. "All kidding aside, though, Bella, you don't
need to thank me. In fact, I've wanted to talk to you about that day. Why don't we go in
and grab a bite to eat, and then we can sit in the sunroom and have a much needed
Edward's eyes held mine as he reached up and brushed a loose strand of hair behind my
ear. I nodded and then stood up. After helping him up, we made our way back to the
house. During the whole walk back, my stomach was in shambles, and it wasn't because
I was hungry. I had a feeling that the conversation we were going to have would change
Edwards mood music for this chapter - (Sugar pie, honey bunch) I can't help
myself, because just read these lyrics:-
When I call your name
Girl, it starts to flame (Burning in my heart, tearing it all apart)
No matter how I try
My love I cannot hide.
Chapter 15
God might just have been on my side after the shooting outside the church. Then again,
thinking about the situation I was currently in, maybe this was the devil at work. I was
all alone with Isabella, three and a half hours away from home. We had no prying eyes
watching over us. We could do whatever we wanted. Two years ago, it would have been
heaven to me, but not now. Now, it was pure torture.
I was in love with Bella. Yes, fuck it. She was my Bella. I had to stop with all this fucking
'Isabella' talk. She'd stopped being Isabella to me after that night.
Bella was real, as were my feelings, but how could I tell her how I felt when I knew what
would happen if she felt the same way? I loved Bella. I had to keep her safe.
I had managed to keep my distance while I'd been healing in Chicago. I was lucky my
painkillers made me sleep most of the day, and whenever I felt the air between Bella
and I intensify, I pretended I was in pain or tired.
That was different now that we were here in Muskegon, Michigan alone. I was
surprised at first that Aro had suggested Bella and I go together, but with him needing
every man on hand to find Jacob Black, it made sense.
She'd been amazing on the way up, checking to make sure we hadn't been followed. It
was the first time I felt safe in a long while, and I drifted to sleep through most of the
trip, knowing Bella would wake me if she noticed any one following us.
And now we were here, in Aro's safe house for the next few weeks. Fuck, this place was
so beautiful. As I watched the open fire, I imagined the long nights I could have in here,
wrapped around Bella's naked body. This was the sort of place you bought a beautiful
woman if you wanted to seduce her. What the fuck was Aro playing at? Was he testing
me, or thanking me? I was going to fucking fail if this was a test. I just knew it.
I had heard Bella head out a while back, when I'd been pretending to sleep. I knew it
was wrong of me to avoid her that way, but I had no idea what I was going to do. It was
hard not to smile when I felt Bella tuck a blanket around me earlier. It had been a long
time since anyone had taken care of me. Why did my mother enter my mind for a split
second? I pushed the thought back quickly. I wasn't going back there! I'd avenged my
mother and her friend's deaths. I had to let that shit go.
I knew what I had to do as I sat watching the open fire. I'd seen it in Bella's eyes. She
wanted to know why I'd sacrificed my life to keep her safe, but she didn't know how
fucking dangerous that answer was. I had to give her some kind of response, though.
With a deep sigh, I pulled myself up, took some painkillers for my arm, and then I
headed out to find Bella.
I found her sitting on the beach in front of the cottage. Fuck, my heart was aching for
her. Give me an aggressive fucker trying to kill me any day over these feelings. What
the fuck was I supposed to do with them?
We made small chat on the beach before I made the suggestion that we got something
to eat before we had a serious chat. She asked me to call her Bella again, and I was
both overjoyed and terrified at her request. It didn't stop me reaching out to her,
though, brushing some stray hair from her face. Bella was, without a doubt, the most
beautiful woman I had ever seen, and looking at her now, I couldn't understand how I
hadn't seen it before. I'd been in love with Bella for years and not realized it. Had it ever
been just lust? She was my equal in every single way. No woman had ever been able to
handle me like Bella, and now I knew why. She was my fucking weakness. Jasper had
been right the brainy fucker!
"Do you need a hand with anything?" I asked, watching Bella wander around the kitchen
when we got back.
"Aro sent me here to look after you, just sit down," she smiled, glancing at me over her
"What are we having for dinner?" I smirked, taking a seat on one of the kitchen stools.
"Baked chicken breasts with lemon pepper seasoning, some grilled asparagus, and a
Caesar salad. It will take about forty-five minutes in the oven, so we cantalk after I put
it in." Why did Bella sound so nervous?
"Sure," I gulped. Shit, my voice didn't sound much better. I watched Bella silently
prepare the dinner, and when she placed the chicken in the oven, my heart began to
race. What the fuck was wrong with me?
"So," Bella sighed, turning and playing with her hands.
"Why don't we sit down in the sun room?" I suggested, getting up to pour us a drink. It
was only juice. Fuck, I wish it was whiskey or vodka; that might have helped.
"How's your shoulder now?" Bella asked I took a seat next to her. The sun was setting
and an orange glow was cascading into the room.
"It's fine," I smiled warmly, handing her drink to her.
"Why did you do it, Edward?"
"Do what?" I muttered, becoming lost in Bella's eyes.
"You know what," she replied, clearly agitated.
I knew I had to lie, but the problem was would she believe it? "Bella, Alec is the Under
Boss. You know I have a duty to Alec and Aro."
"You didn't jump in front of that gun fire for Alec, Edward."
"How do you know that?"
"You said I was too important to you. What did you mean?"
"Bella, I was bleeding out on the pavement. I have no idea what I was saying; it didn't
mean anything," I chuckled, trying to brush off her comment. "My loyalty is to Aro, and
in turn, Alec."
"You're lying." Bella was studying me closely, and for once, I couldn't think of a single
humorous comment to steer the conversation with.
"I'm not." I tried to sound sincere, but I don't think it worked.
"I'll be forever indebted to you, Edward. You saved my life." Bella reached out, taking
my hand in hers. I gulped, pulling away and quickly standing up.
"I might go for a run," I muttered. I needed some distance. I knew I wouldn't be able to
keep lying to her if I stayed.
"Do you think that's wise with your injury? Plus, dinner will be ready in half an hour,"
Bella stated, obviously concerned.
"I won't go far. I just need to clear my head." I was already heading to my room to get
changed before Bella could say anything. I pulled on some jogging shorts and a T-shirt
before putting my ear phones in. I had to admit that Emmett's workout playlist was
pretty good. Usher's OMG had a good beat to run to. I glanced briefly at Bella before I
wandered outside and began to run. I couldn't figure out if she was pissed at me or not.
I wouldn't be long there was no reason for her to be annoyed.
It felt good to run, but I kept a gentle pace. After all, I'd been at deaths door just four
days ago. I had to be careful. The one thing I couldn't outrun was that I knew Bella
would be waiting for me when I got back. I couldn't keep dodging the truth. She must
have noticed how cagy I was being. Fuck, I didn't even feel like the same guy anymore.
Then again, I guess I wasn't. I was a man in love. A man in love with a woman I couldn't
have. I sounded like such a fucking pussy, but it was the truth.
When I got back, Bella had gone to bed, but left a note in the kitchen for me. I'd been
gone an hour and a half, and she'd left my dinner in the oven. Fuck, I had pissed her off
now, but I just needed some time to think. I'd explain to her in the morningif she
would listen to me.
Bella hardly said anything to me the next day, and I should have been happy that she
was keeping her distance. It would make our time here easier for the both of us.
She went out for most of the afternoon, and a part of me was desperate to go and find
her, but I held back. She wasn't my girl, no matter how much I wanted her to be.
When she did come back, I asked where she'd been. Bella had gone to visit the
lighthouse you could see from the sun room.
"You should have said something. I would have gone with you," I stated, pouring myself
some juice so I could take my painkillers.
"I wasn't sure if you wanted to rest or not. I need to clean your wounds today, too. Dr.
Hale said they would need cleaning every three days," Bella muttered, watching me
"Okay, I was going to take a shower first. Is that alright?"
"Yeah," Bella sighed, slumping down on the couch and picking up a magazine to read.
She was still pissed at me.
"I'm sorry about last night. I didn't realize how long I'd been running," I mumbled. Why
the fuck was I apologizing? If I wanted to run, I would go fucking run. I didn't need to
explain myself to anyone.
"Don't worry about it," Bella replied, not even looking up at me. Why wouldn't she look
at me? I was trying to say I was sorry!
"I'd have said sorry last night if you hadn't already gone to bed."
"Edward, it's fine; just forget it. I made dinner and you ruined it by coming back late.
What's done is done; I'm over it."
"Yeah, you sound like you're over it," I smirked. That made her look up at me. Fuck, the
fire in her eyes made my dick twitch. Bella had this strength inside her that I thought
was so fucking sexy!
"Don't fucking start, Edward," she warned.
Oh, I love a challenge. "I have no idea what you are talking about."
"You ran yesterday because you needed to get away from me."
"Bella, we are all alone here. Of course I need to keep my distance. You already know
the power you have over my dick. It's not just those skimpy clothes you wear in the club
that turn me on. What you're wearing now gets me just as aroused especially when I
think about what's underneath." I licked my lips as my eyes roamed over her grey
jogging shorts and tight white tank top. Fuck, I swear her nipples began to harden under
my gaze.
"It's always about sex with you, isn't it?" Bella snapped, getting up.
"I'm a man, Bella. I have needs," I pointed out.
"Go and have your shower, Edward," Bella sighed, walking into the kitchen.
"Care to join me?" I winked.
Bella rolled her eyes, throwing a washcloth at me. "Just go!" she ordered. I obeyed this
Once I'd taken my shower, I checked my iPhone and noticed that I had a missed call
from Aro. I called him right back.
"Ah, Edward, thank you for calling me back," Aro greeted me after the third ring. "How
are you feeling, my boy?"
"I'm fine, Aro. I don't know why you decided to send me away. I would have been just
fine healing in Chicago."
"You would have gone back to work too soon, Edward. I know you," Aro chuckled. "I
need you fit and well. Alec is singing your praises for sacrificing yourself for him like
that." Trust Alec to think I would sacrifice my life for him. The stupid, dumb fucker; if
Isabella hadn't been in the way, I would have prayed that Jacob Black was a good shot.
"I know the real reason you did it, Edward."
"I have no idea what you mean," I murmured, looking outside at the glistening lake.
"I hope you are behaving yourself, Edward."
"You think this is about Isabella?"
"Edward, I worry about your feelings toward Isabella, and I know sending you two away
together wasn't the best idea, but I had no choice. It will, however, give the two of you
chance to talk. Isabella is Alec's girlfriend, Edward, you have to realize"
"I care about Isabella, Aro, as a friend. Your son used her as a shield against Jacob
Black. I wouldn't treat any woman that way, especially Isabella."
"I know what he did was wrong, Edward, and I have already explained to Alec what his
actions may have cost him."
I laughed in disbelief. "He'll never learn."
"I've told him that if Isabella needs space from him when she returns. I will grant her
"Alec will never let her go, Aro."
"Edward, I trust that you won't make this situation between Isabella, Alec and yourself
any worse. With Alec singing your praises, this animosity between you and Alec is finally
ending. I need that, Edward. We have to think of the future."
"I understand, Aro," I sighed deeply.
"I'll leave you to it, then. Get better, my boy, and thank you for your never ending
loyalty." Never ending loyalty, HA! I was in love with his son's girlfriend. How were Bella
and I ever going to be able to just sit down and work through our issues?
"Keep me updated on Jacob Black and my boys, please. Emmett and Jasper don't like
taking orders from Alec for too long."
"I will," Aro chuckled before hanging up.
I quickly got changed into my sweats, realizing that there was no point in putting a shirt
on if Bella was going to clean my wounds. Did I have another motive? Yeah, probably. It
was only a matter of time until my dick started to do the talking again.
Bella was still reading a magazine when I wandered in.
"I'm ready for you to clean my wounds, Bella," I called. I had the satisfaction of
watching her lose control for a few seconds as her eyes raked over my chest before she
quickly recovered herself.
"II'll just go and get some fresh bandages."
"Okay." I smirked at her stutter. Oh, she fucking wanted me, I could tell, but could she
ever love a killer like me? I doubted it.
Bella had the softest touch I'd always known that. I hardly felt any pain as she
cleaned and rewrapped my arm.
"All done," she smiled up at me shyly. Bella had hardly looked at me while she was been
cleaning me up. Was I affecting her that much?
"Is that you telling me to put a shirt back on?" I teased, looking down at her.
"It might be best. It's a little distracting."
"It's no different from all those sexy outfits you wear in Breaking Dawn. I still have most
of them memorized, you know," I teased, tapping my forehead.
"Pervert," Bella smiled, nudging me with her shoulder.
"Only for you," I muttered, looking down at her lips. Fuck, how I wanted her.
"You're baffling me, Edward," Bella frowned, shaking her head.
"What do you mean?"
"Edward, please, I'm going crazy here. You risked your life for me and told me it was
because I was too important to you while you were bleeding out on the sidewalk. What
did you mean? I need the truth, not some stupid explanation about fucking loyalty to
Alec!" Her eyes were moist as she pleaded with me. I couldn't hold my words back. I had
to tell Bella how I felt.
"Isn't it obvious, Bella?" I sighed deeply, looking away from her penetrating gaze.
"Not to me, it isn't."
"The night I won you on the roll of a dieit changed me," I sighed, knowing I couldn't
stop my confession. "Nothing feels the same anymore when I'm around you."
"Is this still about my goddamn pussy?" Bella snapped. Fuck, please don't start talking
about your pussy right now. My cock can only take so much, and I have no fucking shirt
on! "You jumped in the path of gunfire because you were trying to protect my fucking
pussy?! Is that all you see in me?" Sweet mother of God, why was Bella so hot when she
was yelling at me?
"No, this isn't about your fucking pussy, Bella." I wanted to pull the sex goddess to me
and devour her to prove this wasn't just about her sweet pussy. I wanted it all, every
single inch of her. I wanted her body, mind and fucking soul.
"Then what is it about?!" Bella yelled, slamming her hand down on the table.
You want the fucking truth, Baby? Fine, here it is! "I've fucking fallen for you, okay?!" I
snarled, fisting my hands into my hair. "You are all I fucking see anymore, and it's
scaring the shit out of me. Are you happy now? Can you see what you have reduced me
to? What the hell am I supposed to do with these feelings when you belong to someone
else?" Bella was still as stone as I continued to confess my heart to her. "I jumped in the
way of that gunfire because I can't be in a world where you don't exist. And I'd do it
again, Bella. You are everything to me, but I know it's hopeless." Fuck it all! Bella was
still motionless, staring down at the floor. Why did I blurt it all out like that? Why did I
even tell her in the first place? "Bella," I whispered, "please say something."
I had never felt more vulnerable than in those few short seconds. At least until Bella
finally raised her eyes to meet mine. When she did, all my fear faded away. Pure,
blistering desire was glazing brightly through her eyes, and before I could even blink,
she had pushed me down onto the couch and moved to straddle my lap as her lips
crashed against mine. Shit, she tasted good. My arms automatically wrapped around
her, my hands already making their way up the side of her body, memorizing every
single curve. Bella groaned against my mouth, pulling at my hair as my tongue darted in
to meet hers.
"Oh, Baby," I groaned, feeling her covered pussy rub against my cock. "You feel so
"Edward, I" Bella couldn't finish her words and became lost as I captured her lips with
mine again. Fuck, I could kiss her all day. My hands continued on their journey, and she
gasped as I skimmed the side of her chest. I'd go back there later. All I wanted to do
right now was kiss my girl until she felt this love seeping out of me. She was my fucking
drug, and I was never giving her up now.
"EEdwardwewe need to stop," Bella moaned against my lips as my hands began to
make their way up into her top.
"No, Baby, just feel this. Feel what you've done to me," I pled, my hands finding her
perfect, bra covered tits.
"Ughwe need to. Oh, fuck!" Bella panted as my fingers moved under her bra, teasing
her already hardened nipples.
"I need you, Bella. I fucking want you so badly." I moved my hands out of her bra to
start to undress my girl. I wasn't going to fuck her like I'd done last time. I was going to
make sweet love to her. If that made me a pussy, then fuck it. I needed Bella to
understand my words were true, and I knew I could prove them this way.
"Edward, please stop." Bella voice didn't sound like she meant it as I started to lift her
top up off her glorious body.
"You want me. I can feel it," I smiled, leaning in to kiss her again, but this time Bella
pushed at my chest, shoving me backward. I'll admit, the rejection fucking hurt.
"We need to talk. We can't just jump in like this. You know the consequences we'll face if
we do this, Edward." My girl was scared. I could see it in her face.
"I'll never let anything happen to you, Baby," I cooed, stroking her face.
"Please, we need to talk about this. I still have no idea what's happening with us,
Edward." Bella sighed, making it clear she was flustered.
"Okay," I smiled before getting up. If Bella needed time to talk, I'd give her that. "If you
want to talk we'll talk." I walked into my bedroom, grabbing the nearest T-shirt, and
put it on.
"Thank you," Bella breathed deeply as I wandered back in. "I don't know about you, but
I could do with a glass of wine."
"Let me," I replied, going to the kitchen to pour us both a glass. "What?" I asked as
Bella quirked an eyebrow at me when I handed her a glass.
"Who are you and what have you done with Edward Cullen?" she teased.
"I'm still in here, Bella, but I have to admit you've really gotten to me."
"What does that mean exactly?" Bella whispered, sipping her wine.
"Do you want me to spell it out for you?" Bella nodded. Her chocolate brown eyes were
wide with anticipation. "I've fallen in love with you, Baby."
Bella gasped and swallowed at the same time. I think we might need something stronger
than red wine tonight.
Chapter 16
Edward's confession left me completely speechless. I don't know how long I sat there
and just stared at him, but when he grabbed my wine glass and set it down, and then
gently took my hands in his, I snapped out of it.
"Youyou'vefallen in love? With me?" I finally asked him, unable to really comprehend
his words.
He nodded, his eyes never leaving mine. It was almost like he was looking for something
within them. "Yes, Bella. I didn't realize it until I was shot, but when I finally did, the
floodgates opened and understanding struck. I've been in love with you for two years, I
was just too fucking stupid to realize it." He paused for a moment and took a deep
breath. "I've never met another woman like you, Baby. The night we spent together
solidified the fact that we're perfect for each other. You have to see that."
He was so sincere in what he was saying, pure honesty etched in the lines of his face.
Edward Cullen was really in love with me. "Bella?" he questioned after a moment when I
hadn't said anything. "Please say something." That was the second time in five minutes
he asked that of me.
I stared into his green eyes, searching for what, I didn't know. Realizing that my
silence was probably driving him crazy, I took a deep breath and began. "I honestly
don't know what to say, Edward. This almost doesn't feel real," I admitted. "It's hard to
believe that the great Edward Cullen has fallen in love, let alone with me. I feel like I'm
dreaming, and when I wake up you'll be gone."
"I'm not going anywhere, Bella. You've bewitched me; I couldn't leave even if I wanted
to." He paused for a moment with a gleam in his eye. "Maybe this will help prove to you
that this isn't a dream." With his eyes still locked on mine, he leaned forward and
cupped my face in his hands, bringing his lips to mine in a kiss that took my breath
away. It was tender and chaste, but it conveyed perfectly all the feelings that Edward
said he had for me.
"This is real, Baby. I'm right here, and I'm telling you that I'm in love with you." His lips
met mine again in another kiss before he pulled away, gently stroking my cheek.
I brought my hand up to cover his and closed my eyes for a moment at the intimacy of
his touch. When I opened them again, I met his penetrating gaze. "Oh, Edward, I love
you, too. I do see that we're perfect for each other, but I'm scared. I know what Alec is
like, and if he ever found out, he would kill us both. You know he would."
"I know. Fuck! Why does this have to be so complicated?" He ran his hands through his
hair roughly, like he always did when he was agitated. "I can't deny my feelings for you
any longer, though, Bella, and I can't just walk away."
"It's not like we have a choice, Edward. I'm a possession to Alec, and you know as well
as I do that he'll never let me go," I said. Our situation was hopeless. He needed to
understand that.
"He used you as a fucking human shield, Bella! If he weren't Aro's son, I would have put
a bullet between his fucking eyes for what he did!" Edward roared as he stood up from
the couch. I had never heard him talk ill of Alec beforeat least not like that.
"Edward, Alec is the Underboss of the Volturi Family Mafia. I don't care who you are,
they would take you out in a second if you ever even pulled a gun on him!" My whole
body was trembling as I thought about what would happen to Edward if any of this got
back to Alec.
Before I could comprehend what was happening, Edward was beside me again and had
me wrapped in his arms as he softly stroked my back. "Shh, Baby. It's okay. Nothing is
going to happen, I promise," he cooed as he continued to rub my back and hold me
His touch was soothing, and even though his words should have been, they weren't.
"You don't know that, Edward. You can't make that promise, and I just" I took a deep
breath, trying to fight off the tears that were threatening to fall as I continued, "I just
don't know what I'd do if you weren't around anymore to watch over me."
"Bella," he said, raising my quivering chin so he could look me in the eye. "I'm safe for
now we both are. I would never let anything happen to you. I love you. So much that
it hurts to even breathe when you're not around. I can't stay away from you anymore,
so please don't ask me to." As soon as the words left his mouth, he leaned forward and
brought his lips to mine in a kiss that left me completely breathless. I knew it was wrong
and dangerous, but my body responded to him automatically and I kissed him back with
everything I had.
After a few minutes, my mind won over my heart, and I pulled back to gently push at
Edward's chest again. "Edward, stop. We can't keep doing this! As much as I have been
dreaming about that night and wanting to relive it, there are so many things that we
need to discuss first."
I could see the fire in his eyes fade as he regained his composure. After a deep breath,
he spoke. "You're right, Bella. I'm sorry. I justI lose all control when I'm near you and I
can't explain it."
A humorless laugh escaped me. "Trust me, you're not alone there. We need to take a
step back, though. What we're doing is completely reckless and could cost both of us our
lives. Are you ready for that?" I watched his face fall and his shoulders slump as he
shook his head slightly. "Hey," I said as I nudged his chin so he would look at me, "I said
it was reckless, not that I wasn't willing to try, okay? We just need to talk things through
to see if we can figure it out. I'm not ready to let you go, Edward, and I don't know if I
ever will be, I just don't know what to do about Alec. I can't exactly move out of the
mansion and"
My words died off as I watched his eyes light up. "Actually, you can. I spoke to Aro this
morning. He told Alec that if you needed space when you got back, he would give it to
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "But why? What does that even mean?" I asked,
completely shocked at this new revelation.
"Well, he didn't go into detail, but I was led to believe that he would rent you an
apartment when we got back if that's what you wanted. Bella, please tell me you don't
want to go back to Alec. I don'tumI don't know if I could handle that after what he
did. He claims to love you, but then he uses you to save his own ass. Who the hell does
that?" He was getting agitated again and I knew I needed to calm him down so we could
keep talking.
"Edward, I don't want to go back to the mansion. I've been looking for a way out for a
long time now."
His eyes snapped up to mine and his gaze was intense. "What do you mean, Bella? Are
you planning to take off? To leave Alec and everything here behind?Everyone?"
Shit! Why did I have to open my big mouth? I couldn't tell Edward that I was saving up
to leave. Knowing what I knew now, I didn't think he'd let me go. I would have begged
him to come with me, but if there was one thing that was certain, it was that Edward
Cullen was loyal to the core. He would never up and leave Aro after everything Aro had
done for him.
"Edward, relax. I'm not stupid. I know leaving would be impossible. I'm not going
anywhere," I lied.
He didn't look convinced, and his next words sent chills down my spine. "He would come
after you, you know. You'd have to run for the rest of your life if you left, because he
would never stop looking for you." I knew Edward didn't mean to scare me, but that's
exactly what he did. Of course Alec would come after me, but I thought he'd give up
after a few weeks or months of not being able to find me. If what Edward said was true,
I'd always be looking behind me, waiting for the day he found me and killed me. Still,
anything was better than living this life any longer.
"I know." I shivered involuntarily, which caused Edward to wrap his good arm around my
shoulder and pull me in to his side. It felt so right being tucked up against him like that.
It was almost enough to melt away all my worries. Almost.
"Do you really think Aro will get me my own apartment when we go home?" I couldn't
help but ask. I was worried, because I knew Alec wouldn't take too kindly to that idea.
Edward sighed heavily and pulled me impossibly closer to him. "I think Aro would give
you just about anything you asked for, Bella. He may be a mob boss, but he's a very
compassionate man to the ones he loves. You're family to him; he wants to protect you,
even if it's from his own son."
"But why? What makes me so special? Even my own fucking father couldn't stand me.
That's why I" When I realized what I was saying, I trailed off and looked down at my
hands. No one knew about my past not even Angela.
"That's why you what, Bella?" Edward questioned as he gently lifted my face to look into
my eyes.
With a deep sigh, I shook my head. "It doesn't matter, Edward. It's in the past. I left it
behind more than four years ago and I don't want to look back."
"Baby, talk to me. I don't know anything about your past, but I want to. I want to know
you." He searched my eyes as he continued talking. "Something obviously happened to
you all those years ago. Tell me what it was let me help you."
"There's nothing you can fucking do, okay, Edward!? Nothing!" I shouted at him. "My
dad beat the shit out of me constantly when I was younger, so I ran away from home
when I was seventeen. I got as far as Chicago before my money ran out. Now look
where I am!" I couldn't believe I was saying this, but my brain to mouth filter was
obviously malfunctioning. "I'm in a relationship where a guy dips his dick in any pussy he
wants and then gets pissed when I turn him down. Alec gave me those bruises when I
moved my shit in to the guest room and ignored him for three weeks. He grabbed me so
hard that I had his hand prints etched into my arms for more than a fucking week! And
that's not even the icing on the goddamn cake. Wanna know what is?!" I shout at him. I
was beyond pissed at that point, and I had to take a second to pull in a lungful of air.
"That same night, he told me that I had turned him in to laughing stock of his men and
he wasn't going to let it continue. He said he would fuck me whenever and where ever
he wanted to, and he was right! I couldn't tell him no, because he would have just done
it anyway. There was nothing I could do, so I let him fuck me however he wanted to. Is
this what you want to hear? Is this what you want to know about me?!"
"HE DID WHAT?!" Edward released me faster than I could even blink and jumped up
from the couch only to pace directly in front of me. "I'll fucking KILL him!" he roared in
to the room before picking up the lamp on the end table and throwing it across the
The sound of the glass shattering against the wall caused me to yelp, and I involuntarily
curled into myself on the couch and whimpered. When Edward heard me, he
immediately reigned himself in and pulled me into his arms. "Oh, god, Baby, I'm sorry! I
didn't mean to scare you. Shh, I've got you. I'm here and I've got you," he cooed again
and again until my breathing returned to normal.
When I was more in control, Edward picked up my wine glass and handed it to me.
Instead of sipping it, I swallowed the entire contents of the glass and set it back on the
table before pouring more. "Bella, I'm so sorry I scared you. I just can't believe he would
fucking do that. It makes me sick to hear and I want nothing more right now than to get
in the car and go hunt his sorry ass down."
"It's in the past, Edward. You were in Brazil on business, and there was nothing you
could have done anyway, so don't dwell on it."
"Don't dwell on it? Are you fucking kidding me, Bella? That son-of-a-bitch raped you! He
deserves to die!" He was pacing again, but kept himself in check this time.
I had to choose my next words very carefully because I didn't want to set him off.
"Technically he didn't rape me. I gave myself to him willingly because it was easier that
way. Would he have raped me if I hadn't? Most definitely; that's why I did what I did.
Things would have been so much worse had I told him to fuck off." He started to
interrupt me, but I held my hand up to silence him. "I'm not saying that what he did was
okay, Edward. It's not, but there's nothing either of us can do about it now, so just move
past it. Let's talk about something else," I said as I patted the space beside me on the
couch, silently inviting him to join me.
Once he was sitting again he asked, "What do you want to talk about?"
"Tell me about your month in Brazil," I suggested easily. "It seemed like you came back
a different man."
He sighed heavily and took my hands in his to squeeze. "I'll tell you what I can, but are
you sure you want to hear it? I'm not proud of it."
I couldn't help the laugh that escaped my chest. "Come on, Edward. How bad can it be?"
Edward and I talked for hours about everything that happened while he was in Brazil. He
admitted that Jasper somehow found out about the night we spent together, and how he
sent some whore named Bella up to Edward's room. Part of me was pissed that he had
fucked some random girl while he was there, but the other part of me knew I had no
claim on him then. Hell, I had no claim on him now. I was flattered that he couldn't get
me off his mind, though. It would seem that I made just as much of an impression on
him that night as he made on me.
He also suggested that I call Aro about the conversation they had earlier. When I did,
Aro confirmed that he was more than willing to give me some space for a few months
while I worked on forgiving Alec for what he had done. HA! Like that was ever going to
He promised that he would secure me an apartment near Breaking Dawn before Edward
and I returned to Chicago. I told him I didn't need much, but I got the distinct feeling
that he wasn't going to listen. I would probably end up living in some penthouse condo
somewhere that was way too extravagant for me, but I couldn't really find it in myself to
Once I was off the phone with Aro, I explained to Edward what he said. "That's great
news, Baby!" Edward said, and then as if it were second nature to him, he leaned in and
kissed me.
The spark that traveled from his lips through my entire body was enough to make me
gasp, which he used to his advantage. As soon as my lips were parted, his tongue
slipped in between and started caressing my own. Kissing Edward was as effortless as
breathing, and soon, my hands found their way up to his messy bronze hair. I fisted it
with both hands and pulled him with me as I moved to lie back on the couch so he was
on top of me. We had talked enough for the moment. There was time to figure
everything out later, but right now, I was on fire for the man on top of me.
"MmmGod, I've missed this," Edward panted when our kiss broke. "You're so beautiful,
Bella. I'm never going to get enough of you. Let me show you what you mean to me,
please. Let me love you," he said, looking directly in my eyes.
With a simple nod of my head, Edward pulled away slightly and reached for my shirt.
"This is in the way. I hope you can replace it," he said just before he ripped it down the
middle, exposing my bra-clad chest to him. His eyes were hungry as he leaned in and
pulled my right nipple between his teeth, biting down on it gently.
I hissed at the sensation that shot straight to my core and grabbed Edward's shoulders
to secure him to my body. His loud 'FUCK!' quickly cooled me down and I remembered
his injured shoulder.
"Oh, shit! I'm so sorry, Edward. I completely forgot about your shoulder. Are you okay?"
My panic was quickly silenced by Edward's lips on mine as he kissed me with fervor.
When he pulled back, we were both panting heavily. "I'm fine, Baby, but the couch may
not be the best place for this." Without another word, Edward climbed off of me and
extended his good hand down to help me up. I took it without hesitation and allowed
Edward to lead me to his room.
When we got there, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me again as he reached
behind me to undo my bra. Once it was loose, he stepped back slightly and slid the
straps down my shoulders before bending down to capture a nipple in his mouth and
suck on it. I arched into him, offering myself up more freely, and this time was careful to
weave my fingers through his hair instead of grabbing his shoulders.
After laving, suckling, and biting my right breast, he switched to the left and gave it the
same attention. I could feel my arousal seeping through my thong and dripping down my
inner thigh. No one had ever gotten me this wet before without even touching my pussy.
My whole body was burning with desire to fuck Edward senseless, but when I moved my
hands to his shorts to slide them down his fuck hot body, he stopped me.
"Not so fast, Bella. I want this to be about you right now. I want to worship every curve
of your sexy body and taste that sweet pussy of yours," he whispered huskily in my ear,
making a shiver run through my entire body.
"Oh god, Edward," I panted as I watched him drop to his knees before me, pulling my
shorts down with him. His words only added fuel to the inferno raging in my body.
"Fuck, you're so sexy so perfect," he whispered as he pulled on my hips so my pussy
was directly in line with his face. "Mmm, and I can smell how aroused you are." I
watched with hooded eyes as he inhaled deeply with his nose buried between my thighs.
Without warning, he rose to his feet and pushed me back so I was lying on the bed with
my legs hanging over the edge. His eyes were black with lust as he leaned over to kiss
me deeply. "I'm going to fuck you with my tongue now, Baby. Would you like that?" he
asked as he pulled back and ripped the thong from my body.
"Fuck yes! Please, Edward," I begged shamelessly as I thrust my hips up toward him,
showing him exactly how much I liked that idea. I was in desperate need of friction, and
just as I started to close my thighs to achieve it, Edward dropped to his knees between
Ever so slowly, his eyes locked with mine, he brought his hands up to part my outer
folds as he used the flat of his tongue to lick me from bottom to top, stopping to pull my
clit into his mouth. When his teeth gripped the sensitive bundle of nerves and tugged, I
lost it and exploded in the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. I was putty in his very
capable hands or tongue, in this case and could do nothing but fist the sheets,
groaning and mumbling like a wanton whore as wave after wave of pure bliss washed
through me.
Before I even had a chance to come down from my high, Edward had released my clit
from his mouth and shoved his tongue deep within my walls, lapping up every ounce of
cum he could as it continued to flow from me. With my orgasm finally subsiding, I
reached down to twine my fingers through his hair as he continued his assault on my
pussy, alternating between fucking me with his tongue and sucking and nibbling on my
I could feel my second orgasm building rapidly within, and all it took to push me over
the edge was Edward sliding two fingers inside me while he sucked on my clit. My thighs
clamped around his head, trapping him between my legs as I screamed out my release.
"That's it, Baby. Cum all over my fingers and tongue. Let me taste what I do to you," he
said from between my legs as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of my
After I calmed down enough to relax my thighs, I sat up and pulled Edward onto the bed
with me. I pulled his shirt over his head quickly before grabbing him on either side of his
head and bringing his face to mine. When our lips met, I immediately parted mine and
deepened the kiss. Tasting myself on Edward was beyond hot, and I moaned into his
mouth as his tongue caressed mine. I had fought my feelings for him for so long that
every touch, every swipe of his tongue against mine sent a flood of arousal between my
legs. I needed him, and I wasn't going to wait any longer.
I broke our kiss and pushed him back so he was lying flat on the bed, his head and
shoulders propped up on the mound of pillows. I rose to my knees and tugged at his
shorts to pull them down. He helped me by raising his hips, and once I had them off and
thrown across the room, I moved to straddle him. His hands immediately went to my
hips, and I ground my pussy against his steel dick. Fuck, it had been too long since he
was inside me.
He groaned loudly, and as his eyes met mine, my breath caught in my throat. I could
clearly see the lust in his hooded gaze, but I could also see the love he had for me. I had
been so blind before that I was unable to see it. "I want to fuck you, Edward. I want
your rock hard cock shoved so far inside me that I see stars," I told him as I rubbed my
dripping pussy over his erection.
"Oh, fuck yes!" he said as he bucked his hips up into me. "You're so fucking wet, Bella."
I nodded in agreement as my eyes closed,reveling in the sensations he was creating in
my body. "I need you, Edward. I need to feel you inside me. Please tell me you have a
condom," I rasped as I continued to rub against him.
I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head before he answered. "Fuck, umyes.
Condomwalletnightstand," he said brokenly, making me giggle.
He blindly reached beside him and fumbled until he had his wallet in his hand. Once he
pulled out a gold foil package, he tossed the wallet onto the floor. "Sit back, Baby," he
instructed as he sat up.
I did as I was told and watched as he sheathed himself in the rubber before pulling me
to him once again. With our eyes locked, I lifted my hips so he could position himself at
my entrance. "Let me do all the work, Edward. I don't want you to pop your stitches,
okay?" I asked as I slammed my hips down, pulling his entire length inside me. "Fuck,
you feel better than I remember!" I cried as I started moving along his length. I pushed
Edward back down on the bed and then placed my hands on his knees behind me to
brace myself, then I lifted my hips and dropped back down. The new angle allowed him
even deeper penetration, and I swear I could feel him up in my stomach.
Edward moved his hands to my hips to help guide me. When we found a rhythm that
worked for both of us, he released my hips and palmed my tits before pinching my
nipples roughly. I cried out and my movements faltered for a second before picking up
again. I could feel another orgasm building, so I moved one hand forward and started
frantically rubbing my clit.
"Fuck, that's hot!" Edward said as he met me thrust for thrust. "I love watching your
body take in my cock while you pleasure yourself. There's no sexier sight in this world."
"Oh god, Edward, I'm so close," I told him as I continued to circle my clit while riding
him hard.
As if sensing what I needed, Edward sat up again and wrapped his arms around me in a
tight embrace. My legs circled his waist and we continued our movements. The intimacy
of the new position quickly overwhelmed me and I found myself rocked by yet another
orgasm, more intense than the last two.
My head fell against Edward's uninjured shoulder and my arms wrapped around him as
he continued to move in and out of me. His thrusts had slowed, and we were no longer
fucking, we were making love. It was tender and sweet, and absolutely perfect.
I lifted my head and stared into Edward's eyes to see if he felt it too. I could tell that he
was just as overwhelmed as I was, so I closed my eyes and brought my lips to his. His
tongue moved with mine, but it wasn't about control. There was no dominance in the
kiss we were equals in every way and through that one act, we showed it.
I don't know how long we stayed like that, but when we did break the kiss, our lips
never strayed far from the other's skin. I could feel a slow but intense burn begin to
build, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I reached yet another precipice. This time
though, I wanted to take him with me over the edge. "I'm close, Edward," I whispered
as I nipped at his jaw. "Are you? I want you to cum with me."
"Yes, Baby, I'm with you," he panted with long, languid strokes. "I'm cumming."
His words and the feel of his cock twitching within my walls sent me over the edge as his
lips claimed mine again.
When we had finally come down, Edward kissed me chastely. "Thank you, Bella for
loving me and for letting me love you."
"Thank you for loving me, Edward, and for not giving up on me," I responded.
With one more kiss, Edward pulled out of me and laid me down on the bed. He disposed
of the condom and then curled up against me with his arm around my waist. "I'll never
give up on you, Bella. Never. I love you."
His words were mumbled as sleep started to creep in. Just before it claimed me, I felt his
lips against the top of my head and heard him whisper, "Sleep, my beautiful Bella my
With a smile on my lips and Edward holding me close, I drifted off.
Chapter 17
It's funny how your whole world can shift in an instant. I'd always looked out for number
one. In my line of work, I had no choice. No one else was going to make sure I didn't get
a bullet between the eyes. I never let anything or anyone get to me yet here I was,
holding the most precious thing in my entire world. Bella was sleeping peacefully, which
didn't surprise me after the amazing sex we'd just had. I'd fucked Bella again! No, it was
more than that. We had made love. Bella confirmed that she loved me, too. Holy
motherfucking Christ Bella loved me! I shouldn't be so happy about that. We had as
good as signed our death warrants, but all that mattered to me now was Bella. I knew I
could keep her safe. I needed to be with her to smell her sweet, intoxicating scent,
make love to my girl, and be there any time she needed me. Yes, fuck it, Bella Swan
was mine now! Alec wasn't keeping me from her anymore, not after what that
motherfucker had done to her! Revenge was something I knew well. I'd waited four
years to take down my mother's killer, and I would wait as long as was required to finish
Alec. It would have to be when Aro was no longer with us, which was years away, but
Alec's days were numbered! I clenched my fist, sending sparks of pain up my injured
arm. I needed to fucking relax and stop thinking about Alec!
I watched Bella sleep as I held her in my arms. She was the only source of calm that I
would ever need she been relaxing me for years I had just never noticed it until
now. Even with the memories of earlier, it was difficult to think that Bella loved me. I
had desired her for so long that I never thought it would be possible to gain her love.
Was that why I'd been fighting these feelings? I was a killer, and she knew that, yet she
saw something deeper inside me. I hoped she saw the part inside me that would do
anything for her. I was a better man because of her. Bella brought out things inside me I
never thought I could feel, and as I felt my eyelids become heavy, I finally drifted off
into a content sleep, knowing I wasn't the monster I had always believed myself to be. I
did have a softer side, a good side, which was reserved only for Bella.
I awoke before my Goddess the next morning. Being this new man, I decided I would try
to make breakfast. To give us some energy for all the things I planned to do to Bella
after. Fuck, what I wanted to do to her! I actually had no fucking idea where to start.
I gazed around the kitchen, dumbstruck for a few moments. The only thing I ever used
in my kitchen in Chicago was the microwave. What the fuck was I going to make?
I found some bacon and eggs in the fridge I could do that. Maybe if I scrambled the
eggs it would be easier. Yeah, I'd do that and perhaps make some toast, too. Fucking
toast as well? What the fuck was I thinking? Fuck it, I could multitask. I know I'm a man,
but how hard could it be?
I began to fry the bacon, and then left it while I cracked a few eggs. I could do this shit.
I could look after my girl and make her breakfast. The eggs and bacon were cooking
nicely, so I sorted out the toast before deciding to make some fresh coffee and set the
breakfast table while I waited for everything to cook. I had no idea when it came to the
timing of everything, but I figured the eggs and bacon would need at least twenty
minutes each.
It wasn't until the smoke alarm went off and Bella rushed in with a startled, yet worried
expression on her face that I realized I might have got my timings slightly wrong.
Fuck, was she in my shirt again? My dick twitched at the sight. We need to eat first,
fucker. Get down!
"What are you doing?" Bella giggled, pulling the pans off the burners.
"Ummmaking breakfast. Can't you tell?" I teased, my eyes roaming over her body.
"I think you cremated the bacon," Bella sniggered as I walked behind her, placing my
hands on her hips to look over her shoulder. The bacon was completely black. Clearly, I
still couldn't cook.
"Okay, maybe I cooked it a little too long?" I mused, running my hands up the side of
her waist. I wanted to rip this fucking shirt off her. We should make a new rule: 'Bella
must be naked every second when we're alone together.' Okay, I'm not sure Bella will go
for that. I just sound like a fucking pervert!
"You think?" Bella smiled, turning to wrap her arms around my neck. "Edward Cullen in
a kitchen I never thought I would see the day."
"Don't get used to it," I smirked, watching as she slipped out of my arms to get more
eggs and bacon from the fridge. "Are you going to teach me how to cook?"
"Maybe I can show you a thing or two for a change," she replied seductively. My cock
perked up even more at her tone. Oh, Baby, what you do to me.
"I have no idea what you mean," I smirked, watching the way she moved around the
small kitchen. She was a fucking masterpiece, every inch of her. Although, I wish that
damn shirt was open a little more. I needed to see some cleavage just the tops of her
breasts maybe. I wasn't greedyyet.
"I know what you're thinking," Bella said as she fluttered her eyelashes at me. "You
need to eat with your medication, Edward. We'll have plenty of time for that later."
"That?" I tried to act dumb while she started to beat the eggs.
"Stop it! We need to eat first." I wasn't sure Bella really wanted that, so I slowly stalked
up behind her again.
"You have very good wrist action, Bella," I whispered against her ear, placing my hands
back on her waist. From this angle, I could see down her shirt. Fuck, I loved her breasts.
Actually, I fucking loved all of her, but Bella's pussy and breasts were definitely a
highlight for me.
"Edward," Bella cautioned, nudging me gently in the rib with her elbow.
"What? I was stating a fact."
"Sure you were."
"Why? What did you think I meant?" I questioned, moving her hair away from her neck
so I could inhale her skin.
"You are very distracting," Bella sighed, her arms going a little limp while she continued
to beating the eggs.
"And you are very tempting," I whispered hoarsely, planting soft, wet kisses up her
neck. Bella tilted her head to give me better access.
"What about breakfast?" she muttered as my lips made their way down toward her
"Do you want the honest truth?" Bella nodded and her breathing accelerated as my
hands began to undo the buttons on her shirt. I couldn't rip open every shirt of mine
that she wore, even though I wanted to. I'd have no shirts left, otherwise. "I'd much
rather have your pussy for breakfast," I whispered, licking her neck as I opened Bella's
shirt and gripped her breasts firmly in my hands. Her nipples hardened as I pulled them
in between my fingers and thumbs.
"Ugh, JesusEdward," Bella moaned, pressing her back against me.
"I think you should put the bowl down, Bella," I demanded, twisting her nipples. Bella
shakily set the bowl down. "And turn around; I want to see you."
"You're a little bossy, aren't you?" Bella teased once we were face to face.
"You haven't seen anything yet, Baby," I beamed, smacking her ass. Bella yelped just
before I crashed my lips against hers. The desire ignited between us, and I pushed her
against the kitchen counter. Bella moaned into my mouth, her hands clutching at my
bare back. "Kitchen or bedroom?" I asked, pulling the shirt off her body. Holy fuck! "No
panties? Oh, Baby." I swallowed hard, dropping to my knees. I wasn't giving her an
option anymore. We were doing this in the kitchen.
"I thought the cottage was on fire. I wasn't thinking about panties," Bella groaned as I
parted her legs. "Oh. My. God! You're really going to Ugh" I didn't give Bella a chance
to finish. I'd already pushed my tongue deep into her sweet pussy folds. "Oh,
fuckEdward!" My girl was already wet for me. Fuck, this was the breakfast of
champions. I'd never tasted anything like it. I parted her folds to gain better access, and
twirled my tongue around her clit a few times before I slowly inserted two fingers. I
wanted my girl to cum fast so I could carry her to my bed and make sweet love to her
for a few hours. I'd add a few hard fucks in there, too; I knew Bella liked that.
I set a fast pace with my fingers while my tongue played with her bundle of nerves. Bella
was gripping the counter, moaning my name while I worked her with my tongue and
Fuck me! Watching Bella come undone by my actions alone was the hottest thing I
would ever see.
I licked across her belly button while Bella was coming down, and she gave me a little
"I fucking love you," I muttered once we were face to face. Bella responded by capturing
my lips with hers as I backed her out of the kitchen.
I gripped her cute, fuckable ass while I carried her into the bedroom, and we hit a few
walls along the way because I wasn't really paying much attention to where I was
walking. I was too busy with the sexy Goddess in my arms, who was humping my waist,
trying to get friction between her legs while she tried to kiss the breath out of me. Fuck,
my girl wanted mebadly. We were so right for each other. I'd never felt this level of
passion with anyone ever.
"Fuck," I snarled as we hit another door frame. "Sorry, Baby, I should be looking where
I'm going."
"Bedroomjust get me into the bedroom, Edward," Bella pleaded, full of desire as she
kissed down my neck.
"I'd fuck you against this wall right now if my shoulder could take it. We'll have to save
that until I'm better," I smirked, squeezing her ass and grinding my cock against her wet
pussy to emphasize my point.
"Ughdon't tease me. We've done enough teasing," Bella yearned. She had a point, and
within seconds, I was throwing her down on my bed. She was mine!
"You are such a caveman sometimes," Bella giggled as I looked down at her. Naked Bella
was my favorite Bella.
"I have no idea what you mean," I purred, slowly beginning to crawl up the bed. I
grabbed both of Bella's legs, giving me a full view of her sweet pussy. "I don't think I will
ever get enough of you," I whispered, running my fingers against her slick folds, teasing
her entrance. She was getting wetter and wetter with each stroke.
"UghEdward!" Bella snarled.
"Do you need my cock, Baby?" I asked hoarsely, leaning down to take her left nipple in
my mouth.
"Yes! I need you, Edward. Now, please."
"You know I can't resist you." I smirked up at her before taking her right nipple in
between my teeth and pulling gently. That got another groan from her sweet lips. I
reached over to my wallet as I kept up my attack on her breasts. Fuck, I'd need to buy
more condoms. I only had two left. Thank fuck I had some left, though. My cock would
have packed his bags and walked out if he didn't get Bella's sweet pussy right now. I
rolled the condom over my throbbing cock quickly. "Now," I smirked, parting her legs
further apart, "do you want this soft or hard?" I slammed my cock into her dripping sex,
watching Bella arch her back and groan loudly.
"II geta choice?" Bella questioned while I attacked her nipple with my tongue and
"You'll always have a choice, Baby." I wanted her to see my hidden meaning, and the
understanding in her eyes made me believe she did.
"Hard." Bella smirked, running her hands down my back. Fuck, I love this woman!
"Mm," I hummed into her chest, slowly pushing my cock deeper into her pussy and then
pulling back out. "Now that is my kind of sex, but I need you to do one thing for me if
you want this rough." I pushed in deep again, rolling my hips and making Bella throw
her head back in pleasure.
"Ughwhat?" Oh, Baby, you wait! I haven't even started yet.
I pulled out of her completely and moved to the side so I could whisper in her ear. "I
need you to roll over onto your stomach." Bella's breathing began to accelerate as she
slowly rolled over. Goddammit, what a fucking ass. I wanted to sink my teeth into it. "I
know I've told you before, but you are one fucking hot piece of ass, Bella."
"I knew you were going to say that," Bella giggled into her pillow. I took my place behind
her, lifting her so that she was kneeling on the bed on all fours. It was a fuck hot sight,
and it meant I could hold her wild hair without hurting her as I fucked her hard. Yeah,
my dick was already telling me to fucking get on with it!
"It's the truth," I mused, running my hands over her back as I lined myself up against
her pussy. "Now, you said hard, didn't you?" I didn't give Bella the chance to respond. I
rammed my dick so hard and fast into her soaking pussy that I hoped she saw fucking
stars. I wrapped her wild hair around my hands, using it like reins as I slammed into her
over and over again. The feeling of her wetness all around my cock almost made me
cum immediately, but I pushed it back. My girl was going to cum with me and cum hard.
I rolled my hips as I slammed into her. My balls were slapping against her thighs as I set
a maddening pace. Bella was screeching my name, and as I felt her walls begin to twitch
with her orgasm, I pushed deeper and rubbed my thumb over her clit.
"That's it, Baby, give it up. I want to feel you cum all over my cock," I muttered,
thrusting erratically. Bella fell with my words and in turn set off my own orgasm. Fuck
me, it was explosive. Never had I come so hard in my life. I was exhausted when I
pulled out of her, and I laid on my back once I'd thrown the condom in the trash. That
fucker was pretty damn full.
Bella snuggled up against my chest while we both calmed our breathing.
"I think we might need to slow down with all the sex, Edward. You were shot,
remember? Aren't you shattered yet?" Bella giggled, tracing my chest with her
"I know we do, but I have a more important reason than me being shot," I sighed as
Bella looked up at me in concern. "We only have one condom left until we go into town
and buy some more." Bella hit my chest playfully. "What?"
"Funny. You're supposed to be healing. I know we've waited so long for this, but I need
you healthy, Edward. That was the whole reason Aro sent us here."
"Trust me, right now nothing hurts, Baby," I beamed, kissing her softly but with more
force as we became lost in the kiss. One motherfucking condom left; that was just my
luck. My cock was ready for round two. Luckily, we were interrupted by my phone. I
stretched and saw Jasper's name flash across the Caller ID.
"Answer it. I'll finally make us some breakfast so you can take your meds," Bella
commented, getting up and grabbing my shirt again the sexy vixen. I'd end up ripping
that shirt off her in the end. She looked so fucking sexy in my clothes. I nodded in
response, leaning back on the bed as I took the call.
"What's up, Jazz?" I answered.
"I'm just checking in, Boss. How are you feeling?"
"I'm getting there." I yawned, looking down at my semi hard cock. Christ, I wanted Bella
again. Would my desire for her ever fade? It seemed to intensify every time we were
together this way. "How's everything in Chicago? Has Aro found Black yet?"
"News is that Black is back in Miami under the protection of the Leoni Family. Aro went a
little crazy when you got shot, and he threatened to go to the mattresses with the Leonis
if any more attempts are made on you or Alec. He's paid the debt back to Black and
wants the matter finished. The Leonis have agreed." I sighed in relief that Bella would be
safe from Jacob Black at least when we returned.
"That's good."
"Alec is pissed that you are alone with Isabella, though." Of course he would be. The
fucker! "Aro won't even tell him where the two of you are. Alec is pissed Isabella won't
take his calls, either."
"I need to heal, and Isabella needs to come to terms with what that motherfucker did!
Alec has no right to be pissed! He used her as a fucking human shield against gunfire."
"You jumped in the way because of Isabella, didn't you?" Fucking know-it-all Jasper.
"Yes," I sighed deeply.
"Is it killing you to be alone with her?"
"A little," I admitted, knowing I had to hide the truth, at least until I knew what Bella
and I were going to do.
"Why don't you get her to wear one of those sexy nurse's outfits? I'm sure that's
allowed," Jasper teased.
"Shut the fuck up," I laughed as Bella walked in, placing a glass of water and my
medication on the nightstand next to me. Fuck, she would look hot in a nurse's outfit,
though. What the fuck am I thinking?
"How long do you think you'll be away for?"
"Another few weeks, maybe. Why? Are you missing me?"
"Edward, Alec is a fucking moron. Emmett has had enough of him and Felix to last a
"Just keep your heads down. I'll be back soon. Call me if there are any developments."
"Sure thing, Boss," Jasper replied before we both hung up.
I stretched, gasping as pain shot through my arm. Shit, Bella was right. I might have
over done it a little. I needed to rest for a while, but since Bella admitted her love for me
yesterday, I couldn't keep my hands or dick, for that matter off of her.
I took my meds before slipping into my sweats to join Bella in the kitchen.
She had breakfast almost done, and she made it look so easy.
"Is everything okay?" Bella asked, making both of us a cup coffee.
"Yeah, Jazz was just checking in with me." Bella nodded, but I could see the fear behind
her eyes. "We will work it all out, Baby, I promise. Please don't worry."
"I can't help it, Edward. How are we going to hide our feelings in Chicago? Everyone will
be watching our every step."
"Shh," I soothed her, pulling her against my chest. "Let's eat breakfast first. We have all
day to work this out, but whatever happens, Bella, we stick together. That's the only
thing I do know." I knew I had scared her yesterday when we had been talking about
her making a run for it. I still wasn't sure if I believed that she wasn't thinking about it.
The thought of her leaving me scared the shit out of me. Alec wouldn't be the only one
who'd hunt her down, but my intentions wouldn't be to hurt her. I needed Bella. I knew
there was no one else for me now. My life had been a charade up to this point; I'd been
acting the big man and pretending that all I ever wanted was pussy and the lifestyle I'd
been thrown into. I knew what really mattered to me now, what I couldn't live without
I helped Bella wash up after breakfast. As I splashed her with water playfully, she
giggled and shook her head at me.
"What?" I asked as she gazed at me in shock.
"You are so different from the Edward I've known these past two years. I never thought
you would be this way."
"I'm still me, Bella, but I've let my guard down with you. I can't help myself."
"I want to know you, Edward," Bella whispered. The tone of her voice was so sincere I
had to pull her into my arms.
"You will, Baby. Fuck, I love you. I really do. I can't believe how blind I've been. I want
to know you, too every fucking thing," I moaned, crashing my lips against hers. Fuck,
I wanted her. I pinned her against the kitchen counter, kissing the breath out of her with
everything I had.
When our lips parted, we were both panting.
"I need to get some groceries," Bella muttered against my lips.
"Don't forget the condoms. Buy the whole fucking stock." Bella giggled against my skin.
"I'm serious. We have another two weeks, and I'm not sure I'll ever get enough of you."
"Okay, lots of condomsgot it. Anything else?"
"I just want you back quickly, Baby." I grinned, pecking her lips. "I'm going to rest for a
bit. You were right earlier; these meds make me a little drowsy."
"Okay," Bella smiled as we pulled apart. When I reached the bedroom, she called out to
me. "I'm going to take a quick shower and I'll be back before you know it. I love you."
The words fell out of her mouth effortlessly. Shit, that was the moment she captured my
heart. When everything else faded into the background no matter what we had to face
all I saw was Bella and me.
Bella Swan fucking owned me.
Chapter 18
I never knew life could be this amazing. Spending two weeks alone with Edward only
solidified our bond. Everyday, he proved how much he loved me and exactly what I
meant to him. It was an amazing feeling to be loved a feeling that I had never
experienced before.
We definitely made use of our alone time, attacking each other several times a day and
christening every single surface of the cottage we could. The first week took the biggest
adjustment because Edward was still recovering, but once he didn't need the pain
medication anymore, he became insatiable. Hell, I was insatiable, too. I just couldn't get
enough of him, especially now that I knew what we had was more than just sex. Edward
loved me. I still couldn't fathom it completely, and yet I knew beyond anything else that
it was true.
Despite what most people would think or would have done themselves in our situation,
we didn't stay in bed for the entire two weeks. Edward and I were able to go outside
together to bask in the weather, see the town, and enjoy just simply holding hands while
walking along the beach. It was nice not having to hide our relationship from prying eyes
not having to worry about who saw us, or how word could get back to Aro or Alec. We
were safe here, and we used that to our full advantage.
I think our best experience was when we went to the lighthouse together two days ago.
Edward held my hand the entire way there while carrying a picnic basket in his other
hand. When we got to the tall, stone structure, we climbed the steps that led to the top
and set out a blanket before cuddling up with each other and enjoying the view. I packed
a bunch of finger foods, so we took turns feeding each other while stealing soft kisses
and gentle touches.
Of course, those touches and kisses ended up turning heated, and I couldn't help but be
thankful that this particular lighthouse didn't have a keeper onsite all the time
especially when Edward fucked me from behind while I held on to the railing for dear life.
Yeah, that was definitely my best memory of our time here. Looking out at the peaceful
lake while being ravaged by Adonis himself was amazing and something I wouldn't soon
"What are you thinking about, Love? You look deep in thought," Edward commented as
he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me out of my thoughts of the last two weeks.
I leaned back into his embrace and smiled at how safe I felt here with him. "I'm just
thinking about how amazing the last two weeks have been, and how much I don't want
anything to change. Are you sure we can't just stay here for another month or two?" I
asked playfully, rubbing my ass into Edward's groin. His subsequent groan sent shivers
down my spine and a rush of fluid straight to my core.
He kissed my exposed shoulder a few times before making his way up to my ear,
sucking the lobe into his mouth and nibbling on it. "It has been pretty amazing, hasn't
it?" he commented, nuzzling the sensitive spot behind my ear with his nose. His warm
breath had me completely relaxing against him, my body held up more by his strong
arms than my own two legs.
"I know it's going to be hard when we get back, but Bella, I promise you I'll find a way
for us to be together. I love you, and I'm not going to let you go." Edward squeezed me
tighter, silently reaffirming his words. He would find a way for us to be together, even if
we had to hide it from the rest of the world once we got back to Chicago.
I turned in his arms and stood on my tiptoes to press my lips against his. When I pulled
back, I smiled sadly at him. "I love you, too, Edward. I just can't help but worry. If Alec
ever finds out about us, he'll kill us both you know he will and I don't know how
we're supposed to hide our love for each other after these last two weeks."
"It'll all work out, Sweetheart, we just have to be careful and have faith." Edward pulled
me against his chest and pressed his forehead to mine while looking into my eyes. The
emotion swirling in his gaze was enough to give me hope while taking my breath away.
"You won't be living in the mansion anymore, so that will help a lot. Plus, Aro isn't going
to allow Alec to be anywhere near you for a while. He respects your wish for space, and
will give you whatever time you need."
I closed my eyes with a heavy sigh, once again debating on whether or not to tell
Edward I wanted to leave permanently. I decided to wait, so I said what I thought was
the next best thing. "I don't think it's going to be that easy, Edward. You know Alec as
well as I do. He's not just going to give up. Fuck, we've only been here for two weeks,
and I probably have fifty voicemails from him and hundreds of text messages. He's
definitely not happy that I'm here with you, and I can only imagine how bad it's gonna
be when we do get home. Especially when he hears that I'm leaving the mansion. If he
finds out where I'm moving to, he'll probably come beat down my door trying to see
"Like hell he will!" Edward roared. He must have seen me flinch, because he immediately
reigned in his anger and kissed my lips. "Aro would never allow that, and neither would
I. If I have to post a few of my men at your door round the clock, I will."
I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him. "Oh, yes. I'm sure your men would just love
being bored out of their minds while trying to protect me. Why don't we play it by ear for
now? If Alec does find out where I'm moving, then we can reevaluate the situation. For
now, though, we need to take it one day at a time. It's not ideal, but it's better than the
"As long as it means we can be together, I'm all for whatever needs to be done," he said
before he kissed my lips sweetly. "I love you, Bella, and I promise I will make sure
you're safe."
I hummed in agreement because I knew he meant what he said. "I know you will,
Edward. I love you, too."
Our last night at the cottage was one to remember. We ate a small dinner and then sat
together in the sun room, enjoying the peaceful evening and beautiful sunset. After that,
we made slow, sweet love all night, and when we finally gave in to the exhaustion,
Edward held me to his chest, never once letting me go.
We didn't know what tomorrow would bring, but there was one certainty we both agreed
on: no matter what, we were in this together.
I woke up the next morning before Edward, so I slipped out of his warm embrace, slid
his T-shirt over my head, and went to start a pot of coffee. I wasn't looking forward to
returning to the real world, but I had to believe that Edward would make sure everything
was okay.
Once the coffee was brewing, I returned to the bedroom and started to pack up my
things, leaving out a pair of yoga shorts and a tank top to wear on the trip home. It was
nothing fancy, but I knew Edward didn't care what I wore. I was just about finished
packing my bag when another of Edward's T-shirts caught my eye. It was a little juvenile
to do so, but I didn't want to sleep without at least some part of Edward with me, so I
snagged the shirt and shoved it in my bag.
"And just what do you think you're doing with my shirt?" Edward asked as he came up
behind me, making me jump. His arms encircled my waist and he nuzzled my neck with
his morning stubble, making me giggle.
"What shirt? I don't know what you're talking about," I lied, knowing full well that he
caught me in the act.
Edward laughed and hugged me to his chest. "My T-shirt that you just shoved into your
bag." He pulled back and quirked one brow at me when I glanced sideways at him.
I turned in his arms and wrapped my own around his neck, pulling his down closer to
me. "Oh, that? It looks better on me anyway," I stated plainly. "Especially when I'm not
wearing anything else."
Edward groaned and muttered under his breath something that sounded like 'damn,
sexy vixen is gonna be the death of me.' When our eyes met, he crashed his lips to mine
in a feverish kiss. My hands threaded into his hair as his dropped down to find the hem
of the shirt I was wearing. When they came back up and were met with nothing but bare
skin, he broke the kiss and pulled back. "Fuck, Beautiful, are you wearing anything
under that?" I shook my head and gave him a coy smile. "You're absolutely right my
shirts do look better on you, but they look even better on the floor." With that, Edward
pulled the shirt over my head and dropped it on the ground as he led me back to bed.
An hour later, Edward was packing his things as I made breakfast. We would be leaving
soon, and even though I knew it was inevitable, I didn't want to go. Our little bubble was
about to burst, and I didn't know if we'd be able to create a new one back in Chicago.
Even if I was living on my own, it would be tricky getting to see Edward to spend time
with him. Sure, there was always the club, but we were never alone there. We would
work it out, though; I knew we would.
After we ate, we loaded up the car and went through the cottage to make sure we hadn't
forgotten anything. When we were done with that, we sat in the screen room together,
looking out at Lake Michigan as the waves lapped at the shoreline. Both of us were silent
for a good hour, just enjoying the tranquility of the scenery in front of us.
When we finally got up and headed to the car, Edward pulled me into his arms and
kissed me hard. "Together, right?" he asked when he pulled back.
"Together," I repeated, butterflies flitting around in my stomach. We were actually doing
this, and I trusted Edward to keep me safe.
He kissed me once more before opening my door for me and helping me into the SUV.
When he came around and joined me in the vehicle, he turned and looked me directly in
the eye. "Are you ready for this?"
I sighed deeply, knowing we really didn't have a choice. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
Let's get it over with."
"I love you, Bella. Thank you for everything," he whispered as he moved in for a kiss.
I smiled when his lips met mine, knowing that this was just as hard for him as it was for
me. "I love you, too, Edward, and there's really no need to thank me." I kissed him
again before pulling back so he could put the car in gear.
Once we were a few miles away from the cottage, he called Aro using the OnStar feature
in the Escalade. "Edward, my boy! I trust things are going okay?" he questioned when
he answered the call.
Edward laughed before answering. "Yes, Aro. You're on speaker in the car. Things are
just fine. Isabella and I are on our way back to Chicago now. We just left the safe-house
about five minutes ago, so we should be there in about three and a half hours or so."
Edward reached over to take my hand as Aro asked his next question. "And how are you
feeling, Edward? How is your recovery coming?"
"Well, I wouldn't say I was back in mint condition, but Isabella took good care of my
wounds and kept them clean. I wouldn't have recovered nearly as quickly without her
there to help me." He turned his head slightly and winked at me, which told me exactly
what he was really thinking.
"I'm glad to hear it. Isabella, thank you for taking such good care of Edward. We have
missed him greatly around here, and I'm afraid there is much to do when the two of you
get back."
I looked over at Edward, silently questioning him on whether or not I should bring up my
move. When he nodded, I addressed Aro. "You're more than welcome, Aro. Edward has
taken care of me more times than I can count at the club, so I figured it was time to
repay the favor. It really was no bother at all. Speaking of things to do when we get
back, were you able to secure an apartment for me?"
"Of course, my dear. I have purchased a loft for you about five minutes away from
Breaking Dawn. It's quite spacious, and is on the top floor of the building. There is a
doorman on duty around the clock, so unless visitors are on your approved list of guests,
they will have to call you to be let into the building." He paused briefly to take a breath
before continuing. "It's fully furnished and painted, but you are welcome to change the
color schemes to fit your taste, and of course replace any of the furniture you do not
like. I have the keys waiting for you here in my office, and the staff has already packed
up most of your belongings. I hope that's okay. I know you do not want to face Alec
right now, so I was trying to make things as easy on you as possible."
I was honestly a little choked up at his thoughtfulness. I thought he was going to rent
me a space for a few months, not buy me my own loft. I wasn't going to look a gift horse
in the mouth, though. "Thank you so much, Aro. I'll never be able to truly express how
much this means to me."
"Nonsense, Isabella. You are family to me, whether you marry my son or not. I take care
of my own in any way I can, and it was obvious that you would be uncomfortable here. I
completely understand why you would feel that way, but I also need to warn you that
Alec is not just going to give up. He is not on the list of approved guests, though, so
unless you change that, he won't be allowed access to your loft. However, I doubt he will
leave the issue alone until he's had a chance to talk to you."
I knew Alec wasn't going to give up, but actually hearing the words was so much harder
than I had imagined. Edward squeezed my hand in silent reassurance, telling me the
only way he could that he would be there for me and with me every step of the way. "I
understand, Aro, I just don't know if I could ever go back to him after he did what he
did. If Edward hadn't have jumped in the way of those bullets, I don't even know if I'd
be alive to be having this conversation. Alec proved through his actions that he doesn't
really love me, not that I ever believed he did. I just can't see myself staying with a man
who would sacrifice my life to save his own ass."
"That's your choice to make, Isabella, and regardless of what you choose, I will support
your decision."
"Thank you, Aro. I really do appreciate everything you are doing for me. Umdo you
think it would be possible for Edward and a few of his men to help me move my stuff in
today? I know there's a lot of work that Edward needs to see to when he gets back, but
if there are a few people, it shouldn't take long at all. It's mostly just clothes." I was a
little nervous to ask, but Aro had never turned me down before.
"Of course, dear girl. Edward, when you get into town, call your men and have them
come help you. Once you get Isabella all moved in to her new loft, I need you back here,
though, so we can discuss some things."
Edward squeezed my hand and smiled over at me briefly. "Of course, Aro. We'll see you
soon." With that, the call ended and I actually felt like things might work out easily.
We spent the three and a half hour drive talking about the little things in life: music,
movies, and books. We talked about anything and everything but our pasts. After that
first night, I had yet to mention Charlie again, and Edward had never once mentioned his
past. I knew mine was really painful to talk about, so I assumed his was the same. The
more time we spent together, though, the easier it would be for both of us. At least,
that's what I hoped. I didn't want to have any secrets from Edward, and I didn't want
him to keep anything from me.
When we got to the outskirts of Chicago, Edward called Jasper.
"Hey, Edward! How are you feeling?" Jasper asked as soon as he picked up, making
Edward laugh.
"I'm hanging in there," Edward replied, squeezing my hand again. "I needed these last
two weeks desperately, so I'm glad Aro let me go so I could heal. How are things going
with the District?"
Jasper barked out a laugh before answering. "They're right back to where they were
before you took over. I swear to God that Alec is a fucking moron who isn't even capable
of tying his own shoe. How Aro expects him to take over his empire is beyond me."
I saw Edward roll his eyes as he answered. "Your guess is as good as mine, but we'll get
it cleaned up again. It should go a lot smoother this time though, because Alec was only
in charge for two weeks. He couldn't have run it that far into the ground."
"Don't be too fucking sure," Jasper mumbled, making me giggle. It was obvious that
Jasper did not like Alec at all.
"Listen, I need you to call Emmett and meet me at the mansion in twenty minutes. I
need your help with something."
"You're coming home?" Jasper asked immediately.
"Yes, we're back in Chicago now and on our way to the mansion. I'll see you guys in
twenty minutes."
Not even waiting for Jasper to respond, Edward disconnected the call and looked over at
me. "Remember, Bella, we're in this together now, no matter what. I love you."
We got to the mansion five minutes later, and after saying hello to Aro, we went up to
start grabbing boxes. Alec wasn't home thank God so the quicker we worked, the
better it would be for everyone.
We had a full load by the time Jasper and Emmett showed up. Edward explained to them
what we were doing and what else needed to be loaded up, and then instructed them to
meet us at my new loft after giving them the address. Aro gave me the keys, kissed my
cheek, and wished me luck. "I'll see you at the club, my dear. Stay safe." With his
parting words, Edward opened the passenger door for me, and I slid in.
During the drive, we held hands again because it felt like the natural thing to do. Being
with Edward was so easy, even if we were back in Chicago now. When we got to the new
building, Edward parked and walked inside with me. I introduced myself to the doorman,
and then told him that Jasper and Emmett would be coming with another load of stuff
soon and to let them up if they got here while we were upstairs.
The loft was on the seventh floor of the building, and when we walked inside, my breath
caught in my chest. The place wasn't huge by any means, but it was more than enough
for me. Plus, it was absolutely beautiful. The living room and kitchen were done in red
and gold, and the furniture matched perfectly. One of the walls in the living room was
almost completely glass, and had a great view of the Chicago skyline.
While looking around on the first floor, we also discovered that it had an office, furnished
with a futon, a coffee table, a fully stocked bookcase, and a computer desk with a brand
new iMac computer on it. It, too, had a window with a fantastic view.
Next, we made our way up the stairs in to the open bedroom. The decor was purple and
pink, but it was classy instead of obnoxious. When Edward saw the bed, he pounced,
pushing me backward onto it and hovering over me, making me giggle. I loved this new
carefree Edward.
His lips met mine, and we both groaned when he deepened the kiss while his hand
slipped under my tank top to grab my tit. With all the sex we'd had in the last two
weeks, you'd expect our need for each other to fade, but it only grew stronger.
We got a little lost in the moment, so we never heard the door to the loft open, or the
loud footsteps ascending the stairs towards us.
It wasn't until we heard the loud "what the fuck?!" that we broke apart and looked at the
imposing figure standing over my bed.
Edward's mood music: 'Reach Out, I'll Be There' by Four Tops, because well,
Edward is feeling it now that they are back in Chicago. Bless him.
Chapter 19
I had discovered that there could be a life beyond fighting and killing a life where one
person could be the center of your fucking world. Those last few weeks I spent with
Bella, I was overcome with emotion. I'd never been loved and in love with someone
before. Oh, who was I fucking kidding? I'd never been in love until now, and in those
weeks, I made a promise to myself: somehow I would make this work. I couldn't give
Bella up not now but I would keep her safe, no matter what the cost may be.
I had been dreading going back to Chicago because I was worried about Alec. I knew
what a volatile motherfucker he could be. I couldn't be around Bella every moment of
every day, but I was determined to work something out in order to keep her safe if it
was needed. That fucker wasn't going to get anywhere near Bella. With time, I hoped
that Aro would see that Bella wasn't going to take Alec back ever, and I would finally
be able to make my intentions toward her known. But for now, Bella and I would have to
be careful, and it was going to cut like a fucking knife that I couldn't be with her
whenever I wanted. These last few weeks had been amazing, but it would also be a
reminder of what I was missing. I had no idea how long it would take Bella and me to
have the kind of relationship in Chicago that we'd had at our hideout, but that was what
I would be fighting for to be able to love Bella freely, without the fear of death
hanging over our heads.
Aro had kept to his word about setting Bella up in an apartment. It was only five minutes
from Breaking Dawn, and more importantly, ten minutes from my place.
I had called Jasper and Emmett to help move all of Bella's things from the mansion
because I wanted her out before that fucker got back.
I was impressed when we arrived at Bella's new apartment. Aro had picked a nice,
secure place for her. It seemed like it was perfect when we looked around. As soon as
we made it up to the bedroom, my urges got the better of me and I pinned Bella down
onto the bed. I hadn't been able to touch her in hours. I had needs, after all.
"Edward," Bella giggled as my hands began to wander up underneath her shirt toward
her tits before we got lost in each other.
We didn't break away until a voice gasped from the stairs. "What the fuck?!"
I looked up to see Emmett standing there gaping at us with a box in his hands. Fuck it!
What a great fucking start!
"Umis there something you want to tell me, Boss?" Emmett smirked, putting the box
down. Bella was straightening herself on the bed as I bolted upright.
"Wwewere looking for something on the bed." What the fuck was I saying? Emmett
wasn't a moron, even if he did act like one most of the time.
"Did the something drop inside Isabella's top?" Emmett snorted. Double fuck! How long
had he been standing there watching us? "I could take a look, too. Maybe I'll be able to
find it," Emmett joked, taking a step forward.
"Don't you fucking dare!" I roared, pushing him back roughly. I knew it was a joke, but I
couldn't control myself where Bella was concerned.
"Boss, cool it; I was just joking," Emmett sniggered. "So you and Isabella How long
has this been going on? I guess the time alone became too much, huh? Who gave in
first? I bet you two were like animals! How long have you been denying your attraction,
Edward? Two years, isn't it?" I wanted to smack him!
"It's not what it looks like, Emmett," I sighed, turning to look at Bella, who had her head
down. "I love her."
"Whoayou love her?" Emmett widened his eyes, darting them from me to Bella. "You
do understand what you are getting yourselves into, don't you? If Alec finds"
"He isn't going to find out. Not yet!" I snarled.
"Edward, you know I'll back you to the end, and so will Jazz, but this is some serious shit
you're getting into. Isabella is Alec's girl. He will never let her go without a fight. You
know he won't, just out of pride. He'll never bow down to any of your requests."
"We know that, Emmett." I turned to Bella, lifting her face up to meet my gaze. "But we
have no choice. We're in too deep now. There is no going back for either of us."
"I think I need to eat in order to take this all in," Emmett looked at Bella with a smirk.
"What's your favorite take-out food, Isabella?"
"Chinese," Bella said with a frown as she looked at me.
"Okay, I'll be back in a few, and then you can fill me in on everything. And no more
funny business while I'm out." I sighed, laughing as Emmett began to walk off. "And
Edward, does Jazz know anything about this?"
"A little," I called.
"You motherfuckers! I knew you two were keeping something from me," Emmett
complained before walking off.
"Edward, what are we going to do?" Bella panicked, whispering in my ear the moment
we were alone again.
"Sweetheart, its fine. I trust Emmett and Jasper with my life. They aren't loyal to Alec
and Aro, they are my boys. This will mean more protection for you, especially since I
won't be able to watch you all the time once I'm back at work. Plus, we need to be
careful and not draw any attention to ourselves. We need to act just like we did before,"
I soothed, running my hands through her wild hair. Fuck, I loved this woman. "If I'm
around you all the time, people are going to notice."
"It's our first day back, Edward, and already someone has found out about us. That's not
good, is it?"
"No, it's not. We'll have to be more careful. I shouldn't have pounced on you like that
knowing Jasper and Emmett were around," I smirked, running my fingertips over the
bottom of her shirt. "But I wanted to touch you."
"You do realize that this is going to be impossible, right?" Bella giggled as my fingertips
grazed over her ribcage. "You'll need to learn some restraint."
"I'll start that tomorrow," I murmured, crashing my lips hard against hers. I tried to kiss
away all of her fear, and by the time we broke apart, we were both gasping for air.
"Maybe we should go downstairs and get the plates ready," Bella suggested. It was a
good idea; if we spent any more time on this bed, I was going to lose my shit.
Bella and I were setting the table when Emmett came back with Jasper.
"What the fuck is going on now?" Jasper moaned as he walked in. "You haven't even
been back for a day, and Emmett is saying that there's some huge secret going down
and that I'm a part of it."
"It's nice to see you two are still fully clothed," Emmett snorted, placing the containers
of food down on the counter while looking between Bella and me.
"Jasper," I muttered while he smirked at me. He wasn't stupid he was already working
it all out. "Look, things between Isabella and me have sort ofcome to a head."
"Yeah, it's come to a head, alright," Emmett laughed. "Do you know what I caught him
doing upstairs when I got here?" he asked Jasper.
"I think I have an idea," Jasper mused. I could see the humor behind his eyes. "So, let
me guess: you two have been at it again, haven't you?"
"What do you mean again?" Emmett sounded like a sulky schoolboy.
"Sit the fuck down, Emmett, and Bella and I will fill you in on everything. I just need
your word that neither of you will breathe a word about this to anyone."
"Edward, you are hurting our feelings. Get the fuck on with it," Jasper grumbled. We all
loaded up our plates while Bella and I began our explanation.
Bella and I told the boys everything, minus all the gory details. It was none of their
damn business what Bella and I got up to in private, even if Emmett did insist on
knowing everything the dirty fucker!
"Well, fuck me," Emmett choked on his last mouthful of food.
"And now you know everything," Bella muttered, looking down at her food.
"What are you planning to do next?" Jasper asked in concern.
"We're not sure, Jasper. All Bella and I know is that we need to be together." I took
Bella's hand in mine over the table.
"Isabella, you do know that Edward has this crazy obsession with you, don't you? Are
you sure about this?" Emmett joked.
"I'm aware of that," Bella sniggered, getting up to start clearing the plates.
"For two years he hasn't shut up about you," Emmett continued. "Oh, she is so fucking
hot! Oh, how the fuck am I supposed to concentrate with that Goddess over there? Oh,
fuck it! Why did Alec have to claim her? I can't live without having her at least once."
Emmett's impressions of me were shit, but they still made me laugh.
"Don't you two have somewhere to be?" I asked while Bella was chuckling to herself.
"When do you officially start back?" Jasper asked while I followed them to the door.
"And you're fully healed?"
"I'm good, Jasper," I smiled. He had a heart of gold, this one.
"You're sure about all this?"
"I love her, Jazz. I can't go back now." I watched Jasper gasp before looking at Emmett.
"He already told me that, but I know, right?" Emmett replied to Jasper. "The Boss has it
"Okay, beat it, you fuckers," I joked, pushing them out.
"Be careful. This place might have eyes and ears," Jasper cautioned.
"I'll be checking on that, don't worry," I smirked. Yes, I was a man in love, but I hadn't
lost my common sense.
"Let me know if you need anything, and it's great to have you back, Boss." With that,
the boys left.
"You see?" I beamed at Bella when I walked back in. "It will all be fine."
"You do realize that by telling them, we've put their lives in danger, too, right?" Bella
sighed deeply while she finished drying the plates.
"The boys wouldn't want it any other way. Bella, they work for me. I knew them before I
became the Capo. It will be fine. We know how to look after ourselves."
"I know that, Edward. I've seen the way men fear you, but"
"You never seem scared of me," I smoldered, pulling her into my arms. "Why is that?"
"I know you'd never hurt me," Bella whispered, running her hands down my chest.
"You're right about that, Baby." I crashed my lips against hers, wanting to finish what
we'd started upstairs. I knew I couldn't stay much longer, and I had no idea when I
would get to see her again, so we made the most of it. We fucked all over her
apartment, and then I left her sleeping peacefully in her bed after placing a soft kiss on
her forehead before the dawn broke and I could be seen leaving.
I'd managed to avoid Alec for the first week. The fucker had made a huge mess of East
District again, and I was fucking livid all that goddamn work for nothing. Jane had
tried to pounce on me the moment I got back in town, but I sent that bitch packing. I
only had eyes for one woman. I hadn't actually laid eyes on Bella for four days. Jasper
had told me she was fine and busy working at the club. Aro had banned Alec from taking
a single step inside Breaking Dawn. He wanted Bella to have the space to clear her head
before she had to face Alec, and I was grateful for that.
I had just been for my usual run along the 'rave,' and when I got back, Alec was waiting
outside my apartment.
"Is this a social call?" I asked, a little out of breath as he followed me in.
"Edward, I need a favor," Alec stressed.
"Wasn't saving your ass again enough?" I glared.
"I need to see Isabella. Please? My father won't even tell me where she is staying, and I
can't go to the club. You need to help me."
"Alec, you don't deserve to see her." I tried to keep calm, but all I wanted to do was put
a bullet through this fucker's head, knowing what he'd done to her!
"You better have kept your fucking hands to yourself while you were away, Cullen! If I
find out that you"
"I save your fucking life and you think I'd spend my downtime fucking your girlfriend?
Nice, Alec. I was healing from three gunshots wounds, remember?" I seethed. Yes,
fucker, I had her over and over again. And she isn't your girl anymore. She's mine!
"Sorry," Alec shook off his anger. "I just need to see her to explain."
"You need to give her some time. She could have been killed," I pointed out.
"Father is pissed at me, too." Good God, Alec, I don't give a fuck! Just piss off!
"Maybe you should be using this time to prove yourself to your father instead. Be the
man Aro knows is inside of you. Try being sober first; it does wonders."
"Do you think Isabella will take me back if I clean up my act?" Alec asked hopefully.
"It's worth a try." I didn't mean it, but Alec took it to heart.
Over the next few weeks, he was a different guy. He collected all the outstanding debts
in the West District, watched over his area for any trouble, and made some profit on a
few deals. Even Aro was shocked at the change in him.
I had managed to see Bella a few times. It wasn't ideal, but I'd take anything I could
get. I knew the first month was going to be the hardest, but watching her at the club
each night almost fucking killed me.
"I thought you might need a whiskey," Bella smiled, wandering into my office and
locking the door behind her. Bella tried not to make it obvious, but she brought my
whiskey almost every other night. It gave us a little time alone.
"I need you more," I purred, pulling her onto my lap and crashing my lips against hers.
Bella moaned into my mouth, her hands pulling on my hair. I fucking loved that, and I
groped her ass in return. Fuck, those gold hot pants did things to me. "How is it out
there?" I questioned, kissing down her neck.
"It's quiet for a Friday," Bella panted as I slid her bikini top down so I could devour her
incredible tits. "ArghEdward"
"I need to see you tonight," I moaned against her skin. Fuck, her nipples were so hard.
My girl wanted me badly, too.
"But you saw me two days ago. We need to be careful." She didn't sound very
convincing as she groaned out my name in pleasure.
"I don't care. I'll come over in the early hours after the last drop off. I can't fucking wait
any longer," I snarled, pulling her top back over her breasts. I'd finish that later.
"Okay," Bella beamed, kissing my lips softly. "Be careful, and Edward? It would be great
if, for once, you wouldn't grope me in your office. I have to regain my balance every
time you do that."
"I'll try, but I can't make any promises," I winked, smacking her ass. Bella giggled and
walked back out into the club.
An hour later, Jasper was knocking on my door. "Boss, Aro and Alec are here. Aro wants
a word with all of us." It wasn't like Aro not to call ahead.
I headed out into the club to meet him. Bella was on the main stage, sliding up and
down the pole, and fuck, I was hard as steel just watching her. I scanned the crowd and
saw Aro sitting with the boys in the far corner of the room.
"Ah, Edward," Aro greeted me as I sat down.
"Is everything okay?" I asked before looking over at Alec, who couldn't keep his eyes off
of Bella. I wanted to punch something preferably a head the same shape as Alec's
"Alec has a lead on a stolen shipment that is coming through our docks. It could be quite
a money maker for us all," Aro smiled. Alec coming up with the goods? This was fucking
"What do we know about it?" I asked, glancing over at Bella for a slight second. I
couldn't fucking help myself.
"It's a shipment of stolen guns from all over Canada, so it will be an easy steal. Plus,
they are using our city. That makes the shipment ours," Alec replied.
"Who is your source, Alec?" I asked.
"He's chosen to remain anonymous." Well, isn't that fucking interesting? I didn't trust a
single word Alec was saying.
"When is the shipment coming in?" I asked, turning as I heard a commotion on the main
stage. These fuckers! Wouldn't they ever learn? How many security men did I need to
fire until I found one who could do their job? Bella was clinging to her pole while some
dirty fucker was trying to grab her. I charged for the stage, only to stop in my tracks
when Alec beat me to it. He tackled the man and picked Bella up, carrying her out to the
back. I wanted to kill that fucker. Alec had taken my girl!
"Cool it, Edward," Jasper muttered. "You're trembling with rage." I hadn't even noticed I
was trembling until Jasper mentioned it.
"Aro, shouldn't we?" I stuttered in his direction. I needed to get my shit together.
"I think Alec perhaps deserves some alone time with Isabella after the heroics he just
pulled off." Aro smiled, seemingly shocked by his words. "You or one of your men can
take Isabella home after Alec has spoken to her if she wishes." No fucking way! I wasn't
leaving her alone with Alec. He could hurt her. What if he forced himself on her again?
"But what if he hurts her?" Damn it, why couldn't I control my mouth?
"She is in a crowded club, Edward, and Alec just saved her from a far worse fate. She'll
be fine." Aro turned to me, frowning slightly. "You're still infatuated with Isabella, aren't
you? You need to let her go, Edward. It won't end well if you don't."
"I care about her, Aro," I admitted, running my hands through my hair. I couldn't keep
my eyes from the door Alec had just carried her through.
"Be careful, my boy. I was worried that this might happen when I sent the two of you
"She doesn't want Alec."
"Isabella told you this?" Aro asked, obviously shocked.
"No, but I can just see it in her eyes," I lied, looking down at the floor.
"You can never read a woman's heart, Edward. Trust me. Isabella and Alec may make it
through this yet. Alec is certainly changing for the better, and I think Isabella is the
Aro was wrong. Alec could try to woo Bella back, but it wouldn't work.
I knew exactly what was in Bella's heart it was me.
Chapter 20
I was flying high. Things with Edward were amazing, even if we didn't get to spend as
much time together as I wanted. When I brought him his whiskey in his office earlier, I
just needed to see him, to be close to him for a few minutes. I may have put up a
decent facade about needing to be careful, but I craved him as much as he craved me.
After leaving Edward's office, I went out and smoked a cigarette to get my bearings
back. Even though she didn't smoke, Angela joined me in the alley. "Alright, Girlspill,"
she demanded as soon as the back door to the club closed behind us.
"Spill what?" I asked with a huge grin on my face.
She looked at me in disbelief for a second. "Oh, I don't know How about what's got you
grinning like a Cheshire cat for starters?" Her eyes never left mine as she went on. "Does
this have anything to do with Edward Cullen or your little disappearing act? Or maybe
your move to a new apartment?"
"Oh, Ang, it has everything to do with Edward!" I admitted and then went on to tell her
more about what happened.
"So let me get this straightAlec hid behind you when some guys pointed guns at him?"
she asked, appalled. I simply nodded because I could tell she wasn't done. She was
processing everything I told her and making sure she had it straight in her head. "What
a fucking asshole! But Edward jumped in front of you and took three bullets? Wow!"
"That's not the best part, either. When Edward was strong enough, Aro asked me to take
him to a safe house and help him recover. It was on the other side of Lake Michigan, and
the place was amazing! It was a little cottage right on the lake.
"Things were awkward at first, but when we finally started talking about everything and I
asked him why he did it, he told me he loved me!" Angela gasped as she clutched at her
"And?" she demanded, waiting for me to finish.
"And so I told him I was in love with him, too. He was different when it was just the two
of us. Still totally sex crazed, but I could see his love for me shining in his eyes every
time we were together. And Ang, we were together a lot! We couldn't keep our hands off
each other," I giggled.
Before I could even blink, she threw her arms around me and engulfed me in a huge hug
as she squealed in my ear. "Oh, girly, I'm so excited for you! But what's it going to
mean? I know you moved out of Aro's house and into your own apartment, but isn't Alec
going to be pissed when he finds out why?"
"Ang, Alec used me to shield himself from fucking bullets! I don't give a shit if he's
pissed off or not. It's over between us, and that has nothing to do with Edward. Besides,
I don't plan to tell Alec that I'm fucking Edward or that I'm in love with him. I know if I
did, Alec would put a bullet between both of our eyes. We're just gonna lay low for as
long as we can and then maybe Aro will put his son in his place."
"Just be careful, okay? You're my best friend, and I don't want anything to happen to
"I will be, I promise," I told her as I hugged her.
We sat out in the alley for a good thirty minutes, talking about everything and working
out a plan. Angela volunteered to help us whenever she could by offering up an alibi for
me when I needed one. I knew it was dangerous, but she refused to listen to my
protests, claiming that she had never seen me as happy as I had been recently, and that
she wanted to make sure I stayed that way.
She was slotted to dance right before me, so I hung out in the locker room while she
went out and did her set. When it was my turn, I checked myself in the mirror and then
headed out to the pole, satisfied that I would make some good tips tonight. I was
wearing my gold hot pants and bikini top again because it seemed to be a crowd
favorite, and I was dancing to Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild.
Things went fine at first, but about three minutes into the song, some drunk asshole
climbed up on stage and started to grope me. I let out a small scream, and before I
could even register what was happening, a man came out of nowhere, tackled the drunk
guy, and then scooped me into his arms and carried me back to the locker room.
"Isabella, Baby, are you alright?" Alec's voice made my blood run cold. Where the hell
was Edward, and why did he let Alec anywhere near me? Why did Aro let him in the club
in the first place? I thought he was banned from here for now.
"Put me down, Alec!" I yelled as I tried to shove away from him.
His grip loosened as he set me on my feet, but every time I tried to move away from
him, he would step closer to me. "Isabella, we need to talk. I miss you and I want you to
come back home."
"That's not my home anymore, Alec. I have my apartment now, and I'm happy. I don't
know if I'll ever be able to go back to the mansion." I wanted to add 'or to you' but
thought better of it. I knew I could never go back to being with Alec, but I didn't think
now was the right time to bring up that fact.
Alec stepped closer and leaned over me menacingly. "The mansion will always be your
fucking home, Isabella, despite what my father does," he spit out as he hovered above
me. "I'm almost back in his good graces, and as soon as I am, I will have you back;
mark my words on that."
His threat was clear; there was no way Alec would ever let me go, even if Aro told him
to. Still, I knew I couldn't give in to him. "Get away from me, Alec, or I'll scream right
now. I'm sure your father would love to walk in and see you looming over me like you
"Go ahead and fucking try it, Isabella!" he hissed just before his lips crashed down on
mine and his tongue invaded my mouth. It felt so wrong and I wanted to pull away, but
Alec had me pinned between him and the wall. I wasn't going to give in easily though, so
the next time his tongue moved against mine, I bit down on it as hard as I could. "Fuck!"
he shouted as he pulled back.
I took the opportunity to scream, and the next thing I knew, Edward was charging into
the room with Aro, Jasper, and Emmett hot on his heels.
"What the fuck is going on in here?!" Edward roared as he took in Alec's form, which was
still towering over me.
Alec spun around and shoved him hard. "None of your fucking business, Cullen! This is
between me and my girl!"
Edward's eyes flashed with rage at Alec's statement and he shoved him right back.
"Your girl is cowering away from you, you asshole! Just look at her!"
Alec turned to me with a look of pure evil in his eyes. When he addressed Edward again,
his voice was completely cold. "I'm just showing her who's in charge. She needs to learn
her place and come home. I'm done with her fucking mind games!"
"Alec, that is enough!" Aro finally stepped in. "Isabella, are you okay, my dear?"
By the time Aro spoke, I was able to step away from the wall and closer to him. My
whole body was trembling, but I managed to keep myself together for the most part.
"I'm fine, Aro, thank you. I was just telling Alec that the mansion wasn't my home
anymore, and that I was happy in my apartment and didn't know if I would ever go
back. He didn't like that very much and forced himself on me."
"You fucking bitch!" Alec screamed as he lunged at me. Luckily, Edward stepped in front
of him in time, and with a blindingly fast move, he leveled Alec to the ground. The
sickening crunch I heard when Edward's fist connected with Alec's face gave me a sense
of twisted satisfaction. This time, I wouldn't be cleaning up his broken nose. Let one of
his whores do that for him.
Edward lunged again, but Emmett grabbed his arms and held him back as Aro moved to
stand over his son. "Jasper, please see that Isabella makes it home safely. Edward, go
cool off in your office. I will take care of Alec and then you and I need to talk."
Edward stopped fighting against Emmett and quietly acknowledged Aro's request with a
'Yes, Sir," before walking out of the locker room.
"Come on, Isabella, let's get you home," Jasper said as he placed a hand on the small of
my back. I walked to my locker, grabbed my jacket, and headed out the door without a
backwards glance at Aro or Alec.
I wasn't sure if Edward would still be able to make it tonight or not, but I waited up for
him anyway. When I heard the front door to my condo open, I smiled and jumped up
from my spot on the couch, running to him and throwing myself into his open arms.
"Hi," I whispered against his lips and I gazed into his eyes.
He grabbed my ass and pulled me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. "Hello to
you, too," he finally responded as he ground his already rock hard cock into my pussy.
"Fuck, you're so sexy."
"Mmm, not nearly as sexy as you are." My fingers found their way to his hair and I
pulled his face to mine so I could kiss him. With our tongues battling for control, Edward
started stumbling for the stairs. When he made it to the top, he tossed me down on my
bed and started crawling toward me. The look in his eyes was predatory, and I knew he
was going to fuck me hard.
It was just what I needed, too. Edward made me forget all about what Alec did tonight
and how dirty he made me feel. When we finally had our fill of one another at least
temporarily we went down to the living room to talk.
"So what happened after Jasper brought me home?" I asked him.
He sighed deeply before he answered. "Aro sent Alec home, I guess. I was only in my
office for ten minutes before Aro came to join me. He apologized for what happened, and
I'm sure he'll apologize to you too the next time he sees you."
"What does he have to apologize for? It's not Aro's fault that his son is an asshole!"
Edward was silent for a minute, and I could tell he was trying to figure out how to say
something. "What is it, Edward?"
"I think he feels bad about what happened. When Alec pulled you off that stage, I
wanted to go after him, but Aro stopped me, saying he deserved a chance to talk to
youthat he'd earned it. He thought there was a possibility that you would give Alec
another chance if he apologized and explained what happened and why he did what he
"What?!" I couldn't believe my ears. Aro thought I'd go back to that jackass? "There is
no fucking way in hell I would ever go back to Alec after what he did!"
Edward wrapped me in his arms and held me tightly. "I know, Baby, and I tried to tell
Aro that, but he wouldn't listen. I umI even told him that I care about you."
Holy shit! Edward told Aro that he cared about me? That was huge! "What did he say?" I
couldn't control the hope in my voice.
"He said he was worried about that when he sent us away and told me to be careful. I
couldn't leave it at that though, so I told him you didn't want Alec. When he asked if you
told me that, I denied it, saying that I could just see it in your eyes. I didn't want to
cause any problems, but I think he needs to know." Edward paused for a minute before
going on. "He told me I couldn't read a woman's heart, and insisted that I give you and
Alec some time to talk. I'm so sorry, Bella. I should have insisted that he let me back
there. I should have stopped Alec before he ever laid his hands on you."
"Whoa! Edward, what happened tonight wasn't your fault. You have to realize that. Alec
was determined to get to me and he did. Please don't try to take the blame for him
being an asshole! You did what you could without risking everything, okay? I know you
did, and I'm not ready to lose you. I'll never be ready to lose you." We were both quiet
for a minute when a thought struck me. "Hey, why were Alec and Aro even at the club in
the first place?"
Edward pulled me tighter into his embrace and held me there. "Alec has a lead on a
shipment that's coming through our docs. I guess it's an easy grab, and Aro thinks we
should go for it."
"And what do you think?" I asked him.
"I don't like it. Something is fishy about Alec's source. Alec said the guy wanted to
remain anonymous, but I've got a bad feeling about it and I don't know why."
"Did you talk to Aro?"
Edward sighed and rubbed at the back of his neck. It was a nervous habit of his. "Yeah,
but Alec has cleaned up his act a lot in the last few weeks, aside from tonight. Aro wants
to give him the benefit of the doubt. Apparently, the shipment isn't coming in for a few
weeks anyway, so I've got some time to look into it."
If Edward had a bad feeling about the shipment, I trusted his judgment and could only
hope that Aro would too. "Please be careful, okay? And if you think it will help, I will tell
Aro that it's over between Alec and me for good. I'll even admit to my feelings to you if
it means we can be together."
"Let's just see how it goes. I'll have Jazz and Em dig into the shipment a little more, and
until then, we should probably keep quiet. I know Aro respects us both, but I don't know
how he'll react if and when we tell him about us. For now," he said, pulling back slightly
and looking me directly in the eye, "I want to take full advantage of our time alone
together, because we don't get to nearly as often as I'd like."
"Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?" I asked him seductively as I moved to straddle
his lap.
His hands moved to my hips and he slid them up, lifting his T-shirt off my body. I
moaned and shifted on his lap when his lips closed around my nipple. I would seriously
never get enough of this man or what he could do to my body. Every touch elicited the
most pleasurable response from me, every caress sent electricity up and down my spine.
When he switched to the other nipple, I wound my fingers in his hair and held him to me
while grinding against his erection. I knew he could feel how wet I was for him because
all he was wearing was a pair of boxer briefs. His right hand slipped between us and he
worked two fingers inside me while he continued to lavish my tits with his tongue and
teeth. My body was on fire with need, so when his thumb made contact with my clit, I
screamed out and exploded around his fingers.
"That's right, Baby, give it to me," Edward hummed as he helped slowly coax me down
from my peak. "I want to try something. Are you game?"
When I could see straight again, I met his gaze. "For you, I would try absolutely
anything." I kissed his lips and then waited for his instructions.
"Hop up for a second." I did as he asked, and he shimmied out of his underwear,
releasing his eager cock for my viewing pleasure. "Okay, sit back down with your back to
me." When I was in position, I reached down and stroked his dick, eliciting a hiss from
deep within him. "Fuck, I love the feeling of your soft hand on my cock, but that's not
what I had in mind," he said through gritted teeth.
"Sorry," I said through my giggles. "I can't help myself sometimes. What do you want
me to do now?"
He leaned in and took the lobe of my ear between his teeth, biting down gently. "I want
you to bring your legs up and over my shoulders so I can taste that sweet pussy of yours
while I shove my cock down your throat. Would you like that, Baby?" he asked as he
brought both hands up and tweaked my nipples.
"Oh, fuck yes!" I panted, wincing slightly at the pleasurable pain he was causing me.
Without another word, I carefully brought my legs up on either side of his head, giving
him a face full of my sopping wet pussy. His hands moved to my hips to hold me in
place, and without warning, he buried his face between my legs and started lapping at
my entrance.
Not wanting to miss my opportunity, I rested my forearms on the couch beside his legs
and swiped my tongue along his cock from base to tip. His back arched and his hips
thrust forward, creating the perfect angle for me. I opened my mouth and sucked in his
entire length, letting him slide down my throat. "Fuck, Bella, that is incredible," he said
from between my legs. Not needing any further encouragement, I lifted my head, slowly
releasing his cock. Before it slipped completely out of my mouth though, I increased the
suction again and pulled him right back in. "Shit, yeah! Just like that!" he said before
diving back in and nibbling on my clit. I hummed in satisfaction around his length, which
made him buck his hips, pushing himself even further down my throat. The intrusion
caused me to swallow involuntarily, and the tightening of my muscles only made him
thrust again.
We continued that way for several minutes, each driving the other crazy with our
mouths. Finally, when I couldn't take anymore, I used my teeth to scrape along his cock.
"Holy fuck! Yes!" he roared. "I'm going to cum, Baby. Please tell me your close," he
begged as his hips bucked up again and he bit down roughly on my clit.
"Shit, yes!" I mumbled around his cock right as I felt him twitch. My orgasm hit me a
split-second before he exploded in my mouth. The angle I was at made it difficult to
swallow, but I managed to get it all. When I finally righted myself on his lap and faced
him, he pulled my face to his and kissed me hard.
"Fuck, Bella, that was absolutely amazing! Please tell me you're willing to try that
I brought my hands up to his face and looked into his beautiful emerald eyes. "Edward, I
will do absolutely anything and everything you want me to do. My body is yours for the
taking, however you want it."
A glint formed in his eyes as a devilish smirk pulled at his lips. "Any way I want it?" he
asked with a quirked brow.
"Any way, any time," I answered him before kissing him senseless.
When he stood from the couch with me still in his arms, I was shocked, but as he tossed
me over his shoulder and headed for the stairs, that shock turned to delight. It seemed
like 'any time' meant right now.
Chapter 21
"Ugh, fuckEEdward," Bella groaned out her pleasure as I pushed my cock deeper into
her sweet pussy. Bella had just sucked my cock while I'd fucking made a meal of her
juicy pussy. She was so motherfucking sexy and flexible, the possibilities were endless
when it came to sex with her.
My girl had also made the mistake of telling me I could have her 'Any way, any time.'
Those words were like fucking music to my ears. Bella was currently wrapped around my
waist while I was fucking her hard against her bedroom wall.
"What about your shoulder?" Bella grunted before her teeth bit down on my neck. It
wasn't hard enough to draw blood, but it sent shocks of pleasure straight to my dick. I
liked it rough, just as much as my girl did, and each time we were together like this, it
got better as we began to learn from each other's bodies.
"I couldn't give a fuck about my shoulder," I purred, rolling my hips before thrusting
back into her sex hard. Bella moaned out my name, closing her eyes. Her hands were
clawing at the wall behind her as I squeezed her ass harder, using it as leverage to fuck
her. "My shoulder is almost fully healed. And anyway, Dr. Hale said light exercise was
good for it," I added, smirking as she opened her eyes to shake her head at me.
"I'm not sure this was the exercise Dr. Hale meant." Bella groaned, trying to focus, but I
was really fucking her by this time. Fuck, I could feel the wetness from her pussy coating
my cock through the latex of the condom as I thrust in and out of her. Our need for each
other was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. Holy mother of fucks, I never knew love
could feel like this. I wanted to devour her. I wanted to ram my cock in so hard that her
pussy was permanently marked as mine.
"Would you feel better if I fucked you in your bed all night long instead, Love?" I teased,
watching her eyes widen. I could feel her orgasm approaching. Bella wasn't going
anywhere until I'd finished fucking her against this wall. Before she could even answer
me, she began to fall, screaming my name in pleasure. "Mm, too late, but why don't we
finish this in bed?" I whispered, kissing down her neck.
"Are you really going to fuck me all night long?" Bella giggled as I laid her down on the
"Indeed, I am," I replied, crawling up her body. I wanted those hard nipples in my
mouth right now. Not to mention my cock was throbbing for her again already.
Watching Alec save Bella earlier had affected me more than I really wanted to admit.
That motherfucker still thought he had some claim over her. Yeah, now that fucker
wanted to act like he cared by trying to save her. He was too fucking late! I knew Aro
was hoping Bella would take Alec back, but hell would freeze over before that day. Alec
would have to walk over my dead body to get Bella back. Maybe that's what tonight was
about. I knew Bella loved me. I knew she was my girl, but being with her like this
feeling her soft skin against mine was the only way I could calm myself. Bella was
here with me, safely away from that motherfucker.
I was awoken by my phone. I squinted, trying to focus. Shit! I was still in Bella's bed.
What fucking time was it? I bolted upright, picking up my phone. It was Emmett calling
"What is it?" I answered, scanning the room for my clothes. I looked back at Bella, who
was sleeping like an angel.
"Are you out running?" Emmett asked with a humoured tone. The fucker knew exactly
where I was.
"Yeah, of course," I played along.
"You don't sound out of breath." I rolled my eyes, getting up and balancing the phone
between my shoulder and ear while I picked up my clothes. "You sound kind of sleepy,
Boss. What have you been doing all night?"
"Fuck off," I replied a little too loudly as Bella began to stir.
"Edward?" Bella stretched, trying to find me in the bed. It was fucking adorable watching
the need she had for me. I was the same fucking way, but I'd be rolling around in her
sheets, taking in her scent instead of just stroking the side of the bed.
"It's okay, Baby. I'm here, go back to sleep," I cooed too close to my phone.
"You are with Isabella! Edward, it's almost nine in the morning. Move your ass. You can
fuck her again later," Emmett huffed. "I'll pick you up a few blocks away, but you need
to start walking now."
"Are you giving me orders?" I chuckled, slipping into my shirt.
"I would never dream of doing that, Boss."
"I'll meet you by the diner in five minutes."
"Okay, but can you answer one question?" I waited for Emmett to continue. "Does
Isabella look as hot naked as we imagine?"
"Bye, Emmett," I sighed, hanging up. Fucker!
Bella was laying there watching me when I gazed back at her.
"I told you to go back to sleep," I smiled, sitting down on the bed to do my shirt up and
put my shoes and socks on.
"You're still here," Bella pointed out.
"I know; I fell asleep. Emmett is meeting me a few blocks away. I'm sorry, Baby. I'll be
more careful next time, but I just didn't want to leave you last night."
"I know the feeling. I didn't want you to leave either," Bella beamed, leaning up to kiss
my lips. It was a soft, loving kiss. I couldn't afford to get carried away.
"I'll see you at the club later," I whispered, pecking her lips once more. Bella beamed
back at me before I left using the fire escape. I didn't want to risk anyone seeing me.
I searched my jacket for my smokes. Bella was always helping herself to them, but
luckily, I had a spare pack. I took a long drag as I began to walk the few blocks to the
diner. I kept my eyes on my surroundings and my Glock within easy reach. Alec could
have eyes and ears everywhere, and I knew how stupid I'd been to stay the whole night
at Bella's. It had been an incredible night, though. We definitely made up for the days
we'd been apart.
Emmett was already at the diner, sitting outside waiting for me.
"Don't say a word," I cautioned as he got up to open the car door.
"I wouldn't dare," Emmett chuckled before driving over to my apartment so I could
freshen up.
I was at the mansion half an hour later. Alec was already sitting by his father's side as I
entered the boardroom down the hall from Aro's office.
"Ah, Edward, you're here. It isn't like you to be late," Aro smiled warmly.
"Sorry, Aro. I lost track of the time while I was running this morning," I lied before all
the other guys began to walk into the room. Jasper raised an eyebrow at me as he sat
next to me. Emmett!
"Hey, fuck face," Felix gestured at Emmett as he sat across the table from him. Those
two hated each other almost as much as Alec and I did.
"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, Felix?" Emmett asked as he unzipped his
jacket before sipping from a cup of coffee he must have made in the kitchen.
"Don't start on my fucking mother again!" Felix spat.
"Oh, no. Sorry, I need to rephrase that. I do kiss your mother," Emmett smirked, "right
on the pussy lips." When Emmett's jokes weren't directed at me, I fucking loved them.
"You motherfucker"
"Felix," Alec cautioned him, darting his eyes to me. I nodded at Emmett, and he backed
"Try to control your men, Edward," Alec glared.
"Felix started it," I pointed out. "Maybe you should take your own advice." Alec didn't
respond because Marcus and Caius chose that moment to walk in. Something 'big' was
going down if everyone had been summoned to the boardroom. I panicked for a few
short moments, thinking that Bella and I had been discovered, but I knew Alec would
have put a bullet through my head by now if that was the case.
"Shall we begin now that we are all here?" Aro turned to his son. "Alec, why don't you
start with the details of this shipment coming into our docks in a few weeks?" Aro letting
Alec lead a meetingwas I fucking dreaming? What are you planning, motherfucker?
We all sat listening to Alec ramble on about this easy shipment that was coming through
our docks in two weeks' time. It all sounded too simple to me. A shipment of a thousand
guns had been stolen from Ontario, Canada, and were heading our way to be sold.
Apparently, this was going to be the easiest heist for us, according to Alec.
"What's the story behind this anonymous source? If this deal is so good, why is he
hiding?" I questioned while Caius and Aro were singing Alec's praises. I had an eye for
bullshit, and Alec was full of it.
"He's an inside source, Edward," Aro replied. "He helped hijack the guns in Canada, so
he can't make himself known until we take the shipment."
"I need to go with my instincts, Aro. You've always taught me that. Something just
doesn't add up," I added, getting up to pour some fresh coffee that had been brought in
by the staff.
"I wouldn't expect any less from you, my boy," Aro replied toward me before Alec butted
"You don't think I'm capable to take my father's place, do you, Edward?" Alec seethed.
"Even now, after everything I have done, you still don't trust me."
"You have a lot to learn, Alec. It's not that I doubt you. I doubt your judgment and
recklessness. You dive in without even thinking, and you have no compassion for
anything. Do you even listen to your father?" I asked, knowing I'd gone too far as I
watched the rage in Alec's eyes. He was never going to let this Bella thing go, either
ever and the fucker didn't even know I had actually taken her from him already.
"You motherfucker!" Alec roared, pushing up from the table. Felix and Aro got up to try
to hold Alec back. Emmett and Jasper stood up by my side, like they always did.
"Does the truth hurt, Alec?" I yelled as Aro told him to sit back down. "I'm not arguing
that this last month you haven't been better, but is this really you, or are you just trying
to please your father?" I watched Alec smirked darkly at me. This wasn't just about
getting in Aro's good graces. I could read the fucker's face it was about getting Bella
back, as well. With Aro on his side, he could do whatever he wanted.
"This is about getting my life back on track," Alec replied. "I've fucked up, I know I have,
but I will get back what's mine."
"This is about Isabella, too?" I gasped. I tried to hold my emotion in, but I wanted to
floor the fucker.
"This is all about Isabella!" Alec fumed. "I won't have some other fucker trying to take
her from me. Isabella is mine."
"Strictly speaking, Alec," Aro interrupted, "Isabella doesn't belong to anyone right
now." You're wrong, Aro. The words were on the tip of my tongue.
"Oh, does that mean Isabella is fair game?" Demetri joked, nudging Felix. You'd die first,
"Touch her and you're dead," Alec spat with venom before slowly turning his cold glare
to me. Was he warning me? Was he that worried? Ha! Fuck you, Alec. I already went
"Is this what we have come to discuss?" Caius yawned. "I thought we were the mafia,
not pathetic men fighting over a woman."
"No one is fighting," Aro smiled, patting Alec on the back and trying to show a united
front to Caius. "All the boys know Isabella is out of reach. They wouldn't dream of
disobeying Alec's wishes." I couldn't even look Aro in the eye as he spoke. "Plus, Edward
and Alec are like brothers; thisis why they fight. I never doubt their loyalty to each
other. Edward risked his life for his brother." Aro was so wrong. Loyalty? Alec didn't even
know the meaning of the word.
"Has there been any news on Jacob Black?" Marcus asked.
"The Leoni Family has informed me that they've accepted the gift and have banned Black
from taking a single step in Chicago. I've warned them that any more attempts on either
of my boys will result in a feud with the entire family," Aro replied strongly. I was
relieved. It was one less thing to worry about. "Now, we need to plan out this heist."
Suddenly, the meeting became very serious.
"Was it me, or were we given all the ground work for this heist?" Emmett asked while we
were working out at City Limits gym.
"Aro doesn't trust anyone else with the shipment, and the collection needs to be fast. A
thousand guns will to take a long time to load," I pointed out as I slammed my fist hard
into my punching bag. It sent tremors of pain up my injured arm.
"Take it easy, Rocky," Jasper called, throwing me a bottle of water. "You need to look
after that arm."
"It's fine," I muttered, taking a sip of water. "How did your talk go with Michael?" I'd ask
Jazz to see if Michael Decoma wanted in on the heist. We needed manpower, but I also
needed men I could trust. After his fight at City Limits a few months back, he'd done a
few small jobs with Jasper and Emmett for me.
"He's in," Jasper smiled, sitting down on the weight bench.
"Do you want me to spot for you, Jazz?" Emmett called.
"No," Jasper answered. "You almost killed me last time while you were checking that
chick out."
"I'll do it," I chuckled, wiping my hands to get rid of all the sweat.
"Yeah, you'll be safe. Edward only has eyes for one," Emmett called while I walked over
to Jasper.
"Do you want me to shoot him for you?" Jasper teased.
"Maybe later," I grinned.
"Em told me about the wakeup call this morning." Jasper forced out a breath as he
began his set.
"I fell asleep."
"Late night, was it?"
"You could say that." What was it with my boys and my goddamn sex life?
"Aren't you worried at all?"
"I can't afford to be. You know that isn't in my nature."
"Edward, you haven't cared about anyone this way sinceyour mother." Jasper sat up
after placing his weights down when his first set was done.
"I know, Jazz," I sighed deeply.
"Does she know anything about you yet your past, I mean?"
"No, we haven't really talked about our pasts. I know a little about her fucker of a father,
though." If I ever found that sorry excuse for a man, I'd make him pay for what he did
to Bella. "I'll tell her when the time is right. Everything is still really new for us." Yeah,
meaning I couldn't keep my hands, tongue or cock away from her pussy.
"Alec was certainly marking his territory earlier, huh?"
"Too bad I've already peed all over it." Jasper laughed, nodding in agreement. This was
what I liked about City Limits gym. We had the place to ourselves every time we arrived.
I was still 'Brawler' in their eyes, and that came with certain perks.
"Who did you pee all over?" Emmett asked as he joined us.
"No one," I chuckled, looking at Jasper.
"What's the plan tonight?" Emmett asked, grabbing a bottle of water.
"You and Eric can do the sweep of the East District. I think things are more or less under
control now. Oh, and pay Frankie a visit. Tell him to keep his ears open. I know Aro
confirmed that Black has been handled by the Leonis, but we need to be extra vigilant.
With Alec acting like the golden boy, we can't fuck up on anything. I want extra patrols,
"Consider it done, Boss," Emmett grinned. "Now, get to the club and see your girl. I can
spot for Jasper now"
For once, I followed Emmett's instructions.