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Improving Customer Experience &

Increasing Service Revenues

Actively test network services & performance from the
subscriber's point-of-view with heartbeat checks
Capture & understand the Roamer's network experience
- who has zero tolerance for poor Quality of Service
Detect service outages immediately & increase uptime
Reduce Roaming subscriber churn
Network-wide tests from central location

Understand Your Subscribers' Experience
If your customers are complaining, you have a serious problem. To reduce churn and secure your revenues, you need to
improve your QoS, preferably yesterday. If Roaming customers are leaving your network, you have a crisis.
NexusVERIFIER's automated continuous active heartbeat test system proves that network services are fully functional, so
you can assure a good subscriber experience with best-in-class 24x7 service provision.

Continuous, Proactive Service Performance Analysis
NexusVERIFIER is an active test solution for simultaneous
execution of numerous text campaigns across a multitude of
network technologies and service applications - all from a single
point in your network. Simulating all aspects of user behavior in
the network, it continuously and proactively analyzes service
performance, so you can find and solve service issues before
your customers notice any service degradation.

Detect Service Outages Immediately
NexusVERIFIER verifies Voice, Data, Roaming and VoIP
Services to ensure your customers receive the QoS they have
come to expect, or will otherwise seek elsewhere:

Automated network-wide 24x7 end-user testing from
either a centralized point in your core network via on-
site field placed probes.
Modular design to simply add new components or
exchange interface cards as technologies change.
Test campaigns are quickly and easily customized,
fully scalable to your business requirements.
Detailed automatic reports, alarms and forwarding,
including fast problem detection and localization.
Easy to use and easy to maintain.

Evaluate Service Performance from Customer Viewpoint
With NexusVERIFIERs flexible and intuitive Graphical User
Interface, it is easy to create and schedule test campaigns, all of
which include performance measurements, automatic analysis,
report and alarm generation, as well as upstream forwarding, so
you are constantly apprised of how your services are

Flexible Test Campaigns
Depending on your needs, NexusVERIFIER offers predefined
tests that simulate real subscriber behavior with just a few
clicks. Test your mobile services based on real individual
subscriber actions for any type of SIM Card (2G, 3G, Roaming,
Post-or Prepaid etc.)


Reduce Churn
By proactively analyzing how your services are performing
across all locations - resolving issues before the customer
experiences them - you not only ensure the quality of your
service, you can rest assured when rolling out new services. At
the heart of customer experience, improved service provision
helps reduce churn.

Evaluate the Roamer's Network Experience

Guarantee Roaming Services
Your customers arent interested in technology; they want
service - and are quick to complain if the service doesnt meet
their expectations. What could be worse than a high revenue
potential customer complaint? Well, lets just say that losing a
paying customer to another operator is counter-productive.
Roaming subscribers can freely choose which network they
wish to access services from - and can select an operator with
better services literally within seconds.

NexusVERIFIERs active Roaming test campaign supports
Roaming verification for IREG compliancy, providing Global
Roaming Quality (GRQ) measurements and additional Key
Performance Indicators (KPI). The Roaming Extension and
Inter-Alliance Testing functionality expand the Roaming
verification to In- and Outbound Roamers to confirm service
availability to all Roaming customers and to best assure your

NexusVERIFIER provides two ways of network testing access:

Directly to the core network to not affect results about
service verification by coverage issues and to not
waste valuable air resources.
End user simulation via a remote probe accessing
the radio network. It can be located in any mobile
network and behaves like a real mobile end device
and supports mobile access via GSM, GPRS, EDGE,

Data and Voice Service Quality
NexusVERIFIER tests and verifies data services, such as Web,
Audio & Video streaming, MMS, Emails and SMS, while its
Central Payload Analyzer (CPA) also adds the ability to test
bearer services. This includes speech quality measurement
across Mobile, NGN and PSTN networks.

Billing Verification
The Billing extension allows NexusVERIFIER to collect and
mediate the CDRs of the test service for detailed billing
verification and revenue assurance.

Proactive Fault Detection
Along with improving customer experience, you want to prevent
service leakage to new and existing service offerings. But
despite advances in this area, a great deal of your service loss
goes undetected, rendering it near-impossible to analyze the
cause of such leaks.

Continuous automated testing with NexusVERIFIER can help
determine exactly where and why revenue leakage is occurring,
enabling you to put a stop to it. Likewise, proactive fault
detection can ensure service degradation is caught and repaired
before customers are even aware of it.

Detect Every Service outage

Continuous Service & Revenue Assurance

Fully Scalable, Heartbeat Test System
NexusVERIFIER provides active support for a multitude of
network and service technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE,
VoIP, PSTN) for simultaneous execution of a large number of
test campaigns using one platform. With its modular design and
dedicated test modules, simply purchase the service
applications you require.

Impress Existing & Win New Customers
Quality of service has direct bearing on an operators revenue.
With NexusVERIFIER, see exactly what's going on in your
network and how it's affecting your services. NexusVERIFIER
can increase your profitability by helping you secure 24x7 best-
in-class service. With the Billing Verification extension,
NexusVERIFIER also verifies billing records to ensure you
generate your full revenue potential.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
The unique configuration of NexusVERIFIER focuses on your
network service quality and performance utilizing its full
resources to test your services. Furthermore, NexusVERIFIERs
real-time analysis of the services you provide is all achieved
without consuming valuable air time.

Streamlined test platform.
Flexible test capabilities: Any time, anywhere in the
network - remotely and without supervision.
Full set of IREG and GRQ based KPIs.
Wide set of comprehensive, customizable reports.
Testing all mobile services.
In- and Outbound Roaming verification.
Billing verification.
Shortened Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) through
exact problem location detection & reproducibility.
Automatic alarms for customer service outages,
quality degradations and worsening reaction times.
Operable with only moderate technical expertise.
NexusVERIFIER - Detect Every Service Outage!
Actively test all network services and improve your service