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Main Points August 28, 2014

1. The cease-fire has just begun, and Israel is keeping a watchful eye on events in Gaza. The
I! re"ains prepared for any eventuality. It re"ains to be seen whether we have achieved
sustained peace and security for the citizens of Israel, but it has been "ade "ore likely
because of the severe blow suffered by #a"as and the other terrorist groups in Gaza as well
as the possibility of preventing their re-ar"ing by i"ple"enting effective border control
$. Israel "ade significant "ilitary and diplo"atic achieve"ents during %peration &rotective
'dge( #a"as was hit hard and none of its ter"s for ending the fighting was "et.
%n the "ilitary front(
The I! struck "ore than ),$** terrorist targets, dealing #a"as the "ost severe blow it
has ever suffered.
+ore than 1,*** terrorists were killed, including senior #a"as "e"bers.
#a"as lost its cross-border terror tunnel network, which it spent years building.
The effectiveness of #a"as, rockets was largely neutralized by Iron o"e and the
resilience of the Israeli people.
#a"as, rocket production capability and its rocket stores have been significantly reduced.
Israel foiled every "ajor terrorist attack #a"as planned - fro" the air, sea and
%n the diplo"atic front(
#a"as is isolated internationally, in the .rab world and even a"ong &alestinians. Its only
allies are Iran, Turkey and /atar.
The cease-fire "eets none of #a"as, declared conditions for ending the fighting( #a"as
doesn,t get an airport, a seaport, the release of prisoners or "oney for its payroll.
#a"as was forced to accept the sa"e cease-fire proposal it previously rejected.
0econstruction e1uip"ent and supplies transferred into Gaza will be subject to an
oversight "echanis" to prevent their use for terrorist purposes.
#a"as again de"onstrated to the world that it shares goals and tactics with I2I2 and
other Isla"ist terrorist groups.
3. 0egarding the 'gyptian cease-fire proposal(
The cease-fire has no ti"e li"it.
If #a"as honors the cease-fire, within a "onth indirect negotiations will begin, during
which Israel will raise the issue of Gaza,s de"ilitarization.
The transfer of reconstruction e1uip"ent and supplies will be subject to an oversight
"echanis" between Israel and international organizations. The fishing zone will be
restored, and "oving forward, the possibility of its e4pansion will be evaluated. .s Israel
has said fro" the beginning, we have nothing against the civilian population of Gaza.
5. Israel continues to facilitate the transfer of hu"anitarian assistance and consu"er goods to
Gaza, as it has done throughout %peration &rotective 'dge.
). The new realities in the region and the realign"ent of "oderate forces have created
diplo"atic opportunities, which Israel intends to pursue.
6. #a"as, fictitious declarations of victory won,t "ask the stinging public criticis" for the
suffering it caused a"ong the people of Gaza. #a"as has a long history of calling its failures