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This is a SAMPLE model release form only. It is meant as a base to create your own release form. This form is in no way a legal
binding document and should not be treated as such. States and Provinces rules regarding relationships between clients and
photographers may vary and it is best to find out Photographer/ Model/ Agency policies in your own area.

Model Contract
Model Name _______________________________________________________________________________________
Time _________________Date ____________________________ Location_____________________________________
TFCD___________ Hours Booked_________________________ Agency Name__________________________________
Agent Contact_______________________________________________________________________________________
Phone # of Client / Guardian _______________________Email Address________________________________________

1. This is T F C D shoot- ( Time For CD) No payment is being made by either the Photographer or the Model)
2. Special requests can be made in writing before the photo shoot begins, editing requests will be made in writing before as
3. These images may be used as submissions to independent magazines or displayed on web and print portfolios.
4. ____________________________will abide by the rules of the shoot location.
5. ____________________ will take utmost care to produce pictures of excellent quality however will not be responsible for
circumstances beyond their control.
6 _____________________ will not be responsible for any damages arising from personal injury or property damage by
any person(s) in or about the area where photography will occur.
7. Photographs and / or Digital Images will be ready a maximum of three months from the photography session date.
8. All Raw Footage remains property of ________________________and can be used by _____________________________

for Web or promotional purposes, or sold or distributed as _____________________________________________________
sees fit.

9. If the Model is under 18 years of age, the Parent/Guardian MUST have a verbal conversation with the photographer prior
to the shoot, aside from the signing of the contract.

10. Copyright Warning- All images belong to _______________________ : You may NOT -Edit, copy, re produce
or use for promotional purposes Otherwise legal action may be followed. All rights reserved Photographer
Name 2013

Model / Guardian Signature_________________________________________________________________________________
Photographer Signature: ___________________________________________________________________________________