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Maasin City College

Department of Agriculture
Maasin City, Southern Leyte

Diploma In Agricultural Technology (DAT)
Poultry Production and Management


Name: Jumar Christian M. Timkang Date: August 23, 2014
Year & Section: DAT-1 AA Ratings:

As part of the celebration for the 14
Maasin City Charter Day and City Fiesta, the
Maasinhon led by Hon. Mayor Maloney L. Samaco again showcased a yearly event called
PABULHON FESTIVAL. The term pabulhon came from a visayan term which means
collaboration or sharing -- of time, resources, and talents -- which was a common characteristic
among Maasinhons past ancestors.
It was officially opened on August 9, 2014 around 3 oclock in the afternoon. The event was
graced by this years keynote speaker, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman
Atty. Francis N. Tolentino with a theme A Healthy and Sporty Maasin City. Atty. Tolentino once
visited Maasin in 2003 were he was the Mayor of Tagaytay City and his back with a cabinet level
post (MMDA).
Aside from the presence of Atty. Tolentino, the opening of Pabulhon was also attended by
the city officials headed by Mayor Maloney L. Samaco, the provincial officials and the 70 barangay
captains of Maasin City. Cutting of ribbon was the mark that the Pabulhon Festival is officially
open. There were 15 booths which does not include the ornamental section. The booths were
participated and decorated by the different barangays of Maasin were they were formed into teams.
There were varieties of fruits displayed. The most common are cotton fruit, jackfruit, avocado,
pineapple, young coconut, water apple, Indian mango, rambutan, mangosteen, guava, papaya and
star apple. Aside from fruits, there were also a variety of root crops in the area. Most common are
cassava, gabi, tuber crops and sweet potatoes. There was also an exhibit in vermin composting,
organic pig pen and fertilizers (urea and complete).
Aside from the fruits, crops and exhibit, native chickens and love birds were also part of the
sale/display in the festival. Different types of related materials were put up to their respective
booths on how to propagate such certain fruit and crop. It shows that our city is rich and abundant in
different varieties of fruits, vegetables, etc.
Pabulhon Festival is not just showing the different foods that can be found in Southern
Leyte, it also showcased the talent of each barangay on how to make a simple booth to an
astonishing one. By making a more attractive and significant celebration of Pabulhon, each booth
were observed and evaluated by different judges. In addition, as I ask one of my resources that the
basis in evaluating each booth was the following: In terms of sales, Participation in each Brgy.
Constituent and Officials and its sustainability and the variety of fruits and other crops displayed.
After 1 week, since the opening of Pabulhon until August 16, 2014 the results was brought
up and the winners for the Best Booth are 3, 13 and 4. In the Garden Contest Division are KPMG,
Green View and Rose. Exemplifying the Maasinhons festivity of the charter day and its people
living were among the few reasons why visitors and foreigners love Maasin City. And this for sure,
will be more extravagant for the next charter days and city fiestas to come.