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Question Bank (JSP, Volume2)

Ques1: compare JSP and Servlets.

Ques2: Explain the JSP scripting elements. Which JSP Element code into _JSPservice
method when JSP is converted into servlet.
Ques:Explain the various prede!ined varia"les#implicit $"%ects& availa"le in JSP.
Ques':explain the ()*+ and ,*+ s-ntax !or the scripting elements.
Ques.: Explain the di!!erence "etween con!ig/ pagecontext/ page prede!ined varia"les.
Ques0:Explain the di!!erence "etween 12 page content)-pe34application5vnd.ms6
excel47 and 18 response.setcontent)-pe#9application5vnd.ms6excel4&87
Ques::Explain the errorPage and isErrorPage with the help o! example.
Ques;:Explain the di!!erence "etween include <irective and include =ction )ag/
Ques>:Explain the di!!erence "etween 1%sp:plugin7 and 1applet7 tag to include applets
in we" application.
Ques1?: Explain the =dvantages o! Java@eans components over scriptlets and JSP
Ques11:what are the conventions !or writing Java @eans.
Ques12:Wh- it is alwa-s suggested to put the Java @ean class in WE@6
Ques1: what is the di!!erence "etween 1%sp:use@ean type=Package.className7 and
1%sp:use@ean class=package.classname7
Ques1':what is the di!!erence "etween !orward method o! FeGuest<ispatcher and
sendredirect method.
Ques1.:what is the di!!erence "etween *HI model 1 architecture and *odel 2
Ques10:discuss the various data sharing methods#scopes& in *HI.
Ques1::What is E+. What are the advantages o! E+.
Ques1;: Explain the various methods !or preventing Expression language evaluation.
Ques:1>:Jive an example to access the nested properties o! "ean using E+.
Ques2?:what are the restrictions on the propert- name while accessing using E+ . i! the
propert- name is not valid %ava varia"le then what is the alternate wa- to access the
propert- or headers.
Ques1: Iompare #*ention <e!inition/ =dvantages/<isadvantages&
!orm "ased authentication and "asic authentication
<eclarative Securit- vs Programmatic Securit-
Ques2: State steps !or implementing !orm "ased authentication.
Ques:State steps !or implementing "asic authentication
Ques': what do -ou men "- !ilter.
Ques.: what is invoEer servletK (ow to turn it o!!K
Ques0: Explain the li!e c-cle o! the servlet along with !ilterK
Ques:: write short note on response Wrapper class.
Ques;: whether !ilters worEs with "oth direct client reGuest or !orward and include
methods o! reGuest dispatcher. A! not how to con!igure !ilters with dispatchers.
Ques>: Bame the event listeners corresponds to we" application li!e c-cle events.
Ques1?: write short note on servletIontext+istener/ servletSession+istener/ Session
=ttri"ute+istener/ Session$"%ect@inding+istener/ FeGuest=ttri"ute+istener
Ques11: explain general steps !or using listeners in a we" application.
Ques12: explain the various components o! tag li"rar-.
Ques1: write the installation steps o! JS)+. =lso explain all core tags in detail.