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Chapter VIII

dum while, as long as ad +acc up to, to gratis agere +dat to give thanks
numquam never tamen nevertheless ex +abl out of, from
copia -ae f abundance, in plural, supplies, troops (copious, copy)
frater fratris m brother (fraternal)
laus laudis f praise, glory (laudatory)
libertas liberttis f liberty
ratio ratinis f reason, method (ration, irrational)
scriptor scriptris m writer
soror sorris f sister (sorority)
victoria -ae f victory
demonstr demonstrre (1) demonstrv demonstrtum to show
doce docre (!) docu doctum to teach
ag agere (") eg actum to drive, lead, pass, spend
disc discere (") didic to learn
duc ducere (") dux ductum to lead, take
ger gerere (") gess gestum to carry, wage, manage
scrib scribere (") scrips scriptum to write
tra# tra#ere (") trax tractum to draw, derive
vinc vincere (") vic victus to conquer
I. Derivatives. Complete each sentence by using your Latin vocabulary for assistance.
$ docile animal is easily %%%%%%%%%%%%&
$ p.s& or postcript is %%%%%%%%%%%%% t#e main part of t#e letter&
'ne (#o is invincible cannot be %%%%%%%%%%%&
II. Grammar I. Give the singular and plural commands for these verbs.
discere dcere agere ducere vincere
III. Grammar II. Parse these verbs.
ducte scribunt gerbant vincam dc
discet tra#s agimus agbam scribtis
IV. Grammar III. Supply the correct form of the word in parentheses. ranslate the sentence.
)atio #omins nunc ex vitis ad virtutem %%%%%%%%%%%%% & (agere* pres)
+i#il de copis %%%%%%%%%%%, (scribere, !,s, imper)
-ea amris mults %%%%%%%%%%%%%& (vincere, pres)
$mor laudis victoriaque #omins semper %%%%%%%%%%%%%%& (tra#ere, fut)
V. Grammar IV. Con!ugate agere and vincere in the present" imperfect" and future tenses.
VI. Grammatical #nalyses. Circle sub!ects" underline genitives" triangulate indirect ob!ects" $
bo% direct ob!ects. Place parentheses around prepositional phrases. Parse verbs.
.ure soror mea uxor tuae litters scribet/ 0n liber civitte adulescentiam agbamus&
VII. ranslate these sentences.
1empora nostra nunc sunt mala* vitia nostra magna& .ure soror mea uxor tuae litters scribet/
1yrannus populum stultum terr vestr ducebat& 2bi satis ratinis animrumque in #ominibus erit/
3opia verae virtutis mults culps superre poterat& 0n liber civitte adulescentiam agbamus&
)egem malum tolerre numquam debmus&
4ost parvam moram multa verba de insidis scriptrum stultrum scribmus&
VIII. ranslate the story.
Cicero: The Ethics of Waging War
3ivitas bellum sine caus bon aut propter iram gerere nn debet& 5i fortuns et agrs vitsque popul nostr sine
bell defendere poterimus, tum pacem conservre debebimus* si, autem nn poterimus servre patriam liberttemque
nostram sine bell, bellum erit necessarium& 5emper debmus demonstrre, tamen, magnum officium in bell, et
magnam clementiam post victoriam&
causa 6 cause defendere 6 to defend autem 6 #o(ever aut 6 or clementia 6 mercy
I&. Comprehension.
3ivitas %%%%%%%%%% bellum gerere debet&
a& sine caus bon b& sine ir c& sine offici d& sine clementi
1#e attitude to(ard (aging (ar expressed by 3icero in t#is passage is
a& belligerent b& pacifist c& pragmatic d& incendiary