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Assignment No.

Basics Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Lathes
Application Based Question:
1. For L&T Company, Prepare process charts for an eccentric shaft has to be manufacturing
which is used as valve in automobile engine.
2. Production of round shape on the end of the bar, prepare list of the tool required for machining
that shape.
3. Weltech enterprise going to manufacturing a cover of ball bearing housing 100 piece/day.
Prepare operation plan and also specify the no. of machine required to produce it.
4. Write down procedural steps to prepare a simple threaded bolt (Amit machine tool, Surat) on
engine lathe and capstan & turret lathe. Elementary machining operation must be specified by
5. Ramdev machine tools, Surat want to manufacture lathe center. Make operation plan and also
draw its line diagram according to its procedure.
Standard/ Important terminology & their units:
1. Explain Tool Nomenclature and tool angle.
2. Define cutting speed, feed and depth of cut with its unit in respect of lathe machine operations.
3. How is the size of a lathe specified? What are the different types of lathe?
4. Define taper. How is the amount of taper expressed?
5. How thread is specify? Discuss different types of thread.
Critical / Important Derivation:
1. Write down formula for cutting speed, feed, depth of cut on lathe machine and also interpret
about each.
2. Explain Machining time calculation with its formula.
3. Explain calculation for change wheels during thread cutting operation on lathe.
4. Derive formula of setover(s) & taper () for taper turning by setting over the tailstock.
5. Find out the relation between ratio of change gears to the work pitch and lead screw pitch.
Methodology / Procedural Steps:
1. Described different machining operation performed on the lathe machine with its figure.
2. Name different methods of taper turning done on a lathe with simple sketches.
3. Explain different lathe attachments which are used for extending capability of lathe with its
figure (Different Centre, Chuck, Mandrel, Catch Plate, Lathe Dog, Steady & Follower Rest,
4. Explain different speed and feed mechanisms which are useful for getting multiple speed and
feed rates with its sketches.
5. Classification of machine tools with respect to specimen & tool movement.
1. If the diameter of taper is 180 mm & 160 mm and length of taper is 150 mm. Find the angle
of taper, full taper angle and amount of conosity (K).
2. Find the amount of setover required to turn a taper on the entire length of a workpiece having
diameter of larger end 40 mm and diameter of the smaller end 15 mm.
3. A shaft 2000 mm long has a taper of 1:150 for a length of 400 mm. The maximum diameter of
the shaft is 70 mm. Determine the minimum diameter of the shaft and the amount of setover.
4. Find the gear for cutting screw of leadscrew of lead 1/28 inch on a lathe whose leadscrew has
4 thread per inch.
5. Determine the time required for one complete cut on a piece of work 650 mm long and 60 mm
diameter. The cutting speed is 30 meters per minute and feed is 0.4 mm per revolution.

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