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The car wash will be based in umhalanga, South Arica! This area has a number
o bene"ts in terms o the mar#et that it will $ro%ide or the business! &%er '()
o households in the immediate neighbourhood earn o%er R*( ((( annuall+!
Man+ $eo$le in the neighbourhood own and,or lease new cars and $lace great
%alue on their cars and how the loo#! There are a large number o cars
dealershi$s in the area-"%e within three miles o the $ro$osed location or .ot
NE/ 0AR &/NERS1 &wners o newer cars are more li#el+ to use a hand car
washing ser%ice! These owners ta#e great $ride in their cars and will bring them
oten to the wash and detail ser%ice! The goal with these customers is to
$romote regular use o the wash and detail ser%ice! The aim is to inorm these
customers that .ot Rides will #ee$ their car loo#ing as good as it did the da+
the+ dro%e it o2 the lot!
&L3ER L454R6 0AR &/NERS1 These $eo$le ha%e either owned their high-end
lu7ur+ cars or se%eral +ears or are unable to a2ord the e7$ense o a new lu7ur+
car but want the eel o rela7ed dri%ing! 8oth o these grou$s want to #ee$ their
cars in the best sha$e $ossible! These who ha%e bought second-hand cars will
oten s$end man+ hours in their cars and will $lace high im$ortance on #ee$ing
their cars loo#ing good! These owners will bring their cars in or regular washes
and occasional detailing!
SP&RT 0ARS &/NERS1 These $eo$le are oten +ounger or middle-aged men and
will regard the loo# o their car as im$ortant! The+ will also $ride themsel%es on
the loo# o their car and will ha%e their car handed washed 9at least: wee#l+!
These dri%ers will ha%e an occasional detail, but will #ee$ their cars so clean the
detail will not be necessar+ %er+ oten!
LI;E TIME &/NERS1 Man+ o these $eo$le ha%e owned their cars or more than
"%e or si7 +ears, and are more li#el+ to be women! The+ are attached to their
cars as riends and through it ma+ be more sensible or them to $urchase a new
car, the+ will bring their car in or a wash occasionall+, <ust when the car is dirt+!
The+ li#e their car to loo# $resentable, and want to #ee$ it in good sha$e but not
tied u$ in the loo# o their ca! or this reason, the+ will not ha%e a detail carried
out on their car unless the+ are selling it!
3EALERS.IPS1 There are "%e new and used car dealershi$s within three miles o
the $ro$osed location o .ot Rides! These dealershi$s oten use outside car
wash ser%ices to detail their %ehicles beore the+ are $ut u$ or sale!