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Gastric emptying inhibited by

Ans. CCK
2. Which hepatitis has the most mortality
a. hepA
b. hep B
c. hep C
d. hep D ( ans)
e. Hep
!. Aldosterone secretion increases in response to
a. hyponatremia
b. increase AC"H
c. hyper#alemia (ans)
$. %&' (a reabsorption is in
a. )C" (ans )
b. DC"
&. osmotic press*re depends on
a. increase molec*lar si+e
b. increase no o, particles (ans)
c. electric charge
%. regarding heamoglobin
a doesnot carry C-2
b. acts as a b*,,er ( )
c. contains 2 alpha and 2 gamma chains
/. di,,*sion is in0ersely proportional to
a. thichness o, the membrane (ans )
1. in,ants tend to de,ecate immediately a,ter they eat beca*se o,
a. gastroileal re,le2
b. gastrocolic re,le2 (ans)
3. ca*se o, achlasia is
a. loss o, myenteric ple2*s (ans )
14. appendi2
a. does not ha0e tenia coli (ans )
11. .hat is the energy so*rce a,ter $1 hrs o, star0ation
a. m*scle glycogen
b. li0er glycogen
c. m*scle proteins (
12. .hich is not the part o, portal tract
a. hepatic artery
b. connecti0e tiss*e
c. portal 0ein
d. hepatic 0ein (ans)
e. biled*ct
1!. .hat res*lts a,ter portal hypertension
a. increase portal diameter (ans )
1$. Benedict test is *sed ,or
a. *rine gl*cose
b. *rine #etones (ans)
c. ser*m gl*cose
1&. iron absorption increases in
a. ,erro*s ,orm (ans)
1%. total gasrectomy res*lts in
a. iron de, anemia
b. microcytic anemia
c. pernicio*s anemia (ans)
1/..omen .ith gra0ida $ hb 1 occ*lt blood in stool ca*se
a. iron de, anemia (ans)
11..hich hormone is responsible ,or ,etal brain de0elopment
a. hormone
b. prolactin
c. thyroid hormone (ans)
13.adrenal cortical de, res*lts in
a. hyperglycemia
b. hypo#alemia
c. hyponatremia (ans)
24. hyper)"H .ill be in all e2cept
a. bro.n atrophy
b. dystrophic calci,ication (ans)
21.pse*dohyper )"H is seen in
a. 0it D de,
b. paraneoplastic )"H release ,rom t*mo*rs ( 5 thin# it is the )
22. diagnostic criteria ,or pre malignant condition
a. increase n*clear cytoplasmic ratio
b. pleomorphism
c. mitotic ,ig*res
2!. diagnostic criteria ,or malignant t*mo*rs
a. pleomorphism
b. mitotic ,ig*re
c. local in0asion
2$. diagnostic criteria ,or so,t tiss*e t*mo*rs
a. pleomorphism
b. mitotic ,ig*res
c. increase 0asc*larity
2&. patient .ith decrease hb6 decrease platelets b*t increase "7C .ith generali+ed
lymphadenopathy. 7ymphocytes normal appearance ca*se
a. t*berc*lo*s lymphadenitis
b. non Hodg#in lymphoma
c. hairy cell
d. C77
2%.patient .ith C87 de0elop 9oint pain6 .hich in0estigation
a. *ric acid (ans)
b. :A ,actor
2/. most important chemotactic agent
a. le*#otriene B$
b. C& comple2 (ans)
c. histamine
21. heparin is released by .hich cells
a. mast cells
b. basophils ( 5 thin# so it is the ans )
c. platelets
d. ne*trophils
23. most radiosensiti0e t*mo*r
a. bone
b. l*ng
c. lymphnode
d. brain
!4.least site o, metastasis
a. brain
b. l*ng
c. li0er
d. lymphnode
e. spleen ( ans )
!1.sidee,,ect o, theophylline
a. hypertension
b. sei+*res (ans)
c. na*sea 0omiting
d. apnea
!2. most common side e,,ect o, estrogen contracepti0e
a. thromboembolism ( ans)
!!. .hich hormone decrease cholesterol
a. progesterone
b. estrogen ( ans)
!$..omen .ith abdominal pain on 11 day o, 78) presented .ith secondary
in,ertility . diagnostic D;C .ill sho. endometri*m in .hich sage
a. o0*latory
b. secretory
c. proli,erati0e
d. premenstr*al
!&. ins*lin de, .ill res*lt in
a. protein synthesis
b. glycogen syntheseis
c. #etogeneis in li0er (ans)
!%. .hich is a stress hormone
a. cortisol (ans)
b. (
!/. se0ere dehydration .ill res*lt in
a. loss o, 5C< only
b. loss o, C< only
c. loss o, total body .ater (ans)
!1. most imp 5C< electrolyte in e2cess
a. K=(ans)
b. (a
c. Cl>
d. HC-!
!3. Bilesalts absorb ,rom
a. ile*m (ans)
b. 9e9*n*m
$4.,actor 1? de, .hat sho*ld be gi0en
a. cryoprecipitate
b. <<)
c. .hole blood
$1.hea0y smo#er .ith hoarseness 0ocal cord .ill sho.
a. hyperplasia (ans)
b. t*mo*r
c. atrophy
$2..hat is not present in caps*le
a. podocytes
b. strati,ied epitheli*m (ans)
$!. habit*al smo#er the epitheli*m .ill be
a. contin*o*s strati,ied s@ epi
b. pse*do strati,ied epi .ith patches o, strati,ied s@ epi
$$. regarding CA<
a. prod*ced by chroidple2*s .hich is ca*li, in shape co0erd by smooth m*scle
b. daily prod*ction is &44 ml per day(ans)
$&. a2on doesnot contain
a. mitochondia
b. nissl s*bstance (ans)
$%. )DG< released ,rom .hich organelles o, platelets
a. alpha gran*les (ans)
b. dense gran*les
c. cytoplasm
d. cell membrane
$/. smooth m*scle is
a. striated
b. cardiac m*scle is a speciali+ed smooth m*scle (ans)
$1.somites are ,ormed ,rom
a. ectoderm
b. mesoderm (ans)
c. mesenchyma
$ has di,,ic*lty rising ,rom sitting position b*t ,le2ion o, leg is normal6 .hich
m*sle is in0ol0ed
a.ileopsoas*te*sma2im*s (ans)
c. sartori*s
&4.pellagra is d*e to
a. niacin de, (ans)
&1..hich en+yme common to metabolism o, both ( and serotonin
a. C-8"
b. 8A- (ans )
&2. thin ,ilament is co0ered by
a. titin
b. tropomyosin ( ans)
c. troponin t
&!.narro.est part o, *rethra
a. e2ternal meat*s (ans)
b. membrano*s *rethra
c. na0ic*lar ,ossa
&$.dorsal rami contrib*te to
a. e2tensors o, tr*n#(ans)
b. ,le2ors o, nec#
c. e2tensors o, leg
&&.diapgragm doesnot arise ,rom
a. "14(ans)
b. /th costal cartilage
c.3th rib
d. 71
&%.bones o, carpel
a. pro2imal ro. contains scaphoid6 l*nate6tri@*etral6 pisi,orm(ans4
&/.lattism*s dorsi ner0e s*pply
a. thoracodorsal n (ans)
&1.artery .hich is ad9acent to the phrenic ner0e
a. internal thoracic
b. m*sc*lophrenic
c. pericardiophrenic (ans)
& rec*rrent laryngeal n not associated .ith
a. arch o, aorta
b.ligament*m arteris*s
c. trachea and esophag*s
d. s*p 0ena ca0a (ans)
%4.,oreign body enters into rt l*ng beca*se
a. it is more 0ertical and .ider than le,t l*ng(ans)
%1.enlargement o, .hich part o, the heart ca*ses esophageal obs
a. le,t atri*m (ans)
b. rt atri*m
c. rt 0entricle
%2. .hich 0ein o, heart is located in posterior inter0entric*lar s*lc*s
a middle cardiac 0ein(ans)
b. anterior cardiac 0ein
c. great cardiac 0ein
%!.contraction o, diaphragm ca*ses
a.increase thoracic pr
b.decrease abdominal pr
c. increase thoracic 0ol*me (ans)
%$.medial @*adrant o, breast lymph drainage
a. internal thoracic nodes (ans)
b. posterior nodes
c. a2illary nodes
%&. t*mo*r o, cer0i2 .ill spread to labi*s ma9ora 0ia
a. ro*ng ligament o, *ter*s (ans )
%%cla0ipectoral ,ascia
a. in0ests pectoral minor m*scle (ans)
b. is pierced by a2illary artery contin*o*s .ith pre0ertebral ,asia
%/. bloc#age o, rt marginal artery .ill res*lt in interr*ption o, blood s*pply to
a. AA node
b. interatri*m .all
c. rt atri*m (ans)
%1.thoracic d*ct
a. passes thr* aortic opening (ans)
%3.str*ct*re precent bB. celiac tr*n# and s*p mesenteric artery
a. pancrease and 9e9*n*m
b. pancrease (ans)
/4. str*ct*re not lying posterior to le,t #idney is
a. d*oden*m (ans)
b. spleen
c. tail o, pancrease
/1. most anterior str*ct*re in popliteal ,ossa is
a. popliteal 0ein
b. common peroneal n
c. tibial n
d. popliteal artery (ans)
/2. regarding a*tosomal recessi0e trait
a. chances o, siblings to be a,,ected is one in ,o*r
/!. s*p petrosal sin*s is related to
a. diaphragmatic sella
b. tentori*m cerebelli
c. sella t*rtica
d. ,al2 cebri
/$. middle cerebral 0ein drains into
a. ca0erno*s sin*s
b. straight sin*s
/&. pro2imal portion o, CBD is s*pplied by
a. cystic artey (ans)
b. rt hepatic artery
c. le,t hepatic artery
/%.cbd is di0ided in to , portions
a. retrod*odenal=in,rad*odenal=s*prad*odenal=intrad*odenal(ans)
//. lesseroment*m is di0ided inti , portions
a. gastrohepatic=hepatoesophageal=hepatod*odenal=gastrodenal (ans)
/1. regarding me#els di0ertic*l*m
a. it is a remanant o, embryonic yol# sac (ans)
b. it is precent in 14' o, pop*lation
c. it is %4cm distal to ileocecal 0al0e
/3. .hat is the commenest site o, *reter stone obstr*ction in a standing male
a. lateral .all o, pel0is
b. pel0ic brim (ans)
c. *pper part o, *reter
14. calc*late the median in , data 2462$62&6!46!46!&
a. !4
b. 21.&(ans)
c. !&
11. regarding beha0io*ral sciences 6 ho. is the pro,essionalism o, a doctor 9*dged
a. p*nct*ality
b. rep*tation
c. #no.ledge
12. in order to disclose ne.s regarding ,atal disease
a. patient sho*ld #no. ,ist
b. relati0es sho*ld be told ,irst
c. in,ormation sho*ld be hidden
1!. t.o gps o, patients gi0en haemmorhoidal treatment and their e,,ect seen .ith
a. prospecti0e cohort st*dy(ans)
1$.antibodies are prod*ced by .hich cells
a. ne*trophils
b. plasmacells(ans)
c. macrophages
d. lymphocytes
1&,at embolism all are tr*e e2cept
a. ta#e place .ith damage to ,at tiss*e only (ans)
b. tra*ma to the breast atherosclerosis , are seen
a. ,oam cells (ans)
1/. migratory thrombophlebitis is seen in
a. ac*te pancreatitis
b. chronic rec*rrent pancreatitis
c. pancreatic t*mo*r (ans)
11..hich str*ct*re crosses the aorta
a.le,t renal 0ein (ans)
b rt renal 0ein
c. le,t o0arian 0ein
D- C-(<5:8 "H A(AW:A
CG changes can be seen in the , conditions ?C)"
a) Change in body position
b) 85
c) Aleep
d) 8itral stenosis
e) Aortic reg*rgitation
Abo*t (D:A7 "DB
a) <orms primiti0e strea#
b) <orms notochord
c) Cns de0elops ,rom it
d) <orms three germ layers
e) E
C (httpCBBen..i#ipedia.orgB.i#iB(e*ralGt*be )
a) Dnion o, 1st sacral 0ertebra .ith &th l*mbar
b) Dnion o, &th l*mbar .ith 1st sacral
c) <*sion o, all sacral 0ertebra to ,orm sacr*m
d) <le2ion at sacr*m
e) E
B httpCBB.i#i.ans.ers.comBIBWhatGisGsacrali+ationGo,GtheGl>&
Atro#e 0ol*me
a) Cardiac o*tp*t depends on it
b) Heart rate determines stro#e 0ol*me
c) 5ncreases in haemorrhage
d) 5ndependent o, 0eno*s ret*rn
e) E
D(" K(W ?AC"7J
Central 0eno*s press*re
a) 5nc. in haemorrhage
b) Dec in gram negati0e septicemia
c) Dec in heart ,ail*re
d) E
e) E
What change occ*rs ,rom lying to standing positionK
a) Meno*s press*re inc
b) Arterial press*re inc
c) A.eating
d) C*taneo*s 0asoconstriction
e) E.
A httpCBB....c0physiology.comBCardiac'24<*nctionBC<41/.htm
A simple senario o, h*rshspring disease
Which hepatitis dangero*s in pregnancy
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
A lady6 .hoOs been deli0erd in a remote 0illage6 presents .ith shoc#6
septicemia6 bleeding ,rom 0enae sites..hats diagnosis
8ost common ca*se o, p*lmonary embolismK
a) Heart ,ail*re
b) D0t
c) Cancer l*ng
d) )ne*monia
e) E
:egarding 0it. D synthesis
a) 1 hydro2ylation oc*rs in #idney
b) 2& oc*rs in #idney
c) 1 oc*rrs in li0er
d) 2& in l*ng
e) Both in s#in
A httpCBBen..i#ipedia.orgB.i#iBMitaminGD
"reatment o, erythroblastosis ,etalisK
a) 2change trans,*sion .ith b =0e
b) With b G0e
c) Ab =0e
d) Anti D
e) E
WH5CH 5A (-" AD)75D BJ -CD7-8-"-: (.
a) 8edial rect*s
b) 7ateral rect*s
c) 5n, obli@*e
d) A*p rect*s
e) 5n, rect*s
Abo*t e2ternal 9*glar 0ein
a) <ormed by retromandib*lar and ant. A*ric*lar 0.
b) Content o, carotid triangle
c) )ierces deep ,ascia behind sternocleidomastoid
d) E
e) E
Cephalic 0ein
a) )resent in deltopectoral groo0e
A lil senario o, cer0ical rib i6 e .ea#ness and paresthesia along *lnar ner0
A @s abo*t CA< ,indings6 .hich 1 tr*e etc
Diagnosis o, typhoid in 1st .ee#
AnsE blood c*lt*re
8ost common ca*se o, ADBACD" BAC":5A7 (D-CA:D5"5A
a) Ataph a*re*s
b) Aterp. Miridans
c) Atrep pne*monae
d) Ataph epidermiditis
e) E
Ca*se o, gas gangrene (C. per,erringens .s not gi0n)
b) C. C. l9*ngdahlii
c) "etan*s to2in
d) C. septic*m
e) E
d httpCBBen..i#ipedia.orgB.i#iBGasGgangrene
"ype o, omental necrosisK
a) Caseo*s
b) Gangrene
c) <at
d) Coag*lati0e
e) <ibrinoid
8ost o, bicarbonate absorption oc*rs in
a) )ro2ial c. t*be
b) Distal c. t*be
c) 7oop o, henle
d) Collecting d*ct
e) E.
"here .ere $G& @s abo*t aldosterone
Atim*l*s ,or aldosterone release
a) Hypernatremia
b) Hypo#alemia
c) Hyper#alemia
d) Al#alosis
e) E
Aldosterone ca*ses
a) Hypercalcemia
b) Hyper#alemia
b) Acidosis
c) Hypernatremia
d) E
Dec aldosterone .ill lead to
a) Hyponatremia
ADH acts on
a) 7oop o, henle
b) Distal c. t*be
c) Collecting d*ct
d) caps*le
<or circardian rhythm optic ner0e sends ,ibers to
a) -ptic chiasma
b) 8edial genic*late body
c) 7ateral genic*late body
d) A*prachiasmatic n.
e) Dpraoptic n.
D httpCBBen..i#ipedia.orgB.i#iBCircadianGrhythm
A person s*,,ering ,rom dehydration6 .hich ion replacement is most
a) Ca
b) 8g
c) (a
d) K
e) Cl
What to gi0e to 5nc 0itamen in diet
a) (*ts
b) Jo*g*rt
c) gg
d) Green 0egetables
e) 8argarine (s*mthin li#e it)
(at*ral anticoag*lant
a) Heparin
b) War,arin
c) Aspirin
d) )lasminogen
e) <ibrin
ndogeno*s pigment in chronic hemolysis
a) Hemosiderin
b) 7ipo,*scin
c) Anthracotic pigment
d) E
e) E
5n a .ard6 at a children hospital6 all the children there ha0e some permanent
disabilitythe parents o, s*ch children are s*,,ering ,rom
a) Denial
b) Anger
c) Bargaining
d) Depression
e) Acceptance
A@*are root o, 0ariance
a) 8ean
b) Mariation
c) Atandard de0iation
d) 8edian
e) Ac*racy
8ean 5nc .ith
a) 5nc in sample si+e
b) Dec in sample si+e
c) 5nc in standard de0iation
d) E
e) E
b httpCBB....stat.ber#eley.ed*BQstar#BPa0aBHtmlBAampleDist.htm
What is therape*tic inde2 o, a dr*gK
Dr*g contraindicated in renal ,ail*re
a) Ami#acin
b) Chloramphenicol
c) Mancomycin
d) )encillin
e) E
Dr*g ,or hyperthyroidism in pregnancy
a) 8ethima+olepropylthyro*racil
b) )p*
c) :adioacti0e iodine
d) "otal thyrodectomy
e) 7igol sol*tion
Which .ill not b present in a l*ng hamartoma (it .s senario o, p*lmonary
hamartoma and @s .s as#ed at the end o, senario)
a) Coin lesion on 2ray chest
b) 8ostly asymptomatic
c) 8ostly Disco0ered incidently
d) Benign
e) Cartilage in lesion area

Di,,erence BW hyperplasia and benign t*mor
a) Hyperplasia in0ades s*rro*nding tiss*es
b) Benign t*mor metastasi+e to tiss*es
c) Benign t*mor sho.s aggressi0e
d) Hyperplasia sho.s pleomorphisim
e) Benign t*mor is s*rro*nded by caps*le

Atrophy means
a) Dec in cell si+e
)remalignant condition o, oral ca0ity
a) rythropla#ia
b) 7e*#opla#ia
c) ACC
d) 7ichen plan*s
e) E
A senario .as abo*t st*rge .ebber syndrome in .hich he ga0e ne*rological
symptoms 56e sei+*res and con0*lsions then as#ed that .hat other symptom
can be ,o*nd in that child and ans .s G7DC-8A . )oint to note that they did
not tal# abo*t )-:" W5( A"A5( (birth mar#) on ,ace or ,orehead
A*bm*cosal glands are present in
a) Atomach
b) Gall bladder
c) D*oden*m
d) Amall intestine
e) )ancreas
A,ter gastrectomy .hat can happen
a) 8alabsoprtion
b) Ateatorhea
c) Anemia
d) E
e) E
A,ter gastrectomy B12 is not absorbed d*e to de,iciency o,
a) )arietal cells
b) Chie, cells
Gastroparesis treatment (last part1 me b tha)
a) 8etoclopramide
Absorption o, long chain ,atty acidsK
a) 5le*m
Bile salts are absorbed .hereK
a) "erminal ile*m
Bile acids are con9*gated .ith .hich amino acid to ,orm bile salts
a) "a*rine
Which hormone 5nc gastric contractionK
A) GAA":5(
C) Aecretin
c) Gip
:*pt*re o, post .all o, d*odenal *lcer .ill damage
a) Gastrod*odenal artery
7e,t renal 0ein relation to aorta
a) Ant
b) )ost
<inal common motor path.ay
a) Corticospinal tract
b) Alpha motor ne*rons
c) Dpper motor ne*rons
d) Cerebral corte2
e) E
"here .as a @s abo*t in9*ry at "$6"1 le0el and dy as#d abo*t .at .ill
happen 6 choices .ere not straight ,or.ard e6g as#in s*m tract lesion etc dts
y not remeberd
Atretch re,le2 maintains
a) 8*scle tone
b) Balance
c) 7ength
d) E
e) E
"here .as @s in .hich options .ere (,orgot @s)
a) )ancinian corp*cles
b) 8essiners corposccles
c) :*,,inis end organs
d) Golgi tendons
e) E.
:egarding p*lmonary .edge press*re
a) Called so c+ meas*red by a .edge shaped catheter
b) Ds*ally b. 14>1& mmhg
c) 8eas*re o, rit atrial press*re
d) E
e) E
D*ring systole
a) Both 0entricles contract sim*ltaneo*sly
b) &4' ,illing o, 0entricles occ*rs
c) Blod ,lo. inc in coronary arteries
d) ..
e) ..
<astest cond*cting ,ibers in heart
a) )*r#in9e
Glomer*lar press*re inc d*e to
a) A,,erent constriction
b) ,,erent constriction
A senario .as abo*t di9o2in to2icity
"reatment o, ac*te asthma
a) "erb*taline
5sonia+id side e,,ects can be pre0ented by
a) )yrido2ine
(ot a ca*se o, cardiogenic shoc#
a) Cardiac temponade
b) 8i
c) Arrythmias
d) Hemorrhage
e) Aortic dissection
A pt .ith de,ormed nose6 A<B =0e
a) 7eprosy
8ost imp point o, e2*dati0e in,lamation
a) Ap gra0ity R 1.424 b) (e*trophils c) )rotein S2gT dl
d) .
e) E
a) 8ost ab*ndant cells in circ*lation
b) Do not go o*t o, 0essels
c) (ot phagocytic
d) E
e) E
"*berc*lo*s meningitis
a) 5nc lymphocytes in cs,
Bladder ca ca*sed by
a) Achistosoma haematobiam
Which t*mor does not ha0 bone metastasisK
a) "hyroid
b) 7i0er
c) 7*ng
d) Breast
e) Kidney
A":-G( -C)s can ca*se
a) Breast ca
b) -0ary ca
c) ndometrial ca
:esid*al 0ol.
a) Amo*nt o, air le,t in the l*ng a,ter a ma2 e2halation
Mital capacity
a) A,ter a ma2 inspiration6 ma2 e2pired 0ol*me is 0c
Cardiac o*tp*t
a) 8eas*red by ,ic# principle
:egarding s*p parathyroid gland
a) 7ocated in close pro2imity to 5(< thyroid artery and rec*rrent laryngeal
ner0e at the le0el o, cricothyroid 9*nction. (:emembr that s*p glands h0
more constant position .hile 5(< r 0ariable in position.thatOs y dy as#d abo*t
s*p glands location.its imp)
Digastric triangle
a) Bo*nded anteriorly ant. Belly o, digastric6 posteriorly by post. Belly
Which is not co0ered by deep cer0ical ,ascia
a) "hyroid
b) )arotid
c) Aternocleidomastoid
d) A*bmandib*lar gland
e) A*bling*al
a) Combination o, ,le2ion6 e2tension6 ad*ction and abd*ction
<or s*rgery tibia sho*ld b aproached ,rom medial side6 .hy
a) Dnt remember choices6 sory
8ict*ration re,le2 centre is located in
a) Brainstem (pontine mict*ration centre). "here s also a sacral mict*ration
centre b*t it .s not in the choices
Diagnosis o, pne*mothora2K
a) ?ray chest
Approach to intercostal space ,or ple*ral e,,*sion drainage
a) part o, space (ne*ro0asc*lar b*ndle in *pper part os A)AC b*t part o, :5B)
)t ha0ing *ppr respiratory tract 5(<6 then chest pain that relie0ed by sitting
a) )ericarditis
5n nephron ,l*id .hich s*bstance conc is higher than plasma
a) (a
b) Bicarbonate
c) Gl*cose
d) Drea
e) Alb*min
:enal plasma ,lo. is determined by
a) )AH
WHA" 5A ":D AB-D" D)): HA7< -< A(A7 CA(A7
A) -ptions .r abo*t epitheli*m6 ner0e s*p6 lymph6 blood s*ply. Dnt
remember e2actly
Pa*ndice6 hepatitis6 diarrhea 14days a,ter bone marro. transplant
a) Gra,t 0s host disease
rythroblastosis ,etalis6 type o, hypersensiti0ity reactionK
a) 2
WH5CH MACC5( 5A (-" 75M
A) 8easles
B) 8*mps
C) :*bella
D) Jello. ,e0r
) "etan*s
"iss*e ,or H7A typing (there .ere t.o same @s in each paper)
a) B*ccal m*cosa
b) 7e*#ocytes
c) A#in
d) Bone marro.
7) done at
a) 7$>7& (l!>l$ also correct b*t it .s not in choices6 than#s A77AH Dy did ("
g0 both choices sim*ltaneo*sly C>)
Ca*da e@*ina
a) Collection o, ner0e roots and rootlets
)ilocarpine is nicotinic
a) Agoist
b) Antagonist
Diagnosis o, #line,eltrs syndrome
a) Barr body
Which dr*g interers .ith .ar,arrin
a) Cemetidine
Ad0erse e,,ect o, chlorproma+ine
a) 2trapyrimidal
8echanism o, action o, captopril
a) Ace inhibitor
<eat*re o, ca
a) )lomorphisim
b) (*clear ratio
c) Hyperplasia
d) 5n0asion
8ost cancers ha0 .hich ,illament in them
a) Kerratin
b) Desmin
c) Mimentin
d) (e*ro,ibrilary
e) E
)araneoplastic syndrome is associated .ith
a) Ca breast
b) Adeno ca l*ng
c) Amall cell ca l*ng
d) Ca prostate
Hepatitis b 5(< is monitored by
a) A*r,ace antigen
b) Ar,ace antibody
c) Core antibody
d) antibody
Hepatitis A in,6 .hich test to per,orm
a) Hep A nd B M5:DA
b) Bilir*bin
c) Agpt
d) Alb*min
Which hormone inhibits ins*lin secretionK
a) Aecretin
b) Cc#
c) Aomatostatin
d) Gl*cagan
e) Mip
(As a general r*le all git hormone stim*late ins*lin release and #n.n as
8-A" 58) A":AA H-:8-( (it .as also in last part1)
a) pinephrine
b) 5ns*lin
d) Cortisol
e) Acth
5n C*shing syndrome
a) (e*trophils are 5nc6 lymphocytes and eiosiniphils are Dec
A simple senario o, gra0es disease
Whats pattern o, antibodies in m*ltiple myeloma (options .ere 0ry .eird6 nt
e2actly remembrd)
a) "hey ha0 igA6 86 G in di,,erent ratios and 'ages e6 g
5gA &gm6 8 1&gm6 G 24gm
b) 5g8C igG A 1C24
H7A type in :A
a) H7A D:$
ABA-7-D" 7J8)H-CJ"-A5A (-" ):A(" 5(
a) Ale
b) 5n,. 8onone*cleosis
c) Walders (s*mthin li#e that) gran*lomatosis
d) E
e) E
a (nt s*re)
)t .ith arithritis6 b*tter,ly rash6 photosensiti0ity (these symptoms .r in the
,orm o, a simple senario)6 WA"A diagnosis
a) A7
)latelets contraindicated in
a) Aplenomegaly
b) Ac*te imm*ne thrombocytopenia
c) Coag*lopathy
d) Dic
Water mo0es thro*gh
a) )ores
b) 8embrane matri2
c) )rotein channels
d) <ascilitated di,*sion
A (.ater channels)
<ascilitated di,,*sion
a) )assi0e transport tro*gh protein channels or carier protiens
Which ,actor strenthen pt doc relationship
a) High pro,essional s#ills
b) High social s#ills
c) Highly @*ali,ied
d) 7ogical ans.ers to @s
e) Acti0e listening
Which is more aggressi0e (also in last part1)
a) Basal cell ca
b) A@*mao*s cell ca
c) 8elanoma
(issel bodies are
a) ::
b) A:
c) 8itichondria
d) Golgi bodies
Greatest area o, cerebral corte2 is co0ered by
a) lbo.
b) Knee
c) "h*mb
d) Aho*lder
e) An#le
De0iation o, tong*e on protr*sion6 .hich (. is damaged
a) <ascial
b) Hypoglossal
c) A*bmandib*lar
d) denger .estphal
e) E
A pt .ith diastolic m*rm*r in aortic area and colapsing p*lse6 diagnosis
a) Aortic stenosis
b) 8itral stenosis
c) Aortic :.
d) 8itral :
e) E
A) AD) C:B:A7 M5(
B) 5(< C:B:A7 M5(
C) A(" D5M5A5-( -< 8A
D) )ost. Di0ision o, 8A
Cs, absorbed by
a) Arachnoid 0illi
b) Choroid ple2*ses
Which is pierced d*ring 7)
A) D*ra matter
5n, spreads retroperitonealy6 .hich .ill b in,ected
a) Apleen
b) Pe9*n*m
c) "rans0erse colon
d) Descending colon
e) E
Ant pit*itary loss .ill res*lt in Dec in si+e o,
a) Hona glomer*losa
b) Hona ,asic*lata
c) )ara,olic*lar cells o, thyroid
d) Adrenal med*lla
e) E
<actor Dec .o*nd healing
a) Mit c de,iciency
Ho. thrombocytes play role in thrombosis
a) Aorry ,orgotn the choices
Accomoation re,le2 intact6 light re,le2 absent. Damage toK
a) denger .estphal n.
b) -ptic ner0e
c) -ptic tract
d) -ptic chiasma
e) )retectal area

)art o, portal system draining esophag*s
a) A+ygo*s 0.
b) Hemia+ygo*s
c) :it gastric
d) 7,t gastric
Bronchop*lmonary segment
a) Anatomical and ,*nctional *nit io, l*ng
"emp set point is in
a) Ant hypothalam*s
b) )ost hypothalam*s
Antibodies are prod*ced by
a) )lasma cells
Mir*lence o, bacteria is associated .ith
a) Dose
b) D*ration o, e2pos*re
c) "o2in prod*ction
d) Body resistence
e) E
<or a blood donor .hat is not re@*ired (choices not .ell remembrd.act*aly
dy as#d that .hich ,actor sho*ld not b there in a G(:A7 HA7"HJ
a) Age
b) Ae2
c) Aystemic disease
Which one is not a epitheli*m t*mor
a) Adenocarcinoma
b) A@ ca
c) 7iposarcoma
Which receptor r in0ol0d in acid prod*ction
a) H1
b) H2
c) Acetylcholine
d) E
e) E
Which is present in slo. .a0e sleep
a) Dopa
b) Acetylcholine
c) Aerotonin
d) (orepinephrine
e) E
c and d
Hemibalism*s d*e to damage to
a) A*bthalamic (.
A child ha0ing dyspnea .hen lyng do.n
a) :etrosternal goiter
Best b*,,er o, body
a) )rotein
b) Hb
c) Hco!
d) )hosphate
)rotein *tili+ation is che#d by
a) Drinary (-2
b) Blood (-2
A pt has ,l*id loss6 no. his *rine is concentrated. 5tOs d*e to
a) Aldosterone
b) Adh
c) Acth
d) Cortisol
)h /.$ po2 %& pco2 !! hco! 13
a) 8etabolic acidosis
b) 8etabolic al#alosis
c) Compensated resp al#alosis
d) :esp al#alosis
What happens on mo*ntain aclimiti+ationK
a) Mentilation inc
Ayphil dignosis material ta#en ,rom
a) Blood
b) Drine
c) Aemen
d) Genital sores (lesion)
e) Aali0a
Best indicator o, ser*m iron stores
a) Aer*m iron
b) Aer*m ,erritin
c) Hemosiderin
d) "5BC
Why more o2ygen goes to al0eoli at ape2 than at baseK
a) 5nc compliance
b) 5nc blood ,lo.
c) 5n 0U@
d) 5nc p*lmonary press*re
Drinary incontinence .ith o0er,lo. and e2cessi0e 0oiding6 damage to (@s nt
remembrd .ell)
a) A26 !6$
b) A26 !
c) 726 $6s1
Hypospedias is d*e to de,ect in
a) Drogenital t*bercle
b) Drogenital ,old
c) Drach*s
Cephalic 0ein
a) Begins in anatomical sn*,, bo2
b) 7ies lat. "o radial a.
c) 7at. "o biceps
d) nds in a2illa
Dpper part o, anal canal is
a) 7ined by strati,ied s@ epi
b) Drained by s*p ing*inal nodes
c) Drained by in, rectal 0ein
d) Aensiti0e to to*ch
e) Aensiti0e to pain
(ormal ,etal heart rate
a) $4E. %4
b) %4E. 144
c) 144E. 124
d) 124E. 1%4
e) 1%4E. 244
-ne @s .as abo*t CM).abo*t its inc or dec in speci,ic condition
5nc in systemic ,illing prees*re ca*ses
a) 5nc 0eno*s ret*rn
Beta>bloc#ers do not ca*se
a) 5nc renin
b) Masoconstriction
c) Bronchiodilation
d) E
e) E
a) 5nc ): inter0al
b) Dec A)
c) Dec a*tomaticity
A diabetic pt .ith BA 24mmoleUl 6 obese6no complication6its 1st 0isit to a
doc. What shold be the treatmentK
a) 5ns*lin
b) 5ns*lin = s*lphonyl*rea
c) A*lphonyl*rea
d) Big*anides
e) Big*anides =s*lphonyl*rea
)end*lo*s #nee 9er#6 ca*se
a) Cerebellar lesion
b) Dpper motor ne*ron
c) motor ne*ron
d) A26 !6$
5n .hich parasite the respiratory symptoms predominateK
a) Ascaris
b) Cystecercosis
c) E
d) E
e) E
Diagnosis o,,l*n+ae meningitis
a) Cs, c*lt*re
b) Blood c*lt*re
c) 5nc lymphocyte in cs,
d) E
e) E
Antibody to "B bacteria is (dnt remember e2act choices b*t they did as#
regarding antibody against "B)
a) Cell bo*nd
b) 8embrane bo*nd
c) in plasma
d) 5n sali0a
e) E
5n .hich phase os cell di0idion the chromosomes are arranged in chromatids
a) )rophase
b) 8etaphase
c) Anaphase
d) "elophase
Atrial contraction coresponds to
a) C .a0e
b) ) .a0e
c) Irs
Dorsal roots s*pply .hich m*ssclesK
a) 5nternal intercostal
b) 2ternat intercostal
c) 5nnermost intercostal
d) Aome bac# m*sscle
5nternal spermatic ,ascia is deri0ed ,rom
a) 2ternal obli@*e
b) 5nternal obli@*e
c) "rans0esalis ,ascia
d) "rans0ers*s abdomin*s
5np*ts to cerebell*m
a) <rom 0estib*lar system
:esol0ing o, lens
a) "hat enables to see closely related s*b9etcs seperatly
)arasympathetic stim*lation ca*ses
a) Ciliary m*scle contraction
:"A6 1.&7 blood loss6 s#in is calm and cold d*e to
a) Masoconstriction
b) Masodilation
8ost common mani,estation o, septic pt
a) "achycardia
b) Hypotension
c) 5nc G<:
)remalignant condition
a) Basal cell ne0*s
b) Dysplastic ne0*s syndrome
"*mor in0ol0ing lymph 0essels
a) Angiosarcoma
b) Cystic hygroma
A ,emale ha0ing 0ery high le0els o, prolactin6 s*,,ering ,rom homonymo*s
hemianopia. 5tOs d*e to
a) Compression o, optic ner0e
b) Damage to optic tract
c) Damage to optic radiation
d) Compression o, *pper part o, optic chiasma
e) Compression o, oc*lomotor n.
What * ,ind in primary hyperaldosteronism
a) 5nc #
b) Dec #
c) Hypotension
d) 5nc renin
e) 5nc angiotensin 2
Which ta#e part in synthesis o, aldosterone
a) Angiotensin 1
b) Angiotensin 2
c) Cortisol
d) E
e) E
5nc # ca*ses
a) 5nc aldosterone
b) 5nc ADH
c) Dec aldosterone
d) Dec ADH
A) 5nc #
B) 5nc ca
C) 5nc mg
D) 5nc na
Hydrops ,etalis occ*rs to :H V0e mother and :H =0e ,ather. What type o,
hypersensiti0ity reaction occ*rredK
a) 1
b) 2
c) !
d) $
e) &
Blood s*pply o, eye e2cept cones and rods
a) Central artery o, retina
"hey g0 senario o, #line,eltr and as#d .hat * .ill ,ind most common
a) Gynecomastia
Aldosterone ca*ses
a) Hyper#alemia
b) Hyponatremia
c) Hypercalcemia
d) Hypo#alemia
e) Acidosis
Wishing all the part1 candidates GDD7DCK
D:. BD"":<7J
)osted by Dr A*ltan Ahmad 4 comments
Monday, September 14, 2009
1. H= ion secretion in the #idney ca*ses
bicarbonate reabsobtion
bicarbonate e2cretion
2. .hich is pi0ot 9oint
atlanto occpital
Atlanto a2ial
!. Dr*g *sed ,or mo*ntain sic#ness
$.Corneal opacities r ca*sed by
&. Captopril ca*ses
hyper #alemia
%. )h L/.& HC-!L $1 )C-2L $& diagnosis is
metabolic al#alosis
respiratory al#alosis
partially compensated metabolic al#alosis
partially compensated respiratory al#alosis
/. Which is )$&4 ind*cer
1. Which ca*ses decreased gastric motility
8agnesi*m A*lphate
Al*mini*m Hydro2ide
3. Aer*m gastrin le0els are incresed by prolonged *se o,
H2 bloc#ers
beta bloc#ers
14.sophago gastric 9*nction competence is maintained by
lying s*pine
incresed intra abdominal press*re
diaphragm paralysis
*se o, metoclopramadie
*se o, morphine
11. )atient has ac*te blood loss the mechanism triggered imediately is
baro receptor mechanism
renin angiotensin system
12. Carotid body receptors respond to
arterial )-2
arterail )co2
1!. propylthyo*racil acts by
decreasing iodine *pta#e
decreasing "AH le0els
decreasing thyro glob*lin le0els
1$. .hich is increased in ,irst responce
5g G
5g 8
5g A
1&. .hich crosses placenta
5g G
5g 8
5g A
1%. .hich is secreted in breast mil#
5g G
5g A
5g 8
1/. .hich has memory ,*nction
5g G
5g 8
5g A
11. .hich dr*g ca*ses abnormal di,,erentiation bet.een red and green
13. ,or best 0erbal comm*nication s#ill one sho*ld ha0
good 0acab*lary
competence in presentation
,l*ent speech
24. .hich is not ca*sed by parasympathelic stim*lation
increased G5" motility
21. e9ac*lation is ca*sed by
22. Alpha receptors stim*lation ca*ses
p*pilaary dilation
increased heart rate
increased contractility
2!. ,ract*re o, s*rgical nec# o, h*mer*s6 patinet cant raise arm and sensory
loss on lateral s*r,ace o, arm. damage to
a2illary ner0e
m*sc*lo c*taneo*s ner0e
2$. action o, gl*te*s medi*s n minim*s is
abd*ction n medial rotation
abd*ction n lateral rotation
add*ction n medial rotation
add*ction n lateral rotation
2&. thym*s is ,ormed by
!rd pharangeal po*ch
$th pharangeal po*ch
2%. bromocriptine ca*ses decresed prolaction le0els by acting on
dopamine receptors
cholinergic receptors
2/. patients ecg sho.s increasing ): inter0als and then a missed beat
,irst degree bloc#
sin*s arrythmia
8obit+ type 1 bloc#
8obit+ type 2 bloc#
!rd degree bloc#
21. Digo2in is dr*g o, choice in
Atrial ,l*tter
Atrial <ibrillation
Mentric*lar "achycardia
23. patient a,ter ischemic attac# has 0entric*lar tachycardia. dr*g that m*st
b *sed is
!4. ape2 beat is
$th le,t intercostal space mid cla0ic*lar line
1cm to the le,t o, midline in &th intercostal space
!1. yo*ng patient has br*ises on the body and no other signi,icant history n
e2amination *nremar#able. he has
idiopathic thrombocytopenic p*rp*ra
aplastic anemia
!2. Hemophilia is
? lin#ed recessi0e
A*tosomal dominant
A*tosomal recessi0e
!!. .hich in0estigation to be done in patient .ith hemophilia
bleeding time
complete blood co*nt
!$. patient has hemoptysis and glomer*lonephritis. diagnosis is
good past*re syndrome
.egeners gran*lomatosis
!&. ) ,alcipar*m ca*ses
blac# .ater ,e0er
!%. C per,eringens acts by
prod*cine lecithinase
depleting A")
ca*sing hypo2ia
!/. Gonococc*s in easily identi,ied in e2*date specimen by
gram staining
H ( staining
!1. .hich is not oncogenic
Hep B 0ir*s
Hep D 0ir*s
Herpes Aimple2 0ir*s
!3. 8iddle meingeal artery passes thro*gh
,oraman spinos*m
,oraman lacer*m
,oraman rot*nd*m
,oraman o0ale
$4. damage to middle meningeal artery ca*ses hematoma ,ormation
d*ramater n cal0aria
d*ramater n arachnoid mater
arachnoid mater n piamater
&4. .hich is present in ca0ern*s sin*s
abd*cent ner0e
&1. .hich cranial ner0es r parasympathetic
5556 M556 5?6 ?
&2. patients right eye has mo0ed *p.ard n has his nec# tilted to le,t to a0oid
diplopia. damage to
s*perior obli@*e
in,erio*r obli@*e
&!. patient has homonymo*s hemianopia. lesion is at
optic ner0e
optic tract
optic chiasma
&$. germ cells r deri0ed ,rom
&&. ,oreign body in trachea goes in .hich bronch*s
right *pper
right middle
right in,erior
le,t in,erior
&%. .hich lobe has only 2 brocho p*lmonary segments
right middle
right *pper
le,t *pper
le,t middle
&/. d*ring iso 0ol*metric contraction
atrial press*re decreases
semil*nar 0al0es r open
coronary blood ,lo. decreses
,irst heart so*nd is prod*ced
second heart so*nd is prod*ced
&1. .hich is thic# ,ilament
&3. a sacromere is present bet.een 2
H lines
H band
A band
%4. in m*scle cells calci*m is released ,rom
endoplasmic retic*l*m
sarco plasmic retic*l*m
%1. in #idney select the best order o, arteries
renal S arc*ateSinterlobarSinterlob*larSe,,erent arteriole
renalSinterlob*larSinterlobarSarc*ateSe,,erent arteriole
renalSinterlobarSinterlob*larSarc*ateSa,,erent arteriole
renalSarc*ateSinterlob*larSinterlobarSa,,erent arteriole
%2.a,ter normal saline in,*sion
blood 0ol*me increases
(a e2cretion decreases
osmolality increases
renin secretion increases
%!. a,ter renal transplant .hich malignancy is common KKK
%$ babins#i sign is positi0e in
pyramidal lesion
cerebellar lesion
%&. 0entral spino thalamic tract ends at
l*mbar region
mid thoracic
end thoracic
%%. commonest site o, l*mbar p*nct*re is
%/. .hich is not p*nct*red d*ring l*mbar p*nct*re
ligament*m ,la0*m
longit*dinal spinal ligament
%1. a,ter :h incompatabilty .hat is gi0en to the mother to pre0ent it ne2t
anti D antibodies
%3. patient has blood gro*p A= .hich cannot b gi0en to him
/4. hamartoma is
benign t*mor
malignat t*mor
/1. med*llary rays r present is
/2. in Addisons disease .hat does not occ*r
hyper #alemia
/!. .hich is essential amino acid
phenyal alanine
/$. .hich is teratogenic
/&. .hich is associated .ith cancer
methyl alcohol
propyl alcohol
/%. H7A> D:$ is associated .ith
rhe*matoid arthritis
//. .hich is present in A7
anti D(A antibodies
anti 9ones antibodies
anti smith antibodies
/1. .hich ca*ses dysphagia
an#ylosing spondylitis
/3. iron de,icincy anemia is
hypochromic microcytic
14. patients had gastrectomy 6 a,ter ! months she presents .ith
iron de,iciciency anemia
pernicio*s anemia
hemolytic anemia
11. pregnant lady has 8CM o, /4 ,l. and Hb 1.1 gBdl6 she is s*,,ering ,rom
iron de,iciency anemia
megaloblastic anemia
12. .hich is trib*tary o, portal 0ein
s*perior rectal
in,erior rectal
1!. .hat arches in ,ront o, the root o, le,t l*ng
Arch o, aorta
A+yg*s 0ein
1$. selecti0e beta bloc#ers do not ca*se
broncho spasm
1&. ho. .ill the e,,ect o, .ar,arin immediatelty re0ersed
0itamin K
protamine s*lphate
1%. :CA s*pplies
right atri*m only
right atri*m n right 0entricle
1/. t*nica 0aginalis is deri0ed ,rom
trans0ersalis m*scle
trans0ersalis ,ascia
inter obli@*e m*scle
11. t*rner syndrome has #aryotype
$& ?-
$& ??
$& ??y
$& ???
13. .hich m*scles di0ied s*bmandic*lar gland in to s*per ,icial n deep part
anterior belly o, digastric
34. patient has di,,ic*lty closin right eye and distorted ,acial appearance. he
has damage to
right ,ascial ner0e
le,t ,ascial ner0e
right trigeminal ner0e
le,t trigeminal ner0e
31. .hich does not ca*se thenar m*scle .asting
carpel t*nnel syndrome
C1 ne*ritis
cer0ical rib
scalene m*scle spasm
cer0ical spondylosis
32. a pregnat lady ,rom hilly area presents to. ,etal scan at term sho.s no
anomaly. .hich o, the , can still b present in the ne.born
p*lmonary stenosis
3!. .hat is end prod*ct o, gl*cose metabolism in the presence o, o2ygen
lactic acid
1 molec*le o, pyr*0ate
2 molec*le o, pyr*0ate
3$. beetle ca*ses
s*bm*c*o*s ,ibrosis
3&. .hich is last mediator in septic shoc#
57> %
3%. antigen antibody reactions r most red*ced in
7i0er ,ail*re
7o. ne*trophils
3/. Cla0*lanic acid
destroys B lactamases
ca*ses decreased penicillin e2cretion
31. Dose o, Gentamicin is red*ced in elderly d*e to
red*ced renal ,*nction
33. G<: can b best estimated by
creatinine clearance
ser*m *rea le0els
ser*m creatinine le0els
144. best test ,or diabetic nephropathy is
ser*m *rea le0els
ser*m creatinine le0els
*rinary alb*min
141. .hich protein maintains red cell shape
142. Cyanosis is d*e to
increased deo2y hemoglobin in blood
decresed )-2 in blood.
14! .hich o, the , ca*ses natri*resis
stretch receptors in atria
carotid bodies
14$. patient has gall stones 6 .hich en+yme co*ld b most li#ely raised
Al#aline )hosphatase
14&. di,,*sion thro*gh al0eoli is directly proportion to
thic#ness o, membrane
total cross sectional area
14%. transpot o, materials by carrier proteins is e2ample o,
simple di,,*sion
,acilitated di,,*sion
acti0e transport
14/. .hich does not has lymphoid ,ollicles
payer patches
141. in congesti0e cardiac ,ail*re there is
incresed press*re in 0eno*s system
143. 0entric*lar contraction ca*ses .hich .a0e in PM)
114. site ,or 0enesection
great sephano*s
short sephano*s
111. .hich is not part o, limbic system
0ermis o, cerebell*m
anterior thalam*s
hippo camp*s
112. right gastric artery is branch o,
gastro d*adenal
right gastro epiploic
11!. thia+ide di*retics
donot re@*ire potassi*m s*pplemets
11$. beha0io*r sciences is branch o, science .hich deals .ith
beha0io*r o, persons in di,,erent social 6 psychological conditions
11&. pateint has loss o, proprioception on right n loss o, pain n temperat*re
on le,t6 lesion is
right hemisection o, spinal cord
le,t hemisection o, spinal cord
11%. cerebral corte2 is concerned .ith
0ol*ntary mo0ements o, body
11/. DM" is ca*ses by
stasis o, blood
111. lacrimal d*ct opens in
in,erior meat*s
middle meat*s
113. in asthma
<M1B<M less than %&'
<MC is red*ced
124 % years old girl has meningitis. most common organis is
streptocoss*s pneomonie
(eiserria meningitidis
Hemophil*s 5n,l*en+ae
121. e2*date has
protein more than !gBdl
speci,ic gra0ity is less than 1.414
122. a yo*ng boy has distorted nose and cer0ical lymphadenopathy. lymph
node biopsy sho.s non caseating gran*loma and sp*t*m A<B is positi0e6
diagnosis is
12!. 7ambda chain is present in
12$. .hich does not ,ollo. oro ,ecal ro*te
tenia soli*m
trich*ris trich*ria
entrobi*s 0ermic*laris
An#ylostroma d*odenale
12&. cholangio carcinoma is ca*sed by
C Ainensis
paragonim*s .atermani
taenia soli*m
12%. yo*ng boy has bilaterla parotid enlargement. diagnosis
bacterial parotitis
in,ectio*s monon*clos*s
12/.abo*t 8ycobacteri*m "B 6 .hich is ,alse
ca*ses disease only in h*mans
,a0ors aerobic conditions
121. .hich is ,alse abo*t spores
prod*ced *nder n*trient rich conditions
B Anthracis prod*cs spores
C tetani prod*es spores
they r #illed *nder 121 degree ,or 1& min in a*tocla0e
123. ,etal brain de0elopment is ca*sed by hormone
thyroid hormone
1!4. gastric Acid increases most a,ter ta#ing
1!1. .hich hormone e,,ects carbohydrate6 protein and ,at metabolism
ins*lin Hormone
1!2. .hich is not an epithelial t*mor
s@ cell CA
adeno carcinoma
1!!. Bence 9ones protein are prod*ced in
m*ltipla myeloma
1!$. .hich hormone e,,ects both nor epinephrine n serotonin metabolism
8ono amine o2idase
1!&. patient presents .ith epista2is and br*ising on body. best in0ertigation
complete blood co*nt
1!%. ADH acts on
)ro2imal t*b*le
Distal "*b*le
Collecting "*b*le
1!/. .hich is most slo. malignancy o, thyroid
<ollic*lar CA
1!1. Cerebellar lesion ca*ses
1!3. patient .ith cerebellar lesion
cannot to*ch ob9ects .ith his ,inger tip
1$4. )"H remains normal in
renal ins*,,iciency
1$1. (eonatal :*bella in,ection is screened by meas*ring .hich antibodyK
5g8 and 5gG
also % >/ @*estions abo*t aldosterone and blood press*re control
)osted by Dr A*ltan Ahmad ! comments
Gyn -bs PD( 2443. :ecalled By Ayeda.
1>tiology o, cle,t palate.
b>m*ltiple preg
d>inc maternal age
2>le,t cle,t palat dt mal,ormation o,.6
a>palatine shel0es
b>ma2illary prominence
c>med nasal prominence
d>lat nasal prominence
e>incisi0e ,oramen
!>germ cells deri0ed ,rom.6
d>ne*ral crest cell
$>#aryotype o, t*rner syndrom66.......6666(smethng li#e dat e2actly nt
&>.hich 1 contain gran*losa cell66
a>gra,,ian ,ollicle
%>in primary in,ertility66diagnosis o, ,ail*re o, o0*lation by KK
a>.id abdominal pain66..66
b>rise in basal body temp
c>middle o, menst*al cycle666
d>thic# m*cosa sec ,rm c2 .ch nt sho. ,ern pattern....
/>pentamer imm*noglob*lin isKKK
1>:egarding entameba histplytica....
a>it is a nematode
b>it ca*ses li0er disease
c>occ*rs in both tropho+oite nd cyst stage
d>it e2ist normally in intestine
3>cornybacteri*m diphtheria..6.6
a>gm >0e bacilli
b>cl*b shapedW
14>mode o, cell in9*ry by clostridi*mGGGGG.....66666KKK
a>A") depletion.
12>corneal opacity ca*sed by..
1!>dr*g ind*cer by p$&4 mechanism6..
1$>last mediator o, endoto2ic shoc#...6..6
"(< A7)HA
1&>yello. ,e0er in, occ*rs 6.6.6..
1%>.all o, ing*inal canal (ot ,ormed byKKKKKKK
e2t obli@*e appone*rosis
lac*nar lig
internal obli@*e
con9oint tendon
trans0ersalis ,ascia
1/>endocer0ical polyp in pregnancy666
11>0accination o, mycobacteri*m ".B based on
"ype 5 hypersensiti0ity
"ype 55
"ype 555
"J) 5M Cell mediated
13>a,ter s*bdi0ided no o, peoples into gps 66sampling is ta#en aBc to age type o, sampling it is
:andom sampling (other options nt remember6 666strati,ied etc 66666nt s*re)
$>1 .ee#s transabdominal *Bs66 ,etal heart so*nds can detected
Cresenteric line seen .Bh cn,irm pregnancy6666(smething li#e dat )
6nd methaemoglobin.66666666666 (these sort o, alien .ords .ere .ritten)
22>bone scan 666666
(name o, sme disesases .ere .ritten)
(o. o, ne. cases in a pop*lation in a time gi0en
2$>pie chart
2&>.ch 1 is absent in m*scles
Gl*cose % po$ase
2%>end prod*ct o, gl*cose metabolism
7actic acid
1molec*le o, pyr*0ic acid
2 molec*le o, pyr*0ic acid
2/>hormone ass .ith gl*cose 6,ats 6and protein storage
21>,etal brain de0elopment hormone
"hyroid hormone
23>.Bh o, the , amino acid sho*ld be ta#en in diet
!4>, phagocytic cell present in circ*lationK
!1>morphine can be gi0en in
Biliary cirrhosis
"erminal ill patient o, cancer
Ac*te pancreatitis
!2>,*nctional layer o, endometri*m consists o,
Atrat*m basal
Atrat*m compact*m nd strat*m spongios*m
Atrat*m basal nd compact*m
!!>malde0elopment o, *ro>rectal sept*m 66
:ecto0ag ,ist*la
:ecto*terine ,ist*la
5mper,orate an*s
:ectoperineal ,ist*la
!$>str*ct*re lying bB. labi*m ma9*s nd min*s
Drethral gland
B*lbo*rethral gland
8inor *rethral gland
!&>.Bc 1 o, , m*scle not attached to tendon o, perineal body
2t *rethral sphincter
"rans0erse perineal m*scle
!%>lymphoide nod*le nt present in
!/>(otochord ,orms
(e*ral t*be
!1>epitheli*m o, o0ary
Aimple c*boidal
!3>pi0ot 9t incl*de
Atlanto occipital 9t
Atlanto a2ial 9t
$4>sacroiliac 9t
<ibro*s .6.
$1>hamartoma is.
$2>an organ lined by strati,ied s@ epi .ith inc cell*larity6 0asc*larity6 nd
glands in lamina propria
$!>post relation o, le,t *reter
:oot o, mesentry
5liac 0essel
$$>o*ter lat @*adrant o, mamry gland drain into
Ant gp a2illary lymph node
$&>2erophthalmia dt
Mit A de,
$/>.Bh st ha0ing ! layers o, m*scles
<*nd*s o, stomach
$1>,at embolism
$3>regarding mammary tiss*es .Bh is (ot appropriate
)ect ma9or6 serat*s ant6lie in deep relations
Can mo0 ,reely o0er retromammary space
)ea*Od orange ca*sed by lymphatic obstr*ction.
)*c#ering o, s#in dt s*bc*t d*ctal in,iltration.
&4>lady died dt amniotic ,l*id embolism
D*ring deli0ery
D*ring cBs nd post part*m
A,ter post part*m
D*ring labo*r6deli0ery nd postpart*m
&1>pacinians corp*scles
"actile to*ch
<ine to*ch
Mibration(5 thin# it .as nt in option nt s*re)
&2>H= e2change in pro2imal t*b*les .ith
HC-! reabsorption
K secretion
&!>pat .id se0erly 0omiting came .id
8etabolic al#alosis
8etabolic acidosis
Compensatory metabolic al#alosis
&$>*tero0ag prolapse .Bh lig is in9*red
Broad lig
:o*nd lig
"rans0erse c2 lig
&&>al#aline po$ase rises in
)rostatic ca
)ancreatic ca
&%>in ca mammary gland .Bh dr*g is gi0en in post menopa*sal lady
&/>in le,t shi,t -2 hbdissociation c*r0e .Bh 1 is increase
<etal hb
&1>in thalassemia there is
)oor hemoglobini+ation
&3>intra0asc*lar haemolysis diagnosed by
5nc in hepatoglob*lin binding
5nc "5BC
%4>lady .id reddish chee#s6 66arthritis66666
%1>in metaplasia .Bh is inappropriate
%2>ac*te in,lammation
5nc protein content
%!>.Bh dr*g ca*sing minimal G5 side e,,ects
%$>in % yrs old child meningitis occ*rs dt .Bh organism
%&>sepsis is diagnosed most appropriately by
Blood c*lt*re
Gran*locyte R2444>>>S1&444
H.: S144
%%>.Bh is transmitted by mos@*ito
Jello. ,e0er
%/>0ir*s not associated .ith ca in h*man
)apo0a 0ir*s(papilloma 0it*s =polyoma 0ir*s)
%1>.Bh is more in h*man mil# as compare to co.Os
%3>gonococc*s is best easily diagnosed by
Gram staining
H( stain
/4>.Bh is completely co0ered by pretracheal ,ascia
"hyroid gland
/1>is not an embryonic remanant
7at *mbilical ligament
/2>o2ytocin nd 0asopressin originate ,rm
A*tonomic ganglion
5s a diasaccride
8etaboli+ed into 2 gl*cose molec*les
:ed*cing or non red*cing (nt remember)
/$>.Bh o, the , dis not ass .ith carcinoma
7ysosomal storage dis
/&>ro*gh endoplasmic retic*l*m
)rotein synthesis
/%>,ragility o, rbcs membrane
//>beha0io*ral sciences .de,inition
/1>0erbal comm*nication s#ill
Apea# ,l*ently
d*cation nd research training
Good 0ocab*lary
/3>(ot a ,*nction o, beta bloc#ers
>0e ionotropic
>0e chronotropic
14> alpha bloc#ers
11>centrally acting H"(si0e
12>.Bh 1 decrease the m*scle length
Golgi tendon organ
8*scle spindle
1!>cerebellar lesion6
5nitiate m*scle mo0ement
1$>pre>motor corte2 lie in
<rontal lobe
1&>coccygeal part o, spinal cord lie at the le0el o, .Bh 0ertebra
1%>lie in tr*e pel0is nd crosses ,rm med to lat side o, pel0is
A*p rectal art
8iddle rectal art
5n, rect art
5nternal iliac
1/>in, ,ascia o, *rogenital diaghphram also called as
)erineal membrane
11>,emale pel0is also called as
13>at cro.ning .Bh m*scle is c*t d*ring episotomy
34>l*mbar p*nct*re
72 7!
7! 7$
7$ 7&
A1 A2
Hormones666.h stim*late
32>prolactin hormone
Atim*lated by6.
3!>pregnancy is diagnosed by
Gonadotrophin hormone
3$>*rogenital diagphram inserted on
5shchial t*berosity
5schial spine
A*b p*bic arch
5schial ram*s
3&>.Bh m*scle di0 s*bmandib*lar gland into s*per,icial nd deep part
Ant belly o, diagastric
3%>root o, le,t l*ng
A+ygo*s 0ein arched at root o, le,t l*ng.
8ethyl alcohol
33>pat .ith blood gp A sho*ld nt gi0en
144>. :egarding #idney 6.Bh se@*ence is correct
renal art S arc*ateSinterlobarSinterlob*larSglomer*larSe,,erent arteriole
renalSinterlob*larSinterlobarSarc*ateSe,,erent arterioleSglomer*lar
renalSglomer*larSinterlobarSinterlob*larSarc*ateSa,,erent arteriole
renalSarc*ateSinterlob*larSglomer*larSinterlobarSa,,erent arteriole
141>in m*scle ca=2 release ,rm
sarcoplasmic retic*l*m
bB. 2 + line
14!>parasympathetic ner0es r
!6 /6 36 14
14$>.Bc is present in de ca0ity o, ca0erno*s sin*s
Abd*cent ner0
14&>in haemophilia
)" 5(C
A)"" 5(C
5nc bleeding time
14%>gestational age estimated ,rm.
Abd circ*m,erence.66.
Biparital diameter.6.6.6. .#s
Cro.n r*mp length 666 1 .ee#s.
14/>norepi = serotonin degraded by
141>at last trimester .Bc *ter*s is sensiti0e to .Bc hormone
143>to pre0ent heat loss
114>inc K
Aldosterone sec
)osted by Dr A*ltan Ahmad 4 comments
SU!GE!Y J"ne 2009
SU!GE!Y JUNE 2009# !e$a%%ed y Sa&'an# "han#yo*.
(C) 8eans correct.
1. Gland o, clo@*et is located inC
a. ing*inal canal
2. Belo. is a carcinogenC
a. methyl alcohol
b. propyl alcohol
c. ben+idine (C)
!. 5ncidence isC
a. n*mber o, ne. cases in a pop*lation (C)
$. < is correct abo*t ,em*rC
a. the head is in line o, medial condyle
b. the angle bet.een the nec# and sha,t is a0erage 12& degrees. (C)
&. A*bcla0ian artery passesC
a. abo0e the 1st rib (C)
b. belo. the 1st rib
%. Abdominal angina is ca*sed d*e toC
a. A*perior mesenteric artery (C)
b. in,erior mesenteric artery
c. celiac tr*n#
d. abdominal aorta
/. 7e,t A*prarenal 0ein drains intoC
a. in,erior 0ena ca0a
b. le,t renal 0ein (C)
c. phrenic 0ein
d. portal 0ein
1. A@*amo*s cell carcinoma o, *rinary bladder is ca*sed d*e toC
a. shistosoma (C)
3. "he species .hich ca*ses carcinoma in *rinary bladder isC
a. shistosoma mansoni
b. schitosoma hematobi*m (C)
14. -2idati0e brea#do.n o, gl*cose d*ring glycolysis generatesC
a. 1 pyr*0ate
b. 2 pyr*0ate (C)
c. lactic acid
11. :e,erred pain to sho*lder is 0iaC
a. C16 2
b. C26 !
c. C!6 $6 & (C)
d. C&6 %
12. < is not palpable on per rectal e2aminationC
a. Dreter
b. )rostate
c. Aeminal 0esicle
d. KK
e. KK
1!. Apinal cord ends atC
a. A2
b. 71>2 (C)
c. 7!
d. 7&
1$. <emoral sheath is composed o,C
a. trans0ers*s abdominis ,ascia
b. internal obli@*e ,ascia
c. iliac*s ,ascia (C)
1&. <ract*re at nec# o, ,ib*laC
a. in9*ry to common peroneal ner0e (C)
b. s*per,icial pernoeal ner0e
c. deep perneal ner0e
d. tibial ner0e
1%. )osterior displacement o, #nee is pre0ented byC
a. Anterior cr*ciate ligament
b. )osterior cr*ciate ligament (C)
c. "ibial collateral ligament
d. ,ib*lar collateral ligament
1/. A patient had c*t in the center o, .rist d*ring a s*icide attempt6 he has
no abd*ction or add*ction o, ,ingers pl*s no abd*ction o, the th*mb6 the
in9*ry is toC
a. *lnar ner0e
b. median ner0e
c. radial ner0e
11. 7ymphatic s*pply o, mammary glands isC
a. parasternal lymph nodes
b. abdominal lymph nodes
c. a2illary lymph nodes (C)
13. De,ecation is beca*se o,C
a. mass re,le2
b. myenteric re,le2
c. A26 !6 $ (C)
d. )arasympathetic re,le2
24. )rolonged coma is beca*se o, lesion o,C
a. both ,rontal lobes lesions (C)
b. one ,rontal lobes lesion
c. peria@*ad*ctal area lesion
d. midbrain lesion
21. :etrograde amnesiaC
a. can be abolished 0ia pre,rontal lobotomy
b. appears in amygdala lesions and propranolol therapy
22. )ro9ection ,ibers o, cerebral corte2 tra0el thro*ghC
a. internal caps*le (C)
2!. :egarding ne*ral t*be .hich one is correctC
a. 5n0ol0ed in C(A de0elopment (C)
b. 5n0ol0ed in meninges de0elopment
2$. )rimordial germ cells are o,C
a. ectodermal origin
b. mesodermal (C)
c. endodermal
2&. Drorectal sept*m di0ides the cloaca intoC
a. an*s and *rinary bladder
b. anorectal canal and *rogenital sin*s (C)
2%. ADH and -2ytocin are released ,romC
a. s*prachaismatic
b. preoptic
c. adenohypophysis
d. ne*rohypophysis (C)
2/. "ermination o, s*barachnoid space is atC
a. 72
b. A2 (C)
c. 7&
d. A$
21. < is tr*e abo*t middle meningeal arteryC
a. )asses thro*gh ,oramen spinos*m (C)
23. 8ass re,le2 is elicited byC
a. decortication
b. complete section o, spinal cord
c. lesions o, cer0ical or thoracic spinal cord (C)
!4. 8edial lemnisc*s system mediatesC
a. )ain
b. "emperat*re
c. "ic#ling
d. <ine to*ch (C)
!1. What pre0ents m*scles ,rom o0er>stretchingC
a. Golgi spindles
b. m*scle spindles (C)
!2. Hamartoma is aC
a. neoplastic condition .ith no malignant potential
b. non>neoplastic condition (C)
c. completely benign
d. malignant
!!. 5n chronic hemolysis6 , .ill deposit in tiss*esC
a. bilir*bin (C)
b. bili0erdin
c. con9*gated bilir*bin
d. lipo,*scin
e. iron
!$. )remalignant lesion o, mo*th isC
a. KK
b. KK
!&. Complication o, betel n*ts isC
a. haemorrhage KK
b. *lceration KK
!%. Cle,t palate is ca*sed d*e toC
a. Miral
b. carbama+epine
c. m*lti,actorial (C)
d. antiepileptics
!/. A Ho*se s*rgeon is operating on posterior triangle6 .hich str*ct*re is at
a. spinal portion o, accessory ner0e (C)
b. cranial portion o, accessory ner0e
!1. D*ring s*rgery on s*bmandib*lar glands6 ho. .ill yo* protect labial
branch o, ,acial ner0eC
a. li,t the deep ,ascia o, hyoid bone
b. ner0e stim*lation st*dies
c. protecting it as it enters s*rgical ,ield
d. li,ting the blood 0essels
!3. n+yme ,or brea#do.n o, serotonin and (orepinephrine is
a. Catechol > o > methyltrans,erase
b. 8onoamine o2idase (C)
$4. 5nd*cer o, dr*g metabolism isC
a. #etocona+ole
b. phenobarbitone (C)
$1. 7esions o, cerebell*m ca*sesC
a. ,ail*re o, initiation
b. resting tremor
c. rigidity
d. ata2ia (C)
$2. ssential amino acid isC
a. Glycine
b. gl*tamate
c. tyrosine
d. phenylalanine (C)
$!. Alo. t*mo*r o, thyroid isC
a. papillary
b. ,ollic*lar
c. adenoma
$$. < are ,eat*res o, thyroid t*mo*rC
a. KK
$&. )remalignant condition o, colon carcinomaC
a. in,lammatory polyp
b. hyperplastic polyp
c. hamartomato*s
d. adenomato*s (C)
$%. Among the , statements abo*t parotid gland6 .hich is ,alseC
a. 5t has t.o lobes
b. parotid d*ct arises ,rom deep lobe
c. retromandib*lar 0ein is related to its in,erior pole
d. KK
e. KK
$/. Which ner0e lies in the ca0erno*s sin*s ca0ityC
a. 5556 M
b. 5M6 M5
c. M5 (C)
d. 5?
$1. 8*scles o, ,acial e2pression are all o, the , e2ceptC
a. orbic*laris oris
b. orbic*laris oc*li
c. b*ccinator
d. platysma
e. KK (C)
$3. "aste is sensed by all o, the , e2ceptC
a. ,*ngi,orm
b. ,illi,orm (C)
c. circ*m0ellate
&4. "ympanic membrane ,ormsC
a. lateral .all o, tympanic ca0ity
&1. "hyroid gland is s*rro*nded by .hich ,asciaC
a. in0esting
b. pretracheal (C)
c. pre0ertebral
d. deep
&2. A+ygo*s 0einC
&!. <acilitated di,,*sion isC
a. energy dependent
b. carrier mediated (C)
&$. "he most signi,icant prepotential is that o,C
a. atria
b. 0entricles
c. AA node (C)
&&. Best mechanism ,or temperat*re lossC
a. Masonconstriction
b. thirst
&%. Ac*te in,lammationC
a. trans*date
b. e2*date (C)
&/. alpha>adrenergic discharge leads toC
a. cardioacceleration
b. baroreceptor re,le2
&1. Which organ gets less than re@*ired o2ygenation d*ring e2erciseC
a. A#eletal m*scle (C)
b. #idney
c. s#in
d. brain
e. heart
&3. H= ion secretion is inC
a. hyper#alemia
b. acidosis (C)
c. al#alosis
%4. H= secretion is associated .ithC
a. e2cretion o, bicarbonate
b. reabsortion o, bicarbonate (C)
%1. Central and peripheral reg*lation o, respiration is 0iaC
a. )C-2
b. )-2
c. pH
d. C-
%2. A ,isherman came to emergency department .ith pallor. "he most
probable ca*se ,or this isC
a. Diphylobothri*m (C)
%!. 5leal resection leads toC
a. 5ncreased iron absorption
b. Decreased amino acid absorption.
%$. Aldosterone prod*ction is stim*lated 0iaC
a. Heart ,ail*re
b. Decreased per,*sion o, #idney
c. :enin (C)
d. 5ncreased (a
%&. Another *se o, thyroid hormone isC
a. Weight loss
b. Appetite
c. Hair loss
d. KK
e. KK
%%. Anabolic hormone isC
a. 5ns*lin (C)
b. Gl*cagon
%/. Ad*lt )olycystic Disease isC
a. A*tosomal recessi0e
b. ?> lin#ed recessi0e
c. A*tosomal dominant (C)
d. ? lin#ed dominant
e. 8itochondial
%1. 7ymphatic s*pply o, o0ary isC
a. 5nternal iliac lymph nodes
b. e2ternal iliac lymph nodes
c. deep ing*inal
d. l*mbarBparaaortic (C)
e. sacral
%3. :emnant o, m*llerian ,actor isC
a. D*ct o, gartner
b. :o*nd ligament
c. Appendi2 o, testis (C)
/4. "*berc*lo*s *lcer has .hich type o, edgesC
a. 0erted
b. )*nched o*t
c. Aliding
d. Dndermined (C)
e. le0ated
/1. Ae0ere in,ection in a post>transplant patient is d*e toC
a. 5n,l*en+a 0ir*s
b. Atreptococc*s
c. Ataphylococc*s
d. Cytomegalo0ir*s (C)
/2. Within 14 ho*rs ac*te transplant re9ection is d*e toC
a. "ype 5
b. Antibody>mediated (C)
c. "ype 555
d. Cytoto2ic " cells
e. "ype M
/!. < is tr*e abo*t 8A5C
a. Widespread resistant to "B dr*gs
b. -nly ca*ses l*ng disease
c. Mery common
/$. < is tr*e abo*t cryptorchidismC
a. <ail*re o, descent o, testis ,rom abdomen into scrotal sac.
/&. De,inition o, Beha0io*r sciences isC
a. Acienti,ic st*dy o, h*man beha0io*r
b. Acienti,ic st*dy in0ol0ing epidemiology6 biostatistics6 ethics6 psychology6
sociology. (C)
/%. Good comm*nication s#ills are in a person .hoC
a. Who does presentations (C)
//. :: ,*nction isC
a. )rotein synthesis (C)
b. "ranscription
c. )ost>translational modi,ication
/1. < is tr*e abo*t sarcomereC
a. 5s ,ormed bet.een t.o intercalated discs
b. 5s ,ormed bet.een t.o H>discs (C)
/3. Calci*m is released into m*scles 0iaC
a. 8itochondrion
b. ::
c. Aarcoplasmic retic*l*m (C)
14. 7ymphatic nod*les are not present inC
a. "hym*s (C)
b. Apleen
c. )eyers patches
d. "onsils
11. 5n )nemothora2 , happensC
a. 7*ng collapses and chest e2pands
b. 7*ng collapses and chest indra.s (C)
c. 7*ng e2pands and chest e2pands
d. l*ng e2pands and chest indra.s
e. l*ng e2pands and chest remains same
12. Maccine o, Bacill*s>Calmette>G*erin is .hich type o, 0accineC
a. <ormaline #illed "o2oid 0accine
b. Heat #illed organism
c. 7i0e atten*ated (C)
1!. Maccine o, Bacill*s>Calmette>G*erin ind*ces .hich type o, imm*nityC
a. Acti0e (C)
b. Aecondary imm*nity
c. )assi0e
1$. Which one is tr*e abo*t corynebacteri*m diphtheriaC
a. )rod*ces,*l e2oto2in (C)
b. )rod*ces,*l endoto2in
1&. "he most common ca*se o, pne*monia in % months to 2 years age
gro*p isC
a. (eisseria
b. Atreptococcs pne*monia
c. . Coli
d. Haemophil*s in,l*en+a
e. Atreptococc* pyogenes
1%. )se*do membrano*s colitis is ca*sed byC
a. Clostridi*m tetani
b. Clostridi*m bot*lin*m
c. Clostridi*m per,ringens
d. Clostridi*m di,,icile
1/. Clostridi*m per,ringens ca*ses in9*ry 0ia , mechanismC
a. ,ree radicals
b. hypo2ia (C)
c. 5n0asion
11. (eisseria best diagnosed most easily 0iaC
a. Gram stain (C)
b. C*lt*re
13. -c*lar opacity can be ca*sed byC
a. thamb*tol
34. Hydatid disease ca*sed d*e to ingestion o,C
a. Cyst
b. ggs (C)
31. )atient is ha0ing 8CML/16 8CHL216 it isC
a. (ormochromic normocytic anemia
b. (ormchromic microcytic
c. hypochromic microcytic
d. hypochromic normochromic
32. )atient is 0omitingC ph L /.2&6 )C-2L$& (!&L$&)6 HC-!L!&. Ca*se isC
a. metabolic acidosis
b. metabolic al#alosis
c. partially compensated metabolic al#alosis
3!. 8ost common ca*se o, Deep Meno*s "hrombosis isC
a. Contracepti0e pills
b. "ra*ma
c. A*rgery
d. 5mmobility (C)
3$. 8ost common ca*se o, hospital ac@*ired pn*emonia isC
a. Atreptococc*s
b. )nemococc*s
c. )se*domonas (C)
3&. < is an important component o, Co*nter c*rrent e2change
a. Masa recta (C)
b. )ro2imal t*b*le
c. Distal t*b*le
3%. A*bm*co*s glands are present inC
a. Atomach
b. D*den*m (C)
c. 5l*em
d. 7arge intenstine
3/. )atient is ha0ing bone pains6 )-$ is decreased6 Ca== is raised6 most
probable ca*se isC
a. )agets disease
b. -steoporosis
c. -steopenia
d. Hyperparathroidism (C)
31. Calcitonin .or#s byC
a. 5ncreasing bone resorption.
b. Decreasing bone resorption (C)
33. "r*e hermaphrodite genotype isC
a. ?J
b. ?4
c. ??J (C)
144. "estosterone is prod*ced byC
a. Aertoli cells (C)
b. 7eydig cells
141. "he 0asc*lat*re o, #idney isC
a. A,,erent >S glomer*l*s >S e,,erent >S 0asa recta
Along.ith these there .ere ,e. @*estions abo*t premalignant conditions o,
mo*th and a @*estion abo*t .hich is correct abo*t cholesteatoma. "here
.as a 8*rad 8CI abo*t pie chart.
)osted by Dr A*ltan Ahmad 4 comments
Sat"rday, September 12, 2009
Aee the 9*ne papers belo. the Pan*ary papers.
y )o%an*an)# Corre$t an+'er+ are mar,ed -- . //
1. 8ost imp. stress hormone
(orepinephrine hormone
2. .at is not in relation .ith right #idney
decending colonW
ascending colon
!. .at is not in relation .ith pit*tary gland
<acial ner0eW
Abd*cent ner0e
Aphenoid sin*s
$. trib*tery o, e2ternal carotid 0ein
Anterior 9*g*lar 0einW
<acial 0ein
&. side e,,ect o, thophyllin
na*sea and 0omitingW
%. (or>epinephrine ; serotonin degration by
/. chemota2ic ,actor
le*#oterine B$W
C& comple2
1. .at is not in post. relation .ith le,t #idney
Ascending colon
Descending colon
3. .at is in bet.een celeiac tr*n# and s*perior messentry artery
)ancreas = 9*9en*m
"rans0erse colon = ili*m
14. .hat is secreted in breast mil#
5g GW
5g A
5g 8
5g D
11. .at cannot pass placenta
5g G
5g A
5g 8W
5g D
12. ant and post spinal arteries arise ,rom
0ertebral artery gi0es anterior spinal6 )5CA gi0es post. ApinalW
5nternal carotid
Mertebral artery and ant cerebellar artery
1!. ,rom .hich ,oramen ,acial ner0e enters temporal lobe
internal acc*stic meat*sW
stylomastoid ,oramen
,oramen o0ale
,oramen spinos*m
1$. When r the 0entricles ,illed .ith blood
Atrial systole
:apid in ,lo.
1&. A boy had beha0ior problem6 loss o, memory b*t resol0e E..he is
agressi0e in his mood6 .here is damage
8ammillory bodies
,rontal lobeW
temporal lobe
parital lobe
occipital lobe
1%. a ne. born presented .ith obstr*cti0e 9a*ndice66666 gall bladder loo#s o#
in DBs6 ca*se
Atresia o, CBDW
Atresia o, entire e2tra hepatic apparat*s
Atresia o, hepatic d*ct
Choledochal cyst
1/. A man .ith noticed .ea#ness o, le,t side o, the body6 hypotonia o, the
le,t limb6 he s.angs to le,t side6 .here is the lesion
Cerebral hemisphere
7e,t cerebell*m W
s*perior c p*d*ncle
:ed ne*cle*s
11. adrenalcortical ins*,icancy ca*ses
13. 5n resting stage actin is attached to
24. i, there is damage to sciatic ner0e6 s*pply to the dors*m o, ,oot is by
sepheno*s ner0eW
A*ral ner0e
Common peroneal
Deep peroneal
21. patient .ith di,,ic*lty in standing ,rom sitting postion....
Gl*te*s 8a2im*mW
Gl*te*s medi*s
"ensor ,ascia lata
I*adricep ,emoris
22. .at is not in relation .ith le,t rec*rrent ner0e
Arch o, aorta
7ig arterio*s*m
2!. st*ct*re compressing sophag*s
7e,t bronch*s (correct)
7e,t Menticle
:ight Atri*m
:ight 0entricle
2$. sophag*s constriction at
Aortic archW
7e,t 0entricle
:t atri*m
2&. .at 0ein r*n .ith )ost. inter0entricle artery
great cardiac 0ein
middle cardiac W
small cardiac
2%. *trine cancer spread to labia ma9ore 0ia
:o*nd ligamentW
*trosacral ligament
2/. Basalic 0ein .
drain in a2illary 0enW
r*ns on radial side
starts ,rom palmar s*r,ace
21. median ner0e
s*pply lateral 2 l*mbricalsW
ca*ses .rist drop
23. in9*ry o, nec# o, the h*mer*s6 ner0e damage
A2illary ner0eW
!4. .at is in pro2imal layer o, carpal bone6 tr*e
Acaphoid6 l*nate tri@*tral ; pisi,ormW
!1. broncop*lmonary segment .at is tr*e
anatomical6 ,*ctional n *nit o, the l*ngW
contains lobar bronch*s
p*lmonary 0eins r*n in intersegmental tiss*e
!2. *rinary bladder6 .at is tr*e
s*pplied by anterior di0ision o, internal iliacW
separated ,rom *ter*s by po*ch o, Do*glas
in males has seminal 0esical abo0e and 0as de,erens belo.
!!. sepheno*s ner0e .at is tr*e
drain into ,emoral !.&cm in,erior n lateral to p*bic t*bercleW
has only 1 trib*tary
connected to short spheno*s by per,orators
!$. do.n syndrome
trisomy 21W
!&.Which o, the , tiss*e is most radiosensiti0e
A#eletal m*scle
!%. diagnostic test ,or strptococ*ss is
AA- titer
Blood c*lt*reW
Drine Dr
!/. %&' o, (a and .ater reabsorbed ,rom
7oop o, Henle
Collecting d*ct
!1. in9*ry to hippocamp*s
8emory lossW
$4. .rythropoietin is secreted ,rom
Jello. marro.
8ac*la densa
)reit*b*alr capillariesW
$1. medial part o, breast s*pply .hich node
internal thoracicW
lateral grp
ant grp
medial grp
$2. diapharam contraction ca*se
increase in thoracic press*re
increase in thoracic diameter
$!. thoracic d*ct
passes .ith aorta W
$$. sypathetic s*pply by alpha receptors
dilator p*pilary m*sscle o, eyeW
$&. parasympathetic s*pply
inc. secretioin o, sli0ary glandW
$%. gastric emptying delayed by
$/. A boy has edema d*e to protien loss o, !.&g in *rine...6 .at is the ca*se
o, edema
)lasma colloid press*re is decreasedW
5ncrease hydrostatic press*re
5ncreased capillary permeability
$1. .at is not s*pplied by internal thoracic artery
5n,erior portion o, rect*s m*scleW
Ant abd .all *pto *mbilic*s
$3. )atient Gra0ida $ .ith anemia and occ*lt blood in stool
5ron de,iciency anemia W
Aideroblastic anemia
8egaloblastic anemia
&4. iron absorb in
,err*os ,ormW
&1. Bile salt absorb ,rom
)ro2imal 9e9*n*m
Distal 9e9*n*m
&2. "rachea start ,rom is tr*e
Cricoid cartilage
&!. .at is tr*e abt CA<
secreted at rate o, &44 mlBdayW
choroid 0illi are seen by na#ed eye
a@*ed*ct transmits CA< ,rom $th 0entricle to spine
&$. blood s*pply to B*ndle o, His.
Circ*m,le2 artery a br. -, le,t coronary artery
)osterior inter0entric*lar artery
8ain 7e,t coronary artery
8ain right coronary artery
&&. metastatic carcinoma least common site
&%. premotor area 6 .hich artery s*pplies
Anterior and middle cerebral (correct)
8iddle and post. Cerebral
Anterior and pst. Cerebral
&/. arterial s*pply to primary 0is*al area
&1. A boy de,ecate 9*st a,ter he ta#es meal6 .at the re,le2
gagtrogastric re,le2
gastro coic re,le2 (correct)
&3. 8edian o, 2462462&62&6!46!4.!&6$4
%4. ner0e s*pply to latism*s dorsi
long thoracic
%1. :ight bronch*s as compare to le,t
is longer
ant to p*l artery
right bronch*s is more 0ertical than le,tW
%2. A s*rgeon did a st*dy on patients .ith heamorroids
he incl*ded 144 pt in grpA and treated them s*rgicall
.hil #ept the other 144pt on high ,iber diet
he inter0ie.d them a,ter 12mons and ,o*nd that the grp .ith s*rgical
treatment had a better responseEE .at type o, st*dy is thisK
Case control
:andomi+ed control trial
%!. Doctor patient relations and ho. good a doctor is #no.n by
his degrees
his records
his pleasant beha0ior and bed side mannersW
%$. i, a patient de0elops a ,atal disease it is best to
hide it ,rom him
tell it to him and his ,amily as soon as possibleW
%&.Benedicts test is done ,or
blood s*gar
*rinary gl*cose
*rinary red*cing s*garsW
%%.s*p parathyroid gland
is related to s*p thyroid arteyW
lies o*tside the pretracheal ,asciae
lies anterolatral to thyroid
%/.8HC comple2 is
related to H7A typingW
blood grp antigens
same in identical t.ins
%1. ,irst part o, a2illary artery ends at
border o, pectoralis ma9or
border o, pec minor W
border o, teres ma9or
%3.sophag*s is related to .hich str*ct*re .hose dilatation can ca*se
l atri*mW
le,t 0ent
:t atri*m
/4. 5, :CA is occl*ded distal to the origin o, right marginal artery .hich part
o, the heart .ill be a,,ected mostK
:t atri*m
Ape2 o, the heart
/1. 8yleination o, the brain .at is most inappropriateK
Atarts at birth
-cc*rs haphar+adly
Aensory ne*ros are myelinated ,irst
-cc*rs by oligodendrogliocytes
/2. A patient .ith m*ltiple ,ract*res and B) 34B%4 p*lse %4Bmin .at is the
most appropriate initial treatmentK
5M ,l*idsW
:ed*ction os ,ract*res
/!. <actor 3 de, .at is the appropriate treatmentK
Whole blood
/$. D5C most inappropriate
lo. <D)W
cons*mpti0e coag*lopathy
treated .ith heparin
lo. platelets
/&. Klein,elters syndrome
chromosomal de,iciency
a*tosomal dominant
a*tosomal recessi0e
e2tra ? chromosomeW
e2tra J chromosome
/%. <at embolism most *nli#ely
*rinary test is diagnosticW
occ*rs d*e to tra*ma to ,atty tiss*es
ca*sed bt ac*te pancreatitis
//. Highest mortality rate
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis D
/1. Diphtheria is transmitted by
se2*al contact
respiratory W
,eco oral
/3..hich organ has least chance o, metastasis
14. .hich organism ca*ses meningitis secondary to pyogenic l*ng abscessK
11. thromboembolism is most common inK
12. -C) increase the ris# o,
breast cancer
endometrial cancer
1!. -steoporosis is less in premenopa*sal .omen d*e to e,,ect o,
1$. A tra*ma patient in shoc# .ith stab .o*nd along le,t 14th rib .hich
organ is damagedK
1&. in a*tosomal recessi0e disease
all siblings are a,,ected
both parents are a,,ected
only mother is a,,ected
all siblings ha0e a chance o, one into ,o*r o, contracting the diseaseW
1%..hich o, these is not ca*sed by bacteria
1/. 8ost li#ely ,inding in CA<
inc gl*cose in ,*ngal meningitis
dec gl*cose in 0iral meningitis
lymphocytosis in aseptic meningitis
dec gl*cose in pyogenic meningitis
11. most imp ,or .o*nd contraction
13. smooth m*scles are
mostly arranged in circ*lar and longit*dinal layers W
34. hyperparathyroidism ca*ses least li#ely
dystrophic calci,icationW
inc )"H
31. D*ct*s de,erens ends into
)rostatic *rethra
9ac*latory d*ctW
32. Abo*t large g*t
descending colon has no ha*stra
appendi2 has no teniaW
all large g*t is s*pplied by in, mesenteric artery
ascending colon has a mesentry
3!. most probable abt gall bladder.
Has thic# s*bm*co*sa
8*co*sa has e2tensi0e ,oldsW
3$. a patient .ith #no.n HBM in,ectio comes .ith
HBAAg = HBe ab= HBM D(A = HBC 5G8 ab=
Wat is the diagnosisK
Ac*te dis W
Chronic carrier
Chronic acti0e
3&. Which HBpathy presents .ith crises
sic#le cell trait
sic#le cell diseaseW
Hb C
3%. *ncon9*gated bile is carried by .hich proteinK
Alb*min W
)re alb*min
A glob*lin
B glob*lin
3/.A,ter gastrectomy patient .ill de0elop
iron de, anemia
megaloblastic anemia d*e to ,olic acid de,
pernicio*s anemiaW
sideroblastic anemia
31. %4 yr male .ith lymphandenopathy and lo. hb lo. platelets and
increased .bc
microscopy sho. large mat*re cells .ats the diagnosisK
33. .hat 5s tr*e abt Hb
consisits o, alpha and gamma chains in ad*lts
imp b*,,er o, H= W
not assoc .ith C-2 transport
144.)DG< is secreted ,rom .hich part o, platelets
alpha gran*les
dense bodies
141. .hich cells prod*ce antibodies
plasma cellsW
" cells
142. Heparin is released ,rom .hich cells.
8ast cellsW
14!. pitheloid cells in gran*lomas are ,ormed by .hich cells
langerhans cellsW
14$. thyroid is in0ested in .hich ,asciaK
Deep cer0ical
14&. .at is tr*e abt thyroid
consists o, collecting d*cts and acini
epi changes shape according to state o, acti0ity.W
Has parthyroids ant to it
14%. .at is tr*e abt pit*itary
ant pit*tiary deri0ed ,rom ne*rons
no portal 0essels bt. hypothalam*s and post pit*itaryW
14/. Aatiety center is located in .hich part o, hypothalam*s
141. D ; C at 11 days a,ter 78) endometri*m .ill sho. .hich stage o,
*terine cycleK
143. at the end o, pregnancy *ter*s is most sensiti0e to .hich hormoneK
114. 8ost ab*ndant phagocytic cells in circ*lation
111. 5C< ; C< di,,er in
inc K= in 5C<
112. most potent stim*l*s ,or release o, aldosterone is
inc K= W
inc (a=
inc gl*cose
11!. )allegra is d*e to de, o,
niacin W
0it C
11$. "ra*ma to the middle meningeal artey ca*ses
s*bd*ral hemorrhage
epid*ral hemorrhageW
11&. patient .ith loss o, ,ine to*ch proprioception and 0ibration in9*ry to
.hich part o, spinal cordK
<asic*l*s gracilis
<asic*l*s c*neat*s
)ost .hite col*mnW
7ateral .hite col*mn
11%. in ,emales .hich str*ct*re lies bt. *reter and peritone*m
*terine arteryW
in, 0esicle artery
11/. .hich o, these m*scles is a part o, the pel0ic diaphragm
deep trans0erse perinei
111. .at is not tr*e abt adrenal gland
,etal gland is 1B! si+e o, the ad*lt gland
it is in0ested by renal ,ascia
adrenal corte2 is deri0ed ,rom mesoderm
113. .hich str*ct*re is most ant in popliteal ,ossa
popliteal 0ein
politeal artey W
tibail ner0e
bicep ,emoris
124.tendon o, .hich o, these m*scles is intracaps*lar
bicep ,emoris
121. .hich o, these are the ma9or resistance 0essels
122. patient losses 1 litre o, body ,li*d in 1 ho*r .at .ill happen ,irst
inc ):
inc B)
inc 0eno spasmW
12!. a person in a room .ith optim*m en0iormental conditions ho. .ill the
heat loss occ*r
radiation and cond*ctionW
12$. ma9or part o, energy *tili+ed d*ring breathing is to o0ercome
elastic recoil o, l*ngsW
resistance o, chest .all
large air.ay resistance
small air.ay resistance
12&. a b*llet pierces the intercostals space .hich layer .ill it come a,ter the
intercostals m*scles
parietal ple*ra
0isceral ple*ra
endothoracic ,asciaW
ple*ral ca0ity
12%. .hich 0essel .ill be damaged i, the phrenic ner0e is c*t
int thoracic
12/. .hich o, these is not a branch o, internal iliac
s*p rectalW
middle rectal
in, 0esicle
s*p 0esicle
121. lymphatic o, *ter*s do not drain into
int iliac nodes
e2t iliac nodes
s*p ing nodes
in, mesenteric nodesW
123. a patient .ith hoarseness and lyrangeal nod*le .hich is most *nli#ely
atrophy W
1!4. pse*do hypoparathyroidism.
D*e to inc ca
Dec 0it D
1!1. .at is seen in dysplasia
inc (C ratioW
inc mitosis
1!2. metastatic t*mors are identi,ied by
in0asion o, other str*ct*resW
inc (C ratio
inc mitosis
1!!. sarcomas ha0e
inc 0asc*larityW
1!$. epi o, a smo#er .ill sho.
inc ciliated epi
mi2t*re o, st s@ and pse*dostrati,ied cellsW
dec goblet cells
1!&. most *nli#ely abt glomer*l*s is
has *rinary space bt. 2 layers
is c*p shaped
is blind ended part o, t*b*le
has strati,ied epiW
has podocytes
1!%. .hich 0essel is in0ol0ed and dilated in portal H"(
portal 0einW
hepatic artey
hepati0 0ien
1!/. most *nappropraite abt li0er
has d*al blood s*pply
hepatic artey gi0es only !&' o, -2
portal 0ein has /4' -2 W
1!1. not part o, the portal tract
portal 0ein
hepati0 artery
bile d*ct
hepatic 0einW
1!3. not a part o, a2illary nodes
ant grp
medial grp
apical grp
central grp
deep cer0icalW
1$4. Cla0ipectoral ,ascia
completely co0ers pectoralis minorW
,orms s*spensory lig o, breast
,orms a2illary tail
1$1. in males *retric stones mostly lodge at .hich point
9*st belo. #idneyW
at crossing o, e2t iilac 0essels
at pel0ic brim
at ischeal spine
1$2. i, there is ,ract*re o, the acetab*l*m post and s*periorly .hich bones r
ile*m and ischi*m W
ile*m and p*bis
isschi*m and p*bis
1$!. most constricted part o, the male *rethraK
2t meat*sW
(a0ic*lar ,ossa
1$$. at the le0el o, second part o, d*oden*m .at is *nli#ely
aorta at the right o, AMCW
le,t renal 0ein
1$&. pain o, the o0ary is transmitted to the medial side o, thigh thr* .hich
1$%. le,t 0entricle does not contain
s*pra0entric*lar crest
chordae tendinae
aortic 0estib*le
papillary m*scles
1$/. epid*ral space
contains 0eno*s ple2*sW
conti*es into s#*ll at ,oramen magn*m
attached to dorsal coccy2
*pto A2
1$1. -tic ganglion lies *nder
,oramen o0aleW
,oramen spinos*m
ma2illart ner0e
stylomastoid ,oramen
1$3. middle menigeal artery enters thr* .hich ,oramenK
<oramen spinos*mW
<oramen rot*nd*m
<oramen o0ale
1&4. A*perior petrosal sin*s lies in
,al2 cereberi
,a#2 cerebelli
tentori*m cerebellliW
diaphragma sella
1&1. Great cerebral 0ein does not drain
deep cerebral 0ein
s*p cerebral 0ein
basal 0ein
thalamic 0ein
1&2..hich o, these is not a basic tiss*e o, the body
1&!. -smotic press*re depends on
electrical e@*i0alence
conc gradient
no o, particles
mol si+e
1&$. chemoreceptors respond to
inc )C-2W
dec )-2
inc )h
inc temp
1&&. )rocess*s 0aginalis
co0ers testis onlyW
co0ers d*ct*s de,erens
,orms e2t spermatic ,ascia
arises ,rom parietal peritone*m
arises ,rom 0isceral peritone*m
1&%. Dorsal rami o, ner0es s*pply
e2t o, tr*n#
e2t o, limbs
1&/. .hich 0essel lies ant to 5MC
le,t renal 0ein
le,t renal artery
right renal 0ein
right renal artery
right testic*lar 0einW
1&1. i, ing*inal canal o, a ,emale is opened .at does it contain
ro*nd ligament and ilioing*inal ner0e
1&3. lymphatic drainage o, testis is into
para aortic nodes
s*p ing nodes
int iliac nodes
e2t iliac nodes
Fcps pharmacology past paper ? 2008
by drwatson Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:59 am
68) Which drug do not caus gynacomasia!
a) "igo#in a
b) $riso%u&'in
c) (imtidin
d) Androgn
) )strogn
69) *t d'&o+d ,orning sti-nss,*hotosnsiti'ity,rash .hich tst .i&& b +ositi'!
a) /A
b) A0A
b) antimitochondria&
10) Wht is th nd +roduct o% g&ucos bra2do.n !
a) $a&actos
b) 3actos
c) Fructos
d) *yru'at d
11) 4n a +r c&am+tic +t .hich drug is usd to &o.r 5* b%or surgry!
a) 6ydra&a7in a
b) Am&odi+in
91) A +rgnant .omn is on *hnytoin,.ht is th &ast &i2&y com+&ication in %tus!
a) 5on d%ormity
b) ,nta& rtardation b
c) (&%t +a&at
d) 0ai& 6y+o+&asia
92) Anticoagu&ants ar indicatd in a&& )8()*9:
a) 9hrombocyto+nia a
b) (rbra& in%arction
c) *ro&ong bd rst
d) ":9
95) Which in'stigation is &ast &i2&y don in a sus+ctd cas o% "4(!
a) (&otting tim
b) F"*
c) ";"imr
d) *&at&t count
) *9
96) Which drug is not usd in "ysmnorrha!
a) 4bu+ro%n
b) ,%namic acid
c) As+irin
d) (<8 inhibitor
13)grmina& +ith&ium o% o'ary contain!
a)cuboida& +ith&ium a
1=)co&umnar +ith&ium &in .hich structur!
b)choroid +&#us
c)utrin tubs c
15).hich mthod is most h&+%u& in idnti%ying chromosoma& abnorma&itis!
a)2aryoty+ing a
?ustion no
9) ,i&d ((F sym+toms, ,onothra+y to b +rscribd
A();4 a
(a (hann& b&oc2rs
10)*rgnancy 4nducd 6y+rtnsion, /#!
11) @id )-cts o% A() inhibitors
6y+r2a&mia a
2=) Which drug has a n A9/<*40) 34A) A(94<0
25)<&d obs "iabtic, n.&y diagnosd, choic o% /#!
5iguanids a
5iguanids +&us su&+hony&ura
10=) A +atint on a +sychiatric drug, sid -cts mntiond, .hich drug is rs+onsib&B
105) A man, around 35 brought to mrgncy, s.ating, sa&i'ation, 6art rat =5, 5* 60C=0,
.hats th tratmntB
Atro+in Dcorrct) D<rgano +hos+hat +oisoningB)
58) 6;A;A9*as +um+ is b&oc2d by
<m+ra7o& a
82) *hocromocytoma, .hats th tratmnt!
A&+ha b&oc2rs a
5ta b&oc2rs
5oth A&+haE 5ta
85) )-cts o% 4nsu&in on body %at d+ositsCmtabo&ism
31) Which drug binds to (<8;2 rc+trs and not to (<8;1
39F A 20 yar o&d gir& has d'&o+d $a&actorrha du to +ro&actinomaB 5romocri+tin is
gi'n to trat it th drug causs
AG 4nhibition o% +ro&action %rom +ituitary g&and
5G "crasd +ro&action %rom hy+otha&amus
(G 4nhibition o% +ro&action %rom brast
"G @timu&ation o% +ro&action o% antrior +ituitary
=0F An unconscious +atint +rsntd in )" dos not rs+ond to 0a&o#onB Which o% th
%o&& drug has bn ta2n by this +atint!
AG ,or+hin
5G 6roin
(G *thidin
"G *hnobarbita& d
=5F 4nsu&in
AG (on'rts g&ycogn to g&ucos
5G @timu&ats +rotin synthsis
(G @timu&ats &i+o&ysis
4% a drug is ta2n ora&&yB 6o. .i&& u assss th drug!
aB +&asma drug conc
bB b&ood drug conc
cB urin drug conc
2B /garding 0itrog&ycrin, a&& ar tru #c+t
aB #tnsi' 1st +ass -ct
bB 'nodi&ator
cB dc 'nous rturn
dB dc 6/
B t1C2 is 3;5 min
3B War%arin, -ct inc by
aB (imtidin
5B )n7ym induction occurs in:
aB &i'r a
bB 2idny
cB hart
dB adrna&s
6B "igo#in to#icity
aB 4nc AH a
bB 4nc ,gH
cB dc (aHH
dB dc 0aH
B a&2a&osis
1B @condary acti' trans+ort occurs thru
aB g&ucos
bB 0aH b
dB Ira
9B (a+i&&ary +rmabi&ity is inc by
aB hy+rtnsion
bB +&asma co&&oid osmotic +rssur b
cB intrsitia& hydrostatic +rss
dB a&trd +rmabi&ity
10B *$ in inJammation dc by:
aB as+irin a
bB corticostroids
cB +hos+hodistras inhibitors
11B Which is truB
aB a&& +arasym+ ar cho&inrgic
bB a&& sym+athtic ar adrnrgic
cB a&& +ost;gang +arasym+ ar cho&inrgic
22B 3oo+ diurtics E thia7ids nhanc ach othrs -ct D "c 0a(& abs) at:
aB dscnding &oo+ o% 6n&
bB ascnding &oo+ o% 6n&
cB +ro#ima& con'o&utd tubu&
dB dista& con'o&utd tubu&
B co&&cting duct
23B *t .ith mi&d ((FB 9ratmnt startdB 1 .2 &atr +t com+&ains o% s'r +ain at /t big
toB (aus:
aB thia7id
bB %urosmid
cB A()i c
dB amiodaron
2=B ,tastatic +&ura& -usionB "rug to b gi'n:
aB str+tomycin
bB c&indamycin
cB corticostroids c
dB b&omycin
25B ,onothra+y %or mi&d ((F:
aB digo#in
bB ca+to+ri& b
cB ni%di+in
dB +ro+rano&o&
26B*acma2r %or com+&t hart b&oc2B 9rmina&s shd b in:
aB @A nod
bB A: nod
cB /t atrium
dB +ur2inK
B /t 'ntric& BBBBBBBBBBBBBBDcorrct)
21B 4n%ant .ith rna& abnorma&ity Drna& artry stnosis)B "rug rs+onsib&:
aB A()i
bB (aHH chann& b&oc2r
cB amiodaron
32B 3idocainB ,<A!
aB dc abnorma& tissu conduction and no -ct on norma& tissu
bB inc */ intr'a&
cB dc atria& contraction
dB dc A: conduction
B inc L/@
%B inc L9
33B (&ass 4A antiarrythmic drugs
aB 3idocain
bB ?uinidin
cB +rocainid
dB amiodaron
3=B 3idocain as antiarrrythmic:
aB b&oc2s 0aH chann&s
bB 5ta b&oc2r
cB AH chann& b&oc2r
35B:ra+ami& BBBBB as antiarrythmic !
36B"rug that inc #trac&&u&ar AH Dmo's AH out o% th c&&):
aB Angiotnsin
bB 62(<3
cB (arbonic anhydras
dB +6
B #rcis
31B @c AH in rna& c&&s
aB mtabo&ic a&2a&osis
bB carbonic anhydras
51B *ost mno+ausa& .omn .ith bras caB "<(
aB 9amo#i%n
58B (&& .a&& synthsis inhib
aB *nici&&in
59B @u&+honamids inhibit
aB ttrahydro%o&at in bactria
60B "ar2 urin a%tr starting A99B
aB /i%am+in
61B 1 .2 a%tr starting o% A99, +t cCo +ain in big toB /ason
aB 406
bB /i%am+in
cB )thambuto&
dB *MA
62B 0d& insrtd at +aramdian 'rtbra& cana& +ircs:
aB ant s+ina& &ig
bB +ost s+ina& &ig
cB su+ras+ina& &ig
dB intrs+ina& &og
B &igamntum Ja'um
63B *sudommbran co&itis &in2d to:
aB c&indamycin
bB +nici&&in
cB c+ha&os+orins
dB rythromycin
6=B /garding chmothra+y a&& ar tru, #c+t:
aB o%tn mu&ti thra+y is not curati'
bB r? dai&y dosing o% mu&ti+& drugs %or &ong tim
12B 5&ood Jo. rgu&ation
aB crbrum N crb&&um N s+B cord
bB s+B cord N crb&&um N crbrum
cB crbrum N s+B cord N crb&&um
11B ,yocardia& to#icity to a 3CA!
aB 5u+i'acain
83B *$ r&asd in inJammation ar inhibitd by:
aB as+irin a
bB corticostroids
cB srotonin
5=F A smiconscious +atint is brought to th mrgncy roomB 6 has history o% ta2ing
som un2no.n drugB 0a6(<3 r'rss th action o% th drugB Which drug th +tB has &i2&y
AG *hnobarbita& a
5G *hnothia7in
(G ,or+hin
"G "ia7+am
)G A&coho&
;9h musc& in'o&'d in un&oc2ing o% 2n Koint is:
*o+&itusDcorrct),,/ctus %moris,*&antarisB@o&us
2;Adu&t dri'ati' o% notochord is:
0uc&us +u&+osisDcorrct),,Annu&us Obrosis,:rtbr,:rtbra& cana&
3;:rtbra is dri'd %rom:
=;,mory cntr is &ocatd in:
4nsu&a,*arita& &ob,9m+ora& &ob,Fronta& &ob
5;9h most commom ty+ o% sa&i'ary g&and tumor is:
@a&i'ary g&ands,*arotidsDcorrct),,@ubmandibu&ar,@ub&ingua&
6;"istruction o% AntB+ituatary g&and causs dcB%unctioning o%
$&omB%asicu&ata,$&omBgranu&osa,,du&&a,Adrna& cort#Dcorrct)
1;3ast chancs o% rna& stons is associatd .ith:
6y+r&i+idmiaDcorrct),,6y+r*96,6y+r 'itB",4n%ctions,6y+rurcimia
8;0r' su++&y to #tnsors o% arm is su++&id by:
3atBcord,,dia& cordDcorrct),*ost cord,3atra& and mdia& cord
9;0r' inKurd in AntBdis&oacation o% @hou&dr Koint is:
10;"amag to sca+hoid bon causs inKury to:
/adia& AB Dcorrct),I&nar AB5rachia& A,AntBintrossous AB
11;(ommon sit o% %ractur at rib is:
Ang&Dcorrct),,@ha%t,(ostochondra& Koint,tubrc&
12;Fo&& is not a tumor mar2r:
*3A*,()A,b6($,AF*,Acid *hos+atasDcorrct),
13;,ost common histo&ogy %ound in &ung tumors is:
@?uamousDcorrct),,Adno(A,,i#d,@ma&& (A
1=;*atints coms .ith /tBd'iation o% tongu,"cBsns o% touch and
'ibartions,th artry
common&y in'o&'d in brain is:
*4(A,A4(A,AntB@+ina&Dcorrct),,*ostB(rbra&,@u+B(rbra& AB
15;@o&dir coms .ith ha'y b&ding,th ida& Juid r+&acmnt .ou&d b:
*ac2d /5(s,(rysta&&ins,(o&&oids,Who& b&ood %or 3 daysDcorrct),,Who&
b&ood %or 18 days
16;,a#i&&ary sinus o+ns into:
@u+Bmatus,4n%rior matus Dcorrct),,idd& matus,0asa& s+tum
11;*atint ha'ing incrasd &'&s o% 4g),most +robab&y su-ring %rom:
5actria& in%,:ira& in%,*arasitic in%Dcorrct),,Funga& in%B
18;Autos+y don on th +atint ha'ing (/F,most +rabab& Onding .ou&d b:
6y+rtro+hid *96 g&andDcorrct),,6y+rtro+hid adrna&s,6y+rtro+hid
+ituatry,6y+rtro+hid thyroids
19;)#citation o% +ostB+ituatary .ou&d caus:
@.ting,@trss,@hi'ring,6ungr +angs
20;Fota& +riod starts a%tr .hich .2:
21;*atint ha'ing dc &'&s o% %actor44,:44,48,8,most &i2&y ha':
"cBantithrombin 444,"c :itBADcorrct)
22;Poung +tBha'ing 6b:6B0,93(:3B5Cu&,*&ts:1&ac is su-ring %rom:
4ron d%B,Fo&at d%B,:it 512 d%B,A+&astic anamiaDcorrct)
23;0uc&us ambigus su++&is to:
2=;<&%actory ara is +rsnt in:
AntB+r%orating matria&,<cci+ita& &ob,4n%Btm+ora& gyrus,*arita& &ob
25;*atint .ith inKury to &%t 8th cr'ica& sgmnt o% s+ina& cord .i&& not sho.
%o&& sign:
"c sns o% +osition,'ibration b&o. &sion on sam sid,)#tnsor +&antar
on &%t sid,"c
+o.r o% musc&s b&o. th &son on sam sid,"c sns o% +ain and
tm+ratur b&o. th
&sion on sam sidB Dcorrct)
26;Fatur o% /ic2ts and <stoma&acia is:
4ncB:it ",4ncB(a,4nc *96,"cBbon dnsityDcorrct)
21;,ost common sit o% ma&ignancy in +ts su-ring %rom nuc&ar outbra2
28;:irus acts on c&&s by:
"amaging c&& mmbran,"amaging nuc&ar mmbran,4n'&o'ing +rotin
29;,ost snsiti' c&&s to hy+o#ia ar:
30;,y&in in (0@ is %ormd by:
,icrog&ia, c&&s,<&igodndrocytsDcorrct),,Astrocyts
31;Fatur not associatd .ith irr'rsib& c&& inKury is:
,y&in OgursDcorrct),,Aaryo&ysis,Aaryorrh#is,,itochondria& shrin2ag
32;Irtr isnot constrictd at:
*&'ic brim,at *IQ,*soas musc&Dcorrct),<+nning at b&addr
33;(ommon r&ation o% urtr is:
AntBto gonada& 'ss&s and +ostBto i&iac ADcorrct)B,*ostBto gonada& 'ss&s
and antBto i&iac AB
3=;*atint %&s +ain a%tr sh undr.nt surgry %or Obroids,structur
inKurd .ou&d b:
Irtrs,<'aris,Fa&&o+ian tubsDcorrct)
35;3ast common sit %or cto+ic +rgnancy .ou&d b at:
<'arisDcorrct),*ouch o% doug&us,$ratr omntum,Fa&&o+ian tubs,(r'i#
36;$a&& b&addr is su++&id by:
(ystic A and 3%t gastrcAB,(ystic A and 3%t 6+atic,<n&y (ystic AB Dcorrct),
31;:nous drainag o% urinary b&addr is into:
4ntrna& 4&iac :Dcorrct),B,)#trna& 4&iac :B,(ommom 4&iac :B,4ntrna& and
#trna& :B
38;6y+othyroid +atint in on thyro#in,bst mar2r to monitor his thyroid
status is:
93,9=,9@6,93 and 9=,93,9= and 9@6 &'&sDcorrct)
39;*atint ha'ing hy+r+&astic bon marro.,anamia,4nc *&at&ts is
+robab&y su-ring %rom:
A+&astic anamia,,ga&ob&astic,,y&oObrosis,3au2miaDcorrct)
=0;@timu&us %or )ryrthro+oitn scration is:
=1;)rytro+oitn is a&.ays raisd in:
*o&ycythmia 'ra,*rimary +o&ycythmiaDcorrct),@cB+o&ycythmia
D*o&ycythmia 'ra is on&y ty+ o% +o&ycythmia in .hich thr is "cB )*<B
=2;Fo&& 'in .ou&d b di&atd in +orta& 690:
4n%B+igastric,$onada&,/na& 'in,3%t co&ic :Dcorrct)B
=3;*atint a%tr gastrctomy is on :it512,th c&&s &ost in th gastrctomy
,ucous,+arita&Dcorrct),chi%,$ob&t c&&sB
==;Fat tags attachd to th .a&&s o% &arg intstin ar 2no.n as:
9ania co&iDcorrct),,6ausstra& %o&ds,A++ndcs +i+&oca
=5;5i& sa&ts ar rabsorbd %rom th:
=6;Fo&& is an autosoma& dominant disas is:
(ystic Obrosis,6rditary s+hrocytosisDcorrct),9ha&asmia,@ic2& c&&
=1;9y+ o% d%ct in 6rdtary s+hrocytosis is:
)n7ymatic d%ct,@tructura& d%ctDcorrct),
=8;*atint .ith Kaundic,anamia,high rticu&ocyt count is ha'ing:
Fo&at d%B,4ron d%B,:it512 d%B,6mo&ytic anamiaDcorrct)
=9;)Kacu&atory duct o+ns into:
Irtr,Irtric crst,5&addr,*rostatic urthraDcorrct)
50;9rmina& +art o% (5" in r&ation to +ancras is:
)mbdd into +ancras,&i +ostrior&y,&i antrior&y
51;Fo&& .ou&d caus massi' in%arction and dstruction &ading to
+atint dath:
9hrombus,)mbo&us,Fatty thrombus,9hrombombo&ismDcorrct)
52; 22yrs %ma& +tB.ith 13th .2 o% +rgnancy a%tr ha'ing crush
%racturs in /@A dis a%tr 3
days,most &i2&y caus o% dath is:
Amniotic Juid mbo&ism,Air mbo&ism,Fat mbo&ismDcorrct)
53;*atint .ith o&d history o% adno(A o% co&on is o+ratd %or
+o&y+ctomy,on histo&ogic 'a&uation
+atho&ogist &ab&&d it as bnign .ith no chancs into ma&ignant
trans%ormation,it .ou&d b:
FA*,:i&&ous adnoma,9ubu&ar adnoma,9ubu&o'i&&ousDcorrct),,ta+&astic
5=;9yrosin dri'at' dosnt inc&ud:
9@6,Adrna&in,0or adrna&in,*ro&actin,"o+amin
55;*rcursor o% striod hormon is:
56;(a+su& o% &i'r in 2no.n as:
51;,ost common sit o% thyrog&ossa& cyst is:
58;Wasting o% thnar minnc,&oss o% snsation o'r thumb and ind#
Ongr,nr' in'o&'d is:
59;9h bas o% urinary b&addr is mad by:
*ost sur%acDcorrct),Ant sur%ac,4n%ro&atra&,@u+rior sur%ac
60;@hoc2 .ithout ha'ing 'asodi&ation is &i2&y associatd .ith:
5urns,$ram +ositi' in%,$ram ngati' in%B,@u+rantign in%ction
61;Fo&& dosnt %orm th &ayr o% inguina& cana&:
)#trna& ob&i?u,intrna& ob&i?u,trans'rsus,rctus abdominusB Dcorrct)
62;Fmora& shath is %ormd by:
Fascia trans'rsa&is,Fasica transBand Fasica i&iacaDcorrct),,)#trna&
ob&i?u,4ntrna& ob&i?u
63;*atint .ith bon +ains ha'ing norma& (a,inc A&2B+hos+Bmost &i2&y
su-ring %rom:
*agts,6y+r*96,6y+r :it",5on mtsDcorrct),<stoma&acia
6=;)#trna& s+rmatic %asica is %ormd by:
)#trna& ob&i?uDcorrct),4ntrna& ob&i?u,(rmastric musc&,9rans'rsus
65;4n 9urnr syndrom,th gnoty+ .ou&d b:
66;<rgan ha'ing &ast chancs o% in%arction:
61;9y+ o% ncrosis in brain in%arction:
68;*tB.ith cr'ica& &ym+hadno+aty,E' AF5 s+utum,sign to &oo2 %or 95 on
microsco+y is:
(hronic inJammationBcasous ncrosisDcorrct),&ym+hocyctic inO&tartion
69;9hyroid g&and mo's .ith s.a&& bcaus it is nc&osd in:
*rtracha& %asicaDcorrct),4n'sting %asica,:rtbra& %ascia,(arotid %ascia
10;0uro'ascu&ar bund& in chst .a&& &is bt.n:
)#trna& and 4ntrna& intrcosta& muc&s,4ntrna& and 4nnrmost
&ayrsDcorrct), 4nnrmost and nothoracic
%asica,5nath )ndothoracic %ascia
11;Fibrous +ricardium and mdicatina& +&ura is su++&id by:
:agus 0B,4ntrcosta& 0B,*hrnic 0Dcorrct),B,Autonomic 0B
12;,an is su-ring %rom tsticu&ar ca,th &ym+ahtic drainag o% tstic& is
*ara aortic 3BnodsDcorrct),,*r aortic,@u+rOcia& inguina&,4ntrna&
i&iac,)#trna& i&iac 3Bnods
13;4n #rcis,th 'nous b&ood rturns to th hart by:
,usc& +um+ in ca&'s
1=;(ircu&ation in hart is maintaind by:
@ym+hthatic sys,*arasym+hthtic sys,3oca& mchanismDcorrct)
15;Fishrman is +rsntd .ith gingi'a& b&ding and cchymosis,h is
su-ring %rom:
Fo&at d%B,4ron d%B,:it 512 d%,:it ( d%Dcorrct)
16;Facor a-cting co&&agn synthsis during ha&ing is:
4n%ctionsDcorrct),,:it (,Forign body
11;,soth&ioma is associatd .ith:
:iny& ch&orid,@i&ica,AsbstosDcorrct),,(o++r dust,(arbon
18;(hi&d ha'ing mc2&s di'rticu&um is ha'ing b&ding +r rctum,it is du
:o&'u&us,4ntrssus+tion,)cto+ic gastric tissuDcorrct)
19;"uring &actation,Amnorrha is du to:
4nhibition o% 36 and F@6 thru *ro&actinDcorrct),,"cB+ro&actin,"c ostrogn
80;*rsnc o% +ancratic tissu in gastric mucosa is trmd as:
81;,ain di-rnc bt.n +rimary and scondary intntion .ound ha&ing
$ranu&ation tissu,Wound contractionDcorrct),4nJammatory c&&s
82;(hi&d .ith sor throat a%tr 3 .2s d'&o+d odma,hamturia,caus
.ou&d b:
,inima& chang disasB+ost str+tococca& $0Dcorrct),4gA
n+hro+athy,Foca& sgmnta& $@B
83;,icrosco+ic %atur o% +o&yartrits nodusa is:
$ranu&oma,Fibrinoid ncrosisDcorrct)
8=;Angiotnsion 44 #rts its -cts by acti'ating:
/nin,Angiotnsion 4,A&dostronDcorrct),A0F
85;9umor com+rssing o+tic chiasma .ou&d caus:
5inasa& hamiano+ia,5i&atra& hamiano+ia,5itm+ora&
hamiano+iaDcorrct),,(om+&t b&indnss
86;$ hormon is ma#ima&&y rasis in:
3B3ym+h drainag o% +riana& s2in is %rom on o% th %o&&
ABintrna& i&iac nods
5B#trna& i&iac nods
(B&atra& grou+ o% hori7onta& su+rOcai& nods
"Bmdia& grou+ o% hori7onta& su+rOcai& nodsDcorrct)
)B'rtica& grou+ o% nods
=B3ssr omntum
ABconncts .ith dudnum
5B%orms %a&ci%orm &igamnt b
(Br&atd to &%t adrna& g&and
"Br&atd to &%t 2idny
)Br&atd to rt 2idny
9BWhich o% th %o&& is not a %atur o% shoc2
ABdcras cardiac out+ut
5Bmus&c .a2nss
(Bincrasd urin out+utDcorrct)
39BWhich is most im+ indicator o% musc& +rotin &oss
ABura a
(Bnon o% abo'
"Buric acid
)B ! is tru about "0A
AB"oub& strandd in .hich t.o strands ar anti+ara&&& to ach othr
5B a sing& turn o% "0A is 2nm
(B(an #ist as h&i# in sing& strandd %orm as .&& as in "oub& strandd
=1BA norma& &oo2ing $ir& cam to you .ith +rimary amnorrha,on
#amination sh .as ha'ing short b&ind 'agina .id norma& 'u&'a, scanty
+ubic n a#i&&ary hairs,norma& brasts,absnt utrus,hr 2aryoty+ is!
AB=68P Dcorrct)
=5BA +t cam to you .ith +rimary amnorrhoa, .bbd nc2, short statur
diagnosd as 9urnr syndrom, .ht is hr 2aryoty+!
AB=58< Dcorrct)
10Bsu++&y o% s+hinctr urthra coms %rom
ABi&ioinguina& nr'r
5B+&'is s+&anchnic nr's
(Bsacra& s+&anchnic nr's
"Bautonomic nr's
)B*udnda& nr's Dcorrct)
15B9hymus d'&o+s %rom
ABctodrm o% 2nd brachia& +ouch
5Bndodrm o% 2nd brachia& +ouch
(Bctodrm o% 3rd brachia& +ouch
"Bndodrm o% 3rd brachia& +ouch Dcorrct)
)Bmsodrm o% 3rd brachia& +ouch
16BA +t +rsntd .ith an o+ning in th ant .a&& o% strnoc&domastoid
musc& .ith +ussy discharg coming out o% itBthis +rob&m occurd du to
abnorma&ity in on o% th %o&&
AB1st +harynga& c&%t
5B2nd +harynga& c&%t
(B1st +harynga& +ouch
"B2nd +harynga& +ouch Dcorrct)
)B3rd +harynga& c&%t
11B"ia+hragmatic hrnia occurs du to
AB absnc o% +&uro;+ricardia& mmbran
5B absnc o% s+tum trans'rsum
(B absnc o% +&uro;+ritona& mmbranDcorrct)
"B absnc o% cntra& tndon
)B absnc o% arch!
18B)rythro+oiss occurs in midd& trimstr main&y %rom
"Bbon marro.
)Bboth &i'r n 2idny
19B@u+rior +arathyroid g&and d'&o+s %rom
AB1st brachia& arch
5B2nd brachia& arch
(B3rd brachia& +ouch
"B=th brachia& +ouch Dcorrct),
)B3rd brachia& c&%t
20B4n cr'ica& carcinoma,.at is th &ym+h drainag
ABintrna& i&iac
5B#trna& i&iac
(Bboth intrna& n #trna& i&iac Dcorrct)
"Bsu+rOcia& inguina&
)Bd+ inguina&
21B/9 coronary artry
ABariss %rom antrior aortic sinus Dcorrct),
5Bntrs th rt hart bordr a%tr +assing through su&cus on +ostrir sur%ac
(B su++&is both 'ntric&s
"B su++&is @BA nod
)B su++&is &%t atrium
25B,ost im+ hormon in'o&' in g&uconognsis is hormon
"Bcortiso& Dcorrct)
)B $&ycogn
26BA +t +rsntd .ith rt i&iac %ossa +ainB h is diagnosd to ha' acut
a++ndicitis on J#ing his rt thigh in.ard n mdia&&y h cris .ith is
th ty+ o% a++ndicitis h has
(B+&'ic Dcorrct)
1BA+o+tosis is inhibitd by
ABca+sass acti'ation Dcorrct),
5B 5c&;2 inhibition
(B Acti'ation o% *;53
"B a+o+tosis r&atd +rotin !!
32B,ost +otnt chmotactic %actor is
5B(5a Dcorrct)
)Barachdonic acid mtabo&its
33B.hat is th most a++ro+iat ans.r
AB(3a is o+sonin
5B(5a is +otnt ana+hy&actic
(B(5a is a +otnt chmotactic agnt Dcorrct)
"B(3b n (5a ar ana+hy&actant
3=B3o. srum com+&mnt sn in .hich condition
5Ban2y&osing s+ondio&itis
(Brhumatid arthritis
"Bmu&ti+& sc&rosis
35B*t +rsntd .ith +hotosnsiti'ity,rash n Koint +ainB.hich is th daignostic
in this cas
ABanti @@ antibodis
5Banti "@ antibodis Dcorrct)
"Banticntromr antibodis
)Bantimitochondria& antibodis
=1BWhich o% th %o&& has highst cho&stro& contnt
AB (hy&omicron rmnants
5B 3"3Dcorrct),
(B :3"3
"B 6"3
)B 4"3
=9BWhich drug do not caus gynacomasia!
AB"igo#in Dcorrct)
50BWhich is th bst o+tion in idntiOcation o% 9urnrSs syndrom
5Bbarr bodis
(B2aryoty+ing Dcorrct)
"B(t scan
53B)nd +roduct o% +urin mtabo&ism is
ABura and .atr
5Buric acidDcorrct),
"B.atr and ammonia
5=B)rythro+oitin is scrtd %rom
AB&i'r c&&
5B+ritubu&ar intrstitium o% 2idnyDcorrct),
(Bmacu&a dnsa o% 2idny
55B)@/ is dcrasd .ith
5Ba&bumin is dcrasd Dcorrct)
(Bg&obu&in is dcrasd
"Bdcrasd b&ood 'o&um
)Bdcrasd +&asma 'o&um
56B/5(Ss ar
(Bha' nuc&us
"B&argst o% a&& c&&s
)Bha' g&yco&ytic n7ym acti'ity Dcorrct),
59B(ommonst (aus o% *"A
(B+rmaturity Dcorrct)
"Bcongnita& abnorma&ity
60B,ost common (aus o% mta+&asia is
5Bchronic irritation Dcorrct),
61BWat is th di-rntiating +oint o% hy+r+&asia %ron hy+rtro+hy
ABincras in si7 o% c&&
5Bincras in si7 n no o% c&&
(Bis r'rsib&
"Bis +rma&ignant !!!!!!!
)Bin'o&' 'iscra on&y
62B"ys+&asia is sn main&y sn in
ABbon marro. Dcorrct)
"BObrous tissu
)Bd+ tissu
63BWat is th di-rntiating %atur o% hy+r+&asia %rom bnign tumor
ABincras in no o% c&& Dcorrct),
5Bar th sam as +arnta& c&&
(Bcyt+&asm n nuc&us ratio is drrangd
6=BWhat is th most tru among %o&&
ABm/0A has a codon
5Bm/0A has anticodon
(Br/0A is most abundant n in'o&' as ribosoms on ndo+&asmic
"Bt/0A is &argst
)Bt/0A in'o&' in +rotin synthsis
65BdOcincy o% 96A4,40)D51)causs a&& #c+t
ABcardiac anoma&is
5Bmusc& .asting Dcorrct)
(Bd%cts in a&coh&ics
"Bsubacut dgnaration o% s+ina& cord
)Bcns abnorma&itis in a&coho&ics
66BA4"@ is associatd .ith a&& o% th %o&& #c+t
AB2a+osi sarcoma
5B&ym+hoid tumors
(B+rimary tumor o% brain Dcorrct),
61B:49A,40 in'o&' in co&&agn synthsis is
ABascorbic acidDcorrct),
68B0ura& tub d%cts occur du to dOcincy o%
5B%o&ic acid Dcorrct),
69B4ron is stord in th %orm o%
10B(<2 is tran+ortd in &ungs through
ABsim+& di-usion Dcorrct),
5B%asi&itatd di-usion
(Bacti' trans+ort
"Bcarriar +rotins
11B6@: is associatd .ith
AB(A cr'i#
5B(A 'u&'a
(B'agina& .art
"B'u&'a& +a+u&s!
1=B<+tic groo' a++ars on &%t sid o% %orbrain on day
5B22 Dcorrct)
15B$rmn mas&s causs .hich abnorma&ityB What is th most a++ro+riat
ABcongnita& cataract Dcorrct),
5Bcongnita& da%nss!
(,cardiac anoma&is!
"B&imb d%ormatis
16BA n.born .ith antrior abd .a&& s.&&ing and umbi&ica& cord attachd to is th condition ca&&d
ABom+ha&oc& Dcorrct)
(Bumb&ica& hrnia
)Bintstina& ma&%ormation
11B*9 has #o+htha&mos n his 93 n 9= ar is th o+tion %or
tratmnt o% #o+htha&mos
ABdrugs b&oc2ing th action o% 9=!
5Bdirct su++rsion o% 9= Dcorrct)
"Badministration o% tstostron
)B+artia& +arathyroidctomy
18B9ratmnt o% diabts in +rgnant &ady is
ABsu&+hony& ura
5Binsu&in Dcorrct),
"Bsu+hony&ura n biguanids
83Bsid -ct o% str+tomycin
ABim+airmnt o% haring
8=BWhich o% th %o&& is o++ortunistic organism
AB) co&i!
)Bch&ostridium Dcorrct)
85B*sudommbranous co&itis is causd by
AB(&BdiTci& Dcorrct)
(B(3 +rOrangs
86BAbout as+argi&&osis .hich is not corrct
ABis causd by %unga&
5Busua&&y sn in +r#isting &ung disass!
(Bis causd by &ong trm antibiotic usB
91B*t has a history o% in%ction = .2s bac2Bno. h d'&o+d sam +ain ty+ o% c&& .i&& +rsnt at this tim o% disas
ABnuto+hi&s Dcorrct),
)Bmast c&&s
98BWhat is th drug o% choic %or ":9 in ist trimstr o% +rgnancy
5Bh+arin Dcorrct)
)Bm%anamic acid
102B9y+ 2 hy+rsnsiti'ity raction inc&uds
ABrythrob&astis %ta&is
a&& othr o+tions .r .rong
103B9rans%usion raction .i&& not occur in a +t i% . trans%us th
ABgrou+ A .ith <
5Bgrou+ A .ith A5 Dcorrct)
(Bgrou+ A5 .ith A
"Bgrou+ 5 .ith <
)Bgrou+ < .ith 5
10=BWhich o% th %o&& dos not cross +&acnta asi&y
5Bamino acid
(B4g $
"B4g , Dcorrct),
105BWhich drug is usd in th tratmnt o% hirsutism
ABantiandrogns Dcorrct)
"Bcry+totron actat
106B,ost common organism in'o&'d in in%ction causd by 4I("
5B) co&i
101B)(F di-r %rom 4(F in
ABhigh concB o% 0a n (a Dcorrct)
5Bhigh A &o. 0a
(B&o. 0a n (a high A
"B high concB <% A U (a .ith &o. 0a
)B:o&um R
108Bdi-rnc o% smooth n s2&ta& musc&
AB(a;(a&modu&in com+&# is +rsnt in smooth musc&s
109B4n +artia& mo&,2aryoty+ is
)B6988P Dcorrct)
110B4% carbohydrat is s+aratd %rom +rotins .at .i&& b th %at
ABaggrgation n +rci+itation Dcorrct)
5B&iminat %ron 2idny!
(Bincras u+ta2 int musc&
111B3yso7om contains
"B hydro&ass Dcorrct)
)Ba&2a&in +hos+hat
122B Fo&& is Autosoma& "ominant "isordr
a) *hny&2tonuria
b) 6rditary @+hrocytosis Dcorrct)
c) 6mo+hi&ia A
d) (ystic Fibrosa
LB1 *aractamo&BBBBB
a) incrass *9
b) its o'rdos causs 0+hroto#icity
c) is a +oor anti;inJamatory Dcorrct)
d) is mor strongr than codin
) causs mt;6bBmia mor %r?unt&y than *hanactin
LB2 A90 is associatd .ithBBB
a) 6y+r2a&mia
b) concB urin in initia& stags Dcorrct)
c) incras in sBura but norma& sBcratinnin
LB3 (ongnita& cataract is associatd .ith
a) chi2n +o#
b) chromosoma& abnorma&ity
c) sma&& +o#
d) /ub&&a Dcorrct)
LB= ,@ is charactri7d byBBB
a) 3.y bodis
b) *atchy dmy&ination U .hit Obr g&iosis Dcorrct)
c) a#ona& nuro+athy
LB5 A&& o% th %o&& ha' abi&ity o% +hagocytosis )8()*9
a) ,icrogi&a
b) 3ym+hocyts
c) Au-r c&&s Dcorrct)
d) 0utro+hi&s
LB6 *u&monary Artria& +rssur incrass .ithBB
a) )ssntia& 6*90
b) @ym+thatic stimu&ation
c) 0itrog&ycrin
d) )#crcis
) 6y+o#ia Dcorrct)
LB1 in an Asthamtic %ma&,immdita tratmnt o% 6*90 during intra;
o+rati' 6*90, is
a) sub&ingua& g&ycrin trinitat
b) intraB'nous nitrog&ycrin Dcorrct)
c) +ro+rana&o&
LB8 "uring gi'ing &oca& anasthia, th &ong nd& gos %ar into gratr
+a&atin cana&,causing anasthsia o% an autonomic gang&ion,as a rsu&t
a&ong .ith drynss o% nasa& mucosa a&so occurs
a) dcrasd scrtions o% *arotid
b) dcrasd scrtion o% @ubmandibu&ar U sub&ingua& g&ands Dcorrct)
LB9 9issu .hich has in;abi&ity to r+&ac dad c&&s
a) 6art Dcorrct)
b) Aidny
c) 3i'r
d) 5on
) 5o.& ,ucosa
LB10 0on;ssntia& amino acid inc&uds
a) 3ucin
b) 4so;&ucin
c) ,thionin
d) 9yrosin Dcorrct)
LB11 ,tabo&ic A&2a&osis is caud by
a) (hronic 6y+o'nti&ation
b) *ancratic Fistu&a Dcorrct)
c) hy+rg&ycmia
d) A90
LB12 $&ucronid conKugation o% drugs
a) causs inacti'ation o% drug
b) is 9y+ 1 raction
c) ma2s drug inso&ub& in .atr Dcorrct)
d) incrass its -cts
LB13 A +atint ha'ing gnra&i7d body .a2nss U numbnss,
on in'stigation h is ha'ing In;conKugatd 5i&irubinmia,
6bV 1B= mdCd& ,(:BBN 120 J,
th anmia is du to BBBB
a) 6mo&ysis
b) :it 5 9 d%B
c) :it 5 12 d%B
d) 6y+rs+&nisim Dcorrct)
LB1= 9issu .ith "ua& autonomic su++&y but not rci+roca& suu+&y is
a) @2in
b) 5&ood 'ss&s Dcorrct)
c) *u+i&
d) @a&i'ary g&ands
) (i&iary musc&
LB15 (aus o% Koint +ain in "+ sa di'rs
a) artria& mbo&ism
b) 'nous mbo&ism
c) "4(
d) thrombombo&ism
LB16 4n summr,in a %asting man th caus o% concntratd urin is
a) @2in Dcorrct)
b) 5&ood 'ss&s
c) *u+i&
d) @a&i'ary g&ands
) (i&iary musc&
LB11 A 35 yr o&d man is ha'ing bi&atra& +tosis o% y during 'ning sinc
&ast %. .2s,th conOrmatory tst o% th diagnosis .i&& b
a) 9nsi&on 9st
b) Ach /c+tor Antibody 9st
c) b&ood cu&tur
d) (9 scan 5rain
LB18 i% a 6igh "#tros .atr is in%usion gi'n to a +rson,it inhibits
a) (otiso&
b) A"6 Dcorrct)
c) A&dostron
d) 4nsu&in
LB19 *arasym+thatic su++&y o% @igmoid (o&on is
a) @acra& sgmnts @2,@3,@=
b) *&'ic s+&anchnic 0r's Dcorrct)
c) 'agus nr'
LB20 .hich dos not ta2 +art in inJamatory ractions
a) Adrna&in
b) 6istamin
c) 5;hydro#y try+tamin
d) "o+amin Dcorrct)
LB 21 *arita& U :iscra& *ricardium is su++&id by
a) *hrnic 0r' Dcorrct)
b) @ym+thatic 0r's
c) :agus n'
d) (ardiac *&#us
LB22 A young man had sinKury to th nc2 .ith sum shar+ obKct,3 yrs ago,
0o. h notics a bu&ging s.&&ing abo' th c&a'ic& on sn7ing U
this s.&&ing most +robab&y du toBBB
a) 4nKury to d+ %ascia o% nc2 Dcorrct)
b) dmag to su+ra;+&ura& mmbran
c) In;unitd Orst /ib Fractur
LB23 ,idd& mninga& artry i% ru+turd .hi& mings ar intact,th
6amorrhag .i&& b
a) )+idura& Dcorrct)
b) @ubdura&
c) 4ntracrania&
LB2= "orsa& /ami o% th cr'ica& nr's innr'ats
a) Abductor *o&&ics
b) )#tnsors o% 3imbs Dcorrct)
c) )#tnsors o% 9run2
d) @tabi&i7rs o% @hou&dr
LB25 ,usc&s o% 6and su++&id by
a) 'ntra& rami o% (;8 Dcorrct)
b) :ntra& branchs o% 9;1
c) ,dian 0r'
d) I&nar 0r'
) /adia& 0r'
LB26 A +rson has shar+ 2ni% inKury to u++r mdia& as+ct o% arm,
a%tr .hich 6 is unab& to F&# his &bo. U ha'ing &oss o% cutanous
snsations on &atra& as+ct o% %orarm,
th nr' inKurd is
a) ,dian 0r'
b) A#i&&ary nr'
c) /adia& 0r'
d) ,uscu&ocutanous 0r' Dcorrct)
LB 21 A 9rans+&ant %rom idntica& is
a) A&&ogra%t
b) 6trogra%t
c) 6omogra%t
d) 4sogra%t Dcorrct)
) 8nogra%t
LB28 9hra+utic 4nd# o% a drug indicats its
a) )-cti'ity
b) )Tcacy Dcorrct)
c) *otncy
d) 9o#icity
LB29 *harma2o2intic intraction among drugs is #am+&iOd by :
a) @hortning o% action o% *rocain by Adrna&in
b) incras +ri+hra& to#icity o% 3'odo+a .ith (arbido+a
c) incras to#icity o% ,thotr#at by As+irin
d) +r'ntion o% 0itrog&ycrin inducd tachycardia by *ro+rano&o&
) b&o2ad o% acty&cho&in rc+tors by atro+in
LB30 A 30 yars o&d 15 2g "iabtic man .ith rcnt diagnosis o%
<n )($ : 3%t :ntricu&ar 6y+rtro+hy
sBIra ;; 20 mgCd& sB(ratinin ;; 0B1 mgCd&
sBIric Acid;; 1B5 mgCd& sB0a ;; 1=0 mmo&
sB A;; 2B5 mmo& sB(& ;;; 103 mmo&
sB6(<3 ;; 23 mgCd& 2= 6r Irinary *rotins;; 30
U Fasting 5@3;;; 80 mgCd&
9h caus isBBBBBBB
a) )ssntia& 6*90 Dcorrct)
b) "iabtic 0+hro+athy
c) *hochromocytoma
d) Addison "isas
) *rimary 6y+rA&dostronism
LB31 Acut 9ubu&ar 0crosis is charactri7d by
a) 6y+r;2a&mia
b) 4nitia&&y concntratd urin Dcorrct)
c) ,tabo&ic A&2a&osis
d) sBIra is incrasd U sBcratinin is norma&
LB32 $F/ is masurd by c&aranc o%
a) 4nu&in Dcorrct)
b) (ratinin
c) Ira
d) $&ucos
LB33 @arcoidosis is diagnosd microsco+ica&&y by
a) $ranu&oma .ith Astroid
b) 0on;casating $ranu&oma
c) (asating $ranu&oma
d) ,acro+hags U $iant c&&s Dcorrct)
LB3= ,u&ti+u& sc&rosis is charactri7d byBBB
a) 3.y 5odis in 0uc&us
b) *tachy dmy&ination .ith .hit Obr g&iosis Dcorrct)
c) A#ona& dgnration
LB35 What is 40A**/<*/4A9) about :agus 0r'BB
a) its &ongst (rania& 0r'
b) +asss in bt.n 4Q: U 4(A
c) +asss +ostrior to (arotid @hath Dcorrct)
d) $i's /currnt 3arynga& 0r'
) gi's @u+rior 3arynga& 0r'
LB36 9hymus is
a) /ich in 3ym+hocyts Dcorrct)
b) *rsnt at birth but shor&y rgr a%tr birth
c) dri'd %rom =th *ahrynga& *ouch
d) is a +art o% 9hyroid
) 3is +ostrior to 9racha
LB31 9ru statmnt about "o.n @yndrom is
a) 9risomy 23
b) contains sing& 8 chromosom
c) mor chancs .ith incrasing matrna& ag Dcorrct)
LB38 A&iniO&tr syndrom
a) contains sing& 8 chromosom
b) &ss chancs o% ,nta& rtardation Dcorrct)
c) +hnoty+ica&&y %ma&
LB39 Fo&& is Autosoma& "ominant "isordr
a) *hny&2tonuria
b) 6rditary @+hrocytosis Dcorrct)
c) 6mo+hi&ia A
d) (ystic Fibrosa
LB=0 At 35 .2s o% $station,in sam+& ta2n %rom amniocntsis,
thr is incrasd A&+ha;Fto+rotin,its most +robab& caus isBB
a) "o.n syndrom
b) 9urnr syndrom
c) @+ina (ystica Dcorrct)
d) 6ydroc+ha&ous
LB=1 9horacic "uctBBBB
a) rci's 3ym+h %rom both right U &%t sids
b) &is in +ostrior mdiastinum Dcorrct)
c) +asss Kust right to th thoracic aorta
d) #tnds %rom u++r abdomnt to nc2
) has a di&atation ca&&d (istrna
LB=2 /at o% +assag o% %ood in so+hagus d+nds u+on
a) $ra'itationa& Forc
b) 0uromuscu&ar #citation di-rnt W u++r U &o.r oso+hagus
c) +rogrssi' +rista&sis in so+hagus Dcorrct)
d) Acidity
LB=3 W 3+rotomy /tro+ritona& Abscss .as %ound,th sit .oud b
a) @tomach
b) @igmoid (o&on
c) 9rans'rs (o&on
d) Ascnding (o&on Dcorrct)
) @ma&& intstin
LB== @ourc o% )strogn U *rogstron in &ast trimstr is
a) (horionic :i&&us
b) *&acnta Dcorrct)
c) <'ry
d) Adnohy+o+hysis
) (or+us 3utum
LB=5 A +atint ha'ing Facia& d'iation a&ong .ith &oss o% snsations on
antrior 2C3 rd o% tongu,th &ision &is in
a) Facia& (ana& Dcorrct)
b) 4ntrna& auditary matus
c) Facia& 0r' 0uc&us
d) @ty&omastoid Foramn
LB=6 A&& ar th branchs o% :agus nr' )8()*9
a) Auricu&ar
b) 3acrima& Dcorrct)
d) /currnt 3arynga&
LB=1 Fo&& nr' &is in th (a'rnous @inus
a) <+tha&mic
b) <ccu&omotor
c) Abducnt Dcorrct)
d) 9rigmina&
LB=8 4n a *ituitary Adnoma,th 5itm+ora& 6miano+ia occurs du to &ison
a) (ntra& +art o% <+tic chiasma Dcorrct)
b) <+tic 0r'
c) <+tic 9ract
d) +ri+hra& *art o% <+tic chiasma
) 3atra& $nicu&at body
LB=9 ,usc& o% Forcd )#+iration is
a) 4ntrna& 4ntrcosta&
b) )#trna& 4ntrcosta&
c) @trnocidomastoid Dnon o% thm)
d) @ca&nus Antrior
) @ca&nus ,dius
LB50 0a /tnsion is associatd .ith
a) "hydration
b) incras A"6 Dcorrct)
c) "crasd A&dostron
d) 6art Fai&ur
) 6y+rthyroidism
LB51 :on;Wi&&brand "isas is
a) Autosoma& "ominant Dcorrct)
b) Autosoma& /cssi'
c) in som %ami&y mmbrs asoociatd .ith Factor 48 dOcincy
d) in som %ami&y mmbrs associatd .ith norma& Factor 48
LB51 A ma& .d AE DAo,"") 5&ood grou+, marrid to a %ma& ha'ing
5E D5o,"d ) b&ood grou+,chi&drn can ha' a&& b&ood g+ )8()*9
a) A5 E'
b) A5 ;' Dcorrct)
c) A E '
d) 5 E'
) < E'
LB52 :ita& (a+acity
a) masurd dirct&y by @+iromtry
b) is dcrasd in som 3ung disass
c) is th sum o% 9ida& :o&umE)/:E4/: Dcorrct)
LB53 Whn a branch o% *u&monary Artry is b&oc2d by mbo&us,%o&&
3ung %unction incrass
a) A&'o&ar (o2
b) A&'o&ar <2
c) *u&monary artry <2
d) *u&monry artry (o2 Dcorrct)
) :nti&ation *r%usion
LB5= "i-rnc bt.n Adnoma U 6y+r+&asia is
a) incras in si7 o% c&&
b) incras in 0oB o% c&&s
c) (a+su& Dcorrct)
LB55 4n a (3" +atint +rsnting .ith 6amatmsis,th +r%rrd
immdiat tratmnt is
a) <ctriotid
b) :it A
c) %ormd *&at&t (oncB
d) **4
).ho& b&ood Dcorrct)
LB56 Among most im+ortant initia& st+s in a+o+tosis
a) Acti'ation o% 5c&;2 /c+tors
b) Acti'ation o% (as+ass Dcorrct)
c) Watr inJu# into th c&&
LB51 A%tr a trauma, a +rson has inabi&ity to stand %rom sitting +osition,
th nr' dmagd is
a) 4n%rag&uta& Dcorrct)
b) @u+rag&uta&
c) @chiatic
d) Fmora&
) <bturator
LB58 About A ; /gu&ation , %o&& is corrct
a) A is 98X in th c&&s
b) norma&&y com+&t&y rabsorbd in "ista& tubu&
c) incras .atr a-cts A;ba&anc Dcorrct)
d) dcras in "BA
LB59 A man .ith +rsistant Ots .ithout rgaining consciousnss %or 30
th immdiat tratmnt is .ith
a) (arbama7+in Dcorrct)
b) :a&+orat
c) 3ora7+an
LB60 An unconsious man .ith +in;+oint +u+i&s not rs+onding to
0a&o#on,th +robab& caus is
a) 6roin Dcorrct)
b) 6ashsh
c) ,or+hin
d) *hnobarbiton
LB61 @tomach gts its artria& su++&y %rom a&& )8()*9
a) (i&iac artry
b) @+&nic Artry
c) @u+rior ,sntric Artry Dcorrct)
d) 6+atic Artry
LB62 9h 6ormon .hich stimu&ats r&as o% 6(<3 %rom *ancras .ithout
stimu&ating +ancratic n7ym scrtions,is
a) ((A
b) @crtin Dcorrct)
c) $astrin
d) *+sin
) ,ucin
LB63 @u+ra;/na& $&and artria& su++&y
a) rci's a&& brachs dirct&y %rom Aorta Dcorrct)
b) rci's b&ood %rom 3 sourcs
c) rci's branchs %rom both rna& artris
d) rci's b&ood %rom in%rior +hrnic artry
LB6= @tnsonSs duct
a) ariss %rom +ostrior sur%ac o% *arotid
b) +ircs th 5uccinator musc&
c) o+ns in th ora& ca'ity against BBBB
LB65 Which in%ction is not causd by "0A 'irus
a) (hic2n *o#
b) 6r+s @im+&#
c) 6r+s Mostr
d) ,um+s Dcorrct)
) @ma&& *o#
LB66 <n #amination o% a %ma&,a +&a?u &i2 &ision sn on *ostro;
su+rior as+ct o% :agina,it is
a) @?uamous (&& (A
b) Adnocarcinoma
c) /habdomyosarcoma
d) .art Dcorrct)
LB61 About (@F most a++ro+riat statmnt is
a) it is u&traO&trat o% *&asma
b) has mor g&ucos than b&ood
c) has cushioing -ct Dcorrct)
d) absorbd in (horoid *&#us
LB68 <n standing %rom a sitting +osition,W a+# o% &ung thr is incras in
a) 5&ood F&o.
b) :nti&ation
c) +<2
d) +(<2
LB69 ,tastatic (a&ciOcation occurs most&y in
a) Aidny Dcorrct)
b) 5on
c) 3ung
d) 4ntstin
) *ancras
LB10 5asa& (&& (arcinoma in'o&'s
a) 5ucca& ,ucosa
b) 6ard *a&at
c) @o%t *a&at
d) 3o.r 3i+
) <ra& (a'ity Dcorrct)
LB11 A %ma& undr.nt $astrctomy %or Mo&&ingr;)&&ison @yndrom,gi'n
*arntra& :it 5;12,
th inabi&ity to absorb 5;12 is du to &oss o%BBB
a) *arita& (&&s Dcorrct)
b) $astric (&&s
c) (ardiac (&&
?ustion no =6:mothrs mi&2 di-rs %rom co.s mi&2 in that it contains:
b)&actos Dcorrct)
d)'itamin "
?ustion no =8:+atint has ndocrin disordr has mtabo&ic a&2a&osis and
hy+o2a&mia,h has #css o%:
b)a&dostron Dcorrct)
?ustion no =9:hormon that stors carbohydrats, &i+ids n +rotins in c&&s
is a&so 2no.n as hormon o% abundanc:
a) hormon Dcorrct)
c)thyroid hormon
?ustion no 50:hy+rg&ycmia is causd by:
b)g&ucagon Dcorrct)
) hormon
?ustion no 51:2toacidosis is causd by:
a)incrasd +roduction o% g&ucos
b)dcrasd +roduction o% g&ucos Dcorrct)
c)dcrasd uti&isation o% carbohydrat in body
d)insu&in #css
?ustion no 52:insu&in scrtion is sto++d by
b)dcrasd 2 &'&s
c)somatostatin Dcorrct)
?ustion no 53:hormon that stors carbohydrats,&i+ids n +rotins in body
a) hormon Dcorrct)
b)thyroid hormon
?ustion no 61:turnrs syndrom,most dOniti' diagnostic tst:
a)+rsnc o% barr body
b)chromosoma& ana&ysis Dcorrct)
?ustion no 62:1= yrs gir& has +rimary amnorrha,norma& brast
d'&o+mnt,scondary s#ua& charactristics norma&,short b&ind nding
'agina,s&ight +ubic hair,usg r'a&d absnt utrus,undr&ying caus:
a)congnita& adrna& hy+r+&asia Dcorrct)
b)chromosoma& d%ct
c)%ai&ur % d'&o+mnt o% gnita& tubrc&
d)d%ct o% +aramson+hric duct
?ustion no 65:r+atd b&ood trans%usions DA5 n /h com+atib&) in an
indi'idua& .i&& &ad to:
a)hamochromatosis o% &i'r
b)hy+oca&cmia Dcorrct)
d)trans%usion raction
?ustion no 66: /h incom+atibi&ity occurs in a mothr i% sh has:
a)/h ngati' %tus Dcorrct)
b)/h +ositi' %tus
?ustion no 61:th bst .ay to +r'nt /h isoimmunisation in a .oman .ho
has gi'n birth to /h +ositi' %tus:
a)b&ood trans%usion
b)+&at&t trans%usion
d)/h immunog&obu&ins Dcorrct)
?ustion no 68:a +rson brought in r had burns,h .as admittd &atr on h
d'&o+d %'r and b&ding diathsis,h is su-ring %rom:
a)"4( Dcorrct)
b)h+atorna& %ai&ur
c)h+atic %ai&ur o% +rothrombin +roduction
d)rna& %ai&ur
?ustion no 69:%o&& is not a caus o% "4(:
a)+r c&amsia
b)amniotic Juid mbo&ism
c)cr'ica& carcinoma
d)abru+tio +&acnta Dcorrct)
01B A 10 yar o&d boy .ith shou&dr inKury &ost abduction o% his shou&dr u+ to
30 dgr .hich musc& is &ost:
"&toid Dcorrct)
02B A boy is brought to a hos+ita& .ith inKury at &bo. Koint &ost #tnsion o%
mdia& = Ongrs at ,9* Koint, abduction o% thumb .ith intact snsation du
4nKury to /adia& nr' at &bo.
03B Which o% th %o&& musc& is not su++&id by mdian nr':
Adductor +o&icsB
0=B /garding +a&m:
@u+rOcia& +a&mr arch is b&o. +a&mr a+nurosisB
05B Which o% th %o&& musc& ha' dua& nr' su++&y %rom mdian and
u&nr nr':
F&#or digitorum +ro%undusB
06B 4n%ction o% th Orst +u&+ s+ac &ym+h nods .i&& Orst draindB
)+itroch&ar &ym+h nodsB
01B Which o% th %o&& musc&s is J#or at hi+ and #tnsor at 2n:
08B 4n an inKury to 2n Koint a man is unab& to #tnd his 2n th root
'a&u a-ctd:
09B 4n th inKury to nc2 o% Obu&a th artry damagd:
AntB 9ibia& artryB
*rona& artryB Dcorrct)
10B /garding +ostB 9riang&:
5as is %orm by midd& 3rd o% c&a'ic&B
11B 5i%urcation o% common carotid artry:
5nath th antB 5ordr o% strnoc&adomastoid at th su+B 5ordr o% thyroid
12B $rat sa+hnous 'in has ho. many 'a&'s:
13B :rtbra& 'nous +&#us:
6as no communication .ith crbra& sinussB
3is in +idura& s+acB
4s %ormd by t.o 'rtbra& 'insB
1=B A =0 yars o&d man %&s +ain in his gastrocnmus musc& a%tr h
.a&2s 100 mtr .hich r&i's .hn h sto+s .a&2ing is &i2&y du to
obstruction o%:
AB *ostB 9ibia& artryB
15B @ubc&a'ian artry groo's o'r:
AB 1st ribB
16B What is ina++ro+riat about a7ygus 'inB
AB 4t ntrs th thoracic ca'ity thru so+haga& o+ningB
11B Which o% th %o&& structur archs o'r root o% &%t &ung:
AB Arch o% aortaB
18B Wa2st +oint o% rib is:
AB Ang& o% th ribB
19B A +atho&ogist .ants to +ass dy to th &i'r h .i&& rach thru:
AB 3igamntum 9rsB
20B 4ntrna& s+rmatic %ascia is a continuation o%:
AB 9rans'rsa&is %asciaB
21B 9h branch o% intrna& carotid artry .hich rmains in tru +&'is
throughout its cours:
AB ,idd& rcta& artryB
22B "uring a +r rcta& #amination th #aminr .i&& not r'a&:
AB Irtr
23B *arasym+athtic nr's su++&ying th urinary b&addr ar:
AB *&'ic s+&anchnic nr'sB
2=B 0r' su++&y to th &o.r air.ays:
AB 93;=
25B "uring an inKury to th bu&bar +art o% urthra th urin .i&& #tra'asat
AB @u+rOcia& +rina& +ouchB
26B 0r' su++&y to th dista& scrotum is thru:
4&&ioinguina& nr'B Dcorrct)
4&&iohy+ogastric nr'B
$nito%mora& nr'B
21B "uring surgry o% right co&on %or carcinoma .hich structur .ou&d not b
AB AortaB
28B @&o. tumor o% had o% +ancras .i&& com+rss:
AB (ommon 5i& "uctB
29B 9umor o% th had o% +ancras .i&& com+rss:
AB (ommon 5i& "uctB
1B /garding "cidua:
AB "cidua basi&is %orms th matrna& +art o% +&acntaB
2B )mbryonic +riod is:
AB 3;8 .2sB
3B Which o% th %o&& is a dri'ati' o% nuro ctodrm:
AB @+hinctr +u+i&i musc&B
=B "ri'ati' o% )ctodrm inc&ud:
AB @crtary )+ith&ium o% +arotid g&andB
6B /garding A&&antois:
1B &%t umbi&ica& 'in .i&& rgrss to:
AB 3igamntum 9rsB
8B Which o% th %o&& structur is not an )mbryo&ogica& rmnant:
AB 3atra& umbi&ica& &igamntB
9B /garding ,soth&ium:
AB 3ins th body ca'itisB
10B *hysio&ogica& hrnia occurs in bt.n:
AB 6;10 .2sB
11B What .i&& ha++n immdiat&y a%tr birth:
Anatomica& c&osur o% "uctus artriosusB
Anatomica& c&osur o% "uctus 'nosusB
Anatomica& c&osur o% %oramn o'a&B Dcorrct)
<b&itration o% 3%t umbi&ica& 'inB
<b&itration o% /ight umbi&ica& 'inB
12B Which o% th %o&& bon is dri'd %rom 2nd *harynga& arch:
AB @ty&oid +rocssB
13B ,usc&s innr'atd by hy+og&ossa& nr's ar dri'd %rom:
AB <cci+ita& @omitsB
1=B *rimordia& $rm c&&s ar dri'd %rom:
AB Po&2 sac ndodrmB
1B *u&monary Wdg *rssur:
AB 4ndirct&y masurs &%t atria& +rssur,
2B :ntricu&ar "+o&ari7ation on )($ stri+ is r+rsntd by:
AB L/@ (om+&#B
3B :ntricu&ar +r&oad is masurd by:
AB 3:)":B
=B 5&ood Jo. to th &%t 'ntric&s is incras by:
Acty&cho&in in%usionB
@ym+athtic stimu&ation Dcorrct)
5B 5ain 5ridg rJu#B
6B 4*@* is gnratd by o+ning o%:
AB (&; chann&sB
1B "uring "+o&ari7ation:
AB 9hr is ra+id inJu# o% 0aEB
8B 5&ood grou+ antign:
AB Wi&& not %ound in any othr tissu than b&oodB
5B Wi&& b inhritd by Autosoma& rcssi' +attrn
9B 4% %athrSs b&ood grou+ is 5E' U mothrSs b&ood grou+ is A5E' thr
chi&d can not ha' .hich o% th %o&& b&ood grou+:
10B )@/ .i&& incras .ith th dcras in:
AB A&buminB
11B A"6 .i&& act on:
AB "ista& 9ubu&sB
12B /na& absor+tion o% g&ucos thru scondary trans+ort .ith sodium occurs
AB *ro#ima& 9ubu&sB
12B @im+& "i-usion d+nds on a&& o% th %o&& %actors #c+t:
AB ,agntic O&dB
13B What is th suitab& 4C: Juid %or th +atint o% acidura:
0orma& @a&inB Dcorrct)
"orro.Ys so&utionB
/ingr &actatB
5X d#tros
10X d#trosB
1=B Which o% th %o&& causs 6y+r2&mia:
Mo&&ingr )&&ison syndromB
(ushing syndromB
(onnYs syndromB !!!!
*y&oric stnosisB !!!!!
15B Which o% th %o&& hormon is ca&&d @9/)@@ 6</,<0):
AB (ortiso&B
16B 4nhibitory %actor r&asd by hy+otha&amus against .hich o% th %o&&
$ hormonB
11B 5i& o% th 3i'r di-rs %rom th $5 bi& bcaus $5 bi& contains
dcras amount o%:
AB WatrB
18B Which o% th %o&& c&& can n'r r+roduc:
@2&ta& musc&B
@mooth musc&B Dcorrct)
19B Which o% th %o&& is th 0<9 non di'iding c&&:
AB 6+atocytsB
20B 6at &oss main&y d+nds on:
9m+ratur o% th surroundingB Dcorrct)
21B (ortiso& dcrass .hich o% th %o&& c&&:
AB 3ym+hocytB
22B /sction o% dista& i&um .i&& im+air th absor+tion o%:
AB 5i& @a&tsB
23B /garding 5rady2inin:
4t %ormation is acti'atd by 2i&&2ranB
2=B /garding 4ntr%ron:
25B @ur%actant is r&asd by:
AB 9y+ 44 +numocytsB
26B 4ncras +ri+hra& rsistanc is du to:
AB 4ncras 'asomotor tonB
21B (h&orid shi%t mans:
AB 9rans%r o% (&; in rythrocyts in #chang o% 6(<3B
28B (ardiac musc&s ar +r'ntd by ttani7ation du to its:
3ong r%ractory +riodB Dcorrct)
29B @ustaind rhythmic rJ# trmors induc by suddn mo'mnts is:
AB (&onusB
30B ,ost acti' %orm o% thyroid hormon +rsnt in circu&ation is:
AB 93B
31B /garding conduction o% 'isua& +ath.ays:
32B /garding o&%action:
AB @har+ odors ha' th ?ua&ity o% .atr U &i+id so&ubi&ityB
33B Ini&atra& Anosmia is du to:
AB A-ction o% 0asa& mucosaB
$)0)/A3 *A96<3<$P
1B 4rr'rsib& c&& inKury starts .ith:
AB /u+tur o% th 3ysosoma& mmbranB
2B Which o% th %o&& is not a mdiator o% acut inJammation:
AB "o+aminB
3B 4(A, U :(A, mdiats:
AB 3u2ocyt AdhsionB
=B F'r in inJammation is causd by:
AB 431 U 90F ZB
5B A 36 yars o&d .omn +rsntd .ith acut abdomnB At &a+arosco+y
most o% th bo.& &oo+s .r dar2 +ur+& b&ac2B 6r msntric 'ins .r
+atntB 9h most +robab& undr&ying +atho&ogica& +rocss is:
AB Wt $angrnB
6B @u+rim+osd in%ction on ncrosis is ca&&d:
AB $angrnous 0crosisB
1B F&uid accumu&ats in acut inJammation contains:
AB *rotins N3gmCd&B
8B Fat ncrosis occurs in:
AB Acut +ancratitisB
9B What is ina++ro+riat about %at ncrosis:
AB <n&y causd by trauma to th %at tissuB
10B A 25 yar o&d &ady .ith 1= .2s +rgnancy had a road traTc accidnt
brought to th mrgncy d+artmnt .ith a &arg o+n .ound on thigh and
%mur %racturB A%tr 2 days o% accidnt sh suddn&y co&&a+sd U didB 9h
most +robab& +atho&ogica& +rocss in'o&' in hr dath:
AB Fat )mbo&ismB
11B /garding Fat )mbo&ism:
4t is Fta& in N80X o% cassB
49 mani%st .ithin 12 hoursB
12B A 30 yar o&d .omn brought to mrgncy d+artmnt .ith
13B A 16 yars o&d boy d+&y Kaundicd +rsntd .ith gum b&ding du
AB :itamin A dOcincyB
1=B A +atint +rsntd .ith n&arg &ym+h nods, th diagnosis o%
9ubrcu&osis in this +atint is conOrmd by:
AB *rsnc o% casous ncrosis in &ym+h nodsB
15B An 18 yar o&d gir& cam to %ami&y doctor com+&aining o% +rimary
amnorrha, on #amination sh %ound to ha' .&& %ormd brasts, b&ind
ndd 'agina .ith no utrus U o'aryB 6r +robab& Aaryoty+ is:
AB =6 8PB
16B )dma du to incras hydrostatic +rssur is sn in:
AB (ongsti' cardiac %ai&urB
11B Which o% th %o&& is a bnign tumor:
AB WarthinYs tumorB
18B Which o% th %o&& is a +rma&ignant condition:
AB 3u2o+&a2iaB
5B )rythro+&a2iaB
19B Which o% th %o&& is a +rma&ignant condition:
,ta+&asia )ndocr'i#B
(ystic hy+r+&astic ndomtrium
20B ,ta+&asia dos not occur in:
:itamin A dOcincyB
21B 9h +rimary sourc o% (ratinin is:
@2&ta& musc&sB
(ardiac musc&sB
22B "ystro+hic (a&ciOcation is sn in a&& o% th %o&& #c+t:
,a&aria& +arasitB
"ad %tusB
6ydatid (ystB
23B ,a#ima& tnsi& @trngth o% a .ound is attaind inB
3 ,onthsB
<'r an un+rdictab& +riod o% timB
1 ParB
6 daysB
10 daysB
2=B /garding autosoma& rcssi' disordrs:
25B Which o% th %o&& ar not non;di'iding c&&sB
AB 6+atocytsB
26B 4n a +atint thr is atro+hy o% submandibu&ar g&and du to its duct
obstructionB Atro+hy o% th g&and is bcaus o%:
AB A+o+tosisB
21B 9h mchanism o% inKury o% ioni7ation radiation is:
AB Fr radica& %ormationB
28B 3A@)/ act by:
5iochmica& changs
29B A +atint admittd to th hos+B diagnosd as cas o% gas gangrn dis
du to:
AB 9o#ic shoc2
30B Which o% th %o&& is th conOrmatory tst o% A4"@:
Wstrn b&otB
@*)(4A3 *A96<3<$P
1B 6+atic hmngioma is associatd .ith:
AB :iny& (h&oridB
2B Which o% th disas is common in 4C: drug abusrs:
AB 4n%cti' )ndocarditisB
3B 9y+hoid carrirs ar:
AB Isua&&y asym+tomaticB
=B 4ntstina& mta+&asia du to rJu# so+hagitis &ads to:
AB AdnocarcinomaB
5B )mbryo&ogica& mar2r that ra++ars in circu&ation in (a (o&on is:
6B Which o% th %o&& is +cu&iar %or crohnYs disas is:
AB *riana& 3sionsB
1B Anmia o% +rgnancy is du to:
AB 4ncras +&asma 'o&umB
8B ,aKor com+&ication o% s'r burn:
Formation o% granu&ation tissuB
(arcinoma %ormationB
9B What is 4na++ro+riat about hy+r +arathyroidism:
AB 9hr is incras *<= rna& absor+tionB
10B A 25 yar o&d &ady com+&aining o% +a&+itations, hat into&ranc on
#amination hr +u&s is 112bCmin, 5* 120C80, /C/ 20 brCminB @h is most
+robab&y a cas o%:
AB 6y+rthyroidismB
11B /sction o% Antrior &ob o% +ituitary .i&& &ad to:
AB "cras g&ucocorticoidsB
12B A 6 yar o&d boy is com+&aining o% +ro#ima& muscu&ar .a2nss .as
%ound to b (aEE chann& antibodis +ositi'B 9h most +robab& diagnosis
3ambrt )atn @yndromB
,ysthnia $ra'isB
13B 4n +u&monary mbo&ism, rs+iratory %ai&ur is du to:
AB :nti&ation C +r%usion mismatchB
1=B 3%t 'ntricu&ar %ai&ur .i&& &ad to:
AB 4ncras +u&monary artrio&ar *rssurB
15B 4mmdiat -ct a%tr inKury to a 'ss& is:
16B )-cts o% hy+r +arathyroidism in (aB &ung is du to:
*arathyroid &i2 +rotin
*arathyroid hormon
11B @+&nctomy .i&& h&+ in trating .hich ty+ o% anmia:
AB 6rditary @+hrocytosisB
18B ,a&ignant 9umor that .i&& not mtastasi7:
AB 5asa& c&& carcinomaB
19B Ach&asia is du to:
AB Absnc o% ,yntric +&#usB
20B A%tr a traTc accidnt a &ady is brought to a hos+ th 4,,)"4A9) st+
you do:
AB (&ar air.ayB
21B Amobic in%ction rachs &ungs 'ia:
"irct #tnsion %rom &i'rB
5y as+iration o% o'a o% )ntamoba histo&iticaB
5y as+iration o% tro+ho7oits o% )ntamoba histo&iticaB
:ia *orta& 'inB
22B 4n 6y+othyroidism thr is incras in:
AB (ho&stro&
23B 4n thyroid disas th antibodis ar dirctd against:
AB 9hyrog&obinB
2=B A 50 yars o&d man is a.a2nd in th midd& o% th night .ith acut
+ain U tndrnss o% th right 2nB 6 has a &o. grad %'rB 6is 2n is
hot, tndr U s.o&&nB Ana&ysis o% Juid %rom right 2n sho.s: &u2ocyts
10,000Cmm3 .ith 15X nutro+hi&s, crysta& ana&ysis V ngati' bir%ringnt,
gram stain V ngati'B 9h most &i2&y diagnosis is:
AB $outB
5B *sudo goutB
(B @+tic arthritisB Dcorrct)
1B Which o% th %o&& b&oc2s Z and [ rc+tors:
AB 3abta&o&B
2B Atamin is usd as ansthtic in r+atd drssings o% burn +atint
AB 4t r&i's +ain as .&&B
3B "rug that dcrass th ton o% &o.r so+haga& s+hinctr U incrass
gastric m+tying:
AB ,tac&o+romidB
=B Which o% th %o&& is suitab& antihy+rtnsi' %or asthma U 46"
+atint during surgry:
4C: sodium nitro+russidB
4C: nitrog&ycrinB
5B Which o% th %o&& is drug o% choic %or +atint o% status asthmaticus:
4C: amino+hy&in
<ra& stroid
4C: sa&butamo&B
6B "uring surgry antibiotics shou&d b gi'n at:
AB At th tim o% induction o% ansthsiaB
1B 6+arin .i&& inhibit:
AB (&ot +ro+agationB
5B (&ot organi7ationB
8B Acid su++rssion is don by b&oc2ing:
AB 62 /c+torB
9B "rug o% choic %or acut +ancratitisB
9F A ma& .ith $ynacomastia, sma&& tsts, diagnosd as A&in%&trs
syndromB 9h 2aryoty+ in'o&'d is
AG =5 8<
5G =6 88
(G =1 888
"G =1 88y Dcorrct)
)G =1 88
10F @omits ar dri'd %rom
AG 4ntrmdiat msodrm
5G *ara#ia& msodrm
(G 3atra& +&at msodrm Dcorrct)
"G )ctodrm
)G )ndodrm
11F An 4C: Irogra+h o% 8 yar o&d boy sho.s )#crtion o% dy norma& 4 2idny
but absnc o% shado. on &%t sidB 4nstad thr is a sma&& shado. Kust
abo' th b&addr on th &%t sidB Which on o% th %o&& is most &i2&y!
AG 6ors sho 2idny
5G (onstrictd cto+ic 2idny
(G *&'is 2idny
"G 0on rotating 2idny
)G Ini&atra& rna& agnsis
12F Which on o% th %o&& is not %ormd %rom urognita& sinus!
AG 5artho&inSs g&and
5G Irthra& g&ands
(G *ara urthra& g&ands
"G @mina& 'sic&
13F :irus damag th c&& by
AG ma2ing th +ors in c&& mmbran
5G Forming %r radica&s
(G A&tring th %ormation o% +rotins c
"G 0uc&ar damag
)G using nrgy %or thir o.n mtabo&ism
1=F 9h tissu damag by 4oni7ation /adiation is du to
A) "amag to $o&gi bodis
5G Formation o% %r radica&s
(G 6ydro+ic dgnration
"G ,ta+has o% c&&
)G @.&&ing o% c&&s
15F A&& ar %aturs o% 4//):)/@453) c&& inKury )8()*9
AG Aaryo&ysis
5G Aaryorh#is
(G Auto&ysis
"G @hrin2ag o% mitochondria
)G A++aranc o% my&in Ogur
16F Which on o% th %o&& is &ast &i2&y in'o&'d in incrasing
AG 4ncrasd .t: on bon
5G /na& c&& carcinoma
(G (arcinoma +rostat
11F *atint 8;/ay sho.s hi&ar &ym+h nodsB $ranu&oma but no ncrosisB What
is th diagnosis!
AG @arcoidosis Dcorrct)
5G @i&icosis
(G 9ubrcu&osis
18F 4n .omn th most common %orm o% ncrosis a%tr trauma is du to
AG 9rauma to %atty tissu
19F "ystro+hic ca&ciOcation is +rsnt in .hich o% th %o&&
AG Acut +ancratitis
5G ,a&aria
(G 9ubrcu&osis Dcorrct)
20F Which on o% th %o&& is most &i2&y %atur o% r'rsib& inKury!
AG (&& s.&&ing
5G Aaryorh#is
(G "crasd g&ycogn
"G ,y&in Ogurs Dcorrct)
21F A +rson %&& on road and got an abrasion on &bo. th Orst 'nt &i2&y
occur .ou&d b
AG :asoconstriction Dcorrct)
5G *&at&t adhsion
(G *&at&t aggrgation
22F Which on o% th %o&& %aci&itats +hagocytosis in nutro+hi&s!
AG (5a
5G (3a
(G (3b Dcorrct)
"G (3 ; (5 com+&#
23F Which on o% th %o&& is +otnt antio#idant!
AG :itamin A
5G :itamin (
(G :itamin ) Dcorrct)
"G 9rans%rrin
2=F Which on o% th %o&& among Arachidonic acid mtabo&it is most
&i2&y %unction mdiatd in +hagocytosis!
AG (hmo ta#is Dcorrct)
5G "ia+disis
(G 9ransmigration
25F Which on o% th %o&& is +otnt (<8;44 4064549</!
AG As+irin
5G (&oco#ib Dcorrct)
(G 4ndomthacin
"G ,&o#icam
)G *iro#icam
26F 4n cas o% +u&monary mbo&ism #tnsi' in%arction causs suddn dath
du to
AG Air mbo&ism
5G Fat mbo&ism
(G 9hrombombo&ism Dcorrct)
21F A +atint .as o+ratd %or abdomina& surgryB A %. days a%tr h
d'&o+d +ain and s.&&ing in his right &gB Which on o% th %o&& is
most &i2&y!
AG ndoth&ia& inKury
5G hy+rcoagubi&ity
(G stasis and ndoth&ia& inKury Dcorrct)
28F A so&dir has +ro%us b&dingB 6 .as admittd in th hos+ita&B Which
on o% th %o&& shou&d b gi'n immdiat&y!
Frsh %ro7n +&asma
5G 20 days o&d b&ood
(G 3 days o&d b&ood Dcorrct)
29F A boy .as born .ith th condition o% +o&ycystic 2idny disasB Which
on o% th %o&& is corrct!
AG Autosoma& "ominant disordr
5G Autosoma& rcssi' disordr Dcorrct)
(G 8; &in2d disordr
30F 4n a rna& trans+&antation, .hich on o% th %o&& is sing& most
signiOcant tst to b don!
AG A5< b&ood grou+ing o% donor and rci+int
5G 63A ty+ing and matching Dcorrct)
(G "onor and rci+int shou&d b c&os r&ati's
31F A organ .as trans+&antd to th +atint, but .ithin 10 mins th organ
%ai&dB Which on o% th %o&& is &i2&y tio&ogy!
AG Antibody mdiatd
5G 9;(&& mdiatd
(G *r%ormd antibodis Dcorrct)
32F A4"@ occur in th +rsnc o%
AG Aa+osiSs sarcoma
33F A 2 yar o&d boy is sus+ctd as 64: +ositi', .hich on o% th %o&&
is th conOrmatory tst in th boy
AG )34@A tst
5G Wstrn 5&ot tst Dcorrct)
(G *(/
"G 4ncrasd &'&s o% 64: in 9 &ym+hocyts
3=F A 10 yar o&d boy .as o+ratd %or gastrctomy, .hich on o% th
%o&& ty+ o% anmia is d'&o+d +osto+rati'&y
AG ,ga&ob&astic anmia Dcorrct)
5G 4ron dOcincy anmia
(G 0ormocytic norm chromic anmia
35F Autoimmunity is not in'o&'d in .hich on o% th %o&&
AG *rnicious anmia
5G $ra'Ss disas
(G "iabts m&&itus
"G 6ashimotoSs thyroiditis
)G 9hymoma Dcorrct)
36F 4n cas o% hashimotoSs thyroiditis, .hich on o% th %o&& is sn!
AG Anti thyrog&obu&in
31F 9o di-rntiat (hronSs disas %rom I&crati' co&itis, .hich on o% th
%o&& is &i2&y signiOcant rgarding (hronSs disas
AG has incrasd %r?uncy to cancr
5G 4n'o&'s both sma&& and &arg intstin Dcorrct)
38F /garding a&coho&ic h+atitis, %o&& is Onding
AG ,a&&ory bodis
39F A 20 yar o&d gir& has d'&o+d $a&actorrha du to +ro&actinomaB
5romocri+tin is gi'n to trat it th drug causs
AG 4nhibition o% +ro&action %rom +ituitary g&and Dcorrct)
5G "crasd +ro&action %rom hy+otha&amus
(G 4nhibition o% +ro&action %rom brast
"G @timu&ation o% +ro&action o% antrior +ituitary
=0F An unconscious +atint +rsntd in )" dos not rs+ond to 0a&o#onB
Which o% th %o&& drug has bn ta2n by this +atint!
AG ,or+hin
5G 6roin Dcorrct)
(G *thidin
"G *hnobarbita&
=1F @trongst &ayr o% sma&& intstin is
AG ,ucosa
5G @ub mucosa
(G (ircu&ar &ayr
"G @rosa
)G 3ongitudina& &ayr
=2F /garding adrna& mdu&&a .hich on o% th %o&& is tru!
AG @crts +in+hrin and 0or+in+in+hrin in 80C20 ratio
=3F /B)B/ most &i2&y
AG @ynthsi7s +rotin Dcorrct)
5G @ynthsi7s &i+ids
==F 6a&% &i% o% insu&in is
AG 5 mins
5G 90 mins
(G 120 mins
=5F 4nsu&in
AG (on'rts g&ycogn to g&ucos
5G @timu&ats +rotin synthsis Dcorrct)
(G @timu&ats &i+o&ysis
=6F Which on o% th %o&& most &i2&y contains abundant cho&stro&!
AG :3"3
5G 3"3 Dcorrct)
(G (hy&microns
"G 6"3
=1F Which on o% th %o&& most &i2&y causs 4ncras in $F/!
AG (onstriction o% a-rnt artrio&
5G (onstriction <% -rnt artrio& Dcorrct)
=8F $astric m+tying is d&ayd by
AG $astrin
5G @crtin
(G ((A Dcorrct)
=9F Which on o% th %o&& +ancratic n7ym is most &i2&y in'o&'d in
%at absor+tion
AG Amy&as
5G 3i+as
50F @mooth musc&
AG (ontain sarcomr
5G 9;tubu&s ar +rsnt
(G $a+ Kunctions ar +rsnt Dcorrct)
"G Forms motor nd +&at
51F @tady +rssur on s2in is +rci'd by
AG *acinianSs cor+usc& Dcorrct)
5G /uTniSs cor+usc&
(G ,issnrSs (or+usc&
"G $o&gi tndon organs
39B ,tabo&ic a&2a&osis aB rna& %ai&ur
=0B A/F; most -ctBaB *(9 a bB "(9 cB 3<6 dB ("
=1B 6b 8B0, 6(<3; inc D35), +6 4nc, (aEE dcB (aus aB A/F bB :it " d% cB
%o&ic acid dOcincy dB *96
=3B 6igh out+ut cardiac %ai&ur
aB 9hiamin a bB 52 cB 56 dB Fo&ic acid
==B 90 yrs o&d &ady .ith +ur+&ish &arg +atch on /t hand and armB 0o itching
or +ainB 0o comorbids, < 0orma&B /ason! aB (a+i&&ary abn
bB *rothrombin cB :it A d+ndnt c&otting %actors
=1B War%arin, -cts on: aB Factor :444 bB %actor 444 cB *rothrombin c
=8B 4b+rato+ium bromid gi'n by nbu&i7ation: aB dc A(h r&as in bronchi
a bB 'asodi& cB inc scrtion
=9B ,ast c&& stabi&i7rB aB 0a chromog&ycat
52B @c r&asd %rom thyroid g&and ntring circu&ation is: aB 9hyro#in bB
Fr 93 cB %r 9= dB 9@6 B 9/6
53B (ushingSs triad: aB 4nc 4(*, 690, 5radycardia bB 4nc 4(*, hy+o90,
bradycardia cB inc 4(*, hy+o90, tachycardia dB inc 4(*, 690B tachycardia B
dc 4(*, 690, tachycardia
122B *t com+&ains o% chst +ain %or mor than 30 min B )($ sho.s changs in
:1; :=B 4t dnots: aB antrior .a&& ,4 a bB antro&atra& ,4 cB 4n%rior .a&& ,4
dB 3atra& .a&& ,4 B 4n%rior .a&& ,4
150B ,du&&ary rs+iratory grou+ o% nurons t o% ascnding rticu&ar systm
aB 9ru bB %a&s 1
151B Anion ga+ incrass in: aB Incontro&&d ",
152B 5i& %rom &i'r is di-rnt %rom that %rom $5 in:
160B ,diators o% inJammation aB (3a bB (5a b cB 431 dB 90F a&+ha
161B 3argst tota& cross;sctiona& and sur%ac ara is o%: aB artry bB
artrio&s cB ca+i&&aris dB 'nu&s B 'ins
162B 5&ood Jo. rgu&ation is mdiatd by: aB artrio&s a bB +rc+i&&ary
s+hinctr cB ca+i&&aris dB 'nu&s
=F A 16 yar o&d boy .as gi'n (<;9/4,A8AM<3) %or %'r, a%tr %. hours
h d'&o+d rd co&or urin, &i2&y abnorma&ity is in AG $&ucosG;6;
*hos+hat dOcincy5G 4mmun hmo&ysis (G o#ysma& 0octurna&
6amog&obinuria "G ,a&aria d
)G @ic2& c&& disas
5F 9hiamin dOcincy causs AG *ri+hra& 0uro+athy a 5B *&&agra(G
(h&osis "G "rmatitis
6F ,i&2 is notorious&y dOcint in AG :itamin ( 5G 4ron (
/iboJa'in "G *antothnic acid )G :itamin A
1F "ry hat 2i&&s th bactria by AG (oagu&ation o% +rotins 5G (&& &ysis (G
Fr radica& %ormation "G "irct 2i&&ing d )G <#idation
8F :irus damag th c&& by AG ,a2ing th +ors in c&& mmbran 5G
Forming %r radica&s (G A&tring th %ormation o% +rotins c "G 0uc&ar
damag )G using nrgy %or thir o.n mtabo&ism
9F Which on o% th %o&& &i+o+rotin has highst +rotin contnt! AG
6"3G aG 5G 3"3 (G :3G "G 4"3 )G (6P3,4(/<0@
10F A&& ar r&atd to *3A9)3)9 FI0(94<0 )8()*9 AG
(a+i&&ary rsi&inc tst a 5G 59 (G (&ot rtraction
11F A33)33) is: AG Fragmntd gns 5G 0on;idntica& gns (G @tructura&
gns "G /gu&atory gn )G Autosoma& "ominant gn
12F "B4B( is stimu&atd by: AG Factor 8 5G Factor 844 (G 9hrombo+&astin "G
Factor 48 d )G Fibrinogn
13F 4n nchyma& c&&s 4ron is d+ositd in th %orm o% AG 9ran%rrin 5G
Frritin b(G 6amatin "G 6amog&obin )G 3i+i%uscin
19F /garding :on Wi&&brand disas AG Autosoma& "ominant 5G Autosoma&
/cssi' (G
@om %ami&y mmbrs ha' &o. &'& o% Factor 48 "G @om %ami&y mmbrs
ha' abnorma& &'& o% Factor 48 )G has +ositi' %ami&y history
20F Which o% th %o&& condition is r&atd to &ym+hatics! AG
Angiosarcoma a 5G /habdomyosarcoma (G (ystic hygroma
21F 9h condition in .hich +u&monary trun2 %ai&s to di'id &ading AG *"A
a5G 9runcus artriosus (G 9<F
22F 5asa& (&& (arcinoma is &ocatd at AG 3o.r &i+ 5G I++r &i+ (G 9ongu
"G 6ard +a&at )G @o%t +a&at
25F Which o% th %o&& is not (arcinogn! AG A&coho& 5G 5n7athracin
(yc&o+hos+hamid "G 5n7idin )G "imthy&su&%at
26F 9h 4nitia& st+ in A*<*9<@4@ is AG 4nhibition o% *53 gns 5G Acti'ation
o% 5(3;2 (G Acti'ation o% (as+ass c "G +ors %ormd by &ym+hocyts
28F Which t o% 2idny +roducs )/P9/<*<49)0 AG ,acu&a "nsa 5G
*ritubu&ar (a+i&&ary b (G *(9 "G "(9 )G 3<6
29F A +atint .ith signs and sym+toms o% mga&ob&asstic anmiaB 9h &i2&y
caus is
A "crasd $49 moti&ity 5G "Ocincy o% intrinsic %actor b (G ,a&absor+tion
30F @timu&ation to incras @rum (a&cium is AG 6y+o;+hos+hatmia 5G
atharmon b (G "crasd )(F
31F ,a&nutrition causs a&& o% th %o&& )8()*9 AG *itting )dmaB a 5G
3oss o% subcutanous %atB (G Fai&ur to thri'B "G @2in +igmntation )G
32F 3i'r bio+sy %rom a +ati
nt sho.s a &sion .hich com+riss o% cntra& co&&ction o% structur &ss
matria& surroundd by +ith&iod c&&s and &ym+hocytsB <n &arg c&& .ith
mu&ti+& nuc&i arrangd c&os to mmbran is a&so snB 9h most &i2&y
chang in cntra& ara .ou&d b
: AG (asous ncrosis 5G (oagu&ation ncrosis (G Fatty changs"G
6ydro+ic changs )G 3i?u%cti' ncrosis
33F A 28 yar Oshrman +rsntd .ith s&o.&y d'&o+ing &thargy, asy
%atigu and +a&+itationsB 6is dit com+riss o% Osh an
d ric on&yB *hysica& #amination: *a&&or, 3oss o% touch sns in both %t and
&gs 6b: 1B5 gmCd&, *&at&t count: 110 # 10 9C3B /ticu&ocyt count: 0B5XB
@too& "/: <'a o% 4ntstina& asitB 9h most &i2&y causati' asit is AG
An2y&ostomata "uodna& 5G Ascris 3umbricoidis (G "i+hy&obothrium 3atum
c "G @trangy&oids @trcora&is )G 9ania @aginata
3=F A =0 yar o&d ma& a%tr road traTc accidnt had rci'd massi' b&ood
trans%usionB 6 is #+ctd to ha' a&& )8()*9 AG 6y+oca&camia 5G
6y+o2a&mia b (G 6y+othrmia "G
3%t shi%t o% <#yhamog&obin dissociation cur' )G ,tabo&ic acidosis
35F 9h ndoth&ia& mo&cu&s 4(A,;1 U :(A,;1 ar rs+onsib& %or AG "irct
ndoth&ia& inKury 5G )ndoth&ia& c&& contraction (G Qunctiona& r
9raction "G 3u2ocyt adhsion d )G 3u2ocyt margination
36F )ating ra. or undr coo2d mat can caus in%station by AG
"racuncu&ous ,dinnsis 5G )chincoccus $ranu&osis ( 3i'r F&u2 "
@chistosomiasis )G 9a+ Worm
31F A +t: has sustaind burn that is 'ry +ain%u& .ith b&istrsB 6a&ing o% this
burn .i&& ta2 +&ac %rom .hich o% th %o&& &ayrs o% th s2in AG 5asa&
&ayr o% +idrmisG
Aratini7d &ayr (G 3ayr o% u++r drmis c "G 3o.r drmis )G
@ubcutanous &ayr
A =0 yar o&d ma& +rsntd .ith Kaundic and gnra&i7d itchingB 6is 3F9
sho.s "irct 5i&&irubin 11 mgC100 m&, @$*9 15IC3, A&2a *hos+hat 2300 4IC3
5004IC3B 9h most &i2&y caus is AG "rug inducd Kaundic 5G
)#tra h+atic (ho&stasis b (G Autoimmun 6+atitis "G A&coho&ic 6+atitis
)G 4ntrah+atic (ho&stasis
39F 9h tissu damag by 4oni7ation /adiation is du to AG "amag to $o&gi
bodis 5G
Formation o% %r radica&s b (G 6ydro+ic dgnration "G ,ta+&asia o% c&&
)G @.&&ing o% c&&s
=2F 4ncras in 3ight (hain 4mmunog&obu&ins 4s th charactristic %atur o%
AG )ndocrin ty+ Amy&oidosis 5G 6rditary Amy&oidosis (G 3oca&i7d ty+
Amy&oidosis "G /acti' Amy&oidosis )G @ystmic ty+ Amy&oidosis
=3F (hmota#is is causd by AG (5a a 5G (5b (G 3ym+ho2ins "G
3ucotrin 53 )G <+sonins
==F Fo&& ar th actions o% Archidonic acid mtabo&its in inJammation
)8()*9 AG (hmota#is
5G 4ncrasd 'ascu&ar +rmabi&ity
FCPS - October 2008 Paper
by drwatson Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:37 pm
1BWhat is most &atra& in crbra& hmis+hr :
*ars triangu&aris H
*ars intrmdia
2B5&o. th umb&icus antrior abdomn is %ormd by:
)#trna& intrcosta& and +art o% 4ntrna& ob&i?uH
4ntrna& intrcosta&s and +art o% trans'rs abdominis usc&
)#trna& intrcosta&s and trans'rs abdominis musc&
4ntrna& intrcosta&s and trans'rs abdominis musc&
3B*r cancrous in aids:
=B4n &i'r o% a +atint undr th microsco+ a &sion .as sn .ith cntra&
chsy a++aranc surroundd by &arg c&&s .ith &ym+hocyts and
Obrob&ast .hat ty+ o% ncrosis is +rsnt
5BWhich harmon o% th %o&& stimu&ats thirst
6BWhich has no antigns
1B4n a thyroid surgry mass .as #cisid .hich microsco+ica&&y sho.d
amy&oids +ost surgica&&y .hich mar2r .ou&d b ta2n in account
8BWhich 'ariant riss .ith ris in 5*
:nous ton
Artria& ton
9BWhn r th 'ntric&s most O&&d .ith b&ood S
/a+id inJo.
Atria& systo&
:ntricu&ar systo&
10B)#am+& o% .t gangrn
5actria& ndocarditis
Hidden content: I03<(A)"
11BWhich o% th %o&& harmon sto+s o'u&ation during &actation
12Which o% th %o&&.ing d&ays .ound ha&ing
:it cH
:it )
13B%atur o% "o.ns @yndrom
(ardiac anomo&is
)ar&y dathH
1=9urnr syndrom has
(hromosoma& d%ct
@hort staturH
9a&& statur
15B8 &in2d dominant
Fami&ia& +o&y+osisH
$&ycogn storag
16BWhich o% th %o&& tissu is most radiosnsiti'
@2&ta& musc&
11B4n dorsa& co&umn &sion .hich o% th %o&& .i&& b &ost
(rud touch
18BAsthma has &o.
19B*r carcinognic is
20B(ommon %atur in nitrats, iso+rna&in B 9hro+hy&&in is
*ostura& hy+otnsion
/a+id +u&s
21B,idarm circum%rnc is th masur o%
22B9m+ora& Artritis is diagnosis by
W5( count
23B4n %ood +oisoning dath occur by
)#ot#in o% samon&&a
:ibro cho&ra H
)ndoto#in o% @hig&&a
2=B3ong trm granu&omatous disas is
I&crati' co&itisH
25BWatr rabsor+tion through A"6 is don in
3oo+ o% hn&
26B9h organ +&acd rtro+ritona&&y is
26BIrinary b&addr in ma& is
(om+&t&y co'rd by +ritonum
@u+rior&y co'rs
From rctum s+aratd by %ascia o% "non :i&&irs
21B6ydroc+ha&us occurs bcaus o% obstruction in
4C' %oramnH
28B6i+ocam+a& inKury causs
@# rag
3oss o% ,moryH
9m+ratur disturbancs
21BWhat organ &sion causs hy+othrmia
3atra& hy+otha&amus
*ost hy+otha&amus H
28B(hmotactic %actors %unctions most&y in
,argination S
Acut inJammation
29B *aramson+hric duct rmnant in ma& is
A++ndic tstis
30B,us& tra'rsing th shou&dr Koint
31B5&ood s+rad o% (A occurs 1st in
)+i+hysa& +&at
32BA boy +rsntd in th )/ .ith %ractur .ith &ss sum ca&ciumB6 is
su-ring %rom
*rimary hy+o+arathyroidism
:it " dOcincy
2ndry hy+o+arathyroidism
33B)#am+& o% synchondrosis is
4n'o&'s hya&in crt&g bC. 2 bons
(osta& Koint
3=B)rythro+oitin is scrtd %rom
P&&o. marro.
Qg com+&#
,acu&a dnsa
*ritubua&r ca+i&&aris
3oo+ o% hn&
35B $&utus mdius , minimus
Adducts,&atra&&y rotat
Adducts Bmdia&&y rotat
Abducts, mdia&&y rotat
Abducts, &atra&&y rotat
F&#s , mdia&&y rotat
36BQu'ni& +o&y+s ar a&so ca&&d
/cta& +o&y+s
4ntrna& hamorrhoids
31B9$&ycrids ar absorbd in
38B4n gastrctomy &oss o% %o&& occurs
4ntrinsic %acor
:it "
39B6b is nc&osd in /5( at stag o%
3at normob&ast
=0BAdrna& g&and is s+aratd %rom 2idny by
*ritona& %ascia
/na& %ascia
*rin+hric %at
=1BAbout antibodis
6a' 'arib&2 ha'y chains
4g, is abundant
=2B,dian nr' su++&is
*a&mar mdia& 1C3
*a&mar and dorsa& mdia&m1C3
"orsa& mdia& 1C3
"orsa& 2C3 &atra&
=3BAbout 1st &umbrica&
Ariss %rom 2nd mta car+a&
4s bi+nnat
@u++&id by mdian nr'
==B3umbrica&s ar su++&id by
,dian n' d+ br o% mdian n
"+ br o% u&nar n
=5B3atra& +art o% brast su++&id by
Ant grou+
*ost grou+
3atra& grou+
(ntra& grou+
=6B9h musc& o% +assi' ins+iration is
)#trna& intrcosta&
4ntrna& intrcosta&
@ca&ns musc&s
=1B3ym+h drainag o% &atra& 2C3 o% tongu occurs through
@u+ d+ cr'ica& nods
4n%rior d+ cr'ica& nods
@ubmandibu&ar nods
@ubmnta& nods
=8B5oi& on th ti+ o% th tongu .i&& drain into %o&& &ym+h nods
@ubmnta& nd submandibu&ar
=9B*ostrior triang& in th nc2 has %o&&.ing boundris
Ant ant bordr o% @(, +ost omohyoid
*ost ant bordr o% @(, and ant diagastric
Ant +ost bordr o% @(, and +ost ant bordr o% tra+7ius
50B3%t rcurrnt &arynga& nr' has
@hortr rout than right rcurrnt &arynga& nr'
5ranch o% 'agus nr'
@u++&is a&& th musc&s o% so%t +a&at
@u++&is a&& th musc&s o% &aryn#
51B/ight h+atic artry is branch o%
6+atic artry
gastroduodna& artry
(o&iac artry
@+&nic artry
52B@ubca+su&aris sinus is +rsnt in
3ym+h nods
*ayrs +atchs
*a&atin tonsi&s
53BA%tr i&&a& rsction absor+tion o% .hich o% th %o&& com+onnts dos
not ta2 +&ac
9g&ycric acid
:it d
:it c
5=B4n (/F a&& o% %o&& occurs #c+t
55B*atint a%tr radiation 'omitd %or =hrs (& is raisd, h has
,tabo&ic acidosis
/s+iratory a&2a&osis .irh ion ga+
,tabo&ic a&2a&osis
56B*atintt has 5abins2i E &sion is in
"orsa& co&umn
Ant co&umn
51B4n%rior rcta& artry is a branch o%
)#t i&&iac
4nt i&&iac
@u+ +igastric
4nt +udnda& artry
Fmora& artry
58B*rista&sis in th intstin inhibitd by
59B$ranu&oma %ormation dos not occur in
(at scratch %'r
60B<n o% th %o&& is not a %atur o% anarob
$ranu&oma %ormation
61B,&anocyts originat %rom
0ura& crst
62B@tructurs .hich +asss through th aortic o+ning is
'agus and a7ygous 'n
A7ygous 'n
*hrnic nr'
63B4Q: drain in
*trosa& sinus
@agitta& sinus
@traight sinus
@igmoid sinus
6=B3i'r h&+s in immunity by
"to#%ying no#ious agnts
Au+-r c&&s
65B@our and hot is +rci'd by tongu through
:on bnr c&&s
Fo&at +a+i&&a
*ain Obrs
66BA"6 is inhibitd by
61B4n tstis smin%rous tubu&s sho. %o&& undr ,C@
@rto&i c&&s
,i#d c&&s
68B(onstricting a-rnt ducts in 2idny rducs
(ratinin c&aranc
$&ucos c&aranc
69BA boy is ma&nutriond and has dma du to +rotin &oss his
*&asma co&&oid +rssur is dcrasd
4ncras hydrostatic +rssur
5&oc2d &ym+hatics
10B(ho&static cho&angitis is causd by
(o&onrcis s&cans
di+hy&&obothrum &atum
11BA%tr a++ndicctomy .hat may b damagd
4nguina& &igamnt
@u+rior +igastric artry
4&&hy+ogastric nr'
@+rmatic cord
12B9h mc burny +oint indicats th +rsnc o% ti+ o% a++ndi#BFo&& is
tru about a++ndi#
A++ndi# ha incom+&t muscu&ar coat
A++ndi# not attachd to msntry
@u++&id by co&iac artry
13B<n o% th %o&& is not a branch o% )#trna& carotid artry
3ingua& A
<+hta&mic A
<cci+ita& A
,a#i&&ary A
@u+rOcia& tm+ora& A
1=BFmora& artry can b +a&+atd in
,id inguina& &atra& to +ubic tubrc&
,id +oint o% inguina& &igamnt
Adductor cana&
15BA+# o% th %mora& triang&
3is undr inguina& &igamnt
(ontains sma&& sa+hnous 'in
(ontains nods
4s +ointd do.n.ards
16B,dia& sid o% hand is su++&id by
,dian nr'
I&nrr nr'r
/adia& nr'
A#i&&ary nr'
11B:omiting cntr is +rsnt in
18B*atint .irh $ra'ida = *ar= Abortio 0 .ith anmia and occu&t b&ood in
F dOcincy anmia
*rnicious anmia
Anmia o% chronic disas
@idrob&astic anmia
19B4nKury to th nc2 and had o% Obu&a causs damag to
@ura& nr'
@ciatic nr'
9ibia& nr'
(ommon +rona& nr'
80B0r' to &igamntum trs ca+itis is
Fmora& n
<bturator n
,dia& %mora& n
3at circumJ# %mora& n
81BArtry to had o% %mur is
,dia& %mora& circumJ# a
3atra& %mora& circumJ# a
<bturator a
Fmora& a
82B,uscranic rc+tors ar +rsnt in
*ostgag&ionic +arasym+athtic
*ostgag&ionic sym+athtic
*rgang&ionic +arasym+athtic
*rgang&ionic sym+athtic
83B<n bronchosco+y bronchosco+ .i&& 1st ntr
@u+ bronchus
A+ica& bronchus
4n% bronchus
,idd& a+ica& bronchus
8=B)ssntia& %atty acid is
85B4n tissu b&ding occurs bcaus o%
3oss o% coagu&ation %actors
(ongnita& disordrs
)ndoth&ia& damag
dc F"F
86BFo&& is not a %atur o% "4(
"c F"F
"c 59
"c *9
"c thrombin tim
"c +&at&ts
81B/o& o% midd& ar bons is
9ransmit sound
Am+&i%y sound
"os not rs+ond to &o. nois
Ar ssamoid bons
88B"irct inguina& hrnia &is
3atra& to in% +igastric a
,dia& ti su+ +igastric a
mdia& to in% +igastric a
,dia& to +ubic tubrc&
89B9hrombosis is initiatd by
Arachidonic mtabo&its
9hrombo#an A2
90B,ost drug mtabo&ism occur in
91B )nd artry
FCPS 1 - Radiology october 2007 paper
by drwatson Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:54 pm
1;9h musc& in'o&'d in un&oc2ing o% 2n Koint is:
*o+&itus,/ctus %moris,*&antarisB@o&us
2;Adu&t dri'ati' o% notochord is:
0uc&us +u&+osis,Annu&us Obrosis,:rtbr,:rtbra& cana&
3;:rtbra is dri'd %rom:
=;,mory cntr is &ocatd in:
4nsu&a,*arita& &ob,9m+ora& &ob,Fronta& &ob
5;9h most commom ty+ o% sa&i'ary g&and tumor is:
@a&i'ary g&ands,*arotids,@ubmandibu&ar,@ub&ingua&
6;"istruction o% AntB+ituatary g&and causs dcB%unctioning o%
$&omB%asicu&ata,$&omBgranu&osa,,du&&a,Adrna& cort#
1;3ast chancs o% rna& stons is associatd .ith:
6y+r&i+idmia,6y+r*96,6y+r 'itB",4n%ctions,6y+rurcimia
8;0r' su++&y to #tnsors o% arm is su++&id by:
3atBcord,,dia& cord,*ost cord,3atra& and mdia& cord
9;0r' inKurd in AntBdis&oacation o% @hou&dr Koint is:
10;"amag to sca+hoid bon causs inKury to:
/adia& ABI&nar AB5rachia& A,AntBintrossous AB
Hidden content: I03<(A)"
11;(ommon sit o% %ractur at rib is:
Ang&,@ha%t,(ostochondra& Koint,tubrc&
12;Fo&& is not a tumor mar2r:
*3A*,()A,b6($,AF*,Acid *hos+atas
13;,ost common histo&ogy %ound in &ung tumors is:
@?uamous,Adno(A,,i#d,@ma&& (A
1=;*atints coms .ith /tBd'iation o% tongu,"cBsns o% touch and
'ibartions,th artry
common&y in'o&'d in brain is:
*4(A,A4(A,AntB@+ina&,*ostB(rbra&,@u+B(rbra& AB
15;@o&dir coms .ith ha'y b&ding,th ida& Juid r+&acmnt .ou&d b:
*ac2d /5(s,(rysta&&ins,(o&&oids,Who& b&ood %or 3 days,Who& b&ood %or 18
16;,a#i&&ary sinus o+ns into:
@u+Bmatus,4n%rior matus,,idd& matus,0asa& s+tum
11;*atint ha'ing incrasd &'&s o% 4g),most +robab&y su-ring %rom:
5actria& in%,:ira& in%,*arasitic in%,Funga& in%B
18;Autos+y don on th +atint ha'ing (/F,most +rabab& Onding .ou&d b:
6y+rtro+hid *96 g&and,6y+rtro+hid adrna&s,6y+rtro+hid
+ituatry,6y+rtro+hid thyroids
19;)#citation o% +ostB+ituatary .ou&d caus:
@.ting,@trss,@hi'ring,6ungr +angs
20;Fota& +riod starts a%tr .hich .2:
21;*atint ha'ing dc &'&s o% %actor44,:44,48,8,most &i2&y ha':
"cBantithrombin 444,"c :itBA
22;Poung +tBha'ing 6b:6B0,93(:3B5Cu&,*&ts:1&ac is su-ring %rom:
4ron d%B,Fo&at d%B,:it 512 d%B,A+&astic anamia
23;0uc&us ambigus su++&is to:
2=;<&%actory ara is +rsnt in:
AntB+r%orating matria&,<cci+ita& &ob,4n%Btm+ora& gyrus,*arita& &ob
25;*atint .ith inKury to &%t 8th cr'ica& sgmnt o% s+ina& cord .i&& not sho.
%o&& sign:
"c sns o% +osition,'ibration b&o. &sion on sam sid,)#tnsor +&antar
on &%t sid,"c
+o.r o% musc&s b&o. th &son on sam sid,"c sns o% +ain and
tm+ratur b&o. th
&sion on sam sidB
26;Fatur o% /ic2ts and <stoma&acia is:
4ncB:it ",4ncB(a,4nc *96,"cBbon dnsity
21;,ost common sit o% ma&ignancy in +ts su-ring %rom nuc&ar outbra2
28;:irus acts on c&&s by:
"amaging c&& mmbran,"amaging nuc&ar mmbran,4n'&o'ing +rotin
29;,ost snsiti' c&&s to hy+o#ia ar:
30;,y&in in (0@ is %ormd by:
,icrog&ia, c&&s,<&igodndrocyts,Astrocyts
31;Fatur not associatd .ith irr'rsib& c&& inKury is:
,y&in Ogurs,Aaryo&ysis,Aaryorrh#is,,itochondria& shrin2ag
32;Irtr isnot constrictd at:
*&'ic brim,at *IQ,*soas musc&,<+nning at b&addr
33;(ommon r&ation o% urtr is:
AntBto gonada& 'ss&s and +ostBto i&iac AB,*ostBto gonada& 'ss&s and antBto
i&iac AB
3=;*atint %&s +ain a%tr sh undr.nt surgry %or Obroids,structur
inKurd .ou&d b:
Irtrs,<'aris,Fa&&o+ian tubs
35;3ast common sit %or cto+ic +rgnancy .ou&d b at:
<'aris,*ouch o% doug&us,$ratr omntum,Fa&&o+ian tubs,(r'i#
36;$a&& b&addr is su++&id by:
(ystic A and 3%t gastrcAB,(ystic A and 3%t 6+atic,<n&y (ystic AB
31;:nous drainag o% urinary b&addr is into:
4ntrna& 4&iac :B,)#trna& 4&iac :B,(ommom 4&iac :B,4ntrna& and #trna& :B
38;6y+othyroid +atint in on thyro#in,bst mar2r to monitor his thyroid
status is:
93,9=,9@6,93 and 9=,93,9= and 9@6 &'&s
39;*atint ha'ing hy+r+&astic bon marro.,anamia,4nc *&at&ts is
+robab&y su-ring %rom:
A+&astic anamia,,ga&ob&astic,,y&oObrosis,3au2mia
=0;@timu&us %or )ryrthro+oitn scration is:
=1;)rytro+oitn is a&.ays raisd in:
*o&ycythmia 'ra,*rimary +o&ycythmia,@cB+o&ycythmia
=2;Fo&& 'in .ou&d b di&atd in +orta& 690:
4n%B+igastric,$onada&,/na& 'in,3%t co&ic :B
=3;*atint a%tr gastrctomy is on :it512,th c&&s &ost in th gastrctomy
,ucous,+arita&,chi%,$ob&t c&&sB
==;Fat tags attachd to th .a&&s o% &arg intstin ar 2no.n as:
9ania co&i,6ausstra& %o&ds,A++ndcs +i+&oca
=5;5i& sa&ts ar rabsorbd %rom th:
=6;Fo&& is an autosoma& disas is:
(ystic Obrosis,6rditary s+hrocytosis,9ha&asmia,@ic2& c&& anamia
=1;9y+ o% d%ct in 6rdtary s+hrocytosis is:
)n7ymatic d%ct,@tructura& d%ct
=8;*atint .ith Kaundic,anamia,high rticu&ocyt count is ha'ing:
Fo&at d%B,4ron d%B,:it512 d%B,6mo&ytic anamia
=9;)Kacu&atory duct o+ns into:
Irtr,Irtric crst,5&addr,*rostatic urthra
50;9rmina& +art o% (5" in r&ation to +ancras is:
)mbdd into +ancras,&i +ostrior&y,&i antrior&y
51;Fo&& .ou&d aus massi' in%arction and dstruction &ading to
+atint dath:
9hrombus,)mbo&us,Fatty thrombus,9hrombombo&ism
52;22yrs %ma& +tB.ith 13th .2 o% +rgnancy a%tr ha'ing crush %racturs
in /@A dis a%tr 3
days,most &i2&y caus o% dath is:
Amniotic Juid mbo&ism,Air mbo&ism,Fat mbo&ism
53;*atint .ith o&d history o% adno(A o% co&onis o+ratd %or
+o&y+ctomy,on histo&ogic 'a&uation
+atho&ogist &ab&&d it as bnign .ith no chancs into ma&ignant
trans%ormation,it .ou&d b:
FA*,:i&&ous adnoma,9ubu&ar adnoma,9ubu&o'i&&ous,,ta+&astic +o&y+
5=;9yrosin dri'at' dosnt inc&ud:
9@6,Adrna&in,0or adrna&in,*ro&actin,"o+amin
55;*rcursor o% striod hormon is:
56;(a+su& o% &i'r in 2no.n as:
51;,ost common sit o% thyrog&ossa& cyst is:
58;Wasting o% thnar minnc,&oss o% snsation o'r thumb and ind#
Ongr,nr' in'o&'d is:
59;9h bas o% urinary b&addr is mad by:
*ost sur%ac,Ant sur%ac,4n%ro&atra&,@u+rior sur%ac
60;@hoc2 .ithout ha'ing 'asodi&ation is &i2&y associatd .ith:
5urns,$ram +ositi' in%,$ram ngati' in%B,@u+rantign in%ction
61;Fo&& dosnt %orm th &ayr o% inguina& cana&:
)#trna& ob&i?u,intrna& ob&i?u,trans'rsus,rctus abdominusB
62;Fmora& shath is %ormd by:
Fascia trans'rsa&is,Fasica transBand Fasica i&iaca,)#trna& ob&i?u,4ntrna&
63;*atint .ith bon +ains ha'ing norma& (a,inc A&2B+hos+Bmost &i2&y
su-ring %rom:
*agts,6y+r*96,6y+r :it",5on mts,<stoma&acia
6=;)#trna& s+rmatic %asica is %ormd by:
)#trna& ob&i?u,4ntrna& ob&i?u,(rmastric musc&,9rans'rsus mus&c
65;4n 9urnr syndrom,th gnoty+ .ou&d b:
66;<rgan ha'ing &ast chancs o% in%arction:
61;9y+ o% ncrosis in brain in%arction:
68;*tB.ith cr'ica& &ym+hadno+aty,E' AF5 s+utum,sign to &oo2 %or 95 on
microsco+y is:
(hronic inJammationBcasous ncrosis,&ym+hocyctic inO&tartion
69;9hyroid g&and mo's .ith s.a&& bcaus it is nc&osd in:
*rtracha& %asica,4n'sting %asica,:rtbra& %ascia,(arotid %ascia
10;0uro'ascu&ar bund& in chst .a&& &is bt.n:
)#trna& and 4ntrna& intrcosta& muc&s,4ntrna&and 4nnrmost
&ayrs,4nnrmost and nothoracic
%asica,5nath )ndothoracic %ascia
11;Fibrous +ricardium and mdicatina& +&ura is su++&id by:
:agus 0B,4ntrcosta& 0B,*hrnic 0B,Autonomic 0B
12;,an is su-ring %rom tsticu&ar ca,th &ym+ahtic drainag o% tstic& is
*ara aortic 3Bnods,*r aortic,@u+rOcia& inguina&,4ntrna& i&iac,)#trna& i&iac
13;4n #rcis,th 'nous b&ood rturns to th hart by:
,usc& +um+ in ca&'s
1=;(ircu&ation in hart is maintaind by:
@ym+hthatic sys,*arasym+hthtic sys,3oca& mchanism
15;Fishrman is +rsntd .ith gingi'a& b&ding and cchymosis,h is
su-ring %rom:
Fo&at d%B,4ron d%B,:it 512 d%B,:it ( d%B
16;Facor a-cting co&&agn synthsis during ha&ing is:
4n%ctions,:it (,Forign body
11;,soth&ioma is associatd .ith:
:iny& ch&orid,@i&ica,Asbstos,(o++r dust,(arbon
18;(hi&d ha'ing mc2&s di'rticu&um is ha'ing b&ding +r rctum,it is du
:o&'u&us,4ntrssus+tion,)cto+ic gastric tissu
19;"uring &actation,Amnorrha is du to:
4nhibition o% 36 and F@6 thru *ro&actin,"cB+ro&actin,"c ostrogn
80;*rsnc o% +ancratic tissu in gastric mucosa is trmd as:
81;,ain di-rnc bt.n +rimary and scondary intntion .ound ha&ing
$ranu&ation tissu,Wound contraction,4nJammatory c&&s
82;(hi&d .ith sor throat a%tr 3 .2s d'&o+d odma,hamturia,caus
.ou&d b:
,inima& chang disasB+ost str+tococca& $0,4gA n+hro+athy,Foca&
sgmnta& $@B
83;,icrosco+ic %atur o% +o&yartrits nodusa is:
$ranu&oma,Fibrinoid ncrosis
8=;Angiotnsion 44 #rts its -cts by acti'ating:
/nin,Angiotnsion 4,A&dostron,A0F
85;9umor com+rssing o+tic chiasma .ou&d caus:
5inasa& hamiano+ia,5i&atra& hamiano+ia,5itm+ora&
hamiano+ia,(om+&t b&indnss
86;$ hormon is ma#ima&&y rasis in:
1; <ccu&ocardiac rJ# mdiatd by
2; 1 gram o% +rotin contains ca&oris!
a) = ca&oris
3;1th &ob o% &ung is ca&&d
a) mdia& basa&
=;A marathion runnr .ins a racBWhat .i&& b .ith b&ood insu&in and
$&ucogan &'&s at th tim .hn h crosss th .in &in!
5; ,andibu&ar %ractur occurs Kust br%or th mandibu&ar %oramnB
a) &oss o% tast to antrior 2C3 o% tongu
b),y&ohoid musc& is unab& to staba&i7s mandib&!
c) 3oss o% snsation to &o.r tts!
6;6ad o% %mr
a) has angr o% 125 .ith sha%t
b)+ostrior&y com+&t&y co'rd by ca+su&!
c)+icondy&s ar in +ara&&& &in .ith sha%t
1;3ym+h nodu&s ar +rsnt in
c)3ym+h nobs
8;4n "4( ,thr is
a)dcrasd +a&at&ts
9;.hat is in%rior in +rnium!
a) +rniu& mmbran
10)s+&n is
a) msodrma&
11)according to rcnt rcommndations, rcurrnt ,4 shou&d b tratd
a) Anticoagu&ants
b) 3i+id &o.ring drugs
c) 5ta b&oc2rs
12)@tratiOd s?uamous +ith&ium is +rsnt in
a )+a&atin tonsi&s
13) 3o. 'o&tag L/@ com+&s ios sn in
a) ,4
b) 5und& branch b&oc2
1=)4sthmus o% thyroid is +rsnt at
a)(1; 2
15)6ad o% 6umrous is su++&id by
a) Antrior circumJ# artry
b)*ostrior circumJ# artry
c)@u+rsca+u&ar artry
d)@ubsca+u&ar artry
16) $n ar com+osd o%
a) /0A
11) 4C: do+amin is gi'n to a +atindB%o&& i% tru about it onst o% action
a) 5 min
b)5 sc
c) 60 sc
18)4C: sdation is gi'n to a +atintB Fo&& is tru about its arm;brain
a)60 sc
d)5 sc
19) ":9 is most common in
a)Fmora& 'in
b)+o+&ta& 'in
c)@u+rOcia& 'ricosd 'ins o% &g
20) Which o% th %o&& is not a tumor mar2r
a)Acid +hos+hatas
21) *us contains
a)"ad bactria
b)"ad nutro+hi&s
22) 9h most common caus o% %atty &i'r in our socity is
a) A&coho&
b)6+atitis 5 and (
c "rugs
23) (arotid bodis rs+ond to
a) incras b&ood 6E
b)4ncras b&ood co2
2=) 4n antrior "uodna& +r%oration , th contnts .i&& go to
a) /ight i&iac %ossa
b)3%t 4&iac %ossa
c)Antrior subh+atic s+ac
d)+ostrior subh+atic s+ac
) sma&& bursa
25) ,tabo&ic a&2a&osis rsu&ts %rom
a)4ngstion o% ammonium ch&orid
b)ingstion o% carbonic anhydras inhibitors
26)A "iabtic +atint %as urin 2tons and urin g&ucos EE
th caus is !
b)4nsu&in diTcincy
21 /s+ons to chmothra+y is bcaus it causs
28)"orsa& co&umn damag rsu&ts in Ata#ia bcaus
a)&oss o% +ath.ay %rom dorsa& co&umn to tha&amus
b)3oss o% +ro+rioc+tion in+ut to crb&&um
c)3oss o% +ro+rioc+tion to 9ha&amus
d) 3oss o% +ro+rioc+tion to 6y+otha&amus
29)Which o% %o&& nr' +asss dorsa& to brain stm!
a) 3, b) =, c)5, d) 12, ) 9
30;A +atint has hb 6, +a&at&t =50,000, .ith 6y+rc&&u&ar bon marro.C>
a)"u to drug h is using %or anamia
b) 3u2mia
c) 4ron dOcincy anamia
d)$6*" dOcincy
31) 9h sign o% crb&&ar disas is
b)@tatic trmor
31)0urohy+o+hysis drain scrtions
a) Adrnrgic nurons
b)cho&inrgic nurons
c)%r nr' ndings
a)has osmo&arity \10=0
b) +rssur \10 mm o% .atr
c) +rotin N200
33) @timu&ation o% A&+ha adrnrgic nurons
3=))nd artris ar +rsnt at
35) 4n 9m+omandibu&ar Qoint "is&ocation,What structur +r'nts th th
Koint to go bac2 in ca'ity!
a) 9ubrc&s on articu&ar sur%ac o% mandib&
b)9m+omandibu&ar &igamnt
c)3atra& *tyrgoid musc&
d),dia& *tyrgoid musc&
36)Whr th gang&iom Koining th su+rior +trosa& nr' and in%rior
+trosa& nr' is &ocatd!
31) A +atint has hy+rcarbo#yhmog&obinB 6 is brathing 100X o#ygnB
A%tr ho. much tim ,his b&ood .i&& ha' 100X o#ygn!
a) 1 min
b)2 min
c)5 sc
d) 5 min
38) F/( is!
a) 9: E )/:
b)4/: E )/:
39)A&dostron stimu&at
a) ,&atonin!
=0)A +atint has %'r =0c .ith Jan2 +ain ,incrass %r?uncy and chi&&s
and riggorsB>
a) 5&ood cu&tur
b)urin cu&tur
c) 5&ood and urin cu&tur
=0)Fo&& is not tru!
a) 6(: +ositi' carrirs ha' not bn r+ortd
=1) *u&s +rssur is incrasd in
=2) A grand %athr .as +&aying .ith his grandson .ith ho&ding his .rist and
rotation him in a circu&B@uddn&y th chi&d stardd crying and sit .ith
ho&ding his %orarm in +orn +ositionB What ha++nt !
a) *ro#ima& /adio u&nar Koint dis&ocation
b)"ista& /adio u&nar Koint dis&ocation
c)Fractur o% acromion
=3) /garding ty+hoid %'r
a) Asy+mtomatic
b)(arrirs do not #crat causati' agnt in %s
c) Asy+mtomtic carrirs shou&d b iso&atd and tratd
==) 4ncision is gi'n on /t 3umbar araB 9h &ayrs incisd .i&& b
a) @2in;su+rOcia& %acia;d+ %acia; #trna& ob&i?u;intrna& ob&i?u;
trans'rs ;9rans'rs %ascia;#ta +ritona& %at; +ritonum
b) s2in; su+rOcia& %ascia; #ta+ritona& %at; +ritinium
=5) (ar+us ca&&osum
a) conncts th t.o hmis+hrs
Hidden content: I03<(A)"
=6),ost constrictd +art o% ma& urthra is
a) )#trna& matus
=1)@u+rior 9hyroid g&ands
a) Ar &ocatd bhind th 9hyroid g&and outsid th %acia
b)6a' b&ood su++&y %rom th su+rior thyroid artris
=8) Which o% th %o&& is tru
a) *iri%ormis attach to in%rion trochantr
b) @chiatic nr' +asss through su+rior sciatic %oramn
=9) A structur &ind by cuboida& +ith&ium, and its cntr contains t.o
ca&ciOd bodin o% +in2 co&ourB What is it!
a) *rostat
50)25 cho&ca&ci%ro& is not con'rtd to 1,25 cho&ca&ci%ro& in
a)6+atic %ai&ur
b)/na& Fai&ur
51) Which o% th %o&& is not +rsnt in +ostrior r&ations o% 2idny!
a) co&ic J#ur
52) /t bordr o% hart is %ormd by
a)/t atrium
53) 4n +rgnancy ,3actation dos not occur bcaus
a) 4ncrasd 3'& o% +rogstron and )strogn
5=) Which o% th %o&& ha' *u&monary cyc&!
a) Ascariasis
55)(ausati' agnt o% mningitis in 60 yars o&d man is
a) @t +numonia
56) (aus o% dath in +numonia bu to shoc2 is
a)$ram ;' bactria
c)st +numonia
51) "i+hthria #oto#in han +o.r%u& -ct on
a) 3aryn#
c)0r' ndings
58) As+iration o% +anut .i&& go in
a) /ight &o.r bronchus
59) A %ma& .ith buttrJy ac,Koint +ain, F&an2 +ain cou&d ha'
a) @3)
60) A young +atint has diTcu&ty in s.a&&
a) @c&rodrmia
61) A +atint .ith @3) ha'
a) *ossiti' A0A
b) *ossiti' anti @@
62) 4ncision on @u+ra +ubic ara causd ha'y b&dB 4t cou&d b
a) "amag to in%rior +igstric artry!
63) 4n 6y+o#ia, c&& s.&&ing occurs du to
a) )ntry o% .atr in c&& %romK surrounding
b) )ntry o% &i+ids
6=)What is +otnt Anto#idnt D Anti Aging)
a):49 )
65) A boy is #crting mconium %rom rctum and has s'r consti+ationB
9h rcta& #amination sho.d no gang&ion c&&sB 9h condition is ca&&d
A) 4ntussusc+tions
5) 6irschs+rungSs disas
66) 4n .hat +ortion o% n+hron, 0a is absorbd tota&&y nutra&&y acti'
a) *(9
16) (&& mdiatd immunity is mdiatd by
a) 9 c&&s
b)5 c&&s
11) :irus dos not caus
a) 3i+oma
b) Aa+osi sarcoma
c)cr'ica& cancr
18) 4odin is stord in thyroid %o&&ic&s as
a) 9hyrog&obu&in
b)"49 and ,49
19) A +atint did du to co&onic cancrB<n auto+sy %ound thousands o%
+o&y+sB *atintSs %athr a&so had co&onic cancrB 9h caus cou&d b
a)Adnomatous +o&y+s!
80) A +atint has doub& urtrs and doub& +&'isB 4t cou&d b
a) anoma&y is du to +rmatur s+aration o% urtric bud
81) (hy&omicrons contains
a) Fatty acids .ith 'itamins
82) 9ransudat has
a) 3o. A&bumin
83) common mdiator o% 5aso+hi&s and mast c&&s ha'
8=)4n @2&ta& musc& , contraction occurs du to
a) @acromr
b) Actin
88) 4n chronic inJammation, thr is +rdominat
a) Fibrob&asts
89)(haractrics o% ma&ignant cancr is
90 )(haractristic o% ma&ignant cancr is
a) +&omor+hism
91) *rtraca& %ascia
a) com+&t&y ncirc& th 9hyroid g&and
b)(om+&t&y ncirc&s tracha
92) 6 months a%tr th rsction o% trmina& i&ium, th +atint
a) iron dOcincy anmia
93) A +atint has s.ating 23 , and h too2 2 3 +&an .atrB What cou&d b
a) 4ncrasd body 'o&um!
b) dcrasd intrac&&u&ar osmo&arity
c)4ncrasd #trac&&u&ar osmo&rity
9=) 4nhibition o% hart /at .i&& b in
a) @timu&ation o% +arasym+athtic nr'ous systm
95) A&dostron is stimu&atd by
a) 4ncras o% srum A
96) Fo&&ic Acid diTcincy causs
a),ga&ob&astic rythro+oiss
b) Fo&iat dOcincy
91) "i-rnc 5C. *&asma and intrstitia& Juid is
a) *rotin
98) (02 is main&y carrid by
a) 6co3
99) 4n 4nguina& hrnia, +ostrior .a&& is %ormd by a) (onKoint tndon
b)4ntrna& ob&i?u musc&s
100) What is +art basa& gang&ia ar
a) *utamn
D 32 mista2s )
*a+r 2
101) 5&ood su++&y o% 'rtbra& co&umn is
a):rtibra& artry
102)@u+rasca+u&ar nr' ariss %rom
a) 9hyrocr' ica& trun2
103) 4st +harynga& +ouch %orms
a) Auditory tubs
10=)"ia+harm is su++&id by
a) c 3=5
105)Irachus is rmnant o%
a) A&&antois
106)A +atint had surgry o% brast and h is no. unab& to &i%t his armB
What is damagd!
a) srratus antrior musc&
101)9hurst is stimu&atd by
a) A"6
108) A +atint has dirrhoa and d'&o+d mtabo&ic acidosisB What is &ost in
a) 6(<3
109)+hasic %ast ada+ti' structur is
a) ,ic2& dis2
b)(arotid barorc+tors
c)/uOniSs car+usc&s
110)9h &ssr omntum %orms .hich structurs!
a) 6+atoduodna& &igamnt, Fa&ci+arum 3igamnt, $astroduodna& &igamnt
111) A +atint can not abduct and adduct his OngrsB 3ost adduction o%
thumb a&soB
a) "+ branch o% u&nar nr'
112)Fmora& cana& is %ormd by .hat %ascias!
a) Fascia 3ata E mmbrnous 3ayr
113) <rgan , &ind by stratiOd s?uamous +ith&ium, roundd structurB!
*a&atin tonsi&s
11=)/garding th 4ron r?uirmnt o% a +rgnant .oman, %o&& tst is
a) 945(
b)srum %rritin
115)A%tr gastrctomy, a +atint might d'&o+
a) ,ga&ob&astic anamia
116) A +atint got inKury in th +ostrior triang& o% nc2Bthr might
a) s+ina& +art o% accssory nr'
b) (0@ +art o% accssory nr'
c) :agus nr'
111)A +atint in /9A cam in )A( .ith hy+o'omumic shoc2B First .hat to
a) 4C: F&uids
118) (&ostridia caus
a) $as $angrn
119)Angiotnsin 1 is con'rtd to Angiotnsin 2 in
a) 3ung ca+i&&ary ndoth&ium
120) First .2 diagnosis o% 9y+hoid is
a) 5&ood cu&tur
121)A so&dir +ostd at high a&titud %or many yars cam .itg *:( N =0
a) @condary +o&ycythmis
122) 5urgrSs disas is strong&y associatd .ith
123)Acut a++ndicitis is associatd .ith
a) 0utro+h&ic &u2ocytosis
12=) ,dia& arcuat 3igamnt nc&oss at its u++r nd
a)*soas musc&
125) L/@ com+&s is du to
a):ntricu&ar systo&
126) 9h transitiona& +ith&ium ha'
a) (ouoidia& +ith&ium &ind by mor &argr and roundd c&&s!
121) A +atint ha' right o+tic tract damagB 6 might d'&o+d
a)3%t homonymus hmiano+sia
128)4n 5ur2it 3ym+hom, 9h causati' agnt is
a) )5:
129)/garding adrna& g&ands
a) /ight is 3argr than &%t
b)@u++&id by numrous artris ,and draind by sing& 'in
130) /+tur o% midd& mninga& artry caus hmatoma in
a)5t.n th t.o &ayrs o% dura matr
131),idd& so+haga& constriction is by
a)Arch o% Aorta
b)3%t bronchus
132) 9; c&&s
a) ,aturd in 9hymus a%tr birth
b)5oth 9 c&&s and 5 c&&s ar dri'd by sam +rcursors
133)0uro'ascu&ar bund& is &ocatd at ribs at
a)in%rior bordr o% ribs
13=)Which o% th %o&& dos not +rdis+os th cancr!
a) /adiation
b)5actria& +roducts
135),thici&&in rsistant sta+h ar
a) Isua&&y snsiti' to :ancomycin
136) (ardiac musc&s can not b ttani7d bcosd
a)9hy ha' &ong r%ractory +riod
131) @'r b&ood trans%usion ractoion occurs i% trans%usd a&& #c+t
a) AE b&ood to 0E
b)A E b&ood to A5E
c) 5E to <E
d) 5E t+ A5E
)< E' b&ood to <AE
138)8nogra%t is
a) 9rans+&ant o% tissus o% di-rnt s+cis
139) 3ysosoms contains
a) Acid 6ydro&as
1=0) /t $astro +i+&oic artry is th branch o%
a) s+&nic artry
1=1) /ight gastroduodna& artry is th branch o%
a) 6+atic artry
1=2 )An asthmatic +atint may ha'
F):1CF(: \15
1=3)3igamntum artriosum connct .ith
a) Aorta .ith 3%t +u&monary artry
1==)4n atria& Obri&&ation, thrr is
a) *u&sus dOcit
1=5)A +atint &ost .ight , hot dry s2in,// 20, +u&s 120Cmin, "5 120C80
a) 6y+rthyroidism
1=6) A&+ha rc+tors stimu&ation may caus
a) 3i+o&ysis
d) $&ycognsis
1=1)9ry+sinogn in th duodnum .i&& b acti'atd by
a) *6 \ 1
1=8) *u&monary mbo&ism most common&y in'o&'s
a) 3%t +u&monary artry
1=9 A +atint had str+tococca& in%ctionB What b&ood tst you .i&& ad'is
him a%tr on .2!
a) Anti str+to&ysin < titr
150)A +atint d'&o+d hmo&ytic anamia a%tr b&ood trans%usionB
6mog&obin r&asd .i&& b attachd .ith
a) 6+tog&obin
b) A&bumin
151) A +atint .ith itching, %'r .ith Antimitochondria& antibody E'
a) *rimary bi&&iary cirrhosis
152) *"A occurs in
a) *rmaturity
153) Frti&i7ation occurs in
15=) 3i?uiOcati' ncrosis occurs in
a) 5rain
155) 9m+ratur rgu&atory cntr is in
a) 6y+otha&amus
156) @2in cancr occurs
a) 4n @un #+osd ara
151) $iant c&&s ha'
a) ,acro+hags
158) 4nJamatory mdiator is
a) (5a
159) <+tic tract nds in
a) 3atra& gnicu&at body
160) $astric moti&ity is incrasd by
a) Acty&cho&in
161)Wound ha&ing is d&ayd by
a) in%ction
162)Acha&asia is du to
a)&oss o% Aurbach +&#us
163)*atint has s'r chst +ain .ith @9 &'ation
a) "isctning aorta
16=)*atint 8;/ay sho.s hi&ar &ym+h nodsB $ranu&oma but no ncrosisB
What is th diagnosis!
AG @arcoidosis
5G @i&icosis
(G 9ubrcu&osis
165) @trongst &ayr o% sma&& intstin is
d)@ubmucosa o2!
166)B 6igh out+ut cardiac %ai&ur
aB 51
bB 52
cB 56
161):a&' &ss 'ss& is
A) Aorta
5) *u&monary artry
() (oronary @inus
") *u&monary 9run2
)) @:(
168) Within 1 hr o% th Acut ,B4, .hich o% th %o&& n7ym .i&& b
A) (A;,5 a
5) 3"6
() A&2a&in *hos+hatas
") A@9
)) 9ro+onin 9
169) /+&acmnt o% c&&s o% othr norma& sit o% body is ca&&d
a) ,ta+&asia
110)6art sound +roducd by ra+id 'ntricu&ar O&&ing is
A) 1st hart sound
5) 2nd hart sound
() 3rd hart sound c
") =th hart sound
111)(orticostroids dcras
a) 0utro+hi&s
b)3ym+hocyts b
112) ":9 occurs in %ma&s
by us o% <(*s
113) :iscra& *ricardium is su++&id by
a) *hrnic 0r'
b) @ym+thatic 0r's
c) :agus n'
d) (ardiac *&#us
11=) 5asa& (&& (arcinoma in'o&'s
a) 5ucca& ,ucosa
b) 6ard *a&at
c) @o%t *a&at
d) 3o.r 3i+
) <ra& (a'ity
115) *rimary s+rmatocyt di'id by
c)*rimary miotic d'ision
d)@c ,iotic d'ision
116) 9h 'o&um o% distribution o% drug is not inJuncd by
c)6art %ai&ur
d)/na& Fai&ur
111)4n 6y+othyroidism
a) 4ncrasd cho&stro& &'&
118)cranio+hrangioma in th cntr o% o+tic chiasmata may caus
a) 5itm+ora& hmiano+sia
119)Which on o% th %o&& most &i2&y causs 4ncras in $F/!
a)(onstriction o% a-rnt artrio&
b)(onstriction <% -rnt artrio&
180) cardic out+ut masurd by thrmodi&ution mthod
is ca&&d
a)Oc2 &a.!
181B 5&ood Jo. rgu&ation is mdiatd by:
aB artrio&s
bB +rc+i&&ary s+hinctr
cB ca+i&&aris
dB 'nu&s
182)9hiamin dOcincy causs
AG *ri+hra& 0uro+athy
5G *&&agra
(G (h&osis
"G "rmatitis
183) Which o% th %o&& is not a %atur o% shoc2
ABdcras cardiac out+ut
5Bmus&c .a2nss
(Bincrasd urin out+ut
18=) 4ron is stord in th %orm o%
FCPS - Radiology January 200 paper 2
1B $astric m+tying inhibitd by
AnsB ((A
2B Which h+atitis has th most morta&ity
aB h+A
bB h+ 5
cB h+ (
dB h+ " D ans)
B 6+ )
3B A&dostron scrtion incrass in rs+ons to
aB hy+onatrmia
bB incras A(96
cB hy+r2a&mia Dans)
=B 65X 0a rabsor+tion is in
aB *(9 Dans )
bB "(9
5B osmotic +rssur d+nds on
aB incras mo&cu&ar si7
bB incras no o% +artic&s Dans)
cB &ctric charg
6B rgarding hamog&obin
a dosnot carry (<2
bB acts as a bu-r Dans.r )
cB contains 2 a&+ha and 2 gamma chains
1B di-usion is in'rs&y +ro+ortiona& to
aB thichnss o% th mmbran Dans )
8B in%ants tnd to d%cat immdiat&y a%tr thy at bcaus o%
aB gastroi&a& rJ#
bB gastroco&ic rJ# Dans)
Hidden content: I03<(A)"
9B caus o% ach&asia is
aB &oss o% myntric +&#us Dans )
10B a++ndi#
aB dos not ha' tnia co&i Dans )
11B .hat is th nrgy sourc a%tr =8 hrs o% star'ation
aB musc& g&ycogn
bB &i'r g&ycogn
cB musc& +rotins Dans.r)
12B .hich is not th +art o% +orta& tract
aB h+atic artry
bB conncti' tissu
cB +orta& 'in
dB h+atic 'in Dans)
B bi&duct
13B .hat rsu&ts a%tr +orta& hy+rtnsion
aB incras +orta& diamtr Dans )
1=B 5ndict tst is usd %or
aB urin g&ucos
bB urin 2tons Dans)
cB srum g&ucos
15B iron absor+tion incrass in
aB %rrous %orm Dans)
16B tota& gasrctomy rsu&ts in
aB iron d% anmia
bB microcytic anmia
cB +rnicious anmia Dans)
11B.omn .ith gra'ida = hb 8 occu&t b&ood in stoo& caus
aB iron d% anmia Dans)
18B.hich hormon is rs+onsib& %or %ta& brain d'&o+mnt
aB hormon
bB +ro&actin
cB thyroid hormon Dans)
19Badrna& cortica& d% rsu&ts in
aB hy+rg&ycmia
bB hy+o2a&mia
cB hy+onatrmia Dans)
20B hy+r*96 .i&& b in a&& #c+t
aB bro.n atro+hy
bB dystro+hic ca&ciOcation Dans)
21B+sudohy+r *96 is sn in
aB 'it " d%
bB +arano+&astic *96 r&as %rom tumours D 4 thin2 it is th ans.r )
22B diagnostic critria %or +r ma&ignant condition
aB incras nuc&ar cyto+&asmic ratio
bB +&omor+hism
cB mitotic Ogurs
23B diagnostic critria %or ma&ignant tumours
aB +&omor+hism
bB mitotic Ogur
cB &oca& in'asion
2=B diagnostic critria %or so%t tissu tumours
aB +&omor+hism
bB mitotic Ogurs
cB incras 'ascu&arity
25B +atint .ith dcras hb, dcras +&at&ts but incras 93( .ith
gnra&i7d &ym+hadno+athyB 3ym+hocyts norma& a++aranc caus
aB tubrcu&ous &ym+hadnitis
bB non 6odg2in &ym+homa
cB hairy c&&
dB (33
26B+atint .ith (,3 d'&o+ Koint +ain, .hich in'stigation
aB uric acid Dans)
bB /A %actor
21B most im+ortant chmotactic agnt
aB &u2otrin 5=
bB (5 com+&# Dans)
cB histamin
28B h+arin is r&asd by .hich c&&s
aB mast c&&s
bB baso+hi&s D 4 thin2 so it is th ans )
cB +&at&ts
dB nutro+hi&s
29B most radiosnsiti' tumour
aB bon
bB &ung
cB &ym+hnod
dB brain
30B&ast sit o% mtastasis
aB brain
bB &ung
cB &i'r
dB &ym+hnod
B s+&n D ans )
31Bsid-ct o% tho+hy&&in
aB hy+rtnsion
bB si7urs Dans)
cB nausa 'omiting
dB a+na
32B most common sid -ct o% strogn contrac+ti'
aB thrombombo&ism D ans)
33B .hich hormon dcras cho&stro&
aB +rogstron
bB strogn D ans)
3=B.omn .ith &o.r abdomina& +ain on 18 day o% 3,* +rsntd .ith
scondary in%rti&ity B diagnostic "U( .i&& sho. ndomtrium in .hich sag
aB o'u&atory
bB scrtory
cB +ro&i%rati'
dB +rmnstrua&
35B insu&in d% .i&& rsu&t in
aB +rotin synthsis
bB g&ycogn synthsis
cB 2tognis in &i'r Dans)
36B .hich is a strss hormon
aB cortiso& Dans)
bB 0)
31B s'r dhydration .i&& rsu&t in
aB &oss o% 4(F on&y
bB &oss o% )(F on&y
cB &oss o% tota& body .atr Dans)
38B most im+ 4(F &ctro&yt in #css
aB AEDans)
bB 0a
cB (&;
dB 6(<3
39B 5i&sa&ts absorb %rom
aB i&um Dans)
bB KKunum
=0B%actor 18 d% .hat shou&d b gi'n
aB cryo+rci+itat
bB FF*
cB .ho& b&ood
=1Bha'y smo2r .ith hoarsnss 'oca& cord .i&& sho.
aB hy+r+&asia Dans)
bB tumour
cB atro+hy
=2B.hat is not +rsnt in ca+su&
aB +odocyts
bB stratiOd +ith&ium Dans)
=3B habitua& smo2r th +ith&ium .i&& b
aB continuous stratiOd s? +i
bB +sudo stratiOd +i .ith +atchs o% stratiOd s? +i
==B rgarding (@F
aB +roducd by chroid+&#us .hich is cau&iJo.r in sha+ co'rd by smooth
bB dai&y +roduction is 500 m& +r dayDans)
=5B a#on dosnot contain
aB mitochondia
bB niss& substanc Dans)
=6B *"$F r&asd %rom .hich organ&&s o% +&at&ts
aB a&+ha granu&s Dans)
bB dns granu&s
cB cyto+&asm
dB c&& mmbran
=1B smooth musc& is
aB striatd
bB cardiac musc& is a s+cia&i7d smooth musc& Dans)
=8Bsomits ar %ormd %rom
aB ctodrm
bB msodrm Dans)
cB msnchyma
=9B+t has diTcu&ty rising %rom sitting +osition but J#ion o% &g is norma&,
.hich mus& is in'o&'d
bBg&utusma#imus Dans)
cB sartorius
50B+&&agra is du to
aB niacin d% Dans)
51B.hich n7ym common to mtabo&ism o% both 0) and srotonin
aB (<,9
bB ,A< Dans )
52B thin O&amnt is co'rd by
aB titin
bB tro+omyosin D ans)
cB tro+onin t +art o% urthra
aB #trna& matus Dans)
bB mmbranous urthra
cB na'icu&ar %ossa
5=Bdorsa& rami contribut to
aB #tnsors o% trun2Dans)
bB J#ors o% nc2
cB #tnsors o% &g
55Bdia+gragm dosnot aris %rom
aB 910Dans)
bB 1th costa& carti&ag
cB9th rib
dB 31
56Bbons o% car+&
aB +ro#ima& ro. contains sca+hoid, &unat,tri?utra&, +isi%ormDans0
51B&attismus dorsi nr' su++&y
aB thoracodorsa& n Dans)
58Bartry .hich is adKacnt to th +hrnic nr'
aB intrna& thoracic
bB muscu&o+hrnic
cB +ricardio+hrnic Dans)
59B&t rcurrnt &arynga& n not associatd .ith
aB arch o% aorta
bB&igamntum artrisus
cB tracha and so+hagus
dB su+ 'na ca'a Dans)
60B%orign body ntrs into rt &ung bcaus
aB it is mor 'rtica& and .idr than &%t &ungDans)
61Bn&argmnt o% .hich +art o% th hart causs so+haga& obs
aB &%t atrium Dans)
bB rt atrium
cB rt 'ntric&
62B .hich 'in o% hart is &ocatd in +ostrior intr'ntricu&ar su&cus
a midd& cardiac 'inDans)
bB antrior cardiac 'in
cB grat cardiac 'in
63Bcontraction o% dia+hragm causs
aBincras thoracic +r
bBdcras abdomina& +r
cB incras thoracic 'o&um Dans)
6=Bmdia& ?uadrant o% brast &ym+h drainag
aB intrna& thoracic nods Dans)
bB +ostrior nods
cB a#i&&ary nods
65B tumour o% cr'i# .i&& s+rad to &abius maKora 'ia
aB roung &igamnt o% utrus Dans )
66c&a'i+ctora& %ascia
aB in'sts +ctora& minor musc& Dans)
bB is +ircd by a#i&&ary artry
cBis continuous .ith +r'rtbra& %asia
61B b&oc2ag o% rt margina& artry .i&& rsu&t in intrru+tion o% b&ood su++&y to
aB @A nod
bB intratrium .a&&
cB rt atrium Dans)
68Bthoracic duct
aB +asss thru aortic o+ning Dans)
69Bstructur +rcnt bC. c&iac trun2 and su+ msntric artry
aB +ancras and KKunum
bB +ancras Dans)
10B structur not &ying +ostrior to &%t 2idny is
aB duodnum Dans)
bB s+&n
cB tai& o% +ancras
11B most antrior structur in +o+&ita& %ossa is
aB +o+&ita& 'in
bB common +rona& n
cB tibia& n
dB +o+&ita& artry Dans)
12B rgarding autosoma& rcssi' trait
aB chancs o% sib&ings to b a-ctd is on in %our
13B su+ +trosa& sinus is r&atd to
aB dia+hragmatic s&&a
bB tntorium crb&&i
cB s&&a turtica
dB %a&# cbri
1=B midd& crbra& 'in drains into
aB ca'rnous sinus
bB straight sinus
15B +ro#ima& +ortion o% (5" is su++&id by
aB cystic arty Dans)
bB rt h+atic artry
cB &%t h+atic artry
16Bcbd is di'idd in to %o&& +ortions
aB rtroduodna&Ein%raduodna&Esu+raduodna&Eintraduodna&Dans)
11B &ssromntum is di'idd inti %o&& +ortions
aB gastroh+aticEh+atoso+haga&Eh+atoduodna&Egastrodna& Dans)
18B rgarding m2&s di'rticu&um
aB it is a rmanant o% mbryonic yo&2 sac Dans)
bB it is +rcnt in 10X o% +o+u&ation
cB it is 60cm dista& to i&occa& 'a&'
19B .hat is th commnst sit o% urtr ston obstruction in a standing
ma& +atint
aB &atra& .a&& o% +&'is
bB +&'ic brim Dans)
cB u++r +art o% urtr
80B ca&cu&at th mdian in %o&& data 20,2=,25,30,30,35
aB 30
bB 28B5Dans)
cB 35
81B rgarding bha'ioura& scincs , ho. is th +ro%ssiona&ism o% a doctor
aB +unctua&ity
bB r+utation
cB 2no.&dg
82B in ordr to disc&os n.s rgarding %ata& disas
aB +atint shou&d 2no. Ost
bB r&ati's shou&d b to&d Orst
cB in%ormation shou&d b hiddn
83B t.o g+s o% +atints gi'n hammorhoida& tratmnt and thir -ct sn
.ith tim
aB +ros+cti' cohort studyDans)
8=Bantibodis ar +roducd by .hich c&&s
aB nutro+hi&s
bB +&asmac&&sDans)
cB macro+hags
dB &ym+hocyts
85%at mbo&ism a&& ar tru #c+t
aB ta2 +&ac .ith damag to %at tissu on&y Dans)
bB trauma to th brast
86Bin athrosc&rosis %o&& ar sn
aB %oam c&&s Dans)
81B migratory thrombo+h&bitis is sn in
aB acut +ancratitis
bB chronic rcurrnt +ancratitis
cB +ancratic tumour Dans)
88B.hich structur crosss th aorta
aB&%t rna& 'in Dans)
b rt rna& 'in
cB &%t o'arian 'in