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Topic 2: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Cambodia joining ASEAN Community
2015. Do you think that it is the right time for us to attend that?

The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an organization of 10 countries that
are located in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore,
Thailand, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. ASEAN aims are to
facilitating as well as accelerating the economics, developing cultures, protecting peaces
amongst its members. In 2015, the 10 nations are collaborated into one in order to create The
ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The term community could be defined as a social class
of different groups that has a common cultural, historical and serve for a specific purpose. Even
though, the concepts of AEC are to provide sufficient labor' s opportunities as well as to increase
each countries economics; there will be some drawbacks that might be the result of the
integration in 2015 toward developing countries such as Cambodia. This essay is going to
distinguish both, advantages and disadvantages, of the influence on how ASEAN integrating has
made to Cambodia.

To begin with, the globalization of the 10 countries has made the Cambodia' s education quality
increasing significantly. Cambodia will be able to provide and improve the quality of education.
Skill training including technical, mental and physical programs will be able to develop into a
higher level. Lecturers and students could pursue their education abroad conveniently with
varieties of scholarships, internships into the top much more advance universities compared to
Cambodia. Student will face more challenging and this will broaden their knowledge as well as
receiving more and more experiences. The more human resources there be, the better it is for
Cambodia to meet a suitable developing demand.

The tourism industry will be much more easier as, tourist from different locations could come
across to the country without applying for visas. The tourist will have a range of destination
choices and thus, provide just adequate career opportunities for local citizens. Individual can
then, promote Cambodia's cultures to other country members. Therefore, local people could
benefit from it and increase their income significantly. Also, there will also some impact over the
production. For example, Tourist begins to flow to Cambodia, they will be attracted to local
produce. Local people will start to focus on producing and then, more incomes will be made in
order for them to support their family.

On the other hand, the strategic of ASEAN Integration is to bring advantages for all nations;
however, it will also produce some risks for labor forces. As each and every countries are opened,
this will enforce the capacity of Cambodia' s human resources to face a very high situation. The
education in Cambodia is still low compared to those in other countries. As a result, the labor
force will be bias. For this reason, they do not have sufficient ability to compete against other
and earn noticeably less money compared to the workers from developed countries such as
Thailand or Vietnam. Even though, the more investment will be made Cambodia, but the
employers that will be more likely to receive the job would not be Cambodian. Then, more
Cambodian will started their own business; and therefore, will end up in bankrupt.

Another disadvantages is technologies. Compared to high ranking world, Cambodia's
technologies are not yet to be seen. In order to compete against developed countries, Cambodia's
technologies have to at least be more advanced than now. Currently, the country is impossible to
produce high tech equipment and rather having handmade product instead. As day by day,
demanding of local or international customers are increasing and thus, handmade product could
not provide enough products for the markets.

Last but not least, Cambodia will lose its income from importation. Cambodia relies heavily on
foreigner products because it export less or nearly none product to ASEAN countries. Thousands
of dollars are made each year due exportation that will provide budgets for the economics.
Countries such as Thailand and Vietnam are the best cooperator of importing and exporting
goods. These countries should not having a problem when the community is opened up.
However, due to the law of ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint (2009), there will be a
removal of taxes or tariffs. As a resulting, a huge loss of economic due to the importation will be

In conclusion, Becoming a member of ASEAN Integration will be both, helpful and
inconvenience. In order to benefits from it, Cambodia has to adequate human resources,
technologies and be willing to adapt as well as readjust to a new upcoming environment. As one
individual who has born in this country, I honestly believed that Cambodia has the ability to join
the ASEAN Integration but there still should be more time to prepare, because now we do not
have sufficient relevantly resources yet.


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