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(200-600 words) What kind of work are you interested in doing in graduate school?

is your plan in 5-10 years?

I am currently a sophomore student of the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City. My major is
Organic Chemical Engineering. Chemistry is something that I have been interested in for a long time. Its
always fascinating to see how chemical engineers can transform raw materials into useful products and
create innovations that change our lives in many surprising ways. Thats why Chemical Engineering is
what I chose and hope to learn in graduate school.
After I graduate, I look forward to joining a program in graduate school what can help me have a better
understanding of the concepts, theories and processes in Chemical Engineering through in-depth and
practical research. Moreover, I would like to get access to new and emerging developments in the world
relevant to Chemical Engineering. Changes in technology happen every day, and the most successful are
the ones who keep themselves up-to-date of new research and ideas.
During the program, I want to have the opportunity to participate in and perform many in-depth and
original research related to my field in a modern and professional environment. Through that, I can
improve my technical knowledge along with my analytical aptitude. Besides, in the course of learning, I
wish I could enhance basic skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, etc. as well as acquire some other
necessary skills how to write a report or prepare a presentation. All those skills can be very helpful in
reality after I have finished the program.
My plans in the next 5-10 years are to work and grow in a company where I can do well with my
abilities. There I can continue to learn, while contributing as much as possible to the company with
responsibilities and commitment. By using my prior experience in university, I would find new uses for
the existing materials or seek new and more efficient materials to improve the overall quality of the
product. I would also adopt new technique and equipment to carry out the processes in an economically
viable and environmentally friendly way.
Once I have gained enough experience, I would like to advance my career by moving on from technical
position to management. That is the opportunity for me to combine my current knowledge and skills
with the management abilities. As a technical manager, I will develop manufacture plans, set goals and
put them into operation. In order to earn results in the best interest of the company, I will evaluate each
employees performance and reasonably distribute the workload. I will make sure that each member of
the team has all the qualities that are necessary to complete the job and support them when needed.
Through that, I can prove my capability in leadership and communication with other employees within a
team environment.
- ni chung l nhng ci ng nu l personal interests/plans, nhng ci hin ti v tng lai nhng m
nghe khng ging mt trm a khc cng hc ha th phi ni personal experience/motivation na,
v be more specific
Comment [PVLQ1]: ci ny in thong tin
trn ri? vo bi ni ngay l mun hc g grad
school lun (c th ni l tip tc ngnh hc ang
hc H l xyz)
Comment [PVLQ2]: c th ni l ti hc vn
thy hn hp qu nn mi mun m mang ra
Comment [PVLQ3]: ni l ti v hc vn ko c
c update my ci latest technology
Comment [PVLQ4]: cu ny common fact qu,
a yu t c nhn vo (I want I am interested in
I seek to) hoc lng vo cu trc
Comment [PVLQ5]: ni l v hc vn ko c
c thc tp/kinh nghim chuyn mn nhiu
Comment [PVLQ6]: ni l d thiu thn kinh
nghim th vn cng c rn luyn tt my ci
ny ri
Comment [PVLQ7]: v vn luyn cha k/ko
hiu qu? lng cu sau vo lun
Comment [PVLQ8]: nu m be
morespecific/technical th chc l hay hn :)) (nu v
d vi ci c th trong ngnh ca ng m ng quan
tm, hi technical mt t nhng m ng c c v
ko hiu g ht l c
Comment [PVLQ9]: ci ny common facts of
management responsibilities - highlight l v sao ng
c nguyn c mun c lm qun l d vy??
(other than fame and money), v d v quan st thy
vn/nhiu ni cn cha qun l tt, cn thy bt
cng v.v.
Comment [PVLQ10]: prove lm ci g, cu ny
hng hiu g ht =))