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How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A new study from the University of Michigan (U-M) Comprehensive

Cancer Center shows that there's a way people diagnosed with head or neck
malignancies can help themselves improve their survival outcomes. It doesn't
involve a new kind of chemo or surgery. Instead, it is a natural approach -- living
a healthy lifestyle including eating a lot of fruit, exercising, getting enough sleep
and forgoing cigarettes and excess alcohol. "While there has been a recent
emphasis on biomarkers and genes that might be linked to cancer survival, the
health habits a person has at diagnosis play a major role in his or her survival,"
said study author Sonia Duffy, Ph.D., R.N., in a statement to the media.
According to this research, it is clearly showed that how important to maintain a
healthy lifestyle to avoid from getting those diseases or cancer. Below are some
steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
First and foremost, eating a healthy and balance diet is a part of the
healthy lifestyle. We can have a balance diet according to the Food Pyramid.
Everyone has to determine how many calories that need and what food groups
that should focus on. We should avoid dishes that use excessive oils and fats
such as fried rice, fast food and sambal tumis. We also should consume food and
beverages low in sugar by replacing sweet desserts with fruits and choose plain
water rather than soft drinks. Besides that, we should reduce intake of salty foods
such as salted fish, salted egg, salted vegetables and high-sodium snacks. We
should take wholegrain or whole meal products which is high in fibre because
fibre contain antioxidants that help protect against diseases. Fruits and
vegetables are the food that cannot escape from our menu in everyday. Fruits
and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that help lower
the risks of certain diseases. So, eat three servings of vegetables and two
servings of fruits every day. Consume milk and milk products which are high in
calcium every day to maintain healthy bones.
Besides having a healthy diet, we also should do more exercise. Every
human should spend at least three days per week to do exercise to maintain our
health. Regular exercise can reduces the risk of getting heart diseases, cancer,
high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. Doing exercise also make us
look healthy and delay the aging process. Often exercise can control our weight
by burning the excess calories and make us become fit and strong. Moreover,
exercising can reduce stress, improve our mood and helps us to sleep better at
night. Exercise can make our lungs and heart function more efficiency.
Furthermore, we should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per
day to maintain our health. Drinking refreshing, clean water plays a major role in
reducing the risk of certain diseases such as colon cancer, bladder cancer and
breast cancer. Drinking more water will help to prevent headaches, constipation,
and kidney damage. Water also helps our kidney to work more efficiently and
avoid us from being dehydration.
In addition, we should have enough sleep which a human need an
average of eight hours of sleep a night. Sleeping provide the time to our mind
and body to relax after working for so many hours. Our body system repair
themselves as we fall sleep, so we must have enough sleep to make sure our
immune system become stronger. After having enough sleep our mind will
become fresher, so we can memorize thing very fast and we will be more alert
compare to those who do not have enough sleep. People who sleep too little will
be impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness.
Moreover, we should avoid from all those bad habit that is harmful to our
health. We should not take drug, drinking alcohol and smoking. Drug, alcohol and
cigarette contain the harmful material that will affect our health. For example,
depressants in alcohol will slow down the function of the central nervous system.
Alcohol slows down a person's ability to respond to unexpected situations.
Taking alcohol in larger quantities will also make us become unconsciousness,
vomiting and even death. Cigarette contains nicotine, tar, minute smoke particles,
carcinogens and others materials that will affect our health. Smoking not only can
cause lung cancer, our heart and others organs also will be affected. Thus, we
should not even try to take any alcohol, cigarette and drugs because you are
easily addicted to it once you try its taste.
As a conclusion, having healthy lifestyle should become a habit among all
the people. Making a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting diseases.
Having healthy lifestyle can give us a smart and good look and also provide a
happy environment for us. Only country with healthy citizens can become more
advance. Thus, everyone should making healthy lifestyle as a habit and also
influence the people surrounding to having this habit too.

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