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Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3.

This is a replacer for the Skyrim female body models that offers a more curvaceo
us figure.
In the installer you can select several body shape and texture variations - and
the mod also comes with a program called BodySlide, in which you can customize y
our bodies and supported outfits to your liking.
What's new in 3.3?
Version 3.3 is an update brought to you by Jeir, ousnius and ChronoTrigger77.
It includes quite a lot of small but necessary changes to CBBE, BodySlide and th
e mod's installer. Before installing, read through the list below so you know wh
at to expect!
* Minor mesh weighting fixes (by ChronoTrigger77)
* Slightly adjusted the default proportions of Curvy for a bit more realistic
look with gravity
* You should try BodySlide if you don't like the new slightly altered prop
ortions - the presets of them are included
* Completely removed all offsets off all .nif files - mostly important to mod
ders (by ChronoTrigger77)
* The main CBBE archive now includes BodySlide v2.1a instead of v1.4 as an in
staller option to keep everything somewhat consistent
* See the Nexus mod page of "BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio" for a complete ch
ange log: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/
Mod Installer (FOMod):
* All new mod installer (FOMod) that replaces the old custom installer method
* Fixed multiple incorrect paths/file names
* Now works with all mod managers, without error message boxes
* A copy of Skyrim
* TexBlendLite requires a face texture to be installed to correctly fix neck
* If choosing to use the BBP/TBBP/HDT body or outfits of BodySlide, a compati
ble female skeleton mod has to be installed. One of them is the "XP32 Maximum Sk
* Do you use (T)BBP animations without HDT Physics Extensions? Install the
regular XPMS skeleton!
* Do you use HDT Physics Extensions? Install the "XPMS Extended" skeleton!
* XPMS Extended will disable animation physics, which makes HDT physics
look better
You can use the Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer or a similar mod manager to ins
tall this mod. Simply use the download/install features of your manager or drag
and drop the archive into it.
The installer will try to explain all of the different options for you.
For manual installation, extract the archive anywhere on your PC and copy the me
shes and textures folders you need to your "Skyrim\Data" folder.
You will need the body, feet and hands meshes, plus the body and hand textures o
f your choice (curvy/slim? nude/underwear?).
Even if you want to use a different body style, please install one of these vers
ions first to make everything work.
If you wish to use the official CBBE face textures pack:
* Follow the installation instructions in "08 Face Pack\ReadMe.txt".
* Note, these head textures already have neck seam blends applied, so if you
install the CBBE face pack, you will not need to run TexBlend to correct any sea
If wanting to design your own body shape:
* Copy the "CalienteTools" folder from "09 BodySlide" into your "Skyrim/Data"
directory and run BodySlide.exe.
* There are numerous presets to choose from, and you can use the sliders to c
ustomize your preferences.
* Please read the BodySlide ReadMe.txt or check its own Nexus mod page for mo
re information on the tool.
If wanting to use curvy textures:
* Copy the textures folder from "01 Curvy" to your "Skyrim\Data" directory

If you did not install the CBBE Face pack and the textures you're using have nec
k seams:
* Install the "10 TexBlendLite" option, go to "CalienteTools\TexBlendLite" an
d start up the "TexBlend.exe" program to apply fixes.
Options and Tools
This package includes the following body options and tools:
00 Required (CBBE Slim):
* The default slim shape of CBBE.
* No matter which version you plan to use, install the meshes and textures fo
lder here first to get hands and feet meshes plus textures.
* Other options will overwrite the appropriate files.
01 Curvy (CBBE Curvy):
* The default curvy shape of CBBE.
* Textures and normal maps intended for a curvier body frame and larger breas
* "00 Required (CBBE Slim)" has to be installed first to get hands and feet m
* This option will overwrite the appropriate files for the Curvy look.
Installation of these following optional mesh and texture variants is a matter o
f copying the contained meshes or textures folder to your "Skyrim\Data" director
02 Vanilla:
* The CBBE body, shaped to conform closely to the proportions of the vanilla
Skyrim female body - with a few adjustments.
* Requires either CBBE Slim or CBBE Curvy body textures to be installed.
03 Underwear Textures:
* The textures for the "Caliente Underwear" clothed body replacer.
* These are REQUIRED if you wish to use the "Caliente Underwear" underwear mo
* Currently there is only one set of textures, but a planned separate mod wil
l add more options and a standalone outfit version!
04 Underwear Slim:
05 Underwear Curvy:
06 Underwear Vanilla:
* Each of these include options for underwear models that match their shape:
* 00 Caliente Underwear
* 01 Caliente Underwear 2
* The Underwear 1 and 2 aren't compatible with the vanilla Skyrim under
wear textures, you'll need to install the "03 Underwear Textures", too.
* 02 NeverNude
* This model uses the vanilla Skyrim textures.
07 Texture Quality:
* Read the ReadMe.txt in "07 Texture Quality" for more information.
08 Face Pack:
* The official CBBE face pack, containing the face textures and options assem
bled by Jeir.
* Read the "ReadMe.txt" in its folder for more info and installation instruct
There are two helper applications allowing you to customize CBBE to your exact p
It is recommended that you place them in your "Skyrim\Data\CalienteTools" direct
ory in order to avoid misplaced files (but doing so is not mandatory).
09 BodySlide:
* A versatile tool that provides thousands of body shape options for all the
available CBBE body types.
* See the BodySlide ReadMe.txt or its own Nexus mod page for detailed explana
tion: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/
10 TexBlendLite:
* My texture blending tool, configured to apply a texture fix for neck seams
with a single click.
* Full version available here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5737/
Thank you for trying CBBE!