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Test I. Encircle the correct letter with the correct answer.
1. A skilled nurse, giving expert bed side care to patient and executing special technical duties in the
special areas like operation theatres, intensive care unit, highly dependent unit etc.
A. Head Nurse C. Staff Nurse
B. ICU Nurse D. OR Nurse
2. It is the duty and responsibilities of staff nurse.
A. She/he will assess the needs of the patients in the ward and make nursing care plan for all patients
consulting with ward sister.
B. She/he will give direct patient care (bed making, changing of bed sheets, mouth care, back care, bed
bathing, hair wash, changing of position etc) and allotted care to her by the ward sister.
C. She/he will fulfill all basic needs (hygienic need, nutritional need etc) of the patients.
D. All of these
3. All are requirements and responsibilities of staff nurse, except.
A. Evaluates assigned patients and plans. C. Provides nursing care and on-site services for
client companies including annual physicals, flu
vaccines and safety training programs.
B. Implements and documents nursing care. D. Assists physicians during examinations and
4. The oldest method of organizing patient care is total patient care, sometimes referred to as case
nursing. In total patient care nurses are responsible for planning, organizing, and performing all care,
including personal hygiene, medications, treatments, emotional support, and education required for
their assigned group of patients during the assigned shift.
A. Functional nursing C. Total patient care.
B. Team nursing D. Primary nursing
5. Nursing method of patient care delivery, staff members are assigned to complete certain tasks for a
group of patients rather than care for specific patients.
A. Functional nursing C. Total patient care
B. Team nursing D. Primary nursing
6. The RN functions as a team leader and coordinates a small group (no more than four or five) of
ancillary personnel to provide care to a small group of patients.
A. Functional nursing C. Total patient care
B. Team nursing D. Primary nursing

7. is a system of nursing care delivery which emphasizes continuity of care and responsibility acceptance
by having one registered nurse (RN), often teamed with a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and/or nursing
assistant (NA), who together provide complete care for a group of patients throughout their stay in a
hospital unit or department.
A. Functional nursing C. Total patient care
B. Team nursing D. Primary nursing
Test II. Essay. Use the spaces provided below.
1. Define Staffing (5pts)
2. Explain the procedure on how to carry-out doctors order. What are the important factors to