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This is deep and not for the unlearned.

Reading this will change your world forever!

Such truths are in this writing that will lodge inside of you whether you
understand it or not and you will never get away from it again! it will transport
you to heaven or will cast you into hell, so be very very extremely careful!
The story of Lucifer falling from heaven is the story of Jesus coming to earth to
be made sin. t is the story of !dam and "ve or the story of #$%!
Listen, &od is all things! 'othing exist outside of &od, all things exist within
(im. !lso all that exist within (im is still ()! &od is #ou and #ou are &od!
&od has a sovereignty and you have a sovereignty! &od does what he wants to
when he gets ready, the same as you do!
&od had to live with the choices (e made the same as #ou do.
The (oly *ible is the story of #ou!!!! (ow you was a Spirit and how you fell to
another realm of thought, to another mind, how you then had to have a soul to
protect your spirit and that soul had to have a body to record life to ma+e
choices to define what +ind of spirit you would be.
The *ody is the recorder, the Soul is the type writer and your spirit is a blan+
white pure sheet of paper and you are defining yourself, the same way &od in
and through Jesus defined (imself!
&od said to you according to your faith so be it unto you, the same as &od
created all things by (is own ,aith so do you!
&od created all that is &ood, and seen in that goodness to reproduce himself that
there was a perfect necessity for the allowance of evil.
"vil was a necessity! There had to be a dar+ness to define the Light, else &od
could never be revealed! he could never reproduce (imself without the
dar+ness! The same as your children when they are born, they are not born with
all of the +nowledge and wisdom and experience of an adult.
So &od did the same thing you do, (e comes forth and places (is seed in a
realm of dar+ness, light veiled in dar+ness, a seed covered in the ground, a sun
that hides the moon and stars, a bride carrying her husbands seed. hen at the
appointed time she gives birth to that child and now &od has reproduced (is
own image. *ut it does not stop there, now what the child went through
physically within the veil or womb of its mother continues on now spiritually,
though it is born and has breath, there is a veil over its little innocent mind and
now that mind will grow under the covering and protection of the two parents,
-ust li+e Jesus was transfigured on the mount and there stood )oses and "li-ah
saying li+e this.....Then shall a man leave his mother and father and cleave to his
wife and they shall be one flesh, so Jesus was leaving the Law and prophets and
had become one with (is *ody, (is .ife, (is ,lesh.
&od became a )an and that )an became &od to show as an example to us all
that we are &od. am not sating we are &od in the sense of the power of our
own intellect and our own strength, for we are still within a veil. *ut we are a
god potentially spea+ing as we grow and mature and learn to obey and believe
the .ord of &od.
Jesus said and /avid of old said 0#e are &ods, but you die li+e men0!
#ou say what about Satan, well the *ible says about him that even (e is 0The
&od of his .orld0.
The Revelation of Jesus 1hrist, is the revealing of &od to Jesus to show (im
who (e was, .ho (e had become and it is the same to you, it is the revealing of
who you are!
&od repented of the evil he has thought to bring upon man, and again he
repented he had made man, not that he did not love (is creation but when he
seen the horror of what "vil would do to man and that he allowed it, it caused
(im to repent (e even made them. So he repented, he came and was born and
lived the same way you do, he was baptised for allowing sin, because he held
(imself responsible for its existence, he put the Tree of 2nowledge in the
&arden, he allowed and made the serpent to be there, he +new all of this was
going to happen and allowed it, so he was responsible and never laid the charge
of Sin against man+ind but too+ it upon (imself and paid for every bit of it and
removed sin and death and hate and evil and Satan and all things that was
unli+e (imself away and destroyed them once and for all! (e was done with the
dar+ness, he was done with Sin, he did not need the veil anymore, as (e brought
forth the woman from (is Side to reproduce (is children and then once (e had
(is children he too+ the woman bac+ into (imself as she became $ne with (im
The *ible says Jesus was the ,RST*$R' of many more sons and daughters of
&od that was to come also!
(umanity is the flesh the woman, the female part of &od.
&od as to (is $ffice and Spirit of who (e is, is )ale as Spirit rules over all.
So &od the )ale, pours (imself into (is 1reation that has come forth from (is
Side, and is now ,emale. am say &od the Spirit 3male4 became ,lesh 3female4.
magine with me for a moment li+e this.....&od is a )ale lets say and from (is
side (e creates a female then he changes (imself into a Seed of the )ale organ
and enters into this female (e has made, and lives there till the appointed time
needed and then rends her veil to be *orn !gain! *ut now (e is not -ust male, he
is also female in this sense, when a child is born it has the traits of both parents.
So &od created all of 1reation including (umanity then he entered into that
creation to behold all that (e is and was and shall be! he had to have a mirror to
behold (imself, (e had never seen (imself! (e was !lone!
#es (e had the flowers and trees and bird etc but (e could not reason with
them, he could not carry a conversation on with them, and who or what in all he
had created could he spea+ with and get someone to tal+ bac+ too intelligently5
So he created man+ind and said will reproduce my own self! /oes not creation
testify of this as well that all things reproduce after their own +ind! Sure they
do! &od is reproducing (im own Self! and it was through Jesus 1hrist that he
did this and began that process!
&od is the subconscious of every living human being! and the veil or woman (e
needs to reproduce (imself is the conscious mind which is called the carnal
)ind! when you do not put away that mind and accept (is )ind then you are
not a .ife to (im you are a whore and he re-ects you and you become the bride
of that conscious mind which is Satan, the dar+ness! #our subconscious had to
have a conscious mind of resistance to form itself into a state of eternal being.
!dam is your Spirit, eve was your body, !dam is your subconscious and "ve is
your conscious!
)oses burning bush experience was this same revelation (e reali6ed who he was
and so he went down to "gypt to command 7haraoh to let (is people go! )oses
was &od appearing in another form! 'oah was &od appearing in another form!
"li-ah and /avid and on and on, 7aul and John was &od appearing in another
form! "very true born again 1hild of &od is &od appearing in another form!
.hat you do to them you do unto &od, they are (is *one and ,lesh because
they are (im! n another form!
The *ible is the story of your Life! #our beginning in heaven and (ow you fell to
this "arth and was made from the dust of the ground and how you dwell in the
body of your mother 3flesh4 till you are born again or until you depart this body
and go bac+ to your true father. #ou are a Spirit having a (uman "xperience!
#ou are an !ngel a Spirit that fell from heaven because it was &ods .ill for you
too! #ou are Lucifer and the $ld testament is the story of your fall from heaven,
in other words it is the story of you coming forth from the two stones and
serpent of your male heavenly father and being planted in the dustly, earthly
bloody, fleshly body of your mother and in the womb of creation you are
growing and maturing and changing into &od or Satan according to your own
sovereignty! &od did the same thing and he rented of the evils he had allowed
and was born again and cut away that evil from (imself!
(e separated the Light from the /ar+ness! Jesus came at 1alvary and separated
your Spirit 3Light4 from your *ody 3dar+ness4. So you could see both of them
and choose each day which you will serve! #ou are a Tree of &ood and of "vil
and it is &ods desire for you to become the Tree of Life.
#ou are &od wor+ing all things out according to your own will!
!ccording to your faith, #ou choose this day!
7aul spo+e of (imself as a woman in this sense saying travail li+e a pregnant
woman does till 1hrist if formed within you, Jesus said for you to ta+e up your
1ross, receive (is Seed within you and travail, and follow (im as he did to &od!
(e was the Seed of &od 3Spirit4 inside the ,lesh *ody 3.oman4 carrying the
Seed of &od the 1hild of &od within (im and then at the 1ross he gave *irth to
that ,irst *orn 1hild! &od was born again! &od had reproduced (imself for the
first time! a 'ew 1reation!
!ll (umanity is the .oman, and we have two males that pursue us to reproduce
their image, &od or Satan! .ill Lucifer which is your spirit become the 1hrist,
or will it become Satan!
#ou are &od in the 8eil, and #ou are wor+ing out your own Salvation the same
way &od did, Jesus did!
The (oly 2J8 *ible is the *oo+ of #$%!
#ou are !dam and "ve! The serpent is your own conscious )ind!
This world is a garden, you listen to your own mind and deceive yourself every
day! #ou believe the lies it tells you!
it tells you you age and that you are getting older and must die, it tells you you
can get sic+ and that you must fear and that you are smart and you have the
answers and you +now what is best, that mind is a mind that is against the mind
of 1hrist, it is !nti9 1hrist! it caters and worships the *ody which is the *east!
!ll of the world is wandering and following after the beast, their human flesh
and passions and education and self!
The 1hildren of &od are birthing 1hrist and are become 1hrist, while the world
is birthing Satan and are become him.
,rom the dar+ness of &enesis to the Light of Revelations, is the story of #$%!
,rom obscure dar+ness to glorious light, from innocence as a child to the
maturity and +nowing of an adult, it is the story of #ou. 'ot the you that had
your beginning from your mothers womb, but your beginning from the time you
was in heaven and came to "arth and dwelled in a body and then went bac+ to
heaven, you was a seed in your heavenly ,athers loins and was cast forth from
there, from among (is stones through (is serpent that hung between heaven
and "arth and was cast into the blood world the blood seed of (is female side of
flesh. .here you was formed into an eternal image then you was birthed from
that female side and returned to the arms of your heavenly father.
dar+ness was needed to form the light, once the light was formed and defined,
the dar+ness was no longer needed.
praise &od and (allelu-ah!!!!!

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