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Daily Technical Analysis Levels Daily Technical Analysis Levels

for 01 September 2014 for 01 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola Due Prepared by Nicola Due

Pa!e 2 "#P$SD %$&$SD
Pa!e ' A$D$SD $SD(P)
Pa!e 4 %$&"#P $SD*+,
Pa!e - $SD*AD %$&(P)
Pa!e . "old /T0 1il
Pa!e 2 DA3 S4P-00
Talin!5,ore6 is uni7ue in that it is the only audio service in the 8orld that is available 24 hours a day and e6clusively
for ,3 traders9 0t is delivered by our hi!hly silled team of Talin!5,ore6 analysts around the cloc from Sunday
evenin! throu!h to ,riday evenin!9 %very member of our team has a different maret speciality and each one has a
number of years e6perience 8orin! for an investment ban: hed!e fund or financial ne8s a!ency9
;ost importantly Talin!5,ore6 analysts are completely independent and neutral in their opinions9
Daily vie8 still holdin! belo8 ran!e top 19.. < ran!e bottom 19.-'. despite some tests to the
upside9 $pside brea of the channel tar!ets 19..'0 4 19... =that level a!ain>? 5 brea lo8er
tar!et 19.4-2
,our +ourly vie8
&esistance 19.-.' 19..'0=ma@or? 19... 19..A2=;ay lo8? 19... =ma@or?
Support 19.-'-B: 19.-22: 19.4-05-.=ma@or? 19.'2- 19.2B'=ma@or 4 short s8in! tar!et?
Shallo8 bear fla! broe lo8er ,riday to close on the lo8s9 &etest of 19'142 4 19'1.0 are short
entries tar!etin! 19'012
+ourly vie8
Support 19'142=ma@or? 19'012=ma@or?
&esistance 19'1-. 19'1.0 19'1B' 19'20A 19'242=ma@or?
Daily vie8 Technically this is a nice buy set up off a !ood level to start the 8ee9 #uy dips
a!ainst A'22 C close belo8 A'20 ne!ates short term bullish pattern: tar!ets A400 4 A4-0
,our +ourly Die8
&esistance 09A'-2 09A'2' 09A400=ma@or? 09A402 09A4-0
Support 09A'225B=ma@or? 09A2B2 09A2'B 09A20B=ma@or?
Daily vie8 < 8ed!e breaout lon!9 Need to see ne8 hi!hs no8 and not a failure at 1049229
,our +ourly Die8
Supports 10'9A0 10'9A-510490'=ma@or? 10'92-=ma@or? 10'94- 10'90.=ma@or?
&esistance 104922 104920 1049BB
Daily vie8 < #roen do8n alon! 8ith %$& across the board9 Should see a bounce to8ards
092A24 to reload shorts
4 hour chart vie8
Support 092A4A5-4 092A'05'4 092BA0
&esistance 092A245B0=ma@or? 092AA2 09B0'-=ma@or? 09B024=ma@or?
Daily vie89 #ullish breaoutC buy dips 999 Patterns pro@ect tar!ets at 09A' 4 fib tar!et is 09A4
"ood Support to buy at 09A120 4 09A1--
,our +ourly chart vie8
Supports 09A1B05B-=ma@or? 09A120 09A1'' 09A104 09A0'4 09BA-0
&esistance 09A1A0 09A210 09A2'2 09A'1'
Daily Die8 #ullish reversal after a false brea lo8er but the 8eely candle is bearish9 +o8 far
does this !o after last 8ees double topE 190A4B loos possible if 8e brea bac above 190B2'9
Sell levelsF ;arabuGo line resistance 190A02 4 190A22
+ourly vie8
Support 190B04 =ma@or? 190224 1902.' 190.22 190.-.
&esistance 190BB0 190A2- 190AB-=ma@or?
Dolatile do@i inside day sa8 this all the 8ay up 4 all the 8ay bac9 0nverted head 4 shoulders at
the (anuary lo8 levels H ran!e trade9 #ased on hi!her time frames 0 lie this on the short side
,our +ourly vie8
Supports 1'.9-A 1'.9'.542 1'-920
&esistance 1'.9B. 1'2910 1'2942 1'2920 1'B900 1'B924 =200A triple top?
Daily vie8 < &esistance at the -0fib in bearish A#I*D tar!ets 12B0 and 122.9
"old is stru!!lin!: 12B. needs to hold today for bulls9
+ourly vie8
&esistance 12A' 12A. 1'00 1'02=ma@or?
Supports 12B'9-512B- 122B=ma@or? 12.B 12.- 12'B=ma@or?
OIL $S /T0 crude
Daily Die8 < bullish reversal9 Trian!le broe hi!her and A2940 !ood area for shorts and retest of
8eely trendline9
+ourly chart
Support A494-5-- A'911 A2922 A19-0=ma@or? A192'=(an lo8?
&esistance is at A-9A0 A.9'- A2940 AA9005AA9'0=ma@or? AA9B0
Daily vie8 < Any fibonacci trader no8s if you roll over at the .19Bfib ratio then you are !oin! to
the 'B9fib ne6t 8hich is at A''' 4 taes the DA3 out of this risin! channel C that is the most
liely ne6t move for the Da6
,our +ourly vie8
Support at A-2- A411 A''' A'-0 A1.B=ma@or?
&esistance A.1B=ma@or? A24B A2A0
Daily vie8 < the monthly and 8eely closes at ne8 hi!hs are important bullish si!nals9
0 favour a bac and fill 8ee before movin! hi!her: 1A2A5B- 1A2- 1A.2
+ourly vie8 < potential double top
&esistance 200051 2012=ma@or? 20-0=ma@or?
Support 1A2A5B- 1A2- 1A.2 1A.2