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Agra Agra

Wire Reels
For Dispensing Test Lead Wire
Many corrosion surveys require significant
lengths of test lead wire. The Agra wire
reel is a handy way of storing and
distributing this wire. It is made from
lightweight aluminum and can store up to
250 feet of #16 or 1,000 feet of #18 AWG
lead wire. To prevent backlash drag, a
resistance clip is placed next to the handle
and allows the operator to regulate the
amount of wire distributed. A wooden
spool handle is also included for
rewinding the wire after the survey is
The Agra wire reel is durable enough to
withstand rugged field use and makes testing
a snap. Each reel is supplied with a 3-foot
plastic insulated wire lead. It contains two
banana plug jacks and a removable alligator
testing clip. When a corrosion measurement
is taken, one end of this test wire is
connected to a terminal on the hub of the
wire reel, while the other is linked to a test
instrument. Wire stored in the reel is
electrically connected to the test lead wire
through the reel terminal. This special
electrical configuration allows the user to
take measurements without completely
removing all the wire stored on the reel. To
electrically isolate the terminal, phenolic
washers are installed on either side of the
reel hub.
Typical Applications
Wire reels simplify the completion of
various corrosion surveys. They are often
used to complete interference testing and
potential surveys on oil, gas, and water
pipelines. They are also frequently used for
continuity testing on steel reinforced
concrete, bridges, and parking garage
structures. The reels can be used with lead
wire ranging in size from #22 to #16 AWG.
1090 Enterprise Drive / Medina, OH 44256
Tel: 1-330-723-5082 / Fax: 1-330-723-0694
Agra Agra

Wire Reels
Ordering Procedure
Corrpro stocks a large quantity of Agra wire
reels for immediate shipping. Corrpro also
supplies lead wire in a range of wire gauges
and insulations, and can provide the wire
with the Agra reel in any length. To order
the Agra wire reel for your particular
application, indicate that you need the Agra
wire reel and specify the quantity desired. If
you would like the wire included with the
reel, indicate the wire gauge, type of
insulation, and length. An example is
included to help illustrate this process.
Ordering Procedure Example
Quantity 10
Product Agra Wire Reel
Wire Included Yes
Gauge #18 AWG
Insulation PVC
Length 300 ft.
Standard Dimensions
& Shipping Weights
7.75 (196.8) 3.5 (88.9) 0.5 (14.2)