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My Church Has Departed From My Truth Just like Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Catholic Church to complain about corruptions and abuses in that particular religious system of men, so do I, the Lord, have a bone to pick with My cold, dead, carnal church. Over the most hopeless, rebellious congregations I nail this message: ICHABOD, the Glory has departed! Whats wrong with todays church? 1. The love of many has waxed cold (Matt.24:12). 2. The saints, obsessed with Prosperity Theology and the men who pimp the gospel for cash, have DESPISED THE POOR in their midst (James 2:6). 3. Adultery has flourished in congregations which look the other way and trade in old wives and husbands like used cars (James 4:4). 4. Material prosperity is used as a measuring stick to determine someone elses spirituality and status with Me. 5. People who dont fit the acceptable stereotype of an intact couple with several kids, owning their own home (or trying to), going through all the right motions, paying unscriptural money tithes, belonging to the right political party, mouthing the right words and sticking to the same script as everyone else tend to get ignored in church. 6. Despite all the hype about going to the ends of the earth for Jesus, Christians ignore the mission field in their own back yard. Theyll gladly go to Africa, but they want no part of the black ghettos on the other side of town. 7. Spiritual gifts are stifled because they dont fit in with the pastors program and he cant always CONTROL the message My Spirit sends forth to My sleeping church. 8. Sins of every kind are COVERED UP instead of confessed and forsaken. The brethren rob and cheat one another, taking advantage of each other because they ARE brethren (I Tim.6:2), and are not expected to complain about ill treatment (I Cor.6:8).

9. Sin is called sickness and moral frailty instead of the rotten, stinking thing a just and Holy God abhors and sent His Son to pay the penalty for. 10. Preachers break many laws to impose a bastardized tithe on hurting sheep and threaten them with hell for failure to pay up on time. One such law is I forbid strangers (non-Levites) to collect tithes (Heb.7:9), and the stranger (unauthorized person) that cometh nigh to any Old Testament religious altar to play Levite shall be put to DEATH (Num.1:51). 11. Preachers ignore Old Testament Laws that condemn THEM but use the ones they like to condemn My people for failure to submit to their twisted teachings. 12. Christians have substituted the false God loves everybody just as they are message for the Repent or perish warning of John the Baptist, Jesus, and the apostles (Matt.3:2; Luke 13:3,5; Acts 17:30). 13. The terrifying hell preached by John the Baptist and Jesus has been toned down to simply mean eternal separation from God, an ambiguous term which doesnt scare atheistic sinners very much (Matt.3: 7-10; Mark 9:43-48). 14. Popular evangelists emphasize ONLY My love, and never seem upset about sin. Using seeker-friendly warm and fuzzy appeals to sinners dead in trespasses and sins, they declare people saved after a walk down the aisle (mentioned NOWHERE in Scripture) and mouthing some toned-down sinners prayer, in order to claim as many souls as possible got saved at their big crusade. They bypass the sticky, messy part where My Spirit needs to convict souls of sin (John 16:8) before they CAN be born again. Modern evangelists want to spare sinners the humiliation of KNOWING THEY ARE SINNERS, skip the process of repentance, and get to the nice part where everything is well with God. In the process, there are many spiritual stillbirths where conversion didnt truly happen, and all you get is church-going sinners. 15. The most evil sinners and criminals are loved and forgiven without any semblance of true repentance. The only sin that rouses a modern believers indignation is when another Christian finds fault with unrepentant sinners. Victims of crime are turned into the sinners for complaining about the crime while the sinner is blessed and loved in the name of Jesus, whether or not theyre sorry. 16. Church has been turned into a predictable, 90-minute, staged production of MEN, with canned choruses, overemotional speakers selling something, and plenty of condemnation of hurting sheep who can find no one to care.

When will My people stop playing church and get down to the business of loving one another as I have loved them? I see church being slowly but surely turned into a big business racket not too different from the buyers and the sellers doing business in the Outer Court of the Temple. If anything, its grown much slicker and more sophisticated in this electronic age. Extorting Tithes Out of the Poor

What do I think of this new one-arm-bandit tithing machine which has made its grand entrance into the vestibule of the so-called megachurch (where is THAT concept found in Scripture)? Like a grim-faced sentry of steel, that computerized Judas Junk Box stands there as just another mediator between My people and their God. It reminds them that while the Way of Salvation is free, that its still a toll road and you better pay up. Millions who dont yet feel the financial bite dont mind indulging their puppy-faced prosperity preacher, the swindler with the smooth, effeminate hands which have never known hard physical labor. People pet him by providing luxurious holidays, sports cars, and yachts, or anything his spoiled rotten heart desires. Meanwhile, I see so many broken-hearted saints realizing theyve been had because the miracle harvest blessings promised BY THE PREACHER for tithing on money fail to materialize. The preacher just strung them along like a

dumb mule pulling a wagon, following a carrot on the end of a fishing pole and never catching it. Theyre still driving a sick, wheezy old car that breaks down all the time without the money to fix it. Theyre still wondering how the light bill will get paid. Theyre still struggling to pay last years Christmas debts and their credit cards are maxed out. Theyre in arrears for last months rent. Many get laid off from their jobs and must move in with relatives till they get on their feet again. While pew Christians land in one messy trial after another, only the preacher and his inner circle are in clover.

After spoiling the leadership with more blessings than they can consume, the poor fleeced sheep feel broke and downtrodden. Until the preacher perks them back up with religious emotional candy dispensed from the pulpit, so as to renew false hopes of rewards for obedience to his scripturally unsound preaching. Tears of joy flow once again as the supercharged song service gets hands clapping and people jumping and the offering flowing. Like programmed robots, even the poorest believers respond to this evil indoctrination from the pulpit: Give TO God (US) just ONE MORE TIME and your miracle will surely come! Some people go back over and over and over again to set themselves up for yet another fall. They seem to be addicted to pain and disappointment. If the preacher lets them down, where can they turn? It isnt always easy to trust in an invisible God. People find it far easier to turn to a

grinning clown doing a circus act and making outlandish promises on behalf of their prosperity god, for they count on the fact most people dont seriously study their Bibles, and even fewer dont know how to rightly divide My Word (2 Tim.2:15). If they did these things, they would discover that Biblical tithing is almost the polar opposite of what is taught today and it does NOT apply to the church of Jesus Christ! Neither the promises nor the curses of the old tithing law apply today. I have made My people hundreds of promises to take care of them out of GRACE, not as wages performed for religious works and donations. Why isnt that taught more at prosperity churches? So many of you have suffered financial SETBACKS instead of blessings even after the preacher promised that elusive hundred-fold return on your investment. He really doesnt care if hes moving you out from the grace of God (Gal.2:21;3:3; Col.1:23) back into a LAW relationship where if you dont do this, this or that happens to you. Thieves and robbers have molested My Bride by wooing her away from Me and causing her to put her faith in the magic incantations of socalled faith theology. When the Curse of the Law sets in, instead of getting a huge return on your gift to that charlatan preacher, you just might see a huge amount taken away from you because youve opened the door to the devil and given him place in your life to ruin you (Eph.4:27), just like he did Job. Most of you wont get as sick as he did, but then you wonder why instead of getting that hundred thousand bucks harvest on your faith seed, your trials have robbed you of the same amount. Thats the curse of the Law in operation, and if you want deliverance from it, you need to come to Me and ask forgiveness for giving to the rich (Prov.22:16) sheep fleecer who claims to be My anointed servant in the pulpit. And also for turning the life of faith into a big crap game to win big money from the Lord. I dont run a gambling casino. I resent being treated like a slot machine, saith the Lord. Whenever a saint is placed back under a tit-for-tat law relationship with the Lord, where I only give to you if you dig down deep in your pocket, that saint has been made much poorer spiritually. Far better to possess spiritual riches which endure for eternity than illusory gold and silver of this world which shall pass away. When the preacher presents a pressing need such as new carpeting or a salary hike for the music director, the saints dig deep, with reassurances that we really do love you. But when one of the pew saints gets sick or loses his job and needs to feed his children, tough luck. Instead of practical help, they often get a sour-faced lecture

about irresponsibility and needing to learn a better work ethic. This from a pastor who takes at least two luxurious vacations a year from the REAL world, where life doesnt always fit into predictably neat little boxes. The poor husband who cant find a job and stays home to take care of the children while the better-paid wife works will often take a lot of flak from judgmental Christians who question the mans masculinity or work ethic. Why is it a sin for some man to care for his OWN children while its okay for him to teach someone elses kids for money, which he, in turn, forks over to a stranger to care for his children? The REAL reason some pastors criticize one-wage families is this: only ONE tithe will be dropped in the preachers offering plate instead of two slaves working hard to support his easy lifestyle!

That same preacher who criticizes the parents for not working hard enough, or long enough hours, is the same one who jumps down their throat for not spending a lot of quiet time with the Lord praying for his ministry, or for failure to participate in more church activities. Is the preachers math ability so poor he cant subtract the long working

week he wants OTHERS to do from the total hours in every week and see whats left to serve the lord (himself)? STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET! The pew saints are told in multitudes of different ways. Go get a job! Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, and that includes working every hour you can find around the clock! But dont you dare neglect personal Bible study and the training of your children! Jesus was a political conservative so there aint no free lunch in Gods kingdom!

Oh, really? After Jesus fed the five thousand, did He send Simon Peter around with an ice cream bucket to take up a love offering to defray costs? Where do you ever read of Jesus soliciting funds for any other purpose except to feed the poor? When My dear Son was crucified, did He tell Mary to go shift for herself, or that she had to sink or swim? NO! With the understanding that His kingdom was a family of love, Jesus entrusted to the care of the disciple nearest to His heart the one treasure closest to His heart at the time: His own precious mother.

The rich have taken over the institutional church system and monopolized the running of charismatic congregations too, although James makes it clear that I have chosen THE POOR of this world to show forth My glory and My power (James 2:5). Jesus Himself said, Blessed are ye poor, for yours is the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 6:20). Yet the self-centered rich say Jesus is one of them, and it is a shame to be poor, and a sign of My cursing or My judgment for sin on someone. The Old Covenant focused on earthly blessings, such as a large family, a large inheritance to leave future generations, and status in the community. But My New Covenant children are to look for a BETTER country, a heavenly one (Heb.11: 13-16). Instead of teaching My children to hold loosely to earthly blessings as being transitory things (James 1:9-11), modern preachers teach My children to grab all the goodies they can while theres breath in their body. Instead of looking for My soon appearing and planning wisely for that as their first priority, My people are taught that any decent man or woman worth their salt will plan for the future and all its possible needs. But Jesus said, Take no thought for tomorrow. Its enough to bear the burdens of today (Matt.6:25-34). Jesus commended faithfulness in laboring to further the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Jesus commended faithful stewardship. But Jesus was no worrier. Jesus did not chase after mammon like so many believers do today. Jesus had no big stock portfolio, not even a simple credit card. His net financial worth was what He wore on His back and

maybe a few pennies in the bag carried by a treasurer who ended up betraying Him. Jesus was born in a filthy stall with hay for his bed. Joseph did what he could to make Mary comfortable when her time came to bring Jesus into the world. Joseph appeared cheerful for Marys sake, but his secret sorrow was that he couldnt provide better for her when her son was born. Joseph toiled very hard to the point of weariness and painfulness. But in this cursed world, taxes and troubles took their toll from the fruits of his daily labors. How do you suppose Joseph could have financed his familys flight to Egypt if the visiting Wise Men hadnt brought Jesus valuable gifts? The Savior Who had nowhere to lay His head did not have the use of these gifts when He was so needy He had to forage fruit from a tree to ease His hunger (Mark 11:12-14). The experience of My Son upon the earth was often what you might describe as hand to mouth. But I sustained Jesus in health until the time came for Him to surrender His health, peace and life on Calvary for your sake. Patriotism and Politics Can Become Idolatry Patriotism is becoming an idol in many congregations, and the flag is taking center stage away from the cross of Christ. The military, which sheds the blood of people I came to save, is seen almost as a Christian ministry. Defending your country from attackers IS important, and I have appointed certain ones to bear the sword for the defense of society (Rom.13:4). But I am grieved about the gun-crazed attitude of some professing believers who have blocked weakened legistlation in Congress to ban assault rifles, which are NOT necessary for selfdefense from attackers. Some of My people worship MARS, the mythical god of war, more than they do Me. This devilish spiritual influence is just as bad as the mythical Venus, the goddess of love and seduction. Among some Christians, there is complacency about the importance of their nation in My sight, compared to how much I value other countries. This leads to a belief of My country, right or wrong, and regardless of her motives, God must always give her the victory. Patriotism can be very seductive, vying for your time and attention, and drawing you away from the Great Commission of leading people of ALL nations everywhere to Christ. Some of my people can be led astray by a pretty face, though it is the face of a politician rash enough to poke a stick at an angry bear with a chip on its shoulder. In the

coming days a bear nation which seemed to be asleep shall flex its muscles once again. It takes watchfulness and prayerfulness to combat feelings of insecurity, whether individual or on behalf of your nation. For you fight not against flesh and blood, but against evil forces in heavenly places. The enemy within world communities is SIN, not some foreign foe. ALL nations are corrupt in My sight, and I am calling out of every country INDIVIDUALS who will be faithful to the true Christ of the Bible and to His Word. Christians must be willing to be salt and light in their own communities. A certain high profile political party claims Jesus would have been one of them and the other main political party is of satan. Really? Would Jesus have made a preemptive strike on any country which didnt attack His own nation? It is plainly commanded in My Word that you are not to strive (fight) with anyone if they have done you no harm (Prov.3:30). Would Jesus have dropped bombs or food on Iraq? When Christ returns to the earth, what sort of ruler will He turn out to be? Will He heavily tax His mortal subjects in order to build bomber planes and weapons of war? Will He choose guns or butter as His main priority? Will Christ allow the manufacture and sale of AK47s and sophisticated assault weapons at gun shows in the name of liberty (see Isa.2:4; Micah 4:3)? Will Jesus kowtow to rich manufacturers who dont care who they hurt so long as the ca$h keeps rolling in? Does Christ even CARE whether money-hungry factory owners trash the environment (Rev.11:18)? Will Jesus show partiality to the greedy rich and just let the poor go hungry (Luke 1:53; 6:24-25)? WOULD CHRIST, WHO HAD NOWHERE TO LAY HIS HEAD (Matt.8:20; Luke 9:58), TAKE FOOD OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE HUNGRY TO BALANCE TO FEDERAL BUDGET? WOULD HE PROSECUTE HOMELESS PEOPLE IN THE PARK WHO HAVE NO SHELTER ABOVE THEIR HEAD TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE RAIN BECAUSE RENTS ARE OBSCENELY EXPENSIVE AND THESE PEOPLE, WEAKENED BY HUNGER AND EXPOSURE TO THE ELEMENTS, ARE TOO SICK TO WORK AROUND THE CLOCK TO PAY THESE RENTS TO THE FAT, GREEDY RICH MAN (Isa.58:7)? Beware of becoming like the greedy rich man who fared sumptuously everyday and ignored the poor beggar dying of disease outside his door (Luke 16:19-31). If Christ truly believed in sink or swim economics, He never would have taken up collections for the poor.

And that was the ONLY reason Christ ever asked for offerings (never tithes). Jesus said: Your FAITH has saved you, not Your money has saved you. And lest anyone think Christ would have belonged to the OTHER major political party, the clear standards of My Word arent open to compromise. Immorality is still sin, regardless of changing times. Jesus wore a beard and sandals, but that isnt sinful. But confusing gender roles is. Women are still women and men are still men. Their roles are clearly prescribed in My Word. Mothers should be there for their kids as much as they possibly can, instead of seeking carnal fulfillment in the world of politics and business. It is NOT a sin to be a stay-at-home mom, and I wish EVERY mother could afford to stay home with their children because kids need to be mothered by MOTHERS, not surrogate parents-for-pay. Children need TWO parents, a father and a mother. A sperm donor is a poor substitute for a loving, godly dad. But in cases where tragedy strikes in this very imperfect world and only one parent is in the home, I am there to fill that gap. Despite the moral corruption infiltrating modern society, MY DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE HAS NOT, AND NEVER WILL CHANGE TO CATER TO THE PERVERTED LUSTS OF FALLEN MANKIND! Christ said that in the beginning I the Lord made them MALE AND FEMALE, and that means Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve (Gen.1:27; Matt.19:4; Mark 10:6). Christians didnt come up with these rules, I the LORD did, in the beginning. I never authorized anyone to revise My written Word to accommodate the sordid times you live in. To change with the times is to throw out my unchangeable Word which endures forever (Isa.40:8; Rom.1:27; I Cor.6:9) Marriage BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE OF THE SAME GENDER is STILL the ONLY acceptable context for sex (Heb.13:4). Marriage is ONLY to be between one man and one woman FOR LIFE! Children dont need to know all the many details of the facts of life till they are developmentally ready. It is a SIN to deprive an innocent small child of its childhood through perverted sex education. Kids and teens need discipline and loving, firm guidance. Everyone needs the love of Jesus. Including categories of people who dont fit in with the modern family prosperity-oriented apostate church of this present generation. I speak specifically of men and women who are SINGLE BY CHOICE, married without children, divorced, or women unable to drag a husband to church to make it a couple. Such people dont fit in

with conservative Christians picture perfect image of several perfectly groomed, contented kids walking side by side with a smiling mom and dad carrying Bibles. Womens Issues in My Church Women can be downright catty with each other. Behind each others backs, they criticize each others weight, hairdos, dress sense. But where did I decree in My Word that each and every woman in church has to look like a starving ten-year-old and wear a ton of cosmetics to hide their aging process? Where did I say a woman has to dress in skimpy clothes like a hooker, showing off a toned body in order to minister the Life of Christ to My body? If a married woman covers her arms, neckline and legs in a flowing garment, shes accused of being dowdy, and in danger of losing her husband to a younger filly. But if a single or divorced woman dresses in flashy, scanty clothes, shes accused of husband-hunting and going after other ladies husbands! Because of overwhelming pressure to look skinny, scantily clad and made up like a Christmas tree to follow the worlds slutty standards, fashionable church women send out a confusing message to a watching world: Their Bible might teach that Christians are to be separate and come out from the world, but then again, its important to blend in with the way the world does things in order to be accepted by their own peer group. At least cult members and members of false religions are CONSISTENT about following what they teach instead of sending out mixed signals to a lost and dying world. Some women fast a few meals and make sure everybody at church knows shes doing it, contrary to Matt.6:18! And why does she torment her own body? Not to get closer to Jesus but to stay thin for him. Who? Where in either testament does it state that I require ascetic harshness on the body, and thinness, of female disciples but dont require the same of males? I dont want My people to be greedy gluttons gobbling up chow they dont need, but My main priority is to get lost souls saved, not to run a beauty contest! Talented women often feel marginalized in My assemblies. Women with spiritual gifts are often discouraged from using them to bless My people in these religious cans called churches. If a woman has a beautiful voice, I GAVE IT TO HER and it isnt a sin to admit she CAN sing! Thats false humility. She didnt give that ability to herself! Such women are often told, Dont overshadow your husband! Shut up! Bury your talent in the sand and forget it, for the sake of making

your husband feel better about himself. But I give the husbands their own unique gifts and talents as well. But some have the mistaken notion that other peoples talents are far more important, so they dont contribute that measure of the life of Christ that I placed within them by faith. It is a SIN to badmouth each others ministries out of envy OR to go to the other extreme and hero-worship one another instead of looking to Christ, the head of the Body (Gal.5:20: I Cor.1:12;3:3-4; Col.2:19. You are NOT to compare yourselves unfavorably with each other and use that as an excuse not to minister in the capacity to which Ive called and ordained you (2 Cor.10:12). It does NOT increase your spiritual stature in My eyes to stand next to somebody you think is a spiritual dwarf! If a woman is an inspirational singer, why should she keep quiet and bury her talent, knowing I dont approve of wasting what Ive given you (Matt.25:25-28)? Your husband or your wife wont have to stand before Me to give account of what you did with what I entrusted to your care. Insecure men do NOT have My permission to prevent the life of Christ from flowing through their wife to bless others as the Spirit leads. To tell a deeply spiritual, truly anointed woman she is not allowed to sing publicly for My glory is an act of quenching the Spirit (I Thes.5:19). If the husband stifles My gifts and abilities in his wife, I will call HIM to account for her buried talent, not the wife who had no choice but to submit to her husbands orders. Anytime the husband FORCES his wife to forget about her duty to Me, I hold HIM accountable for that, not her (Num.30:15). Each individual, male or female will have to face Me themselves, to be appraised for what degree of reward they receive at My Judgment Seat (2 Cor.5:10). And BTW, I do NOT require My daughters to be skinny as a rake or made up like a Christmas tree in order to qualify to sing or play an instrument in My assembly of the saints! Thats vanity and pride. Women in your sick society diet and exercise to extremes to get boyishly thin, not for health reasons, but to allure men to their beds of fornication. My people, both male and female, must stop and question why they do this or do that, and be HONEST with themselves and with Me before its too late. Male leaders must STOP squelching the ministries of the women. They must STOP accusing them of vanity and pride just because these ladies boldly share the outflowing of Christ within them.

Married Women vs. Divorced Women Women who get divorced by unfaithful or abusive spouses get raked over the coals and are made to feel unspiritual and unworthy in the so-called House of God (the assembly of saints is My true house, not some building, see Heb.3:6 ). At the time in their lives when they feel most wounded and vulnerable, and in need of Christian fellowship and consolation, divorced women get torn down even further. They get vilified as Jezebel social pariahs by their self-righteous married sisters who want others to think they live an idyllic life just because they ARE still married to the same man. Oftimes, its plain old jealousy motivating the treatment single and divorced women get. The married woman tied down to dishes, housework, and crying kids longs to be free again to go where she wants and do more interesting things with her life. Not that she doesnt love her husband and family, but sometimes the married woman gets tired and needs a break from the daily grind of endless chores. Sometimes a married mother of a large family feels trapped between the dish sink and the front door, beyond which theres freedom to explore and develop as an individual human being. Often a married woman with a large family must also work outside the home to SUPPORT that big picture-perfect family. And when shes finished her shift, she she drags her dead-tired body home to a second job of housework, cooking, cleaning and dishes before bed. That exhausted virtuous woman who eats nothing she hasnt earned herself, feels trapped on a treadmill of slavery. She has virtually NO time for Bible study, very little time to relax and enjoy her husband, and only a few moments with her children stolen from doing other jobs. Many Christian women in that position feel more like a useful appliance than a cherished human being. And while the woman who has to work a secular job gets to see more of the outside world, she often envies not only single/divorced women for their so-called freedom, she envies stay-at-home married moms in the church whose husbands earn enough to fully support them. In the Christian family where both spouses must work, the wife is often tempted to be resentful toward and jealous of, the husband who isnt usually expected to do his fair share of womens work around the house and can just rest up when he gets home from his secular job. Usually these feelings are left beneath the surface to simmer unspoken. The hurt feelings and communication breakdown can

worsen until such couples who have it all have to put on an act to persuade other believers that their family is a paragon of perfection. So many times its all a faade, this picture-perfect family walking in smiling, all scrubbed and shining in their best clothes. Sometimes I watch as families argue among themselves in the car on the way to church. Bitter words are exchanged, and the kids look resentful and sullen from unwarranted criticism they dare not respond to verbally. Once theyre in the parking lot, the ideal Christian family piles out of the car, walking side-by-side, carrying Bibles they barely get time to read at home. They cant wait till the so-called benediction closes the cold, dead service and they can go home and act like themselves again. Where it concerns married Christian women and their unmarried or divorced sisters, there is plenty of room for compassion on both sides. Failure to see things from someone elses perspective results in much needless hostility and misunderstanding. A big part of the problem results from the neglect of My teachers to teach about the true meaning of the Body of Christ, and how all members should have the same care one for another (I Cor.12:25). When one member suffers, all should be aware of it and concerned enough to pray instead of criticize (verse 26). When something good happens to a church member, be they single, divorced, or married, the whole body should rejoice with them instead of acting petty, mean and jealous. If your right thumb hurt, your left hand wouldnt take a saw and cut it off. Even if youre right-handed and had to use your left hand to minister to an injury on your right hand, youd be glad to do it, even if the left hand didnt have the same dexterity and skill as the right one. Why is marital status (or lack of it) often THE determining factor for whether or not a woman is considered a devout believer? Even if the divorced woman dresses modestly, carries her Bible, and avoids compromising behavior, shes viewed as a loose woman or a Jezebel. But why is it that so many Christian men get away with living secret lives of sin, and even continue in ministry while innocent women caught in the crossfire of other peoples sins get damned as worthless she-devils? The ONE time Paul publicly criticized a specific individual for immoral living, it was a MAN! (I Cor.5). Most modern churches would not follow Pauls example and shun an immoral man, especially a large contributor or popular church leader. But the church would be

far more likely to condemn and make a scapegoat out of some poor woman who is either repentant of past sin or altogether innocent of wrongdoing. Jesus told the woman taken in adultery: NEITHER DO I CONDEMN THEE (John 8:11). But do most Christians hold this same attitude today? A large percentage of scandal-hungry believers are more than happy to condemn someone else for sins real or imagined even before all the facts are known. Christians love sordid, titillating gossip, often disguised as a prayer requests! Never has it been more fun to serve the Lord, many think in their darkened hearts. Making marriage a prerequisite for women to be included in church ministry is nowhere taught in the New Testament. Philips four UNMARRIED daughters prophesied (Acts 21:9). These girls werent told to shut up until they found their man! There was even a certain group of older widows who were discouraged from marrying if they wanted to continue to receive handouts from the church charity fund in exchange for being full-time servants of the Lord exclusively devoted to My service (I Tim.5:11). Widows younger than 60 were not to be included in that particular number of church welfare recipients because they might wax wanton against Christ and remarry. If marriage is encouraged at all for church workers, its male church elders who are exhorted to be the husband of one wife (I Tim.3:2,12; Titus 1:6). Unfortunately, a great many eminent men of god are the husband of MANY wives. These degenerate Christian adulterers commit serial polygamy by marrying and divorcing several times, often for the most frivolous of reasons. True, widows younger than 60 ARE encouraged by Paul to remarry, bear children and guide their own homes. But WHY does Paul recommend remarriage for young widows in the church? Is it because marriage, motherhood and being a wife makes a woman any holier than her single sister? I Tim.5:13: And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. Idle hands ARE often the devils workshop. Certain widows had too much time on their hands and were going house to house spreading gossip and in general, making a nuisance of themselves. In this case Paul recommended remarriage specifically to help these weak women avoid the pitfalls of being a gossipy busybody under satans power (I Tim.5:14-15).

But Paul doesnt order anybody to get married any more than he commands them to remain single, which would have violated I Tim.4:3. In yet another passage Paul recommends the single life for Christians who feel no physical necessity to remarry. I Cor.7:7: For I would that all men were even as I myself (single and celibate). But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. 8 I SAY THEREFORE TO THE UNMARRIED AND WIDOWS, IT IS GOOD FOR THEM IF THEY ABIDE EVEN AS I. 9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn (Gk. puroo, to be inflamed with passion). Women who have been divorced by a cruel, adulterous spouse who hits her and threatens her and the kids have no choice but to flee to a safer place for protection and safety, if only for the sake of the vulnerable children. Contrary to modern popular teaching, I DO NOT hold such a poor unfortunate woman accountable for breaking up her own home, and wandering from her own nest! I hold the abusive MAN responsible for beating and scaring her and PUTTNG her in that position of fear (Matt.24:48-51). Particularly where it concerns a reprobate Christian man who takes his liberty or exercises his divine authority to beat his own wife, who is MY DAUGHTER, and the apple of My eye. Whenever Christians freeze out poor divorced women and single women who live a chaste life but feel no need to marry, they are sinning against My body and amputating the less comely parts, who are NECESSARY (I Cor.12:23-24). Snobbish Christians are inflicting a punishment upon these unfortunate ones which I reserved ONLY for the worst unrepentant sinners in the church (I Cor.5). And why are they unfortunate? BECAUSE NO ONE LOVES THEM AS FELLOW BELIEVERS, NOT BECAUSE THEY ARENT IN AN INTACT MARRIAGE!!! I often bless and use women who have no intact marrage to boast about, much more than a picture perfect wife, husband, and three kids scenario so idealized by the modern church, a church which is utterly image-obsessed and vain. In sad cases where there is no husband and dad in a home afflicted by divorce, I can be there serving in those vital roles, to comfort and provide for the dear ones living there.

Isa.54: 1 Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD. 2 Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; 3 For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left; and thy seed shall inherit the Gentiles, and make the desolate cities to be inhabited. 4 Fear not; for thou shalt not be ashamed: neither be thou confounded; for thou shalt not be put to shame: for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more. 5 For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called. 6 For the LORD hath called thee as a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit, and a wife of youth, when thou wast refused, saith thy God. 7 For a small moment have I forsaken thee; but with great mercies will I gather thee. 8 In a little wrath I hid my face from thee for a moment; but with everlasting kindness will I have mercy on thee, saith the LORD thy Redeemer. 9 For this is as the waters of Noah unto me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee. 10 For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee. Isa.56:3: Neither let the son of the stranger, that hath joined himself to the LORD, speak, saying, The LORD hath utterly separated me from his people: neither let the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry tree Celibacy and singleness is NOT a sin! 4 For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant; 5 Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.

Matt.19:12: For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. Why dont My people hear more sermons about becoming eunuchs for the sake of the Kingdom of God? This is just as valid a calling as being married! I Cor.7:34: There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband. Modern churchgoing ladies dont quite see female singleness that way. Married church women feel threatened by a young, unmarried woman in the congregation. They automatically assume that any single woman attending church alone is out husband-hunting and might lure their own husbands away from them! But their prejudice doesnt apply to unmarried men! Bachelors might not get the same level of respect in church as married men, but they arent demonized as Jezebels out on the prowl like unmarried women are! What is the solution, saith the Lord? My unmarried sons and daughters, and those abandoned and unjustly divorced, they have to find fellowship SOMEWHERE! Most of these people find all their fellowship online or just get their daily dose of canned religion from the TV. Will divorced and single people, and other misfits feel forced to form their own congregations just so theyll fit in somewhere and be allowed to worship in peace instead of being the victim of a spiritual witch-hunt? Why do most congregations try to weed out good, godly members of My body whom I plant in their midst to try to bless them with the measure of Christ in them (I Cor.12: 18). Christians dont set THEMSELVES in My Body, it was I Who set them in! And woe unto those who ostracize, unjustly criticize, or snip at those who dont fit in with todays popular image of domestic Christian bliss! When you sin against the least of these My people, you also sin against Me (Matt.25:40, 45; I Cor.8:12). Some divorced and single women work their heart out trying to fit in by babysitting in the nursery, cooking, cleaning, typing, running errands for the church office. But what are they trying to fit in with?

A cold, dead religious institution which is no better in My sight than an exclusive upper crust social club run by snooty snobs who, like the wicked Pharisees, boast that THEIR wealth, THEIR social prestige, THEIR daily devotions makes them better than their unwashed neighbor! And after years and years of longing and waiting for a kind, considerate word or even an invitation to go out for a measly cup of coffee, many women just shake the dust off their feet and leave, feeling forced to give up trying to beat life into a dead horse! Week after week, month after month, these ostracized women have their own pew to themselves because no one wants to sit near them for being different from the cookie cutter lookalike, talkalike clones all around them. And when these rejected children of Mine finally get the message and disappear, the respectable self-righteous married matrons, trailed by their long string of children and compliant husbands whod rather be home watching a ball game, all they can say is GOOD RIDDANCE! We dont need her kind! Shes OUT! I Can No Longer Stay in a Cold, Dead Church Well, for their information, IM OUT TOO! Out looking for My precious lost sheep, whos wandered far away looking for love and acceptance elsewhere. Oh no, not necessarily sexual love, but close-knit friendship which might be found in some weird cult. Ever notice how well cult members care for one another? How they share food and other resources to try to make the earth a nicer place to live in, while all My people ever seem to do is pick at one another (Gal.5:15), exclude one another, and soak up more Word that they never put into practice (James 1:22)? It makes Me so disgusted I want to vomit (Rev.3:16)! CHURCH-GOING HYPOCRITE, IF ANY MISFIT DIVORCED OR SINGLE CHRISTIAN FALLS AWAY FROM CHRIST BECAUSE YOU REFUSED TO LOVE THEM IN THE LORD AS A BROTHER OR A SISTER, I WILL HOLD YOU PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THAT LOST SOUL!!! Many think Im still standing at the door begging to be let back in to cold, carnal SOCIAL CLUB churches. But the only reason Im standing at the door anymore is to CALL PEOPLE OUT TO BE WITH ME! I DONT WANT ANY PART OF THE CARNAL, MONEY-CRAZED, DEMON-DRIVEN, IMAGE-OBSESSED, TITHE-TAKING, FAMILY-WORSHIPPING, PASTORWORSHIPPING, PROSPERITY-WORSHIPPING, bastardized whitewashed dung heap of a religious can they call church today!!!

Earthly Wealth is NOT Eternal Wealth! If preachers base most of their doctrine on the Old Testament, why dont they preach more out of the Book of Amos, which rebukes complacent rich people who got that way by exploiting the poor? A huge family and huge earthly financial blessings were considered ironclad proofs of My blessing on My people back in the Old Testament. If you didnt have those things, you were thought to be accursed. And it was said that a good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens children (Prov.13:22). Well, does that mean the poor impoverished persecuted saints of the first century were not good, godly people? Paul suffered lack of basic food and clothing (I Cor.4:11). He had no nice nest egg to leave to his grandkids. He didnt even have a wife and children, and he was allowed to minister! Was Paul a wicked man because he didnt die a billionaire with a bundle of cash to leave to nonexistent grandchildren he neglected to sire? There is a profound difference between how I blessed My people in the Old and the New Testaments. I promised believers such as Abraham and Solomon blessings of OUTWARD wealth, which took the form of things like silver, gold, descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven, honor and majesty, menservants, maidservants, land, cattle, sheep, goats, the spoils of war. Abraham had thousands of slaves to serve him. But in the New Testament, not one saint is cited as being rich in slaves as a sign of My blessing! Nor does Peter or Paul point to their personal wealth as a sign of My favor. Instead of saving their land to pass it on to future generations, many Christians who owned a little land or a nice house would sell it and donate the proceeds to the church charity fund (Acts 4:34, 37). How many modern TV preachers would sell even ONE of their extra mansions so the poor could be welltaken care of? Old Testament saints often made it a major life goal to amass material wealth for their families to pass on to future generations. They would never have felt content to have only food and clothes for their immediate needs. But in the New Testament, Christians are exhorted to be content even if all they have is sufficient food and clothes. The problem is, Christians wont ALLOW each other to be content! They prick at and needle each other for living beneath their privileges in Christ Jesus and being failures in some vague school of faith. This school of faith is the brainchild of greedy TV preachers who only want to get Christians hooked on their gambling game of give to get and sow a seed to meet your need. If youre content to have your

daily needs met, youre accused of being slothful and lacking ambition in the things of God. Some sourpuss Christians are so depressed they hate it when other Christians look content, so they stick a pin in the balloon of somebody elses happiness to make them just as miserable as themselves. Christians are taught to fast and pray for things which would make them feel more complete, though I have ALREADY made you complete in Christ (Col.2:10). Even if a woman feels no driving need to marry, other sisters in the church will tell her its abnormal to want to stay single. I see so many Christians picking at each other for failure to fit the mold of what supposedly constitutes a picture perfect stereotypical Christian life. If a woman beyond a certain age has no husband, women will criticize her for being too ambitious or selfish to settle down and raise a family for the glory of God. If a couple has only one child and most couples have three or four kids, theyll take flak for being too self-centered to have more. But in many cases QUALITY is far better than quantity. One or two children who are loving, obedient, and devoted to their parents are much more of a blessing than six or seven mean-spirited, disruptive, rebellious brats who cause nothing but trouble. Some parents have only enough time and resources to properly care for one or two children, and that is all I call them to do. Far better to do a few things well than to make a mess of many things. Where it concerns good works of any kind, people are far more impressed by size and quantity of than by quality of service toward Me. It is the small, unsung acts of kindness and charity which impress Me the most, much more than loudly trumpeted good deeds done to impress other people. A great contradiction is taught in Prosperity Theology. Christians are taught that Jesus was a millionaire who traveled incognito like a lot of rich tourists will wear old clothes to avoid having their pockets picked. But Jesus allegedly had enormous material resources to live lavishly like a Kings Kid during His earthly ministry, though He Himself plainly said He had nowhere to lay His head (Matt.8:20; Luke 9:58). Rich preachers cook up all sorts of explanations for why He said that, and for why Christ picked fruit off wild trees to stave off hunger pangs (Mark 11:13). Theyll wiggle out of these proofs of Christs poverty by claiming that Jesus had nowhere to sleep because His disciples hadnt made proper reservations at the Jerusalem Hilton, and Jesus was only looking for a few wild figs to cleanse His palate after the sumptuous banquet Hed just eaten in some fine restaurant!

Then, when offering time hits, those same slippery eel preachers will turn around and try to convince you that the God of the Universe isnt rich at all. I allegedly am so poor I I cant survive without YOUR money! Why do preachers say My Son was a rich tycoon on earth, then tell My people that Im so poor I need some needy widows milk money to finance My Kingdom? They speak with a forked tongue! Preachers use Me as a scapegoat to take the blame for their own personal greed. Preachers have made millions by misusing My Holy Name and appealing to their viewers love for Jesus. Christians of all ages and income levels are pressured to give till it hurts for the Lords work. But since when does it advance My Kingdom to keep a lazy preacher in the lap of luxury? Why should I ask hard-working Christians to support the ministry of some preacher with silky soft, anointed hands which have never done a single days hard work? Only when that fat, greedy preacher gets as skinny as the poor widow should he ask for some of her Social Security check!

What was wrong with these Bible characters that would make them unpopular in modern church cliques?

1. Mary and Martha were two single ladies who lived with their brother, and Martha was the one in charge of the house, not Lazarus (Luke 10:38-39). BTW, Lazarus was sickly instead of blessed with robust health. In modern prosperity churches Lazarus would be suspected of being under My judgment for failure to be strong and healthy enough to be the man of the house. 2. Instead of staying in the kitchen where she belonged, Mary joined the male disciples to hear the words of Christ (Luke 10:39-42). Jesus did not agree with Martha that Marys only ministry was to peel potatoes. 3. The woman at the well got blessed by Jesus without first straightening out her doubtful marital status (John chap.4). 4. Ruth went to some man in the middle of the night to creep under his covers and ask him to marry her (Ruth 3:4,7). 5. Jesus didnt marry and start a family while He was on earth. 6. Neither did John the Baptist. Instead of getting a responsible job, getting his hair trimmed in a conservative military haircut and wearing a neat suit, John looked wild. He wore rough clothes, preached outdoors and ate bugs. More shocking still, John told the Jews to share what they had with their poor neighbors instead of hogging everything for themselves (Luke 3:11). If he ministered in modern prosperity churches, John would have been accused of being a bleeding heart leftie liberal, back-to-nature, granolamunching socialist hippie drop-out from society bound for hell. 7. Lydia, who ran her own textile business instead of keeping house all day, invited Paul and his male companions to lodge in HER house (Acts 16:14-15). She had a household, but no mention of any husband doing all her thinking as her spiritual head to decide whether Paul and his pals were welcome to stay. 8. Abigail went behind her husbands back to deliver food aid to people he didnt like (I Sam.25). Many Christian women, who once walked in My compassion and love, let their lights dim after marrying some selfish man who forbids them to give to others. 9. Rahab was a prostitute who found favor with God through obedience BEFORE she found the right man to marry (Joshua 2; Heb.11:31). 10. After saving the woman taken in adultery, Jesus did not order her to go back to her angry husband to face his wrath (John 8:11). He didnt even consult with him first to decide whether or not the woman should be spared the death penalty.

I HATE Manmade Divisions in My Body!!! I hate, I detest and abhor, cliques and factions dividing My church like a snobby social club. Long ago, people everywhere would be drawn by the sweet aroma of My love flowing out one toward another in My assemblies. Now sinners are so disgusted and repelled by the stench of preacher scandals and lack of love in church, they say No thanks, Ive got enough problems without going to that. Will it take persecution from the world to knit My people together in love and make them forget their petty differences of opinion on insignificant, trifling matters? Why have so many lost sight of the REAL Christ and the fact that His body is made up of many DIVERSE members, each with their own particular gift from the Spirit of Christ (I Cor.12). I LOVE variety in My creation. Just look all around you and see the DIFFERENT types of flowers growing in the field. Yes, you MUST agree on fundamental doctrines My Word is clear on. But I didnt create all of you with the same looks, talents, abilities or personalities. Why? Because each of you is a special, precious, UNIQUE creation from My hand. Just like no two snowflakes and no two butterflies are the same, I did not stamp out six billion look-alike clones with the exact same personality. But instead of allowing for variety in My Body, everybody is expected to look the same, go through the same motions in church, have the same intact marriage, the same large family, the same personal style and viewpoint in all things large and small, the same political agenda, the same hero-worship of the latest peddler of motivational DVDs. I Care for Tiny Children and Youngsters Beware of inflicting cruel discipline on tiny children, who are the apple of My eye and dont yet know the difference between right and wrong (Isa.7:16). Corporal punishment is NOT the solution to all problems and vexations. And if it is, why dont seminary-educated pastors, who KNOW the difference between good and bad, get stoned to death by their congregations when they commit adultery or incest (Lev.20:10-16), instead of Christians making excuses for their flagrant sins just because these sinners are well-loved, popular, prestigious leaders? Why dont modern believers stone people to death for working on the Sabbath Day (Ex.31:15; Num.15:36-38)? Why dont Christians who get mad at Me and take My Name in vain suffer the same fate (Lev.24:16)?

The answer will invariably be: Thats Old Testament Law, and we dont do that anymore. Well, the ONE place in My Word which teaches spanking, Proverbs, which is also Old Testament scripture. It was penned by a man who could sometimes act mean toward the weak and the helpless. Solomon built child-eating idols for his heathen wives, Molech and Chemosh (I Kings 11:7). Solomon beat his own slaves (I Kings 12:11). He taught that all fools of any age should be beaten with rods (Prov.26:3). Solomon isnt your example. Jesus is. Jesus held babies in His arms and blessed them. Jesus didnt look for excuses to beat children to train them to be fearful. You are no longer under the Old Law (Rom.6:14; Gal.5:18) or under the authority of any of the old Jewish habits and customs. Any commandment still applicable to the believer is always restated in the New Testament (example: Eph.6:2), or strongly implied. Such commandments are ways of showing your love to Me and toward your neighbor. Literal observance of the Sabbath and physical circumcision are no longer commanded. Neither is spanking a child commanded by any New Testament writer. The same measure of mercy you show to others, Ill show to you (Matt.5:7). No more and no less. Harried, tired, frustrated parents hit their kids because they feel its their BIBLICAL RIGHT to do so. Thats law, not grace. The Unmerciful Servant treated his fellow man roughly and prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law, though the other man was guilty only of owing a tiny debt he could not repay, and begged for time to pay the money back. Many Christian parents beat their babies black and blue when they fuss or whine in church, or throw their pacifier on the floor. Some do this because theyre afraid the pastor or other spiritual giant in their life is looking at them and will criticize them if they dont. The pleas of tiny children for forgiveness land on deaf ears. But beware. If you act this way toward toddlers and children who beg YOU for forgiveness and mercy, Ill bring a big trial in your life that will lay you low, and I wont listen to YOU when you beg ME for mercy! Besides loving unwanted grownups and children, My Son loves the unwanted unborn with a very tender love. Jesus loves ALL little children. I HATE the ending of innocent life in a clinic. I HATE the cruel conditions which drive women to even consider abortion. Jesus loves the mother carrying the child. He loves the mixed-up man who fathered the child but cant care for it because he lacks the ability to even support himself. Jesus offers redemption, forgiveness and restoration to those whose pregnancies have been terminated. Jesus

longs to bear all a mothers burdens as a shepherd gently leads those who are with young (Isa.40:11). Of course I hate abortion with a vengeance. But just as importantly, I deeply love and highly value children already born!

Why is the love of so many of My people limited only to children who havent been born yet? My people campaign zealously for the rights of the unborn. Yet their love for the child dims or even ends once that child is outside the womb. ONCE THE CHILD IS BORN it becomes somebody elses responsibility, according to those double-minded hypocrites. My people continually beg Me to shower My best blessings in their own lives to make their own families lives more pleasant, but turn a blind eye to poverty in their own communities. Many conservative Christians who hate abortion also resent legislation which pays for important programs to feed hungry kids. They call that socialism. Well, if the church would do its job (James 1:27), the state wouldnt have to step in to take up the slack! Members of the earliest church suffered NO lack of basic necessities because ALL the members of My Body truly cared one for another (Acts 4:34-35; 2 Cor.8:14). Because of the outflowing of the love and healing power of Christ the Light of the World, the whole city was full

of JOY (Acts 8:8). After 2,000 years of the Church Age, what do I see but exclusive little cliques of Christians hiding in their mortgaged palatial sheep sheds in the exclusive suburbs of town, while every single city on earth is full of FEAR and the works of darkness? Where, oh, where is the salt and the light? The Heartlessness of Sink or Swim Prosperity Theology Faithfulness and diligence in daily tasks were expected of church members, but the truly needy were always tenderly cared for. The sink or swim doctrine of satans Prosperity Theology was not taught in the early church before greed and apostasy crept in. Just like bread is leavened with a tiny bit of yeast, selfishness and greed is taught as a spiritual virtue. Satan uses such bad attitudes to leaven My church with sin and puff it up with pride.

It makes no sense for you to find fault with government safety net programs for the poor, then gripe about swarms of unloved, fatherless kids who run riot through neighborhoods because those vital social programs have been slashed to bare bones and Mother must go out to work instead of watching her hungry kids. So no one is around to teach those kids right from wrong. They learn their values from their

peers. The blind lead the blind and all fall into the ditch of eternal perdition. Do you seriously think My Son would turn away people who come to the church office asking for temporary help so they can have a meal? Do you think Christ would scold help-seeking churchgoers who have faithfully supported their church for years but now need help themselves, just to eat or keep a roof over their heads? Would the REAL Jesus piously wave His velvety soft hand over someones head, speak soothing words of blessing over them, then dismiss them with nothing to put in their hungry belly? Would He glare at some 91-year-old grandmother and yell at her to go get a job or STARVE? Would Jesus go crash for the night in some fancy $5000 a night hotel while that poor elderly lady camped out in the park?

Why dont pastors show more compassion when they preach their manmade tithing-on-money doctrine, one NEVER taught by any New Testament apostle? Preachers shout: Dont you DARE eat Gods tithe or Hell CURSE you! Why is the original purpose of the tithe ignored? ALL, not just a little of it, went to satisfy hunger (Deut.14:22-29)? The hungry worshipper ATE the tithe himself even as he shared it with others. Contrary to modern apostate tithe teaching, Old Testament

Tabernacle ministers AND the worshipper, fatherless, widow and stranger in the land, all ATE the tithe, and that was ALL the tithe was for! More significantly, the bulk of the tithe (it was only ever FOODSTUFFS) was stored for hungry Levites and poor people so they would NEVER need to die of starvation. Contrast this with the selfish attitude and platitudes of modern ministers of greed: Plant a seed out of your need. Dont eat the seed. The recession is no excuse to be selfish. Give or you wont get.

Instead of concentrating on feeding the poor like Jesus did, greedy preachers feed their own fat lifestyles by robbing the destitute of tithes, reducing the food they have in their cupboards at home. These unscriptural money tithes are squandered on building funds, mortgages, pastors salaries, ministry perks, administrative costs, travel allowances, etc. Purposes which the original tithe was NEVER used for! So many of My people never get to go anywhere but work, work, WORK! And when they get to church its little more than a preacher pep rally to get the feel-good hormones raging so people get in a good mood to give even more! My people are being stripped naked both spiritually and financially by VULTURE predators in 3-piece suits and diamond jewelry. These sheep fleecers are skinning My people down to the bone, feeding off the

carcasses of men, women and children theyre destroying with satans deceitful give to get doctrine. By being forced with threats of hellfire and damnation to tithe, Christians are being forced to repudiate their own priesthood as believers in Christ (I Pet.2:5,9). Old Testament priests NEVER paid tithes to anybody, so why should I require My priests to tithe under a better covenant?

Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. So why is the bulk of the burden of supporting white elephant expensive religious institutions OF MEN being placed on the poor and needy, instead of the rich and greedy? If give to get really did work, why dont greedy pulpit masters trade tithes back and forth to EACH OTHER, and wait for the so-called hundred-fold harvest to increase to the trillionth degree, so they, like the poor fool who ended up in hell, might gleefully say in their darkened heart: Soul, take thine ease. Live it up, for you have money to burn and will never know any want. Spend it now, because tomorrow you may die. And die they shall! Oh, what terrors await those who exploit the poor, penniless orphan and widow for carnal gain! Satan will drag these evil men of the (filthy rags) cloth to hell to torment them for all eternity for what theyve done to blacken My Holy Name with their lies. The FEAR they sowed in the hearts of gullible, frightened, desperate, needy

souls, these cruel men shall reap a million-fold as they gnash their greedy fangs in pain in the unquenchable flames of a devils hell. Poor old ladies eat cat food and dog food to subsidize these bogus ministries of satan, not knowing these men ARE of the devil! They are of satan, and his evil works they will do (John 8:44). Some men of darkness have even persuaded toothless old ladies to sacrifice their denture money to the Lords work with the promise of a miraculous replacement of either the tooth money or of their natural teeth! Those evil sharks couldnt care less if some elderly pensioner cant eat properly or suffers malnutrition because they cant afford dental care after giving till it hurts. All the while, the preacher and his family enjoy the latest in cosmetic dental treatments, plastic surgery to look younger, designer clothing, trips to exciting destinations, meals in fivestar restaurants, all courtesy of folks who took up the preachers challenge of faith giving to prove you cant outgive god.

Preachers Rob You of Cash and Me of Glory Those pitiless parasite preachers claim to be lords over My own heritage, spiritual dads to My flock. Yes, some of you do call your pastor dad so-and-so, but at the same time you cant RELATE PERSONALLY to that big pop star mega-church (beg-a-church)

evangelist. When was the last time your spiritual dad asked you and your family over to dinner? When was the last time daddy sent you a birthday card? When was the last time he and his wife traveled to YOUR side of town to fellowship with you as a person and sincerely ask about YOUR personal welfare? You fork over lots of gifts of faith to your spiritual dad, but when was the last time dear old dad gave YOU anything when YOUR back was up against the wall to save YOUR ministry?

Its time for a reality check in My body where it concerns those who have the oversight over you. Before you make a big financial commitment to support some Christian leaders ministry, first consider where that individual is leading you. Are they leading you down the path to perdition instead of to heaven? Check to see if that expositor of the Word is a lover of the brethren or just a parasite sucking the life out of My body. If some preacher doesnt even know you exist, how can you truly say hes watching over YOUR particular soul? Youre to KNOW them who labor among you (I Thes.5:12). But how can you get to know that fat cat preacher if you arent even welcome to walk up to him after the service and say hello because his entourage of ushers shoos away everyone except his close friends? If youre a REAL dad, youll CARE when your son or daughter is sick or in need. You wont just say, Go find some social service agency or go get an extra job. A REAL dad doesnt live like a leech off the sweat of children whose name he doesnt even know! A REAL dad doesnt threaten his beloved children with never-ending hell fire for failure to tithe on his/her wages to keep him up in style. So how can such a reprobate blood sucker possibly be your dad? I thought I, the LORD, was your only true Father (Matt.23:9).

I hate, I detest, the silly junk for jesus thats being peddled from pulpits today, live, online, and on the air. Love gifts that cost a few pennies to make, manufactured in impoverished foreign countries where people are starving to death, this abominable trash is being offered free of charge to donors to ministries worldwide. These socalled free gifts are like a snare on a barbed fish hook to LURE YOU IN as suckers, to get your mailing address so they can keep on pestering you with junk mail for jesus.

Once some mail-order preacher leeches gain your confidence, youll be asked to give just a little at such and such a time, and if you dont get your miracle by Tuesday, just INCREASE your giving to prime the pump of your faith in faith, and the lord will EVENTUALLY grant your wish in exchange for your rotten Mammon seed. Give till it hurts, they say, because the lord allegedly needs YOUR cash to stay afloat and the lord is as weak as a baby kitten and can do NOTHING without YOUR help. But they never ask you how I managed to finance the construction of the heavens and the earth without your best offering, sent in installments mailed in a different-colored envelope for every day of Gods Mighty Week of Miracles.

There is a plague of pride in My church today which needs to be purged out. Christians are proud of being rich, healthy, financially secure, and fruitful in producing children. Some men and women have tithed so much to their church, they think I OWE them heaven and wouldnt dare turn them away when they die and want to enter in through the Pearly Gates. Like Simon Magus, satan has deceived these deluded souls into thinking that My eternal blessings of the Kingdom can be purchased with money.

I am sickened by the way My sheep are being duped by false doctrines designed to bring them into spiritual and financial bondage, especially My younger lambs freshly converted and easily exploitable. Quit being deceived, My people. Read My Word to find out what church was REALLY like back in the Book of Acts and in the epistles. Those people certainly werent perfect either, but at least the REAL apostles knew how to say no to self-exaltation, cruelty, covetousness, selfishness, idolatry, materialism and greed! http://banpreachergreed.tripod.com

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