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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 02 September 2014 for 02 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola D!e Prepared by Nicola D!e

Pa"e 2 #$P%SD &%'%SD
Pa"e ( A%D%SD %SD)P*
Pa"e 4 &%'#$P %SD+,-
Pa"e . %SD+AD &%')P*
Pa"e / #old 0T1 2il
Pa"e 3 DA4 S&P.00
Tal!in"5-ore6 is ni7e in that it is the only adio service in the 8orld that is available 24 hors a day and e6clsively
for -4 traders9 1t is delivered by or hi"hly s!illed team of Tal!in"5-ore6 analysts arond the cloc! from Snday
evenin" thro"h to -riday evenin"9 &very member of or team has a different mar!et speciality and each one has a
nmber of years e6perience 8or!in" for an investment ban!: hed"e fnd or financial ne8s a"ency9
;ost importantly Tal!in"5-ore6 analysts are completely independent and netral in their opinions9
Daily vie8 bro!e ot of the channel and the 3 day ran"e bt ban"ed head on the bi" 2(9/fib at
19//(09 bac! to bac! test the channel this mornin" if 8e don<t rally here then this is a bearish
false brea! = bear fla"9 Tar"et bac! to lo8s & then 19/2>( and the 2012 triple top level
,orly vie8
'esistance 19//(0?ma@orA 19/// 19//B2?;ay lo8A 19/// ?ma@orA
Spport 19/./( 19/.(.>: 19/.23: 19/4.05./?ma@orA 19/(3. 19/2>(?ma@or & s8in" tar"etA
Still bearishC Do@i day closed 1 point belo8 -ridays lo89 #rindin" to8ards the bi" .0fib at 19(013
?2012 lo8 D 2014hi"hA
,orly vie8
Spport 19(111 19(1 19(013?ma@orA
'esistance 19(14.?ma@orA 19(1/0 19(1>( 19(20B 19(243?ma@orA
Daily vie8 $ll fla" hi"hli"hted yesterday never tri""ered and A%D fell ot of bed ahead of the
'$A rate decision9 The dollar loo!s stron" across the board and the A%D not the best loo!in"
short candidate yet9 Side8ays tradin" contines
-or ,orly vie8
'esistance 09B(23 09B(.3 09B(3( 09B400?ma@orA 09B403 09B4.0
Spport 09B2>/ 09B2(> 09B20>?ma@orA
Daily vie8 D 8ed"e brea!ot lon" tri""ered and ne6t level is 10. bt fibonacci pro@ections say
10.9/0 ne6t9 A little overbo"ht as 8e start Tesday 999
-or ,orly Eie8
Spports 1049/B 104944 104923 10(9B.510490(?ma@orA 10(93.?ma@orA 10(94. 10(90/?ma@orA
'esistance 1049>> 10.900?ma@orA 10.940?2014hi"hA 10.9/0?ma@orA
Daily vie8 D $ro!en do8n alon" 8ith &%' across the board9 There is a fibonacci by pattern
here that !eeps in 8ith the bi""er by pattern9 ,ard to recommend sch a conter trend trade
bt it is there and valid 8ith first tar"et 093B34 ?not a bad place to reload shortsA
4 hor chart vie8
Spport 093>B0 093>3.?ma@orA 093>2> 09334(5/0?ma@or FoneA
'esistance 093B((5(. 093B345>0?ma@orA 093BB3 09>0(.?ma@orA 09>034?ma@orA
Daily vie89 $llish brea!otG by dips 999 Patterns pro@ect tar"ets at 09B( & fib tar"et is 09B4
#ood Spport to by at 09B130 & 09B1..
-or ,orly chart vie8
Spports 09B1>05>.?ma@orA 09B130
'esistance 09B200 09B220 09B24( 09B234 09B(1(
Daily Eie8 $llish hammer tri""ered and follo8ed thro"h9 ,o8 far does this "o after last 8ee!s
doble topH ;arabFo line resistance 190B0B
-or ,orly vie8
Spport 190>3> 10>9.. 190>04 ?ma@orA
'esistance 190B0.5B 190B2. 10B9.3 190B>.?ma@orA
1nverted head & sholders at the )anary lo8 levels = ran"e trade and on its 8ay bac! to the top
of the ran"e9 Still bllish
-or ,orly vie8
Spports 1(3913 1(/9/0 1(/9(/
'esistance 11(3930 (>900 1(>924 ?200B triple topA
Daily vie8 D 'esistance at the .0fib in bearish A$I+D tar"ets 12>0 and 123/9
#old is 8ashin" ot 8ea! lon"s: too! a bit of a hit last ni"ht on lo8 volme9 12/0 is !ey9
,orly vie8 ?"old ftres not spotA
'esistance 12B( 1(0. 1(03?ma@orA
Spports 12>09.0?ma@orA 123.5>?ma@orA 12/0?ma@or trend spportA
OIL %S 0T1 crde
Daily Eie8 D ti"ht narro8 ran"e day 8ith %S mar!ets closed9 $llish reversal9 Trian"le bro!e
hi"her and B3940 "ood area for shorts and retest of 8ee!ly trendline9 ,orly 8ed"e setp
,orly chart
Spport B494.5.. B(911 B2933 B19.0?ma@orA B192(?)an lo8A
'esistance is at B.9B0 B/9(. B3940 BB9005BB9(0?ma@orA BB9>0
Daily vie8 D -ibonacci traders say if yo roll over at the /19>fib ratio then yo are "oin" to the
(>9fib ne6t 8hich is at B((( ho8ever side8ays consolidation loo!s to be brea!in" hi"her for a
retest of the hi"hs first9
,orly vie8
Spport at B430?ma@orA B411 B(((
'esistance B.2. B/1>?ma@orA B34> B3B0
Daily vie8 D the monthly and 8ee!ly closes last 8ee! at ne8 hi"hs are important bllish si"nals9
The normal pattern after ne8 all time hi"hs has been bac! and fill 8ee! before movin" hi"her:
1B3B5>. 1B3. 1B/3
,orly vie8 D top and last 8ee!s hi"hs bsted and some stops tripped this mornin"
'esistance 2013?ma@orA 20.0?ma@orA
Spport 200. ?ma@orA 2000 1BB.