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1. How does human existence seen in the myth of Sisyphus?

Do you think human

existence as futile like on the myth? Why or why not?
In the myth of Sisyphus, human existence seems to be absurd. In this
myth, the feeling of absurdity exile us from the homelike comforts of a
meaningful existence. In addition from this feeling, it is linked to the idea that
life is meaningless and the act of suicide is linked to the idea that life is not
worth living. It only happens if we have lack of hope and not seeing the true
meaning and purpose of our existence.
2. What do you think the symbolisms used in the myth that describes human
I think, the symbolism used in the myth which describes human
existence is Sisyphus had to roll up the rock from bottom to the top of the hill
because what he does is the symbol of what we do every day in our life, the
daily routine which is to justify that life is meaningless absurd and fruitless but it
should be taken as a challenge.
3. In your own analysis, does the myth speaks about human freedom or the
routine of daily life? Justify.
In my own analysis, the myth speaks about the routine of our daily life
not the human freedom because when Sisyphus had to roll up the rock from
bottom to the top of the hill and repeats again when it rolls down, this
significantly symbolizes our daily routine which means we must face our
challenges no matter how hard it was, have faith and hope that we can achieve
something and live life to the fullest.
4. What is it about your life that resembles Sisyphus plight? What is your
relationship to your rock? Is the struggle itself enough for you?
I think, achieving to be a good son and good brother resembles
Sisyphus plight in my life because I need to be rational on some situations,
open minded, must a good impression to my younger brother and sister and
need to achieve something great.
My relationship to my rock is I need to achieve the concept itself for
me not to be punished by my parents.
I think, the struggles Ive encountered was not enough because I need
more to be strong and faithful.
5. Would you describe pushing a rock up a hill heaven, hell or something in
I describe pushing a rock u a hill heaven because my life will be
worthless if I dont do anything. Aside from its like an adventure for me, you
can earned lessons that might change you and after all struggles and
hindrances, with strong faith and hope, you can achieve something great and
your life will be fruitful and meaningful.