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A Short and Simple Guide to Bootloading the ATtiny-85 or 45

You will need:

Arduino Uno
Breadboard with Textool
10uF 16V electrolytic capacitor

Step 1: Plug in the Arduino and select File in the toolbar. Then go to Examples
and click on Arduino ISP and click upload.
Step 2: Place a 10uF capacitor with the positive leg in RESET and the negative
leg in GND.
Step 3: Connect a red wire with one end in 5V and the other to the positive bus-
line on the breadboard.
Step 4: Connect a black wire with one end in GND and the other end in the
negative bus-line on the breadboard.
Step 5: Using 4 more wires, you will be occupying pins 10-13 on the Arduino
uno and is as follows:
Arduino Pin 10 ---> ATtiny Pin 1
Arduino Pin 11 ---> ATtiny Pin 5
Arduino Pin 12 ---> ATtiny Pin 6
Arduino Pin 13 ---> ATtiny Pin 7
Additionally, the ATtiny needs to connect to power and ground:
Arduino +5V ---> ATtiny Pin 8
Arduino Ground ---> ATtiny Pin 4

Using the Textool enables quick pop-n-lock for bootloading several ATtinys in
a short period of time.

The bootloader should look like this:

Step 6: Place the chip with pin 1 being in the top left corner (next to the yellow
wire as shown in the picture)

Step 7: Upload the desired code to the ATtiny85/45 by using Upload using
Programmer or Ctrl + Shift + U.
ATtiny now has the code! No burning is necessary prior to uploading code.
**Ensure that the Arduino has the folder for ATtiny in hardware section if a
problem arises, if not then download here:**