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Epoxy Resins Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size,
Share, Growth, Trends and orecast, !"#$ - !"!"
Global Epoxy Resins Market is Expected to Reach USD 10.55
Billion in 2020 !ransparency Market Research
Transparency Market Research
State !o"er#
$0# State Street# S%ite &00.
'lbany# () 1220&
United States
84 Page Report
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Press Release
Epoxy Resins Market
!po"y Resi#s $ar%et - &lobal '#dustry (#alysis) Si*e) Share) &rowth) +re#ds a#d ,ore-ast)
2014 - 2020
Transparency Market Research has published a new report titled "Epoxy Resins Market for Paints &
Coatings, ind Energy, Co!posites, Construction, Electrical & Electronics, "dhesi#es and $ther
applications % &lobal 'ndustry "nalysis, (i)e, (hare, &rowth, Trends and *orecast, +,-. % +,+,/" "ccording
to the report, the global epoxy resins !arket was #alued at 0(1 2/2. billion in +,-3 and is anticipated to
reach 0(1 -,/44 billion at the end of +,+,, growing at a C"&R of 2/56 between +,-. and +,+,/
Rising global de!and for paints & coatings in #arious industrial applications is one of the !a7or dri#ers for
growth of the epoxy resins !arket/ "dditionally, increasing de!and for epoxy resins fro! aerospace and
wind energy industries is fueling the epoxy resins !arket/ 8owe#er, high de!and for raw !aterials of
epoxy resins such as bisphenol " fro! other applications, and #olatility in prices is esti!ated to ha!per
!arket growth during the forecast period/
Browse the .ull !po"y Resi#s $ar%et Report at
'n +,-3, China do!inated the global epoxy resins !arket due to high de!and fro! paints & coatings and
electrical & electronics industries/ 'n ter!s of #olu!e, China accounted for .4/-6 of the total epoxy resins
!arket in +,-3/ 'ncreasing de!and for epoxy resins%based co!posites fro! the aerospace industry in
9orth "!erica is expected to dri#e the !arket in the region/ Epoxy resins%based co!posites pro#ide
:exibility in designing aerodyna!ically e;cient airfra!es/ They also reduce the o#erall weight of an
aircraft/ Reduction in weight of the aircraft would lead to lower fuel consu!ption/ This, in turn, would
decrease C$+ e!ission/ 'ncreasing de!and for epoxy resins%based co!posites fro! the wind energy
industry in Europe is pro7ected to fuel !arket growth for epoxy resins/ The !arket for epoxy resins in Rest
of "sia Paci<c is likely to expand at the second%highest growth rate in the next few years/
Paints & coatings e!erged as the largest application of the epoxy resins !arket with o#er .+6 share in
+,-3/ &lobal de!and for epoxy resins in paints & coatings is rising due to excellent physical and che!ical
properties these o=er as co!pared to other poly!ers/ 'n ter!s of #olu!e, de!and for epoxy resins for
co!posites application is anticipated to grow at a C"&R of 2/46 fro! +,-. to +,+,/ Epoxy resins are
!ransparency Market Research
R!P2R+ D!S3R'P+'2N
Epoxy Resins Market
pri!arily used in printed circuit boards in the electrical & electronics application due to their insulation
properties/ "dhesi#es application seg!ent is likely to be dri#en by de!and in recreation and !echanical
fasteners applications/
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The global epoxy resins !arket was concentrated, with the top <#e players accounting for 2-/,6 of the
!arket in +,-3/ >ey industry participants include the 1ow Che!ical Co!pany, 9an ?a Plastics Corporation,
Mo!enti#e (pecialty Che!icals 'nc/, >ukdo Che!ical Co/ @td/, 8unts!an Corporation, 9"M" Che!icals,
3M Co!pany, "shland 'nc/, 1uPont and A"(* (E/
This report seg!ents the global epoxy resins !arket as followsB
!po"y Resi#s $ar%et - (ppli-atio# (#alysis
Paints & coatings
ind energy
Electrical & electronics
$thers C#inyl glo#es, !etal protection, handbags, eyeglasses, plastic toolingD
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
!po"y Resi#s $ar%et - Regio#al (#alysis
9orth "!erica
Rest of "sia Paci<c
Rest of the orld
Browse (ll 3hei-al 4 $aterials $ar%et Resear-h Reports :
3hapter 1 Pre.a-e
-/- Report description
-/+ Market seg!entation
-/+/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket seg!entation, by application and region
-/3 Research scope
-/3/- "ssu!ptions
-/. Research !ethodology
3hapter 2 !"e-uti;e Suary
+/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket, +,-3 E +,+, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
!ransparency Market Research
+(B<! 2, 32N+!N+
Epoxy Resins Market
3hapter 8 !po"y Resi#s = '#dustry (#alysis
3/- 'ntroduction
3/+ Falue chain analysis
3/3 Market 1ri#ers
3/3/- &lobal de!and for paints & coatings aug!ents the growth of the epoxy resins !arket
3/3/-/- &lobal paints & coatings !arket re#enue, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 AillionD
3/3/+ &rowing de!and for epoxy resin%based co!posites in aerospace industry and wind energy
3/3/+/- Raw !aterials used in aircraft !anufacturing
3/3/+/+ &lobal general a#iation co!posite structures #olu!e, +,-3 % +,+, CMetric TonsD
3/3/+/3 &lobal wind turbine !arket re#enue, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 AillionD
3/. Restraints
3/./- 8igh de!and of raw !aterials fro! other applications and :uctuations in prices of raw !aterials
inhibit epoxy resin !arket growth
3/./-/- &lobal bisphenol " consu!ption, by application, +,-3
3/./-/+ Aisphenol " price trends, +,-- E +,-3 C0(1GTonD
3/./-/3 Epichlorohydrin price trends, +,-- % +,-3 C0(1GTonD
3/4 $pportunities
3/4/- (hift towards bio%based epoxy resins in the upco!ing years
3/2 PorterHs *i#e *orces analysis
3/2/- Aargaining power of suppliers
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
3/2/+ Aargaining power of buyers
3/2/3 Threat of new entrants
3/2/. Threat fro! substitutes
3/2/4 1egree of co!petition
3/I Co!pany !arket share analysis
3/I/- Epoxy resins !arketB Co!pany !arket share analysis, +,-3
3/J Market "ttracti#eness
3/J/- Epoxy resins !arketB Market attracti#eness analysis, by application
3hapter 4 !po"y Resi#s ar%et - (ppli-atio# (#alysis
./- &lobal epoxy resins !arketB "pplication o#er#iew
./-/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket re#enue share, by application, +,-3 & +,+,
./+ Paints & coatings
./+/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for paints & coatings application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1
./3 ind energy
./3/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for wind energy application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
./. Co!posites
././- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for co!posites application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
./4 Construction
./4/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for construction application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
./2 Electrical & electronics
./2/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for electrical & electronics application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1
./I "dhesi#es
./I/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for adhesi#es application, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
./J $thers CFinyl glo#es, !etal protection, handbags, eye glasses, plastic toolingD
./J/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket for other applications, +,-3 % +,+,, C>ilo TonsD C0(1 MillionD
3hapter 7 !po"y Resi#s $ar%et - Regio#al (#alysis
4/- &lobal epoxy resins !arketB Regional o#er#iew
4/-/- &lobal epoxy resins !arket share, by region, +,-3 & +,+,
4/+ 9orth "!erica
4/+/- 9orth "!erica epoxy resins !arket #olu!e, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C>ilo TonsD
4/+/+ 9orth "!erica epoxy resins !arket re#enue, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 MillionD
4/3 Europe
4/3/- Europe epoxy resins !arket #olu!e, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C>ilo TonsD
4/3/+ Europe epoxy resins !arket re#enue, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 MillionD
4/. China
4/./- China epoxy resins !arket #olu!e, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C>ilo TonsD
4/./+ China epoxy resins !arket re#enue, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 MillionD
4/4 Rest of "sia Paci<c
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
4/4/- Rest of "sia Paci<c epoxy resins !arket #olu!e, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C>ilo TonsD
4/4/+ Rest of "sia Paci<c epoxy resins !arket re#enue, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 MillionD
4/2 Rest of the orld CRoD
4/2/- Rest of the orld epoxy resins !arket #olu!e, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C>ilo TonsD
4/2/+ Rest of the orld epoxy resins !arket re#enue, by application, +,-3 % +,+, C0(1 MillionD
3hapter 9 3opa#y Pro>les
2/- A"(* (E
2/-/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/-/+ Product portfolio
2/-/3 *inancial o#er#iew
2/-/. Ausiness strategies
2/-/4 ($T analysis
2/-/2 Recent de#elop!ents
2/+ 8unts!an Corporation
2/+/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/+/+ Product portfolio
2/+/3 *inancial o#er#iew
2/+/. Ausiness strategy
2/+/4 ($T analysis
2/+/2 Recent de#elop!ents
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
2/3 The 1ow Che!ical Co!pany
2/3/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/3/+ Product portfolio
2/3/3 *inancial o#er#iew
2/3/. Ausiness strategies
2/3/4 ($T analysis
2/3/2 Recent de#elop!ents
2/. 3M Co!pany
2/./- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/./+ Product portfolio
2/./3 *inancial o#er#iew
2/./. Ausiness strategy
2/./4 ($T analysis
2/4 1uPont
2/4/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/4/+ *inancial o#er#iew
2/4/3 Ausiness strategy
2/4/. ($T analysis
2/2 "ditya Airla Che!icals @td CThailandD
2/2/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/2/+ Ausiness strategy
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
2/2/3 ($T analysis
2/2/. Recent de#elop!ents
2/I Mo!enti#e (pecialty Che!icals 'nc/
2/I/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/I/+ *inancial o#er#iew
2/I/3 Ausiness strategy
2/I/. ($T analysis
2/I/4 Recent de#elop!ents
2/J 9an ?a Plastics Corporation
2/J/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/J/+ *inancial o#er#iew
2/J/3 Ausiness strategy
2/J/. ($T analysis
2/5 >ukdo Che!ical @td/
2/5/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/5/3 Ausiness strategy
2/5/. ($T analysis
2/-, 9"M" Che!icals
2/-,/- Co!pany o#er#iew
2/-,/+ *inancial o#er#iew
2/-,/3 Ausiness strategy
!ransparency Market Research
Epoxy Resins Market
2/-,/. ($T analysis
2/-,/4 Recent de#elop!ents
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