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For the Fiscal Year of 2008 - 2009

An Augustinian College Preparatory School Since 1905

ng our past,

rk in the present,
as we wo

the future.
To build for

meless Tradition.
t. Rita Family, A Ti
The S
From the Desk of the President
December 2009

Dear Ritamen, Families & Friends:

“How is St. Rita doing?”

I hear this from so many people - alumni, friends, past parents. My answer is always the same -

This is not a flip answer but rather it is a reality. The reason is that we are flourishing on 77th
and Western in our 105th year and 20th year on our new campus. We are flourishing because of
the commitment to excellence of our 707 current Ritamen who strive to excel in the classroom, in
athletics and extra-curricular activities and in their spiritual lives. And this is all done living out our
Augustinian core values of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas - Truth, Unity, and Love.

The flourishing success we are experiencing is made possible in large part because of our generous
benefactors. In a year where our economy is in a horrible state, you, our benefactors, gave an

truth increase of 5% to our Annual Appeal. This just does not happen. You believe in what we are doing
and you help make it happen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

† Please know we pray for you, our alumni and benefactors, every morning in our school prayer. We
could not flourish without you!

unity I always tell our students and everyone else that St. Rita is not about buildings. We proved that when
we moved from 63rd Street 20 years ago, but it is about people. Our 23,207 alumni Ritamen, our
707 present student Ritamen, and all our benefactors, parents, and families make St. Rita possible.

† Without you we would not be here today!

I am also very pleased to announce the 1905 Guild is growing everyday. This is composed of all

love who have put St. Rita High School in their estate plans and wills, and all who told us they will be
remembering us in their estate plans and wills. Please consider joining the 1905 Guild and making
a difference for all the Ritamen who will come in the future.

St. Rita High School is thriving because we are encouraged by the words of our Holy Father St.
Augustine, “Always Make Progress.”

Thank you for making these words a reality because of your generosity!

God bless you and may St. Rita powerfully intercede for you and your family!

In Truth, Unity and Love,

Rev. Thomas R. McCarthy, O.S.A. ‘83


23,207 Alumni | 707 Current Students | One St. Rita Family

2 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Tolle Lege! is a publication of
the St. Rita of Cascia High School
Office of Institutional Advancement
7740 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60620
2 Letter from the president
Telephone: (773) 925-5029
Fax: (773) 925-6582
3 President’s club dinner
E-mail: advancement@stritahs.com

St. Rita High School is sponsored by the

4-6 recent news
Augustinian Order and has been serving
the Chicagoland area since 1905.
7 development projects

8 Letter from the Director of the Annual Appeal

Rev. Thomas R. McCarthy, O.S.A. ’83 | President 9 giving back to st. rita of cascia high school
Mrs. Sally E. Deenihan | Principal
Mr. Ernest J. Mrozek ’71 | Vice President 10 statement of financial activity

11-23 registry of donors

Office of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Thomas J. Ramsden
Director of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Joshua R. Blaszak ’02 | Director of Public Relations
Mrs. Trisha A. Harrington | Administrative Assistant
Annual President’s Club Dinner Recognizes
Mr. Daniel A. Manzella ’03 | Director of Alumni Relations
Mr. John Schmitt ’84 | Director of Annual Appeal
the Support of Alumni and Benefactors
Mr. Javier Solorio II ’02 | Director of Graphic Design Since 1905, St. Rita of Cascia High School This year’s President’s Club Dinner took
has been educating young men in the Augus- place on Wednesday, October 21st. The eve-
Board of Directors tinian tradition on the Southside of Chicago. ning began with an enjoyable cocktail hour in
Mr. James J. Brasher ’71 Being able to celebrate 105 years of excel- the main foyer, where guests socialized and
Mr. Sean J. Carney ’74 lence in education is in large part due to the were able to relive some of St. Rita’s past by
Dr. John Donahue, Ed.D., J.D. tremendous dedication and loyalty given to visiting the 100 Year Museum and gathering
Mr. James Gagnard ’64
St. Rita by its many alumni and benefactors. in the Mrozek Plaza where other artifacts of
Mr. Thomas M. Harrington ’74, Ex-officio
Mr. Thomas J. Healy ’83
Through the support of alumni and bene- St. Rita’s tradition are present. Both of these
Bro. Gary Hresil, O.S.A. ’86, Ex-officio factors, St. Rita continues to thrive and is the wonderful areas were made possible by past
Mr. Gregory J. Jania ’89 premier institution for the Catholic educa- alumni gifts.
Mr. Mark A. Kelly ’84 tion of young men in the Chicagoland area. Following cocktails, guests were seated
Alderman Lona Lane, 18th Ward Each year, as a thank you to those men and for a meal prepared by Country House Res-
Very Rev. William Lego, O.S.A. , Ex-officio women who have pledged their support to taurant of Alsip, which also operates the St.
Mr. Timothy I. McArdle (Hon.)
St. Rita, Fr. Tom McCarthy, O.S.A. ’83, Pres- Rita Dining Hall. Toastmaster Dr. Gerardo
Rev. Thomas R. McCarthy, O.S.A. ’83, Ex-officio
Mr. Ernest J. Mrozek ’71, Chairman
ident of St. Rita, invites all members of the A. Grieco, M.D. ’72 took the podium to offer
Mr. John O’Neill ’79 President’s Club to a special evening on cam- a warm welcome to the over 150 President’s
The Honorable Noreen Daly Reilly pus. Donors are invited to become members Club members present. Dr. Grieco, a St. Rita
Mr. Stephen M. Schaller ’83 of the President’s Club when they have given Hall of Fame member and former “Man of
Rev. Bernard C. Scianna, O.S.A. ’83 $1,000 or more in a fiscal year. the Year,” is a proud alumni supporter. While
Mr. Terrance R. Stefanski he lives in Bloomington, IL he has not missed
Mr. J. J. Wilczewski ’92
a St. Rita Football game since 1968.
Emeriti Members of the Board of Directors Student speaker Dan Dillon ’10 (Most
Mr. Ronald M. Abramowicz ’60 Holy Redeemer), a member of St. Rita’s
Mr. Patrick E. Mahoney ’54 National Honor Society, Soccer team, and
Mr. Michael J. McArdle ’54
Knights of Augustine addressed the guests
Mr. James C. Miller ’47
Mr. Donald A. Petkus ’58 following dinner. Recounting his time at St.
Mr. Edward J. Schmit ’63 Rita, he said, “St. Rita provides me with op-
Mr. Michael Schneider ’46 portunities and inspiration.”
Mr. Arthur R. Velasquez ’56 Dillon went on to comment, “St. Rita has
not only given me the tools that I need to be
successful in college but also for the rest of
Alumni Board of Advisors my life. St. Rita has instilled in me the Augus-
Mr. Anthony J. Calarco ’01
Mr. Nicholas A. Calarco ’73 tinian core values of Veritas, Unitas, and Cari-
Mr. Sean J. Carney ’74 tas (Truth, Unity, and Love). I have learned
Mr. Robert W. Gallagher ’83 to reach my potential not only in sports and
Mr. Richard Hochgraver ’71 academics but in exploring my faith and liv-
Mr. Michael Jilek ’97 Senior Dan Dillon addresses the alumni and benefactors ing a Christian life.”
Mr. Sylvester Majka ’64 who were guests at this year’s President’s Club Dinner.
Mr. Patrick J. O'Malley ’77 3
Forty-Nine Ritamen Inducted into National Honor Society
St. Rita of Cascia High School recently tury Junior High), Pat Boline (Queen of (St. Linus), Ryan Nolan (Clissold), Zack
inducted forty-nine seniors into St. Rita’s Martyrs), Terry Brennan (St. Bernadette), Patient (St. Linus), Dan Petrbok (Orland Ju-
chapter of the National Honor Society at the Mike Brettman (St. Bernadette), Isaiah nior High), Bryan Przepiora (St. Daniel the
monthly all-school Mass on October 29th. Brown (St. Walter), Joe Cairo (St. Cajetan), Prophet), Sean Scaduto (St. Joseph), David
These students met high academic stan- Dan Collins (St. Linus), Dan Dillon (Most Schrader (Hamlin UGC), John Sheedy (St.
dards as well as service requirements in or- Holy Redeemer), Mike Egan (Kinzie), Rob Gerald), Kyle Sheehan (St. Linus), John
der to qualify for this prestigious honor, and Gallik (St. Christina), Mark Gbur (St. Barn- Shimkus (Nativity BVM), Chris Simms (St.
were chosen based on their embodiment of abas), Matt Goosherst (St. John Fisher), Walter), Eric Sloyan (St. Walter), John Star-
the four key elements of the National Honor Beau Guinta (Palos South Junior High), cevich (Century Junior High), Kyle Sterns
Society: scholarship, character, leadership, Kevin Handler (Queen of Martyrs), Rober- (Orland Junior High), Tom Sujack (Christ
and service. to Hernandez (Nativity BVM), Kyle Jachim the King), Kyle Toth (Palos South Junior
The National Honor Society Officers for (St. Bernadette), Joseph Jasas (St. Barabara), High), Luke Turner (St. Linus), Ben Ve-
the Class of 2010 are: President Joe Laconte Tom Kelly (St. Bernadette), Ray Kipp (St. lazquez (Kinzie), Jaime Viramontes (Queen
(Central Junior High), Vice President John Damian), Marty Kordas (St. Cajetan), Mark of the Universe), and Kevin Yerkes (Lena-
Starcevich (Century Junior High), Secretary Ladd (St. Gall), Trent Larson (Bridgeport rt).
Dan Dillon (Most Holy Redeemer), and Catholic Academy), Joe Loconte (Central The adviser to St. Rita’s chapter of the Na-
Treasurer Chris Simms (St. Walter). Junior High), Matt McGowan (Most Holy tional Honor Society is Assistant Principal
The members of the Class of 2010 that Redeemer), William McGrenera (Queen of Mr. Wes Benak ’81, and the induction cer-
were inducted into the St. Rita National Martyrs), Ron McNamara (St. Mary Star of emony was presided over by President Fr.
Honor Society Chapter are as follows: Jack the Sea), Cody Mroczka (St. Symphorosa), Tom McCarthy, O.S.A. ’83 and Principal
Allen (St. John Fisher), Austin Bilotto (Cen- Matt Murawski (St. Turibius), John Nevin Mrs. Sally Deenihan.

Seven Recent Graduates Recognized with AP Scholar Awards

Seven recent graduates from the Class of 2009 at St. Rita of Cascia earning an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and
High School have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. These young
exceptional achievement on Advanced Placement Exams. The AP men are Benjamin Richardson (St. Bernardine) and David Straple
program is operated by the College Board which recognizes several (St. Germaine).
levels of achievement based student performance on AP Exams. Four students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing
At St. Rita, one student qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinc- three or more AP Exams with grades of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars
tion Award by earning an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Ex- are Brian Boyd (Central Junior High), Antanas Janavicius (Nativ-
ams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. ity BVM), James Quinn (St. Cajetan), and Kyle White (St. Thomas
This student is Daniel Moore (St. John Fisher), who earned an aver- More).
age grade of 4.6 from the five exams he took. Moore was also the St. Rita offers twelve advanced placement level courses in the fol-
Valedictorian for the Class of 2009 and is currently attending the lowing: AP Art: 2D Design, AP Art: Studio Drawing, AP Calculus,
University of Chicago. AP Chemistry, AP English, AP French, AP Latin, AP Music, AP Psy-
Two students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by chology, AP Spanish, AP U.S. History, and AP World History.

4 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Over 130 Students Inducted Are you a snowbird in Florida?
into Knights of Augustine Regardless if you are a permanent resident or just escaping
our wonderful Chicago winter by heading to the Sunshine
At the St. Rita of Cascia High School Family Mass on state please let us know. Members of the Office of
Sunday, November 15th over 130 students were inducted Institutional Advancement are planning a visit to Florida
this year and we would love to include you in our plans.
into the Knights of Augustine. The Knights of Augustine
Please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at
is a fraternal organization of students that strives to em- (773) 925-5029 so that we can adjust our database - either
body the Augustinian core values of Veritas, Unitas, and permanently or temporarily - to make sure that your receive
Caritas (Truth, Unity, and Love) through active prayer and your St. Rita mail at your Florida address.
community service.
This year 137 young men who attend St. Rita are active
members of the Knights of Augustine. Following the in- Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
duction, a new Knights of Augustine Leadership Council
was appointed. The council is led by co-Presidents Dan
Brings in 7,983 Items to Help Needy
Dillon ’10 (Most Holy Redeemer) and Kevin Handler ’10 St. Rita of Cascia High School’s Student Government, under the direc-
(Queen of Martyrs). Jack Allen ’10 (St. John Fisher), Kev- tion of St. Rita’s Director of Activities Bro. Gary Hresil, O.S.A. ’86 and the
in Popek ’10 (St. Mary Star of the Sea), Tom Riordan ’10 Activities Team, ran another very successful Thanksgiving Food Drive. In
(St. Cajetan), Nick Robles ’10 (St. Mary Star of the Sea), the week leading up to Thanksgiving Day, collections taken from the stu-
and Tom Sujack ’10 (Christ the King) were also appointed dent body, faculty, and staff of St. Rita brought in 7,983 non-perishable
to the Leadership Council. items. This more than doubled the amount of food collected last year at
Knights of Augustine activities take place both within St. Rita.
and outside of St. Rita. Monthly meetings are held to or- After sorting and packing the donations, the Senior Class Officers were
ganize services provided by the Knights of Augustine and commissioned at the all-school Thanksgiving Mass to go out and deliver
to plan activities that foster building a stronger commu- the items collected by the St. Rita Family. The food items were delivered
nity. Knights serve as altar servers, ushers, lectors, and Eu- to the St. Basil/Visitation, St. Clare of Montefalco, and St. Rita of Cascia
charistic ministers at school Masses and monthly St. Rita Food Pantries. Angel’s Touch, another non-profit organization that is run
Novena Masses. Members volunteer weekly at the PADS by St. Rita staff member Pat Mitchell also benefited from the donations.
shelter and also give their time and energy to help other
organizations by collecting donations and assisting in the
efforts made by the Knights of Columbus, the Lyons Club,
the Kiwanis Club, and Angel’s Touch.
This year the Knights of Augustine plan to work on some
new ideas, especially in terms of service to local and global
communities. One idea being explored is a recycling drive
for new and gently used school supplies to be sent to those
in Nicaragua.
The Knights of Augustine is operated out of The Cam-
pus Ministry Center at St. Rita.

St. Rita High School’s Senior Class Student Government Officers set out to deliver the 7,983
food items that were collected by the St. Rita Family during the Annual Thanksgiving Food
Drive. From left to right: Marty Kordas, Tim Ladd, Joe Campagna, Mike Basic, Tom Murphy,
Tom Kelly, and Bro. Gary Hresil, O.S.A. ’86, Director of Activities and Senior Class Moderator.

Augustinian Legacy Scholarship

Students who have a father or grandfather (maternal or
paternal) who have graduated from St. Rita of Cascia High
School or Mendel Catholic High School are awarded a
$1,000 Legacy Scholarship for the first year.
Verification applications are available at registration.

Senior Matt Goosherst signs the Knights of Augustine commitment book Entrance Exam
as junior Dan Moriarty awaits making his commitment to the K of A. Saturday, January 9, 2010 | 8:00 a.m.

Truth † Unity † Love 5

Prep Bowl Championship Wraps Up Successful Season of Football
St. Rita of Cascia High School’s Varsity
Mustang Football team defeated Chicago’s
Public League Champion Simeon 34-20 on
Friday, November 27th to win the city’s 76th
Annual Prep Bowl. This is the sixth Prep
Bowl Championship the Mustangs have
captured in St. Rita history.
Junior running back Jahwon Akui
(Roosevelt Middle School) was named the
Prep Bowl MVP following his four touch-
downs. This included an 85-yard opening
kickoff return. Akui had a total of 148 rush-
ing yards on 29 carries.
“We’re really blessed as a team to have
been able to win a championship like this,”
said Akui.
Senior quarterback Rob Gallik (St. Chris-
The Varsity Mustang Football team celebrates their 34-20 victory over Simeon at Soldier Field in the 76th Annual
tina) was also a key player in the Prep Bowl Chicago Prep Bowl. This was the second time in three years the Mustangs captured the Prep Bowl Championship.
victory going 10-of-14 passing, 119 yards,
and scoring a touchdown. St. Rita’s Prep Bowl Championship own during this, his 12th season as Head
“I think winning the Prep Bowl was a great wrapped up a successful season of football Coach. The Mustangs’ 35-14 victory over
statement about the character and pride that for the Mustangs. Overall the team’s record local Chicago Catholic League rival Br. Rice
this team has in St. Rita,” said Head Coach was 11-3 for the season, including a historic on September 11th gave Kuska’s his 100th
Todd Kuska ’90. win over Mt. Carmel 54-16. win.
“Having the opportunity to practice on “I am extremely proud of all of our play- It is evident that the Mustangs’ Prep Bowl
Thanksgiving and play a championship ers and coaches who were a part of this year’s victory only added to the pride Kuska has in
game in week 14 is something that only a successes,” said Kuska. being the Head Coach of the players at St.
select few teams at St. Rita have ever done, “The unity of the team and their desire Rita as he said, “Watching the team sing the
and it will always be in the thoughts of all to play for St. Rita is what ultimately made fight song to the fans at Soldier Field was one
of the members of this year’s team. They this season successful. As always it was a lot of the best moments for me as a coach this
were given the chance to walk off the field of dedication and hard work by all of those year. To see the team care so much about
winning their last football game of the year involved that allowed us to compete at the celebrating their Championship with the
and for some of them the last football game high level in which we did and to be able to families and fans of St. Rita really makes me
of their career, and they were able to get it win a championship,” he said. realize how important the community of St.
done,” he said. Kuska himself reached a milestone of his Rita is to all of our players.”


We are in need of class representatives to contact classmates for the 74th Annual Alumni Banquet.
If you are interested in becoming a class representative for your class please contact:
Dan Manzella ’03 | Director of Alumni Relations - (773) 925-6600 ext. 6663 | dmanzella@stritahs.com

Annual Kairos 4th Day Gathering

Save the Saturday, December 26, 2009 | 7:00 p.m. | St. Rita of Cascia Shrine Chapel

Dates 74th Annual Alumni Banquet

Friday, April, 16, 2010 | St. Rita of Cascia High School Gymnasium

35th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing

Friday, July 23, 2010 | Gleneagles Country Club, Lemont

6 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Brach Foundation Grant Allows for Improved Student Services
Thanks to the continued support and commitment of the Helen Brach
Foundation, St. Rita of Cascia High School was recently able to improve its
facilities and enhance the quality of services provided to current Ritamen
and those young men who may one day chose to become a Ritaman.
This past summer with the help of a $25,000 grant from the Brach Foun-
dation, much of the St. Rita student services office space was enhanced. The
dean’s office, athletic office, activities office, and admissions office were all
relocated to renovated
spaces. These renovat-
ed spaces were config-
ured in a manner that
provides more open,
welcoming, and func-
tional environments to
better serve the current
and future students of The new dean’s office provides a more open, welcoming, and functional en-
St. Rita. vironment that helps to enhance the student experience while at St. Rita.

New Basketball Locker Room Unveiled as Basketball Season Begins

St. Rita of Cascia High School recently unveiled a new state-of- of many recent efforts made by new Head Coach Gary DeCesare to
the-art basketball locker room. This locker room facility is just one enhance the basketball program and student experience at St. Rita.
The locker room features individual lockers for every member of
the Varsity Mustang Basketball team, a video viewing area complete
with theater seating, and areas for players to work on their academic
studies and socialize with one another. Pictures of past teams are
also hung in the locker room to pay tribute to those who have been a
part of the Mustang Basketball tradition.
“In building up the program, I wanted to start with having some-
thing for the past, present, and future St. Rita Basketball players to
call their home. This new facility will truly allow our program to
grow and build great team unity,” said Coach DeCesare.
This basketball locker loom project was made possible through the
generosity of friends of Coach DeCesare. It is located on St. Rita’s
lower level in what used to be a storage room.

Offerings Allow Students to Use Buses and Metra to Get to St. Rita
Metra Rail Routes Bus Routes
Heritage Corridor (New Fall 2010) Bridgeport Route (New Fall 2010)
Providing round-trip Metra service to students in areas such as Lemont, Providing round-trip bus service to students with stops throughout the
Lockport, and Willow Springs. St. Rita bus pick-up and drop-off at the Bridgeport area.
Willow Springs Station - 87th & Archer Ave.
Beverly/Morgan Park Route (New Fall 2010)
Providing round-trip bus service to students with stops along Western
Rock Island Line (New Fall 2010)
Ave. from St. Rita to 123rd and Western Ave.
Providing round-trip Metra service to students in areas such as Mokena,
Garfield Ridge Route
New Lenox, and Oak Forest. St. Rita bus pick-up and drop-off at the
Providing round-trip bus service to students with stops throughout the
Rock Island Station - 123rd and Vermont St. in Blue Island. Garfield Ridge area.
Southwest Line South Suburban Route
Providing round-trip Metra service to students in areas such as Chicago Providing round-trip bus service to students with stops throughout
Ridge, New Lenox, Oak Lawn, Orland, Palos, and Worth. St. Rita bus areas such as Beverly, Bridgeview, Burbank, Evergreen Park, Justice,
pickup and drop-off at the Wrightwood Station - 79th & Columbus Ave. LaGrange, and Oak Lawn.
From the Director of the Annual Appeal
December 2009
Dear Alumni and Benefactors:
The Christmas Season is here which is my favorite time of the year. During this time I reflect on how lucky the
St. Rita family is to have such a strong and generous alumni. I am proud to report that this past year during this
difficult economic time, our Annual Appeal was able to show 5% growth. To all our alumni, alumni parents,
current parents, and friends of St. Rita High School, I sincerely thank you for your loyal support.

As the Director of the Annual Appeal, I can say with certainty that the Annual Appeal is the life source of the
school. This past year, the success of the Annual Appeal allowed us to award over $900,000 in scholarships
and financial aid to our current students. I hope and pray that you realize how important you are to the great
success of our fine school.

We are on track for the fourth straight year to surpass our Annual Appeal goal. This is a great tribute to you, our
benefactors, in keeping St. Rita a priority in your charitable gifts. As we come to the end of this year we need
your help. Please consider a year-end gift, which will continue our mission to provide excellent education on
the south side of Chicago.

May God bless you and your family during this wonderful Christmas Season!


John Schmitt ‘84

Director of the Annual Appeal

Hollywood SATURDAY,
For More Information Bill & Amy Fitzgerald Tony & Maria Nudo ★ Casciablanca Dining Hall ★
or to Volunteer 773-239-4581 708-349-4765 ★ Rita High (Grease) Library ★ M*A*S*H 7740 Gym ★
★ Willy Wonka & The Mustang Chocolate Factory Dessert Buffet ★

Ticket price includes dinner and a five hour open bar.

Name _______________________________________
Address _____________________________________ City / State / Zip __________________________
Phone _______________ Email ______________@_____________ Mail ticket order to:
St. Rita High School
# of Tickets ___ x $40 each = ______ x $30 each (Seniors) = ______ ($50 at door) Attn: Winterfest 2010
7740 S. Western Ave.
____ Check (Enclosed) or ____ Visa ____ Mastercard Chicago, IL 60620
Credit Card # __________________________ Exp. Date ________
Tradition Continues
From the Director of Ways to Give to St. Rita
Institutional Advancement Direct Gifts
Direct monetary gifts are accepted in the form of checks, charges, or money orders. Payments
December 2009 can be made to the Office of Institutional Advancement at St. Rita High School. You can also
visit www.stritahs.com to make a gift online using a credit card. Please contact a member of
the Office of Institutional Advancement for more information on giving or making a pledge.
Dear Alumni and
Benefactors: Gifts-in-Kind
Another way benefactors may choose to help the students of St. Rita High School is through
Thank You. Those
gifts-in-kind. The value of these gifts is included in the respective individuals’ total giving
were the two words
that Fr. Rich Young
during a respective fiscal year. Following is a small sampling of these types of gifts that were
stressed to our received in the past includes:
current students in • Sporting Event Tickets to be auctioned at events
his homily at the • Legal Services
all-school Mass on • Construction Services
November 25th. Fr. • Electrical Services
Rich told our young Please contact a member of the Office of Institutional Advancement if you have questions
men that if they only say one type of prayer – a
about what types of services are needed, and how to give an in-kind gift.
prayer of Thank You - that they will do well in life.
The focus of their Thank You prayer should be for all Matching Gifts
that they have, and will receive in life – including the
Check with the human resources office at your place of employment for a matching gift form,
opportunity to be a student at St. Rita.
and enclose it with your contribution. Your annual total giving record in the annual report
Those words during this holiday season, ring true will be soft credited for the amount of your company’s matching gift.
for our entire St. Rita family. There are many reasons
for our community to say Thank You right now –
United Way
especially to you, our St. Rita benefactors. We know Many corporations take part in an annual United Way giving program. Did you know that
that our generous Alumni, Parents and Friends are you can designate your contributions to be sent to St. Rita? Contact the Office of Institution-
the reason that St. Rita High School continues to al Advancement for more information or talk to your company’s United Way Coordinator.
provide an excellent college prep education to each
of our young men. During the 2008 – 2009 academic Stock Gifts
year your generosity allowed: If you gift St. Rita High School with stock, please be sure to include your name, the name of
the stock, the number of shares and the date of the transfer. Please notify Tom Ramsden or
• Over $900,000 in Financial Aid to be provided John Schmitt when considering a stock transfer to St. Rita High School so that you have the
to current students, proper account information.
• The Class of 2009 to earn over $10.6 million in
college scholarships, If you gift St. Rita with a stock certificate that is already in your name, please call us for a
• Much needed capital improvements to our stock power document. Your stock certificate will have to be signed and dated by those whose
facility - including the replacement of the names are on the certificate, and we will need a brief note indicating your intentions of trans-
building’s roof to be completed,
ferring the stock to St. Rita High School.
• SMART Boards to be placed in 8 classrooms,
• Completion of the Petkus Chemistry and Physics In Memory or Honor of Someone Special
Many families have chosen to make gifts to St. Rita High School In Memory of (IMO) a loved
• Each of our young Mustangs to receive a well-
rounded education founded in our core values one, or to send St. Rita High School gifts In Honor of (IHO) an individual. The Office of
of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas (Truth, Unity, and Institutional Advancement can assist in establishing either IMO or IHO funds.
Planned Gifts
Finally, I would like to personally say Thank You to There are various types of Planned Gifts that you can use to assist St. Rita High School includ-
the entire St. Rita community for the welcome I have ing, bequests and life insurance. In coming editions of Tolle Lege! we will highlight other
received. The pride that I have witnessed from each planned giving vehicles that you can use to assist St. Rita.
member of the St. Rita Family is incredible – such
pride is what allows our Annual Appeal to continue 1905 Guild
to grow even during these tough economic times. We invite your partnership in continuing St. Rita High School’s heritage. Generous bene-
I look forward to meeting each of you, and finding factors who have remembered St. Rita in their wills and estate plans during their lives are
ways that we can work together to assist our current members of the 1905 Guild. The purpose of the 1905 Guild is to strengthen the mission of
and future Mustangs. St. Rita High School by involving its alumni, parents and friends with the contemporary work
of the school.
For more information on any type of Planned Gift or the 1905 Guild
please contact:
Tom Ramsden
Thomas J. Ramsden Director of Institutional Advancement
Director of Institutional Advancement (773) 925-6600 ext. 6628 | tramsden@stritahs.com
Statement of Financial Activity
This Annual Report recognizes the alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations that have invested in the financial
support of St. Rita of Cascia High School from July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009. The donors listed in this report are enabling
St. Rita High School, guided by its Catholic Augustinian philosophy, to maintain and strengthen its programs. Your gifts
truly make a difference in meeting the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social needs of our current Ritamen.

Every effort has been made to present a complete listing of donors. If an error or omission occurs, please notify the Office
of Institutional Advancement at (773) 925-5029 so that the correction can be made. All contributions made on or after
July 1, 2009 will appear in next year’s Annual Report.

Income Expenses
Tuition $5,500,983 Faculty & Administration $5,136,977
Development 1,291,545 Plant Maintenance & Operations 980,498
Registration Fees 223,229 Employee Benefits 785,055
Interest Income 22,229 Student Activities 96,348
Mustang Store 33,348 Athletics 215,292
Winter Homecoming 48,531 Transportation 31,070
Facility Fees 20,375 Professional Fees 114,852
Athletic Income 30,770 Winter Homecoming 19,350
Miscellaneous Income 184,149 Miscellaneous Expenses 15,770

Total Income $7,355,159 Total Expenses $7,395,212

Profit / (Loss)
Before Capital Improvements

Capital Improvements $564,704

St. Rita of Cascia High School Giving Circles

St. Rita Circle Leadership Circle 6310 Circle
$250,000 + $10,000 - $24,999 $500 - $999

St. Augustine Circle Fr. Green Circle Mustang Circle

$100,000 + $5,000 - $9,999 $250 - $499

St. Monica Circle Fr. Egan Circle Red & Blue Circle
$50,000 + $2,500 - $4,999 $100 - $249

St. Thomas of Villanova Circle Cascia Circle

$25,000 + $1,000 - $2,499

10 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Honor Roll of Donors
President’s Club
The President’s Club recognizes those generous donors who provide significant gifts
in support of the school and its programs. President’s Club members provide the
leadership gifts that ensure scholarships and financial aid, as well as the facilities that
serve the community. Thank you to the many members in giving circles of $1,000
or more who are a part of the President’s Club.

St. Monica Circle Fr. Green Circle Fr. Egan Circle (cont.)
$50,000 + $5,000 - $9,999
Mr. Theodore Boundas 1957
Mr. Byron Zawaski 1957
Mr. William Carl Obrochta 1952 Mr. William H. Sims 1942
Mr. David J. Eskra 1959
Mr. Michael J. Eckert 1965 Dr. Joseph R. Eraci 1951
Mr. Donald L. Mrozek 1965
Big Shoulders Fund Mr. Patrick Mahoney 1954
Mr. Roger Niemiec 1966
Mr. Joseph Scanlon, Sr. 1958
Dennis A. Quinn, CPA 1966
Honorable John E. Fennelly 1961
Walter Slezak, Esq. 1968
St. Thomas of Villanova Circle Mr. James V. Olichwier 1962
Mr. John Kevin Flaherty 1970
Mr. Henry Szopinski 1962
$25,000 + Denis Bartz, DDS 1971
Mr. Edward J. Schmit, Jr. 1963
Mr. Charles F. Nash 1971
Dennis D. Lucas, MT ASCP 1966
Gerardo Anthony Grieco, MD FACS 1972
Mr. William Doyle 1941 Mr. Bryan J. O’Connor 1970
Mr. Thomas J. Healy 1983
Mr. Dennis Suder 1954 Mr. Ronald Louis Skwarek 1970
Rev. Thomas R. McCarthy, OSA 1983
Mr. Michael Georgopulos 1972 Mr. Michael P. Heeney 1971
Mr. Peter Lisnic 1989
Brach Foundation Mr. Gregory Cozzi 1972
Mr. Joseph Bamberger HON
Louise Cadwell, Estate Mr. Stephen Michael Schaller 1983
Honorable Thomas W. Murphy HON
Mr. Gregory J. Jania 1989
Ms. Mary Ann Bamberger
Mr. Jason M. Pienta 1996
Leadership Circle Mr. Dimitris Bousis
Azteca Foods, Inc.
Cascia Hall
$10,000 - $24,999 Bank of America
Catalyst Consulting Group, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Burns
Circle Metal Specialties, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Heaney
Mr. Eugene T. McGrail 1941 Connor & Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Holbein
Mr. Paul F. Petriekis 1958 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew F. Coughlin
John E. McCarthy Scholarship Fund
Mr. Charles M. Hughes 1962 Deloitte & Touche LLP
Mr. Timothy McArdle
Mr. Jim Gagnard 1964 EDC Development LLC
Ridgeworth Roofing
Mr. Lawrence Doyle 1968 Estee Bedding Company
Mr. John Schwan
Mr. James J. Brasher 1971 Exelon Corporation
Virchow, Krause & Company, LLP
Mr. Ernest Mrozek 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fetzer
Mr. Mark A. Kelly 1984 Harlem Irving Companies, Inc.
Mr. Terrence Moran 1987 Fr. Egan Circle M & R Development LLC
In Honor of Walter and Wanda Mrozek Mesirow Financial
Koch Foundation, Inc. $2,500 - $4,999 Dr. Jose R. Perez-Sanz
Marquette Bank Proven Business Systems
Napleton Family Foundation Inc. Mr. Richard J. O’Toole 1943 Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel
Pat Cronin Fund Dr. Joseph M. Gowgiel 1944 Mr. & Mrs. John Rudolph
Mr. James C. Miller 1947 Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz & Associates Inc.
Mr. Robert C. Schnabel 1948 St. Rita Monastery
Mr. Thomas M. Lahey 1949 Mr. & Mrs. John Starcevich
Mr. John J. Owens 1951 Thomas Dower Foundation
Mr. John Cranley 1954 United Way Metro Chicago
Mr. Michael J. McArdle 1954 UPS Foundation
Mr. Michael Joseph Maione 1956 Mr. Joseph Volpentesta
Mr. Arthur Raymond Velasquez 1956 Walsh Construction

Truth † Unity † Love 11

Cascia Circle
$1,000 - $2,499 Cascia Circle (cont.) Cascia Circle (cont.)
Rev. William P. Murphy 1933 Mr. Christopher Beyer 1974 Mrs. Joanne Neblo
Mr. John Madigan 1934 Mr. David Gryska 1974 Mr. & Mrs. Brandt Oosterbaan
Mr. Robert H. Causland 1939 Mr. Thomas M. Harrington 1974 Ms. Liz Pedroza
Mr. Robert Collins 1939 Mr. Donald McCormack 1974 Mr. Phillip Rooney
Edwin J. Liebner, MD 1939 Mr. Edward J. Rojek 1974 Rosen & Livingston
Mr. William R. Dunne 1941 Mr. Herbert Johnson 1976 Mrs. Georgina Rowland
Mr. Bruno J. Jonikas 1941 Mr. John O’Neill 1979 Ms. Frieda Saffold
Mr. Kenneth Schuster 1944 Mr. Steven M. McGowan 1981 Mr. David Shannon
Mr. Joseph F. Chlup 1945 Mr. Thomas Flaherty 1982 Sprinkler Fitters Local Union No. 281
Mr. Ralph Steinbarth 1945 Mr. Michael Lannan 1982 Sprint Foundation
Mr. Edward Frick 1946 Mr. William Mulchrone 1982 Mr. & Mrs. Terrance Stefanski
Mr. Michael B. Schneider 1946 Mr. Edward McNicholas 1983 Mr. & Mrs. William Summerfelt
Mr. Robert Fitzpatrick 1950 Rev. Bernard C. Scianna, OSA PhD 1983 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Talty
Daniel J. Leahy, Esquire 1950 Mr. Christopher Larkin 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Tomas
Mr. Anthony Pintozzi 1950 Joseph Marnell, CPA 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Vitkauskas
Mr. George Kalafut 1951 Mr. Mark McGowan 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Vogler
Mr. James Joseph Kinahan 1951 Mr. Michael Wilford 1984 William Blair & Company Foundation
Mr. Stephen Martin Culen 1953 Mr. Timothy Scott McCarthy 1985 Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation
Mr. Frank Kerrigan 1953 Mr. Joseph John Allen 1987 Mr. Eric R. Zarnikow
Mr. David Kamm 1954 Mr. Kent Allen 1987
Mr. Robert D. Cadieux 1955 Patrick K. Walls, Esquire 1987
Mr. Albert Henry 1955 Mr. James Duffy 1988 6310 Circle
Mr. Robert Vincent Kopecky 1955 Mr. Patrick J. Mullins III 1989 $500 - $999
Mr. James R. McInerney 1956 Mr. Raymond J. Mertens, Jr. 1990
Dr. John F. Moran 1956 Mr. J. J. Wilczewski 1992 Mr. Bernard Echlin 1936
Mr. Ronald P. Groebe 1957 Mr. Marco A. Capellupo 1993 Mr. Jean Roland Brauweiler 1942
Mr. John Curtin 1958 Mr. Patrick Quaid 1994 Mr. Louis Tyma 1942
Mr. Marino A. Michicich 1958 Mr. John J. McGowan HON Mr. Abdon J. Bray 1944
Donald A. Petkus, PE 1958 Mr. Jack Quinn HON Mr. Russell J. Bugan 1944
Mr. James Wadas 1958 ABN-AMRO Mr. John W. Dombrowski 1944
Mr. Albert Baldermann 1959 American International Group, Inc. Mr. Edward Van Leuven 1945
Mr. Don Baldinelli 1959 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Campagna Mr. Ernest J. Koppisch 1946
Mr. Robert D. Dunne 1959 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carroll, Jr. Mr. Theodore William Selby 1946
Mr. Richard E. Laskowski 1959 Center for Athletic Medicine, Ltd. Mr. John R. Gerlesits 1947
Mr. Ronald M. Abramowicz 1960 Mr. James A. Cranley Mr. Thomas Lake 1948
Dr. John T. Ahern, Jr. 1960 Mr. Michael Daley Rev. Ronald Turcich, OSA 1948
Mr. Daniel M. Dressel 1960 Mrs. Sally Deenihan Mr. Charles Breuss 1949
Charles Rusky, LLED 1960 Democratic Party 14th Ward Mr. Joseph Mahoney 1951
Mr. Joseph M. Warzecha 1960 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce DiDominicis Mr. James M. Delaney 1952
Mr. Joseph J. Ogrodnik 1962 Mr. & Mrs. John Donahue Mr. P. Kevin Reidy 1952
Mr. Reginald Sharley 1962 Mr. Joseph & Peter Donzelli Mr. James B. Blatzer 1953
Mr. Anthony Colosimo 1963 Mr. William Fritz Mr. Francis X. McManigal 1953
Mr. Robert J. Mishka 1963 Mr. Jack George Mr. Thomas J. Baryl 1954
Mr. Michael J. Mueller 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hannan Mr. Dennis G. Dine 1954
Jack Scanlon, PhD 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hopkins Mr. Irv C. Pfeiffer 1954
Dr. Michael Stefancic 1963 Mrs. Mary Rita Insley Mr. Raymond V. Jasica 1955
Mr. Joseph M. Lacny, Jr. 1964 Joe Rizza Mr. George D. Jurinek 1955
Mr. Phillip Kosiba 1965 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Kennedy Mr. Frank Pigozzo 1956
Mr. Joseph Marks 1965 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kipnis Mr. Robert Jasica 1957
Mr. John Zubricks 1965 Mr. Lawrence Lannan Mr. Michael Matkovich 1957
Geoffrey Russell DeTolve, MD 1967 Lawson Products, Inc. Mr. David J. Shannon 1957
Mr. Richard G. Schultz 1967 Sr. Campion Maguire, RSM Mr. Edward Krupski 1958
Mr. John C. Griffin 1969 Mr. Frank J. Malartsik Mr. Bernard M Mensik 1959
Mr. Donald S. Allelujka 1970 Mr. John Mann Mr. John Walsh, Jr. 1959
Edmund Paha, USNR(Ret.) 1970 Mr. & Mrs. Edward McGowan Dr. Martin Sikorski 1961
Joseph Jackson, CCE, CICP 1972 Mrs. Wanda Mrozek Mr. Thomas Jezierny 1962
William T. Abramowicz, CRC CRA 1973 National Foundation For Philanthropy Mr. Edward Lenicky 1962

12 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

6310 Circle (cont.) 6310 Circle (cont.) Mustang Circle (cont.)
Mr. Thomas N. Barrett 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Tisoncik Mr. Raymond J. Schaack 1957
Mr. Thomas Leyden 1963 Mr. David Tylka Mr. David Bialka 1958
Mr. David Eugene Eppenstein, Jr. 1966 Verizon Foundation Mr. Frank L. Olinger 1958
Mr. Michael T. O’Neill 1967 Winters & Krug Mr. Dennis C. Zacek 1958
Mr. Paul Ledebuhr 1971 Mr. Harry J. Ashner 1959
Mr. Bradley Folz 1972 Mr. Peter Donzelli 1959
Mr. Frederick Bertucci 1973
Mustang Circle Mr. Robert Emmet 1959
Mr. Martin Flaherty 1973 $250 - $499 Albert R. Frank, MD 1959
Mr. Sean J. Carney 1974 Mr. John Haggerty 1959
Mr. James Czuprynski 1975 Mr. Robert Konen 1935 Mr. William Mangold 1959
Mr. Stanley Walter Jozefiak 1975 Mr. Joseph A. Seliga 1938 Dr. James Vrasic 1959
Mr. Martin Leamy 1975 Mr. Raymond O’Connor 1942 Mr. Donald A. Neslund 1960
Mr. Stephen Martin Flaherty 1976 Mr. John J. Lennon 1943 Mr. Jack F. Donahue 1963
Mr. Denny Georgopulos 1976 Mr. William Francis Brinlee, Sr. 1945 Mr. Wayne William Miller 1963
Mr. Hernan Maldonado 1976 Mr. James P. Williams 1946 Mr. John O’Neill 1963
Mr. Michael Marek 1976 Mr. Edwin Hanley 1947 Mr. Lawrence C. Brousil 1964
Mr. Kenneth Joseph Wroblewski 1976 Mr. Charles W. Jonaitis 1947 Mr. John A. Byrne 1964
Mr. Steven J. Taylor 1980 Mr. Robert A. Murphy 1947 Mr. William J. Doyle 1964
Mr. Edmund Kurley 1982 Mr. Robert P. Petrick 1947 Mr. Robert Haley 1964
Mr. Robert W. Gallagher 1983 Mr. Louis Anastasia 1948 Mr. Edmund Leracz 1964
Mr. Brian Winkler 1987 Mr. Robert P. Kraujalis 1948 Mr. Donald Q. Rogers, Jr. 1964
Mr. James M. McCormack 1989 Mr. Robert L. Walcott 1948 Mr. Emmett Salinas 1964
Mr. Joseph R. Volpentesta, Jr. 1989 Mr. Donald W. Blaha 1949 Mr. Anthony W. Grandys 1965
Mr. Joseph B. Siwek 1990 Mr. Walter J. Zaremba 1949 Mr. Michael Tristano 1965
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Bessette HON Mr. Robert Bretz 1950 Mr. Timothy E. Beyer 1966
Mr. Richard Abramowicz Mr. Joseph A. Putz 1950 Mr. Thomas Bolger 1966
Anonymous Mr. Harry Bulger 1951 Mr. John Fitzgibbon 1966
Carney Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. James L. Canavan 1951 Mr. James Clark 1967
Rev. Frank Cassidy Mr. James T. Clarke 1951 Mr. Bruce Kozlowski 1967
Charlston, Revich & Wollitz LLP Mr. Terence F. MacCarthy 1951 Mr. Robert Meehan 1967
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Foundation Mr. Stewart B. McCutcheon 1951 Mr. Stephen Sorich 1967
CME Foundation Mr. Raymond Brach 1952 Mr. Charles H. Young III 1967
Country House Mr. Joseph Kaiker 1952 Mr. Michael Bryar 1968
Mr. Jeff DeYoung Daniel Van Dorpe, PE 1952 Mr. Robert Fitzgibbon 1968
Ms. Marie Di Natale Mr. Walter H. Arvesen 1953 Joseph Loduca, DDS 1968
Ms. Marquerite Dixen Mr. Timothy Kavanaugh 1953 Mr. John Kustra 1969
Ms. Eileen Finnegan Mr. William T. Lang 1953 Mr. John Ahlbach 1970
Friends of Edward M. Burke Mr. Glenn Murphy 1953 Mr. James Fahey 1970
Garbarini & Scher, PC Mr. Donald J. Raymond 1953 Mr. Walter Gasior 1970
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gentile Mr. Charles J. Welch 1953 Mr. James C. Caldwell, Jr. 1971
Mr. Robert Gordon Mr. Walter Patrick Bruen, Jr. 1954 Mr. Guy Hollis 1972
Mr. Joseph D. Hinkel Robert Faessel, DDS 1954 Mr. John P. Doyle 1973
Ms. Rita Hobin Mr. Richard T. Kress 1954 Mr. Mark Shelson 1973
Ms. Sharon Jaskiw Mr. Frank Kriegler 1954 Mr. Martin Lally 1974
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Krates Mr. Richard S. McKay 1954 Mr. Michael A. Rusch 1974
Mr. Donald Kuster Mr. Donald O’Keefe 1954 Mr. James Turcich 1974
Labor Management Cooperation Mr. Francis E. Benda 1955 Mr. William Zawaski 1974
Committee of Chicago Michael C. Kirby, CPM APP 1955 Mr. Robert J. Straple 1975
Ms. Marsha Lauck Mr. John J. Russell 1955 Mr. James E. Wilson 1975
Ms. Judy Meguire Mr. John Callahan 1956 Mr. Tom Bianchi-Knod 1976
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moran Mr. Salvatore Dimenza 1956 Mr. Bernard J. Murray 1976
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patton Mr. Raymond Manzarek 1956 Mr. Brian R. Rusniak 1976
Ms. Diane Pienta Mr. Arthur E. Sharley 1956 Mr. Patrick E. Pajor 1977
Porteous, Hainkel, & Johnson LLP Mr. Michael Vastalo 1956 Mr. John McGowan 1978
Mr. & Mrs. James Reilly Mr. Gerald F. Doyle 1957 Mr. Mark Kipp 1979
Mr. Bob Roach Mr. John R. Dragas 1957 Mr. Patrick Sullivan 1979
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Sullivan Mr. William Kress 1957 Mr. Abdul Nasir 1981
Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Sullivan Mr. Gerald J. Krozel 1957 Mr. Roger G. Kasper 1982

Truth † Unity † Love 13

Mustang Circle (cont.) Mustang Circle (cont.) Red & Blue Circle (cont.)
Mr. Felix J. Zaczek IV 1983 Providence Catholic High School Mr. Melvin Raihle 1946
Mr. Mark E. Chibe 1984 Ms. Barbara Rendak Mr. Peter C. Ternes 1946
Mr. Arthur C. Goewey, Jr. 1984 Mr. Daniel Ryan Mr. Joseph John Vastlik 1946
Mr. John Griffin, Jr. 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Marc Savini Mr. Eugene Carrol Zbieranski 1946
Mr. David S. Howicz 1984 Mr. George Schlichter, Jr. Mr. Robert Arvesen 1947
Dr. James A. Howley 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Scopelliti Mr. Robert Dytrych 1947
Mr. Dan A. Kempen 1984 Mr. Chuck Shanle Mr. William J. Larson 1947
Mr. Thomas G. Mulchrone 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Spinell Mr. Harry C. Lepinske 1947
Mr. Daniel Petriekis 1984 Mr. & Mrs. George Stratts Mr. Thomas Mulhall 1947
Mr. Mark A. Arteaga 1985 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Stump Mr. Leo A. Nilles 1947
Mr. Dennis Browne 1986 Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Tejeda Mr. Thaddeus J. Olejnik 1947
Mr. Bernard McDevitt 1986 Mr. Lamont Thompson Mr. Ben J. Reilly 1947
Mr. Michael Angel Delamora 1987 Mr. & Mrs. John Tolley Mr. Donald Sapit 1947
Mr. Mark C. Egan 1987 Mr Robert D. Turek Mr. Timothy Sullivan 1947
Mr. Patrick Deenihan 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh Mr. James J. Vlazny 1947
Mr. Robert T. Kellam 1992 Mr. John Francis Walsh 1947
Mr. Robert R. Patka 1992 Mr. Stan J. Barlog 1948
Mr. Charles A. Volpentesta 1992 Red & Blue Circle Mr. Paul A. Bauer 1948
Mr. Vide Sutalo 1994 $100 - $249 Mr. William Donald Black 1948
Mr. Matthew D. Price 1995 Mr. Willard J. Foley 1948
Mr. David B. Keenan 1996 Mr. William Bauch 1937 Mr. John Freudinger 1948
Mr. Rafael Meza 2004 Mr. Richard J. Murphy 1939 Mr. Donald A. Hickey 1948
Mr. Andrew Stanley Smialek 2008 Mr. Daniel B. O’Connell 1939 Mr. John Holly 1948
Frank Calderone, PhD HON Mr. Edward B. Fee, Jr. 1941 Mr. Joseph A. Joslin 1948
Mr. Thomas F. Collopy HON Mr. Robert Patrick 1941 Mr. Anton Neu 1948
Aspect Matching Gift Program Mr. Stanley Pukelis 1941 Mr. Thomas J. Roach 1948
Ms. Julie Balsamo Mr. Stanley S. Salwierak 1941 Raymond Ryan, OSA 1948
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Bentley Mr. John S. Dullard 1942 Mr. Anthony J. Batko 1949
Mrs. Barbara L. Bojarski Mr. Malachy O’Gorman 1942 Mr. Edgar Beaulieu 1949
Brandenburg Industrial Service Company Mr. Thomas P. Priestley 1942 Mr. Vernon Chmielewski 1949
Mr. Gerald Brown Mr. Henry C. Ahlers 1943 Mr. Robert C. Craig 1949
Mr. Norbert Buryj Mr. Richard Matthew Bayers 1943 Mr. Bernard Hester 1949
Mr. & Mrs. James Carey Mr. Leo Dombrowski 1943 Mr. Melvin A. Jedrzejak 1949
Mr. Edmund Ciske, Jr. Mr. Joseph Kerr 1943 Mr. Robert J. Johnson 1949
Citizens To Elect Lona Lane Mr. Edward L. Killham 1943 Mr. Richard T. LeCren 1949
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Destephano Mr. Michael Lattyak 1943 Mr. Edward J. Martin 1949
Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Neil D. McKenna, PE 1943 Mr. Patrick F. Masterson 1949
Mrs. Kay Foley Mr. Edward Anthony Ranahan 1943 Mr. John V. Prah 1949
Mr. Michael Guinta Mr. Lawrence E. Strode 1943 Mr. Francis G. Pruzina 1949
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Hallissey Mr. John E. Sullivan 1943 Mr. John E. Sheerin 1949
Mr. & Mrs. Efrain Hernandez Mr. John Bresnahan 1944 Mr. Robert Benson 1950
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hoffman Mr. George J. Crawley 1944 Mr. Harold Brehm 1950
Ms. Dorothy H. Kennedy Mr. Richard Frank Draus 1944 Mr. Edward Duffin 1950
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Knouse Mr. Robert J. Durkin 1944 Mr. William J. Gaynor 1950
Ms. Patricia Lachajewski Edward Labny, OD 1944 Mr. Joseph C. Johnson 1950
Ms. Annette Lindsey Mr. John Joseph Loftus 1944 Mr. Albert J. Klein 1950
Mr. Tom Luetkemeyer Mr. Joseph J. McMahon 1944 Mr. Edward Lee 1950
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lynch Mr. James Mulqueeny 1944 Mr. Wendell P. Monyak 1950
Marathon Sportswear, Inc. Mr. Francis J. Trapp 1944 Mr. Robert W. Nolan 1950
Ms. Maureen Markase Mr. Wallace Dal Santo 1945 Mr. Robert E. Reid 1950
Dr. Stephanie Marshall Mr. John R. Lebert 1945 Mr. John M. Rudnick 1950
Mr. Patrick McCarthy Mr. Thomas Powers 1945 Mr. Robert J. Borkowski 1951
Michael E. Sweeney & Associates, LLC Mr. Richard Szyperski 1945 Mr. Francis Darcy Dorigan 1951
Morgan Stanley Mr. Thomas Duffy 1946 Mr. John Doyle 1951
Sr. Patricia A. Murphy, RSM Mr. William J. Frost 1946 Mr. Thomas J. Doyle 1951
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Murphy Mr. Robert J. Huguelet 1946 Mr. Edward Dunphy 1951
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Noonan Martin F. Kloser, JD 1946 Peter G. Fenlon, USMC(Ret) 1951
Parker Hannifin Corp. Mr. Leonard L. Kosinski 1946 Mr. Martin J. Ginnane 1951

14 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Red & Blue Circle (cont.)
Mr. Leo K. Koet 1951 Mr. David Schumpp 1954 Mr. Frank Ciannella 1959
Mr. Thomas McGuire 1951 Mr. William F. Thomas 1954 Mr. James Coyle 1959
Mr. John E. McNamara 1951 Mr. Phillip Balsamo 1955 Mr. Richard Michael Dynis 1959
Mr. Frank Mocny 1951 Mr. Harold Bjerkley 1955 Mr. Thomas M. Foley 1959
Mr. Joseph A. Pastore 1951 Mr. John Campbell 1955 Mr. John H. Frankovich 1959
Mr. Casper Thielman 1951 Mr. Thomas F. Curran 1955 Mr. John Gallagher 1959
Mr. Laurence Bagan 1952 Mr. Neil Curtin 1955 Mr. Thomas J. Grzelinski 1959
Mr. Richard M. Bieniek 1952 Mr. Raymond Darda 1955 Mr. Edward Hoerster 1959
Rev. George Cerny 1952 Mr. Stephen S. Dudas, Jr. 1955 Mr. Joseph F. Lyman 1959
Mr. Richard Devery 1952 Mr. Thomas Finley 1955 Mr. John Marolda 1959
Mr. Thomas Fallon 1952 Mr. Edward A. Grzesik, Sr. 1955 Mr. Kenneth Steven Maziarka 1959
Richard S. Gillette, PE 1952 Mr. William W. Huber, Jr. 1955 Mr. James Ogar 1959
Mr. Thomas Harkabus 1952 Mr. Paul Jurik 1955 Mr. Thomas Pomorski 1959
Mr. Robert Harmening 1952 Mr. Frank A. Malinowski 1955 Monsignor Thomas E. Reidy 1959
Mr. Jerome Healy 1952 Mr. Thomas Maslow 1955 Mr. Donald Stube 1959
Mr. Robert S. Kernagis 1952 Mr. John Nemsick 1955 Mr. Michael J. Vinci 1959
Mr. Richard Ladner 1952 Mr. Glenn Obidowicz 1955 Mr. Robert J. Zwartz 1959
Mr. Robert McGowan 1952 Mr. Alfred Saulys 1955 Mr. Kenneth Bastuga 1960
Mr. Edward Murray 1952 Mr. George Straub 1955 Mr. Ronald Becht 1960
Mr. Charles Pintozzi 1952 Mr. George Turcich 1955 Mr. Robert L. Cleary 1960
Mr. Robert F. Prieve 1952 Mr. Robert A. Zimmer 1955 Mr. Joseph C. Fanelli 1960
Mr. Jerome Sabal 1952 Mr. Richard W. Bueschel 1956 Mr. Ronald R. Heinz 1960
Mr. Richard Ward 1952 Mr. John Dunlop 1956 Mr. Peter Hermes 1960
Mr. Chester F. Wilczak 1952 Mr. Charles J. Erdman 1956 Mr. James Husa, Sr. 1960
Mr. Chester Witt 1952 Mr. Richard J. Hajer 1956 Mr. Bernard J. Korzyniewski 1960
Mr. James Blazicek 1953 Mr. Carl R. Heid 1956 Mr. Robert Kurth 1960
Mr. Robert Gallagher 1953 Mr. Paul Lipinski 1956 Mr. James Marik 1960
Mr. Fred J. Haw 1953 Mr. Robert A. Persak 1956 Mr. Arthur P. Nieminski 1960
Robert Heiy, USN(Ret.) 1953 Mr. Michael Pidone 1956 Mr. James R. O’Neill 1960
Mr. Joseph J. Jadwick 1953 Mr. Ronald Pyzik 1956 Mr. Roger P. Scott 1960
Mr. Thomas G. King 1953 Mr. Ronald R. Schillaci 1956 Mr. Samuel J. Simone 1960
Mr. John C. Maes 1953 Mr. Ronald Simczak 1956 Mr. Edward A. Stobba 1960
Mr. Norbert J. Randich 1953 Mr. Norbert Smith 1956 Mr. William Wagner 1960
Mr. Edward Joseph Rosenberger 1953 Mr. Frank Zbylski 1956 Mr. Ronald Zalud 1960
Mr. Donald F. Sowa 1953 Mr. Thomas J. Campbell 1957 Mr. Anthony P. Augius 1961
Mr. John L. Sullivan 1953 Mr. Thomas J. Cousins 1957 Mr. James Bell 1961
Mr. Donald Sulzer 1953 Rev. Edward F. Geiss 1957 Mr. William A. Bukowsky 1961
Mr. James M. Trevor 1953 Mr. John B. La Porte 1957 Dr. Gerard D. Cerniak 1961
Mr. Pierre M. Adams 1954 Mr. Walter T. Liptak 1957 Mr. James Katch 1961
Mr. Tom Barrett 1954 Mr. Ronald J. Marolda 1957 Mr. Jack F. Kelly 1961
Mr. Edmund Conroy 1954 Mr. Robert Murphy 1957 Mr. Michael J. Opoka 1961
Donald J. Doubek, RPh 1954 Mr. Donald Peck 1957 Mr. Gerald O’Sullivan 1961
Mr. James F. Fitzgerald 1954 Mr. Jack Tiernan 1957 Mr. Terence C. Pelzman 1961
Mr. Philip R. Funcheon 1954 Mr. Donald Bartyzel 1958 Mr. Albert Pumfery 1961
Mr. Joseph Gergits 1954 Mr. Stephen A. Chesek 1958 Dr. Jack W. Ruby 1961
Mr. William J. Gierhahn 1954 Mr. Anthony DiCrescenzo 1958 Mr. Albert V. Staroszczyk 1961
Mr. Charles K. Graffy 1954 Mr. Joseph J. Dziedzic 1958 Gregory E. Ahern, Esquire 1962
Mr. Stephen Jorfe 1954 Mr. John P. Jeffers, Jr. 1958 Mr. Jeffrey F. Augustyn 1962
Mr. John Joseph Kalupski 1954 Mr. Ronald F. Kolesiak 1958 Mr. Jerome F. Baldwin 1962
Mr. Martin Knippen 1954 Mr. Jerome V. Lipinski 1958 Theodore E. Brasky, DDS 1962
Stephen M. Korcheck, USAF(Ret) 1954 Mr. Frank C. Marolda 1958 Mr. Robert W. Buras 1962
Mr. Robert Ladner 1954 Mr. Richard Mondlak 1958 Mr. Victor Caputo 1962
Mr. Richard Marek 1954 Mr. F. Robert Setlak 1958 Mr. James Knightly 1962
Mr. Bernard McAndrew 1954 Mr. Gene Szafoni 1958 Mr. Charles Librizzi 1962
Mr. Gene Mysliwiec 1954 Mr. Ronald R. Tanton 1958 Mr. Robert Molis 1962
Mr. Raymond F. Norton 1954 Mr. Anthony R. Valentino 1958 Mr. Thomas Moran 1962
Mr. Robert J. Schmitz 1954 Mr. Peter Wisniewski 1958 Mr. Thomas Moran 1962
Mr. Leo Schuch 1954 Mr. Edward G. Witowski 1958 Mr. Larry Rakunas 1962

Truth † Unity † Love 15

Red & Blue Circle (cont.)
Mr. Ado Rugai 1962 Mr. Ralph Kania 1968 Mr. Frank Zelezinski 1972
Mr. Joseph Sequens 1962 Mr. Robert Kuprewicz 1968 Mr. Vito E. Abbate 1973
Mr. John J. Surdenik 1962 Mr. Timothy Mingey 1968 Mr. Thomas Bates 1973
Mr. John J. Conway 1963 Mr. Stanley Monokoski 1968 Mr. Humberto Gutierrez 1973
Mr. William Daly 1963 Mr. Ronald E. Nikliborc 1968 Mr. Joseph Kuczynski 1973
Mr. Edward Samual Gunkel 1963 Mr. Frank V. Shannon 1968 Mr. Frank Machara 1973
Mr. Lawrence E. Kendra 1963 Mr. David Skopec 1968 Mr. James M. Mahoney 1973
Mr. Jerome Lattyak 1963 Mr. Edward D. Velasquez 1968 Mr. James Michael Sheehan 1973
Mr. James Schroeder 1963 Gary R. Waxmonsky, PhD 1968 Mr. William Bergin 1974
Mr. Jesse Szczepanski 1963 Mr. Charles T. Zeman 1968 Mr. Patrick Griffin 1974
Thomas Baron, MD 1964 Mr. James Christian Zotti 1968 Mr. Michael J. McDaniel 1974
Dr. David Durkin 1964 Mr. James Howard 1969 Mr. Russell Sherrie 1974
Mr. Ronald F. Koperniak 1964 Mr. Thomas Howard 1969 Mr. Robert Brisko 1975
Mr. Thomas Osacky 1964 Mr. Robert Keane 1969 Mr. Lawrence Janasek 1975
Mr. Kenneth Osowski 1964 James Krukones, PhD 1969 Mr. Carl M. Lacny 1975
Mr. Roger Phillip Paris 1964 Mr. Frank M. Lacny 1969 Mr. Frank Miller 1975
Mr. Thomas Purtell, Jr. 1964 Mr. Robert Langan 1969 Mr. William Michael Ahmer 1976
Mr. Charles Schleyer 1964 Mr. John Joseph Lucchetti 1969 Mr. James Budzinski 1976
Mr. Robert W. Burger 1965 Mr. Patrick J. McGowan 1969 Mr. Robert E. Cahill 1976
Mr. Raymond Karleskind 1965 Mr. Michael Novak 1969 Mr. Christopher D. Farrell 1976
Eugene T. Kilcawley, USA(Ret) 1965 Mr. Norbert Schranz 1969 Edmund S. Jedry, DDS 1976
Mr. Bruno Klus 1965 Mr. Edward Sojka 1969 Mr. Richard Kurdziel 1976
Mr. Joseph McDonald 1965 Mr. Robert Joseph Viravec 1969 Mr. Daniel J. McAuliffe 1976
Mr. Dennis Morrissey 1965 Mr. John Walton 1969 Mr. Thomas J. Micetic 1976
Mr. Walter T. Norton, Jr. 1965 Mr. John Buckley 1970 Mr. Thomas G. Minogue 1976
Mr. Robert E. Pastiak 1965 Mr. John Elsik 1970 Mr. Dennis J. Prah 1976
Mr. Frank R. Porrevecchio 1965 Mr. Michael J. Janukowicz 1970 Mr. Timothy A. Reidy 1976
Mr. Peter R. Quattrocchi 1965 Mr. Thomas J. Lonergan 1970 Mr. Matthew Egan 1977
Mr. James A. Rabbitt 1965 Mr. John McDonald 1970 Mr. Thaddeus Lazowski 1977
Mr. Charles Scheidt, Jr. 1965 Mr. Terrence Schleyer 1970 Mr. Daniel Moriarty 1977
Mr. Richard J. Siwek 1965 Mr. James R. Staszcuk 1970 Mr. Edward Mucha 1977
Mr. Anthony F. Biamonte, Sr. 1966 Mr. Joseph Wolowiec 1970 Mr. Patrick J. O’Brien 1977
Mr. Paul Bordoshuk 1966 Mr. Frank B. Biniewicz 1971 Mr. Timothy Raher 1977
Mr. Thomas Cassidy 1966 Mr. George W. Brodnicki 1971 Mr. Thomas E. Zilligen 1977
Mr. Kenneth C. Danz 1966 Mr. Thomas Cohan 1971 Mr. Patrick Cornelius Lynch 1978
Mr. Raymond Dybala 1966 Mr. Michael J. Coren 1971 Mr. Dennis Schultz 1978
Mr. Joseph F. Gandurski 1966 Mr. Robert Patrick Ellis 1971 Mr. Ronald Winge 1978
Mr. Robert W. Gricus 1966 Mr. Richard Fornuto 1971 Mr. Leonard Zielinski 1978
Mr. Walter S. Kos 1966 Mr. Gregory P. Marzec 1971 Mr. John Botica 1979
Mr. David O’Brien 1966 Mr. James E. Mulcahy 1971 Mr. John Shanahan 1979
Mr. Lloyd J. Ottenstroer 1966 Mr. Michael R. Sands 1971 Mr. Mark P. Zavagnin 1979
Mr. Denis Peppler 1966 Mr. John Scannell 1971 Mr. Bill Baker 1980
Mr. Martin Plecki 1966 Mr. Neil Sullivan 1971 Mr. Martin Gallagher 1980
Mr. Edward Raftery 1966 Mr. John L. Vaci 1971 Mr. James M. Gavin 1980
Mr. Mark S. Strzala 1966 Mr. James T. Castro 1972 Mr. Timothy T. Gronkowski 1980
Mr. Vincent Vizza 1966 Mr. Edward E. Gadomski 1972 Mr. Terrence F. O’Driscoll 1980
Richard S. Andrews, Esquire 1967 Mr. John Killeen 1972 Mr. Joseph Radwan 1980
Mr. Thomas Bell 1967 Mr. John Kos 1972 Mr. Kenneth J. Wojciak 1980
Mr. Thomas Berry 1967 Mr. Michael Larson 1972 Mr. Michael Cooney 1981
Mr. Dennis Curtin 1967 Mr. James Meehan 1972 Mr. Kevin Coughlin 1981
Mr. Terrance Holz 1967 Mr. Leroy Nendza 1972 Mr. Thomas A. Doyle 1981
Mr. Brian A. Kroll 1967 Mr. John O’Malley 1972 Mr. John Egan 1981
Mr. Jerome Oprondek 1967 Mr. John Passarello 1972 Mr. Joseph F. Gorman 1981
John Shalack, USMC(Ret) 1967 Mr. Robert J. Schiffler 1972 Mr. Thomas G. Hackett 1981
Mr. William Allard 1968 Mr. Gerald Sharp 1972 Mr. Frank Horvat 1981
Mr. Peter A. Deskovich 1968 Mr. Leonard F. Strazewski 1972 Mr. John McAuliffe 1981
Mr. Anthony DiDomenico 1968 Mr. Joseph M. Urbanski 1972 Mr. Frank O’Sullivan 1981
Mr. James Haligarda 1968 Mr. Kenneth R. Wukovits 1972 Mr. Joseph Raphael 1981

16 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Red & Blue Circle (cont.)
Mr. Michael Scianna 1981 Mr. Matthew Erich Schumann 1995 Ms. Mary Eichhorn
Dr. Linas A. Smulkstys 1981 Mr. Brian Zabloudil 1995 Ms. Katie Filbin
Mr. Joseph Urchak 1981 Mr. Thomas Crivellone 1997 Mr. Michael Gallagher
Mr. Alan Broniewicz 1982 Mr. Dominic S. Angiollo 1998 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Garvin
Mr. Matthew Konieczka 1982 Mr. Julio M. Rivera, Jr. 2001 Ms. Charlotte Gasca
Mr. Ronald Weissenhofer 1982 Mr. Joshua Richard Blaszak 2002 Mr. Robert Gasiecki
Mr. Mark A. Klein 1983 Mr. Kevin Robert Reilly 2002 Ms. Jill Geimer
Mr. John Lazowski 1983 Mr. Kevin Daniel Carroll 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Giliberto
Mr. Thomas Turcich 1983 Robert Dennis Stalley, RN 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Golden
Mr. Ronald M. Bandyk 1984 Mr. William Ronald Heaney 2005 Dr. & Mrs. David Goldrath
Mr. John Corso 1984 Mr. Joseph Allan Kelleher 2005 Mr. Robert Gordon
Mr. James Dowd 1984 Mr. Jonathan William Rendak 2005 Mr. & Mrs. James Griffin
Mr. Richard Gaydos 1984 Mr. Eliot Richard Bessette 2006 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hacker
Mr. Michael P. Graney 1984 Mr. Stephen Matthew Heaney 2007 Mrs. Melinda Heaney
Mr. Christopher Koczwara 1984 Mr. Thomas Paul Heaney 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hillgamyer
Mr. Daniel A. Lukasik 1984 Mr. Kenneth Wesley Jackson 2008 Mr. Steven Hinton
Mr. Terrence Quinn 1984 Mr. David W. Conrath HON Mr. & Mrs. John Hitz
Mr. Alex A. Zaleski 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Graber HON Sr. Mary Alice Hoff, OP
Mr. David Beata 1985 Mr. James Grieco HON Mr. David Holden
Mr. William Eaheart 1985 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn HON Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hutchinson
Mr. Mario Gurgone 1985 Mr. Eugene Schaller HON Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hynek
Mr. Kurt R. Joyce 1985 Bro. Jerome Sysko, OSA HON Image 21
Mr. David O’Connor 1985 Mr. Michael Zunica HON Mr. & Mrs. Frank Isa
Mr. Anthony Skokal 1985 Accurate Printing Mrs. Jane Jachim-Campbell
Bro. Gary Hresil, OSA 1986 Mr. Ralph Alexis Mr. Steven Jesanis
Mr. Steven Sheputis 1986 Ms. Nancy Alfano Mr. & Mrs. William Junker
Mr. Frederick Allen Jutton 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Allison Mr. Walid Karim
Mr. Jeffrey S. La Porte 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Barnett Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kellam
Mr. John S. Mientus 1987 Mr. John Barrett Ms. Linda Kennedy
Mr. Mark O’Connor 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Basic Mr. Larry Kerulis
Mr. Patrick A. Quinn 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Brian Battle Mrs. Marilyn Kilmartin
Mr. Steve P. Gravante 1988 Mr. Michael Bauschelt Ms. Patricia M. Kinnerk
Mr. Sean T. Lowery 1988 BCN INC. Mr. Michael Kirk
Mr. Nicholas J. Mourlas 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Berglin Ms. Jeanette Kocabinski
Mr. Robert G. Rusch 1988 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bernicky Mr. H. Michael Kocmond
Mr. John Turcich 1988 Mrs. Earl H. Bickett, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Kowal
Mr. Joseph Johnson 1989 Ms. Veronica Booth Mr. & Mrs. David Koziol
Mr. Terrence J. Thompson 1989 Mr. Michael Borkowski Mr. Richard Kraujalis
Mr. Todd Kuska 1990 Mr. Lawson Brown, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kribs
Mr. Matthew P. Longino 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Buryj Mr. Steven Krupa
Mr. Gerald Pazin 1990 Mrs. Marjorie Byrne Mr. Michael Lambke
Mr. Edward J. Schmit 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cantwell Mr. John K. Lane
Mr. Matthew Gill 1991 Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Casey Mr. & Mrs. Donald Larson
Mr. Gregory J. Insley, Sr. 1991 Mr. Mark Cermak Mr. & Mrs. Francis Lee
Mr. Joseph Scianna 1991 Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas Chuick Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leiser
Mr. Brian Byrne 1992 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Collins Mrs. Ellen Lewis
Edward Jason Gorz, CPA 1992 Mr. Robert Conlon Mr. Dennis Lingle
Mr. Brendan T. Lee 1992 Mr. Robert Cook Liston & Tsantilis PC
Mr. Mark Sadowski 1992 Mr. & Mrs. Neil Cox Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lombard
Mr. Patrick J. Flynn 1993 Cronin & Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Lorenz
Mr. Thomas Mann 1993 Mr. Desmond Curran Mr. James Lynch
Mr. Sean T. McCarthy 1993 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Delaney Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Lynn
Mr. Matthew T. Skipper 1993 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Dillon Mr. & Mrs. John Majka
Mr. Richard J.A. Cruz 1994 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Diorio Mr. & Mrs. Malachy Mannion
Mr. Alexander Moreno 1994 Mr. J. Patrick Donovan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marchese
Mr. Jeffrey Robert Rich 1994 Ms. Nancy R. Dunne Mr. Michael Markase, Sr.
Mr. Russell J. Benes 1995 Mr. & Mrs. James Earner Mr. & Mrs. Francis McCarthy
Mr. Christopher C. Kozubowski 1995 Mr. & Mrs. William Egan Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGinty

Truth † Unity † Love 17

Red & Blue Circle (cont.) Donors (cont.)
Mr. Bernard McLaughlin Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program Mr. John P. McGuire 1945
Mr. Bernard McMahon Ms. Mary Walsh-Geaney Mr. Edward McWilliams 1945
Mr. Charles Montgomery 1945
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew McManus Ms. Patricia Ward Mr. Lawrence Mulrooney 1945
Mr. Ashish Mehta Mr. & Mrs. Keith Weiss Mr. Robert Potts 1945
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mendoza Mr. Walter Weiss Mr. John A. Schaffner 1945
Mr. Thomas L. Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Kevin White Mr. Bruno Stawski 1945
Mr. Joseph P. Swick 1945
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moody Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Williamson Mr. Eugene W. Wojcik 1945
Mr. Lawrence Moorhouse Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Winkler Mr. Floyd Bartell 1946
Mr. Edward Mulcahy Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Zawaski Mr. Thomas J.Birmingham 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Murphy Mr. Thomas Zielinski Mr. James L. Causland 1946
Mr. Gregory Conners 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Zigulich Mr. Peter R. Dixon 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Zordan Mr. George W. Essenberg 1946
Ms. Margaret Murphy Mr. Kenneth J. Gelms 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Murphy Mr. Donald F. Halper 1946
Mr. Ronald B. Heaney 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nevin Donors Mr. Edward F. Hogan 1946
Mr. & Mrs. William Newman Mr. George King 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Nudo Mr. John Softcheck 1939 Mr. Paul A. Knez 1946
Nuveen Investments Mr. Thomas M. Frost 1940 Mr. Theodore Krueger 1946
Mr. James J. Gallagher 1940 Mr. Leo Loughran 1946
Mr. Kevin O’Brien Mr. Phillip Moore 1940 Edward Merkes, PhD 1946
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Connor Mr. John J. Mullaney 1940 Mr. Joseph T. Mixan 1946
Mrs. Michelle O’Dea Mr. William Shasty 1940 Mr. Thomas Mulcahy 1946
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Leary Mr. Robert G. Walsh 1940 Mr. Theodore Reise 1946
Mr. Matthias C. Birk 1941 Mr. George J. Rodenkirch 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Olson Mr. Charles Differding 1941 Mr. William H. Salzer 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Palomo Mr. Warren J. Kelleher 1941 Mr. George Strnad 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Parker Mr. Joseph P. Schwaller, Jr. 1941 Mr. Henry Targosz 1946
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Penn Mr. Edward J. Curtin 1942 Mr. Frank M. Tokarz 1946
Mr. Albert Dilger 1942 Mr. Leonard Zintl 1946
Pepsi Americas Foundation Mr. James E. Egan 1942 Mr. Eugene A. Bednarski 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Personette Mr. James Forrest 1942 Mr. Jack Brown 1947
Ms. Laura D. Piccirillo Mr. William Gutekanst 1942 Mr. Robert Cahill 1947
Ms. Anne Pintozzi Mr. Clifford D. Marks 1942 Mr. Francis R. Collins 1947
Mr. Walter McShane 1942 Mr. Donald P. Deering 1947
Pitney Bowes Matching Gift Program Dr. Joseph Nolan 1942 Mr. Bernard Draus 1947
Mr. Peter Poshepny Mr. Edward P. Warapius, Sr. 1942 Mr. Robert Farley 1947
Mr. Gerald Power Mr. Carl F. Brauweiler 1943 Mr. Frank A. Goonan 1947
PPM America, Inc. Mr. Thomas E. Casey 1943 Mr. Lawrence Hartigan 1947
Mr. Emil Flerick 1943 Mr. James Igoe, Jr. 1947
Mr. & Mrs. John Prendergast Mr. Robert Fries 1943 Edward J. Kersten, OSA 1947
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Quinn Mr. John F. Ganey 1943 Mr. Arthur Kovarik 1947
Ms. Suzanne Rallo Mr. Patrick Hickey 1943 Mr. John M. Larkers 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Rappold Mr. John N. Lamberty 1943 Mr. James Lisner 1947
Mr. Robert E. Mackie 1943 Mr. James McNamara 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Riordan Mr. William J. Mark 1943 Mr. Edward Miller 1947
RN Sports Mr. Robert McGarry 1943 Mr. James F. Murphy 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rourke Mr. Francis E. Napleton 1943 Mr. James P. O’Grady 1947
Ms. Carol Rudolph Mr. Daniel Reilly 1943 Mr. John Poetzinger 1947
Mr. Lester A. Zych 1943 Mr. John T. Walsh 1947
Mr. & Mrs. John Sass Mr. John Bowling 1944 Mr. Thomas H. Wejs 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Schmitz Mr. Robert L. Collins 1944 Mr. Thomas J. Welch 1947
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schultz Mr. Edward J. Domina 1944 Mr. Robert Andrews 1948
Mrs. Eileen S. Sheedy Mr. Joseph J. Grzetich 1944 Mr. Raymond John Bezak 1948
Mr. Richard J. Hoyne 1944 Mr. George Biggs 1948
Mr. Wayne Skwarek Mr. Elmer J. Jourdain 1944 Mr. Cornelius Broderick 1948
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sloyan Mr. Alfred Lewan 1944 Mr. John J. Broderick 1948
Mrs. Ane Marie Sobut Mr. Robert Luebke 1944 Mr. Patrick J. Duffy 1948
Mrs. Joseph Sosnowski Rev. Walter F. McNicholas, OSA 1944 Tim Hammersmith, CLU 1948
Mr. Frank Modra 1944 Mr. John H. Horn 1948
Southwest Suburban Home Builders Assn. Mr. Mark J. Peranich 1944 Mr. Joseph Kaminski 1948
Bro. Lawrence Sparacino, OSA Mr. John Smith 1944 Mr. Victor G. Kostecki 1948
Ms. Mary Stuparitz Mr. Stanley Bartecki 1945 Mr. Dennis M. Long 1948
Mrs. Mary Sublewski Mr. Walter R. Bock 1945 Mr. Philip L. Martin 1948
Thomas Dorman, MD 1945 Mr. Andrew S. Nicosia 1948
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Sujack Michael J. Hartigan, PE 1945 Mr. Michael J. O’Grady 1948
Mr. & Mrs. Ihor Tarasenko-Struc Mr. Ronald J. Krause 1945 Mr. Frank Pfeffer 1948
Mr. & Mrs. George Trumbull Mr. Joseph D. Kusper 1945 Mr. Donald F. Reid 1948
Union Pacific Fund for Effective Government Mr. Richard McCormick 1945 Mr. Frank P. Ritchie 1948

18 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Donors (cont.)
Mr. Michael J. Schumal 1948 Mr. Samuel S. Ricobene 1951 Mr. Larry S. Bruozis 1955
Rev. Edward S. Stockus 1948 Mr. John Edward Rusnak 1951 Mr. John Crisham 1955
Mr. John J. Swedberg 1948 Mr. Roy M. Scheid 1951 Mr. Robert Czelusniak 1955
Russell L. Volz, USA(Ret) 1948 Mr. Richard J. Witt 1951 Mr. Camillo Denello 1955
Mr. Leonard J. Augustyniak 1949 Mr. Joseph Thomas Barton 1952 Mr. Frank Dillenburg 1955
Mr. Philip Coatar 1949 Mr. Henry J. Bode 1952 George Drew, CPA 1955
Mr. Frank J. Crowley 1949 Mr. A Paul Ciochon 1952 Mr. Luke Dwyer 1955
Mr. Thomas A. Delorto 1949 Mr. Howard W. Crowe 1952 Mr. Joseph M. Gurgone 1955
Mr. Norbert Dytrych 1949 Mr. Daniel Curley 1952 Mr. Edward Kalinski 1955
Mr. Raymond J. Epich 1949 Mr. Michael D. DiMaso 1952 Mr. George F. Kernwein 1955
Mr. John Geary 1949 Mr. John F. Dollear 1952 Thomas A. Lauraitis, USNR(Ret) 1955
Mr. Robert Gombas, Jr. 1949 Mr. John J. Doyle 1952 Mr. William M. Le Roy, Sr. 1955
Mr. Thomas C. Honan 1949 Mr. James Fingleton 1952 Mr. John T. Leahy 1955
Mr. Joseph M. Kiefer 1949 Mr. James Kittrick 1952 Mr. Julius Loffredo 1955
Mr. Frank Vincent Langella 1949 Mr. Eugene S. Kucia 1952 Mr. Daniel Mazurek 1955
Mr. William Langer 1949 Mr. James M. Lahey 1952 Mr. Donald V. Miller 1955
Mr. John E. Lattyak 1949 Mr. John A. Lash 1952 Mr. James F. Needham 1955
Mr. Thomas Linnane 1949 Mr. William J. Mellicant 1952 Mr. Eugene A. Nolan 1955
Rev. William Lion 1949 James E. Milas, PE 1952 Mr. Richard J. Oswald 1955
Mr. John J. McDonald 1949 Mr. John O’Keefe 1952 Mr. Willard Michael Schmidt 1955
Mr. Frank McNamara 1949 Mr. George Rachford 1952 Mr. Charles Warren Sheddy 1955
Mr. Raymond B. McNamara 1949 Mr. Thomas E. Roche 1952 Dr. William C. Slucas 1955
Mr. Robert Miller 1949 Mr. Thomas Rowland 1952 Mr. Algis Strimaitis 1955
Mr. Raymond A. Naujokas 1949 Mr. William Michael Schmitz 1952 Mr. A. Richard Tomasiello 1955
Mr. Fred S. Olenak 1949 Mr. Bernard J. Schultz 1952 Mr. Robert Tracy 1955
Mr. Frederic Rachford 1949 Mr. Edward P. Sheridan 1952 Mr. John N. Vinci 1955
Mr. Robert Wedoff 1949 Mr. Jerry Slattery 1952 Mr. Robert Michael Zitkus 1955
Mr. Jerome A. Bergamini 1950 Mr. John W. Sokachitch 1952 Mr. Louis P. Bongiorno 1956
Mr. Donald R. Borzym 1950 Mr. Donald J. Sreniawski 1952 Mr. John Bradley 1956
Mr. Gerald Casper 1950 Mr. Edmund Szefc 1952 Mr. Gene Bunetta 1956
Mr. James M. Connellan 1950 Mr. Joseph T. Tobin 1952 Mr. Patrick G. Donnelly 1956
Mr. Robert Conroy 1950 Mr. James V. Cusack 1953 Mr. Robert Dziedzic 1956
Mr. Edward B. Curley 1950 Mr. John R. Grubisic 1953 Mr. Dennis V. Flower 1956
Mr. Wayne F. Grabinski 1950 Mr. William H. Heubaum 1953 Mr. Dominic Gironda 1956
Mr. William G. Jacklin 1950 Mr. Norbert V. Kosinski 1953 Mr. John J. Jasek 1956
Mr. Edward A. Johnson 1950 Mr. Richard Krisik 1953 Mr. George Kahlfeldt 1956
Mr. Richard E. Kuebrich 1950 Mr. Richard Maier 1953 Mr. Leo F. Kennedy 1956
Mr. John C. Lasharr 1950 Mr. Joseph Maley 1953 Mr. Richard Lupori 1956
Mr. Thomas Leahy 1950 Mr. Robert Miskovic 1953 Mr. Joseph Monaco 1956
Mr. George Meek 1950 Mr. Robert Mitchell 1953 Mr. George J. Novak 1956
Mr. James Merlo 1950 Robert W. Nowak, PE 1953 Mr. Norbert John Opon 1956
Mr. Joseph E. O’Donnell 1950 Mr. Edmund Nowicki 1953 Mr. Robert J. Pogwizd 1956
Mr. Joseph F. Pappalardo 1950 Mr. James F. O’Connor 1953 Mr. Raymond I. Pora 1956
Mr. John R. Sagert 1950 Mr. Louis Ricci 1953 Mr. Edward L. Poremba 1956
Mr. Donald Sieja 1950 Mr. James Rogan 1953 Mr. James J. Sanders 1956
Mr. Stanley F. Suchocki 1950 Mr. Dickson Ruddy 1953 Mr. William Sheehan 1956
Mr. Fred J. Targosz 1950 Mr. Richard J. Schmidt 1953 Mr. Bryan Paul Taylor 1956
Mr. Francis P. Tobolski, Sr. 1950 Mr. James Seaman, Sr. 1953 Mr. James Tiernan 1956
Mr. Joseph A. Toth 1950 Mr. Thaddeus Smolucha 1953 Mr. James Vice 1956
Mr. John L. Tuohy 1950 Mr. Richard E. Stancik 1953 Mr. Ben J. Wieclawek 1956
Mr. Donald S. Wieczorek 1950 Mr. Thomas J. Sullivan 1953 Mr. Robert Woolet 1956
Mr. William G. Windisch 1950 Mr. Walter D. Ahner, Jr. 1954 Mr. Walter A. Wysocki 1956
Mr. Martin J. Bilecki 1951 John R. Baumgarten, USA(Ret) 1954 Mr. Charles Abate 1957
Mr. Roniva D. Brown 1951 Mr. Vincent M. M. Beatty 1954 Dr. Jerome Alaksiewicz 1957
Mr. Eugene Dengler 1951 Mr. David L. Braden 1954 Mr. John F. Brennan 1957
Mr. Anthony F. Di Novella 1951 Mr. Thomas E. Browne 1954 Mr. John Cleary 1957
Mr. James P. Finnegan 1951 Mr. Roy Day 1954 Rev. James V. Corrigan 1957
Mr. Daniel J. Fitzgerald 1951 Mr. William E. Havey 1954 Mr. David Delaney 1957
Mr. John Gehrman 1951 Mr. Victor Kairis 1954 Mr. Dennis DeLaura 1957
Mr. Richard Gornick 1951 Mr. Richard J. Kelly 1954 Mr. Anthony S. Dominski 1957
Mr. David G. Kasha 1951 Mr. Bernard Kut 1954 Dr. Roger R. Flynn 1957
Mr. Joseph J. Kratzer 1951 Mr. Lewis Mastandrea 1954 Mr. Martin J. Hynes 1957
Mr. Anthony T. Kucala 1951 Mr. Robert Neybert 1954 Mr. Charles J. Junkroski 1957
Mr. Robert Kulovitz 1951 Mr. Phillip Noga 1954 Mr. Walter Kubalanza 1957
Mr. William Nicholas Lamberty 1951 Mr. Thomas J. O’Keefe 1954 Mr. Edward A. Marek 1957
Mr. Robert D. Matejka 1951 Mr. Matthew Pauga 1954 Mr. David O’Neill 1957
Mr. Robert E. Mattick 1951 Mr. George Sadek 1954 Mr. Lawrence J. O’Neill 1957
Michael R. Matusak, USGTF 1951 Mr. John Sattler 1954 Mr. John J. O’Rourke 1957
Mr. David Parker 1951 Mr. Frank Sloup 1954 Mr. Arthur Piper 1957
Mr. John R. Piccione 1951 Mr. Chris Stergios 1954 Mr. Kenneth W. Polak 1957
Mr. Ronald Piotrowski 1951 Mr. Robert C. Thompson 1954 Mr. Stanley V. Pustelnik 1957
Mr. Richard J. Razas 1951 Kenneth C. Youngmann, CDR,USN(Ret) 1954 Mr. Michael G. Schmidt 1957

Truth † Unity † Love 19

Donors (cont.)
Mr. James H. Schuetter 1957 Mr. Jack Griffin 1960 Mr. Robert Kleckauskas 1962
Mr. Robert W. Suchy 1957 Mr. Robert W. Hanley 1960 Dr. Michael George Krukones 1962
Mr. James E. Sylvester 1957 Dr. Paul Kantor 1960 Mr. Victor J. Marolda 1962
Mr. Bernard Truchan 1957 Mr. Richard John Keating 1960 Mr. James Mirabella 1962
Mr. John Valaitis 1957 Mr. Lee J. Kowalski 1960 Mr. Thomas M. Neville 1962
Mr. Edward Weingartner 1957 Mr. Dennis Krol 1960 Mr. William J. Oberts 1962
Mr. Rod E. Apida 1958 Mr. Edward Kunevich 1960 Mr. Dennis Piotrowski 1962
Mr. Joseph Castro 1958 Mr. Gary Lauden 1960 Mr. Gerald Richardson 1962
Mr. Raymond P. Dauer 1958 Mr. John C. Lemkey 1960 Mr. Paul Riskus 1962
Mr. Paul Robert DeFiore 1958 Mr. Thomas E. McGrath 1960 Mr. Dennis Ryczek 1962
Mr. Andrew P. Duffy 1958 Mr. James Mikrut 1960 Mr. Nicholas F. Simich 1962
Mr. Arthur M. Dymek 1958 Rev. James Moscato 1960 Mr. Chester J. Tralewski 1962
Mr. Dennis M. Farley 1958 Mr. Kenneth Moser 1960 Mr. Leonard Tribuani, Jr. 1962
Mr. Thaddeus C. Florynski 1958 Mr. Richard J. Mucker 1960 Mr. Anthony J. Valenza 1962
Mr. Richard J. Garbie 1958 Mr. Daniel Obiala 1960 Mr. Sam F. Wojciechowski 1962
Mr. Hugh P. Greenan 1958 Mr. Frank Oprzedek 1960 Mr. Ronald Angone 1963
Mr. Donald Kempiak 1958 Mr. Louis M. Pinto 1960 Mr. Thomas W. Badon 1963
Dr. Allan Anthony Konce 1958 Mr. Richard Rubas 1960 Mr. Richard Banach 1963
Mr. Ralph J. Lodato 1958 Mr. Thomas G. Rumishek 1960 Mr. Richard L. Bonkowski 1963
Mr. Charles Anthony Mikutis 1958 Mr. Ralph Scaramella 1960 Mr. Anthony T. Chobot, Jr. 1963
Mr. Charles Mueller 1958 Mr. James Senft 1960 Mr. Albert Deckys 1963
Mr. Donald Murphy 1958 Mr. Benedict P. Sherpetis 1960 Mr. Thomas Heslinga 1963
Mr. Michael Murphy 1958 Mr. Robert Sideikas 1960 Mr. Richard J. Jaworski 1963
Mr. Thomas O’Malley 1958 Mr. Charles Sisler 1960 Mr. Raymond Jurewicz 1963
Mr. Claude R. Stachura 1958 Mr. William Smith 1960 Dr. David Kernwein 1963
Mr. Anthony Andrew Tadin 1958 Mr. Fred Sopron 1960 Mr. David L. Kranson 1963
Mr. Mark M. Ward 1958 Mr. Roger Swidron 1960 Mr. Salvatore A. Matise 1963
Mr. Henry Bianco, Jr. 1959 Mr. Charles J. Tribe 1960 Mr. Robert J. Myslinski 1963
Mr. William M. Boss 1959 Mr. Henry John Turek 1960 Mr. Robert A. Patnode 1963
Mr. Wayne J. Bradley 1959 Mr. Thomas A. Wall 1960 Frank Pavlica, CPA 1963
Mr. Daniel Bronke 1959 William R. Weltin, PE 1960 Mr. James T. Pfeiffer 1963
Mr. Harry S. Bulis 1959 Mr. Patrick J. Yanahan, Jr. 1960 Mr. Sal A. Porrevecchio 1963
Mr. Thomas Burns 1959 Mr. Kenneth J. Bazarnik 1961 Mr. William P. Roscoe 1963
Mr. Gorman Butcher 1959 Mr. Frank M. Bold 1961 Mr. Ron J. Samoska 1963
Mr. Robert C. Cachor 1959 Mr. William J. Cooper 1961 Mr. Vaclovas Saulys 1963
Mr. James Carbonari 1959 Mr. John M. Cresham 1961 Mr. Louis Sipich 1963
Mr. Leo Clam 1959 Mr. Thomas Crivellone 1961 Mr. Lawrence E. Wilebski 1963
Mr. Robert Creagh 1959 Mr. Richard L. Cullen 1961 Mr. Robert S. Zwolinski 1963
Mr. Jerry Donovan 1959 Mr. Thomas D’Asto 1961 Mr. Edward Adomaitis 1964
Mr. Richard J. Drozdz 1959 Mr. Joseph J. Donzelli 1961 Mr. Dennis Bayzer 1964
Mr. Patrick Michael Flanagan 1959 Mr. Walter Drakton 1961 Mr. Emil Beck 1964
Mr. Richard Fudacz 1959 Mr. Ralph Groskopf 1961 Mr. Patrick Bingham 1964
Mr. Stephen D. Garbaciak 1959 Mr. Tim F. Hurley, Jr. 1961 Mr. Robert Walter Braun 1964
Mr. Frank Houlihan 1959 Mr. Thomas Julius Insley 1961 Mr. Gary A. Bybee 1964
Mr. Clarence E. Jass 1959 Mr. Richard J. Kairis 1961 Mr. James Jania 1964
Mr. Leroy F. Job 1959 Mr. Steve J. Kowynia 1961 Mr. Paul Kelly 1964
Mr. Richard Kosek 1959 Mr. Lawrence C Kral 1961 Anton F. Kitz, PE 1964
Mr. Edwin Joseph Kurcz 1959 Mr. Joseph N. Kulys 1961 Mr. James Klutcharch 1964
Mr. Myles J. Laffey, Sr. 1959 Mr. McAlister Merchant 1961 Mr. Thomas Kocur 1964
Mr. Emile Lattyak 1959 Mr. Victor Milewski 1961 Mr. Richard Laskowski 1964
Mr. John F. Looney 1959 Mr. James T. Morgan 1961 Mr. Salvatore J. Manso 1964
Mr. Frank Lee Markunas 1959 Mr. Bernard Mysliwiec 1961 Mr. Edwin Miller 1964
Mr. Raymond Mueller 1959 Mr. Kenneth J. Operzedek 1961 Mr. Michael Moorman 1964
Mr. Donald Pacer 1959 Mr. Thomas J. Papiernik 1961 Mr. William O’Brien 1964
Mr. Mark J. Pizza 1959 Mr. Gregory Pawlowski 1961 Mr. Michael Quinlan 1964
Dr. Joseph S. Rabianski 1959 Mr. William F. Plachy 1961 Mr. Gerald R. Raskey 1964
Richard C. Ramazinski, CMA 1959 Mr. Arnold Joseph Poremba 1961 Mr. William E. Reidy 1964
Mr. Jack Sheedy 1959 Mr. Dennis Smith 1961 Mr. Richard Rokosz 1964
Mr. John T. Sheehan 1959 Mr. Louis Strugalla 1961 Lawrence E. Sadowski, MD 1964
Mr. Robert Smentek 1959 Mr. Thomas A. Tandaric 1961 Mr. Robert Soraparu 1964
Mr. Gerald Sobiesk 1959 Mr. Richard N. Thomas 1961 Mr. Robert F. Sutter 1964
Dennis J. Stanczyk, MD 1959 Mr. Robert Wagner 1961 Mr. Gerald J. Tazic 1964
Mr. Norman Sula 1959 Dr. John Wiorkowski 1961 Mr. John Tumbarelli 1964
Mr. Charles J. Zdenovec 1959 Mr. Robert C. Bartosik 1962 Mr. Joseph Valentino 1964
Mr. Allan R. Zemko 1959 Mr. Edward F. Bouley 1962 Mr. Bruce Zostautas 1964
Mr. John J. Bedulskis 1960 Mr. Robert Boyda 1962 Mr. Bruce R. Brady 1965
Mr. Frank R. Bobek 1960 Mr. Frank J. Ciezadlo 1962 Mr. Martin W. Dowling 1965
Mr. Richard Bussler, Jr. 1960 Mr. Martin J. Damen 1962 Mr. Philip Farina 1965
Mr. Charles J. Chilvers 1960 Mr. Philip T. Dunne 1962 Mr. Robert Flynn 1965
Mr. Thomas Corgiat 1960 Mr. Thomas Ficke 1962 Mr. Joseph Fronczak 1965
Mr. Joseph A. Drap 1960 Mr. Thomas Fratto 1962 Mr. William J. Gioia 1965
William F. Flynn, CPP 1960 Mr. Edward Higgins 1962 William R. Heinen, CPA 1965
Mr. Joseph J. Gedraitis 1960 Mr. Bernard Kill 1962 Mr. Michael Hogan 1965

20 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Donors (cont.)
Mr. Gerald Jaderberg 1965 Mr. Werner Joseph Koos 1968 Mr. Robert Wojtalewicz 1971
Mr. Gregory T. Johnson 1965 Mr. Richard P. Leece 1968 Mr. Robert Appleby 1972
Dr. George M. King 1965 Mr. John J. Leonard 1968 Mr. Steve Bogira 1972
Mr. Frank Koral 1965 Mr. Michael R. McCabe 1968 Mr. Glenn E. Bylina 1972
Mr. Eugene Mizerka 1965 Mr. William McDermott 1968 Mr. Thomas Byrne 1972
Mr. James Mommsen 1965 Mr. James Melaniphy 1968 Mr. John Dalcamo 1972
Mr. Timothy Mulcahy 1965 Mr. Kevin O’Boye 1968 Mr. John Honkisz 1972
Mr. Gregory Murray 1965 Mr. Edward Pedziwiatr 1968 Mr. Roger Hoppenrath 1972
Mr. Arthur Pauls, Jr. 1965 Mr. David Radtke 1968 Mr. Robert Jilek 1972
Mr. Thomas E. Salapatek 1965 Mr. Mark S. Renz 1968 Mr. Richard D. Jurek 1972
Mr. Daniel R. Serritella 1965 Mr. Edward F. Schulz 1968 Mr. Michael E. Kallas 1972
Mr. William Shiliga 1965 Mr. Walter Sochacki 1968 Mr. James Kapitanek 1972
Mr. Robert Smith 1965 Mr. Jerome Synoga 1968 Mr. Mark Kuzlik 1972
Mr. Alan B. Tornabeni 1965 Mr. Robert Daly 1969 Mr. Christopher D. Mazur 1972
Mr. George Tracy 1965 Mr. Eugene Edward Donohue 1969 Mr. Thomas F. Musielak 1972
Mr. Ross Vizza 1965 Mr. David J. Fedro 1969 Mr. Chuck L. Oskvarek 1972
Mr. Kenneth E. Wolowiec 1965 Mr. Edward Goliak 1969 Mr. Gerald J. Popek 1972
Mr. Robert Zellinger 1965 Mr. James Grady 1969 Mr. James W. Ramazinski 1972
Mr. Florian A. Zimecki 1965 Mr. Federico Guzman 1969 Mr. Joseph Russo 1972
Mr. Stanley Zub 1965 Mr. William J. Halm 1969 Mr. Gary Rycyzyn 1972
Mr. Ned W. Aylward 1966 Dr. John Hofer 1969 Mr. James C. Sikora 1972
Mr. John Bishop 1966 Mr. Robert A. Irving 1969 Mr. Bruce R. Strimel 1972
Mr. Anthony Butkus 1966 Mr. Anthony Jasaitis 1969 Mr. Thomas Sullivan 1972
Mr. Carl Gronski 1966 Mr. Dennis Johnston 1969 Mr. Bernie Tadda 1972
Mr. Peter Hurst 1966 Mr. Gary L. Miller 1969 Mr. Leopold Weber 1972
Mr. Dennis Michalak 1966 Mr. David Wayne Mirowski 1969 Mr. Mark Bozyk 1973
Mr. Kenneth L. Miksis 1966 Mr. James V. Noak 1969 Mr. Nicholas Anthony Calarco 1973
Mr. Darryl Mondzyk 1966 Mr. Thomas O’Malley 1969 Mr. Steven A. Cozzi 1973
Mr. Richard Edward Nemec 1966 Mr. Norbert Ostrowski 1969 Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald 1973
Mr. Jerome Paluch 1966 Mr. Joseph Popik 1969 Mr. Robert J. Gleason 1973
Mr. Robert John Paterka 1966 Mr. John Predkiewicz 1969 Mr. Richard Brian Hogan 1973
Mr. Gerald Pazin 1966 Gary G. Sladek, MD USN 1969 Mr. Scott Hollis 1973
Mr. Walter Righton 1966 Mr. Edward C. Smith 1969 Mr. Daniel Hudak 1973
Mr. Norman Schedin 1966 Mr. Charles Sullivan 1969 Mr. Thomas Joseph Kucera 1973
Mr. Thomas E. Sharkey 1966 Mr. Michael W. Wachowski 1969 Mr. Robert Majdecki 1973
Mr. George Simon 1966 Mr. John P. Britvich 1970 Mr. David Mysliwiec 1973
Richard W. Abromaitis, CFP ChFC 1967 Mr. Joseph Cucio 1970 Mr. Raymond Nice 1973
Mr. Ronald M. Birch 1967 Patrick J. Daly, PhD 1970 Mr. Christopher Nyderek 1973
Mr. Matthew Burger 1967 Mr. George Damit 1970 Mr. Martin S. O’Reilly 1973
Mr. James W. Burke 1967 Mr. Alan Delcorse 1970 Mr. Richard Partyka 1973
Mr. Arthur Dowling 1967 Mr. Edward Dronzek 1970 Mr. Charles M. Pawlowski, Jr. 1973
James F. Dunneback, Esquire 1967 Mr. Wayne Jentel 1970 Mr. Richard C. Solava 1973
Mr. Michael S. Gibbons 1967 Charles Michael Kill, CPA 1970 James Thorpe, EMT-P 1973
Mr. Edward Grabarek 1967 Mr. Steven Lepitre 1970 Mr. Lawrence J. Yocus 1973
Mr. Joseph Heeney 1967 Mr. Lenard Lesniak 1970 Mr. Dennis Bucko 1974
Mr. Daniel Heitz 1967 Mr. Gary B. Ligmanowski 1970 Mr. Rocco Fusco 1974
Mr. Stanley Iwaszkiewicz 1967 Mr. Phillip Matise 1970 Mr. Richard W. Jedrey 1974
Mr. Thomas M. Kazmierczak, Sr. 1967 Mr. James Meador 1970 Mr. John Kaminsky 1974
Mr. Daniel Keating 1967 Deacon Robert Miciunas 1970 Mr. Richard A. Lesniak 1974
Mr. Thomas M. Kelly 1967 Mr. Nick Parisi 1970 Mr. Patrick Looby 1974
Mr. Alan W. Kenny 1967 Mr. Paul Piekosz 1970 Mr. Gregory Moskal 1974
Dr. Donald Krawiec 1967 Mr. Robert J. Relstab 1970 Mr. Charles M. Pajor 1974
Mr. Joseph F. LaPorte, Jr. 1967 Mr. Kenneth Stempinski 1970 Mr. Michael F. Ripoli 1974
Mr. Anthony Lostroscio 1967 Mr. Donald R. Wilk 1970 Mr. Robert Ruscio 1974
Mr. Daniel R. Mega 1967 Mr. Allen Baras 1971 Mr. Dominic Sole 1974
Mr. Michael Perfetti 1967 Mr. Kevin Barry 1971 Mr. Lee C. Wanatowicz 1974
Mr. Gerald Petraitis 1967 Mr. Alan Eugene Brodecki 1971 Mr. David Bauman 1975
David Poradzisz, PhD 1967 Mr. Daniel Burns 1971 Mr. Steven Broderick 1975
Mr. Jesse Rojo 1967 Mr. Joseph Elmore 1971 Mr. Jerome M. Cepa 1975
Mr. John W. Ryan 1967 Mr. James Fitzgibbon 1971 Mr. James Dewinski 1975
Mr. Michael Sirota 1967 Mr. James W. Henry 1971 Mr. Donald Dobes 1975
Mr. Helmut Stankevicius 1967 Mr. Richard Hochgraver 1971 Mr. James Dunn 1975
Mr. Edward Villarreal 1967 Mr. Gary Martin Horacek 1971 Mr. Kenneth Ekins 1975
Mr. James Ardzeck 1968 Honorable Raymond L. Jagielski 1971 Mr. Jerome Heitschmidt 1975
Mr. Steffan Bartosz 1968 Mr. Richard Joseph Kemp 1971 Mr. Michael John Korczyk 1975
Mr. Daniel Brasky 1968 Mr. John Malone 1971 Mr. Thomas C. Kordas 1975
Mr. Michael J. Brown 1968 Mr. Robert Mietz 1971 Mr. Brian Moxley 1975
Mr. Guy Coglianese 1968 Mr. Richard J. Joseph Nannini 1971 Mr. Rodney P. Petrick 1975
Mr. Rudolph Fandl 1968 Mr. Edmund O’Connor 1971 Mr. James A. Schwarz 1975
Mr. Pat C. Gargano 1968 Mr. Patrick James O’Reilly 1971 Mr. Francis Sheridan 1975
Mr. Ronald A. Gorman 1968 Mr. Ronald Rudokas 1971 Mr. Manuel Borja 1976
Mr. David Hoak 1968 Mr. Raymond P. Urbonas 1971 Mr. Terence Patrick Byrne 1976
Mr. Robert Kelly, Sr. 1968 Mr. Matthew Urnezis 1971 Mr. John J. Cafferty 1976

Truth † Unity † Love 21

Donors (cont.)
Mr. Patrick J. Darcy 1976 Mr. Robert Synal 1981 Mr. Phillip J. LaFollette 1989
Mr. Dominic F. Deblasio 1976 Mr. Mario Vassalla 1981 Mr. David Ogrodnik 1989
Mr. William Dvorak 1976 Mr. Jesus Casas 1982 Mr. Michael Pelegrino 1989
Mr. Robert Hannigan 1976 Mr. David E. Cronin 1982 Mr. Richard L. Sablich 1989
Mr. Mark J. Ivers 1976 Mr. Gary E. Duncan 1982 Mr. David B. Townsend 1989
Mr. Phil Kmak 1976 Mr. Kenneth S. Falat 1982 Mr. Anthony Zibrat 1989
Mr. Terrence A. Lein 1976 Mr. James Q. Gorman 1982 Mr. Michael J. Franklin, Jr. 1990
Mr. John Migas 1976 Mr. Philip Hultquist 1982 Mr. David Suvada 1990
Mr. Robert Potempa 1976 Mr. David A. Kairis 1982 Mr. Jesse Trevino 1990
Mr. John Rea 1976 Cornelious Thomas Lynch, DDS USN 1982 Mr. Brian Dowling 1991
Mr. Henry T. Russel 1976 Mr. Timothy O’Connor 1982 Mr. Christopher Jania 1991
Mr. Daniel Schumacher 1976 Jose Vela, JR Esq 1982 Mr. Robert Morris 1991
Mr. Raymond J. Shaughnessy 1976 Mr. Donald Bigeck, Jr. 1983 Mr. Michael Stiso 1991
Mr. Joseph Valente 1976 Mr. Jim Bochenczak 1983 Mr. Joseph Tarczon 1991
Mr. Lawrence Ventresca 1976 Mr. Robert E. Haugh 1983 Mr. Kevin Donoghue 1992
Mr. Michael Baron 1977 Mr. Gerald J. Koch 1983 Mr. John P. Mangrum 1992
Mr. Timothy F. Bergen 1977 Mr. Mark Kominkiewicz 1983 Mr. James Pienta 1992
Mr. Timothy James Cahill 1977 Mr. Joseph Madden 1983 Mr. Gunnar Podlesak 1992
Mr. David Allen Gautreaux 1977 Mr. Darius Matonis 1983 Mr. Michael D. Williams, Jr. 1992
Mr. John A. Gleason 1977 Mr. Michael A. Montalvo 1983 Mr. John J. Dineen 1993
James B. King, CSC 1977 Mr. Timothy Murney 1983 Mr. Daniel Kavalauskas 1993
Mr. Frank J. Kolar 1977 Mr. Daniel O’Donnell 1983 Mr. Thomas Miletich 1993
Mr. George Lesko 1977 Mr. Robert Ruddy 1983 Mr. Scott Montes 1993
Mr. Michael P. Loduca 1977 Mr. Vincent P. Ternes 1983 Mr. Brian Radnoti 1993
Mr. Christopher J. Moore 1977 Mr. James Turner 1983 Mr. Steven Sautkus 1993
Mr. Ted Piatkiewicz 1977 Mr. Gary J. Vanek 1983 Mr. Robert M. Wagner 1993
Mr. Brian G. Quinn 1977 Mr. David Zebig 1983 Mr. Bernard Graczyk 1994
Mr. Stephen Roeske 1977 Dr. Mark Alles 1984 Mr. John Gricus 1994
Mr. Lawrence J. Scinto 1977 Mr. Henry Bajek 1984 Mr. Eric Schaade 1994
Mr. Thomas A. Stuba 1977 Mr. Robert Bresnahan 1984 Mr. Gregory Zaber 1994
Mr. Thomas J. Carroll 1978 Mr. Dino Costa 1984 Mr. Scott V. Zdanek 1994
Mr. Joseph Derosa 1978 Mr. Patrick Kieran Flaherty 1984 Mr. James P. Callaghan 1995
Mr. Edward R. Jozefiak 1978 Mr. Steven Guzy 1984 Mr. Joseph Christensen 1995
Mr. William Karkula 1978 Mr. Timothy Hayes 1984 Mr. Ryan C. Gandurski 1995
Mr. Charles Keating 1978 Michael A. Madden, CPA 1984 Mr. Matthew J. Hochgraver 1995
Mr. Ronald P. Marciano 1978 Mr. Michael McCarthy 1984 Mr. William Insley 1995
Mr. Gary Sangpeal 1978 Mr. Scott Skippet 1984 Mr. Brendan J. Koch 1995
Mr. Thomas Schreiber 1978 Mr. Daniel A. Bischoff 1985 Mr. Michael S. Ralphson 1995
Mr. Michael J. Sheedy 1978 Mr. William Evans 1985 Mr. Daniel M. Henry 1996
Mr. Dennis Straple 1978 Mr. Mike Frazer 1985 Mr. Kevin Kleinick 1996
Mr. Michael A. Vanek 1978 Mr. Richard Jaskierski 1985 Mr. Brandon W. Sagotz 1996
Mr. R. Patrick Bayers 1979 Mr. Bradley Kenny 1985 Mr. Daniel T. Dowling 1997
Paul Fortier, MD 1979 Mr. Dale R. Kingsley 1985 Mr. Drew Hester 1997
Mr. Michael Jagla 1979 Mr. John Lesnicki 1985 Mr. Brian Hudson 1997
Mr. Thomas N. Mulcahy 1979 Mr. Daniel J. McLaughlin, Sr. 1985 Mr. Michael Jilek 1997
Mr. Ronald Snyder 1979 Mr. Joseph Nieciak 1985 Mr. Michael A. Kozlar 1997
Mr. Arvind Talwar 1979 Mr. Anthony Serritella 1985 Mr. Matthew Link 1997
Mr. William James Tracey 1979 Mr. Robert Topor 1985 Mr. Mark A. Porfirio 1997
Mr. Robert P. Tunney 1979 Mr. Peter Czyszczon 1986 Mr. Steven A. Stiso 1997
Mr. Terrence Vohasek 1979 Mr. Martin P. Doyle 1986 Mr. William J. Kazlauskas 1998
Mr. Thomas M. Arundel 1980 Mr. Paul Kolimas 1986 Mr. Joseph W. Lauer 1998
Mr. Edward Barrett 1980 Mr. Kevin O’Hara 1986 Mr. Richard P. Kurek 1999
Mr. Arthur Gazda 1980 Mr. Gilberto Perez 1986 Mr. Patrick J. Neary 1999
Mr. Christopher Knowski 1980 Mr. Martin P. Quinn 1986 Mr. Kevin Quaid 1999
Mr. Martin McCormack 1980 Mr. Stephen Sobczak 1986 Mr. Robert Risden 1999
Mr. Anthony W. Mestan 1980 Mr. James Swider 1986 Mr. Mark Sheehan 1999
Mr. Daniel Ricci 1980 Mr. Armando Vega 1986 Mr. Matthew Francis Bryk 2000
Mr. Zbigniew Sekula 1980 Mr. Andre Burke 1987 Mr. Daniel Patrick Camer, Jr. 2000
Mr. John H. Sheedy 1980 Mr. Alan J. Cwitkovits 1987 Mr. Daniel Raymond Passarello 2000
Mr. Brad Stubitsch 1980 Patrick Gerard Jones, DDS 1987 Mr. Michael Angelo Porfirio 2000
Mr. Timothy Turcich 1980 Mr. Michael J. Nolan 1987 Mr. Terrance Raymond Tucker 2000
Mr. Richard Joseph Brodecki 1981 Mr. Brendan M. O’Hara 1987 Mr. Matthew J. Bergin 2001
Mr. Robert A. Carroll 1981 Geoffrey Schlender, CPA 1987 Mr. Christopher E. Chojnowski 2001
Mr. Daniel R. Cepek 1981 Mr. Kevin W. Smith 1987 Mr. Thomas N. Gergits 2001
Mr. Mark A. Cetera 1981 Mr. Matthew Durkin 1988 Mr. Stephen M. Larsen 2001
Mr. James Cholke 1981 Mr. Joseph Schultz 1988 Mr. Patrick J. McCarthy, Jr. 2001
Mr. Martin A. Coleman 1981 Mr. Miguel A. Sevilla 1988 Mr. Walter Robeson 2001
Mr. John P. Cranley 1981 Mr. William F. Clince 1989 Mr. Michael John Darwin 2002
Mr. Richard Cwik 1981 Mr. Casimir Czyszczon 1989 Mr. Raymond Leonard Jagielski, Jr. 2002
Mr. Brian G. Finnegan 1981 Mr. Richard S. Dziennik 1989 Mr. Jeffrey Philip Kirk 2002
Mr. Mark A. Jelinek 1981 Mr. Jesse Gonzalez 1989 Mr. Francis Joseph Murray 2002
Mr. John J. Leyden 1981 Mr. Francisco Gutierrez 1989 Mr. Jason Charles O’Brien 2002
Mr. James S. Sink 1981 Mr. Geoffrey R. Jania 1989 Mr. Patrick Michael O’Brien 2002

22 Veritas † Unitas † Caritas

Donors (cont.)
Mr. John Joseph Famera 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Atkinson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lawinger
Mr. Kenneth Allen Murfay 2003 Ms. Carolyn Baba Ms. Donna Lesniak
Mr. Timothy Gerard O’Connor 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Balsam Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Looft
Mr. Richard John Rowan 2003 Ms. Jane C. Barun Ms. LaVerne Losos
Mr. Paul T. Standring 2003 Ms. Mary Bazel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Mainczyk
Mr. Brian Patrick Carroll 2004 Mrs. Kathy Beristain Ms. Roberta Mangan
Mr. Thomas Dahman 2004 Mr. James Bischoff Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Marino
Mr. Sean Michael Feely 2004 Ms. Theresa Blaha Mr. & Mrs. Stephen McAllister
Corporal Patrick Timothy Knott 2004 Mr. & Mrs. G. Lawrence Bliss Ms. Mary C. McCartin
Mr. Leo Thomas Krystof 2004 Mr. T. Bousky Mr. & Mrs. Jim McColl
Mr. Scott Robert LaDuke 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Paul McCormick
Mr. Nicholas Michael Wroblewski 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McMahon
Mr. John Joseph Bergin 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bujas Mr. Kartik Mehta
Mr. Daniel Joseph Brannagan 2005 Mr. & Mrs. John Burns Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Merlo
Mr. Charles Joseph Dailidonis 2005 Ms. Marie Caauwe Mr. & Mrs. Richard Michalak
Mr. William Stefan Walczak Gatch 2005 Mr. & Mrs. James Canty Ms. Kelly Mier
Mr. Brett Michael Kribs 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Carroll Mrs. Jean Molnar
Mr. Clayton Byron Lindsey 2005 Ms. Mary Ellen Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. Mark Montag
Mr. Wade T. Weyer 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Chiarito Ms. Judy Montell
Mr. Christopher Lawrence Williams, Jr. 2005 Ms. Sally Cleary Ms. Pamela Montell
Mr. Daniel S. Broderick 2006 Ms. Kathryn Clohessy Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Moore
Mr. Ryan John Foley 2006 Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cloney Ms. Mary Lou Morande
Mr. Kyle Patrick Gordon 2006 Mr. Daniel Close Mr. & Mrs. Mark Murawski
Brian Joseph Knott, USMC 2006 Mr. John J. Coffey, III Mrs. Jill Nagel
Mr. Donald Paul Krystof 2006 Sr. Rita Corkery, R.S.M. Mrs. Mary Ellen Naliwajko
Mr. Ryan Francis Mehalek 2006 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cortopassi Ms. Marlene Nelson
Mr. Ryan Daniel Rayhill 2006 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Crook Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Mr. David Anthony Weyer 2006 Mr. & Mrs. David Crotty Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Malley
Mr. John Brosnan Donahue 2007 Ms. Patti Cummings Mrs. Maureen Passarello
Mr. Michael Robert Filetti 2007 Ms. Arlene Daly Mr. & Mrs. Michael Patrick
Mr. Daniel Jay Jilek 2007 Mr. & Mrs. Carlo D’Amico Mr. Mark Patterson
Mr. Matthew Alan Lang 2007 Ms. Patricia Danaher Mr. Michael Pauritsch
Mr. Steven Gerard McGowan 2007 Darvin Furniture Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Peter
Mr. Matthew Joseph Murphy, Jr. 2007 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Darwin Mr. Tom Phillips
Mr. Marco Nello Sabatini 2007 Mrs. Martha Dion Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Platt
Mr. Justin M. Tarasenko-Struc 2007 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Doerr Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Purcell
Mr. Stephen Joseph Atkinson, Jr. 2008 Mrs. Claire Donahue Mr. & Mrs. George Ramos
Mr. Daniel Thomas Darling 2008 Mr. Robert Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rayhill
Mr. Michael Thomas Herbst 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffry Drenovsky Raymond, James & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Sean Robert Leslie 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dunne Ms. Julie Ann Read
Mr. Michael Sean McArdle 2008 E*TRADE Clearing LLC Mr. & Mrs. Mark Reed
Mr. Brian Patrick Popek 2008 Ms. Karen Endicott Mr. & Mrs. James Reilly
Mr. Anthony Paul Rappold 2008 Mrs. Pamela Falkenberg Ms. Mary Alice Reilly
Mr. Alec Lawrence Ventresca 2008 Mr & Mrs. Craig Ferguson Ms. Michelle Roberts
Mr. Felix John Zaczek V 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Jose Flores Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sage
Mr. James Patrick Crist 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Fox Ms. Margaret Schaffer
Mr. Brandon Lamar Cross 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Foy Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schmitz
Mr. Nicholas Kristopher Etheridge 2009 Ms. Jeanne Gaffney Mr. A. Raymond Schwaller
Mr. Thomas E. Henderson 2009 Ms. Noreen Gallagher Ms. Laurie Sedlak
Mr. Patrick J. Hogan 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gallik Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Sher
Mr. Daniel McLaughlin, Jr. 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Luis Garcia Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Shine
Mr. Bradul A. Ortiz 2009 Ms. Rosemary Garrett Mr. Louis Skowronski
Mr. Marcell Pierre Portwood 2009 Ms. Lucia Glunz Mrs. Therese Smialek
Mr. Erik Rickert 2009 Ms. Barbara Grogan Mr. & Mrs. David Solski
Mr. Christian B. Ritchie 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gurgone Mr. & Mrs. Robert Staudacher
Mr. Thomas William Rohan 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Brendan Hagarty Mr. & Mrs. William Stowasser
Mr. Matthew Storino 2009 Ms. Maureen Hamas Mr. & Mrs. David Sypniewski
Mr. Adam Vargas 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Haras Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Tefertiller
Mr. Jamere Walton 2009 Mr. Tom Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. Francis Tennant
Mr. Daniel Carroll HON Mr. & Mrs. Glen Hicks Ms. Judy Tybor-Knizner
Mr. Lawrence “Yo Yo” Damico HON Mr. & Mrs. John Hopkins Ms. Sharon Uhlemann
Mr. Florian Dodge HON Mr. & Mrs. Dan Janik Ms. Karen Vrshek
Mr. Gregory D Fields HON Mr. Dennis Kelly Mr. & Mrs. James Walsh
Mr. Theodore J. Noonan HON Mr. & Mrs. James Kinney Mr. Jim Walsh
Mr. James Prunty HON Mr. & Mrs. Philip Kirk Ms. Megan Wand
Honorable James M. Schreier HON Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kirkland Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Warner
Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. & Mrs. Pete Klein Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Warner
Mr. & Mrs. Coy Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Charles Klomfar Mr. Dan Wenstrup
Ms. Michelle Alfano Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Konecki Mr. Ken Wilkosz
Mr. & Mrs. John Aluja Mr. & Mrs. Donald Krystof Ms. Diane Williams
American Express Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kuska Ms. Patricia Wright
Ms. JoAnn Anderson Mr. & Mrs. George Lange Ms. Julie Zapata
AT&T United Way Mr. & Mrs. John Larmon Mrs. Cynthia Zarach

Truth † Unity † Love 23

St. Rita of Cascia High School Non-Profit Organization

Chicago IL 60620 PAID

Chicago, Illinois
Tel: 773.925.5029 | www.stritahs.com Permit No. 2955

2010 Valentine Dinner Dance

Honoring St. Rita’s
2010 Valentine Couple of the Year
You are cordially invited to attend Paul ‘58 & Doreen Petriekis
The Twenty-First Annual
2010 Tolle Lege Community Service Award
Don Mrozek ‘65
St. Rita of Cascia High School

Valentine Dinner Dance

Crest of St. Augustine
Dan Leahy ‘50
Saturday, February 13, 2010
Silent Auction - Live Auction

The Four Seasons 5:15 p.m. Sunday Obligation Mass

in the Walton Foyer (optional)
Grand Ballroom
120 E. Delaware Place 6:00 p.m. Cocktails - Hors d’oeuvres
Chicago, Illinois 7:30 p.m. Dinner
Live Music & Libations ‘til 11:00 p.m.
Black Tie Optional
$300 per person / $3,000 tables of ten
$5000 corporate table

For Full Details Contact Mike Zunica | 773-925-6600 Ext. 6619 | mzunica@stritahs.com

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