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So, you wanna buy a gun?

You wanna know the steps, requirements and costs for you to acquire
and carry your gun legally? Here it is...
Compute mo ang cost ng papers ..
NSO Birth Certificate P200
NBI P160
Fiscal, MTC, RTC, Police clearances P200
Cedula P300
DI P80
Biometric P5
2x Notary P300
Neuro Psych P950
Drug test P350
Gun Safety Seminar P1000
Verification P400
LTOPF card P200
PTCFOR card P200
Gun registration P1600 (hand gun)
Ballistics, gun bond P1000
Photocopies P350
Permit to Transport P2K
Transpo plus food P2K
Equals P21K.
First step...ipunin mo muna ang mga personal papers mo. Like birth certificate, NBI clearance,
Income Tax return, credit card bills, Fiscal, Municipal and Regional Trial Courts clearances and
National Police clearance. If employed, employment certificate. If businessman, Business permit.
Once you got all that, go to PNP accreditel Gun Safety Training Center like Armscor Marikina. Take
training and pay for CSG-PNP verification. They'll take pictures of you training, firing a gun and a
group picture that you indeed took the gun safety training. Go home and come back after 10working
days for the verified certificate. Once you got the gun safety certificate, go to camp crame and get
Division of Intelligence clearance by showing your Cedula. When you got that, go to FEO. Beside
the FEO building, there's a photocopy center, buy 3 application forms and fill them up. Make sure
you got at least 8pieces 2x2 pictures. Go to 2nd floor have it notarized. Then go to 1st floor get
recommendation for drug test and Neuro-Psychiatric exams. Go to Land bank, show the
recommendations and pay. Landbank will give you Special Bank Receipt. Go to Biometric section,
show the drug test SBR and take a piss in a bottle to be sent to crime lab. Then go to PNP hospital
2nd floor show SBR for Neuro-Psych exams. Take the exams. Then go home come back after 2
working days. When you come back and got the drug test and Neuro-Psych clearances, photocopy
3x all your documents and have them authenticated by all the offices you got them from. Go back to
FEO building, submit 3 copies of applications with 2x2 pictures plus requirements. Go home come
back next working day. Go back to FEO and get your Temporary License To Own And Possess
Firearms return slip. Then wait until they call you to go back to camp Crame to pay for your LTOPF
card to have it printed. Pay for the courier and the card will be delivered to your residence after one
Once you got your LTOAPF, you can buy a gun. Go online. Browse for the gun you like. Pay for it
and send the gun store a copy of your LTOAPF. Download the Gun registration form, fill it up and
have it notarized. Fill up and sign an Affidavit of Undertaking to own a firearm. Fill up and sign a
Special Power of Attorney authorizing your gun store to process your gun registration. Send 3 copies
of all your documents to the gun store. Pay for the gun registration, gun bond, ballistics, Permits to
Transport and processing fees. Then wait... and wait... and wait some more... until you got a call
from your gun store that your gun is registered to your license and ready for pick-up.
When you have your gun, make sure you responsibly and safely store your gun. You can contact
Guntech Interarms Full to order a biometric key firearm storage box.
Then you can apply for PTCFOR.
You're qualified to apply for PTCFOR if;
You are businessman engaged in risky business operations, evidenced by threat assessment by
You're a Sports Shooter certified by Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA).
You're a Certified Public Accountant evidenced by Philippine Inatitute of Certified Public Accountants
You're a Lawyer Certified by Integrated BAR of the Philippines (IBP).
You're a religious leader with certification of ordainment.
You're an appointed or elected government official certified by Oath of Office.
You're a Law Enforcer or Armed Forces of the Philippines Personnel with Appointment Order.
To apply for PTCFOR, you must have any of the documents mentioned above. When you do, go to
Camp Crame PTCFOR office and ask for application form. Make 3 copies, fill them up, sign and
have them notarized inside the office. Once that's done, go to the first window and present all the
authenticated copies of documents you submitted for LTOAPF. Then you will be directed to the
Biometric section. There they'll get you finger prints and palm prints. They'll ask 6 pieces 2x2
pictures and 4 copies of your Biometric card. They'll take one of the Biometric card, the rest you'll
submit to the PTCFOR office. Once you submitted all the requirements, they will give you a receiving
copy of your documents. And they'll tell you to wait for their call for you to pick up your PTCFOR.
After 2 months of waiting, they will NOT call you.
So, you call PTCFOR office and follow up your application. They'll say to come pick it up at Camp
You go to Camp Crame, PTCFOR. Then they will tell you to go to Landbank to pay PTCFOR fee
and card fee. Bring the Special Bank Receipts to the PTCFOR window and wait for your name to be
called. They'll print your PTCFOR and you have your permit to carry.
Make sure you carry always in concealed manner.
You may contact Willard Carrera to order a custom made gun bag with secret holster. And/or you
can contact Kydex Manila to order an inside the waist bank concealed carry holster.