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News Extra
VOL 8 NO.668
These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of
the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia
TUESDAY, AUGUST 26 , 2014 L$83.00/US$1 L$84.00/US$1
L$84.00/US$1 L$85.00/US$1
L$85.00/US$1 L$84.00/US$1
EBOLA - pg.5
100k disbursed as Workers
reject pittance as pay
We would like to see the AFL not being involved in a law enforcement role. But the AFL was intended to be
an external defense force to external threats. We hope that they will start to see more activity on the part of
the LNP and that they will continue to lead on the security aspect of this Ebola response. We look forward to
seeing the results of the investigation. - U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Deborah R. Malac

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"People should know that, if it were not for this boy's state of health, he
would be before the courts," "You cannot be a carrier of sickness and take
it to other countries." Senegalese President Macky Sall
Are Ebola Hot lines working?


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014
r. Jerry F. Brown and his men pace in and out of the
ELWA2 Ebola Management Center at the ELWA
hospital in Monrovia over a dozen times a day caring for
patients affected by the deadly Ebola virus, while at the
same time trying to fnalize the paper work to release those who have
tested negative for the virus from isolation.
Dr. Brown and his colleagues are seen interacting with the families
of the patients giving them hope and telling them a miracle might
happen. The medical doctor admits that the job is a diffcult one that
takes only courage to do.
It is very diffcult, fearful, challenging, you have to have the guts to
do it, he said on Friday as he released from isolation a mother of two
whose husband also died right before her eyes while in isolation. The
good news is that her one-year-four-month-old and her seven year-old
sons who contracted the disease along with her all tested negative for
the virus and were released from isolation after 21 days. Dr. Brown
said despite the courage to keep working with patients who are
infected with the Ebola virus, it sometimes scares the life out of him.
Yes I do worry but one thing for sure, anything can happen. For
every person I see coming out of the unit and smiling, I have the
courage to go back, he said.
Dressed in Personal Protective Equipment they tend to patients who
are very sick and weak waiting for a sign from God as there is no
known cure for the disease.
Kyndy Kobbah a physician assistant who works at the C. H.
Rennie Hospital, came into the center very sick with eleven other
colleagues, ten of them died of the virus and she survived after being
administered the experimental drug Z-MAPP. Kobbah paying tribute
to the health workers at the all Liberian-run center said the dedication
is extraordinary and selfess.
I can imagine Dr. Brown in PPE trying to open my line (vein) but
they couldnt fnd it for three to four hours, she told President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf on Saturday as she and another health worker who
took the Z-Mapp drug walked out of isolation perfectly cured from
the disease.
Im not the only person; there are lots of other patients. I wore PPE
before and I know the heat that is in PPE. So they need upgrading
of their salaries, Madam President and they need more support in
that unit. The food needs to come on time. Bring more support, there
are lots of children in there, they need beddings, mattresses. When I
came, I sent for mattresses from Margibi.
Aluminum sheeting encloses the center and a makeshift corridor lined
with tiny rocks. The gravel sound is continuous through the day and
night as the movement between the gates is endless. There is a hand
washing facility at the door and men in suits and masks spray the
entire vicinity as people including journalists pour around the center.
Health workers and volunteers who work at the center are no magical
humans; they too have their fragile moments as one of the dedicated
staff at the center told FrontPageAfrica on Friday.
Darlington Kumosi, head of testing at the ELWA2 Ebola treatment
facility, says as a health worker, facing the Ebola crisis was nothing
any of them bargained for, but it was a rude awakening to the realities
of life. He said having to care for his colleagues and see them die of
the deadly virus was something that was too diffcult to accept. He
Wade C. L. Williams, wade.williams@frontPageAfricaonline.com
said hope only came when a few of them started to survive including
Kobbah and others who have left the center.
Anytime I see anybody who was positive before and going home
negative; the only thing I can say is dear God, thank you, said
When it started newly to be frank with you, I almost left the job.
When Dr. Kent Brantley came down positive with the virus (he
was a very good friend of mine, we worked very closely together)
depression almost killed me. I used to worry in the night; I couldnt
sleep. I had o quarantine myself for 21 days before I started to feel
normal again.
He said somehow a miracle is working at the center as many patients
who came in very sick and tested positive for the virus are now
overcoming it and testing negative thereby given the chance to go
home to reunite with their families and friends. He was so happy that
his colleague Kobbah and the Congolese doctor Dr. Senga Omeanga
were released from isolation after being administered the Z-Mapp
experimental drug.
Her condition was very critical, when she came she was vomiting
with blood. We have had lot of positive cases here and as I tell you
now, things are changing here greatly, said Kumosi.
We have lots of negative cases going home; most of those who came
in positive are going home. Im talking about people who came down
with the signs and symptoms, vomiting blood and they were admitted
here, they were treated and tested two to three times, they are negative
and have gone home.
A lot of Impression, More Help Needed
Korlia Bornawolo, is a Physician Assistant at the Redemption
Hospital and an Ebola Survivor treated at the ELWA2 facility. He said
he contracted the disease while caring for a female colleague who
died from the deadly virus.
I remember caring for her at one point in time and after some time,
I fell ill and started presenting signs and symptoms of the disease,
he said.
When she died, it took about 10 days then I started to have this
persistent fever that couldnt just break. After a day or two I decided
to seek medical attention.
President Sirleaf was impressed when she visited the center on
Saturday to welcome back into the world the patients who took the
Liberian government facilitated experimental drug Z-Mapp and
bounced back to life.
I wish we had more space, so we could put more people with you
because you are the miracle worker. You are able to make it happen,
she said.
To you Dr. Brown for all the great work you and your colleagues are
doing. this is the kind of news that Liberia has been waiting for.
But a humbled Dr. Brown would rather the kudos go to the nurses and
health workers who work at the center to save lives and bring hope to
the people in despair from the deadly virus.
Especially these nurses, most of them are not here now, they are the
pillars that is behind this work. I guide them, we work together, but
they are doing extremely well, he said.
Laboratory technician Kumosi sums his experience at the center in
just one sentence and it is exactly how many of those who work at the
center feel when fghting the deadly virus.
Coming from here going home is like leaving from hell, going to
heaven, he said.
44 Survivors and counting
Dr. Brown said there has been a total of 44 confrmed Ebola patients
that have survived the disease after care at the center. He said two
patients were released from isolation in July while the other 42 were
released in August.
But Dr. Brown says the death rate continues as people fall victim to
the disease and expresses that the survival of many is nothing less
than a miracle.
It is by the grace of God that we have fourteen people coming out
again today, he said as he presented more survivors to the world on
My heart beats with joy as we put these people out today because
there has been many times in there, where we shed tears for people
as they die.
Good News; Bad News
The good news continues yet the bad news keeps coming out
everyday. On Tuesday, the humanitarian medical organization that
runs the ELWA hospital announced that that one of its missionary
doctors in Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus.
The American doctor was treating obstetrics patients at SIMs ELWA
hospital in Monrovia, the release on the organizations website in
Charlotte, North Carolina stated.
He was not treating Ebola patients in ELWAs Ebola isolation unit, a
facility separate from the main hospital on the mission organizations
136-acre campus. It is not yet known how the doctor contracted the
virus specifcally.
The organization stated that it would hold a press conference at its
Charlotte, N.C., and headquarters on Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 2:30 p.m.
to provide additional and updated details on the doctors condition.
According to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW),
up until 29 August, the cumulative total of suspected, probable, and
confrmed cases of the deadly Ebola virus disease in Liberia was 1,631,
including an updated total of 392 confrmed cases. The cumulative
total of deaths stood at 907, including 326 confrmed Ebola-related
deaths. These are the most updated fgures released by the MoHSW.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 3
Emmanuel Abalo, Contributing Writer
he rapid and uncontrollable spread of the Ebola
pandemic in the Mano River basin in West Africa now
demands extraordinary measures from the international
community over any short term solutions offered by
Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - countries severely impacted.
The slow response, patch work of weak solutions and inadequacy
of a comprehensive strategy mean that it is only a matter of time
before unaffected countries are overwhelmed by the spread of
So far, countries at the epicenter of the pandemic have principally
resorted to border closures and quarantine measures. However,
health experts have dismissed these short term solutions as
inadequate to check the spread of the disease in this impoverished
part of the world.
The UN News Center recently quoted Dr. Bruce Aylward, WHO
Assistant Director-General for Polio, Emergencies and Country
Collaboration, as saying, "What we are seeing today in contrast
to previous Ebola outbreaks [are] multiple hotspots within
these countries, not a single remote forested area, the kind of
environments in which it has been tackled in the past. And then
not just multiple hotspots within one country, but international
disease, and it is now, as you know, really a multinational effort,
three countries, heavily affected."
According to the Ebola response road-map launched by Dr.
Aylward, the key milestones are to "reverse the trend in new
cases and infected areas within three months, stop transmission
in capital cities and major ports, and stop all residual transmission
with 6 to 9 months."
The WHO offcial Dr. Aylward's fears are further confrmed by
the assessment of the UN Mission in Liberia. That assessment
maintains that ""It is evident that the Liberian authorities are not
able to address the present state of the country. Consequently, it
can be anticipated that many additional EVD cases will arise in the
coming days". Highlighting the challenges facing the fght against
Ebola UNMIL cited logical constraints, delays in responding to
calls from communities."
Medical, economic , political and social gains in the affected
sub-region are being quickly reversed long term by the challenges
posed by the spread of the disease.
The political expediency of deferring to impacted countries to
contain the pandemic can no longer be intelligently defended or
maintained in the face of the humanitarian disaster unfolding.
The world community needs to aggressively act and now!
In principle, the major action envisaged is an immediate
"Healthcare Intervention" by the international community
through the appropriate United Nations agencies in the countries
affected. This "Healthcare Intervention" would focus on
obtaining UN Security Council backing to immediately secure
the health systems in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone through
the massive deployment of international medical strategists and
practitioners who will develop safe health care corridors, tracking
and monitoring of suspect and infected persons, sensitization
programs, treatment and follow up in the sub-region for a period
of 24 months or until the threat subsides.
Countries impacted would then be mandated to develop adequately
funded comprehensive healthcare road-map with inter and cross
border mechanisms and which will have international oversight
and vetting for implementation following the containment of
the spread of the disease. This means that other than national
budgetary allocations to fght the threat of modern day terrorism,
defense budgets will have to signifcantly decrease in favor of
healthcare appropriation.
(By the way, if everyone is at risk of contracting and dying from
Ebola in a country, as is the case now, no one country would be
interested in initiating aggression against another country.)
Any and all foreign aid and funding for health purposes in
these affected countries would be strictly governed by the
healthcare roadmap with international oversight. It would not be
unreasonable to extract the requirement from these countries that
their healthcare allocation in the national budget be greater than
their defense budget as a basis for the international "Healthcare
Intervention" being proposed.
Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone which are at the epicenter of
the disease are encouraged to cede authority and control of their
health systems for the stated purpose of disease containment
by the international community. Although, it is evident that this
undertaking will demand huge human and
fnancial resources, the alternatives are quite.
Just as in prior instances where the international community, under
international law, expropriated the right to intervene and continue
to, in humanitarian and genocidal crises around the world, the
saying in this context holds true that "drastic times call for drastic
measures"; Ebola must be stopped now!
The principle of international "Health Care Intervention"
should and can form the basis for discussions on developing
implementable strategies, commitment of resources and right to
accountability by all stakeholders so as to prevent the slow death
march of Ebola.
The author holds a Master of Science in Safety, Security and
Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University
assistant and the only health care worker Ebola survivor from
the C.H. Rennie Hospital in Margibi County could not have
said it any better upon her release from the ELWA isolation
unit last Saturday: Healthcare workers in the front line in the
war against Ebola demands the attention of the government
and are in dire straits.
SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, Kobbah, who is one of
three doctors in Liberia recently injected with the Ebola trial
drug, ZMaPP, looked into the eyes of President Ellen Johnson-
Sirleaf Saturday and spoke plainly about the diffculties
health workers are experience in their battle against Ebola.
THE ELWAY FACILITY, under the guise of Dr. Jerry Brown
and his team has a remarkable recovery rate, 30 patients
discharged so far from the deadly virus.
ON SATURDAY, KOBBAH appealed to the international
community to support the Ebola Isolation unit at ELWA.
A lot of children in there, they need things to wear, clothes
and what have you and the doctors need upgrading of their
salaries because the stay three, four hours. I can imagine Dr.
Brown in my in PPE trying to open my line, they cant fnd
it for three, four days. I was up and down in that place. I
am not the only person, a lot of patients. PPE, I wore PPE
before, I know the heat that in PPE, so they need upgrading
of their salaries, they need upgrading madam president and
we need more support in that unit. The food need to come
on time, your tell the cook and what have you, your bring
more support, a lot of children in there, lot of people in there,
they need more support, beddings, mattresses, we need more
things here.
WE WERE MOVED by Kobbahs expression of her desire
to return to work after going through a turbulent period in
which she came close to death. For me as a PA, I will not
relent to work for my people. This is not the end of the road,
this is the end of the road. I was called to serve humanity and
I will continue to serve my people as a physician assistant of
THIS IS WHY we are prevailing on the Sirleaf government
to do all it can to improve the conditions of health workers
and ensure that they get the best and are encouraged to return
to work with better benefts, insurance and improved working
WE HOPE THAT those who accompanied the President
to the ELWA facility last Saturday did not just listen to the
speeches from the survivors and the president but took note
of what was said, particularly by Ms. Kobbah regarding the
needs at the isolation unity.
WE ALSO HOPE that the Presidents declaration and
instruction to Health Minister Dr. Walter Gwenigale would
be carried out so that healthcare workers can be able to
receive the best from this government.
WE HAVE NO doubts about the Presidents sincerity when
she said: We will try to give you the best support because
the results that youre getting just so pleases us that we need
to do what we can and thank you for the readiness to get
back to work. I hear what you say about the incentive, weve
been working on that, were trying to cover everybody in the
country and the list and the numbers are large, theyre still
working the numbers to see what kind of incentives we can
give but we are going to do that but we hear what you say
about some of the basic things youre pleading for like food,
mattresses and other things.
WHAT WE DO HAVE doubts about is the manner in which
healthcare workers have been taken for granted in this country,
especially in the wake of the deadly Ebola outbreak which has
killed more than 885 persons across Liberia.
WE FIND IT disturbing that in the late in the ballgame, a
physician assistant who has defeated the deadly Ebola and
survive is still complaining about lapses in the health system.
THROUGH OUT the Ebola-hit West African nations,
healthcare workers are dying, putting their lives at risks and
daring even after recovery to return to work. But we must not
take their efforts and determination for granted.
EBOLA HAS KILLED more than 1,550 people since March.
One hundred and twenty of those have been health workers.
Their plight was summed up aptly Monday by expert Johan
von Schreeb, head of research on healthcare in disasters at the
Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, who told Reuters
Monday, that after traveling to the region to advise offcials
on how to manage the deadly epidemic, he noticed that
health workers were not protected and remunerated for their
dangerous work, they could not be expected to report for duty.
"There has to be reciprocity for those that are taking a risk in
getting involved in this epidemic and are working to control it.
If you take risks, you should be paid."
WE AGREE. The clock is ticking and more and more people
are dying as Mego Terzian, a senior offcial from Medecins
Sans Frontieres (MSF) warned last week: "The situation is
getting worse. We will have hundreds and thousands more
people infected who will arrive en masse at health centers," he
said. "In Guinea, eight regions have been hit. In Sierre Leone,
the situation is catastrophic and out of control and in Liberia,
let's not even talk about it."
WE MUST NOW ALLOW this to get out of hand before it
is too late. Liberias problem is we appear to consume with
a Task Force that has proven that it is unable to handle this
epidemic and are mired in disunity, confusion and fight of its
key members from Liberia.
WE CANNOT and must not allow Ebola to continue killing
our people, particularly our health workers who are the frst
line of defense and regrettably the last in line on the priority
list of concerns for this government.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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The Reader's Page
The Editor,
he Liberian Foreign Minister describes action taken
by some African countries to impose land and air
travel restrictions on citizens of countries (Liberia)
affected by the Ebola outbreak as "disproportionate and
exaggerated"....(Re "Liberia: Ngafuan - Exaggerated Reactions
Over Ebola Outbreak in Liberia)
But says nothing about his boss's (Madam Sirleaf) extraordinary
steps to quarantine the entire slum of West Point, because of
Ebloa, with barbed wire, wooden barricades and bribe-taking
nokos (Armed Forces of Liberia personnel)!!! (Re "Quarantining
an entire Liberian slum to fght Ebola is a recipe for disaster",
Washington Post)
Hey Mr. Foreign Minister! Can you please explain why is it ok
to call out African nations for imposing restrictions on Liberian
citizens because of Ebola, but you act like bobo (can't talk) when
your boss quarantines 70,000 Liberian citizens of West Point,
regardless of whether they show symptoms of contracting Ebola,
with barbed wire, wooden barricades and bribe-taking nokos
(AFL personnel)???
Oh wait, I forgot: Borbor Ngafuan is the President's lapdog!!
Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia
The Editor,
resident Ellen Johnson as Commander-in-Chief (CIC)
of the Armed Forces of Liberia cannot wash her hands
from the West Point bloodletting that killed 15-year old
Shaki Kamara. In imposing the 90-day draconian State
of Emergency on August 6, 2014, she warned then that citizens'
rights under the Constitution would be suspended/violated without
frst seeking Legislative approval.
Deputy Army Commander Colonel Eric Dennis told border
guard offcers to "shoot on sight" and "burst the legs" of illegal
border crossers on the closed Liberia/Sierra Leone border at Bo
Waterside, and he promised to ask the CIC at the next Ebola Task
Force meeting for 12 AK-47 automatic guns. Days later, Kamara's
leg is blasted with bullets and his subsequent death.
If the CIC is the only one who can give "shooting" orders, why
was she conspicuously silent when her subordinates are talking
The Editor,

have been in the US since mid-July attending to my medical
challenges. Having now sorted out return travel issues in view
of suspension and uncertainty in airline schedules, my wife and
I will be back on September 11th.
I want to let it be known that the idea of forming a transitional
government is ridiculous and runs contrary to what Liberians now
need to effectively address our governance challenges in the face
of the ebola epidemic and moving forward. We should strive to
strengthen our governance institutions and processes and make
them more effective rather than uproot them and replace them with
tentative or interim governance arrangements. We should be striving
to increase our internal cohesion in order for us to act together in
solidarity at this time rather than widening the political differences
among us and creating questionable temporary governance
institutions. We need to move forward by deepening constitutional
governance, not by undermining it. As a senior level public offcial
chairing the Governance Commission, my work and that of my
colleagues is to recommend policies and strategies for strengthening
our system of constitutional governance. The formulation of a
decentralization program and its implementation, the implementation
of a code of conduct that will guide the behavior of public servants,
the rationalization of the agencies of government so that they function
more effectively and effciently, the development of partnerships with
CSOs, the implementation of the National Reconciliation Roadmap
and our National Vision of "One People, One Nation, United for
Peace and Sustainable Development" are our preoccupation. These
cannot be achieved through dismantling constitutional government
and setting up intern structures.
Therefore, those folks who are calling for an interim government are
moving in the wrong direction and could never count on my support
or that of others who are committed to this agenda. My appeal is that
we all fnd a silver lining in this terrible epidemic to frst contain it
and then eradicate it so that we can move our country forward not
Amos Sawyer
Edward Roye Top Commenter Liberia College
Madam Sawyer, it is shame for you to begin to insult the poverty-stricken
people of Liberia because of your husband's death. Remember, no Liberian
poisoned him; he died as a result of an outbreak which Liberians had
no control over. If your husband was so clean as alleged by you and he
complained of flthy health system in Liberia, why did he in the frst place
agreed to come to Liberia and risk his life? Your husband was part of the
problems in Liberia, he was making salary he could had never made in his
life in US, he usurped two different jobs thereby defrauding gov't. Most
of the Liberians brought home to work always try to insult Liberians at
home, they are the ones making huge salary while the rest are underpaid,
they got access to get vacation and fy back to their heaven any time and
return to their plantation (Liberia). Mrs. Sawyer, u would do yourself better
by refraining from the press with your insults. Liberians are already hurt
with the loss of many of our citizens and the hardship being placed on us
by this outbreak. You people are the ones fomenting anti-diaspora Liberian
feeling at home. If all Liberians would get the salary government is offering
to the other citizens; the health system would have been better. Go and get
your husband's social security benefts and the insurance benefts in the US.
Munahp Cooper Cuttington University
If you have experience the situation the Sawyers had faced and is still facing
along with other Liberians, then you will be mindful of how your address
the issue.
Andrew Gursay
Here is my question to you Mr.. Muah; Patrick's sister died on July 7, 2014,
and Patrick went to Mittal on, or July 11, 2014, and he (Patrick) came to the
ministry of fnance between July 11-15, 2014, at which time according to you
(Muah) Patrick was told not to come back to the MOF. Based on that time-
line, how could he have emailed you several weeks earlier informing you of
his sister's death? As I am sure you know, several by defnition, means, more
than three. Patrick and his sister died 18 days apart. The man did not even
live a full three weeks after his sister died. Giving your explanation, he had
to have emailed you between July 7, and the time he last showed up at the
MOF. That is barely a week and a one-day. What is the actual date on that
email you claimed Patrick sent several weeks earlier? What is the real story?
George Sie Williams Co-Founder & Executive Director at Partner for
Health - PFH
We are still not learning from the Sawyer's experience. Why are we not
isolating suspected Ebola patients from the communities? They are roaming
freely and we say we have them under surveillance. In the process some
escape their communities and when they get sick elsewhere they establish
new chain of cases. I think 21 days isolation for suspected Ebola patients
will prevent the disease form spreading.
Alyce Anderson Top Commenter
If he was so passionate about improving the healthcare system why did he
go against every code of ethics for a health care professional? You can blame
the Liberian health care system all you want but that doesn't negate the fact
that your husband acted irresponsibly and selfshly when he left the hospital
where he was quarantined and got on that fight to go to Nigeria. As a health
care professional he was aware of the danger he was putting others in but
he didn't care. He wasn't thinking about nobody but himself. He KNEW
he was infected with the virus especially so since his sister had died from
it. He KNEW how easily the virus spreads and he KNEW he was putting
other people lives at risk. This has nothing to do with whether the system is
broken. How do you think the families of all those that died because of your
husband's negligence feel? How do you think the Government of Nigeria
feel? Who do you think these families are blaming, Liberia? Think again.
You can blame the bad health care system, politics and corruption in Liberia
all you want but let's call a spade a spade your husband is not blameless
in this matter. He helped spread the disease among his fellow Liberians
and caused others to die and nothing about that is noble. In fact, he took
the disease to another country and spread it even more. He was rude and
disrespectful to the health care workers both in Liberia and Nigeria. Sorry
for your loss madam, but don't blame everyone else for what Mr. Sawyer
did. After all, others died because of his actions.
Hilary B. Wiagbe Data Manager at Ministry of Health and Social
If Patrick knew all these bad things about Liberia Health System, I think he
could help make a difference. He knew very well that his sister died of Ebola
and he came in contact with her but instead they lied to Catholic hospital
administration and see the numbers of people who have died, these people
were helping to fx our poor Health System. He (Patrick) knew very well that
he was ill but because of fat DSA he force it to Nigeria and now see what
is happening in Nigeria. Follow the story of the American Doctor (Kent),
he isolated himself immediately after he fell ill, these are people who came
from their comfortable homes to help fx our poor health system... BUT your
Late Husband (Patrick) added insult to injury. By God grace this storm will
soon pass over LIBERIA.....
Sydney Nogirlsallow Cooper Geologist at Aureus Mining Inc
Decontee claims that her husband never trusted the health system here but
trusted that one in Nigeria, why did he spilled his urine on nurses after he
was diagnosed of EBOLA? Madam Ellen should be blame for all these
insults. Patrick Sawyer was a Public Health Practioner, what was he doing
in Finance? See what an imported government offcial has done to us. Our
country name has been spoil already then Mad Patrick Sawyer (unquote
Goodluck Jonathan) has damaged it to the worst.
"shoot on sight," "will ask the CIC for 12 AK-47s," "soldiers
fring warning shots in the air" talk? And days later after Kamara
was killed, his alleged shooter, Offcer Wah who has a history of
"disobedience" in the Army was still wielding a gun and on duty
in West Point?
Then there is Defense Minister Brownie Samukai speaking from
both sides of his tongue with contradictions, spin and a cover-up
mood talking of the need for a board of inquiry, not before he
said Kamara died from "barb wire" wounds. But he would later
twist his tongue to say, after "fndings" and watching the video
that "deadly and lethal force" led to Kamara's injuries and death.
Jerry Wehtee Wion,
Journalist and Political Commentator,
Washington, DC, USA.
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 5
Monrovia -
.S. Ambassador to Liberia Deborah R. Malac has
suggested that the American government prefers
a less forceful role by the Liberian military in
the ongoing Ebola crisis in the post-war nation.
Addressing a news conference in Monrovia today,
Ambassador Malac stated: We would like to see the AFL
not being involved in a law enforcement role. They have an
appropriate role, in this Ebola response as does the LNP, BIN
and other security agencies because there is a security aspect
in other cases to this response. But the AFL was intended to
be an external defense force to external threats. We hope that
they will start to see more activity on the part of the LNP and
that they will continue to lead on the security aspect of this
Ebola response. We look forward to seeing the results of the
Ambassador Malacs statement comes in the aftermath of the
recent shooting of 15-year-old Shaki Kamara during a riots
in West Point.
The Food and Agriculture Organization on Monday slammed
the idea of quarantine saying that quarantine zones and
restrictions on movement imposed to help contain the Ebola
disease have severely hampered the transport and sale of
West Point took a violent turn recently after the government
declared the area a quarantine zone. Soldiers opened fre and
used tear gas on crowds as they attempted to evacuate the
township commissioner and her family. The incident was
preceded by another incident after some residents, including
club-wielding youths stormed an Ebola isolation center and
looted the facility. At least four residents were injured in
the clashes as government shut off the area in new security
measures aimed at containing the deadly Ebola virus.
Defense Minister Brownie Samukai initially suggested that
the injury to Shaki was caused by a barbed wire. "The wound
is a superfcial wound, a wound in which the individual was
jumping or was running or through the stampede wounded
himself," said Samukai. "The intention was not to harm
anyone but just to keep the crowd away, instead of the crowd
stoning and trying to hurt. Understand that people are beating
up health workers and they have attacked a police vehicle and
attacked security personnel. We cannot sit there, that is why
we issued the warning shots to keep them away."
The minister said there was no order issued to any soldier
to shoot ammunitions at the crowd: "Once again, I want to
make it very clear, that the Armed Forces of Liberia have not
been issued any orders to shoot to kill anybody out there at
this point in time," said Defense Minister Brownie Samukai
immediately following the riots on Wednesday. "Those
soldiers are under orders from this point, no decision on
the use of those weapons against any person can be issued
without any clear instructions from the commander in chief
U.S. Slams Army Role in Liberia Ebola Response
to the minister of defense and through the chain of command
of the Armed forces of Liberia."
The minister later shifted his position, acknowledging to
FrontPageAfrica that upon further review of photographs and
videos from the scene of the shooting, that left Shaki dead, it
was now clear that both lethal and non lethal weapons were
used in the riots. "I can tell you that after careful review of all
of the photographs and videos from the West Point riots last
week, it has been established that both lethal and non lethal
weapons were used in the shootings," Minister Samukai said
as he confrmed that a board of inquiry will now be set up
to determine what took place last week. It is on the basis of
the new fndings and development that the government has
decided to set up a board of inquiry," Samukai said.
The shooting has already drew concern from the United
Nations Mission in Liberia(UNMIL) whose head, Ms. Karen
Landgren, told a news conference recently that President
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf had vowed that security force would
not use such deadly force again. She said the deadly Ebola
outbreak is having negative repercussions for Liberia.
"We've seen the potential for security to deteriorate, even in
the context of health efforts. The government is committed
to applying the right measures together with communities,
especially Ebola affected communities who need support, who
need understanding and who need basic services," said Ms.
Landgren. "And UNMIL welcomes the President's statement
earlier today that under no circumstances would lethal force
be used again. This epidemic is unprecedented, not only for
Liberia but for the world. It's extraordinary. Liberia's many
partners are determined to fnd an extraordinary response to
meet these needs."
Shaki was buried last week, hours after his mother Eva Nah,
called on the government to allow her to view the dead body
of her son. She told FrontPageAfrica that that she had sent
her son to buy tea for early morning breakfast only to hear
later that he was shot by security offcers. "They fred my son,
I just sent the boy to buy tea that morning and people telling
me they fred my son, they don't want me to see his body, I
feel so bad", Eva told FPA.
A second boy, identifed as Benny-Boy also reportedly
sustained a bullet hole in the stomach during the riots and
was treated at the S.D Cooper Clinic in Monrovia after
family sources said bullet was removed from his stomach
on Friday but the government maintains that it did not order
state security forces to shoot.
The outbreak has killed at least 1,550 of the 3,000 people
in four countries since March - the worst Ebola outbreak
in history. Liberia has suffered the bulk of the casualties
with some 885 deaths reported so far and the virus has not
spread to Senegal which has become the ffth African country
to confrm a case of the virus, after a 21 year-old Guinean
student slipped out of a clinic in his homeland and arrived
in Dakar
Nigeria, where Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer took the
virus to confrmed Monday that a man suspected to have
had the virus from an encounter with Sawyer, died in Port
Harcourt, bringing the total confrmed infections to 17 in
Several international stakeholders have said the crisis could
get worse before it gets better. World Bank President Jim
Yong Kim said this week that people are dying needlessly
because of the world's "disastrously inadequate response" to
the outbreak.
Ambassador Malacs statement Tuesday coincided with a
statement from U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday in
which the American leader expressed continued support for
the countries stricken by the virus. On behalf of the American
people, I want you to know that our prayers are with those of
you who have lost loved ones during this terrible outbreak of
Ebola. Along with our partners around the world, the United
States is working with your governments to help stop this
disease. And the frst step in this fght is knowing the facts,
Obama said.
The U.S. President said the most common way one can get
Ebola is by touching the body fuids of someone who's sick
or has died from itlike their sweat, saliva or bloodor
through a contaminated item, like a needle. That's why the
disease is continuing to spread where patients are being cared
for at home or during burials when families and friends lay
their loved one to rest. That's why health care workers wear
protection like gloves and masks. It's why, if you feel sick
with a high fever, you should get help right awaybecause
with prompt treatment in a medical center, nearly half of
patients can recover. And it's why, when burying someone
who died from this disease, it's important to not directly
touch their body; you can respect your traditions and honor
your loved ones without risking the lives of the living.
Healthcare workers have bore the brunt of the crisis with
more than 140 dead so far. In Liberia Monday, nurses at the
largest hospital, the John F. Kennedy Medical Center went on
strike, refusing to return to work until they were issued with
protective equipment and demanding their August salary and
other benefts.
Wade C. L. Williams, wade.williams@frontpageafricaonline.com

Page 6 |
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Rodney D. Sieh, rodney.sieh@frontpageafricaonline.com
Monrovia -
atrick Sawyer is long
gone, but the ricochet
effect of his death
from the deadly Ebola
virus and his now infamous
journey to Lagos, is still being
debated around the world.
In Nigeria, which reported this
week that the virus has now
infected 17 persons, with some
271 others under surveillance,
all from contacts with Sawyer,
the recurring blame on Sawyer
for transporting the virus
and Liberian authorities for
equally allowing him to board
that ASKY Airlines fight out
of Spriggs Payne Airfeld,
continues to fuel anger
amongst Nigerians, bitter that
a respected doctor, dedicated
nursing staffers had to die as
a result of the misjudgment
of a fgure Nigerian President
Goodluck Jonathan has labeled
a Mad Man.
Jonathans label may have
stemmed from Sawyers
fnal moments and his erratic
behavior documented recently
by FrontPageAfrica after a fact-
fnding mission to Lagos and
recently confrmed in the fnal
medical report of Dr. Ameyo
Stella Adadevoh, the senior
consultant endocrinologist
who became infected with
the deadly Ebola virus while
treating Sawyer.
Late last week, familiarity
rained in neighboring Senegal,
a transport hub and centre for
aid agencies, which became the
ffth African nation to confrm
a case of Ebola after a 21-year-
old Guinean student who had
evaded surveillance in Guinea
arrived in Dakar and reported
himself into a hospital. Like
Sawyer, the student reportedly
was in full knowledge that he
had Ebola but made the trek
to Dakar in hopes of getting a
better treatment.
Decontee Sawyer, widow
of Patrick Sawyer, recently
suggested that the search of a
better treatment may have been
a factor in her late husbands
Lagos sojourn. Mrs. Sawyer
initially explained that Patrick
had no trust in the healthcare
system in Liberia and had
possibly headed to Nigeria
with the hope of receiving
better treatment for his ailment.
Like Nigeria, Senegal is not
taking its transport case likely.
The students bizarre trek has
drawn ire from Senegalese
President Macky Sall who has
suggested a legal redress for
anyone knowingly transporting
a case to another country. Said
Sall: "People should know that,
if it were not for this boy's state
of health, he would be before
the courts," "You cannot be a
carrier of sickness and take it
to other countries," Sall told
State television as reported by
Not Grudge with Guinea,

"People should know that, if it were not for this boy's state of health, he
would be before the courts," "You cannot be a carrier of sickness and take
it to other countries." Senegalese President Macky Sall
Liberians Say
For many Liberians, the
position taken by Nigeria,
and now likely, Senegal runs
disproportionate to Liberias
own origin of the virus from
Guinea where the frst case
jumpstarted it all on March
22, 2014, ended in April, 2014,
mainly affected two counties:
Lofa and Montserrado. The last
case was confrmed on April
10, 2014. Cumulatively, six
cases were confrmed positive
of the virus and all died at the
time, according to the Ministry
of Health and Social Welfare in
But just over a month later, on
May 25, 2014, the MOHSW
says it received an investigation
report of what became the
index case of the second wave
of EVD epidemic (probable
case with no sample collected)
from Lofa County.
The alleged case was a female,
Liberian and married to a Sierra
Leonean. She was admitted on
May 23, discharged against
medical advice on May 25
and died six hours later. The
corpse was prepared and taken
to Sierra Leone by six family
members. Both episodes of the
epidemic were cross border
importation with the frst wave
of the epidemic imported from
Since then Ebola virus disease
has continued to spread in the
country with all 15 counties
now affected.
Today, the numbers in Liberia
are continuing to pile up.
As of August 29, 2014, the
cumulative total of suspected,
probable, and confrmed cases
of EVD in Liberia stood at
1,631, including an updated
total of 392 confrmed cases.
The cumulative total of deaths
stood at 907, including 326
confrmed Ebola-related
deaths. These are the most
updated fgures released by the
But with so much attention
being put on Sawyer, some
Liberians feel the post-war
nation is being unjustly
Since Sawyers death, all but
two airlines SN Brussels
and Royal Air Maroc, have
suspended operations here.
Surprisingly for many, it is the
departure of the African airlines
that has many consumers in
Liberia feeling the pinch.
Those looking to travel to
any of the countries next door
are now required to cough up
at least US$1,500 for a one-
way to Brussels connecting to
Accra, Ghana which is the only
neighbor not publicly pushing
Liberians out or denying them
The actions by countries
shunning Ebola-hit nations
from landing, has been
criticized by the World Health
Organization(WHO), the
United Nations and West
African health ministers. The
WHO has warned against fight
suspensions, the imposition
of travel restrictions and the
closure of borders.
But the warning have at least
for now fallen on deaf ears.
Out of the 590 monthly fights
scheduled to Guinea, Liberia
and Sierra Leone, 216 have
been cancelled, according to
the Offcial Airline Guide, an
airline data provider. Although
14 cases of Ebola have been
reported in Nigeria, fights
to and from the country have
not been affected. Liberia
has been hit greatly by the
cancellations. Air Cte
DIvoire, Nigerias Arik Air,
Togos ASKY Airlines, British
Airways, Emirates Airlines
and Kenya Airways have
together cancelled a combined
76 scheduled fights to Guinea,
70 to Liberia and 70 toSierra
Leone. Like Liberia, several
airlines have stopped fying to
Lungi International Airport.
Air France, under orders from
the French government.
Devilish Sawyer, Obasanjo
In Nigeria, the anger has
somewhat simmered but
resurrects whenever another
death connected to Sawyer
from Ebola surfaces.
Last week, former Nigerian
President Olesegun Obasanjo
was quoted by the Nigerian
online OsunDefender as
saying that Sawyers singular
misadventure has started to
take its toll on the manpower
and the economy of not only
Nigeria but the West Africa sub-
region. It is devilish enough
that Patrick Sawyer had to
spread this, and indeed spread
it to Nigeria in connivance with
some authorities of his country.
Because they knew he had it
before he came to Nigeria.
Femi Fani Kayode, a former
Special Assistant to President
Obasanjo who also served
as Minister of Culture and
Tourism and later Minister of
Aviation took to his Facebook
page recently to slam the
Sawyer as an evil man with
a mission to spread the virus
in Nigeria and kill as many
people as possible.
But some Liberians say, the
anger directed at Africas oldest
republic is unfair, pointing to
an August 14 incident in which
a nurse who came in contact
with Sawyer in Lagos fed
from quarantine and returned
to her home in Enugu. She was
later found and brought back to
This week Nigerian media
quoting the Commissioner
of Health in Enugu State, Dr
George Eze said that the state
has been totally cleared of any
suspected case of Ebola Virus
Disease. Six persons, who had
contact with the feeing nurse
had been put under surveillance
after making contacts with
some persons in the state.
The Ebola outbreak in West
Africa has killed more than
1,500 people in Guinea,
Liberia, Sierra Leone and
Nigeria. More than half of
those numbers are from Liberia
which has a total of 902 deaths
to date. But it is the transport
of another case from Guinea
that is raising concerns about
renewed stigmatization fears
for countries hit by the deadly
Reuters reported last week that
the 21-year-old left Guinea
on Aug. 15, just days after his
brother died of the disease,
according to Guinea's Health
The student reportedly traveled
by road, crossing into Senegal
despite a border closure.
Senegal's Health Ministry said
Sunday that it has since traced
everyone the student came into
contact with, and they are being
examined twice a day. Since
the young man left home, his
mother and a sister have died
of the disease, and two other
brothers are being treated for
it. But like Liberia, fear and
panic is already in the air with
many in Senegal unsure about
the outcome of those already
under quarantine after making
contact with the student from
Judging from the fallout of
the Sawyer debacle, regional
observers say, a clean sheet in

Senegal and no further infection
of the virus could lessen the
likelihood of stigmatization of
Guineans now being blamed
for carrying the virus to Liberia
and now Senegal.
Lingering Stigmatization
What is clear for many is that
the aftermath of Sawyers death
and stigmatization that has
followed traveling Liberians,
and even Guineans and Sierra
Leoneans appears to be laying
the path for strain ties amongst
nationals of ECOWAS nations.
The ongoing strains on social
media networks which saw
Nigerians directing their anger
at Sawyers widow was a clear
indication at the level the
implications of Sawyers death
could reach, if nothing is done
to address the matter.
The anger proved instrumental
in Mrs. Sawyers sudden
turnaround as she sought to
make amends with Nigerians
for her late husbands behavior
which led to the virus entering
Africas most populous nation.
Mrs. Sawyer softened her
tone in a more contrite letter
to celebrated Nigerian blogger
Peace Ben Williams in which
she explained apologized
for her earlier response and
explained that she was a
bit disappointed in her late
husband. He left us all and
started a new family in Liberia.
I was left by myself to now
raise three children alone, one
of which (my 3-year-old at
the time) was diagnosed with
autism. That in itself was a
challenge (and still is). Patrick
left us, and he never turned
back. We only communicated
occasionally regarding our
children. Mrs. Sawyer said she
was under a lot of emotional
stress during labor that she
almost lost her last child.
She accused her late husband
of having another family in
Liberia and abandoning her in
the U.S.
For the foreseeable future, all
eyes will be on those under
quarantine in Senegal after
coming in contact with the
student from Guinea. Unlike
the Sawyer case, there have so
not been any reports of erratic
behavior on healthcare workers
in Senegal. But what the student
and Liberian government
offcial have in common is a
tie to a deadly virus transported
into a neighboring African
country by them both; the end
result, some African leaders are
suggesting, borders criminal
behavior and possible murders,
warranting under any other
circumstances, a day in court,
especially in Nigeria where
there have been suggestion on
some social media network that
a lawsuit could be a possibility.
Page 12 |
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Dolos Town, Margibi County
iberias Ambassador to
Washington Jeremiah
C. Sulunteh during the
weekend made a humble
donation of three thousand bags of
rice, two thousand Ebola washing
buckets and one thousand cartons
of chlorine to be distributed
among Ebola affected families
and quarantined households
throughout the country.
Dolos town in Margibi County,
Millionaire quarter and Civil
compound communities in
Gbarnga, Bong County, three
most devastated by the Ebola
Virus disease were blockaded by
government of Liberia and the
leadership of Bong County almost
two weeks ago to control the
spread of the deadly virus in the
country, received the bulk of the
donation with fve hundred bags
of rice going to each of the areas.
The donations were made by the
Friends of Sulunteh chapters
supporters of the US Ambassador
in these affected areas.
Making remarks on behalf of
the Ambassador, the head of the
group, Joshua Sackie, made a
very emotional statement while
presenting the items to residents.
He asked representatives of these
areas to convey the Ambassadors
heartfelt condolences to families
of those who have lost their loved
ones to the menace.
He said, although the Ambassador
was far away and could not meet
with the people on the ground,
he however could hear their loud
cry for support during this very
diffcult time. The Ambassador
is concern about you people thats
why he has brought these items
to the affected residents, Sackie
Sackie disclosed that Sulunteh has
been looking critically at areas he
would intervene; adding that the
plight of Ebola affected families
is one of those cases which almost
moved him (Sulunteh) to tears.
He said recent media reports about
quarantined areas in Liberia which
brought to light the sufferings of
Ebola suspects who went without
food supply for days and who are
rationed four- cups of rice ( when
available), to each household a day
regardless of their number, was
key to the Ambassadors decision.
On behalf of Sulunteh, Sackie
expressed the hope that the
Ambassadors intervention
will draw the attention of the
international community to the
plight of those Ebola affected
families and quarantined
He noted that if people in
quarantined homes are left
to starve, it will have serious
implication for the Ebola fght
and called on the international
community, particularly WFP
to focus on the feeding of Ebola
affected persons and quarantined
He pleaded with the affected
communities representatives and
to urge the people of Dolos town,
Millionaire Quarter and Civil
Compound communities not only
take maximum care to prevent
themselves but to move vigorously
to eradicate the Ebola virus entirely
from their various communities.
The disease, he lamented, has
disrupted normal economic and
social activities throughout the
country and called on all Liberians
to adhere to the Ebola key
prevention messages to save lives
and maintain the dignity of our
On behalf of the Liberian
Ambassador, Sackie expressed the
hope that the remaining bags of rice
will go to Ebola affected families
and quarantined households in
other affected counties maintaining
that Sulunteh was also considering
support to other vulnerable groups
in the near future.
Sackie also thanked the United
States chapter of the Friends of
Sulunteh for its emergency Ebola
Liberian Ambassador Sulunteh Identifes with
Quarantined Communities, Hospital in Ebola Fight
assistance and called on well-
meaning Diaspora-Liberians to
assist their people in this diffcult
and trying time.
Responding, the City Mayors
of Dolos Town, Emmanuel
Fartumey, on behalf of the
people his profound thanks
and appreciation for the timely
donation which he said would
go a long way in alleviating their
He said the people of Dolos
Town are not surprised at such
intervention, noting that the
Liberian Ambassador has always
come to the rescue of the suffering
people of Dolos Town and
Margibi County generally.
He assured Sulunteh that the
people of Dolos Town will deeply
appreciate the gesture which he
said is coming at a time when it is
needed the most and assured him
that the donation will be used for
the intended purpose.
On his part, the administrator of
Redemption hospital recipient of
60 bags of rice, 20 Ebola washing
buckets and 10 cartons of chlorine
also expressed his thanks and
appreciation on behalf of staffers
of the hospital. He said the staffers
of the hospital consider Sulunteh
as one of theirs.
Similar sentiments were expressed
by residents of Millionaire Quarter
and Civil compound communities
in Gbarnga.
FOS donates crucial cash to Bong
County Task Force
The Friends of Sulunteh also made
a humble donation of US, 1000
to the Bong County Task force.
Making the presentation Sunday
in Gbarnga, Sackie disclosed that
it is to assist the Bong County Task
Force fght Ebola.
A member of the Task Force Dr.
Sampson Arzuakoi, who received
the amount on behalf of the Task
Force, assured that it would be
used for its utmost priority.
He disclosed that the Task Force
was passionately impressed
with the work of the Friends of
Sulunteh who appealed for people
and organizations to contribute to
the Task Force fght against the
Ebola outbreak.
Presenting the amount to the Task
Force, Sackie revealed that the
FOS would try to mobilize more
funds to support the work of the
Task Force and commended the
Task Force for risking the lives
of its volunteers who have left
footprints on the sands of time.
Dr. Arzuakoi further thanked
FOS for the gesture which he
underscored is never too small and
highlighted that the Task Force is
at the forefront in the fght against
Ebola citing its involvement in
awareness raising campaign,
contact tracing and dead body
management and informed that the
they would scale up its intervention
in case management.

A. Macaulay Sombai, sombai121@gmail.com
Selma Lomax, selmalomax@frontpageafricaonline.com
rontpageafrica had
reliably learned that a
motion had been fled to
the 8th Judicial Circuit
Court in Nimba County to admit
to bail 12 Nimba rioters facing
multiple charges including armed
robbery and theft of property.
The defendants detained at the
Monrovia Central Prison since
June have been held in connection
with a recent riot staged in Yekepa,
Nimba County and that of the
Arcelor Mittal mining site in the
town of Zolowee in the county.
The rioting which left the
companys properties worth
several thousand United States
dollars damaged had reportedly
been staged by the locals due to
the alleged failure of the steel
company to settle its social
responsibility promised the
citizens at the time when a 25-yr
concession agreement was signed
between the company and that of
the government.
Informing FrontPagearfca about
the move Monday, the lead defense
lawyer of the defendants Cllr.
Yarmie Gbeisay indicated that why
it is true that the government had
charged the defendants with crimes
such as armed robbery and theft of
property the burden lies with the
state to prove its allegation.
Under the law, if you accuse
anyone of committing crimes you
have to come before the court
and explain how the crime was
committed Cllr. Gbeisay stated.
Cllr. Gbeisay further said that the
state had come out with various
charges against the defendants
some of whom are females that
they allegedly committed armed
robbery and theft of property
but this was the time for the
prosecution to come out and prove
their case as to how the armed
robbery occurred.
According to Cllr.Gbeisay the
request made by the defense
counsel is in good faith to have
the 12 defendants admitted to
bail due to the fact that there was
not suffcient evidence for the
prosecution to rely on to prosecute
prompting the defense to request
the court to admit the defendants
to bail.
By law in criminal cases when
the presumption is not great, and
the evidence is not suffcient what
the court does is to admit the
defendant to bail this is why we
pray the court to do and hope that
the court uses its wisdom to do
exactly that said Cllr. Gbeisay
He stated that the court under the
gavel of Judge Boima Kontoe had
already entertained argument into
the motion and announced to give
its fnal ruling in the matter this
week but felt short to say exactly
the main date.
If the court rules this week and
grant bail to the 12 defendants
it will be the second time for the
court to grant bail to another batch
of defendants since the 8th Judicial
Circuit Court in Nimba County
resumed jurisdiction following the
indictment of the defendants on
multiple charges including armed
robbery by the Grand Jury of the
Circuit Court in the county.
Few weeks ago another batch of
seven defendants were admitted to
bail by the lower magistrate court
in the county when the defense
team of the over 30 defendants
fled similar motion to admit the
defendants to bail due to lack of
suffcient evidence.
Robertsports, Grand Cape Mount
humanitarian from
Grand Cape Mount
County has donated
assorted and sanitary
materials to several towns
including the government
hospital, the motorcyclists union
and four radio stations in the
Humanitarian, Mr. Mohammed
A. Passewe put the cost of the
materials at over four-thousand
four hundred United States
dollars, US$ 4,200.
Mr. Passewe said the materials
were made possible with support
from his friends under the
banner Friends of Mohammed
A. Passewe. He told the towns
where the donations were made
that it is important to protect
themselves against contracting
the virus, adding that the Ebola
Virus Disease (EVD) has no
boundary and it goes beyond
He explained that it was
important to identify with
the people of Grand Cape
Mount especially the health
workers because they (medical
practitioners) have been at the
forefront in helping to save lives,
despite several falling prey to
death as result of the virus.
He pointed out that the
donation was on humanitarian
grounds because the country is
experiencing a period of crisis
and it had nothing to do with
politics. He called on the people
of Grand Cape Mount to put
aside the political and other
differences and join government
through a united front to
eradicate the disease from the
The items donated included
bags of rice, tin of cooking red
oil, cartons of chloride, buckets,
bags of onion, cartons of soap
and table salt, among others.
Several towns beneftted from
the donation including Welor
Town, Madina Town, Teh Town,
Fannoh Town and Bomie Town.
Others were Falie Town, Mano
Town, Latia Town, Senbenhum
Town, Torsor Town and the St
Timothy government Hospital
in Robertsports City and the
Motorcyclists and Intellectual
Union, among others.
Four radio stations were provided
cash to assist them continue to
Representatives from the
eleven towns including the
hospital lauded the Friends of
Mohammed A. Passewe for the
gestures, promising that it will
be used for the intended purpose.
Receiving the items on behalf of
the people of Madena Township,
the town Chief, Mr. Folley
Sherman extended thanks to Mr.
Passewe for his kind gesture and
described him as a true son of the
Town Chief Sherman promised
that the items received will help
in their fght against the virus and
assured that they will continue to
educate their people to follow
all of the steps in order to be
protected from contracting the
Kennedy L. YangIan
kennedylyangian @frontpageafricaonline.com
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 13
Commission on Higher Education Director General long Corruption tale
n an effort to curtail the
rapid spread of the Ebola
virus in the country
group of citizens under
the banner Gbarpolu Citizens
Ebola Response Initiatives
(GERI) based in Monrovia,
Montserrado County has
joined the Ebola fray.
Since the Ebola outbreak in
Liberia, which has killed 902
persons including foreign
doctors, efforts exerted by
the government and her
health related international
organizations remains
The group through it
Chairman Mr. Edrick Noah
told reporters at the donation
ceremony that the gesture is
intended to buttress the efforts
of National Government and
its International Partners
to eradicate the killer virus
out of Gbarpolu as well as
The group on Saturday
August 23, 2014 in Bopolu
city, Gbarpolu County
donated several anti-Ebola
Virus materials worth two
thousand and fve hundred
United States Dollars

he U.S. should do more, including possibly dispatching
military assets, to combat the Ebola outbreak roiling
at least fve African nations, according to Sen. John
McCain (R-Ariz.)
All of us would like to see the United States more involved, he
said on CBSs Face the Nation. We have [U.S. Navy] hospital
ships because they can move from one place to another.
Senegal on Friday became the ffth country to confrm a case of
the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) last week
said there have been more than 3,000 cases of the disease reported
so far in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria.
More than 1,400 people have died to date, making it the worst
Ebola outbreak in history.
Offcials estimate the outbreak could reach as many as 20,000
cases. A WHO plan for battling the disease released last week calls
for halting Ebola transmission within six to nine months through
a variety of preventative measures, such as screening at airports.
The U.S. National Institutes of Health also announced it would
start testing a vaccine on humans soon, though it is unclear when
the vaccine will be available.
Noting that experts have called the outbreak a very, incredibly
dangerous situation, McCain said that if there is a role where
they can play where we can provide additional medical help, I
think all the world would support it.
So we should marshal up all the assets that we have to do what
we can, he said.
(US$2,500) to the citizens of
Gbarpolu County.
The items donated include,
one hundred faucet buckets,
twelve cartoons of chlorax,
20 reams of sheets, two boxes
detergent soap, as well as gas
coupons worth US$90.00.,
among other anti Ebola items.
Said Mr. Noah: We will
continue lobbying with
individuals and Health related
institutions to help us with
some of these items because
our people need to be saved
from the killer virus, he said.
At the same time, the groups
chairperson made a passionate
plead to all citizens to listen
to health workers in order to
prevent themselves from the
virus and was quick to note
that the initiative was void of
political interest.
Meanwhile, the group
has launched a SOS call
to well meaning requisite
institutions and individuals to
immediately aid the charity
group that will enable them
extend it humanitarian works
across the country.
Receiving the donation
Gbarpolu County
Superintendent, Mr. Allen
Gbowee, expressed thanks
and appreciation to the group
for the worthy initiative.
He stressed the need for
citizens to emulate the good
examples of the group in
seeing the need to cater to
their kinsmen in time of need.
He emphasized the challenges
faced by the county in terms
of lack of good road network,
unavailability of ambulances
and the absence of operational
radio station.
he world's
inadequate response"
to West Africa's
Ebola outbreak means many
people are dying needlessly,
the head of the World Bank
said on Monday, as Nigeria
confrmed another case of the
In a newspaper editorial, World
Bank President Jim Yong
Kim said Western healthcare
facilities would easily be able
to contain the disease, and
urged wealthy nations to share
the knowledge and resources to
help African countries tackle it.
"The crisis we are watching
unfold derives less from the
virus itself and more from
deadly and misinformed biases
that have led to a disastrously
inadequate response to the
outbreak," Kim wrote in the
Washington Post.
"Many are dying needlessly,"
read the editorial, co-written by
Harvard University professor
Paul Farmer, with whom Kim
founded Partners In Health, a
charity that works for better
healthcare in poorer countries.
In a vivid sign of the danger
posed by inadequate health
provision, a man escaped from
an Ebola quarantine centre
in Monrovia on Monday and
sent people feeing in fear as
he walked through a market
in search of food, a Reuters
witness said.
The patient, who wore a tag
showing he had tested positive
for Ebola, held a stick and
threw stones at a doctor from
the centre in the Paynesville
neighbourhood who stood at a
distance and tried to persuade
him to give himself up.
At one point, he stumbled and
fell, apparently weakened by
illness. Healthcare workers
wearing protective clothing
forced him into a medical
vehicle and returned him to the
"We told the Liberian
government from the
beginning that we do not want
an Ebola camp here. Today
makes it the ffth Ebola patient
coming outside vomiting," said
a man who watched the scene.
Another witness said patients
at the treatment centre did not
receive enough food.
Ebola can only be transmitted
by contact with the bodily
fuids of a sick person, but
rigorous measures are required
for its containment. There is
no proven cure, though work
on experimental vaccines has
been accelerated.
More than 1,500 people have
been killed in West Africa in
the worst outbreak since the
disease was discovered in 1976
near the Ebola River in what
is now Democratic Republic
of Congo. More than 3,000
people, mostly in Sierra Leone,
Guinea and Liberia, have been
Poor healthcare provision has
exacerbated the challenge.
Liberia had just 50 doctors for
its 4.3 million people before the
outbreak, and many medical
workers have died of Ebola.
Shortages of basic goods,
foodstuffs and medical
equipment have been worsened
by a decision by some
airlines to stop fying to the
worst hit countries. Several
neighbouring states have
closed their borders and many
international organisations
have pulled out their foreign
The World Health Organization
said last week that casualty
fgures may be up to four times
higher than reported, and that
up to 20,000 people may be
affected before the outbreak
ends. It launched a $490
million plan to contain the
Kim and Farmer said that, if
international organisations
and wealthy nations mounted
a coordinated response with
West African nations using the
WHO plan, the fatality rate
could drop to below 20% -
from 50% now.
"We are at a dangerous
moment," they wrote. "Tens of
thousands of lives, the future
of the region and hard-won
economic and health gains for
millions hang in the balance."
Nigeria confrmed a third
case of Ebola on Monday in
the oil hub of Port Harcourt,
bringing the total of confrmed
infections nationwide to 17,
with around 270 people under
A doctor in Port Harcourt
died last week after treating
a contact of the Liberian-
American man who was the
frst recorded case of the virus
in Africa's most populous
country. That raised alarm that
Ebola, which looked on the
verge of being contained in
the commercial capital, Lagos,
may fare up elsewhere.
Senegal, a transport hub
and centre for aid agencies,
became the ffth African nation
to confrm a case of Ebola on
Friday, a 21-year-old Guinean
student who had evaded
surveillance in his homeland
and arrived in Dakar.
"People should know that, if
it were not for this boy's state
of health, he would be before
the courts," President Macky
Sall told state television. "You
cannot be a carrier of sickness
and take it to other countries."
Some shops in the bustling
Senegalese capital ran out of
hand sanitizer on Monday as
concerned residents stocked
The house and shop owned
by the student's relatives in
the densely populated Dakar
neighbourhood of Parcelles
Assainies was disinfected
by health teams. Authorities
placed 20 people who had
come into contact with the
student under surveillance and
were giving them twice-daily
health checks.
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 7
ince the Ebola
outbreak, the
Ministry of Health
and Social welfare
announced several numbers
as Ebola hot lines for citizens
to call health workers for
suspected cases or dead
Unfortunately several
residents in and around
Monrovia have continuously
complained that nobody
picks up these hot lines
whenever a body is
identifed, hence leaving
abandoned or unidentifed
bodies in many communities
or on the streets, unless
attention is drawn through
a riot, by dwellers in those

Is Ebola Hot lines working?
As in the case of the former
Ministry of Education
Building on Broad Street
in Monrovia, an identifed
handicap man with both legs
amputated, died in his wheel
chair right at the entrance of
the building, since Monday
and the body was not picked
up by health workers despite
repeated calls and the
conspicuous location of the
body on the main street of
I know this man from the
street, and he was sick for a
long time, but yesterday he
vomited and toilet on himself
before he died, says Francis
Blama, another handicap in
a wheel chair on the scene.
I think this man die from
cold but because of this crisis
Ebola, everybody thinks it
is Ebola. Since yesterday,
we called the Ebola people
to come for the body but
nobody has come,
It can be recalled that
since the Ebola outbreak,
two separate communities
in Bushrod Island took
to the street and created
road blocks to demonstrate
calling the attention of health
workers to remove several
dead bodies of people who
died in their houses. The riot
that created tension, brought
police on scene, and people
got wounded while some
sellers lose their market.
Since those incidents, many
other communities like
the Du-port community
in Paynesville, Matadi
community in Sinkor and
other places have followed
suit by creating road blocks
to draw attention for bodies
to be removed.
On Sunday in Sinkor, a lady
brought a helpless fve year
old child to the street to call
According to the lady who
is the childs aunt the childs
mother died of Ebola fve
days after, and she brought
her to the street to call
attention because she had
called the Ebola hot lines
but nobody has been able to
come for the child.
According to an eyewitness
on the scene, who did not
want to be named, the little
girl was only picked up by
health workers because a
WHO vehicle stopped and
called the Ministry of Health
and reported the incident.
If the WHO workers had
not called the Ministry of
Health, the child would have
died. And the only reason
the ambulance came, was
because WHO happens
to be a donor partner, and
Ministry says it needs money
for Ebola. So they have to
pretend as though they are
working, the aunt said.
Mae Azango azama20062007@yahoo.com
Mae Azango azama20062007@yahoo.com
Gender Minister frowns on cultural practice in wake of Ebola outbreak

he government of
Liberia has instituted
several measures
including prohibiting
the gathering of people in the
wake of the Ebola outbreak
in the country but it has been
disclosed that in some counties
cultural practices such as Sande
bush where girls are gathered in
one location, doing everything in
common is still being practiced.
With Liberia now leading the
number of cases and deaths
ahead of both Guinea and Sierra
Leone, rural dwellers are still
running and operating Sande
bushes that are considered
traditional Bush Schools, in some
counties including the home
town of President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf, Bomi County, Minister
of Gender and Development has
told FrontPageAfrica.
Gender Minister Julia Ducan
Cassel told FrontPageAfrica
that the practice is dangerous
especially with the ongoing
Ebola crisis.
We have received reports that
currently in Bomi County, there
are Sande bushes being run.
Bringing a group of girls together
put them at risk, because they do
everything in common, said
Minister Cassel.
Dangerous practice
Minister Cassel described
such practice as dangerous and
indicated that people are using
the closure of schools as a means
to gather girls for such practice
that exposes them to contracting
the Ebola virus.
Said Minister Cassel It is
dangerous to run Sande bushes,
and bring a group of people
together. But I think people are
taking advantage of the Ebola
situation because schools are
Minister Cassel noted that
upon getting the news, she
immediately informed the
Minister of Internal Affairs Mr.
Morris Dukuly, who informed
his Assistant minister for culture
to go and ensure that those Sande
bushes are closed.
The Gender Minister observed
that at this time parents should
spend quality time with their
children and get to know them
instead of leaving them to be
in such environment as Sande
Parents should do things in
their communities to keep the
children busy. We are also asking
that parents should engage their
children and tell them stories
of where they came from and
who were their grandparents?
Use the opportunity while you
are staying home so that your
children can be protected. We
are working with UNICEF to
come up with some programs for
the children to keep themselves
busy and stimulate the minds
while they are out of school, the
Gender Minister told FPA.
Meima Sirleaf Karneh, Assistant
Minister for Research and
Technical Services at the
Ministry of Gender, said during
the frst Ebola outbreak, the
Ministry met with the female
traditional zoes educating them
about the danger in clustering
the children because the virus
spreads through contact, and
told them that by having girls
together in the bush, it is very
dangerous at this time.
After we did the awareness,
we received information that
there were sande bushes ongoing
in Bomi. And we reported the
situation to the Internal Affairs
through Mamatouma, who is
the chief zoe, and she promised
to have it investigated, because
they were already told not to run
the bush and put people at risk,
Assistant Minister Karneh said
Mrs. Karneh said during their
visitation in several communities,
there were no sande activities
going; this she observed was due
to the fact that normal schools
were in section and traditional
educational schools could not
interrupt the formal schools.
Undermining Ebola fght
The Assistant Gender Minister
described such practice as
undermining the fght against the
deadly virus.
I do not think people should
take advantage of the Ebola
situation and exploit it. Because
running a sande bush at this time,
is undermining the process of
fghting the Ebola virus. I think
it is wrong and dangerous to do
that, because when one person in
the family gets it, everybody will
get it because it is a silent killer,
she warned.
Speaking about the importance
of girls staying in school,
Assistant Minister Karneh
said in as much as they know
traditional education is good, but
in the modern world, one cannot
easily succeed with it.
When you take the child from
the formal education and put her
in the bush school, the school
year is not waiting for them
while their friends are going
ahead and she is growing and
left behind. At the end of the
time, after she leaves the Sande,
one old man would come and
pay her bride price or dowry
and she starts having children,
and that is violation of the girls
right, she said.
Sande activities ongoing in
several counties
According to Minister Cassel,
the practice is also being carried
out in Lofa County where she
disclosed that during a visit to
the County by Vice President
Joseph N. Boakai, he frowned
on the practice after noticing
they are taking place in one of
two counties worse affected by
the virus.
Also in Grand Cape Mount
County the practice is said to be
taking place at the moment.
Bomi and Grand Cape Mount
where the Sande practice is said
to be taking place are amongst
two of the counties quarantined
by the Government to prevent
further spread of the Ebola virus.
The Government of Liberia in
2012 suspended the practice of
Sande for time indefnite and
warned traditional leaders to
adhere to the mandate.
There has been widespread
western and national
condemnation of the aged old
traditional practice which has
existed in Liberia and other
African countries for centuries.
Page 8 |
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Ref: World Health Organization
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
SOS International
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Republic of Liberia
To: All domestic vessels owners, operators, agents, vessels calling at Liberia seaports,
stevedores, and other port users.
The outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria has gained
global attention to the extent the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared
the outbreak in the four countries as a global health emergency. Prior to WHOs
declaration, the Government of the Republic of Liberia had already declared the
Ebola outbreak in the country as a national health emergency.
Basic information about Ebola:
a. Infection is by direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes)
with blood or body fuids (urine, saliva, feces, vomit, semen, breast milk) of a sick
person or animal or by contact with contaminated objects (such as needles).
b. Symptoms may include the following: fever (usually considered by the
Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to be 37.5 degrees Celsius (axillary)
or higher, but may vary based on how the temperature is measured), severe headache,
muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, or unexplained bleeding or bruising.
c. Symptoms may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to blood or
body fuids of an infected person or animal, although 8 to 10 days is most common. A
person infected with Ebola is not contagious until symptoms appear.
d. There is no specifc treatment or vaccine available.
e. Early recognition of Ebola is important for providing appropriate patient care
and preventing the spread of infection
f. Ebola virus outside the body can be easily destroyed with heat, alcohol-based
products, and bleach or bleaching powder at appropriate concentrations.
Preventive Measures:
a. Avoid contact with all persons experiencing the following symptoms: fever,
headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding
or bruising. If direct contact (within 3 feet) with ill persons is unavoidable, use
appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including face mask, waterproof
gown, eye protection such as face shield or goggles, waterproof disposable gloves. If
exposure to large amounts of body fuids is expected, rubber boots or booties (shoe
covers) are recommended.
b. Avoid all contact with blood and body fuids and any items that may have
come in contact with an infected persons blood or body fuids.
c. Avoid contact with bats and nonhuman primates or blood, fuids, and raw
meat prepared from these animals.
d. Avoid handling the body of someone who has died from Ebola
e. Seek urgent medical attention if you feel sick (fever, headache, muscle aches,
diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding or bruising).
f. Avoiding routine social physical contact (e.g., shaking hands, hugging) may
prevent spread of Ebola or other illnesses from sick persons.
g. Wash your hands regularly with chlorinated water. If chlorinated water is not
available and hands are not visibly dirty, use a waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
h. Handle animals with heavy-duty gloves and protective clothing
i. Wear impermeable disposable gloves while cleaning the ship and throw used
gloves away in BIOHAZARD containers when cleaning is done or if they become
soiled or damaged during cleaning. If cleaning areas are contaminated by blood or
body fuids, also wear face mask, eye protection, impermeable gown, and rubber
boots or booties (shoe covers).
j. When using personal protective equipment, remove equipment carefully to
avoid contaminating hands or clothing, and immediately wash hands.
Mandatory measures to be observed at all seaports and port facilities:
To prevent the further spread of the deadly Ebola virus within the territorial limits of
the Republic of Liberia and support its subsequent elimination, the below measures
MUST BE strictly observed and adhered to without any exception.
a. All port users MUST wash their hands at every entry and exit access point.
b. All port users (including drivers) MUST disembark from vehicles to wash
their hands and be screened for fever upon entry to the port or port facilities;
c. All port users MUST wear appropriate long SLEEVES and long PANTS.
d. All port users for whom contact (within 3 feet) with ill persons is unavoidable
(e.g. health staff) MUST have their own PPE to gain access. Required PPE for persons
who have contact (within 3 feet) with ill persons includes: face mask, waterproof
gown, eye protection such as face shield or goggles, waterproof disposable gloves, and
rubber boots or booties (shoe coverings). SHARING OF PPE IS NOT ALLOWED.
e. All soiled or damaged PPE should be properly disposed of in a BIOHAZARD
container for appropriate safe disposal (e.g. incineration).
f. No boarding of vessels will be allowed except by authorized personnel
performing offcial duties. All authorized personnel boarding vessels must put on
impermeable disposal gloves at the gangway before boarding the vessel and remove
the gloves upon disembarking.
g. All port users MUST seek urgent medical attention if sick (fever, headache,
muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding or bruising).
They should contact the medical facility in advance if possible, and avoid contact
with others while traveling to seek care.
All vessels calling at Liberian seaports and authorized personnel boarding vessels
must observe the below measures:
a. Only authorized personnel performing offcial duties shall have access to
inbound and outbound vessels;
b. All authorized personnel MUST wash their hands with chlorinated water at
the gangway before embarking and disembarking the vessel.
c. All authorized personnel MUST wear long sleeves and long pants. Personnel
must put on impermeable disposal gloves at the gangway before boarding the vessel
and remove the gloves upon disembarking.
d. All port users for whom contact (within 3 feet) with ill persons is unavoidable
(e.g. health staff) MUST have their own PPE to gain access. Required PPE for persons
who have contact (within 3 feet) with ill persons includes: face mask, waterproof
gown, eye protection such as face shield or goggles, waterproof disposable gloves, and
rubber boots or booties (shoe coverings). SHARING OF PPE IS NOT ALLOWED.
e. All soiled or damaged PPE should be properly disposed of in a biohazard
f. No shore leave/pass will be issued to any crewmember except in cases of
medical evacuation at which time the Port Doctor MUST be contacted for further
g. No crew changes will be allowed until further notice
h. All vessels coming into port MUST report passengers/crew members
experiencing any of the following symptoms [fever, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea,
vomiting, stomach pain, unexplained bleeding or bruising] prior to coming into port.
By Directive of the Commissioner/CEO of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Hon.
Binyah C. Kesselly, this 29th day of August 2014.
Useful contact points to report suspected Ebola cases at Liberian seaports:
Ebola hotline: 4455
Monrovia-MRCC: +231 (0) 777290158/e-mail: MRMRCC@lima-liberia.com
Port Clinic: +231 (0) 886516869
Port Safety/Security: +231(0) 886613407/e-mail:gbassinc2@aol.com
Republic of Liberia
Liberia Maritime Authority
P.O. Box 10-9042
100 Monrovia 10, Liberia
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 9
By: Al-Varney Rogers alrogers2008@gmail.com 0886304498
ince the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia, there has been
several units step up to help create awareness and disseminate
information relating to the virus as a means of increasing the
level sensitization about the virus.
One of such units is the Ebola Call center or the Task Force Center
located on the compound of the General Services Agency (GSA),
where telephones are positioned and people working receiving calls
on issues regarding Ebola from communities for onward transmission
to the various response teams from the Ministry of Health and Social
Whether the unit receiving calls and forwarding has made any
meaningful contributions to the fght against Ebola remains to be
established, as organizers of the center are yet to make public success
stories regarding their operations but in the frst disbursement by
the Government of Liberia to several entities and institutions at the
forefront in the fght against Ebola, an amount of US$100,000 was
disbursed to the Call center.
Some believe that the amount is high to used on a call center when
such amount can be used to build more isolation centers given the lack
of space at centers including ELWA and JFK but in the meantime, the
management of the US$100,000 is raising eyebrows as workers at the
call center Monday protested against a proposed US$50 and half bag of
rice a month incentive which the management of the center is putting
Even with the call center, response by medical teams to collect dead
bodies or sick patients is still very slow as communities call repeatedly
to get attention but to no avail for up to three days or in some instances
Agents at the call center who work for up eight hours on a three shift
basis are rejecting the US$50 and half bag of rice offer on grounds that
some of them are college graduates and as such they cannot accept
such offer.
According to sources, on Monday the Call Center was abandoned
by call agents as they gave the management of the center a 24 hour
ultimatum prompting the Ministers of Finance and Internal Affairs to
intervene in settling the impasse.
Top call center offcials out
With the disbursement of such amount to the center, FrontPageAfrica
has gathered that three key offcials of the center who played leading
role in establishing the center and are the decision makers have left the
country for the United States of America.
Wadei Powell, Barkue Tubman and Salarmatu Duncan all senior
members of the Call Center are currently in the United States raising
suspicion on their travels at the time when the center is having internal
In a fnancial report by the Government of Liberia released on August
22, regarding disbursement from the Ebola Trust Fund, the Government
indicated that it has disbursed US$100,000 to the Call center.
Henry Karmo (0886522495)henrykarmo47@gmail.com
-100k disbursed as Workers
reject pittance as pay
iberias Ministry
of Gender and
Development has
launched an Ebola
Preventive Education and outreach
program for Women Community
Based Organizations.
Working with the community
based organizations is the way
to go, if the awareness goes out
those communities will spread
it in Montserrado each one teach
one, on behalf of government
we want to offcially launch this
project, said Gender Minister
Julia Duncan-Cassell.
The initiative launched by the
Gender Minister is a collective
effort by several women NGOs.
The Organizations are the Liberia
Women Media Action Committee,
We4self, Serene Mobile Clinic,
with support from UNDEF,
Minister Cassell said, it is time for
the Ebola fght to be channeled
through community structures.
If it hits one person it kills
everyone and it is time that
we work through community
structures, let the community own
the project, Minister Cassell said.
Minister Cassell said, community
support is essential in the fght
against Ebola.
She further said the government
is a small size and to see people
coming in smaller groups to teach
their community is important.
According to her, the Ministry of
health is overwhelmed, nobody
when to bed and knew the next
morning, we were going to fght
The gender Minister continued I
want to take this time to thank you
for buttressing the government
effort. The issue of Ebola is not
the government alone.
LIWOMAC President Estella
Nelson said the project would
be implemented in twelve
Initially, we are going to begin
in twelve communities old road,
Thinker Village, Du-Port Road,
and New Kru Town etc, said.
The head of LIWOMAC said,
the project intends to empower
communities organizations
adding that it is meant to prepare
them for the fght against Ebola.
We have existing structures
in those communities, we have
women that we have been
working with already, what we
want to do is to strengthen those
organizations, Nelson said.
This is something that should
be going on until this outbreak
is over, we are making them to
take charge of their own affairs,
Nelson continued.
IREX Senior Program Offcer
Patmelia Doe said, the community
approach is the best way in
targeting the outbreak.
For us we believe the community
approach is the strongest, we are
targeting women who are care
givers and the most affected when
it comes to Ebola, Doe said.
She furthered Women are
affected the most because we are
the care givers, we need to target
the women if this Ebola should
not spread, for us to empower
women is extremely important in
this fght.
Doe said her institution would
support community peace
initiative program.
Doe said In the coming days
we will support communities
initiatives to bring peace in
the communities because this
outbreak has brought a lot of
n the aftermath of the
Ebola crisis in Liberia,
several offcials have
fed the country for
safety elsewhere prompting
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
to recently order all offcials
working under the Executive
Branch of Government to
return to the country or face
It seems the national Legislature
could be threading the same
path as the President as the
body on Tuesday endorsed a
motion demanding the return
of lawmakers who have not
been reporting to work giving
a one week ultimatum.
The lazy work attitude
exhibited by Liberian
lawmakers on their Jobs has
been over the years reported by
the local media and some civil
society and non-governmental
Some institutions have
repeatedly reported about
lawmakers staying away
from session, or making no
contributions to discussions
on the plenary foor intended
to better the livelihood of the
This attitude is seemingly
getting noticed not only by
the media, public and civil
society groupings but by
lawmakers themselves who
see their colleagues action as
a complete disservice to the
people who elected them to
serve as their representatives at
the level of the legislature.
On Tuesday September 2,
during one of their regular
sessions, Representative
George Mulbah (NPP-District
#3-Bong County) raised the
issue about his colleagues
attitude to travel out of the
country in the wake of the
outbreak of the deadly Ebola
virus that has led to the
imposition of a state of the
In his argument, the Bong
County lawmaker requested
plenary to instruct the House
Committee on Rules, orders
and administration to present
a listing of all Lawmakers
who have legitimate excuses
to travel out of the country or
into their districts during these
period of state of emergency.
Representative Mulbah said:
Mr. Presiding and honorable
members it is about time that
plenary as the highest decision
making body gives timeline
to all lawmakers to return to
work and jointly work with the
executive to address the current
situation in the Country.
In keeping with plenary rules,
lawmakers are only allowed
to be absent from session for
14 days with approval from
the speaker anything to the
contrary is in violation of the
plenary guideline.
Article 87 (A) of the Liberian
constitution calls for the
Legislature to immediately
convene in special session if
they are on agriculture break
and remain in session during
the entire period of the state of
In a motion fled by
Representative Tokpah Mulbah
(CDC-District #1 Bong
County) and former deputy
speaker of the 52nd National
legislature he called for the
plenary to in consultation with
the offce of the speaker and the
Committee on Rules, Orders
and Administration write those
lawmakers staying away from
session instructing them to
return to work within 72 hours.
The motion was seconded,
and amended that the 72 hours
be extended to one week to
provide some lawmakers out
of the country more time to
return which he accepted but
failed to say in his action what
punishable measures will be
instituted against violators.
Some of the lawmakers that
have been absent from session
for the past three weeks
include; Samuel Gayah (UP-
District #1 Bomi County),
Edward Karfa (NDC- District
#5 Bong County), Gerthrude
Lamin (UP- District #3
Gbapolu County) Emerson
Kamara (LTP- District#3
Grand Cape Mount County),
George Blamo (UP-District#1
Grand Kru County) Eugene
Fallah Kparkar (LP-District
#1 Lofa County) on sick leave,
James Biney (NPP-District !
Maryland County) and Bill
Twehway (UP-District#1
Montserrado County)
Others include; Munah Pelham,
Larry Younquooi (APD-
District#8 Nimba County),
Jeremiah Mccaulay, (NDC-
District#2 Sinoe County) and
Jefferson Kanmoh (APD-
District #1 Sinoe County).
Recently similar action was
taken by President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf ordering all
offcials of government under
the Executive Branch of
Government who traveled out
of Liberia without excuse to
return home or risk dismissal
from government.
Two weeks after the Presidents
order it was announced that
some government offcials
have been relieved from their
post though the Executive
Mansion failed to resale the
names of offcials affected by
the action.
Page 10 |
Wednesday, September 3, 2014
MONROVIA (Reuters) -
cores of healthcare
workers at Liberia's
main hospital have
gone on strike over
unpaid wages, complicating
the fght against the world's
worst Ebola epidemic that
the U.S. disease prevention
chief said was spiraling out of
As well as the quickly
mounting human toll, the
United Nations warned the
spread of the fever could lead
to food shortages in West
Africa, potentially further
depleting the resources of
governments frantically trying
to contain it.
The World Health Organization
and other international bodies
are scrambling to support of
fragile healthcare systems in
some of the world's poorest
countries, but so far additional
staff and resources have been
slow to arrive on the ground.
More than 120 healthworkers
have died during the Ebola
outbreak amid shortages of
equipment and trained staff
in the region. That is nearly a
10th of the total 1,550 killed by
the disease, mostly in Liberia,
Sierra Leone and Guinea.
The strike at the John F.
Kennedy Medical Center
(JFK) in Liberia's capital
Monrovia follows a one-day
protest over pay and conditions
at the Connaught hospital
in Sierra Leone's capital on
Monday. Both hospitals have
treated Ebola patients.
ello. I want to take
a few moments to
speak directly to
youthe people
of West Africa, especially in
Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea
and Nigeria. On behalf of the
American people, I want you
to know that our prayers are
with those of you who have lost
loved ones during this terrible
outbreak of Ebola. Along with
our partners around the world,
the United States is working with
your governments to help stop
this disease. And the frst step in
this fght is knowing the facts.
First, Ebola is not spread through
the air like the fu. You cannot get
it from casual contact, like sitting
next to someone on a bus. You
cannot get it from another person
until they show the symptoms of
the disease, like fever.
Second, the most common way
you can get Ebola is by touching
the body fuids of someone who's
sick or has died from itlike
their sweat, saliva or bloodor
through a contaminated item,
like a needle. That's why the
disease is continuing to spread
n Internet video
posted online
Tuesday purported to
show the beheading
of U.S. journalist Steven Sotloff
by the Islamic State group,
which called it retribution for
continued U.S. airstrikes in Iraq.
Sotloff, 31, who freelanced
for Time and Foreign Policy
magazines, had last been seen
in Syrian in August 2013 until
he appeared in a video released
online last month by the Islamic
State group that showed the
beheading of fellow American
journalist James Foley.
Dressed in an orange jumpsuit
against the backdrop of an arid
Syrian landscape, Sotloff was
threatened in that video with
death unless the U.S. stopped
airstrikes on the group in Iraq.
In the video distributed Tuesday
and entitled "A Second Message
to America," Sotloff appears
in a similar jumpsuit before he
was purportedly beheaded by an
Islamic State fghter.
The Associated Press could
not immediately verify the
video's authenticity. The
SITE Intelligence Group, a
U.S. terrorism watchdog, frst
reported about the video's
where patients are being cared
for at home or during burials
when families and friends lay
their loved one to rest.
That's why health care workers
wear protection like gloves and
masks. It's why, if you feel sick
with a high fever, you should get
help right awaybecause with
prompt treatment in a medical
center, nearly half of patients
can recover. And it's why, when
burying someone who died from
this disease, it's important to not
directly touch their body; you
can respect your traditions and
honor your loved ones without
risking the lives of the living.
Stopping this disease won't be
easybut we know how to do
it. You are not alone. Together,
we can treat those who are sick
with respect and dignity. We can
save lives. And our countries can
work together to improve public
health, so this kind of outbreak
doesn't happen again. In this
urgent workand in building
a stronger and more prosperous
Africayou'll continue to have
a partner in me and in the United
States of America.

nternational medical
agency Medecins sans
Frontieres said Tuesday
the world was "losing the
battle" to contain Ebola as the
United Nations warned of severe
food shortages in the hardest-hit
MSF told a UN briefng in New
York that world leaders were
failing to address the epidemic
and called for an urgent global
biological disaster response to
get aid and personnel to west
"Six months into the worst
Ebola epidemic in history, the
world is losing the battle to
contain it. Leaders are failing
to come to grips with this
transnational threat," said MSF
international president Joanne
"The (World Health
Organization) announcement
on August 8 that the epidemic
constituted a 'public health
emergency of international
concern' has not led to decisive
action, and states have
essentially joined a global
coalition of inaction."
Liu called for the international
community to fund more beds
for a regional network of feld
hospitals, dispatch trained
personnel and deploy mobile
laboratories across Guinea,
Sierra Leone and Liberia.
MSF said in a statement
accompanying the briefng that
the crisis was particularly acute
in Liberia's capital, Monrovia,
where it is estimated that "800
additional beds are needed".
"Every day we have to turn
sick people away because
we are too full", said Stefan
Liljegren, MSF's coordinator
at the ELWA Three Ebola unit
in Monrovia.
"I have had to tell ambulance
drivers to call me before they
arrive with patients, no matter
how unwell they are, since
we are often unable to admit
MSF said that while its care
centres in Liberia and Sierra
Leone were overcrowded,
people were continuing to die
in their communities.
"In Sierra Leone, highly
infectious bodies are rotting
in the streets," their statement
The Ebola outbreak has killed
1,552 people and infected
3,062, according to the latest
fgures released by the WHO.
At current infection rates, the
agency fears it could take six
to nine months and at least
$490 million (373 million
euros) to bring the outbreak
under control, by which time
over 20,000 people could be
- Plunged into poverty -
The UN's Food and Agriculture
Organization issued an alert
that restrictions on movement
in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra
Leone had led to panic buying,
food shortages and severe price
"Access to food has become
a pressing concern for
many people in the three
affected countries and their
neighbours," said Bukar Tijani,
FAO Regional Representative
for Africa.
"With the main harvest now at
risk and trade and movements
of goods severely restricted,
food insecurity is poised to
intensify in the weeks and
months to come.
"The situation will have
long-lasting impacts on
farmers' livelihoods and rural
The food security alert
was sounded as the WHO
announced a separate Ebola
outbreak in the Democratic
Republic of Congo has now
killed 31 people, although
it added that the contagion
was confned to an area 800
kilometres (500 miles) north of
The WHO had previously
given a death toll of 13 for the
Quarantine zones imposed
in the epicentre of the west
African outbreak will lead
to food shortages for "large
numbers" of people, the FAO
said, with the main harvest
season for rice and maize just
weeks away.
Production of cash crops like
palm oil, cocoa and rubber is
also expected to be seriously
affected, throwing people
further into poverty.
Guinea, Liberia and Sierra
Leone rely heavily on
imports for cereals and other
- Emergency operation -
The closure of border crossings
where the three countries meet,
as well as reduced trade at
seaports, is strangling supply
and sending prices soaring, the
FAO said.
In Liberia, which has been
hardest-hit with 694 deaths,
the price of the national staple
cassava in market stalls in
Monrovia went up 150 percent
within the frst weeks of
August, the FAO said.
"Even prior to the Ebola
outbreak, households in some
of the affected areas were
spending up to 80 percent of
their incomes on food," said
Vincent Martin, Head of FAO's
Resilience Hub in Dakar,
"Now these latest price spikes
are effectively putting food
completely out of their reach.
This situation may have social
repercussions that could lead
to subsequent impact on the
disease containment."
The UN's World Food
Programme (WFP) launched
an emergency operation on
Tuesday to get 65,000 tonnes
of food to 1.3 million people in
the worst-hit areas.
It said it was deploying 50
additional staff across the three
most affected countries.
The outbreak of Ebola,
transmitted through contact
with infected bodily fuids,
has sparked alarm throughout
west Africa but also further
afeld, with international fights
being cancelled and countries
scrambling to come up with a
Japanese researchers said
Tuesday they had developed
a new method to detect the
presence of the Ebola virus in
30 minutes, with technology
that could allow doctors to
quickly diagnose infection.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Page 11
t was a transfer campaign
which had everything
except a bit of direction.
AC Milans summer
dealings were largely summed
up on the fnal day itself. The
sale of Bryan Cristante to
Benfca baffed many, while the
pursuit of Jonathan Biabiany
also had fans scratching their
When that collapsed after
the Rossoneri had already
announced the deal and
posted pictures of the Parma
man draped in red and black
paraphernalia, they dashed
out for a last-minute purchase
of Atalantas Giacomo
aris Saint-Germain
president Nasser Al-
Khelaif has claimed
that Angel Di Maria
wanted to move to the Parc des
The Argentina international
joined Manchester United
from Real Madrid for a
British-record 84 million but
explained in an open letter to
Blancos fans that his desire had
been to remain at the Santiago
Bernabeu but that he felt he had
been left with no other choice
but to depart.
Al-Khelaif has now alleged
that Di Maria's frst preference
was a transfer to PSG but that
the Ligue 1 champions were
unwilling to meet the asking
manager Louis
van Gaal
has revealed his delight at
securing the season-long loan
signing of Radamel Falcao
from Monaco.
The Red Devils moved
quickly to secure a deal for
the Colombian striker in the
fnal days of the window,
the Premier League giants
beating the transfer deadline
to sign him on a loan-to-buy
deal in the early hours of

fter a total spend of
nearly 200 million,
Louis van Gaal
must now fnd a way
to ft his summer arrivals into a
cohesive system at Manchester
The prospect of three leading
strikers in Radamel Falcao,
Wayne Rooney and Robin
van Persie will provide the
Dutchman with a selection
headache as one is almost
certainly set to miss out on a
starting place every week.
Daley Blind's arrival from Ajax
adds an extremely versatile
player to United's squad - but
nly at Real Madrid.
Exactly 100 days
after winning their
10th European
Cup, Spain's biggest club
crashed to a humiliating 4-2
at Real Sociedad on Sunday
that highlighted the faws of a
baffing transfer policy. Madrid
are weaker now than they were
three months ago.
Madrid missed the suspended
Xabi Alonso terribly in the
Champions League fnal
against Atletico and almost lost
in Lisbon. But they went on to
win it thanks to Sergio Ramos'
late leveller and a wonderful
run by Angel Di Maria in extra-
time. Now, both the Basque
midfelder and the Argentine
winger are gone.
It is not unusual for teams
to cash in on some of their
most marketable players
after a successful season in
continental competition. But
Madrid are not a selling club.
They are the world's richest
team and winning La Decima
should have been the start of
something special.
It still could be. But with
Alonso and Di Maria moved
on, Ancelotti has lost two of
his key players, two vital cogs
in a team which struggled
for months to fnd 'balance'
last season before the Italian
tweaked the formation and
found favour with 4-3-3. Xabi's
return from injury in the role
of deep-lying pivot provided
much-needed stability, while
the reinvention of the Argentine
as a multi-functional 'interior'
strengthened the team in both
attack and defence.
Earlier this summer, two of the
World Cup's leading lights, James
Rodriguez and Toni Kroos, were
brought in at a combined cost of
105 million, but both now need
to adapt to a new team that had
been fring on all cylinders at the
end of last season.
"Madrid kept looking for the
formula when they had already
found it," Real's former striker,
coach and sporting director Jorge
Valdano said last week. How
With Di Maria and Alonso still
at the club, James and Kroos
could have been eased into their
roles. Now, they will be expected
to make an instant impact and
pressure is increasing already
after Sunday's shocker in San
Likewise, the goalkeeping
position remains problematic
as Iker Casillas' crumbling
confdence continues to cause
concern and summer signing
Keylor Navas watches on from
the bench. Madrid, meanwhile,
paid Diego Lopez the remainder
of his contract and let him leave
the club for free. As Casillas
fapped on Sunday, the Galician
saved a penalty and made several
inspired interventions in an
impressive debut for AC Milan
against Lazio. More salt into the
wounds for Real.
"I have an opinion and it's very
clear," Cristiano Ronaldo said on
Sunday. "I can't always say what
I want, but if I were in charge [at
Madrid], I wouldn't have done
things the way they were done..."
Of course he wouldn't. Ronaldo
remembers the fnal in Lisbon
and just how close the team came
to losing until Ramos headed
home deep into stoppage time,
how Madrid wilted without Xabi
in midfeld as Atleti dominated in
the centre for much of the night.
And how, later, Di Maria's zig-
zag run set up Gareth Bale for
the decisive goal in extra-time.
Di Maria made his presence felt,
but Alonso's absence almost cost
them the trophy.
A replica of that trophy now
stands in the club's museum
alongside the previous nine
and president Florentino Perez
proudly poses in front of that
shiny silverware when new
signings are unveiled. However,
it may be a while now before the
club can claim an 11th to sit next
to the fabled Decima.
"The squad is stronger than it
was last year," Ancelotti has
repeatedly said, even though
he would like to have kept both
Alonso and Di Maria.
The Italian is ever the diplomat
and his public support for Perez
and Madrid's transfer policy
is unsurprising because the
decisions, after all, are made
above his head. Nevertheless,
he is the one who must make it
work on the pitch and instead
of building a dynasty after last
season's Copa del Rey and
Champions League wins, he has
to take the team apart again and
put it back together.
Two steps forward, three steps
back. When will Madrid ever
Follow Ben Hayward on
it's currently unclear where
Van Gaal sees the Netherlands
international ftting in.
Goal looks at some the options
Van Gaal has at his disposal.
Should Van Gaal wish to cram all
six of his major summer signings
into a starting formation, 4-3-3
could be the Dutchmans most-
viable option. But even then,
there would be serious faws
with Uniteds system.
Despite being deployed on
the left side of defence for the
majority of Netherlands World
Cup campaign, Blind shone in
a midfeld anchor role for Ajax
and would be better suited to a
similar position at United.
The 4-3-3 also lacks width
on Uniteds right fank. Jones
could be rotated with Antonio
Valencia or Rafael but he is the
more solid defensive option, and
that sturdiness would be needed
given the lack of cover from
In attack, both Van Persie and
Rooney would play either side
of Falcao, who would operate as
Uniteds focal point.
Given Van Gaals perseverance
with a 3-5-2 and his ruthless
selection policy, will Falcao
automatically oust Rooney or
Van Persie?
The Dutchman has three top-
quality strikers at his disposal but
he faces the prospect of leaving
one on the bench for the start of
every game if he continues with
his system.
Rooney and Van Persie managed
38 Premier League goals
between them in their frst season
together at Old Trafford. Their
partnership was disrupted by the
Dutchman's injuries last term but
if both are ft and on form, Van
Gaal has a selection headache.
Dropping a striker, however,
allows United to have a more
balanced midfeld. Michael
Carrick or Blind could play as
the holding midfelder, which
would allow Ander Herrera to
operate as Van Gaals vital No.8.
Juan Mata could be deployed in
a central role, while Angel Di
Maria is a natural left winger and
would also thrive in his preferred

see story on page 11
Spot News FrontPage
he Unity Party National Women Congress has presented some
items on behalf of the party to the national task force on Ebola.
Making the presentation on last Saturday at the General Services
Agency (GSA), Mrs. Sheba Brown said she was glad to present
the items to offcials of the Ebola Task Force on behalf of her party and
the government as a whole as they continue their fght against the deadly
The Items received include 15 bags of rice, 10 gallons of cooking oil, fve
cartons of sardines, fve cartons of Luncheon meat, 20 sacks of water, fve
cartons of chlorine, three cartons of Vita Cubes and fve cartons of soap.
We are glad that the government is taking a lot of measures to combat this
deadly virus and we have come today not for any political reason, but we
have come as nationalist to identify with our government in this time of
We are very please to say thank you to all of those who have been working
with the aim getting raid of this inhuman disease from our beloved country.
She said the partys donation is purely humanitarian and not political.
As we go through these turbulent times in the history of our nation, we
thank all of those who are working tirelessly to combat this virus especially
the government, our medical practitioners, civil society, the international
community, religious leaders and the resilient people of this nation.
Responding, the coordinator of the Ebola Task Force said the donation
made to the institution by the National Women Congress of the ruling UP
will go a long way in supporting the fght against the deadly Ebola virus.
Theo Addis thanks the Unity Party offcials for the donation and promised
that all will be used to fght against the virus from Liberia.
A. Macaulay Sombai, sombai121@gmail.com
UP Women Makes Ebola Donation