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Elu FuelAccounting ver 1.0

Elu Fuel Accounting is an accounting and stock management package for fuel retailers. Business conditions for fuel retailers demand efficiency and accuracy in the processing of fuel supply, sales and transfer of wet stock. It is designed to facilitate effective station management combined with a modern and easy user interface and intelligent business reports.

and easy user interface and intelligent business reports. One of the prevalent problems of managing liquid

One of the prevalent problems of managing liquid products in tank is having inaccurate figures of stock balance and actual sales. This is majorly caused by variance in temperature causing contraction and expansion of the liquid product thereby making wet stock difficult to manage. Elucomputing presents a solution to meet the need of fuel retailers.


Replaces the cost and time consuming process that where once computed by hand while providing more accurate data of stock and precise sales record.

Track/ Manage large volumes of stock across multiple fuel stations.

See where your money is going. See the most cash consuming expense in a single station and across multiple retail stations.

Help reduce the risk of cash and fuel loses by providing accurate computation of expenses, cash deposits, sales, supply opening and closing balances of pumps and tanks.

Provides detail insights of cash flow around business.

Frequently asked questions

Why not spread sheets? Spread sheets are great and they are a necessary tool for small and large business but they do not feet every scenario and have limits of their own.

1. Loss of data. High risk of losing data due to virus, failed hardware, theft e.t.c

2. Contents can be easily altered leading to fraud which can be had to trace.

3. Several people can’t work on a spread sheet at the same time. One has to wait for the other to finish or everyone submits data to a single individual making the process slower and daunting for one individual causing loss of valuable business time.

4. You can’t monitor/view data from multiple stations in real-time resulting in slower communication of information resulting in longer time to take decisions.

5. Excursive information in a single spread sheet. Sometimes on a minimal set of data is needed like a days’ worth of data but there are no easy ways of filter data in spreadsheets

6. Spread sheet get very hard to maintain once data growing.

7. Efficient access control/security cant be implemented in spread sheet applications.

I have and accounting software (Peachtree accounting, QuickBooks, Eluims), why can’t I use them? Peachtree, Quick Books, Eluims are great accounting softwares but they were not created for the complexity and diversity of the Fuel Retail business.

1. Fuel retailers have the need to manage fuel tanks including switching products between them, these accounting softwares do not provide such solutions.

2. There is no room for pump reading and recordings.

The Elu FuelAccouting program for fuel retailers meets these needs.


Customer Invoicing

Stock Tracking

Business Report

Expense and cash flow management

Business Accounting

Role Based Security


Customer Invoicing & Credit Sales

Customer Invoicing & Credit Sales Business Reporting Expense Management

Business Reporting

Customer Invoicing & Credit Sales Business Reporting Expense Management

Expense Management

Customer Invoicing & Credit Sales Business Reporting Expense Management

Business Accounting (Impress)

Business Accounting (Impress) Role Based Security Pricing Elu FuelAccounting comes in two editions with two deployment

Role Based Security

Business Accounting (Impress) Role Based Security Pricing Elu FuelAccounting comes in two editions with two deployment


Elu FuelAccounting comes in two editions with two deployment choices

Basic Pricing


Deployment Options


On Premise


Standard Edition

Please contact us

100,000 per annum

Enterprise Edition

Please contact us

160,000 per annum


60,000 per annum



50,000 per station


Standard Edition The standard Edition is meant for small fuel retailer with just a single Fuel Station. It takes care of cash flow, Expense, Stock Management and Sales.

Deployment Options


This is the recommended option for all our clients intending to use Fuel Accounting as it often requires a lower startup cost. The software will be hosted on our servers on the internet for an annual fee. Listed below are some of the benefits

1. Lower startup cost.

2. Constant software updates with no additional cost on new editions.

3. No server hardware or software licensing and maintenance cost.

4. More reliable backup.

5. Station owners

can get insight to their business remotely and any given point in time without


6. Support for multiple station.

On Premise

This is recommended only when the client is located in an area of poor or very unreliable internet services. The cost implication is that the client will have to buy addition hardware’s and software’s which include

Core 2 duo 4gb Ram CPU with monitor and Ups


Windows 7 Ultimate Edition


Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition is meant for fuel retailer with multiple station and provides extra features such as

Stock transfer for transferring product from one station to another.

Managing multiple impress accounts and disbursement of cash across impress accounts.

Summary and detailed report of station to station activities such as sales, stock, expenses and cash flow.

Assigning users to stations. Users will only see and perform activities to the station they are assigned to.

Deployment Options

On premise

Due to the multi-station functionality of the software, this option is not feasible for most clients as it entails them having and existing complex network infrastructure. For further details on this please contact us


This is the recommended choice for multi-station fuel retailers and provides an excellent way to manage stations across many locations


Comes with support for the stations once deployed.



2 branches

160,000 per annum

Additional branches

60,000 per station per annum

Training and Support

Training: Staffs will receive three day training on how to perform their specific job role on the software. Training period can be extended if found necessary. It is expected that staffs should have some basic computer skill in order to undergo this training.

Support: Client support is of three categories,

1. Mail

2. Telephone

3. Field

Clients will receive direct mail and telephone support 7days a week within business hours while Field support will be free within the first 90days of the software been deployed. Clients requiring Field support after the 90days will be required to sign up for an annual support and service plan. Renewing of the service plan can be done yearly or be broken into 6month intervals.


Cost (Online)

Cost(On premise)

1year support plan



6month support plan