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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 03 September 2014 for 03 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola !"e Prepared by Nicola !"e

Pa#e 2 $%P&S '&(&S
Pa#e 3 A&&S &S)P*
Pa#e 4 '&($%P &S+,-
Pa#e . &S+A '&()P*
Pa#e / $old 0T1 2il
Pa#e 3 A4 S&P.00
Tal"in#5-ore6 is !ni7!e in that it is the only a!dio service in the 8orld that is available 24 ho!rs a day and e6cl!sively
for -4 traders9 1t is delivered by o!r hi#hly s"illed team of Tal"in#5-ore6 analysts aro!nd the cloc" from S!nday
evenin# thro!#h to -riday evenin#9 'very member of o!r team has a different mar"et speciality and each one has a
n!mber of years e6perience 8or"in# for an investment ban": hed#e f!nd or financial ne8s a#ency9
;ost importantly Tal"in#5-ore6 analysts are completely independent and ne!tral in their opinions9
aily vie8 1t 8as a bearish false brea" < bear fla#9 =ery bi# move day after the narro8est ran#e
8ee" since 20029 Tar#et is still 19/2>3 & 2012 triple top level b!t 8on?tr be a strai#ht line9
+an@t sell her after s!ch a bi# do8n day: 8ait for a bo!nce to add
-o!r ,o!rly vie8
(esistance 19/.0/ 19/.3/ 19/./0 19//30AmaBorC 19/// AmaBorC
S!pport 19/4.05./AmaBorC 19/3/053. 19/2>3AmaBor & s8in# tar#etC
Still bearishD Side8ays consolidation day: still #rindin# to8ards the bi# .0fib at 193013 A2012 lo8
E 2014hi#hC
,o!rly vie8
S!pport 193111 1931 193013AmaBorC
(esistance 19314.AmaBorC 1931/0 1931>3 19320F 193243AmaBorC
aily vie8 A #ood sell off here 8ith stron# dollar across the board9 Side8ays ran#e tradin#
contin!es9 ,ard to decide if this is inverse ,&S: mi#ht B!st be a ran#e 999
-o!r ,o!rly vie8
(esistance 09F2>/ 09F323 09F3.3 09F330533
S!pport 09F230534 09F23>Aprev do!ble bottomC 09F20.5>AmaBor E ran#e bottomC
aily vie8 E No let !p in the b!llishness: mar"et seems determined to ta"e o!t the )an14 hi#hs
at 10.9433 & fibonacci cl!ster says 10.9.>5/0 ne6t9 Still a little overbo!#ht altho!#h easin#
off 999
-o!r ,o!rly =ie8
S!pports 1049/F 104944 104923 1039F.5104903AmaBorC
(esistance 10.943A2014hi#hC 10.9/0AmaBorC
aily vie8 E harmonic b!llish pattern noted yesterday tri##ered & 8e are at the first tar#et
093F34 Aa place to short to tar#et 093F4/C '&( 8ill be a to!#h trade ahead of '+% tomorro89
4 ho!r chart vie8
S!pport 093F/3 093F4454/ 093F33 093>F0 093>3.AmaBorC
(esistance 093F345>0AmaBorC 093FF3 09>03.AmaBorC 09>034AmaBorC
aily vie89 %!llish brea"o!tG b!y dips G no8 bac" to retest resistance becomes s!pport at
09F1>4 also #ood s!pport 09F130 & 09F1.. for tar#ets at 09F2>0 & 09F3F05F400
-o!r ,o!rly chart vie8
S!pports 09F1>05>.AmaBorC 09F130
(esistance 09F200 09F220 09F243 09F234 09F313
aily =ie8 ,as rallied 8ith the stron# &S this 8ee" b!t still in consolidation ran#e belo8
do!ble top9 Li"e A&&S a ran#e trade9 At minor resistance 190F42 this mornin#
,o!rly vie8
S!pport 190F10 190>>/ 10>9.3 190>04 AmaBorC
(esistance 190F42 10F9.3 190F>.AmaBorC
aily vie8 E bro"e the nec"line or ran#e top to test 200F triple top levels 13>924
aily marab!Ho line s!pport 1339/1 co!ld be #ood lon# entry today9
-o!r ,o!rly vie8
S!pports 1339/1 133933 133903
(esistance 13>900 13>924 A200F triple topC 13>9//5/F
aily vie8 E (esistance at the .0fib & bearish A%I+ rolled #old over to ne8 lo8s9
12/0 s!pport is "ey 8here the decline from the )!ly hi#h is an e7!al A%I+ from A!#!st hi#h9
,o!rly vie8
(esistance 123.93053/ 12>3 12F35F. 130.5/AmaBorC
S!pports 12/49F0AmaBorC 12/0AmaBor trend s!pportC
OIL &S 0T1 cr!de 2ct f!t!res9
aily =ie8 E %earish reversal at s!pport becomes resistance level F/9009 F29/4 lo8 needs to
hold as do!ble bottom or li"ely ne6t s!pport is F19235.0
-o!r ,o!rly chart
S!pport F2933 F19.0AmaBorC F1923A)an lo8C
(esistance is at F49.0 F.9F0 F/93.
aily vie8 E still holdin# belo8 the /19>fib ratio & li"ely is a 2
le# lo8er to 3>9fib at F333
side8ays consolidation contin!es9
-o!r ,o!rly vie8
S!pport at F430AmaBorC F411 F333
(esistance F.30 F/1>AmaBorC F34> F3F.AmaBorC
aily vie8 hi#h roller doBi E volatile day9 '6pect after ne8 all time hi#hs a bac" and fill 8ee":
prefer short side b!t too many B!mpin# in co!ld stop any sell off dead9
,o!rly vie8
(esistance 2013AmaBorC 20.0AmaBorC
S!pport 200. AmaBorC 2000 1FF. 1FF1930