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Our Wylo II the story so far by Gary Willmott

Early this year I finally got around to asking Vicki (my partner of then some eight years) if she was
interested in having kids. I got the definitive NO so I asked her what was REALLY on my
mind would she like to build a boat?

With a positive response in hand
I purchased plans (set # 104)
from Nick in June. (Id seen two
Wylos in the Pacific many years
earlier when cruising a Contessa
26 and liked the design bigger,
dryer gotta be good!)

I ordered steel in August, having
first located a building site,
purchased a gas axe, grinders
welders, site shed and etc and
Vicki and I commenced work
towards the end of the year.

Left: The site selected was
Kings Wharf, a waterfront
warehouse/dry-dock precinct on
the Tamar River in Launceston, Tasmania.

By Januarys end all the frames were built and standing up, and the chine bars, stringers and keel
plate were attached a definite boat shape had appeared - things were going very fast indeed. Once
commenced the plating also proceeded apace.
Right and below: plating
about to start.
Vicki grinding bits.

Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott
May: Vicki decides it is NOW TIME to
have a baby (crikey already too late to go
for the 35 footer).

June: been very busy Vicki now

Oct: Rollover day arrives. My day job is
with the Tasmanian park
management agency big 4WD
vehicles with winches are standard
tools of trade two were used to
haul the boat over with a local
forklift to prevent it going to far.

Above: turning over, the 4WDs are
out of the picture to the left.

Left: Vicki, just prior to Chrissy 1999 now too far
gone, she has hung up the grinder! looks like its
now my project from this point forward good job
the boats nearly finished!

Below: Yanmar 12 horse, single cylinder,
with fuel tank behind

March: become proud father of Zeke.

Sept: hull fully welded, ballast in, tags for fit out
welded, tanks complete, rudder welded,
engine and stern tube fitted.

Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott

Above: the boat almost ready for launching! Note centerboard and top half of case on the far left

Feb/March: Second sand blasting and painting, followed by deck beams, decking and hatches.
April: Vicki announces that we cant just have one child!
May: Nina conceived.
June: Commence fitting out it will not be long now!
November: My employer transfers me to the south end of Tasmania
we have the boat trucked to Vickis parents farm at
Kettering, just south of Hobart.

Three above from the top: Dad and boy take some time out.
Goodbye Launceston;
Arriving at Vickis parents farm, Kettering (south of Hobart).
Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott
Having trucked the boat south all work on it temporarily halts as I need to urgently expand our very
tiny Hobart house to accommodate a growing family.

February our daughter Nina is born

September work finally
recommences on the boat fit-out

Right: Dad and the boy hard at


Left: Dad and the boy take a little

April, insulation is sprayed into boat, I
am also building hollow oregon spars,
and of course, the BLOODY FIT-

Right: Nina and Zeke masking up the
aft cabin prior to spraying insulation.
Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott
The mast and deck fittings are
also being fabricated

Right: engine box in foreground
with L shaped galley behind

August the fit out is
finished!!!!! Unbelievable
Above: View past galley of
portside settee and drop leaf table
over centerboard case. The head is
behind the bulkhead (can just see
three hinges of head door)

Above: Starboard settee, dry exhaust pipe hooking out of engine box (attached to
ancient 12 hp Yanmar), Nina in front of chart table with kidee locker entrance in
background (under aft deck)

Right: Vicki becomes Doc Vicki in August too!
But not the stethoscope kind says Nina
Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott

Left: Doc Vicki
sail making
during the last
quarter of 2005.

January boat launch day has

Right: down the paddock!
Above: up the road!

Right: and Dad carefully guides it
into the drink! Zeke is now 6 and
Nina 4 years old!
Our Wylo II story (cont) by Gary Willmott

Right: our first sea trial, March 2006

Below: note the small foot well, the coaming and
compass over the hatch cover

Left: Christening Day:
May 2, 2006

Following extensive
speechifying, cut short
when a boarding party of
under 7 year-olds
threatened violence, the
boat is named Kallisto.
Shes a 32