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Technical Analysis & Levels Technical Analysis & Levels

for 04 September 2014 for 04 September 2014

Prepared by Nicola D!e Prepared by Nicola D!e

Pa"e 2 #$P%SD &%'%SD
Pa"e ( A%D%SD %SD)P*
Pa"e 4 &%'#$P %SD+,-
Pa"e . %SD+AD &%')P*
Pa"e / #old 0T1 2il
Pa"e 3 DA4 S&P.00
Tal!in"5-ore6 is ni7e in that it is the only adio service in the 8orld that is available 24 hors a day and e6clsively
for -4 traders9 1t is delivered by or hi"hly s!illed team of Tal!in"5-ore6 analysts arond the cloc! from Snday
evenin" thro"h to -riday evenin"9 &very member of or team has a different mar!et speciality and each one has a
nmber of years e6perience 8or!in" for an investment ban!: hed"e fnd or financial ne8s a"ency9
;ost importantly Tal!in"5-ore6 analysts are completely independent and netral in their opinions9
Daily vie8 $earish do<i day on the 19/4/( spport level =;arch s8in" lo8>9 No bonce9 Tar"et
is still 19/2?( & 2012 triple top level bt 8on@t be a strai"ht line9
+an@t sell here yet: 8aitin" for a pattern to add9 No screamin" trade here
-or ,orly vie8
'esistance 19/.0/ 19/.(/ 19/./0 19//(0=ma<or> 19/// =ma<or>
Spport 19/4.05./=ma<or> 19/(/053. 19/2?(=ma<or & s8in" tar"et>
Still bearishA ,orly bear fla": bac! and fill: still bearish & "rindin" to8ards the bi" .0fib at
19(013 =2012 lo8 B 2014hi"h>
Trade 1dea5 sell a brea! of horly fla" 8ith a 1. pip stop for a retest of the lo8s & 19(0?0 ne6t
,orly vie8
Spport 19(111 19(1 19(0?0 19(013=ma<or>
'esistance 19(14.=ma<or> 19(1/0 19(1?( 19(20C 19(243=ma<or>
Daily vie8 1f this is an inverse head and sholders 8e are approachin" the nec!line a"ain 8ith a
brea!ot lon" opportnity9 ;i"ht need to consolidate a bit before hi"her9
Trade idea B by dip bac! to 09C(2? for a potential nec!line brea! to 09C410 & 09C4./
-or ,orly vie8
'esistance 09C(.3 09C(3053( 09C410 09C4./
Spport 09C(2?=ma<or> 09C2?/ 09C230534 09C2(?=ma<or> 09C20.5?=ma<or5ran"e bottom>
Daily vie8 B consolidation: possible bll fla" stayin" close to 10. level for no89 %pside tar"ets
still at 10.940 & fibonacci clster says 10.9.?5/0 ne6t9 &asin" off overbo"ht conditions999
,orly Die8
Spports 1049/C 104944 104923 10(9C.510490(=ma<or>
'esistance 10.94(=2014hi"h> 10.9/0=ma<or>
Daily vie8 B 0hat a ripper 8ith the sell off in #$P bt there is ma<or event ris! here today 8ith
the &+$9 The &%' shorts are very fll trade 1 still favor byin" dips bac! to spport9
4 hor chart vie8
Spport 093C3?5?2=ma<or> 093C/( 093C4454/ 093C(( 093?C0 093?3.=ma<or>
'esistance 093CC3 09?0(.=ma<or> 09?034=ma<or>
Daily vie89 Pll bac! to retest resistance becomes spport at 09C1?4 also "ood spport 09C130
& 09C1.0 for tar"ets at 09C2?0 & 09C(C05C400
-or ,orly chart vie8
Spports 09C1?05?.=ma<or> 09C130 09C1.0 09C11(
'esistance 09C200 09C220 09C24( 09C234 09C(1(
Daily Die8 Still in a consolidation and li!e A%D%SD a ran"e trade or potential inverse ,&S since
;ay9 +old "o either 8ay here: 8aitin" for clarity: this pair reacts 8ell to N-P later this 8ee!9
-or ,orly vie8
Spport 190C10 190??/ 10?9.3 190?04 =ma<or>
'esistance 190C42 10C9.3 190C?.=ma<or>
Daily vie8 B bro!e the nec!line to test the stops & then tested 200C triple top levels 1(?9249
;a<or event ris! today 8ith &+$ bt 1 li!e marabEo line 1(39/1 or 1(39(4 for lon" entries9
,orly vie8 B small bear fla"
Spports 1(39/1 & 1(39./ 1(39(4 1(390(
'esistance 1(?900 1(?924 =200C triple top> 1(?9//5/C
Daily vie8 $ro!e Trendline from Dec1( lo89 2ften (
trendline toches are false brea!s so 8e
need to "et bac! above this 8ee!9 Fey resistance therefore is 123.9 12/0 is trend spport9
Daily vie8
'esistance 123.9(053/ 12?( 12C(5C. 1(0.5/=ma<or>
Spports 12/49C0=ma<or> 12/0=ma<or trend spport>
OIL %S 0T1 crde 2ct ftres9
Daily Die8 B $earish consolidation belo8 C/9009 C29/4 !ey spport or li!ely ne6t level is C192(5
.09 1@m still sellin" rallies despite yesterdays bi" rip hi"her
-or ,orly chart
Spport C2933 C19.0=ma<or> C192(=)an lo8>
'esistance is at C49.0 C.9C0 C/9(.
Daily vie8 B *esterdays brea! hi"her shold be bllish9 Some easin" from Dra"hi spports
stoc!s9 This cold still be a false brea! bt if 8e hold above C/00 its a by here or at C.3. to
C3.0 & C3?.5C.
-or ,orly vie8
Spport at C.3. C.(0 C/005C/1?=ma<or> C430=ma<or> C411 C(((
'esistance C/1?=ma<or> C34? C3C.=ma<or>
Daily vie8 The brea! above 200. hi"hs failed to hold and closed belo8 8hich is a potential sell
si"nal a"ainst a stron" ptrend9 AA11 blls at 1(G =lo8est ever> is a ma<or 8arnin" to lon"s9
Trade 1dea B 1 8old attempt small shorts on a retest of the 200.5/: above 200? short is 8ron"9
,orly vie8
'esistance 2013=ma<or> 20.0=ma<or>
Spport 200. =ma<or> 2000 1CC. 1CC19(0