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1. The schedule hierarchy is not clear. Key milestones should be identifed. Break
the activities with long duration into more manageable segments. The lowest
level activities should not have duration of more than 30 days.
2. Some activities have been left open ended. nly two !"# open$ended activities
%&ro'ect Start and %&ro'ect (ompletion) are allowed.
3. (onstraints shall only be used for %&ro'ect Start*) and %&ro'ect (ompletion.)
The use of any other imposed constraints is not allowed.
4. The over all construction should include early start* early fnish* +oat. , -loat
!free slack# of at least 30 days should be maintained in key aspects of the
programme. , critical task calculation threshold should be seven !.# days of
slack* for all activities.
5. &rovide Schedule /isk ,nalysis. 01plain* assumptions made for determining
activity durations* restraints* activities re2uiring special permits and
coordination* long lead delivery items* or other signifcant re2uirements which
could a3ect schedule. 4dentify and 2uantify potential5possible impacts to a
schedule to determine the probability of schedule success. 4dentify high$risk
activities and resource risks !such as tower material* S4 rigs* 01cavators56ack
7ammers sourcing# and prepare contingency plans and mitigation strategies.
6. /esources should be assigned to all activities. 8anpower histogram should be
submitted. (onstruction e2uipment to be deployed in construction of access
roads* number of S4 9 01cavators56ack 7ammers and TS0 to specifed.
7. :eightage to be assigned in proportion ;0< procurement* ;0< erection
8. Tower manufacturing activities should be presented per Tower type and linked
to testing.
9. utage re2uirements should be clearly indicated. ,ctivities that re2uire outage
should be identifed. utage of each particular circuit with the time re2uired
should be specifed.
10. There is a considerable time gap between Supply of materials like (onductor*
&=:* -ittings* ,:S etc.* and stringing activity. &lease review and minimise
the storage period of all line materials.
11. The following activities are to be added to &ro'ect schedule.
>.>>.>. 8ethod Statements for all construction activities ? Submission
and ,pproval@
>.>>.". &re Aualifcation of Bendors for all activities.
>.>>.3. (oncrete mi1 designs and other civil materials ? Submission and
>.>>.C. 8obilisation of Site oDce5(amp@
>.>>.;. -oundation routine tests* -oundation base*pyramid*chimney
>.>>.E. -inal (hecking of 7F prior to testing and commissioning@
>.>>... 7anding over and demobiliGation.
12. Hetailed &ro'ect Sta3 9 workforce mobiliGation schedule shall be submitted
along with manpower histogram.
13. The duration to be specifc for working days only e1cluding weekly holidays
and government holidays.
14. -inalisation of subcontractor if necessary should be considered as a task.
15. 4nclude item %proposal of access road5fnger road) and obtain approval from
respective municipality before starting the access road construction.
16. 4nclude tower painting works !Top and Bottom# in the overall schedule.
17. The tower painting top portion to be completed before insulator hoisting.
18. 4nclude procurement of number plates5miscellaneous items and its installation.
19. Tower erection works to be split by ground assembly* erection* tightening and
fnal checking.
20. (onductor stringing works to be split by paying out* fnal sagging and clipping.
21. &=: works to be split by paying out5sagging5clipping* testing 9 splicing* and
22. Testing and commissioning should be shown separately for each section of
23. The actual construction to be commenced after approval of overall
construction schedule.
24. 4nclude procurement of items like 0arthing materials and Spacer Hamper in the
overall schedule
25. 4nclude miscellaneous activities like ,dditional 0arthing *4nstallation sign
boards for road crossings in the overall schedule.

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