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As for the job role of HR, it all depends.

Assuming a very basic role in HR following list shows

a few responsibilities of an HR
1. Recruitment
Understanding manpower requisition from the concerned department.
Understanding the requirement and accordingly drafting a job description and getting it approved
from the concerned person.
Sourcing candidates that match the desired skills.
Screening the candidates by conducting telephonic or personal interviews as the case may be.
Encouraging the employees to provide reference for better prospects.
Arranging for technical interview and coordinating with the concerned person.
Communicating the employment status to the applied candidates.
Maintaining and updating the database of the candidates.
Doing a background verification of the shortlisted candidates.
2. Induction and On-boarding
When a particular candidate is finalised and selected, giving him offer letter or letter of intent
On joining the services, issuing appointment letter with brief working agreement or policies.
Giving a description on the policies, procedures and culture followed by the company.
Properly filing relevant document of the new joinee as required.
Introducing him/her to the team and supervisor and/or manager.
Explaining the mode of communication.
Coordinating with the IT team to get his email id made.
3. HR Policies and HR Manual
If the company do not have an HR Manual, drafting the same for the company.
Making or Amending the existing policies and procedures.
4. Attendance and Leave records.
Keeping a track of the attendance of the employees.
Filing the leave forms and keeping a track of the leaves taken.
Seeing to it that there is not much absenteeism on any given day.
Seeing to it that no employee is irregular and if there are such people, taking corrective and/or
preventive measures.
5. Performance Management
Helping the seniors do performance appraisal in a better way by adopting better appraisal practices.
6. Employee Engagement
Keeping a track on employee turnover and exit rate.
Taking initiatives to engage the staff to their work.
Taking the surveys in order to understand their engagement level and accordingly take actions.
Planning events or activities regularly or on some occassions, getting those approved by senior
management and implementing those.
7. Workforce Management
Handling the staff so that people are not dissatisfied with each other.
Handling cross culture things.
See to it that there is no grouping or no dissatisfied person.
Other employee related issues.
8. Statutory Compliance
Leaves as per the act that is applicable to you.
minimum salary
pf / esic / medical deductions as applicable
other compliance
9. Exit Formalities
Conducting exit interviews of candidates who are resigning.
Trying to get constructive feedback for company and trying to implement the corrective measures for
Helping the person to be relieved properly.
Issuing relieving letter and letter of experience.
Doing the full and final settlement for the person.
10. Compensation and Benefits
Designing the salary structure for employees
Helping employees save tax by advising them on tax benefits plans and other investment options
Calculating the Gratuity, Handling PF accounts, etc.
11. Employee Motivation and T&D/L&D
Many organizations have training sessions for their employees.
You can provide internal training by checking who has what to contribute and accordingly plan a
training session.
On the contrary you can also hire trainers with specific skills.
You can also send motivational mails to employee on regular basis.
These are few basic responsibility an HR will have to handle.
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50 Wage heads should take in to account for
ESI calculation & which should not
50 Wage heads & will highlight which Wage Heads should take in to account for ESI
calculation & which should not.
It is a sum paid to defray special expenses entailed by the nature of employment and as such this
amount does not amount to wages.
(In lieu of old instructions issued vide Memo No.Ins.III/2/1/65 dt. 8.2.1967)
During the suspension period the employee is not allowed to actually work and he is not given full
remuneration but the permissible subsistence allowance is paid to the employee by way of
remuneration for remaining attached to the services of the employer as per the relevant service
regulations governing his contract of service, therefore, the subsistence allowance is part of wage as
defined under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and consequently on the amount of subsistence allowance
paid to the suspended employee, contribution is payable.
Supreme Court has also held in the case of RD, ESIC Vs./s.Popular Automobiles its judgment
dt. 29.9.97 in Civil appeal no.3850 of 1993 that suspension/subsistence allowance is wage and
contribution is payable under Sec.2 (22) on the said amount.
(In lieu of earlier instructions were issued vide Memo No.3(2)-1/67 dt. 3.6.67 & letter No.Ins.III(2)-
2/71 dt. 10.8.1971)
In the case of the employer as and when the employer finds the need to have work done
expeditiously, in addition to the normal work during the course of the working hours, the employer
offers to the employee to do the overtime work after the working hours. When employee does
overtime work it amounts to the acceptance for the same, hence there emerges concluded implied
contract between the employer and the employee. Both the remuneration received during the working
hours and overtime constitutes a composite wage and thereby it is a wage within the meaning of
Sec.2 (22) of the ESI Act. Therefore, the contribution is payable on the overtime allowance.
However, overtime allowances will be considered as wage for the purpose of charging the
contribution only and will not be considered for the purpose of the coverage of the employee under
the Scheme.
The same view was held by the Supreme Court in its judgement delivered on 6.11.96 in the case of
Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Vs. ESIC, in Civil Appeal No.2777 of 1980.
(Old instructions issued vide memo No.3-1(2)/3(1)/68 dt. 31.5.68).
Bonus paid to the employees could not be treated as wage for the purpose of charging of contribution
under Sec.2(22), provided the periodicity of the payment is more than 2 months. The said issue was
also considered in the meeting of the ESI Corporation held on 19.12.1968 and the Corporation agreed
to the recommendations of the Standing Committee that bonus may not be treated as wage. Hence no
contribution is payable on annual Bonus.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide memo No.Ins.III/2(2)-2/67 dt. 8.2.1967).
As per the decision of the Supreme Court delivered on 8.3.2000 in the case of M/s.Whirlpool India
Ltd. Vs. ESIC in civil appeal No.1903 of 2000, additional remuneration to become wages has to be
paid at intervals not exceeding two months as distinguished from being payable. Thus, there has to be
actual payment and the payment of production incentive does not fall either under the 1st part or last
part of the definition of the term wages as defined in Sec.2(22) of the Act, hence no contribution is
payable on the incentive bonus, provided the periodicity of payment is more than 2 months.
(Earlier instructions were issued by this office vide Memo No.T-11/13/53/19-84-Ins.IV dt. 19.9.84,
Memo No.Ins.III-2(2)/2/69 dt,. 26.12.73, Memo No.T-11/13/54/18/82-Ins.IV dt. 14.7.82 & Memo
No.D/Ins.5(5)/68 dt. 18.9.88.)
Production Bonus like incentive bonus is paid to the workers as additional remuneration and hence
like incentive bonus such additional remuneration in order to become wages has to be paid at
intervals not exceeding 2 months as distinguished from being payable. Thus, there has to be actual
payment and hence no contribution is payable, provided periodicity of the payment is more than 2
(Earlier instructions issued vide letter dated 4(2)/13/74-Ins.IV dated 2.9.85)
Inam represents a payment made by the employer to any employee as a reward for the services
rendered by him for which he is/was not under obligation to render the same under the contract of
service which is expressed or implied but does not include the payment which have been made to an
employee in fulfillment of contract of service. This may include exgratia payment.
Where Inam is being paid for special skill or higher responsibilities/additional duties, it may be taken
as remuneration and contribution is payable.
Where the employer has introduced the scheme of Inam but according to terms and conditions the
employer has no right to withdraw it or revise it, the same may be treated as wages and contribution
is payable.
Where the employer has introduced the scheme of Inam and he has right to revise or withdraw it at
his discretion, the payment of Inam under such scheme may not be treated as wages and contribution
is not payable provided the payment is made at an interval exceeding two months..
Where there is no scheme of Inam in writing but still employer might be making payment under the
head Inam on the basis of some understanding between the parties, in such cases, the nature of
payment and its periodicity may be ascertained and whether payment of Inam is an exgratia payment
which is not covered by the contract of service. In case the periodicity is more than 2 months, no
contribution may be charged.
(Last instructions were issued vide letter No.D-Ins.5(5)/68 dated 21.2.1975).
During the period of layoff though the employee is not given actual work and is also not given full
remuneration but certain wages are paid to the employee by way of remuneration for remaining
attached to the factory/establishment of the employer, therefore, such payments paid for the period of
layoff are also wages for the purpose of Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and hence contribution is payable
on such payments.
(Earlier instructions were issued in 1968).
Sales Commission would fall within the 3rd category of wages as defined underthe Act as additional
remuneration and there has to be actual payment as the word used is paid and not payable, at
intervals not exceeding two months. The question as to why the period of 2 months is fixed was
debated in Supreme court in the case of Handloom House, Ernakulam Vs. RD,ESIC in Civil Appeal
No.2521 of 1999 when it was held that no employer shall have the permission to draw the payment
of contribution on the premise that annual payments have to be work out. Normally, the wage period
is one month, but the Parliament would have thought that such wage period may be extended a
little more but no employer shall make it longer than two months. This could be the reason for fixing
a period of two months as the maximum period for counting the additional remuneration has to make
it part of wage under the Act. Therefore, the annual commission is excluded from the definition of
the wages and hence no contribution is payable on the annual commission.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide Hqrs.letter No. Ins.III(2)-2/71 dated 10.8.71).
House Rent Allowance is wage in cases where it is being paid. Notional amount of house rent can not
be presumed as wages for deciding the coverage. In cases where an employee is being paid house
rent allowance, the same will be included both for coverage and contribution. In cases where the staff
quarters have been allotted the amount of salary and wages paid will count for coverage and
contribution and no notional house rent allowance is to be presumed in such cases.
In the cases of Braithawait & Co. Vs. ESIC and M/s.Harihar Polyfibres Vs. ESIC, Bangalore,
Supreme Court has also held that house rent allowance is a wage under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide memo No.T-11/13/11/15-Ins.III dt. 28.9.75,
No.Ins.III(2)/15/15/74-Ins.Desk.I dated Dec.,76, No.T-11/13/53/19-84/Ins.IV dt. 19.9.84 &
No.D.Ins.II/11/3087/303 dated 1.3.1985).
It is an additional remuneration paid to the employee for performing duty atnight time during the
hours of darkness. This amount is paid by way of incentive under the scheme of settlement entered
into between the Management and its workmen and hence are wages within the meaning of Sec.2(22)
of the ESI Act. This view was observed by the Full Bench of Karnataka High Court in the case of
NGEF Ltd. Vs. Dy.Regional Director, ESIC, Bangalore. Supreme Court in the case of M/s.Harihar
Polyfibers Vs. RD ESIC, Bangalore has also held the same view. Hence, Night Shift Allowance,
Heat, Gas & Dust allowance are wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and contribution is payable on
the said amount paid by the employer to the employees.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide Memo No.T-11/13/53/19/84-Ins.IV dated 19.9.94).
Conveyance allowance is paid to the employee to compensate the expenses incurred by the
employees on travelling etc. The travelling allowance or value of any travelling concession is also
being paid to the employees in the nature of conveyance allowance, which is neither wages for the
purpose of coverage of employees under Sec.2(9), nor it is treated as wages for the payment of
contribution under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act.
In the case M/s.Hyderabad Asbestos Cement Products Vs. ESIC, Punjab & Haryana High Court,
Chandigarh as well in the case of M/s.Harihar Polyfibres, the Supreme Court have held that
conveyance allowance is not wage under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act.
(Earlier instructions were issued by this office vide No.P.11/13/97-Ins.IV dated 27.1.97.)
Service charges are collected by management of the hotel on behalf of their employees in lieu of
direct tips and the same is paid to their employees at a later date.
Such amount collected as service charges will not constitute wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act.
In the case of ESIC Vs. M/s.Rambagh Palace Hotel, Jaipur, the High Court of Jaipur has held that
service charges are not wages under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act. This verdict of the High Court of
Jaipur was accepted in the ESIC and hence no contribution is payable on service charges.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide letter No.P-12/11/4/79-Ins.Desk.I dt. 18.9.79)
The employees working in factories/establishments are being provided medical services in kind by
the employer but in certain factories/establishments instead of providing medical services in kind, the
amount spent by the employees on medical care is reimbursed while in some other organisations,
employees are being paid monthly cash allowance in lieu of medical aid/reimbursement of medical
expenses. Where such payments are made by the employer in lieu of the medical benefit, the same
are to be treated as wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the contribution is chargeable.
(Earlier instruction were issued vide letter No.Ins.5(5)/68-Ins.III dt. 21.8.71 & Ins.III/2(2)2/68 dated
In certain factories/establishments the employees are reimbursed the cost of Newspapers while in
some other factories/establishments the employees are paid monthly newspapers allowance instead of
reimbursement of the cost of the Newspapers. Where the amount is being paid regularly to the
employees by the employer as Newspapers allowance the same will be treated as wages under
Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the contribution is chargeable. However, where the cost of Newspapers
is reimbursed to the employees, no contribution is to be charged on such payments.
Employees are being paid monthly Education allowance for the children studying in the
Schools/Colleges. Where such education allowance is being paid monthly, the same is to be
considered as wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the contribution is chargeable on the said
However, in such cases where instead of paying the education allowance on monthly basis, the
amount spent as fee is reimbursed to the employees and booked under education allowance, in such
cases no contribution is payable.
In some of the factories/establishments the officers employed as employees are being paid drivers
allowance per month. This allowance is being paid to enable the officers to appoint a driver at their
own level and such drivers employed are not being paid salary directly by the
factories/establishments. Where such allowance is being paid to the employees and the drivers are
not engaged by the employees, in such event the allowance paid as such will be considered as wage
under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act and contribution will be chargeable provided the employee is
coverable under the Scheme..
However, where the services of the drivers are being utilised, in such event the drivers so engaged
will be covered as employee and contribution will be payable on the amount paid to the drivers as
salary and booked in the ledgers of the employer under the heading Drivers Allowance.
Each case of payment of Food, Milk, Tiffin and Lunch Allowance has to be examined on its merits
depending on the following conditions under which the allowance is payable:-
Tiffin/Food/Milk/Lunch Allowance paid in cash at a fixed rate irrespective of whether the person is
absent or on authorised leave etc. may be treated as wages.
Tiffin/Food/Milk/Lunch allowance paid in cash with deduction for leave or absence etc. may not be
treated as wages.
Tiffin/Food/Milk/Lunch allowance paid in kind i.e. canteen subsidy/food subsidy etc. may not be
treated as wages.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide letter No.P-11/13/97-Ins.IV dated 2.2.1999)
Certain factories/establishments are paying gazetted allowance to its employees in lieu of duties
performed by them on gazetted holidays. Such gazetted allowance is not wage for the purpose of
Sec.2(9) of the ESI Act. However, it will be wage for the purpose of Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the
contribution are to be recovered on such payments.
Such wages and dearness allowance paid to the employees for the unsubstituted holidays are to be
treated as wages under Sec.2(22) of the Esi Act and the contribution is payable. High Court of
Gujarat in the case of ESIC Vs. New Assarw Manufacturing Co.Ltd. held the same view.
Like conveyance allowance if any exgratia payment is made during the period of strike to some of
the employees to incur certain travelling expenses such amount will neither be considered as wage
under Sec.2(9) nor under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and no contribution is payable on such amount.
High Court of Bombay in the case of ESIC Vs. Willman (India) (P) Ltd. in case No.210 of 1976, held
the same view.
Interim relief paid to the employees is normally paid when either the wage is under revision or when
the payment of Dearness Allowance is delayed due to any reason. Whatsoever may be the case, if the
interim relief is paid to the employees by any employer, the same will amount the wages within the
meaning of Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and contribution is payable thereon.
Certain factories/establishments are contributing towards the saving scheme for the welfare of the
workers. Such amount paid by the employer as his contribution to the saving scheme, will not
constitute wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the contribution is not payable.
(Earlier instructions were issued vide Memo No.P-12/11/4/77-Ins.IV dt. 15.11.80)
It is a special allowance being paid by certain employers to their employees to discourage the
workers from absenting from the job. Any amount paid by the employer to its employees as
Attendance Bonus will constitute wages under Sec.2(22) of the ESI Act and the same opinion was
held by Bombay High court in the case of ESIC Vs. Indian Dyestuff Industries Ltd.. However, the
periodicity aspect has to be kept in mind. In case the periodicity is more than 2 months, the same will
not constitute wages and no contribution will be payable as in the case of incentive bonus.
Rickshaw pullers, Hathrairy pullers and Truck Operators (who bring labour with them) no
contribution is payable on the amount paid by the employer if the amount paid is lumpsum amount
including loading/un-loading charges and no separate wages are paid by the employer.
Similar view was held by Bombay Division Bench in 1990 in the case of Raisaheb Tekchand,
Mohate Mills Vs. R.D. ESIC.
Where Hamals & Coolies are employed at a particular place and a particular time, outside the
premises of the factory/establishment to perform a specific job on the spot in such cases no
contribution is payable on the amount paid to such Coolies/Hamals, however the contribution is
payable on the amount paid to the coolies and hamals for services rendered within the premises of the
Bombay High Court in the case of Parley Bottling Co.Ltd. VS. ESIC,Bombay
1989 and Supreme Court in the case of ESIC VS.Premier Clay Products, have held this view.
In such cases also contribution is payable on the amount paid by the Employer if the services are
rendered within the premises. This view was also held by Punjab and Haryana High Court vide its
judgement dated 29.3.84 in the case of Modern Equipment Vs. ESIC in Civil Appeal No.3218 of
No contribution is payable on the servicing of machines where the job awarded is to the Engineer and
instead of contract of service, there is a contract for service for servicing of machines.
In the factories/establishments certain amount is being paid by the employer to the supplier of
machines or to the firms of repute for the annual/periodical servicing of the machines and for such
purposes the contract is awarded. In such cases no contribution is payable on the amount paid for
annual/periodical service contracts.
Where dealers/agents are appointed by the employers but no regular wages are paid and it is not
obligatory on the part of such dealers/agents to attend to the factories/ establishments and they are
paid commission only on the quantum of sales, in such cases the amount paid by the employer as
commission/dealership does not constitute wage under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act and hence no
contribution is payable.
Amount paid to an organisation for maintenance of Machinery/Equipments as part of service contract
will not attract ESI contribution.
The amount paid by the employer to labour consultants, lawyers, engineers, counsels, chartered
accountants does not constitute wage as per provisions under Section 2(22) of the ESI Act and hence
no contribution is payable.
The following items will form part of the wage both under Section 2(9) i.e for considering the
employee for the purpose of coverage and Section 2(22) of the ESI Act for the purpose of charging
of contribution:-
Matinee allowance which is being paid to employees in Cinema Houses.
Shift allowance paid to employees who work on shift duty at odd shifts.
Location allowance paid, in addition to Dearness Allowance to meet the high house rent.
Compensatory allowance.
Cash handling allowance paid to Cashier.
Supervisory Allowance.
Additional pay paid to training staff.
Charge allowance
Steno/Typist allowance
Plant allowance
Honorarium for looking after the hospital/dispensary
Computer allowance
Gestetner/Photocopier/Printer allowance
Personnel/Special allowance
Machine allowance
Convassing allowance
First-aid allowance
Personnel allowance Pay over and above the basic wage and Dearness allowance for skill,
efficiency or past good records.
Area allowance given to employees living in a particular area to meet the high cost of living in that
Exgratia payment if payment is made within an interval of two months.
The following items will not form part of the wage either under Section 2(9) or under Section 2(22)
of the ESI Act:-
Payment made on account of un-availed leave at the time of discharge.
Commission on advertisement secured for Newspapers, if not paid to the regular employee.
Fuel allowance/Petrol allowance
Entertainment allowance
Shoes allowance
Payment made on account of gratuity on discharge/retirement.
Payment made on encashment of leave..
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Employee Company Car Sample Policy
I have attached Employee Company Car Sample Policy.

Company Car Policy
1. Objective

The new Company Car Policy has been formulated in order to introduce an employee friendly and
easy to administer car scheme in the company with effect from April 1, 2006. With the introduction
of this scheme all previous car schemes stand withdrawn.

1. 2. Scope

Employees in Grade M1 and above are entitled to participate in this scheme. These employees have
been assigned Management Allowance / Car Kitty as part of their remuneration package. Their
Management Allowance / Annual Car Kitty amount is given in the table included herein below.

Car Kitty Amt
Mgmt. Allow.
Addnl. Car
Max. Car Kitty
Amt (p.a.)*
M5 240,000 20,000 60,000 300,000
M4 195,000 16,250 45,000 240,000
M3 150,000 12,500 45,000 195,000
M2 105,000 8,750 45,000 150,000
M1 75,000 6,250 30,000 105,000

In the case of employees joining the Company Car Scheme post July 1, 2006, actual Car Kitty
amount shall be net of Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) as applicable.

1. 3. General

3.1. Under this scheme eligible employee can avail of a leased car for both official duties as well as
personal use. For this purpose, the company has entered into an agreement with a lease finance
company. The details of the same have been provided in the Annexure I.

3.2. Eligible employees would be entitled to a car with a per annum cap on lease rent equivalent to
their annual car kitty entitlement included in their remuneration package.

3.3. Employees can select any car of their choice within their lease rent entitlement limit.

3.4. Full finance is available without any margin money requirement. The amount that can be
rentalized includes the following:

3.4.1. Ex-Showroom Cost of the car
3.4.2. Registration Fees
3.4.3. Insurance
3.4.4. Cost of Accessories
3.4.5. Octroi and other taxes.

However, the minimum amount that would need to be rentalized is the Ex-Showroom cost of the

3.5. In case accessories are bought from some other dealer, the VAT Invoice from that dealer will
be required.

3.6. At the end of the Lease Term, the car will be returned to the leasing company.

1. 4. Standard Operating Procedure:
4.1. The process starts with the employee getting an In principle approval of his/her respective
HOD vide e-mail on a model that falls within his/her car kitty entitlement limit.
4.2. Employee negotiates with the dealer to get the best deal possible and gets a formal quotation in
the form of Proforma Invoice.
4.3. Employee then submits to the Admin Department. an application for joining the company car
scheme in the prescribed format as per Annexure II enclosing the Proforma Invoice and the e-mail
approval from HOD.
4.4. Employee also executes an Undertaking on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper (refer Annexure III) and
submits the same to Admin Department.
4.5. Admin gets the approvals from Finance on the Application Letter and retains the original
Application Letter and Proforma Invoice for their records.
4.6. Admin intimates the Lease Finance Company vide Authorization Letter as per Annexure IV
enclosing a copy of Proforma Invoice.
4.7. The Lease Finance Company then sends the following to the Admin Department.:
4.7.1. Cheque in the name of the Dealer
4.7.2. Covering Letter to the Dealer
4.7.3. Letter for Endorsement to the RTO
4.7.4. Form 20 for signature of Authorized Signatory
4.8. Commencement date for the lease period under the scheme shall be the date on which cheque is
drawn in favor of the dealer by the Lease Finance Company.
4.9. Admin gets the required signature on Form 20. Admin hand over the following to the employee
to take the delivery of the car:
4.9.1. Cheque in the name of the Dealer
4.9.2. Covering Letter to the Dealer
4.9.3. Letter for Endorsement to the RTO
4.9.4. Form 20 with approval from Authorized Signatory (CFO)
4.9.5. Copy of ABCs PAN Card
4.9.6. Companys Address Proof
4.9.7. Letter of Authority to take the delivery of the car (Refer Annexure V).
Admin retains a copy of all the above documents.
4.10. Based on these documents employee can take delivery of the car.
4.11. On receiving the delivery of the car, the employee needs to forward the following docs to the
Admin Department.
4.11.1. Original Invoice
4.11.2. Copy of Insurance Cover Note
4.11.3. Copy of R C Book
4.11.4. Copy of Insurance Policy
4.12. Admin Department retains a copy of all the above documents and sends the Original Invoice
and copy of the other three docs to the Lease Finance Company.
4.13. The Lease Finance Company then sends the following to the Admin Department:
4.13.1. Lease Agreement drawn in triplicate (One Original and two copies).
4.13.2. First Debit note

4.14. Admin takes required signatures on the Lease Agreements, sends original to Lease Finance
Company, handover one copy to employee and retains the other copy for their records.
4.15. Admin then intimates the payment schedule included in the Agreement to the HR Department
and forwards the First Debit Note to the Accounts Department. for making payment to the Lease
Finance Company
4.16. On receiving the Payment Schedule, the HR Department provides the necessary inputs to the
Payrolls Department vide the monthly salary input.
4.17. Second year onwards, the employee gets the insurance done himself, retains the original
insurance policy and submits two copies of it to Admin Department. Admin Department retains a
copy and sends a copy to Lease Finance Company
4.18. The Lease Finance Company will raise a single rental bill by 20
of every month reflecting all
the on-going agreements and sends it to the Admin Department who will forward the same to
Accounts Department for payments.
1. 5. Maintenance / Repairs / Normal Running / Insurance
The employee will be required to maintain the Car in good condition & incur all running costs
including costs of fuel, spares, tubes, tyres, repairs, maintenance, servicing etc., as required from
time to time.
As stated above, the employee will also bear the insurance cost 2
year onwards.
All these expenditures can be claimed against reimbursement entitlement included as part of the
compensation package.
1. 6. Foreclosure:
6.1. Premature exiting from the car scheme by returning the car at any point of time has been
provided for under the scheme. However, where premature exit from the scheme is not at the behest
of the company, the foreclosure charges / expenses shall be borne by the employee in totality.
Instances of premature exit not at the behest of the company are foreseen as, but not limited to the
6.1.1. Resignations
6.1.2. Retirements (including Voluntary Early Retirement)
6.1.3. Personal Reasons
6.1.4. Dismissals from service will be treated on the same footing as cases, which are not at the
behest of the Company.
6.2. The working of the foreclosure charges would be as agreed with the Lease Finance Company.
The details of the same are in Annexure I.
6.3. In case the employee is joining a new organization, there is a possibility of assigning the car to
the new organization by the Lease Finance Company. This will need to be mutually decided by the
Lease Finance Company and the concerned employees new organization.
1. 7. Promotions
If the employees car kitty entitlement changes due to promotion, the difference between the new
monthly car kitty entitlement and monthly car lease rent would be added to his/her Personal
allowance and paid out with salary on monthly basis. This would be treated as income and taxed
1. 8. Transfers
In case of inter-location transfers, within the company, the leasing company will organize all the
necessary formalities. The concerned employee will be required to contact the Administration
Department at HO to initiate necessary processes.
In case of transfers to a subsidiary / affiliate / sister company, the car can be assigned to the new
company wherever the new company also has an agreement with the said Lease Finance Company.
The transfer charges will be borne by the company if the transfer is company initiated and by the
employee if the transfer is employee initiated.
1. 9. Rejoining the Car Scheme
On completion of the tenure and on returning of the car to the Leasing Company, the employee will
be entitled to rejoin the car scheme immediately thereafter.
10. Overall Co-ordination/Clarification/Suggestions
10.1. Car Scheme will be co-ordinated on an all India bases by the Administration Department in
Head Office. The department shall maintain an MIS pertaining to the scheme.
10.2. All clarifications with regard to the scheme can be obtained from Administration Department.
10.3. All suggestions for improvement of the scheme should be addressed to the Administration

1. The company has entered into an agreement with M/s Sundaram Finance Ltd., a Lease Finance Company to make available a
leased car to the eligible employees of the company.
2. Employee has an option to choose tenure ranging from 3 yrs to 5 yrs. Current Lease rentals for the same are indicated in the
table below:

* Please contact the Admin Department. for the latest Lease Rentals applicable.
1. The above rentals are based on the current SBI PLR. There could be a variation in the rentals due to variation in any of the
SBI PLR ( In this regard please note that, there has been no increase in this benchmark interest
rate in the past 5 Yrs)
Change in the Corporate Taxes / Depreciation Rates as prescribed in the Union Budget

Kindly refer to the variation tables included herein below:

3.1. Given below is the variation table for the 3 year option:
Tenure : 3 years
Rent (per month per lac) : Rs.2,705/-
Pattern of payment : Monthly in advance

Change taking place at the

Tenure Resale Value Rental per lac per month
3 Yrs 25 % Rs 2705
4 Yrs 20 % Rs 2230
5 Yrs 15 % Rs 1930

Quantum of change in rent per month
end of the month

per lac for 0.5% p.a.
change in cost of funds

0 27
6 25
12 23
18 21
24 19

3.2. Given below is the variation table for the 4 year option:


: 4
Rent (per month per lac) : Rs.2,230/-
Pattern of payment

: Monthly in advance

Change taking place at the

Quantum of change in rent per month
end of the month

per lac for 0.5% p.a.
change in cost of funds

0 26
6 23
12 21
18 19
24 17
30 15
36 13

3.3. Given below is the variation table for the 5 year option:

Tenure : 5 years
Rent (per month per lac) : Rs.1,930/-
Pattern of payment : Monthly in advance

Change taking place at the Quantum of change in rent per month
end of the month per lac for 0.5% p.a. change in cost of funds
0 26
6 24
12 22
18 20
24 18
30 16
36 15
42 14
48 13

3.4. The quantum of change in rentals indicated above is for every half percentage point change in
the cost of funds to the lessor keeping the other parameters of the lease at the present level.

3.5. In the 3 year option, the variation in rental for any 0.5% p.a. change taking place after the
month shall remain Rs.19/- per month per lac till the end of the lease period.

3.6. In the 4 year option, the variation in rental for any 0.5% p.a. change taking place after the
month shall remain Rs.13/- per month per lac till the end of the lease period.

3.7. In the 5 year option, the variation in rental for any 0.5% p.a. change taking place after the
month shall remain Rs.13/- per month per lac till the end of the lease period.

3.8. Any change in cost of funds to the lessor taking place between two periods indicated in the table
above will entail change in rentals to the extent of change in rentals indicated at the beginning or at
the end of the said periods or any magnitude falling in between depending on the exact point in time
the change takes place.

3.9. The magnitude of change in rentals indicated above shall be applicable from the immediate
rental next falling due and shall be applicable on all the future instalments of the rentals.
1. Stamp Duty
4.1. Stamp Duty cost is also applicable on the Lease Rent Agreement. This amount varies as per the
rates applicable from state to state.
4.2. The current Stamp Duty rates in various states are listed below:

Orissa Rs.10/-
Tamilnadu Rs.20/-
Kerala Rs.50/-
Karnataka 1% of average annual rentals
Andhra Pradesh Rs.100/-
Maharashtra 1% of average annual rentals
Gujarat 2% of average annual rentals
Delhi Rs.50/-
Madhya Pradesh Rs.50/-
Uttar Pradesh Rs.50/-
West Bengal Rs.20/-
Haryana Rs.20/-
Goa Rs.20/-
Pondicherry Rs.20/-
4.3. The same will be recovered from the employees salary on receiving delivery of the car.
1. Once lease rentals exceed the car cost, 12.5% VAT will be applicable on the lease rentals and EMI would be enhanced to that
5.1. Second year onwards, Insurance will be done by the employee. In case the employee opts for
insurance cover by Royal Sundaram or Oriental, the Sundaram Finance can take care of renewals, but
the cost has to be borne by the employee.
1. 6. Foreclosure
6.1. In case of foreclosure, value would be arrived at by discounting the balance rentals and the
resale value considered in the package. The discount factor would be the prevailing SBI-PLR
(Current PLR is 10.25% p.a.)
6.2. However, if the leasing company obtains the sale proceeds of the vehicle, the employee will be
liable to pay only to the extent the net sale proceeds are less than the foreclosure charges.

Application to join Company Car Scheme
Name: _____________________

Department: _________________
Designation: ________________

E-Mail Id: ___________________ _
Mobile No: __________________

Date: ________________________

The Administration Department.
Kind Attn: Mr. R K Attal
Sub: Request for a car under Company Car Lease Scheme
Dear Sir,
I request you to provide me a car as per the following details. I have read the rules governing the
scheme and agree to abide by the same and amendments, if any, to the same.
Yours faithfully,

Name and Signature of the employee

Car Make/ Model
Car Kitty Eligibility per annum
Desired Date of Delivery
Option Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Tenure /Resale Value 3 Yrs / 25% 4 Yrs / 20% 5 Yrs / 15%
Current Lease Rental plpm (A)
Heads Cost To be Rentalized
Cost to be Rentalized
Ex-Showroom Cost of Car
Octroi / Other Taxes
Cost of Accessories
Total Cost to be Rentalized (B)
Monthly Lease Rental [(A*B)/100,000]



Copy of e-mail having HODs approval attached herewith


(To Be Executed on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper)


Name of the Employee : __________________ _____

Residential Address

: _______________________

ABC India Ltd.
Attn: Mr. R.K.Attal
Plot No. 5, Off BKC Road,
Off CST Road,
Santacruz (E), Mumbai 98
Dear Sir,
Car Scheme
In consideration of your having admitted me to the companys car scheme and provided me with car
( No.,________________ Make __________________ ) hereinafter called the car with
effect from ______________ on the terms and conditions of the said scheme, I undertake to the
Company as follows :-
1) I have read all terms and conditions of the scheme and I agree to, accept and abide by all the
terms and conditions laid down by the Company in the Car Scheme and amendment if any, thereof.
2) The car is registered in the name of the Company, but shall remain the property of the Leasing
3) In case of any dispute, which may arise between the Company and me, the Leasing Company
will have the right to re-posses the car any time during the leasing period.
4) I shall use the car only for my personal and official use. I shall not put the car to use on hire or
reward and shall not use the car for any unlawful purpose.
5) In case of my separation from the Company for any reason whatsoever including resignation,
retirement, VRS, dismissal, etc., I hereby agree to bear the foreclosure charges and hereby authorize
the company to adjust the said charges from my terminal dues and in case of shortfall if any I shall
forthwith make good the same to the Company.
6) Not withstanding the aforesaid, I / my legal heirs shall be personally liable to pay to the
Company all amounts due from me under this scheme and to pay the same to you on demand and
without demur and notwithstanding any dispute/ difference that may be subsisting between me/ my
legal heirs and the Company.
7) The agreement shall bind in all respect heirs executors legal representatives and myself. I
further agree that the Company shall have the same rights against my heirs, executors and legal
representatives, as it has against me under this agreement.
8) I understand that on execution of this Undertaking, monthly pay out to me out of my annual car
kitty entitlement will stop.
9) I had been given two salary structures viz. With Car and Without Car in my initial offer
letter / at the time of my salary review. I understand that once I join this scheme, the With Car
structure will come into effect from the month in which the car lease period starts and same shall be
applicable during the period that I am part of the scheme.
10) However, in case the monthly lease rent is less than the one twelfth of the annual car kitty
entitlement, the differential amount would be added to the Personal Allowance and paid out to the
employee through salary on a monthly basis. The said amount would be taxable.
11) The scheme would be governed by the tax regime as applicable from time to time, and any
implications thereof would be to my account.
Yours faithfully,

Signature of the Employee
Name: ___________________________
Place: ___________________________
Date: ___________________________

Witness: _________________________
Name: ___________________________
Address: ________________________
Authorization Letter to Lease Finance Company to make the payment to the dealer
Sundaram Finance Limited
95, 9th Floor,
Maker Chambers III,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021
Subject: Car for <Employee Name>
Dear Sir,
With reference to our leasing arrangement for cars, please find enclosed the proforma invoice dated
___________ raised by <Dealers Name>, amounting to ______________. The terms of the
transactions are as follows:
Nature of Asset :
Cost of Asset :
Lease Tenure :
Lease Rentals :
Lease Management Fee :
You are requested to arrange for the insurance, which may also be capitalized.
You are requested to issue a cheque favoring <Name of Dealer> payable at <Location> for Rs
___________ and also forward the necessary documents for registration of the vehicle.
Thanking you,
For ABC (India) Ltd.

Authorized Signatory


Letter of Authority to take the delivery of Car

Date: ____________
Dealers Name
Reg: Supply of one _______ Car leased to us by M/s Sundaram Finance Limited
Ref: Your proforma invoice dated ___________
Dear Sir/ Madam,
We hereby authorize <Employees Name & Designation> of M/s ABC (India) Limited, whose
signature is attested below, to collect the ______________ Model which is leased out to us by <
Name of Lease Finance Co.>.
All documents signed by <Employees Name & Designation> in this regard shall be binding on the

..(Signature of authorized representative)


Click Here To Download Company Car Policy
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Policy on Allotment Company Assets
I have attached policy on allotment company assets.
Prepared and Approved by:-
HR Department


S. No.
Policy Contents
Page No.
Registering an Asset
Reporting a Theft
Return the asset to the Company

1. Introduction:-
The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the Employees in their jobs by increasing communication
within the organization and outside the Organization. Also, this policy is used to specify the
documents that the employee needs to assign while allotting him the assets used for the
communication by the company like Laptop, Mobile Handsets, Blackberry Handsets and Data Cards
1. Scope :-

This policy covers the usage of the Company assets (Laptop, Data Cards, Mobile Handsets, Local
and STD Dialing on Extension Number and Blackberry Cell phone) by senior staff where the regular
use of such asset is necessary or useful to meet the requirements of the job. This includes issuing the
asset to the employee that is to be used for official purpose only after the approval of the reporting
1. Applicability:-
The CEO.
GMs/DGMs/Heads of Departments.
Members of staff nominated by any of the above staff members.
1. Responsibility:-
The preparation of this policy, procedure, forms, letters, and its revision along with justification &
obtaining approval from the Management and its implementation and monitoring is the responsibility
of HR Department.
1. Rules:-
The Company will provide the official Assets (Laptop, Blackberry, Mobile Handsets and Data
Cards) to all entitled employees after they have signed an agreement for the Assets and the Assets
authorization letter.
These assets are returnable upon transfer / discontinuation of the services with the company.
This facility is provided purely for official purpose.
In case of loss of Company Asset, the employee must inform the company as soon as possible to
avoid any misuse of the asset. Detailed instructions in the case of a loss are given in the Assets
authorization letter.

1. Registering an Asset:-

Every Company asset must have a owner. Each department that has a company asset must have a
sign out sheet indicating that has the company asset, the make, model and Serial number. This
information should be sent to HR department each time there is a change of the owner.

Page 1
1. Reporting a Theft:-

If a Company-owned asset is stolen, its owner is expected to immediately file a theft report with all
details as to the time, date, location and any other details that you feel is important with HR/Admin
Department. If traveling, the owner must also report the theft to the local law enforcement agency.
1. Return the asset to the Company:-
An owner must return the asset to the Company before their ending date of employment. HR will
provide a list of assets and owners to Admin. At the meeting with Human Resources and Admin the
Assets, keys, and other items will be collected. Separate file needs to be prepared for all the assets
issued to the employees and also in the employee file. Failure to turn in the company asset may result
in withholding payments such as Full &Final settlement until the asset is returned.

Click Here To Download ITT Policy

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Recovery Letter to Exit Employee
I have attached recovery letter to exit employee.
August 1, 2012
Dear Nitin,

Please find enclosed herewith your final settlement on separation as per terms of appointment.
We wish to state that you have to pay Rs. 2347/- to the Company on final settlement. Please arrange
to pay the amount immediately to complete your relieving formalities.
The cheque may be made in favor of _________________ and handed over to our representative at
Delhi office.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

Click Here To Download Format for Recovery Letter
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Disciplinary Action and Warning Letters
I have attached the 26 warning letters formats which will help you for all the Disciplinary

It is reported against you that on ________(date) at ________(time) you_____ (mention clearly the
act or acts of misconduct alleged). The acts, as alleged above to have been committed by you,
amount to misconduct which, if proved, would warrant serious disciplinary action against you.
Accordingly, you are hereby required to show cause within _______ days of the receipt hereof as to
why you should not be dismissed or other wise punished.Should you fail to submit your explanation
as required, It will be presumed that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the
matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you. Since the charges, leveled against
you, are of grave and serious nature, you are herby suspended pending further proceedings and final
orders in the matter. The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged.
You have been absenting from duty without leave since..and as such services are liable to be
terminated according to the rules of the company.
You are, therefore, called upon to show cause why your services will not be terminated under Clause
.of the StateModel Standing Orders Act OR Certified Standing Orders rules of the
company / establishment for
such continued / habitual absence.
It has been reported against you as under :,....(details of alleged misconduct) The act(s)
alleged to have been committed by you amount to misconduct. Accordingly, you are hereby called
upon to submit your written explanation and show cause why disciplinary action should not be taken
against you.
Your explanation must reach the undersigned within 48 hours. Should you fail to submit your
explanation required,the matter will be disposed of without any further reference to you.
Your explanation dated .. in reply to show cause notice dated. Has been found to be
unsatisfactory. You are accordingly hereby warned.
You are further advised in your own interest to be cautious and not to repeat such an act in future.
Your explanation dated reply to show cause notice /letter of charge dated.has been found
to be unsatisfactory.The gravity of misconduct committed by you is such that it warrants severe
punishment. However, we are taking a lenient view this time and have decided to award you this
stern warning.Should you repeat any such thing in future or commit any
other misconduct we will not hesitate to take strict disciplinary action against you.
Your leave record shows that you are in the habit of absenting off and on and in spite of the fact that
you have been verbally advised and are warned for improving your attendance you have not shown
any improvement. You were again absent on . Without any authorization. You are being
given another opportunity to correct yourself and in case you do not show any improvement we will
have no alternative but to take a serious view of your action. On your above absence you are being
strongly warned.
It has been reported that today at 09.00a.m when your supervisor asked you to
doyou refused to carry out the instructions and shouted at him. In your explanation
you have admitted your mistake. Although drastic action could have been taken against you
forinsubordination, but with a view to reform you, you are being given another opportunity and we
hope you will be very careful in future in such matters. You are being warned.
Mr./ Ms..
It is reported against you that on ________(date) at ________(time) you_____ (mention clearly the
act or acts of misconduct alleged).The acts, as alleged above to have been committed by you, amount
to misconduct which, if proved, would warrant serious disciplinary action against you. Accordingly,
you are hereby required to show cause within _______ days of the receipt hereof as to why you
should not be dismissed or other wise punished.
Should you fail to submit your explanation as required, It will be presumed
that you admit the charges and have no explanation to offer and the matter
will be disposed of without any further reference to you.Since the charges, leveled against you, are of
grave and serious nature, you are herby suspended pending further proceedings and final orders in
the matter.
The receipt of this letter should be acknowledged.
Mr./ Ms..
Whereas the charges amounting to gross misconduct (s) and indiscipline
againt you have been leveled in accordance with Company Service Rules /
Standing Order Noas per charge-sheet dated..sent to you.Now, therefore, you are hereby
placed under suspension with effect fromunder clauses..of the Factory / Company
Rules / Standing
Orders. Your suspension has been considered necessary in order to maintain
proper discipline in the Factory / Company / Establishment and to conduct
proper enquiry against you.You will be entitled to receive subsistence / suspension allowance of
Rs. During the period of suspension.
Mr. / Ms..

Sir / Madam,
The Management has issued a charge-sheet to one of the employees calling
for his explanation thereto. The explanation, has been found to be as
unsatisfactory. The Management has decided to hold an enquiry by giving an
opportunity to the delinquent employee to defend himself.
The Management has decided to appoint you as an Enquiry Officer and we
need your formal approval which may kindly be conveyed at your earliest.
Please be assured that the Management will extend full co-operation in this
context and Mr. / Ms. Has been appointed as its representative.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
For & on behalf of the Management
Authorised Signatory
CC: Mr./ Ms., you are appointed as Managements
Representative to co-ordinate with the Enquiry Officer.
Note: After the disciplinary authority decides to order an enquiry, it may hold the same itself or
appoint an Enquiry Officer for that purpose in the absence of a provision to the contrary in the in the
service or discipline rules concerned. The Enquiry Officer functions only as a delegate of the
disciplinary authority, whose conclusions and recommendations may or may not find favour with the
disciplinary authority. The prerequisites of a person to be Enquiry Officer may thus be summarized
as under.:
(a) The appointment of the Enquiry Officer should be made by an authority competent totake
disciplinary action against the workman concerned.
(b) Before making the appointment of a person to act as Enquiry Officer, it must be seenthat he is a
person with open mind, a mind which is not biased against the workman concerned.
(c) A person to be Enquiry Officer must be a Responsible Officer or High Status commanding
respect from the workman. He should not be a person of lower status and should not be judge in his
own cause.
Mr./ Ms.
Ref: Your explanation dated response to the charge-sheet
We are in receipt of your explanation response to the charge sheet dated..After
careful consideration of your explanation, which has
been found unsatisfactory, it is considered desirable and necessary to
conduct an enquiry into the charges leveled against you. You are hereby
informed that the enquiry will be conducted by Sri.who has been
entrusted with assignment to hold the enquiry.You are, therefore, directed to attend and participate in
the enquiry proceedings with all the necessary document, evidence and witness (es) that you may
seek to rely upon in your defense. You are further intimated that if you fall to attend the enquiry
proceedings without sufficient cause, the enquiry will be proceeded ex-parte without notice to you.
For & on behalf of the Management
Authorised Signatory

This has reference to the charge sheet dated __________ issued to you and
the enquiry held thereafter. We have since received the report of the enquiry
officer, wherein the charges leveled against you have been proved.
Before we consider the findings of the enquiry officer, you are hereby given an opportunity as to
what you have to say o the findings. You are given a period of three days to submit your reply. In
case we do not hear from you within the stipulated time period, necessary action will follow, without
further reference to
Manager/ Competent Authority
This has reference to the charge sheet dated_________ issued to you &
enquiry held thereafter. We have duly considered the report of the enquiry
officer and are satisfied that the charges as leveled against you have been
proved against you in the enquiry.
In view of the serious nature of misconduct committed by you & fully proved
against you, it has been decided to dispense with your services. However, on
compassionate grounds considering extenuating and aggravating
circumstances, the management, instead of dismissing you from services has
decided to impose lesser punishment of discharge on you with immediate
effect from____________ Your final payment of dues including wages for 1 month in lieu of notice
will be made to you in the office on or before____________ during office hours on any working day
after you hand over the charge.
Manager/ Competent Authority
We have received the enquiry report that was held on_______________
against you consequent to the charge sheet dated______________. After
going through the proceedings of the enquiry, we find that the charges have
been proved against you.Since the charge (s) committed by you is/are of serous nature, the
appropriate punishment is dismissal from service. You are therefore, hereby dismissed from service
with effect from ____________ you can collect your dues, if any,and settle your account on any
working day during the office hours from
Accounts Department.
Manager/ Authorised person with designation
C.C : The Accounts Deptt. for information if necessary action.
Your past conduct and service records reveal that you have no initiative or
sense of responsibility. Frequently, you have stayed away from duty &
neglected your work. Time & again you were warned/ reprimanded but there
has been no improvement. We tried our best to motivate you to take interest
in the work & to observe regularity & punctuality but of no avail. You have
been as careless as ever & have refused to perform your duties seriously.
Your carelessness has not caused the work to suffer but it is also likely to
effect the discipline among other members of the staff.Under circumstances we are of the concerned
opinion that the post held by you entails greater responsibility that you can shoulder as you lack
necessary initiative, which is required for the post. Therefore, we hereby give you 1- month notice to
relieve you from the present post and instead assign you post
of____________ with immediate effect from_______________. This post
entails lesser responsibility & we feel that you will be able to perform your duty more satisfactorily
in this capacity. However, you will be entitled to only those benefits and salary that the post
caries.We must also make it clear that if you fail to show marked improvement & continue to
conduct yourself in the way you have been doing, we shall be constrained to dispense with your
services after holding enquiry, if necessary.Manager/Authorized person with designation

C.C: The Accounts deptt for information & necessary action.
In continuance of the charge sheet dated_____________ issued to you & the Enquiry held into the
charges, this is to inform you that we were satisfied that you are found guilty of the charges leveled
against you and severe
punishment including dismissal/discharge can be inflicted upon you.
However, on going through your past record & considering the nature of the
misconduct by you the undersigned decide that this time a milder punishment will meet the ends of
justice. Therefore, it has been decided to withhold your annual increment
for___________year/years.During the period for which your annual increment is being withheld the
management will watch your performance and conduct and if found satisfactory the grant of
increment/ increments to you will be reconsidered onthe expiry of the said period.
Manager/ Authorized person with designation
C.C: The Accounts deptt for information & necessary action.
This is in continuance of the charge-sheeted dated__________ issued to you & the enquiry held in
pursuance thereof. As a result of the enquiry, the
management is satisfied that the charges leveled against you amply proved.
On the bases of the charges proved against you, dismissal from service would be rather appropriate in
the ordinary course but in consideration that this for the first time that you have been found guilty of
the charge, the management decides to afford you an opportunity to improve yourself & instead of
awarding the extreme penalty, impose upon you a fine of
Rs._________ as
Manager/ Competent Authority
Date: -
C.C: The Accounts Dept
Following are the charges against you:
Perusal of your attendance record reveals that you are in habit of absenting
yourself from your duties without any information and proper sanction of
leave. Your absentee spells are on an increase and your absentee record for
the preceding ________years are reproduced hereunder.
________ __________
You have been verbally advised to improve you attendance record and not to
indulge in unauthorized absence from duties. But despite these verbal
advises/reprimands and assurance given by you, you have not shown any
improvement in your attendance.The above act of habitual absence on your part constituted major
misconduct under certified standing orders of the company applicable to you and also affects the
work of the company.You are hereby required to submit your explanation, if any to this chargesheet
within 3 days from its receipt failing which it will be presumed that you
have no explanation to offer and the management will be free to take any
action that may be deemed proper in you case.
For _________________________
(Authorized Signatory)
It is reported against you as under:
1. That on______(date) at about________(time) while on duty, you in
combination with others, deliberately slowed down the work in a concerted manner and instigated
Mr.B & C to adopt go slow tactics. You further threatened Mr. D who did not want to follow the
2. That while you prior production was_____ per day, your production on
________ and thereafter has been deliberately brought down to______
which is much below the normal production of a worker of average
3. That the above acts/omissions on your part are highly objectionable
being prejudicial to the interest of the company, which has to compete
with other efficiently run enterprises.
4. That despite repeated advice not to adopt to go slow tactics, by your
superior/superiors, you did not adhere to the actual norms of production, you have been maintaining
earlier but instead, kept on idling away your time.
5. As a result of your Go Slow tactics and instigating others to slow down
the work/production has considerably gone down, resulting into loss to
the company.
6. The above acts on your part constitute major misconduct under
certified standing orders no.______ and no._____ of the company
applicable to you.You are hereby required to submit your explanation, if any to this charge sheet
within 3 days from its receipt failing which it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer
and the management will be free to take any action that may be deemed proper in you case.
Appreciation Letter
Dear (Name of the candidate),
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you for
your very active involvement _________(Reason) . The Chairman and Board
Members have also asked me to pass on their sincere appreciation for your
efforts in supporting us with the undertaking.Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic
participation in our conference. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was
without your presence.
Best Regards,
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)
Rejection Letter
Dear (Name of the candidate)
I regret to inform you that your recent application for the Head of Security
position at __(Name of the company) was unsuccessful.Although you met all of the mandatory
minimum qualifications for the position,the Interview Board chose a candidate with considerably
more experience than you currently possess and also whose skill set Matches closely with the current
profile we are looking at . I am here to convey thanks for your candidacy.On behalf of
____(Company name) I thank you for your interest and effort,and I wish you all the best in your
future career endeavors.
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)
Apology Letter
Dear (Name of the candidate)
The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any
inconvenience you may have experienced last month with respect to
____(Cause of Inconvenience). We continue to be committed in reaching your expectations. Once
again , Let me convey my sincere apologies concerning this and also would see to it that this would
not happen in future .
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature)
Appointment For Interview
Dear (recipients name),
Thank you for your application regarding the position of (job title) at (company). We are impressed
with your qualifications and would like to meet
with you to have a round of Discussion . Please come down to our office and
take an interview any time between __ A.M to __ P.M . Should you have any
queries ,please feel free to call me _____(Mob Num) and reach me at (your
Email ID) .We look forward to meet you soon at our Office.
Best Regards,
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
New Employee Introduction
Hi All
Please extend your warmest welcome to (name). (name) will be heading up
our (department) division and is excited to begin in this capacity. He comes to us with more than
(number) years in(Industry) . She would be reached at (Corporate Email ID). Request one and all
to extend your warm look upon
her .
Best Regards,
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
Extending Job Offer
Dear (recipients name),
We are delighted to have you be a part of (company). As discussed in your
interview, we are offering you the position of (job title) your starting salary will be ___ per Year. The
Break-up for the same will be provided on your Date of Joining Please acknowledge your Interest as
a reply to this Email and Mention us your Date of Joining .An Early response to the same is highly
appreciated. Look forward to have a amiable Association with you .
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature .
Birthday Congratulations
Dear (recipients name)
Wish you a Happy Birthday ! We hope that you have a great year and
accomplish all the fabulous goals you have set. May the coming years be
filled with happiness, peace, and love.Have a Great day ahead .
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
HIKE Letter
Dear Employee,
We are glad to inform you that your CTC/salary is being revised to
__________________. The break up of the same is as follows:
Flexi Benefit Plan:
PF Contrbution:
The other terms and conditions of the appointment remains the same.
Looking forward for a greater performance.
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
HIKE Letter II
Dear Employee,
We take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution towards(Name of
the company)_________________performance in (Year)_______. Your
efforts towards helping the company achive its strategic goals are
appreciated.Your performance for the year _______ has __________ and has been evaluated as
___(Rating). Consequently, your annural compensation has been enhanced as shown below wef
Fixed Cash Component(A)
Flexible Benefit Pan(FBP)
Provident Fund(PF)
Cost to Company
VariableCash Component(B)
Performance Bonus
Other Allowances(D)
Total Yearly Compensation (A+B+C+D)
Group Term Life Insurance
Group Personal Accident Insurance
Group Mediclaim Insurance
We look forward to your continued contribution that would enable us to work
together as a team and scale grater heights in the coming years.We wish you all th best for your
future endeavours and contributions to our organization.
Dear Mr. /Ms,
We are very happy to inform you that you have been promoted as
(designation)with effect from (due date). In accordance we hereby revise your Gross Salary as Rs /-
.Other terms and Conditions remain the same as per the appointment letter. Kindly sign and return
the duplicate of this letter as a token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
With best wishes,
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
To Whomsoever it may concern
This is to confirm that Ch.Sudheer is working in (Company) as (Designation) .
As per the companys record, His services were effective since (Date of
Joining) . Also would want to confirm the current address of (Name of the
Employee) as put the Adress as per companys Employee Records .
Human Resources
_______(Your name and Your Digital Signature
Click Here To Download Hr Forms & Procedures
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show cause letter reply
show cause letter sample misconduct
application format for increase in salary
warning letter for being late
insubordination letter
late attendance warning letter
show cause notice for late coming
warning letter for lateness
warning letter for late coming to work
penalty letter sample

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HR Policies in New Companies
I have Attached HR Policies in New Companies

Review the current practices/policies [ if any]
Audit all hr activities that are performed [ even the crude format]
HERE ARE THE CORE HR KRAs [ key result areas]
KRA 1 : Recruitment/Selection
KRA 2 : Workforce Planning and Diversity
KRA 3 : Performance Management
KRA 4 : Reward Management
KRA 5 : Workplace Management and Relations
KRA 6 : A Safe and Healthy Workplace
KRA 7 : Building Capabilities and Organisational Learning
KRA 8 : Effective HR Management Systems, Support and Monitoring
Understand the organization
Understand the organization structure
Understand the organization systems
Understand the organization politics/influential people
Understand the organization/individual roles
Understand the organization/positions
Understand the individual job descriptions
Understand the job/ job specifications etc

Discuss the values/beliefs with senior management/CEO and the need for HR department.
Discuss the expectations from HR department -short/medium/long term.
Discuss with CEO, the organizations corporate objectives/strategies and how HR can contribute
to the corporate objectives.
Discuss / seek consensus on organization structure / management process.
Discuss the current organization culture with senior management.
Discuss with CEO/senior management the core activities/competences and business drivers of the
HR dept. is a support unit and hence must work closely with other depts.
Even though there is currently no HR department, there are a number of HR activities are being
carried out now.

AFTER you gather all the informations and summarized, you should sit down with your boss [
CEO] and discuss and prioritize the items, as follows
Please REVIEW the HR MANUAL , as listed below.
Pick points out of it , as per your need, based on your discussion / audit results.
You may want to start up with
HR department OBJECTIVES.
Draft on Recruitment / Selection Procedure /PROCESS
Draft on organization / structure
Draft on jobs analyses/ job descriptions/ job specifications/competences
Draft on payroll / compensation / administration
Appointment /confirmation / Termination / resignation /PROCEDURES/PROCESS
Induction program
Orientation program
Employee communications
Training & development of the employees
Performance Appraisals / management
Once you have the preliminary draft ready, you can start with your EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK
Strategic HRM Planning
HR Strategies and Policies.
HR and change management.
Competency-based HR
Knowledge management
Job analysis
Job Role
Job Description.
Job specifications
Job enrichment
Job rotation
Employee engagement
Organization culture
Organization development
Org. designing
Org. structuring
Org. development
Job / role structuring
HR planning
Manpower planning
Succession planning
Talent management
Performance appraisals
Performance managing the processes.
Org. learning
Training evaluation
Management development
Career planning /development.
Job evaluation
Managing reward process
Administration of rewards
Organization communications
Employee communications.
Staff amenities

HR strategic planning system
Human resource planning system
Manpower planning system
Job profiling system
Recruitment &selection system
Performance appraisal system
Performance management system
People development systems
Career planning and development system
Succession planning system
Job enrichment system
Compensation planning and packaging system
THIS is just a common list.
What is the current situation
What kind of HR DEPARTMENT is required.
What you think are your priorities
What is your action plan
What is time schedule.

To win confidence/trust, you need to show credibility/functional knowledge level.
Initially, please do not rush with too many things. Take one thing at a time and do a thorough job.
Everything must be done right at the first time.

Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Forms
Table of Contents
ADM.101 Personnel Records Activities
1.0 Employee Information
2.0 HR Personnel Records
3.0 Contents of Personnel Files
4.0 Employees Personnel Records Review
5.0 Management Review of Personnel Files
6.0 Company Release Of Employee Information
7.0 Record Retention and Long-Term Storage
8.0 Record Destruction
Ex1 Personnel Records Access Log
Ex2 HR Records Retention Periods
ADM.102 Form Development Activities
1.0 Form Development and Format
2.0 Authorization and Printing
3.0 Form Numbering and Placement
4.0 Forms Index and Manual
Ex1 Form Printing Request
ADM.103 Document Control Activities
1.0 Document Distribution
2.0 Document Revision
3.0 Document
4.0 Temporary Changes
Ex1 Request For Document Change (RDC)
ADM. 104 Mail & Express Services Activities
1.0 General Mail Usage
2.0 Addressing Mail
3.0 Express Mail
4.0 Overnight Packages
5.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Outgoing Mail Register
ADM. 105 Telephone Answering Activities
1.0 Answering Techniques and Etiquette
2.0 Answering and Directing Calls
3.0 Taking Messages
4.0 Telephone Users Guide
Ex1 Important Message
ADM.106 Property & Access Control Activities
1.0 Background Checks
2.0 Physical Access Controls
3.0 Key Controls
4.0 Proprietary Information Controls
5.0 Collection Of Access Controls
6.0 Visitors & Guests
Ex1 Key Issue Policy
Ex2 Visitor Log
ADM.107 Separation Activities
1.0 Resignations
2.0 Involuntary Terminations And Layoffs
3.0 Terminations For Cause
4.0 Termination Meeting
5.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Exit Interview Checklist
Ex2 Exit References Authorization
ADM.108 Workplace Rules & Guidelines Activities
1.0 Alcohol And Drugs
2.0 Breaks And Lunch Time
3.0 Company Property
4.0 Grievances And Complaints
5.0 Inclement Weather
6.0 Parking
7.0 Personal Telephone Calls
8.0 Smoking
9.0 Solicitations
10.0 Suggestions
11.0 Visitors
Ex1 Suggestion Form
ADM.109 Human Resources Reports Activities
1.0 Preparation Guidelines
2.0 Occupational Health & Safety Reports
3.0 Equal Opportunity Reports
4.0 Training Plan
5.0 Hiring Status Report
6.0 Compensation Summary
EX1 Human Resource Reporting Summary
EX2 HR Hiring Status Report
ADM.110 Dress Code Activities
1.0 Dress Code
1.1 Business Attire
1.2 Business Casual Attire
1.3 Casual Attire
1.4 Uniformed Attire
1.5 Safety Attire
1.6 Formal Attire
1.7 Inappropriate Attire
1.8 Business Situations
1.9 Recreation & Parties
2.0 Dinners & Receptions
3.0 Personal Hygiene
4.0 Disciplinary Action
HRG.101 Employee Hiring Activities
1.0 Needs Analysis
2.0 Personnel Requisition
3.0 Job Posting & Screening
4.0 Interviewing
5.0 Pre-Employment Screening & Testing
6.0 Background Investigation
7.0 Hiring And Employee Offers
8.0 Motor Vehicle And Equipment Operation
9.0 Applicant Files
10.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Personnel Requisition
Ex2 Offer Letter
Ex3 Personnel Change Notice
Ex4 New Employee Hiring Checklist
Ex5 Employment Eligibility Verification .
Ex6 Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate.
HRG102 Job Descriptions Activities
1.0 Job Description Preparation
2.0 Format And Content
2.1 Job Title
2.2 Effective Date
2.3 Department
2.4 Summary Of Functions
2.5 Essential Duties And Responsibilities
2.6 Organizational Relationships
2.7 Qualifications
2.8 Physical Demands
2.9 Work Environment
3.0 Job Description Approval & Distribution
Ex1 Job Description Format
HRG103 Employment Applications Activities
1.0 Application For Employment
2.0 Application Information
2.1 Personal Information
2.2 Employment Interest
2.3 Education & Training
2.4 Employment History
2.5 Military Service Record
2.6 References
3.0 Compliance Information
Ex1 Employment Application
Ex2 Employment Application Supplement
HRG104 Interviewing Applicants Activities
1.0 Interviewing Objectives
2.0 Resume Examination
3.0 Telephone Interviews
4.0 E-Mail Interviews
5.0 In-Person Interviews
Ex1 Employment Interview Questions
Ex2 Interview Form
HRG105 Background Investigations Activities
1.0 Background And Hiring
2.0 Investigative Consumer Reporting
3.0 Employee Reference Checks
4.0 Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Inquiry
Ex1 Employee Investigation Checklist
Ex2 Employee Background Authorization
Ex3 New References Authorization
Ex4 Reference Check Survey
Compensation Procedures
COM101 Payroll Activities
1.0 Payroll Records
2.0 Timesheets
3.0 Payroll Deductions
3.1 Workers Compensation Insurance
3.2 Social Security & Medicare
3.3 State Income Tax
3.4 Earnings Tax
3.5 Tax Withholding Payments
4.0 Payroll Adjustments
4.1 Advances
4.2 Garnishments
5.0 Paychecks
5.1 Direct Deposit
5.2 Lost Paychecks
5.3 Final Paychecks
6.0 Vacation Pay
7.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Monthly Time Sheet
Ex2 Central Govt. Tax Calendar
Ex3 Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
COM102 Paid & Unpaid Leave Activities
1.0 Paid Time Off
2.0 Unpaid Time Off
3.0 Absence Request And Notification
4.0 Holidays
5.0 Vacation Eligibility
5.1 Vacation Schedules
5.2 Vacation Over Holidays
6.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Absence Request Form
COM103 Insurance Benefits Activities
1.0 Life Insurance
2.0 Long Term Disability Insurance
3.0 Social Security
4.0 Workers Compensation
5.0 Wage Continuation
6.0 Unemployment Compensation
7.0 Health Insurance
8.0 Additional Information Resources
COM104 Healthcare Benefits Activities
1.0 Cost And Premiums
2.0 Eligibility
3.0 Enrollment
4.0 Coverage
5.0 Filing A Claim
6.0 Termination And Conversion Of Coverage
7.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Benefits Enrollment/Change Form
COM105 Employee Retirement Income Security Activities
1.0 Plan Administration
1.1 Investment Policy Statement
1.2 Fidelity Bond
1.3 Fiduciary Liability Insurance
1.4 Employer Matching
1.5 In-Service Loans And Withdrawals
2.0 Employee Participation
3.0 Notice Procedures
3.1 Initial Notice
3.2 Annual Notices
4.0 Additional Information Resources
COM106 Consolidated Budget Reconciliation Activities
1.0 Plan Administration
2.0 Qualifying Events
3.0 Notice Procedure
4.0 Benefits Protection
6.0 Enforcement
7.0 Additional Information Resources
Development Procedures
DEV101 Development Management Activities
1.0 Development Planning
2.0 Training Effectiveness
3.0 Training Records
4.0 Training Courses
5.0 Performance Evaluations
6.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Training Plan
DEV102 Training Reimbursement Activities
1.0 Eligibility
2.0 Approved Programs
3.0 Reimbursement
Ex 1 Request For Training
DEV103 Computer User & Staff Training Activities
1.0 MIS Training And Certification
2.0 MIS/LAN User Training
3.0 E-Mail Training
4.0 Software Applications
DEV104 Internet & E-Mail Acceptable Use Activities
1.0 Acceptable Use
2.0 Inappropriate Use
3.0 Internet And E-Mail Etiquette
4.0 Security
5.0 User Compliance
6.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Computer And Internet Usage Policy
DEV105 Performance Appraisals Activities
1.0 Performance Appraisal Guidelines
2.0 Appraisal Preparation
3.0 Appraisal Discussion
4.0 Salary Adjustments
5.0 Appraisal Conclusion
6.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Self Appraisal Form
Ex2 Performance Appraisal Form
DEV106 Employee Discipline Activities
1.0 Introduction To Misconduct
2.0 Responses To Misconduct
2.1 Verbal Warning
2.2 Written Warning
2.3 Suspension
2.4 Termination
3.0 Serious Misconduct
4.0 Very Serious Misconduct
5.0 Inexcusable Misconduct
6.0 Misconduct Investigations
Ex1 Disciplinary Notice
Compliance Procedures
CMP101 Workplace Safety Activities
1.0 Worksite Analysis
2.0 Hazard Prevention And Control
2.1 Safe Work Procedures
2.2 Protective Equipment
2.3 Fire Prevention
3.0 Hazard Communication Program
4.0 Medical Emergencies
5.0 Workplace Safety Training
6.0 Reporting And Record Keeping
7.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 Safety Suggestion Sheet
Ex2 Workplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist
Ex3 Workplace Safety Action Plan
Ex4 Workplace Safety Rules
Ex5 Index of Hazardous Chemicals
Doc Material Safety Data Sheet
Doc Injuries and Illness Log
Doc Summary of Injuries and Illness
Doc Injuries and Illness Incident Report
Doc Instructions for OSHA Forms
CMP102 People With Disabilities Activities
1.0 Background
2.0 Who Is Covered?
3.0 Employment Issues
4.0 Public Accommodations
5.0 Enforcement Of The Act
6.0 Additional Information Resources
CMP103 Annual And Medical Leave Activities
1.0 Reasons For Taking Leave
2.0 Advance Notice And Medical Certification
3.0 Job Benefits And Protection
4.0 Unlawful Acts
5.0 Enforcement
6.0 Employer Notices
7.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex 1 Certification Of Healthcare Provider
Ex 2 Employer Response To Employee Request
CMP104 Drug Free Workplace Activities
1.0 General
2.0 Prohibitions
3.0 Authorized Use Of Prescription Medicine
4.0 Drug Awareness Program
5.0 Disciplinary Actions
6.0 Additional Information Resources
CMP105 Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Activities
1.0 Management
1.1 Privacy Standards
2.0 Medical Records Maintenance
3.0 Medical Records Access
4.0 Additional Information Resources
Ex1 HIPAA Authorization Form
CMP106 Harassment & Discrimination Activities
1.0 Unacceptable Behavior
2.0 Complaint
3.0 Corrective Measures
4.0 Enforcement
5.0 Additional Information Resources
Job Descriptions Tab


Non-discriminatory language
Active voice
Action verbs Plain English

Effective Date
Summary Of Functions
Essential Duties And Responsibilities
Grouping Several Tasks Into A Single Responsibility
Responsibility Statements
Delegated Responsibilities
Organizational Relationships
Reporting Relationships
The Organizations Environment
Mandatory Requirements
Key Selection Criteria
Physical Demands
Work Environment
Job Performance
Job Descriptions
Reasonable Accommodation

Employee Handbook
1.0 The Company Philosophy
1.1 The Company Mission
1.2 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Affirmative Action Plan
1.3 Employment-At-Will
1.4 Sexual Harassment
1.5 Safety
1.5.1 Safety Rules
1.5.2 Hazardous Wastes
1.5.3 Reporting Injuries and Accidents
1.6 Drug Free Workplace
1.6.1 Prohibitions
1.6.2 Drug Awareness Program
1.6.3 Disciplinary Actions
2.0 Personnel Administration
2.1 HR Personnel Records
2.1.1 Contents of Personnel Files
2.1.2 Employee Information
2.1.3 Employees Request for Review of Personnel Records
2.1.4 Management Review of Personnel Files
2.2 Service
2.2.1 Employee Categories
2.2.2 Job Posting Procedures
2.2.3 Employment of Relatives
2.2.4 Employment of Minors
2.2.5 Promotions
2.2.6 Transfer of Employees
2.2.7 Separation of Employment
2.2.8 Work force Reductions
2.2.9 Probationary Period
2.2.10 Extra Income
2.3 Process Improvement
2.3.1 Employee-Management Forums
2.3.2 Employee Suggestion Program
3.0 Benefit Eligibility
3.1 Payroll Information
3.1.1 Time Records
3.1.2 Pay Periods
3.1.3 Salary Compensation for Partial Pay Period
3.1.4 Pay Rate Schedule Hourly Paid Employees
3.1.5 Payroll Deductions
3.1.6 Overtime
3.1.7 Payroll Errors
3.1.8 Garnishment of Employee Wages
3.1.9 Authorized Check Pickup
3.1.10 Pay at Time of Separation
3.2 Attendance & Leave
3.2.1 Medical Leave Policy
3.2.2 Sick Leave Credit Limit
3.2.3 Sick Leave Policy Usage
3.2.4 Medical, Dental and Optical Appointments
3.2.5 Exhaustion of Accumulated Sick Leave
3.2.6 Pallbearer, Funeral, Emergency Leave
3.2.7 Civic Leave or Jury Duty
3.2.8 Voting
3.2.9 Military Leave
3.2.10 Maternity Leave
3.2.11 Parental Leave
3.2.12 Leave of Absence
3.3 Insurance
3.3.1 Hospitalization and Medical Insurance
3.3.2 Continuation of Group Health Insurance
3.3.3 Life Insurance
3.3.4 Long Term Disability Insurance
3.3.5 Social Security
3.3.6 Workers Compensation
3.3.7 Unemployment Compensation
3.4 Savings Plan
3.5 Break Room
3.6 Employee Discounts
3.7 Educational Assistance
4.1 Work Schedules
4.1.1 Working Hours
4.1.2 Salary Employees
4.1.3 Hourly Employees
4.1.4 Clean Work-Place
4.2 Legal & Ethical Conduct
4.2.1 Ethical Standards
4.2.2 Conflicts of Interest
4.2.3 Personal Conduct
4.2.4 Confidentiality
4.2.5 Bribes, Kickbacks and Illegal Payments
4.2.6 Patents and Copyrights
4.3 Misconduct
4.3.1 Serious Misconduct
4.3.2 Very Serious Misconduct
4.3.3 Inexcusable Misconduct
4.3.3 Misconduct Investigations
4.4 Transportation & Travel
4.4.1 Company Owned Vehicles
4.4.2 Personal Vehicles
4.4.3 Living Expense Allowance
4.4.4 Other Travel Expenses
4.4.5 Expense Records
4.4.6 Travel Advances
4.4.7 Expense Reimbursement Third Party
4.4.8 Expense Policies Violations
4.4.9 Company Credit Cards
4.5 Appearance & Belongings
4.5.1 Personal Appearance
4.5.2 Business Attire
4.5.3 Casual Attire
4.5.4 Inappropriate Attire
4.5.5 Personal Belongings
4.5.6 Alcohol and Drugs
4.5.7 Medication
4.5.8 Smoking Policy
4.6 Equipment & Facilities
4.6.1 Parking
4.6.2 Telephone Use
4.6.3 Motor Vehicle and Workplace Equipment Operation
4.6.4 Safety Equipment
4.6.5 Company Tools
4.6.6 Waste Prevention
4.6.7 Solicitation and/or Distribution
4.6.8 Security
4.6.9 Bulletin Board
a) Acknowledgement Of Receipt And Understanding
b) Statement Of Legal And Ethical Business Conduct
c) Drug-Free Workplace Policy Employee Acknowledgement
d) Job Related Accident
HR MANUAL is the total guidelines for the managers in the organization on the subject of
The real work of managing people [human resource] is the responsibility of the line managers.
The HR department acts as a coordinator / advisory body to the line managers, in addition
to, its own administrative work.
Employee handbook is a major element of the HR manual. It is part of the HR MANUAL.
The copy of HR MANUAL [ including the employee handbook] is given to
the managers only.
The copy of the EMPLOYEE handbook is given to the employees.
The TOTAL HR MANUAL development is a never ending assignment. It needs updating every
six months.
At the initial stage, it could take up to six months at least to complete the manual/
handbook for a full time person, even if you employ an outside expert.
Once you have formed the HR manual list, you should sit with your boss
Analyse the list
Set the priority [ 1st. lot, 2nd. lot, 3rd. lot etc ]
Discuss the need for HO material, to uniform the approach
Discuss the need for local expert
Your priorities could be
Personnel records
Various forms required
Access control
Workplace rules
Employee hiring
Job descriptions
Employment applications
Interviewing applicants
Payroll administration
Training [ induction / orientation/development]
Employee handbook
You/Your senior management should agree to the priority list.
Click Here To Download HR Policies in New Companies
Search Sample Formats:
release letter format from employer
form v list of holidays format
appraisal mail to hr
maternity leave register format
letter for reimbursement of medical expenses
resignation letter 15 days notice period
balance confirmation letter format for income tax
request letter for manpower requirement
salary statement letter from employer

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Top 25 Cover Letters
I know you always had a difficulty in finding appropriate cover letters for sending job
So here i go and put together 25 good cover letters. Hope it will be helpful for all professionals
be it experienced or freshers.

Respected Sir/Madam,
I believe that my qualifications & experience would make me an outstanding asset to your
organization. I would very much appreciate the opportunity of a personal interview, at your
convenience, to further discuss my abilities and the needs of your corporation.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This mail is with reference to the current opening of job position of . at (Name of organization).
I wish to be a part of your team as I feel that my objective of utilizing my .. and . skills to
the fullest would be achieved best by serving your company.
My resume has been attached above. Kindly consider my candidature.
Dear Sir/ Maam,

I am writing to express my interest in working with your organization as a ..Designation, and
have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

Review of my credentials will confirm that I have been a consistent performer throughout. I am a
self-motivated person and can prove to be a good team player with strong analytical & problem
solving skills. Also I believe in taking initiatives and strive to apply my knowledge to fullest of my

With strong communication skills and dynamic presentation/public speaking style, let me also note
that my technical experience and Management knowledge will make me a very competitive
candidate for this position.

If your firm is looking for a dependable, results-oriented professional with a solid performance track,
I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my strengths and capabilities can
bring to your company. I can be reached in confidence at the above telephone numbers or email
address and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dear Sir/Madam,
It was a great interest that I came to know about job opening in your organization through a reference
and in response am enclosing my resume for your consideration.
Review of my credentials will confirm you hopefully that I am capable of serving as a catalyst for
achieving your desired objective through effective contribution.
I am pleased to write that I am very much keen to associate with (name of organization) and
obviously it would be my honor if I could serve my service for this organization.
Please revert and acknowledge this application for the further process if any.
Warm Regards


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find my updated CV attached herewith.

I am an MBA professional in . from institute ..Place.
I am having good and thoughtful industry exposure in and .. Through internship
program and projects which I have undergone.
I am having experience of 3 .. Working for ..
I would like to associate with your organization, where I can use my knowledge and experience to
enhance organizational goals and my career goals.
Looking for your valuable look at my profile and your positive feedback for the same.
Thanks and Regards


Dear Sir/Madam,
As per your advertisement in .. Website, I would like to offer my candidature for the post of
with job code .. My Resume is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.


Dear Sir
I am interested in applying to your esteemed organization.
And would like to associate myself.
I have completed .. From university .
Im confident of matching the companys value and work culture requirements with my strengths and
My educational qualification and internship experience, contractual project and previous experience
have prepared me well for a job with this firm.
Attached with this application is my resume which would detail you regarding my abilities and
qualification please review the same and consider me for a designation suiting my capacity.
Anticipating a positive response.
Thanking you,


Hello Madam/ Sir,
This correspondence of mine is in regard to the vacancy at your company. I have gone through the
requirements stated by you and the job description mentioned on website and think that the profile
suites me in an unfathomed manner. With my level of education and work experience it becomes
obvious for me to be able to undertake similar assignments with reverence. The first hand display of
the idiosyncrasies can be witnessed with a personal conversation; a chance of which I presume will
be given to me. I am forwarding my resume which provides a brief idea of my accomplishments and
remarkable endeavors to remain inclined to the learning curve and display an apparent might of
I shall feel dignified to receive communication from your side.
With Regards


Manager HR
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am currently exploring job opportunities. As my resume reveals, I have Masters degree in Finance
(PGDM). I have worked on and learned a great deal from projects during my summer training and
Iwill be anxious to work with your organization.
I have enclosed/attached my resume for your review. I would like the opportunity to meet and share
more about my qualifications and the ways in which I can contribute to the organization.

Thanking you

Respected Sir/Mam
I have completed my degree in .. with an aggregate of % in the month of . I
have over .. months of experience in similar field and good command over .
I am looking for a good platform where I can work with full devotion & enthusiasm. I wish to stand
with a solid backbone to make feel proud of my employer with my hard work and loyalty. Moreover
I am ready to work anywhere and money though important is not my main concern.
I would be grateful if you could consider my candidature for .. and provide me an opportunity to
prove my worth. I am enclosing my resume for your kind consideration and favorable reply.
Thanks & Regards


The Manager,
Human Resource Department,
RNCOS E services Pvt Ltd.
I am writing to express my interest in the job vacancy for . in your organisation as mentioned
on your site (job code- ..)
My detailed resume is enclosed for your reference. Review of my credentials will confirm that I meet
the eligibility criteria for the desired profile.
I believe my knowledge and skills will bring value to your organization and would welcome the
opportunity to meet, discuss and explore the possibilities of the same.

Thanking you


Dear Employer,
In response to your advertisement regarding the position for . in your organization I am
enclosing a resume for your review. Please consider this letter as my formal application presenting
my background, education and experience.
I am a .. student with Majors . with the ..background & have an experience in
various field like .. Etc. I am well versed in the area of .. as I am also certified
Dealer of NSEs NCFM. Have good knowledge of Computer. I have diploma from ..
I have considerable experience in dealing with . and a thorough knowledge of the
of the corporate environment. I work well with people and enjoy getting the work at
hand completed. I believe I would excel in this industry because I truly find this job as a challenging
and rewarding career opportunity. As well as, my multi regional exposure offers me an advantage in
better understanding of the consumer behavior and perception of various culture & region.
Looking forward for your positive response and expect to hear from you soon for an interview to
further discuss my qualifications. I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

The HR Manager


With reference to the telephonic conversation, I Want to apply for the post of .. in your
organization. I am sending a copy of my resume as a word attachment with this mail.

Hope to hear from you soon .

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Dear Sir,
This is S D.
I am an MBA from .. University
Currently I am pursuing from .. University .
Id like to request you kindly lend me the opportunity so that I can prove myself to be eligible for the
relevant post in your highly prestigious organization.
My resume is attached herewith for your kind appraisal.
In anticipation of your endeavour,
With best regards


Greetings for the day !
This is in response to the mail sent to me. I would like to apply for the mentioned opportunity namely
Im sending my resume for your kind consideration. I can be contacted any time on the
number mentioned below. Hope you will revert back soon.


The HR
New Delhi
Subject-: Application for the Post of .
Respected Madam,
We had a conversation over the phone. I feel immense pleasure in offering my candidature with the
aim of professional career in your reputed organization for the above mentioned post.
I assure u that, I shall spare no pains in discharging my duties at the best of my caliber.
Thanks in Anticipation

Having seen your mail, I tender my deep delight upon showing your likeness towards my profile. I
offer my candidacy for the post thats . In this response, I attach the personal recapitulation
with my updated CV, herewith. Kindly check.
Thanks in anticipation,
Yours Sincerely,

(for those who are applying for diverse profiles)
I am , a . engineer with . This is in response to your mail I received
regarding the requirement/recruitment of
Although, I am into a .profession, my inclination has always been towards
.professions, especially I have a natural panache for .. Since I have worked
with .. prior to joining .., I have a good command over .and am well versed
with the standards. I have been involved in at school and college level.
As far as the remuneration is concerned, I well understand the difference between salaries in and
other industries and this difference will not be an issue from my side. Sooner or later I would want to
switch over from my current profession to something that I am more comfortable with. I am
confident in myself and all I seek is a good opportunity, which I might find with your organization.
I am enclosing my resume (technical) your kind perusal. Kindly provide me with an opportunity to
prove my worth.
Thanks and Regards

My interest for the position of . has prompted me to forward my resume for your review and
I am employed as
I Think that I could apply my combination of knowledge and experience. As a business Post-
Graduate I believe that, this Post will provide an Outstanding Opportunity for me.
I am Sending my Resume with this Application. I believe that my Academic record and Experience
reflects Excellent Level of both Motivation & Cognitive ability.
I hope that the Detail I have provided is sufficient for the Opportunity that your Company is offering.
Thank you for your consideration.


Dear Hiring Manager,

This letter is to express my interest in discussing the position posted on your
companys website. The opportunity presented in this listing is very appealing, and I believe that my
experience and education will make me a competitive candidate for this position.

Presently, I am working as a . for with around .years experience in .
etc. I enclose my resume as a first step in exploring the possibilities of employment with you.

Please let me know the procedure that follows ASAP
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this
employment opportunity.

Best Regards

Dear sir/madam,
I am writing to apply for the position of t. As requested, I am enclosing a completed job
application, my resume and references.
The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical
experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key
strengths that I possess for success in this position include:
I strive for continued excellence
I provide exceptional contributions to .
I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.
Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.
I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, Thank you for your time and consideration.
I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.
It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration. My record of
academic achievements and professional career history, demonstrates attributes that make me a
valuable employee. My CV/Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and
accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and
ability to contribute to your organization.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

The HR Manager
Sir/ Madam,

This letter is in reference to the mail received by me from inviting application for the post of
.. Profile.

At the very outset, I would like to thank you for considering me for this post. Im currently
.. I have a sound knowledge of and hands on experience in ., the
details of which are mentioned in the CV enclosed.

I would be happy to work with and become a part of the . family.

I am enclosing a copy of my curriculum vitae for your kind perusal.

Anticipating a positive reply.

Thanking you

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for providing me with a chance to work with your esteemed organization would be really
interested in getting into a verbal interaction with your HR team so that I could prove my worthiness
to you and I can assure you that you would not regret giving me a chance once. Please find enclosed
my resume attached with this email for the post of .. (Job Code: .) in your esteemed
Thanking you in anticipation.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Looking at the working and structure of your organization it is my strong belief that my presence in
your organization will give great synergy between viable growth of your organization and my
expertise in the various areas including ..

Review of my credentials will confirm that I am capable of serving as the catalyst for achieving
revenue objectives and organic growth through effective contributions. I have in depth expertise of
..The courses have put in me the best mix of .. expertise with these I also have insightful
knowledge of ..

I understand that working for your organization requires a candidate who is team oriented and is able
to deal with people in various departments. I am confident that I possess these skills, which will help
me to perform the job efficiently and effectively.
My goal is to transit my enthusiasm, creativity and experience into a position, where I continue to
provide the strategic and tactical leadership critical to retaining valued customers of an organization.
I am certain that my presence in your team will prove to be beneficial to your organization. As
such, I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you to evaluate your needs and share my

Thanking you.


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training feedback letter format
appraisal email to boss

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Employee Engagement Activities Ideas
Please find the attached PDF file for team building games for employees.

1. The Is Have It !
To illustrate how we tend to be more self-centered than we may have thought, and to demonstrate the
importance of focusing on the other person.
After a discussion on inter-personal skills or any aspect of communication, casually mention that
many of us forget about focusing on others and instead become somewhat self-centered, albeit not in
a conscious way. With this in mind, ask the participants to find a partner and for the next 2 minutes,
they will be allowed to talk about anything in the world they want to discuss. There is, however, one
rule THEY CANNOT USE THE WORD I. They can do anything else they want; they just cant
say I. After 2 minutes, call time out & lead the discussion.
Discussion Questions:
How many of you were able to talk for those 2 minutes without using the pronoun I?
Why do so many of us have difficulty avoiding the use of I in conversation?
How do you feel when talking to (listening to) someone who starts every sentence with I?
How can we phrase our communications to better focus on the other person?
If you did not use the word I, what strategies did you use to avoid it? Could you do those things
more often in your work (or social) environment?
Materials: -
Time: 3-5 minutes
2. Does a Straight beat a Flush?
To stimulate a higher level of member participation in whole group discussions.
Some groups are reluctant to get involved in open discussions, specially if they are first time trainees,
face a complex or threatening issue, or dont feel comfortable with the trainer yet. You can break the
ice quickly, and stimulate broader (even competitive) group participation in response to your
questions by simply following this method. Inform the group that they will have the opportunity to
play one hand of poker at the end of each instruction module (or the end of the day). The person with
the best overall poker hand will win some prize. One card will be given to each person every time
they make a meaningful contribution to the discussion. Liberally reward participants with randomly
drawn cards as they engage in discussion. Clarify the winning order of poker hands, and identify the
best 5 card hand in the group.
Discussion Questions:
What Impact did this technique have on your participation?
Did this aid or interfere with your learning of the course material?
Materials: 2 or more decks of cards (depending on total number of participants & length of
Time: 5 minutes (to assess the best hands)
3. Who am I? Who is he/she?
To provide the trainer with a wide variety of information about group members/ participants, to
provide a format for information sharing among members of an extended seminar, course or work
Identify the group members who will spending significant time together. Send a copy of the form to
all prospective participants in advance, explaining that the information maybe shared with their
colleagues. Request its return by a specified date prior to the begining of the training. If possible,
reproduce complete sets of the completed forms and distribute to participants prior to their arrival.
encourage participants, at the begining of their time together, to seek out different partners during
coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, etc. to explore common interests and probe interesting perspectives.
Discussion Questions:
What did others say that you admired? What comments/ items attracted your curiosity?
How did others answers make you reflect on your own? Have you subsequently changed any of
your perspectives?
Materials: Copies of blank forms; sets of completed forms for each participant.
Time: -
Who am I?
Job Title:
Best thing about my job:
Worst job I ever had:
Most important lesson Ive learned:
How my friends describe me:
How I would describe myself:
How I spend my leisure time:
My favorite heroes/ heroines:
If money were no limitation, Id probably:
The achievement I feel proudest of:
Favorite advice I give to others:
4. How sharp are you?
To encourage partipants to read carefully, and to search for hidden wrinkles that distinguish
simplistic answers; to simulate participants to be alert to tiny details and assumptions that hold the
key to success.
Present the How sharp are you quiz to them, allowing a very tight time limit (3 minutes). Before
you present the correct answers to them, ask them how many had the incorrect answer for each
question. Then present the answers to them and lead the discussion.
Discussion Questions:
What factors caused you to err?
How might those factors affect your work performance?
What can you do to control such factors?
Materials: Handouts of questions.
Time: 10-15 minutes
How sharp are you?
1. Being very tired, a child went to bed at 7:00 oclock at night. The child had a morning piano
lesson, and therefore set the morning alarm clock to ring at 8:45. How many hours and minutes of
sleep could the child get?
2. Some months like October have 31 days. Only February has precisely 28 (except in a leap year).
How many months have 30 days?
3. A farmer had 18 pigs and all but 7 died. How many were left?
4. Divide 50 by 1/3 and add 7. What is the answer?
5. What four words appear on every denomination of US currency?
6. If a physician gave you 5 pills and told you to take 1 every half hour, how long would your supply
7. If you had only one match and entered a cold, dimly lit room where there was a kerosene lamp, an
oil heater and a wood burning stove, which would you light first?
8. Two women play checkers. They play 5 games without a draw game and each woman wins the
same number of games. How can this be?
9. What word is mispelled in this test?
1. 1 hour and 45 minutes
2. 11 months (all except February)
3. 7 pigs
4. 157
5. United States of America or IN God we trust
6. 2 hours
7. The match
8. They are not playing each other
9. Mispelled is misspelled
5. Know Your Customer
To stimulate participants to use their brains; to serve as an ice-breaker exercise or warm-up; to accent
the wealth that exists in customers if participants will just look for it.
Identify a key word that is relevant to your training program or central theme of the workshop or
presentation. An example could be the usage of word Customer for illustration. Indicate to the
group that their task, working alone, is to identify as many legitimate words as they can from the
letters available to them, using each only once. Ask them to make two predictions the number of
words they can individually identify, and the word score of the highest producer. Then give them a
tight time limit (E.G. 5 minutes) and set them loose on the task.
Discussion Questions:
How many words did you predict youd find? How does your own performance expectation
compare to the expectations others held for themselves?
Did you exceed your expectations, or fall short? Why?
How many words did you predict could be found? How does this compare to the actual total?
How do you explain the actual results?
What does this exercise illustrate to you? (Are Customers a rich source of information?
Materials: An appropriate word
Time: 5-10 minutes
6. Give me a hand!
To project participants future successes by applying concepts learned at real world jobs.
Towards the end of the session, tell participants they are about to take an imaginary journey one year
hence. Ask them to close their eyes and visualize that they are all right back in this very room for a
VIP Awards Banquet. The winners are being recognized for skills and concepts learned and
successfully applied over the past year (since attending this programme). Each participant will
receive grand prize, and their acceptance speech will detail the things they did this last year to win
the award. Ask them to open their eyes and write out 2-3 paragraphs of important elements that they
will use in that acceptance speech. Call on several volunteers as time permits to hear their
speeches. Ask the groups to applaud wildly after each of the presentations. If you wish, you may also
go to a speciality paper products store and pick up a supply of inexpensive Grand Prize ribbons to
distribute to the Winners.
Discussion Questions:
What are the central themes (topics) that received multiple mention in the acceptance speeches?
What is the significance of the variety of items that were mentioned?
How many of you will commit, right now, to write a letter one year form today indicating your
actual use of items from this workshop?
Time: 10-15 minutes
7. Im gonna write myself a letter
To provide a formal method of follow up and self contracting for behaviour change following a skills
oriented workshop
Towards the closing time of your full day (or longer) workshop, distribute copies of the form to each
participant. Tell the group that you realize that a lot of material has been covered during the past day
of so and you need their help to facilitate transfer of the training to their jobs. give them sufficient
time to fill out the form, and then distribute blank envelopes which the participants will address to
themselves. have the participants insert the form in their own envelopes, seal them and pass them on
to you. place postage on the envelope and mail them to the participants about 2-3 weeks after the
Discussion Questions:
What impact will writing these contracts have on you and on your behaviour?
How many think that you will be successful in doing the things that you told yourself that you
would do?
What kinds of barriers would make it difficult or even prevent you from carrying out your promise?
Materials: Forms, envelopes and stamps
Time: 5-10 minutes
The most important or significant ideas I have learned/ thought/ heard/ while at this seminar are:
As a result of these ideas, I intend to do the following things within the next 30 days:
By doing these things I will achieve the following results:
8. Its time to say goodbye
To close a training programme of a full day or more in a sharing way by giving/soliciting positive
Use this at the very end of the training programme. Announce to the group that even as this
experience is coming to an end, you note there have been many solid friendships built over the last
days. As the facilitator you have also gained and learned from them, and you want to give some
honest and sincere feedback to them. (NOTE: this requires that you have been observant and
probably taken good notes on each participant). you would also appreciate receiving some comments
from them (about either you or others) if they feel so inclined. As an example you may say to the first
person, Mary you have given to me and the group your fine sense of humour and have helped make
this programme a fun one. Or Bill you have given to me and the group a great perspective by
sharing your vast experience. Encourage their feedback to you as well. For example someone might
offer Sue, you have given some much needed encouragement. NOTE: Although the first few
comments to you may come slowly, allow them plenty of time to comment. once the group sees that
you seriously want their feedback, they tend to open up with sincere comments. allow sufficient time
for this before the scheduled closing time. how many feel comfortable soliciting feedback?
Discussion Questions:
What kinds of barriers would make it difficult or even prevent you from carrying out your promise?
How many regularly give out positive feedback?
Materials: -
Time: 15-30 minutes
9. The Top 10 : Managerial Time Wasters
To provide a light hearted opportunity for individuals or groups to test their knowledge of current
business research regarding time-wasters
This can be used either as a quick break during a concentrated training session, or as a device to draw
trainees attention back to the training session following a refreshment break. Ask the group to
identify the 10 most significant ways in which a managers time is wasted. Answers can be solicited
either individually (in open discussion) until all 10 correct answers appear, or individual quizzes
can be distributed and unofficially scored by exchanging papers. Prizes can be awarded to those
who are most successful in generating the answers, either because they have a high score, or because
they have come up with the missing link the difficult tenth item. Group competition works
particularly well, with a tight time limit. In this way, no one feels embarrassed for not knowing any
of the 10 items.
Discussion Questions:
How did you know the answers?
What helps us to retain information such as this?
Why might we block data such as this from our permanent brain storage?
How does this exercise demonstrate the merits of collective effort?
What ideas do you have for using time more effectively?
Materials: Master list
Time: 5-10 minutes
Telephone Calls
Poor planning
Attempting to do too much
Drop-in visitors
Poor delegation
Personal disorganization
Lack of self-discipline
Inability to say no
10. The Top 10 : Reasons why people get fired
To provide a light hearted opportunity for individuals or groups to test their knowledge of current
business facts.
This can be used either as a quick break during a concentrated training session, or as a device to draw
trainees attention back to the training session following a refreshment break. Ask the group to
identify the 10 most important reasons why people get fired from work. Answers can be solicited
either individually (in open discussion) until all 10 correct answers appear, or individual quizzes
can be distributed and unofficially scored by exchanging papers. Prizes can be awarded to those
who are most successful in generating the answers, either because they have a high score, or because
they have come up with the missing link the difficult tenth item. Group competition works
particularly well, with a tight time limit. In this way, no one feels embarrassed for not knowing any
of the 10 items.
Discussion Questions:
How did you know the answers?
Materials: Master list
Time: 5-10 minutes
Poor fit with the corporate culture
Over-selling ones qualifications
Bad chemistry with the boss
Rigidity (clinging to old experiences)
Lack of necessary job skills
Victim of a power play
Refusal to conform to unspoken rules
Failing to be a team player
Business cutbacks (plus mergers)
Poor judgement
SELL UNTO YOUR METTLE is a market simulation game, wherein the participants are subjected
to real time bargaining, as in the real world. For this bargaining, they must have something to sell.
So, this game starts with the strategic buying of the raw materials, goes on to their conversion into
the finished products, and finally, the products are sold in the market. However, if some product is
not conducive to the demands of the market, it should be modified and customized as per the need of
the hour. This exercise brings about the hard-selling skills present in an individual, and showcases
them while an individual is working in a team. This game can be played even in large groups;
however, all the components of the exercise will have to be modified as per the requirements of the
group size.
To start with, think of the easiest object one can craft using paper. Some of the examples could be
Boat and Cap. Let us take Boat as our object.
Now, think of all the things that can beautify, or enhance the quality of the boats that can be made.
Some of these could be pencils, pens, sketch pens, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, and of course,
various qualities and quantities of paper. These would also be required for the game, in sufficient
quantities. After these are acquired, decide on some price for each of the objects. An indicative list
could be:
Sketch Pen
1 No.
Re. 1
1 No.
Re. 1
1 Tube
Rs. 2
Paper sheet
1 No.
Re. 1
1 No.
Rs. 2
1 Pair
Rs. 4
Next, divide the participants in groups of, say, 6 persons each, and also allocate certain amount to be
given to each of the groups. We can decide an amount, say, Rs. 15 to be given to each group at the
start of the game. The groups can use this money to buy resources from the co-ordinator. It is in the
interest of the groups not to exhaust all their money in the initial stages only, so that they can do
transactions for the resources later in the game, as per the demand in the market.
The game begins. Each of the groups participants meet and discuss the strategy they should adopt.
Some of the groups start buying resources from the coordinator immediately. They might be
following a strategy of mass production or early-mover advantage. Some other groups may still be
discussing over the resources they should buy. Still some other groups might have started the
reconnaissance survey to identify the needs of the customer.
Each group normally divides itself into various SSGs (Self Service Groups) to undertake various
tasks. In such a scenario, one of the SSGs of a group looks after raw materials, another goes for
purchases, a third one looks after the production department, a fourth one looking after marketing, a
fifth one going for after-sales service, and so on.
After all the groups have initially done their purchases of the raw material, the resource bank (the co-
ordinator) can change the prices of the resources, as per the demand in the market, or the fluctuations
expected in the times to come.
The groups start making the products, and side-by-side, they may also start operating the marketing
and selling functions. In case of shortage of some resource, the groups can either go to the co-
ordinator for buying more
of the resources, or they can also seek trading of the resources amongst themselves at reasonable
price. Most of the times, it comes down to the good old Barter trading system in this stage of the
game, where the groups start exchanging their resources for certain period of time. It brings about the
human mentality, which we have inherited from our forefathers who used to do barter trade as the
first form of marketing.
When the agents of various groups are trying to sell their boats to the customers (who in this case are
the coordinators, preferably some marketing department officials), the customers may quote any
price for the boat they have been offered. The agents need to show the special features of their
products in order to persuade the customers to buy their products. They may also give some
incentives to enhance their sales. The incentives could be in the form of a small boat that could be
given free with the big one, or some customized design as per the requirements of the customer.
Another noteworthy point can be the sale of products from one group to another. If an agent of a
group sees that another agent is not able to market or target the product properly, he can offer a price
to the other agent for his boat, and can try his own marketing skills in selling that particular boat.
After some considerable time, the coordinator can call time out, and the game comes to an end. At
the end of it, the group with maximum amount of cash is declared the winner. There could be other
ways as well to identify the winner. One of them could be valuation of all semi-finished goods of all
the groups. The resources can also be evaluated based on their market value.
At the end of the session, some of the successful and relatively unsuccessful groups can be called
over to explain the strategies they
adopted, or did not adopt. All in all, this game proves to be a worthwhile experience for all the
Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy
I have attached Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy.

The objective of this policy is to facilitate the Employees in their jobs by increasing communication within
the organization and especially with the customers and to prevent them from the hassle of purchasing
Sim Cards / Hand Sets.
This policy has been introduced to:
v define clearly who is entitled to a cell phone and how the costs of purchasing the asset plus ancillary
equipment, and the rental and call costs will be met.
v streamline statement administration and payment, and the reimbursement of the costs of business
v Employees at the level of executive of special duties and Managers.
v Employees who by virtue of their function have a constant need to be in contact with other employees
and to attend external customers or office work through mobile phone.
When Sim +mobile allotted to employee

Reimbursement rules
Company is entitled to pay monthly rental charges + taxes + call charges up to a limit as per the grades &
Bill amount exceeding other than official calls should be recovered by the employees.
Expenses in excess of approve limits can be reimbursed only on approval from their immediate reporting
At top management levels reimbursement can be direct and full.
Mode of Reimbursement
Direct payment by the company to the service provider.
Monthly reimbursement to employee on presentation of detailed bills.
Excess amount of bills other than official calls can be charged by employee in cash/ cheque of debited to their
Prepaid card of some limits defined as per grades can be given + lifetime free incoming calls.
Safety rules
Handset should be insured.
In case of handset damaged / lost (non insured) cost should be recovered from the employees.
Operative Guidelines
Where providing of such facility is warranted, formal approval will be sought.
Asset purchased form duly signed by HR head.
Cell Phone authorization letter needs to be filled.
Cost of mobile should be within entitlement.
Replacement of handset by existing employees can be done after expiry of..period.
Employees are liable for safety of the phone.
In case of employee separation from company, sim + set to be surrendered to the company by employee.
Full and final settlement of employee will be put on hold until the sim & set is not surrendered.
Easy accessibility to all employees.
Employee benefit reducing effort of buying sim +set.
Company can save the cost by purchasing the same corporate plan and set for all employees.
Employees will get a connection at low cost.
Free group calling
When only sim is allotted

Set cost is saved.
Selling of used phone and purchasing of new phones transactions are not needed.

Sim +some % of cost of mobile in cash as per the entitlement

Reduction in purchasing formalities.
Increase in paper formality.
Support documentation leads to increase in cost (in terms of labour, stationary and efforts).
Employees refusal in case of used phone.

When only sim is allotted

Employees may not take interest in purchasing a mobile set.

Sim +some % of cost of mobile in cash as per the entitlement

Increase in feeling in inequality in employees

No Sim, No mobile from Company

Company can contact to the service provider for employees facility.
Company can pay first time installation charges.
Service provider will intimate officially to the company about the number being allotted to an employee.
All the formalities related to support document will be done by the company only.
Employees will contact directly or company can act as initial link between the service provider and the
employees (like in case of salary account)

Reimbursement rules
Reimbursement can be done upto a limit as per the entitlement after presentation of detailed bills.
For top management, bills can be reimbursed fully.

All the documentation will be done through service provider leads to reducing the cost and saving of time, which
can be used in some other important work of the company.
Reduce filing and recording work.
Saving of sim and set cost.
No need to employees to surrender the no. or set on parting from the services.
Employees will get low rate of calling.
Company will get benefits in terms of free calling between the group.
Handset insurance formalities will also not require, leading to saving of cost.

The total expenses on mobile phone claim can not exceed the limits as given below:
1. Top management: upto Rs. /- per month (full reimbursement).
2. Sr. Mgr and Mangers : upto Rs /-Per Month.
3. Executives upto Rs./-Per Month.

Cost / Value of Mobile at different levels:
Category 1
Top management : Actual Payment.
- Fixed amount range between (Rs. X Y).
Category 2
Senior Manager to Manager : Between Rs. X Y.

Category 3
Senior Executives to Executives : Between Rs. X Y.

Mobile / Blackberry / Data card Request Form

Name _________________________________ Emp. Code: _____________________
Designation ________________________Location ____________________________
Department: _______________________Date: _______________________________

I have read the policy on Mobile Connection for Employees and I shall abide myself to policy. Please
issue me an activated SIM with following requirements.



Employees Signature: _____________________

Approved by HOD Approved by HR & Admin


(Approval for General Manager and above would not be required)

Handset Model & cost: Serial No.
Data Card No. Date of Issuance:
Handset No. Mobile Connection Number
Signature of Admin Incharge

I have received the Mobile Connection No._______________ and Handset bearing no. (if
applicable)___________. I hereby declare that I will be responsible and accountable for the safety of the
Mobile handset alongwith activated connection, and in the case of loss/theft/damage, I will report
immediately to Administration and shall pay the due amount to the Company. I also declare that this
Mobile connection issued to me will be used by me only.
Employees signature: _______________________ Date: ______________________
Copies of this form to be forwarded by Administration Incharge to:
1) Finance & Accounts,
2) Purchase,
3) HR (Personal file)
Click Here To Download Mobile Policy
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