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APPLICATION NUMBER: 201403-15 DATE: 7 February 2014

Application Information:
Applicant: AT&T
Description: Construct a 101-high monopole and attach twelve panel antennas, three 72
high and nine 92 high, at the 97 level.

Site Location: Sligo Baptist Church
1610 Dennis Avenue, Silver Spring

Property Owner: Sligo Baptist Church, Inc.
Classification in accordance with Zoning Ordinance: R-60
Private Property:
Public Property:

By right:
Mandatory Referral:
Minor Modification
Special Exception:
Special Exception
Impact on land-owning agency: N/A
Existing or future public safety telecommunications facilities and plans: N/A

Co-location options: Based on our review of the TFCG database and our site visit, we do not
find that there are any existing structures to which AT&T could attach their antennas in the
vicinity of this property and meet their coverage objective. T-Mobile filed an application in
2009 to construct a monopole on MCPS property at Sligo Middle School but it was never
Implications to surrounding area: The MCAtlas image on the left below shows the property
(circled) and vicinity. The image on the right shows the approximate location proposed for
the monopole (circled) on the property.

The church is located on a wooded lot amid a residential area alongside a storm water
retention pond to the west. Sligo Creek Park, which includes the Anacostia Tributary Trail, is
further to the east.

The panorama photo below shows a view of the homes directly across Dennis Avenue from
the church and their view of the monopole (indicated by the arrow to the right in the photo).

The photo below on the left shows the townhomes across the stormwater retention pond from
the church. The photo on the right shows a view of the monopole (approximate height and
location indicated by the arrow) from the townhomes. The tall trees will likely screen the
monopole from view for some residents to the east and south of the site. Other views may be
diminished by the distance of the homes from the monopole.

Based on the plans the location of the monopole on the property appears to meet all setback
requirements including the 300 distance from the nearest dwelling.

Based on the location for the monopole amid a forested area, a tree disguise could minimize
any resident oppositon to the appearance of the monopole in the community. We asked the
applicant if AT&T considered disguising the monopole as a tree to better blend in with the
surroundings. AT&T replied that it had neither considered a tree disguise nor had the
landlord expressed an interest in an alternative design. We condition our recommendation on
AT&T considering a tree disguise if there are community objections to the appearance of the
Attachments: Application
Comments: The AT&T engineer states that these antennas are needed to improve coverage
between existing adjacent AT&T sites; along Dennis Avenue, Sligo Creek Parkway, and the
surrounding roadways; and to residents in the surrounding neighborhoods.

AT&T provided RF maps illustrating coverage from existing antenna sites with and without
the proposed new monopole at the church and also with antennas at the 80 and 60 level.
Based on our review of the map of existing coverage, the AT&T signals in the vicinity of the
proposed location for the monopole are below the target levels of -82 dBm. Antennas as
proposed at the 97 level above ground are shown to be able to meet the stated coverage
objective. Based on the maps, coverage with antennas below that level will not likely meet
the stated objectives. The maps indicate that with the antennas at the lower elevation, the
coverage area at the target signal levels becomes very small around the church property. The
trees, especially when in full foliage, will also likely diminish propagation of the signals
across the vicinity. Consequently, antennas at the lower elevation will not provide reliable
service between the adjacent AT&T sites. We agree that antennas at least at the 97 height
above ground are required to meet the coverage objective. Antennas below that level may not
provide the intended signal levels to neighborhoods east of Sligo Creek and west of Georgia
Avenue to permit reliable service connections and links with the adjacent AT&T antenna

AT&Ts equipment will be placed in a 12 x 12 shelter along with an emergency power
generator on a concrete pad to be constructed in a 25 x 30 area enclosed within a chain link
fence at the base of the monopole. The plans show that neither the monopole nor the ground
space around the base of the monopole is designed to accommodate antennas and equipment
from two additional carriers as required by the County Zoning Ordinance, Section 59-G-2.58
(5)(B) states that The Board may approve a support structure holding less than 3
telecommunications carriers if: the Board decides that construction of a lower support
structure with fewer telecommunications carriers will promote community compatibility. A
shorter monopole will minimize the impact of the facility in the community. Because the
equipment area is amid a wooded area, the equipment area will be screened from view.

Tower Coordinator Recommendation: Recommended:
Recommended with Conditions:
Not Recommended:
Conditions: On approval by the Board of Appeals for a special exception to permit the
monopole in a residential zone, and on a design that does not meet the requirements to
provide for co-location of at least two additional carriers facilities at the site. Additionally,
we condition our recommendation on AT&T considering a tree disguise design for the
monopole if there is community objection to the appearance of the monopole in the

Signature Date

Attachment 1 Revised 3/18/03

Applicant Name: AT&T Mobility


Address: 10015 Old Columbia Rd, Suite F-100, Columbia, MD 21046

Contact Person
and Phone No.: Phil Stetler, 443-977-7561

Provide a description of the proposed installation, including the type and height of the structure (i.e. monopole,
rooftop, water tank, guyed tower, self-support tower, etc.) and whether it is existing, modified, or new. Describe any
modifications that will be made to existing structure.
AT&T proposes to install a new 101 monopole with 11-5x 12-0 shelter and generator within a 25x30 fenced
compound at the tower base. AT&T will also install twelve (12) panel antennas at the 97 RAD center on the monopole.

Address/City: 1610 Dennis Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20902

Site Name: Dennis Ave Zoning: R-60

Site Owner/Landlord: Sligo Baptist Church Inc

Structure Owner: AT&T Mobility

Latitude/Longitude (NAD27 degrees/minutes/seconds: 39/1/32.12, -77/2/14.12

Ground Elevation AMSL in feet: 325

Antenna Height AGL in feet: 97

Frequency bands to be used: 734-740; 740-746; 869.04-879.99; 890.01-891.48; 1950-1965; 1985-1990 (TX), 704-
710; 710-716; 716-722; 824.04-834.99; 845.01-846.48; 1870-1885; 1905-1910 (RX)

Maximum Effective Radiation Power (ERP): 57.2 dBm

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Emission Designator: 30M0W7D
FCC Antenna Structure Registration Number: n/a

Description of antenna(s), including physical size, patterns, gain and orientation (include copy of spec sheet or
drawings): Alcatel-Lucent 3JR52702AAAA (3 panels, 72.7x11.9x12.7) and CCI-HPA-65R-BUU-H8 (9 panels,
92.4x14.8x7.4). Antenna gain: 14.3-17.3 dBi

Describe area to be served by the proposed installation. Attach a map of the general area showing the location of the
site. Upon request, attach RF propagation studies showing service area coverage surrounding the proposed site with
and without the proposed site. Please see the enclosed RF propagation maps. Provided plans contain a vicinity map,
site plan, and zoning map.

Will antennas be installed on an existing structure? no


DATE: _______________ NUMBER: ____________________
(To be filled in by County)
201403-15 Revised 3-26-14
Attachment 1 Revised 8/15/07
If not, describe results of investigation about possible co-location. Include a listing of alternative sites considered and
an explanation as to why each possible alternative was not selected. If a site was ruled out because of radio frequency
(RF) issues, provide RF propagation maps documenting inadequate coverage: The provided RF propagation maps
display the inadequate coverage for the subject site area and justify the need for the new site.

Justification of why this site was selected: please see attached RF justification.

Will site be used to support government telecommunications facilities or other equipment for government use? no

If yes, describe:

Attach a site plan of the proposed facility showing location of monopole, tower, or structure on the property, location
of existing and proposed equipment buildings or cabinets, and distance of any new structures or buildings from
property lines and other buildings or residences within 300 feet. Clearly identify existing versus proposed facilities
by carrier. Also provide an elevation sketch of the structure showing major dimensions, existing attachments, and
mounting height of proposed antennas. If a balloon test has been performed, please provide copies of the photographs.
Will the antenna installation be in compliance with the maximum permissible RF exposure limits set forth in
1.1310 of the FCC Rules and Regulations? Yes No
If the answer is no, please attach an explanation.

Type of compliance study required under 1.1307 of the FCC Rules and Regulations:
Categorically Excluded
Routine Environmental Evaluation
Environmental Assessment

If antennas will be located on a rooftop, please attach a description of any steps that have been or will be taken to
prevent the aggregate RF from exceeding exposure limits. N/A

Montgomery County Code, Chapter 2-58E requires applicants to submit a facility location plan indicating the location
of every existing telecommunications transmission facility and the general location of facilities that are anticipated to
be built in the near future. Has a new or updated plan been filed with the County within the last year? Yes
No If the answer if no, please submit a plan with this application.

If an application for an FAA review has been submitted or an FAA determination has been issued, please attach a

Submit the application fee, with a copy of this Application Form, to:

Office of Cable and Communication Services
100 Maryland Avenue, Room 250
Rockville, MD 20850

State the fee category selected for this application and the amount and date paid:
Category: _New Site-Special Ex_________________ Fee: $_2500.00
Date Paid: _1/29/14_____________ Check # _7227846

Submit the original and three (3) copies of the application with all attachments to:
Columbia Telecommunications Corporation
10613 Concord Street
Kensington, MD 20895
Phone: 301-933-1488

9/10/2013 Page 1 Revision 1.3
The CCI Hexport Multi-Band Antenna Array is an industry first 6-port antenna
with full WCS Band Coverage. With four high band ports and two low band
ports, our hexport antenna is ready for 4X4 high band MIMO.
Modern networks demand high performance, consequently CCI has incorpo-
rated several new and innovative design techniques to provide an antenna
with excellent side-lobe performance, sharp elevation beams, and high front
to back ratio.
Multiple networks can now be connected to a single antenna, reducing tower
loading and leasing expense, while decreasing deployment time and installa-
tion cost.
Full band capability for 700 MHz , Cellular 850 MHz, PCS 1900 MHz, AWS
1710/2170 MHz and WCS 2300 MHz coverage in a single enclosure.
Includes WCS Band
Reduces tower loading
Frees up space for tower
mounted E-nodes
Single radome with six
All Band design simplifies
radio assignments
Sharp elevation beam
eases network planning

Hexport Multi-Band
Antenna Array
High Band Ports include WCS Band
Four High Band ports with two Low Band ports in one antenna
Sharp elevation beam
Excellent elevation side-lobe performance
Excellent MIMO performance due to array spacing
Excellent PIM Performance
A multi-network solution in one radome
4x4 MIMO on High Band and 2x2 MIMO on Low Band
Adding additional capacity without adding additional antennas
Adding WCS Band without increasing antenna count
HPA Antenna Series
Model HPA-65R-BUU-H8
www.cciproducts.com Extending Wireless Performance

9/10/2013 Page 2 Revision 1.3
HPA-65R Multi-Band Antenna
Electrical Specifications
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxD) 92.4 x 14.8 x 7.4 inches (2348 x 376 x 189 mm)
Survival Wind Speed > 150 mph
Front Wind Load 332 lbs (1479 N) @ 100 mph (161 kph)
Side Wind Load 193 lbs (860 N) @ 100 mph (161 kph)
Equivalent Flat Plate Area 13.0 ft
(1.2 m
Weight (without Mounting) 68 lbs (31 kg)
Connector 6; 7-16 DIN female long neck
Mounting Pole 2-5 inches (5-12 cm)
RET System Weight 5.0 lbs (2.25 kg)
Bottom View Antenna Patterns* Rear View
*Typical antenna patterns. For detail information on antenna pattern, please contact us at info@cciproducts.com. All specifications are subject to change without notice.
HPA Antenna Series
Model HPA-65R-BUU-H8
Frequency Range
2 X Low Band Ports which cover
the full range from 698-894 MHz
4 X High Band Ports which cover the full range from 1710-2360 MHz
698-806 MHz 824-894 MHz 1850-1990 MHz
2305-2360 MHz
Gain 15.3 dBi 16.2 dBi 17.1 dBi 16.3 dBi 17.4 dBi 17.7 dBi
Azimuth Beamwidth (-3dB) 65 61 62 68 64 60
Elevation Beamwidth (-3dB) 10.1 8.4 5.6 6.2 5.0 4.5
Electrical Downtilt 2 to 10 2 to 10 0 to 8 0 to 8 0 to 8 0 to 8
Elevation Sidelobes (1st Upper) < -17 dB < -17 dB < -19 dB < -18 dB < -18 dB < -17 dB
Front-to-Back Ratio @180 > 29 dB > 28 dB > 35 dB > 35 dB > 35 dB > 35 dB
Front-to-Back Ratio over 20 > 28 dB > 27 dB > 28 dB > 27 dB > 28 dB > 28 dB
Cross-Polar Discrimination (at Peak) > 24 dB > 20 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB
Cross-Polar Discrimination (at 60) > 16 dB > 14 dB > 18 dB > 18 dB > 18 dB > 18 dB
Cross-Polar Port-to-Port Isolation > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB > 25 dB
VSWR < 1.5:1 < 1.5:1 < 1.5:1 < 1.5:1 < 1.5:1 < 1.5:1
Passive Intermodulation (2x20W) -150dBc -150dBc -150dBc -150dBc -150dBc -150dBc
Input Power 500 Watts CW 500 Watts CW 300 Watts CW 300 Watts CW 300 Watts CW 300 Watts CW
Polarization Dual Pol 45 Dual Pol 45 Dual Pol 45 Dual Pol 45 Dual Pol 45 Dual Pol 45
Input Impedance 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms 50 Ohms
Lightning Protection DC Ground DC Ground DC Ground DC Ground DC Ground DC Ground
USA HQ: 89 Leuning Street, South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Telephone: 201-342-3338,
Canada: 411 Legget Drive, Suite 104, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2K 3C9 Telephone: 613-591-6696
894 MHz Azimuth Elevation 5 1920 MHz Azimuth Elevation 4

9/10/2013 Page 3 Revision 1.3
RET [Remote Electrical Tilt] System
General Specification
Part Number BSA-RET200
Protocols AISG 2.0
Adjustment Cycles >10,000 cycles
Tilt Accuracy 0.1
Temperature Range -40C to +70C
Mechanical Specification and Dimensions
Housing Material ASA / ABS / Aluminum
Dimensions (H x W x D) 8 x 5 x 2 inches (213 x 135 x 51 mm)
Weight 1.5 lbs (0.68 kg)
Standards Compliance
USA HQ: 89 Leuning Street, South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Telephone: 201-342-3338,
Canada: 411 Legget Drive, Suite 104, Ottawa, ON, Canada K2K 3C9 Telephone: 613-591-6696
HPA Antenna Series
Model HPA-65R-BUU-H8
Electrical Specification
Interface Signal Data | dc
Input Voltage Range 10-30 Vdc, Specifications at +24 VDC
Current consumption during tilting 120mA at Vin = 24V
Current consumption idle 55mA at Vin=24V
Hardware Interface AISG - RS 485 A/B
Input Connector 1x8-pin Daisy Chain In Male
Output Connector 1x8-pin Daisy Chain Out Female
Safety EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1
Emission EN 55022
Immunity EN 55024
Environmental IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-2, IEC 60068-2-5, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-11, IEC 60068-2-14,
IEC 60068-2-18, IEC 60068-2-27, IEC 60068-2-29, IEC 60068-2-30, IEC 60068-2-52, IEC 60068-2
-64, GR-63-CORE 4.3.1, EN60529 IP24
Regulatory Certification
AISG, FCC Part 15 Class B, CE, CSA US
Ordering Information:
HPA-65R-BUU-H8 8 Foot Hexport Antenna with 65 Azimuth Beamwidth with Factory
Installed RET Actuators (3)
HPA-65R-BUU-H8-K Complete Kit with Antenna, Factory Installed Actuators (3) and M03
Mounting Bracket
BSA-RET200 RET Actuator
BSA-M03 Mounting Bracket (Top & Bottom) with 0 through 10 Mechanical tilt
M03 Top
Mounting Bracket
M03 Bottom
Mounting Bracket