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Central Middle School P.

E Policies
7th Grade
2014-2015 School Year

As we begin a new school year, it is important for students to
understand correct classroom/eld behavior and the academic
expectations that are required of them. It is essential for teachers
and parents to encourage students to assume responsibility for
their behavior and to develop personal pride in their success.
Please review the following information.

1. Students will always show respect towards all teachers and

2. Students will dress in accordance with the CMS PE dress code.
The dress code shall include the appropriate shirt (tucked
in), shorts, socks and shoes (Refer to student handbook).

3. Students will follow all school rules: for example, no gum, no
hats, no food, no sagging, etc. (refer to student handbook)

4. Students must participate in all activities. Running is a daily

5. All personal property must be locked in students assigned P.E.
locker. No sharing of lockers will be allowed.

6. Students are not allowed in locker room unless they are
changing into and out of their P.E. clothes or with teacher

7. Backpacks are not permitted in locker room. (Refer to the
student handbook) Drawstring bags are considered
backpacks and are not allowed.

8. Binders are to go with students to their P.E. Activity area and
are NOT to be left in the locker room or gym.

9. Restrooms are to be used before the start of class, the end of
class, or during the dress time.

10. Any electronic devices (i.e. Macbook Air) must be locked in
the students P.E. locker during class unless specied by
their Teacher. Teachers will not be responsible for any lost or
damaged electronics.

Consequences may vary based on teacher discretion, which
includes, but not limited to the following: loss of class points,
detentions, push- ups, written assignments, tness walking,
campus clean up, etc). Any student chewing gum during P.E. will
be required to scrape 10 pieces of gum before resuming class

*Immediate referral to the Superintendent, Principal, or Vice
Principal(s) can occur when students:

a. Stop the class from functioning.

b. Willfully destroy property.

c. Refuse to follow instructions (Willful deance).

d. Continue to violate rules.

Students who do not dress: will still participate in warm-ups and
run, then may be assigned pushups or burpees, before
being allowed to participate in the class activity (participation in
class activity at teachers discretion) or
students may be assigned an alternate activity. Any additional
non-dress days for the week students will
still exercise and run, but will not be allowed to participate in the
class activity, the students will be assigned
an alternate activity and their parent will be contacted. Students
who do not complete or refuse to do the
assigned alternate activity are considered deant and will be
given a consequence, which includes, but
not limited to the following: (teacher- assigned detention,
additional loss of points, parent contact, or
immediate referral).

Positive Behavior Rewards
1. Written and verbal praise

2. Awards and certicates of achievement

Tardy Policy
1. A student is tardy if he/she is not in the locker room by the tardy
bell or is not sitting on their roll call number four minutes
after the tardy bell. Students who are tardy and/or miss some (or
all) of the warm ups, will lose some participation points for
the day.

P.E Locks and Uniform Policy
All students must use a school issued lock and dress in uniform
for P.E.

1. P.E. locks will be issued at no cost however, if the lock is lost or
damaged, the student will be required to pay for a school-
issued replacement lock at the cost of 10R$.

2. Students will be able to purchase their P.E. uniform after the
rst day of school from the P.E Teacher. The cost
of the shorts is 10R$, and the cost of shirt is 10R$. A student may
select to wear solid black short and a solid purple shirt, which
will be used specically for P.E. class.

3. P.E. shirt and shorts must be labeled clearly, with the students
rst and last name (no initials). No other markings
will be allowed.

4. Athletic shoes are appropriate footwear (with socks). Laces
must be tied for safety reasons. No open toed or slip on (no
back) shoes will be accepted for participation in P.E.

5. All shirts must be tucked into the shorts completely before the
student leaves the locker room and remain tucked in until the
Student returns to the locker room, to dress and leave class.
Uniforms are to be worn only during P.E. Class.

6. Students who do not dress will be expected to exercise and
run, but will not receive maximum points.

7. There is No make-up for loss of points for non-dressers.

8. If a student hangs a non-school-issued lock on their locker, it
will be cut off their locker (at their expense). If they lose their
P.E. issued lock, they will not be allowed to store their uniform in
their locker or resume using the locker or locker room
until a school-issued lock is obtained.

11. Uniforms should be taken home on Friday, washed, and
returned on Monday.

12. It is the students responsibility to bring their uniform to class.
If a student forgets his/her P.E. Uniform, they must bring it to
school the following day. Not be dropped off at the ofce.
Students will not be called to the ofce to pick up their uniforms.

Exclusion and Medical Notes
1. Health excuses require a parent note. Students can turn in
make-up for excused absences 5 days per quarter.

2. A doctors note is required after ve consecutive days of illness
or injury.

3. Students must dress out for P.E. even if they are excused from
physical activity.

The Physical Education grade is made up of participation and
assessment. Participation is worth 70% of the grade
and includes, dressing, participation, arriving on time, attitude and
effort. The assessment grade is worth 30% of the grade and
includes, timed runs, skill tests, and written tests. Students earn
10 points daily for fully participating, dressing, and being on
time to class, good behavior, and attitude. Points are subtracted
for not completely following the activity of the day, partially
participating, absences, tardies, non-dresses, and negative

1. Students with a written Doctors note will have the same
number of days absent to turn in their make up work. It is the
students responsibility to get their work completed and turned in
to their instructor.

2. Excused absences are allowed with a written note from a
parent. For absence(s), injuries, sickness, students will be
allowed to make up the points they lost by doing a written
assignment(s) for each day of an excused absence and
completing any missed timed runs.

Locker Room Rules
It is expected that all students will abide by all locker room rules,
which are in place for student success and safety.

Girls Locker Room
1. Students not dressing in uniform are not allowed in locker
room. Go straight to roll call line.

2. Students are to use the restroom before the start of class, the
end of class, or during the dress time only. Only 3 girls are
allowed in the restroom at a time.

3. Students will not be permitted in the locker room unless it is
their P.E. Class Period. Any items left in the locker room,

will need to be retrieved the following day.

4. Lunch or break detention may be assigned for the following:
tardy to class, forgetting locker combination, leaving
personal items out, sharing lockers, breaking locker room rules,

5. Students may not enter through the back door; its for exit
ONLY! Unless specied by the Teachers.

6. Profanity, ghting, theft, destruction of property, and bullying
will result in an automatic referral.

Boys Locker Room:
1. Students who use inappropriate language will do 20 Pushups.

2. Students will do 20 push ups for leaving locks or clothing laying
on the oor or not properly put away.

3. Profanity, ghting, theft, destruction of property, and bullying
will result in an automatic referral.

End of Central Middle School P.E Policy 2014-2015