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Soth Korea Trip Plan:

Starting in Chesapeake on Sat June 14

at 9 am will reach Sai's house by 1pm.
Flight to Beijing is at pm on sat June 14
an! reach Beijing by ".#$pm on 1th.
%&ernight stay at Beijing at hotels.
'ake up early morning at about am an! get rea!y by "am an! lea&e to airport.
Flight to Seoul is at (.#$ )* on 1"
Flight will reach Seoul +ncheon,+C-. by 11.#$ )*.
Checking out luggage an! getting out o/ )irport will take one hour.
0aking transportation to 1otel will take another #$ minutes.
By 1 2* will reach hotel an! to get rea!y will take another #$ minutes.
By 1.#$ can get out.
On June 16
, 2014:
)ppro3 1.#$ 2* will to go 4otte 5epartmental Stores spen! 4 hours in that
!epartmental store.
0ime will be .#$pm i/ 5i&ya62a!ma allows us to come out in 4 hours.
)/ter they get e3hauste! at 4otto then go to -am!aemun *arket an! spen! rest o/ the
time in that market a/ter !inner.
7et back to room by 11pm an! go to sleep.
On June 17
, 2014:
'akeup at (am an! get rea!y by 9am.
Buy bus ticket ,1op on an! o//. /or the !ay.
1a&e break/ast.
8isit the /ollowing places. *ost o/ them are nearby.
1. Jogye9sa bu
:. 7yeongbokgung ,p1$"..
#. Chang!eokgung,1$p..
4. Bukchon &illage,21$"..
. -orth Seoul 0ower.
". 5inner
;. +/ still ha&e time then go /or shopping.
-ow go to room at about 11pm an! take rest.
On June 18
, 2014:
5epen!ing on the situation check out the room. )sk the hotel people i/ they keep the
luggage a/ter check out until we get back a/ter site seeing.
'akeup at 9am or 1$am !epen!ing on how e3hauste! you are.
By 1$am go out an! ha&e break/ast or lunch.
+/ 1"
an! 1;
plan went well then we co&ere! all o/ the important places.
2lan to go to Fish *arket i/ e&erybo!y agrees or procee! to Busan. 7et 0rain by 1pm.
<ou will reach Busan by 4pm.
Busan: ,page :#;.
June, 2014.
<ou will reach Busan by 4pm.
Spen! two !ays in Busan= 19
an! until :$
Check out room on :$
noon an! take bus to 'an!o.
0hings to see in Busan=
1) Beoeosa Teple > %pening hours (.#$ to 1;.#$. 70= ?3it or ; B6*
2) Ja!al"hi #ish $ar%et > %pening hours am to 9pm. 70= Jagalchi Station 4ine 1@
e3it 1$. 'alk mins.
&) '(an!alli Bea"h = is /amous /or its /ine san!. )roun! the beach there are
uniAue resturants@ ca/es an! o&er #$$ raw /ish restaurants. ) must see in Busan
because o/ the illuminating lights than can pro!uce o&er 1$$@$$$ colors matching
the night &iew o/ the beach. 70= 7wangan Station 4ine : > ?3it . 'alk 1$
4) )on!!un!sa Teple = 70= ?3it ;@ 1aeun!ae Station 4ine :@ 0ake bus 1(1 an! get
o// at yonggungsa 0emple.
Busan city tours o//ere! by Busan 0ourisim. Below is the link=
4ea&e busan on :$
at 19.$$ hours by Ferry which will take Jeju +slan! ne3t !ay
*orning ;)m is one option. -ee! to research on other options.
Je*u +slan,:
June 21
, 2014:
+/ you reach Jeju by Ferry you will be there on :1
*orning ;am.
Best way to reach Jeju /rom Busan=
Thin!s to ,o in Je*u: