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No. UDD 3s6 MNJ 2005(P) Karnataka Government Secretariat

Vikasa Soudha,
Bangalore, Dated: 78.06.2A74
Whereas the draft of the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee
(Amendment) Rules, 2014 was published as required by section 42I of the
Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976 (Karnataka Act 14 of 1977), in
notification No. UDD 356 MNJ 2005 (P), dated: O4-O3-2014 in Part-IV
the Karnataka Gazette, dated: 2O*O3-2O14 inviting objections and
suggestions from all persoir.s
to be affected within {ifteen..days from
the date of itS publication in the official Gazette.
.. .And
whereas,' the...said Gazette was made available to public on
And whereas, objections and suggestions receive.d
been considered by the State Government.
Now; therefore, in exercise of the powers confeiled by section 5O3B
read with section 421 of the Karnataka tvlunicipal Corporations Act, \976
(Karnataka Act 14 of 1977), the'Government of Karnataka hereby makes the
foliowing iules, further tb amend the Karnataka Metropolitan Planning
Committee Rules, 2013, namely:-
1. Title, commencement and application.-(1) These rules may be
called the Bangalore Metropolitan Planning Committee (Amendrnent) Rr,rles;
-(z).-They-- shall. co,me..into...force of .tlie pu.blication .in,
Official Gazette. .:.
2. Amendment of Rule 3.- In rule 3 of the.Bangalore Metropolitan
Planning Committee Rules, 2Ol3 (hereinafter referred to as the said rules),
in sub-rule (2), in clause (b), after the words "shall be held by", the words
"the Regional Commissioner in consultation with" shal1 be inserted.
in this behalf have
3. Insertion of new Rule 3A - After rule 3 of the said rules, the
following shall be inserted, namely:
"3A. Election Procedure.- (1) Meeting for Election of 18 rnembers to
the Committ.;< be elected from amongst the elected members of the
Bruhat Bangalore Mahan agara Palike and for election of 2 members to the
Committee to be elected from amongst the Adhykshas & Upadhykshas of
Zilla Panchayat, Taluk Panchayat, Grama Panchayat within the
of Bangalore tvtg!19p9fi!ry AlSa shall be convened by the Regional
Commislioner, Bangalori: Division
with the co-ordihation of the Deputy
Csmmissioner, Bangalore District, the Com*issioqer..of Bruhat Bangaloie
Mahanagara Palike and the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla panehayat.
(2) The meeting under sub-rute
shall be held. and presided over by
the Regional Commissioner, Baiigalore Division
(3) Noticeg of the meeting.i:nder sub-rule (1) shall be sent by the
Regional Commissione.r, Binga.lore Division
all the elected members of the
Bruhat Bangalore." Mahanagara Palike and the Adhyaksha and
Upaadhyaksha of Zllla Panehayat, Taluk Panchyat and Grama Panchayats
within the
of the Bangalore Metropolitan Area.
(4) Manner of voting at the elbction, time, place and counting of votes
and declaration
. rbsults sha1l be as specified by the Regional
Commissioner, Bangalore Division.
(5) Voters iists of the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike elected
members and Adhyaksha and Upaadhyaksha of ZIIIa Panchayat, Taluk.
Panchyat and
be piepaied by the Regional
(6) The
set out in the Karnataka Municipal Corporation
(Election) Rules, lg7g for election of members of the Standing Committees
may be adopted by the Regional Commissioner with such modifications as
may be necessan/ for conduct the elections to the Bangalore Metropolitan
Planning Committee:
Provided, that the method of voting by secret ballot shall be followed
at the election. Each voter shall have as many votes as the number of seats
in the block and no voter shall cast more than one vote in respect of any one
(71\Y'e Regional Commissioner shall declare the resuits of election of
the members of the Committee and Grant Certificate of Election and record
certificate of election under intimation to the State Election Commission and
State Government......
" '."""'."""'
(8)- In' c'ase of any doubt or ambiguity arising in the process of
' 'ccinducting
the electionS, the State
issue directions and clarifications as
Government may upgn reference to it,
may be conSideied appiopiiate.
By order and in the name of the
Governor of Karnataka
hder Secretary to Government,
Urban Development Department
The Compiler, Karnataka' Gazette, Bangalore-for Publication in
the extnaordinary Gazette and supply looo copies to the.Governrnent.
Cbpy to: :
1) The Chief Secretary to Government, Vidhana Soudha,
2l rhe Additional chief Secretary to Government, vidhana Soudha,
The Additional Chief Secretary and Developrnent Commissioner,
The Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Ministei,' Vidhana
Soudha, Bangalor:e.'
The Additional Chief Secretary to Govt., Urban Development
Departmenti VikasSoudha, Bangalore.
National Capital Region & Planning Board, Govt. of India, New
The Secretary, The State Election Commission, Bangalore.
The Chairman, Bangalore Development Authority, Bangalore.
The Commissio-ner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara
The Commissioner, Bangalore Development Authori[r,
11) The Commissioner, BMRDA, Bangalore.
l2l The Regional Commissioner, Bangalore Division, Bangalore.
13) The Chairrnan, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board,
14)' The Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore Urban
Rural District.
15) The CEO, Zilla Panchayat, Bangalore Urban
16) The Director, Town & Country Planning, Bangalore.
Tilre Joint'Director,( Planning) Urban Development Department,
( Vikassoudha, Bangalore.
18) ' S.G.F/ Spare Copies.