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Project: Development of Palm Deira Client: NAKHEEL

Main Contractor: ZSML MEP Contractor: BBAE

Welding Procedure of CHW Pipelines
&'( SCOPE O !O$K
The Method Statement is applicable to Welding of MS Pipe & Fittings.
)'( $ESPONS"B"L"T*
Before commencement of any installation activity, the following procedres are re!ired to be carried ot.
".# $ll materials sed mst have an approved material sbmittal.
"." $ll wor%s shall be installed as per approved constrction drawings.
".& $ll wor%s shall be installed in a neat and tidy fashion.
+'( DESC$"PT"ON O !O$K
+'& Preparation !or, -. BBAE
# Measre length of pipe re!ired de allowance for any pipefittings to be sed. 't pipes to
measred length. (nsring that the ends are ct s!are.
" Prepare the end of pipe to be welded to the right angle of level and the si)e of the root face in
accordance with the procedre specification. The srfaces to be welded shall be smooth, niform
and free from laminations, tears, scale, slag, grease paint and other deleterios materials that might
adversely affect the welding. Power Tools of *and Tools will be sed for cleaning, grinding or
& The prepared ends to be welded, pipe+to+pipe or pipe to fitting shall be aligned as accrately as is
practical and ensring that the spacing between the abtting ends is in accordance with the
procedre specification sed. The alignment of abtting ends shall minimi)e any offset between
the srfaces cased by dimensional variations and will e!ally distribte arond the circmference
of the pipe any sch offset. *ammering of the pipe to obtain proper line will be %ept to a
, The two prepared end shall be tac% welded together in for positions at ninety degree. $fter
tac%ing, the alignment shall be chec%ed to confirm the integrity of the alignment has been
preserved. -ring the welding process the tac%s shall be removed by grinding.
. The welding process will commence, ensring that the correct filler metal, electrical crrent,
polarity, voltage, crrent and nmber of passes is in accordance with welding procedre. $ll slag
or foreign matter shall be removed from each pass of welding, inclding the repair of any visible
defects, sch as crac%s, cavities, etc., prior to commencing the scceeding passes. The removal of
any sch imprities will be by electrical grinder.
/ 0n completion of welding process the welders designated identification mar% will be placed
ad1acent to the weld.
2 The weld shall be visally inspected to chec% for inade!ate penetration e3cessive nderctting,
brn throgh, and to ensre the weld is free from crac%s.
4 5oints to be welded to $STM $"&, and *6$' code of practice T78. inclding of carbon steel pipe
9 $ll welds to be wire brshed and painted with 7ed 03ide Paint when welds are completed.
,.# The material shall be of approved Manfactrer as per the material sbmittal.
,." S%illed technicians, in sfficient nmbers, shall carry ot the installation.
,.& The wor%manship shall be maintained at all times.
/.# (nsre wor% area is clear and tidy.
/." (nsre the wor% $rea is well ventilated.
/.& (nsre area is %ept clear while lifting is in progress.
/., 'hec% all lifting e!ipment for visal signs of damage.
/.. 'hec% electric drill and e3tension leads for visal signs of damage.
/./ Safety e!ipment :e3ample *ard hats, Safety shoes, 'overalls, ;loves, ;oggles when necessary etc.< to be
worn at all times.
5'& Dra6in78
#< Bloc%+$ ;#, ", & Floors, Bloc%+B and ' ;rond Floor #, " and &
"< 'hilled Water 7iser Schematic
5') Cali-ration Certificate8
#< Welders =alification 'ertificate.
5'( E2%"PMENT $E2%"$ED
2.# Metal $rc welding Machine.
2." (lectric $ngle ;rinder.
Prepare9 -.: K' Lin7anna $evie6e9 -.: Caner Tona, Approve9 -.: Caner Tona,
Si7nat:re: Si7nat:re: Si7nat:re: