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Terminator Too

A Supplement For Terminator: The Machine War

Terminator: The Machine War and Terminator Too use the Unisystem rules and skills found in the All Flesh Must
Be Eaten main book and its supplement, One Of The Living. If you are having trouble locating some of the skills
mentioned in this work, thats where to look.
For further credits, please refer to the Terminator: The Machine War cover page.
This supplement contains everything that did not make it into Terminator: The Machine War, as well as a few
things that were accidentally left out and several corrections.

Tech-Com Mechanic (survivor)
Str 4, Dex 3, Con 4, Int 3, Per 3, Wil 3 / LPs: 51 EPs: 38 Spd: 14 Ess: 20

Fast Reaction Time
Hard To Kill 3
Nerves of Steel
Resistance (disease, fatigue, hunger, thirst, poison)
Cruel 1
Subject To Orders

Computers 2
Dodge 2
Guns (plasma) 2
J ury-Rig 3
Mechanic 5
Electronics 2
Info (Tech-Com) 3
Info (Skynet) 3
Notice 3
Scavenging 3
Stealth 2
Survival (ruins) 3

GEAR: Tool Box (with various tools), Plasma Cutter / Welding Torch, Misc. Spare Parts, M-25 Plasma Rifle, Tech-
Com Uniform, Tech-Com Helmet, Sleeping Bag, Large Knife, Backpack, Canteen, Tin Cup, Small Frying Pan,
Flashlight, Radio Headset, Lighter, Rations

New Skills

Hand Weapon (Improvised): This skill allows the character to enter hand-to-hand combat with just about
anything that can be used to smash, chop or slice. Damage may not be consistent, but there's almost always
something heavy lying around that can be used as a weapon.
Tactics (Special): The Tactics skill allows characters to use terrain, units and resources to their fullest
advantage. It also helps in understanding and anticipating your opponents action. It can also be used to spot the
most likely places for an ambush. Use Perception and Tactics to judge where best to have a battle or to determine
an opponents strategy. You may also use Perception and Tactics to determine the most likely locations for
ambushes. Use Intelligence and Tactics to determine how best to use the terrain, personnel and equipment to your
advantage. At the GMs option, use of this skill may grant friendly units a bonus of +1 to +3 in combat and situations
where they are preparing for or expecting combat, like a siege or setting up an ambush.
Branded (1 pt Drawback): When you were in the Forced Labor or Death Camps, the machines laser branded a
barcode on your arm. Now, if they catch you, theyll know exactly who you are. Youll face immediate termination.


Cold Fission Generator: These are the primary power suppliers for Tech-Com. Small CFGs are mostly used to
power weapons (DC: 10, AV: 5, EV: 25, Avail: U). Medium CFGs are used to power the likes of labs, garages and
jury-rigged to replace a gas engine (DC: 50, AV: 5, EV: 100, Avail: U). Large CFGs power bunkers and factories
(DC: 200, AV: 10, EV: 1000, Avail: R).
CPU Reader: Allows Tech-Com computers to plug in and access SkyNet CPUs (hacking required) EV: 1, Avail: R
Med Kit: A well stocked case that grants +1 to First Aid skill tests. EV: 2, Avail: C
Med Pack: A backpack that allows Medicine and surgery skill checks in the field (+2 to First Aid) EV: 4, Avail: U
Multi-Optics Scope: A gun sight that provides infrared, ultraviolet and night sight. EV: 1, Avail: R
Radio Headset: These units can tune in on 10 encrypted channels, at a range of 10 miles. Their battery lasts for
up to 10 hours, with a 2 hour recharge time. Each has an earpiece and a microphone. EV: 5 oz, Avail: C
Special Optics Scope: This gun sight provides 1 of the following; infrared, ultraviolet, night sight. EV: , Avail: U
Tech-Com Helmet: Each helmet comes with night vision goggles and a radio headset. AV: 30, EV: 2, Avail: C

New Weapon

Weapon Range (feet) Damage Cap EV Avail
Static Gun 10/750/1500/2250/3000 2d8 x 10 n/a 170 U
Plasma Mini-Gun 100/500/1000/1500/2000 d8 x 10 200 100 R
Plasma Rifle, M-20, Endo 5/100/200/300/400 d10 x 2 200 5
Plasma Cutter / Welding Torch 1 foot d6 x 2 n/a 2 C

Plasma Rifle, M-20, Endo: This weapon is 30% smaller than the M-40 and requires 1/3 of the resources. They
are often dual wielded by the Terminators during battle, or use the M-40 in one hand and the M-20 in the other.
Plasma Cutter / Welding Torch: This is not really a weapon, but it is essential to the Tech-Com Mechanics
work. Is has a variable setting, so it can handle both cutting and welding jobs.
Plasma Mini-Gun: This is a very unsubtle weapon designed by SkyNet, for use by the Terminators. It is heavy,
as is its recoil. The Terminators have no problem with this, at all. Humans, however, must mount the weapon on a
tripod, or a vehicle.
Static Gun: This new energy weapon is a recent invention of Tech-Coms Sci/Tech teams. It is the first to not be
based on SkyNets plasma technology. Due to the fact that it is not a plasma weapon, it does not receive an Armor
Penetrating bonus. The Static Gun was not designed to be carried. It must be mounted on a tripod. Although fairly
new to the battlefield, the Static Gun is quickly becoming a favorite vehicle weapon mount.

Plasma Mini-Gun M-20, Endo Plasma Rifle

Static Gun

Tech-Com Vehicles

Car, Assault
DC: 45, Speed: 100 mph, Acceleration: 30 mph, Range: 550 miles, Wt: 2600, Handle: 4, Tough: 3, AV: 6
Damage: d10 x 10, Range: 10/750/1500/2250/3000, Type: RBS-80

Car, Modified
DC: 45, Speed: 130 mph, Acceleration: 40 mph, Range: 600 miles, Wt: 2300, Handle: 4, Tough: 3, AV: 4
Damage: d10 x 10, Range: 10/750/1500/2250/3000, Type: RBS-80

Car, Armored
DC: 45, Speed: 100 mph, Acceleration: 20 mph, Range: 400 miles, Wt: 2750, Handle: 3, Tough: 4, AV: 40

Pick-Up, Assault
DC: 57, Speed: 110 mph, Acceleration: 25 mph, Range: 450 miles, Wt: 3500, Handle: 3, Tough: 3, AV: 5
Damage: d10 x 20, Range: 200/1000/2000/3000/4000, Type: Mobile Charge Plasma Cannon

Pick-Up, Modified
DC: 51, Speed: 110 mph, Acceleration: 25 mph, Range: 500 miles, Wt: 3300, Handle: 3, Tough: 3, AV: 5
Damage: d10 x 10, Range: 10/750/1500/2250/3000, Type: RBS-80

Pick-Up, Armored
DC: 110, Speed: 70 mph, Acceleration: 15 mph, Range: 300 miles, Wt: 3750, Handle: 2, Tough: 4, AV: 40
Damage: d10 x 10, Range: 10/750/1500/2250/3000, Type: RBS-80

Motorcycle, Modified
DC: 40, Speed: 130 mph, Acceleration: 40 mph, Range: 200 miles, Wt: 550, Handle: 5, Tough: 1, AV: 3
e: A little (flimsy) armor is added to cover the wheels and engine.
Dirt Bike
DC: 30, Speed: 160 mph, Acceleration: 45 mph, Range: 225 miles, Wt: 300, Handle: 5, Tough: 3, AV: 2

Jeep, Scout
DC: 70, Speed: 120 mph, Acceleration: 30 mph, Range: 500 miles, Wt: 2000, Handle: 3, Tough: 4, AV: 2

DC: 90, Speed: 130 mph, Acceleration: 40 mph, Range: 250 miles, Wt: 5000, Handle: 4, Tough: 4, AV: 5

SkyNet: The Machines

AI Module: All machines have a general knowledge of SkyNet, its units, procedures, etc. They also have a working
knowledge of humans, their appearance, equipment, common tactics, etc. To reflect this, all machines have the
skills, Info (SkyNet) 3 and Info (Humans) 2.

Core Overload: When a machine suffers more than a quarter of their Main Body DC in damage in a single attack,
its power core could destabilize, overload and explode. The same applies to Tech-Coms Cold Fission generators.
It is an unfortunate and unavoidable drawback of the Cold Fission Generators and Power Cores. There is a 13%
chance of this happening. The following chart lists the Damage and Area of Effect for an overload of various sized
Cold Fission power sources. The Damage and Area of Effect applies only to things that are around the power
source when it explodes. The power sources itself (and the machine it may be in) are always destroyed in the blast.
Size Damage Area of Effect
Tiny d10 / d8 / d4 1 / 3 / 5
Small d10 x 3 / d10 x 2 / d10 5 / 10 / 15
Medium d10 x 10 / d10 x 7 / d10 x 3 10 / 20 / 30
Large d10 x 30 / d10 x 15 / d10 x 7 25 / 50 / 100
Huge d10 x 100 / d10 x 50 / d10 x 25 50 / 100 / 200

Detachable Surveillance Module

Function: intelligence gathering, DC: 10, AV: 5, Wt: 2 lbs, Tough: 2, Int: 1, Per: 4, Wil: 1
Damage: d10x3 / d10x2 / d10, AoE: 3 / 7/ 10, Type: small plasma charge
Skills: Notice 4, Surveillance 4, Track 4
This unit resembles a simple metal canister, with a full range of pop-out sensor and
communications arrays. The unit is designed to be dropped on the battlefield to provide real-time
intelligence as the action happens. It is not expected to last very long. They cheap on resources
and easily mass produced. Many Skynet units are now being equipped with a few of them. This unit will self
destruct if captured or incapacitated.

Mini-Surveillance Module Roach
Function: intelligence gathering, DC: 2, AV: 2, Spd: 8, Wt: 2on, Str: -2, Dex: 2, Tough: 2, Int: 0, Per: 2, Wil: 1
Skills: Notice 2, Surveillance 2, Track 2, Climbing 4, Stealth 5
Damage: d4, AoE: 1 foot, Type: micro plasma charge
This is SkyNets smallest, but one of its most sophisticated units to date. In size and appearance it resembles a
cross between a high caliber bullet and a cyclopean cockroach. It is equipped with 3-D color vision, night vision,
sensitive audio sensors, personal communicator and GPS. It also comes equipped with a tiny LED light. The unit
moves on 4 frail tentacles that are excellent for climbing and can grasp or manipulate things. The tentacles can also
produce a mild magnetic field, which allows the unit to grip metallic surfaces with ease. This unit will self destruct if
captured or incapacitated. Tech-Com has taken to calling these little units Roaches.
The Mini-Surveillance Module has a limited transmission range of only a mile. For this reason, it usually needs a
second unit within a mile radius to relay the data its collecting to the Defense Grid. A Detachable Surveillance
Module, HK Silverfish or an HK Drone are often drafted for this task.

Destroyer HK
Function: heavy combat aerial armored artillery support for ground units
DC: Landing Gear: 100, Turbines: 250, Tail: 300, Turret Hatches: 100, Spotlights: 15, Main Body: 750, HPC: 100
AV: 30, Spd: mach 1.4, Acceleration: 300 mph, Wt: 200 tons
Damage: d10 x 50, Range: 200/1000/2000/3000/4000, Type: 4 heavy plasma cannons
Str: n/a, Handle: 4, Tough: 5, Int: 1, Per: 3, Wil: 1, Skills: Notice 4, Dodge 3, Piloting 5, Weapon Systems 5
The Most lethal and frightening variant of the HK Dropship was the Destroyer HK. First, the Dropship is outfitted
with better armor. Then the cargo bay is gutted and filled with a cold fission generator and four heavy plasma
cannons. The Destroyer comes equipped with turrets that could be deployed from the bottom or the top of the ship.
It is the only SkyNet aerial unit outfitted with such a feature. Very few Destroyers have ever been produced. The
are used in only the largest and most important battles.

The Terminators

T-800, T-850, T-950 & T-1000: All of these units should have Computers 3

T-860, Dog Model
Function: infiltration, assassination, reconnaissance, surveillance, Dogs: This series can be spotted by dogs.
DC: 50, AV: 30, Spd: 24, Wt: 150 lbs, Damage: bite d6x4, claw d6x4, Range: melee
Str: 4, Dex: 3, Tough: 5, Int: 2, Per: 4, Wil: 3
Skills: Notice 5, Dodge 4, Stealth 3, Surveillance 5, Track 5, Anatomy 5, Tactics 5, Brawl 5, Acting 3, Climbing 3

T-863, Cat Model
Function: reconnaissance, surveillance, Dogs: This series of terminator can be spotted by dogs.
DC: 15, AV: 5, Spd: 18, Wt: 5 lbs, Damage: bite d6x2, claw d6x2, Range: melee
Str: 2, Dex: 5, Tough: 4, Int: 2, Per: 4, Wil: 3
Skills: Notice 5, Dodge 4, Stealth 5, Surveillance 5, Track 5, Anatomy 5, Tactics 5, Brawl 5, Acting 3, Climbing 5

Skynets T-950 Series dog unit met with encouraging success. However, it was just a disposable organic unit.
The AI decided that a full fledge Terminator version of the dog would be a prudent investment. It would be hardier
than the organic version. It would also fill the same roll that the organic version did for the T-950s.
As a parallel development, SkyNet also create a Terminator version of the cat. This unit is light weight and not
very durable. However, it is unmatched in its stealth and surveillance capabilities at least among ground units.
The cat unit has proven to be an amazingly effecting recon and surveillance unit.

Note: as per the T-950, but is a child. Str: 3, Dex: 4, Con: 5, Int: 3, Per: 4, Wil: 3, DC: 65, Spd: 9, Wt: 100 lbs

(What follows are further notes on the T-950 Series)
There is much about the T-950s that is not yet clearly understood. It is known that they mature rapidly. Still, it is
unknown whether their childhood lasts only a few months or a year? It has become painfully clear that this rapid
growth process can be interrupted. Many T-950s are released as babies and as children, usually with other T-950s
posing as their parents. The natural lifespan of a T-950 is another unknown, perhaps even to SkyNet. All T-950s
eventually blow up. No real study into their possible lifespan would have been needed.
Unlike most machines, the T-950 Series have no head jack to allow quick and easy data access to the CPU. All
of their programming updates must be done through remotely. This can be done by sending the data through the
signal transmitter/receiver hidden within their skull.
All T-950s will eventually explode. Most will self-detonate. When the organic life-functions of the T-950 unit
cease, it explodes (If reduced to 0 DC). Also, if their CPU is removed, or if the plasma charge is tampered with,
they will explode. A member of Delta Company could disarm and remove the bomb, but it would require surgery
and a Demolitions roll of at least 15 or higher.
Although the T-950s have served SkyNet well, they have seen little use since their simultaneous attack on Tech-
Com. Only a limited number of T-950s were ever produced, and no more have been made. There are several
reasons for this. Chief amongst them is that they are just too human for SkyNet to ever fully trust them. Also,
organic units are far too fragile and unreliable by machine standards. Many T-950s still exist, but they are the last
of their kind. SkyNet has already begun to replace them with T-800 series variants, like the T-860s.

SkyNet: Behind The Scenes

The Titan
Function: destruction of debris, ruins and unwanted structures (such as buildings and roads)
DC: HCPC: 1000, Grinders: 500, Crushers: 500, Rake: 150, Bumpers: 500, Tracks: 1000, Main Body 5000
AV: 100, Spd: 60 mph, Acceleration: 15mph, Wt: 200 tons, Handle: 2, Tough: 6, Int: 1, Per: 3, Wil: 1
Damage: d10 x 100, Range: 200/1000/2000/3000/4000, Type: Heavy Concentrated Plasma Cannon
Damage: d10 x 100, Range: melee, Type: Grinders & Crushers
Damage: d10 x 100, Range: 20 ft, Type: Concentrated Plasma Stream The Rake
Skills: Notice 4, Driving 5, Weapon Systems 5
This is one of SkyNets few non-combat units. The Titan is designed solely to reduce things like buildings,
overpasses and roads into gravel. To that end, it is armed with one of the strongest plasma cannon that SkyNet has
ever made. Although the same size as the HK Goliath, the Titan weighs twice as much. It is a solid, durable and
reliable work horse of the SkyNet armada. The Titan is a support unit; not designed for combat. Oddly enough, this
support unit has the most powerful weapons in SkyNets arsenal: the heavy concentrated plasma cannon and the
grinders that it uses to chew up roads and debris. The debris then passes under The Rake a concentrated plasma
stream beneath the Titan. The debris is reduced to dust, sand and pebbles by The Rake and the Titan moves on.

Function: research/repair of biological components, research and development. AV: 4, Spd: 12, Wt: 300 lbs
DC: Sensors: 10, Arms: 15, Main Body: 30, Support Stand: 50, Base: 50, Tracks: 30
Damage: d6 x 2, Range: 10 ft, Type: 1 medical laser, Str: 4, Dex: 4, Con: 6, Int: 3, Per: 3, Wil: 1
Skills: Notice 5, Anatomy 5, Research 5, First Aid 5, Electronics 5, Mechanic 5, Weapon Systems 5

The Medibot is one of the oldest units still in service. Its basically a boxy body with spindly arms mounted on a
pole, attached to a motor and treads. The Medibot serves as a maintenance and intelligence agent. Its primary
function is tissue study and repair, not combat. It is not designed to withstand extreme stress. Medibots are not
combat units. They never leave the facility to which they are stationed.
One of the key features of the Medibot is its impressive array of sensory and diagnostic equipment. All of this
equipment is geared towards the study and repair of humans and living tissue. Some Terminators have been
known to visit a Medibot in order to have extensive tissue damage repaired.

SkyNet Central Core: Replace the High Tech and Low Tech skills with Electronics 5, Mechanic 5 and Engineer 5.

The Terminator Timeline: As a side note, many humans refer to the massacre of August 17
, 2029 as Hell Day.

SkyNets Most Wanted!

John Connor (legendary)
Str 4, Dex 5, Con 6, Int 4, Per 5, Wil 5 / LPs: 65 EPs: 47 Spd: 22 Ess: 29

Charisma (2)
Fast Reaction Time
Hard To Kill 5
Nerves of Steel
Resistance (disease, fatigue, hunger, thirst, poison)
Status (3)
Adversary (5) (Skynets most wanted.)
Recurring Nightmares

Computers (spl) 3
Brawl 4
Demolitions 5
Dodge 5
Driving (car) 4
Driving (motorcycle) 4
First Aid 4
Guns (any) 5
Info (Tech-Com) 5
Info (Skynet) 5
Low Tech 2
Notice 5
Running (marathon) 2
Scavenging 4
Stealth 4
Survival (ruins) 5
Tactics (spl) 5

GEAR: Maps, M-27 Plasma Rifle, Tech-Com Uniform, Tech-Com Helmet, Sleeping Bag, Large Knife, Backpack,
Canteen, Tin Cup, Small Frying Pan, Flashlight, Radio Headset, Lighter, Rations, Picture (of Sarah Connor)

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