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Vibration Technician

Hawiyah Gas Plant Department of Saudi Aramco is seeking an

experienced Vibration Technician to oin Hawiyah Gas Plant !aintenance
Di"ision# The successful candidate will act as a lead "ibration technician
to support other "ibration technicians on complicated duties when
needed# He should perform as a fully skilled$ experienced Vibration
Technician able to conduct speciali%ed data analysis on critical
e&uipment "ibration problems and issue recommendations for correcti"e
action# The candidate should ha"e a good working knowledge of
machinery monitoring instrumentation and diagnostic skills re&uired for
the ob#

Minimum Requirements
'# Diploma or higher education
(# )xperience in "ibration#

Duties & Responsibilities
'#Pro"ide "ibration readings upon re&uest and assist in troubleshooting
and analysis of e&uipment
(#Act as *DP mentor+e"aluator for the "ibration technician
,#Assist Vibration Technicians in any technical "ibration consultation and
support in any urgent re&uest
-#Assist )!P Vibration Technicians in attending to faults in the analy%er
or in the software
.#Assist in upgrading the software and configure data bases for both
online and off line monitoring systems
/#Assist during troubleshooting and in"estigations of critical and maor
0#Assist with trouble shooting and in"estigation of e&uipment trips
1#2inali%e sending 3ube 4il Samples to the lab for analysis# 2ollow up
with 5SD 3ubrication )ngineer for any concerns# *ssue a monthly report
to 4!T re&uesting correcti"e actions on 5SD recommendation
6#7e able to upgrade the software and configure data bases for both
online and offline monitoring systems
'8#5onsolidate the area "ibration for issuing the monthly summary
''#Performs high le"el data ac&uisition and reduction on maor rotating
'(#Performs data analysis and troubleshooting on critical rotating
',#5hecks and adusts calibration on maor test instrumentation as
re&uired such as 5S* de"ice$ and AD9) de"ice#
'-#Performs complex field balancing on critical rotating e&uipment as
'.#*nterprets reports from on rotating e&uipment repairs#
'/#Pro"ides technical guidance and work direction to a group of , to -
Vibration Technicians#
'0#*ncumbent will act as team leader to group of lower classified
technicians or work independently on speciali%ed assignments#
:About Us
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the world;s largest reser"es of con"entional crude oil$ and the fourth:
largest reser"es of natural gas# The 5ompany;s reser"es portfolio include
Ghawar$ the world;s largest onshore oil field$ and Safaniya$ the largest
offshore field# 5ompany geologists are acti"ely seeking additional
reser"es in many areas of the ?ingdom$ offshore in the Gulf and the 9ed
Sea and onshore in the deserts and mountains# Petroleum engineers and
earth scientists in )<P work with cutting:edge technology to manage
and produce these reser"es$ including ,D "isuali%ation$ reser"oir
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of the industry;s most powerful computer centers# 9esearch and
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