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Programmed Art Residency

Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island
Facilitator, Ramn Serrano

Program Dates: December 1 15, 2014
Submission Deadline: October 5, 2014
Cost: $900 (includes taxes)
Includes: 2-week private accommodation, large shared
studio, and workshop facilitation

#Tags and Conversations is a two-week residency that explores the relationship between our individual
personal histories and collective social stories, through the lens of contemporary social media. Resident
artists will search social media content for inspirational and thematic ideas for the creation of unique
artworks during the residency. Anthropological-type approaches to exploring our personal daily existences
in context of societys unfolding events and memes will be applied. Resident artists will be guided in the
development of a critical methodology for artworks created during the residency. Medium, genre, scale,
historical context, iconographic meanings rooted in tradition and culture, context of where an artwork is
created, and exhibition presentation and textual support materials, will all be taken into consideration.
Programming includes audio-video screenings, seminars, individual and group critiques, an artist talk at
Corkin Gallery by one of their artists, and a final open studio whereby participating artists open their doors
to the public.

Artscape Gibraltar Point is a peaceful artist retreat nestled against the magnificent natural backdrop of
Toronto Island. It offers a distraction-free environment and the opportunity to focus exclusively on art
creation amongst the natural surroundings of Lake Ontario and forests. On the island, there are tiny quaint
homes, a historic lighthouse, a hobby farm and antique carnival grounds. Cozy up in a furnished studio and
private bedroom or at the grand fireplace, and enjoy amenities such as a fully-equipped common kitchen,
shared bathrooms, laundry facilities and wireless internet. The Toronto city core is just a 15-minute ferry
ride away!

Working in mediums including painting, photography, drawing, and installation, Ramn Serrano probes
ideas around memory, history, politics, architecture, and Cuban identity. Since immigrating to Toronto in
2008, his work has circled around issues of departure, memory and displacement. During his first years in
Canada, Serrano explored the isolation of Cubans unable to leave: the tension between captivity and
escape. He now explores a different isolation: that of his estrangement from his native country.

#Tags and Conversations art residency is limited to 15 residents. The cost for the two weeks including
taxes is $900. The fee includes private sleeping quarters, large shared studio and workshop facilitation.
Arrivals are on the 1
after 1pm and before 3pm, and departure on the 15
before 11am. Submissions are
accepted until October 5
deadline. For more information contact Ramn Serrano at

To apply, fill out the online form here. Please provide a link to your artworks online if you dont have a website.