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Teacher- Andrew Yan - email: andrewjah@gmail.

Dictionary, the best friend!
Material -Please, bring! The book (interchange intro B).
Evaluations- partial, final & extra activities.

Overview of last semester*

1-Presentations (lesson 1 of our book of last semester, intro A)
Hi, hello, how are you? ,its nice to meet you ,where are you from what do you
2-The alphabet (how do spell that?)
Perfect site: www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/.../alphabet.../alphabet.htm
a = i
b = b
c = c
d = d
e =
f = f
g = dj
h = itch
i = i
j = dji
k = ki
l = l
m = m
n = n
o = u
p = pi
q = quu
r = r
s = ss
t = ti
u = iu
v = vi
w = dbliu
x = cs
y = ui
z = zi Na Inglaterra se diz Zed.
3-Numbers Perfect site: www.englisch-hilfen.de

1 One 12 Twelve 31 thirty one
2 Two 13 Thirteen 40 Forty
3 Three 14 Fourteen 50 Fifty
4 Four 15 Fifteen 60 Sixty
5 Five 16 Sixteen 70 Seventy
6 Six 17 Seventeen 80 Eighty
7 Seven 18 Eighteen 90 Ninety
8 Eight 19 Nineteen 100 one hundred
9 Nine 20 Twenty 120 one hundred twenty
10 Tem 21 Twenty one 1.000 one thousand
11 Eleven 30 Thirty 1.000.000 one million

Teacher- Andrew Yan - email: andrewjah@gmail.com

4-Articles (page 8 of our book!)
A , An
5-Prepositions: (page 12 of our book!)
On, in, under behind, next to, in front of
6-The verb to be: (page 15 of our book!)
- I am
- He/she/it is
- We/you/they are
7- Verb do: (page 48 of our book!)
I/you/we/they -Do, dont
He/she/it - does , doesnt
8-Present continuous x present simple:

- We use the continuous form for actions and happenings that have started but not
finished (A ao no terminou)

- Please, dont make so much noise. Im trying to study (not I try) (por favor, no faa
muito barulho. Estou tentando estudar)
- The population of the world is increasing very fast (not is increase)(a populao no
mundo est crescendo rapidamente)

- Am/is/are + ing is the present continuous:
- I am studying
- He/she/it is running
- We/you/they are working

Present Simple
- We use the simple form for things in general or things that happen repeatedly
(Usamos a forma simples para coisas em geral ou coisas que ocorrem repetidamente)
- I usually go to work by car (Eu geralmente vou trabalhar de carro)
- Maria speaks English very well. (Maria fala Ingls muito bem)

Teacher- Andrew Yan - email: andrewjah@gmail.com
9-Pronouns and possesive adjectives.
Pronouns object possessive adjectives. (Page 22 of our book!)
I me My
You you Your
He him His
She her Her
It it Its
We us Our
You you Your
They them Their
I give you my car
Pro object poss. adj
She loves him
She loves his car
I tell them about us
10- general issues.
how many & much,
How much ....? = uncountable nouns
For example: How much coffee do you drink?
How many ....? = countable nouns
For example: How many cups of coffee do you
There is & are,
Exemplos Significados
there is
h, existe
There is a man in the car.
There's a fly in your soup.
There is a new store here.
H um homem no carro.
H uma mosca na sua sopa.
H uma loja nova aqui.
there are --- There are 40 students in my class. H 40 alunos na minha classe.
Teacher- Andrew Yan - email: andrewjah@gmail.com
h, existe There are two dogs in the house.
There are 10 people in the family.
H dois ces na casa.
H 10 pessoas na famlia

some & Any
some: affirmative statements, offers, requests and in questions when
you expect the answer "yes"
any: negative statements, questions
Have you got any bananas? No, we haven't got any. But we've
got some oranges.

what ,where, who & when how;
Who? People
What? Things
Where? Places
When? Time
How ? manner or way

this that these those :
Principais tradues:





This is a book. (Isto um livro) this = it. It combina com is.
That is a book. (Aquilo um livro) that = it. It combina com is.
These are books. (Estes so livros) these = they. They combina com
Those are books. (Aqueles so livros) those = they. They combina
com are.
Teacher- Andrew Yan - email: andrewjah@gmail.com

11-Vocabulary: (learn new words!)
Perfect site: http://www.languageguide.org/ingl%C3%AAs/
classroom objects
cities country

*Many things are on the internet, and its just to help you, not a complete knowledge.
Remember your best friend!