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We are immortal prodigal

having a transitory human

Produced for Seekers after Truth
2 Lets Awaken, and remember Who we really are
2 Awareness or !esistance
"# Li$e %s a &ream
' (he Lover )(he *eace$ul Warrior
'+ A new %ntention
59 The Ultimate ,onspiracy
Lets waken! and remem"er #ho we
reall$ are
In this new Millennium our life seems to contain
except meaning ...
in spite of our intellectual, and scientifc advancement we
are still groping in the dark as far as
Spiritual matters are concerned we are troubled and
unhappy, living in fear rather than in ope.
Many of us are concerned by, the Spiritual disorientation,
the crumbling of traditional values and moral
degradation ...
we are striving to fnd dependable Spiritual values ...
for even in this materialistic, and scientifc world we still
feel an undefnable yearning, a !ivine discontent
a "knowing" that we are more than #ust this bag of skin
and bone we call the body.
$ho are we %$hy are we here &
$here did we come from % $here to from here '
(hese are the )uestions that we continuously ask
ourselves as we search for the basic truths of life
the ultimate meaning of our existence, and our deep
longing for a higher more perfect life.
*o )uestions of greater importance confront us than
discovering who, and what we really are, what place we
occupy in the +reation, and what our relationship is to the
Supreme +reator.
$e can start by following the words of philosopher ,lato ...
"know thyself "
So, -ets ".now Self " as /ternal 0eings of -ight and -ove

uni)ue aspects of +onsciousness ...
,rodigal Souls on an epic adventure of discovery ...
dew drops of the "1ne" 1cean of -ove .
1nce we are 2ware of this, we can then understand not
only who we really are, but also why we are here 3 .
$e are not here to work, eat, sleep, and reproduce ourself
through children...
our only purpose in this transitory human life is to fnd our
way back to our Source, our (rue ome,
beyond the physical stars .in the Spiritual 4ealms of the
Supreme "1ne".
(his 2wareness, and understanding, changes the way we
think ...
which empowers us to take control of our lives in a holistic
way &
Soul % mind & body.
$e are in a mind prison when we change the way we
think, form changes
form is the result of thought energy, form would not exist
without thought ...
(hought is.
1ur task is not to change this prison world, but to change
our thoughts about it
we #ust need to choose to escape as soon as we can ...
after all it is the will of the Supreme "1ne" that this world
be the "reform school "
where we play out the karmic dance, as a process of our
1nce we understand this our +onsciousness blossoms,
we see that simply by changing the way we think,
we can reclaim our own power,
tap into our true potential,
and make our lives, during the short time we are here,
Awareness or !esistance -.
.rom an exoteric /external0 perspective1
Our society controls and keeps us in a box by ridiculing
our subtle senses as being "only our imagination"
or even worse, labelling us as having a pathological
condition a "disease" that has to be cured by surgical
shutting us down with drugs and sedatives, or isolating us
in mental institutions
all means of suppression and denial of what is our natural
way of being.
The Positive Power ... eloved !od ... the Ocean of "ove
#hrist $esus, an emanation, incarnated in the middle %ast
two thousand years ago ...
there has been, and always will be a living &aster #hrist,
a physical incarnation the 'ord made (esh
who will teach us proper &editation on the inner
"ight and )ound.
The negative force ...
The #ounterfeit god of religions...
popularly known as )atan ...
)atan*s son "ucifer incarnated in +sia four thousand years
ago ...which accounts for the su,ering of the past four
)atans other son +hriman, the third member of the cosmic
triad involved in %arth evolution, incarnated in -../.
0n time he will probably manifest physically, mas1uerading
as the returning "#hrist"
so its vital that we are +ware that the etheric #hrist is
within us ...
Thus any physical manifestation is 2ust another trick of the
master deceiver, liar, )atan, also know as )orat.
+ctions directed to his world control are all around us
cunningly masked by idealistic fronts ...
The negative force agents always come to us as that
which they are not
highly educated men have been deceived to believe that
their clandestine activities are for mankind*s bene3t.
These cultivated elitists constitute a shadow government
around the world,trying to manifest a "4ew 'orld Order".
'e are being brainwashed to believe that Peace can only
come from a 'orld !overnment,
when the reality is that our present national governments
are all run from the shadows, and a 'orld !overnment
will be no di,erent.
%arth has always been One 'orld and is One now
within our diversity lies our unity
a 'orld !overnment aims to eradicate our diversity.
The 5)+, #anada and +ustralia have stood as a prototype
of unity in diversity, with all the tribes of %arth under one
protected by #onstitutional !overnment
failure of !overnment has not been due to its forms, but
due to the corruption of individuals.
The negative force has made &oney !od to those
individuals he controls, and they derive their power from
These corrupt individuals having surrendered
!overnments to dishonest,
now seek a veil of false altruism to bring us all under
control of international 3nance capitalism,
through the tide of 3nancial debt, and utili6ing the Tro2an
horse of technology.
The controlled &edia is central to all this manipulation
media clones intone about the "tides of history" as
!overnments that stand in their way get destabili6ed
always disguised behind phoney protestations about
violated human rights, fake moral outrage and synthetic
!reed is the motive that leads these controlled humans to
distort and monopoli6e commerce, control natural
resources, misuse technology
and despoil %arth7s natural beauty, which is essential to
our physical well being.
'orst of all their crimes against us is the special
corruption of %ducation so that each incoming generation
is shaped to accept world corruption.
.rom an 2soteric /inner0 perspective
8owever from an inner perspective we should remember
that the cause of everything we see that is "wrong" with
the way people conduct themselves is a lack of
connection with our )upreme eloved ...
The One )ource of all ... The Ocean of "ove.
To make the connection with our )upreme eloved, we
must 3rst perceive the need for that connection,
as long as we make material needs our primary ob2ect, we
are not very inclined to seek a higher )ource.
)o what is happening now is that the material
underpinning*s are being stripped away from most of us,
and being placed in the hands of the few, so that our
su,ering is increasing and we are fearful.
9ear is a prison we need to release fear it is our self
imposed barrier to the experience of "ove
fear is our attempt to block our vision of ourselveswe
are not weak, vulnerable, and open to attack
what eloved created is perfect, and in his image, it
cannot be divided but it can be falsely perceived
the role of fear is to perceive perfection as imperfect, and
see what is True as false.
Our biggest misconception is that we are a body...
we are not our body but immortal )pirit, having a
transitory human experience .
'e are the essence of "ove"ove is eloved,
we are the essence of eloved,
we are a drop of his ocean of "ove
we wrongly identify with our body, perceiving that we are
separate from eloved, thus we create a world where we
are threatened by, and fearful of everything.
ut we don7t have to engage in con(ict, we can simply let
go of our resistance, our attachments to being "right" or
"better than.", and let everyone do the same for
we simply "let go and let !od".
:es, there is a place for "oving, Peaceful, +wareness
#hrist $esus said
"resist not evil, be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil
with good"
%vil is a false perception that we have through )oul
sleep ...
Our )oul has been hypnoti6ed by our societal beliefs of
sin, sickness, death etc.
0f we fearlessly send out only good, we cannot be touched
by the negative thoughts of others ...
whereas resistance is hell, for it places us in the same
vibration of torment as those originating the negative7s.
'e are all a link in the chain of good, for we are all part of
eloved in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity to
serve his ;ivine plan ...
0f we bless a nation, sending good will to every inhabitant
it is robbed of its power to harm.
)o where is the 3ne line between +wareness and
<esistance = ...
we each have to address that in our own way .
0f we want to be 9ree, and sovereign, we 2ust detach from
the drama. by 3nding ways of being "in the world," but not
"of it"
through proper inner &editation, as taught by a living
eloved &aster,
we can choose to be peaceful warriors for
Truth, Peace, "ove and $oy.
#reating Peace by being at Peace
creating "ove by resting in "ove
creating $oy by allowing our $oy to exist in the midst of so
much sorrow, and su,ering .
9reedom comes from +wareness,
and with +wareness comes the opportunity to choose
whether we want to keep coming and going from this
%arthly reform school,
or whether having had enough of the illusion we want to
follow our true purpose for being human,
and return to our true home in the %ternal <ealms where
there is no su,ering.
0ts our individual )oul choice ...
"ight or ;arkness ...
ut lets be aware that our individual choice a,ects not
only us individually but also "!lobal #onsciousness" ...
so we will "reap what we sow" as individuals and as a
"ets +waken, and <emember who we are ...
immortal )piritual beings
having a transitory physical experience.
+wareness begins when we become aware that we are
one sign that we*ve woken up is when we ask self ,
am i cra6y, or are all of them cra6y=
'e7re all cra6y, living on cra6y ideas about
"ove, relationships, happiness, about everything
'e*re asleep, brainwashed we don*t like being woken
The most di>cult thing is to listen, to see
most of all we need the readiness to learn something new.
!et disillusioned with our best friends
we don*t want new things, particularly when they involve
There*s nothing so important in the world as +wakening,
nothing so delightful as being aware.
)ocrates" the unaware life is not worth living"
most of us don*t live aware lives ,
we live mechanical lives,
mechanical thoughts, generally some one else*s,
mechanical emotions, actions, reactions.
we*re 6ombies, robots, puppets 2erked around by all sorts
of things.
The greatest evil is we sleeping, ignorant people
sleeping people running governments, big business,
educating children
every child has eloved !od within,
society attempts to mould our children from !od into a
devil .
'ars come from us pro2ecting out of ourselves the con(ict
9reedom makes all people good because it destroys the
inner con(ict.
'e don*t need conscience when we have #onsciousness
and sensitivity
we*re not violent or fearful
the root of evil is within us,
as we begin to understand we stop making demands on
self, and having expectations of self we stop pushing self

nourishing self on nature, good books, good movies, good
company and en2oyable work
have )oul feelings instead of living empty, soulless lives
feeding on popularity, appreciation, praise.
'e only change what we understand.
)tep -. <ealise that we don*t want to wake up, that we
don*t want to be happy.
)tep ?. <eadiness to understand, to listen, to challenge
our whole belief system.
0nsight, not e,ort , not habits, not 0deals
ideals do a lot of damage as we focus on what should e
instead of focusing on what is.
5nderstanding, insight, awareness, instead of pushing
ourselves ,
society trains us to be dissatis3ed ,
when we*re discontented we put out more and more e,ort
but there*s little understanding.
%,ortlessness occurs when change comes about through
+wareness and 5nderstanding.
0f our mind is unobstructed , the result is wisdom,
wisdom is not ac1uired, nor is it from experience or
applying yesterdays illusions to today*s problems.
+s children we are made addicts through the drugs of
approval, appreciation, attention
if we are awakened we no longer march to the drums of
but dance to the tune of the music within us
hell is other people, to be with them is to live in tension.
%n2oy life and the simple pleasures of our senses
be like the animals, not lost in our minds go, go, go.
)low down, taste, smell, hear sit 1uietly listen and
'hen we*re ready to lose life we live it.
'e don*t act if we 2ust know , we act when we taste and
feel the truth, the 0llusion of rewards.
&ystics tell us that eternity is right now eternal means
timeless, no time.
)ilence is the voice of eloved !od .
;etachment The only way to change is to change our
we don*t need anybody*s love, we 2ust need to get in
touch with reality,
break out of this programming prison, this conditioning of
false beliefs,
these fantasises attachment destroys our capacity to
9inding self. &ystics say begin with an awareness of
then move on to an awareness of thoughts,
and 3nally we get to awareness of the thinker the "0".
" little girl to little boy "are you a catholic=
no he says 0*m another abomination."
+re we our body =
no every one of our cells is renewed within seven years.
+re we our thoughts=no they come and go
4or are we our name, career, beliefs
+ll su,ering is caused by identifying with something,
whether that something is within us or outside of us.
+ little 3sh in the ocean "excuse me 0*m looking for the
5nderstand who "0" is and never be the same again
nothing will ever be able to touch us, and no one will ever
be able to hurt us again
fear nothing and no one
we fear no one because we*re content to be nobody ...
we don*t give a hoot about success, failure, honour,
disgrace, or wanting to impress.
'e become more energetic, more alive, we react less and
act more,
we lose our tension, we*re more relaxed, no more driving
with our brakes on...
now able to do the three most di>cult things
3rst, return "ove for hate
second, include the excluded
third, admit we are wrong.
'hen we become "ove we can "ove and be "oved.
;on*t imitate eloved ,
eloved %
#ompassion is being "ove.
eloved is the dancer, and creation is eloveds dance.
4egative feelings toward others anytime this happens we
are living in an illusion,
there is something wrong with us, we*re not seeing reality,
we are the one who has to change
we are responsible for the negative feeling, not the other
because we are making a demand, having an expectation
'e will never feel grief when we lose something that we
have allowed to be free, that we have never attempted to
'e see people and things not as they are, but as we are
when we are di,erent , they*ll be di,erent.
'e will never wake up until we stop sleepwalking,
until we stop blaming everyone else, life, society, our
the government, them, they.
;ependence to depend on another psychologically,
emotionally implies that we depend on others for our
5nconditional "ove is Perfect, it casts out fear
there are no demands , no dependency, no expectations
we do not demand that others make us happy, we en2oy
their company immensely but we do not cling.
eloved said that we should renounce everyone and
we contact reality by dropping all our illusions
when we feel our emptiness inside it wont go away with
tv, football or human company.
"eave everyone free and be free our self,
be special to no one and "ove everyone
the <ose gives its fragrance to all
what society calls "ove in poems and songs is the
opposite of "ove
its desire, control, possessiveness, manipulation,
fear and anxiety is not "ove.
#riticism, (attery will not a,ect us
'e should allow people to be themselves, but we will
protect self,
we will be self, we won*t allow manipulation
we*ll live our life, go our own way , keeping self free to
think our thoughts and follow our own inclinations and
'e7ll say no if we feel we don*t want to be in others
and it wont be because of any negative feelings others
cause in us,
but because they don*t any more,
they don*t have any more power over us.
This is not sel3sh
sel3sh is to demand that others are not sel3sh,
that you live your life as they see 3t.
'e have to su,er enough in a relationship so that we get
disillusioned with all relationships.
"there must be a better way of living than depending on
To "ove is to see a person, a situation, a thing as it really
not as we imagine them@it to be
most of us don*t take the trouble to see each person,
each thing in its present moment, we 3nd it easier to
Our natural urge is to be 9ree, to "ove,
we don*t need external "ove ,we have internal "ove,
all we have to do is unveil self "ove.
0n any relationship we need clarity of perception and
accuracy of response
we fall in love because we have a conditioned
subconscious image that a particular type of person
appeals to us
but have we seen them, no the awakening usually comes
after marriage.
The beauty of an action comes not from its having
become a habit,
but from its sensitivity, consciousness, clarity of
perception, and accuracy of response.
'e can only "ove people when we have emptied our life
of people, when we die to the need for people
in aloneness, solitude the desert begins to bloom.
'hether there*s something wrong with us or not,
we*ll examine that independently of others anger,
we wont be in(uenced by their anger
if we did wrong it was in unawareness.
4o one can make a slave of us if freedom resides in our
as the bible says "if someone makes us go one mile, go
0f we wish to "ove we need to learn to see again..
to depend on no one emotionally
refuse to be special to anyone or call anyone your own .
to see at last with a vision that is clear and unclouded by
fear or desire die to the need for people.
+loneness means that people no longer have the power to
make us happy or miserable
in this solitude dependence dies, and we can en2oy others
company because there is no clinging or emotional
"oneliness is when we miss people,
+loneness is when we*re en2oying self.
;o things that we can do with our whole being
commune with nature, trees, (owers, birds, animals, sea,
clouds, sky
'e are su,ering from a lack of "ove and +wareness
"ove is generated through +wareness
'e are not interested in having more fears and more
guilt*s laid on us
more sermons and exhortations, but we are interested in
how can we be happy , how can we live
how can we taste these marvellous things that the
mystics speak of =
8idden agendas
there*s a di,erence between knowledge and +wareness
"forgive them for they are not aware of what they are
we all sin under the guise of good .
'e will never understand self if we seek to change self
+wareness releases reality to change us .
9iltered reality ...
when we were young we were drugged to need people for
acceptance ,
approval, appreciation, applause, for what they called
we were programmed to unhappiness
to gain the world but lose our )oul
to get out we have to get deprogrammed by becoming
aware of the programming.
%nlightenment wake up
when we are ready to exchange our illusions for reality,
when we are ready to exchange our dreams for facts,
that*s when life 3nally becomes meaningful, becomes
9ocus on the 4ow instead of hoping for better times in the
before %nlightenment we are depressed,
after %nlightenment we continue to be depressed,
but we don*t identify with it any more.
0ts not by our actions that we will be saved , its by our
its not what we do but what we are that*s important
happiness is a state of non delusion,
where we see things not as we are, but as they are.
0deas fragment our, intuition, vision, reality
words cannot give us reality, they can only point
we should drop our concepts, opinions, pre2udices,
we cannot consider how !od is but only how he is not
to know that we do not know, until we connect inside.
%ternal life is 4ow, in the timeless 4ow.
'e want to be +ware, to be in touch with whatever is and
let whatever happen, if 0*m awake or asleep its 3ne.
<esistance the more we resist something the more we
give it power
we cope with evil not by 3ghting it but by understanding it
in understanding it disappears
how do we cope with darkness,
not with violence but by turning on the light.
;esire don*t suppress it , understand it , and turn it into a
"be desireless" uddah
)elf Observation means watching, as far as possible,
everything in us, and around us and watch it as if it were
happening to someone else ...
don*t personalise what is happening ...
use the third person example 0 am observing me, +shley
e like the sky observing the clouds coming and going,
white, black , large, small, we are passive ,
detached observers.
don*t 3x anything , watch, observe 2ust understand.
The only way someone can help us is in challenging our
'e do not change if we only change our exterior world.
+wareness without evaluating everything ...
want to change the world= ... transform self 3rst through
observation, understanding without interference or
2udgement ...
no commentary, no attitude, 2ust observe , study, watch,
without the desire to change what is.
&eaning is only found when we go beyond meaning
life only makes sense when we perceive it as mystery.
9aith is an openness to the Truth,
no matter what the conse1uences, no matter where it
leads us ...
9aith is insecurity because we don*t know.
<enunciation ... when we renounce something we*re stuck
to it forever
don*t renounce it , see through it by 5nderstanding it
when we wake up we simply drop the desire for it.
"isten and 5nlearn ... have an attitude of openness,
of willingness to discover something new
with the path of spirituality we have to unlearn almost
everything we have been taught.
Type -. self centerednesswhere we give self the
pleasure of pleasing self.
Type ?.re3ned sel3shnesswhen we give self the
pleasure of pleasing others
Type A worst type
when we do something good so that we won*t get a bad
+ good is never so good as when we have no awareness
that we*re doing good a )aint is one until he@she knows
0llusions about others ... never be disillusioned, or
disappointed again
drop our false ideas , see through self,
see through people and "ove self and all.
8appiness the only reason we*re not experiencing bliss is
because we*re focusing on what we don*t have
society determines what it means to be a success,
the main preoccupation of society is to keep society sick.
%very one of us is sick, we*re all cra6y
we want to become president of the lunatic asylum and
we*re proud of it, even though it means nothing
being the head of a corporation or having a lot of money
has nothing to do with success
we*re a success when we wake up,
then we don*t have to explain anything to anyone,
we don*t give a hoot what anyone thinks or says about us

we have no worries, we*re happy.
8aving a good 2ob or being famous or having a good
reputation has absolutely nothing to do with happiness or
all we*re really worried about is what people will think, our
spouse, children, friends, neighbours
'e*re all frightened and confused puppets strutting and
2erking around the stage
we*re controlled, manipulated, unhappy, miserable, we
don*t en2oy life,
constantly tense , anxious and why
because we identify "0* " with some label, money, 2ob ...
"0" is neither great or small
"me" is generally sel3sh, foolish, childish, a great big ass.
8appiness is our natural state
if we ask an awakened person why are you happy , they
say why not=
happiness cannot be ac1uired because we already have
it ,
all we have to do is drop our illusions, our ambitions, our
greed, our cravings.
#onstant 8appiness is constant change
happiness is not the same as excitement ...
8appiness is a state of non illusion .
9ear ... the root of violence
ignorance caused by fear is where all evil and violence
comes from ...
there are only two things in the world eloved !od and
!od is "ove, thus "ove and fear are the only two things
there*s only one evil, fear only one good, "ove
9ear is the loss of the known.
&ystics "don*t seek the Truth, they 2ust drop their
)u,ering if we*re su,ering we are asleep
su,ering is a sign that we*re out of touch with the Truth,
su,ering is given to us that we may open our eyes to the
that we might understand that there is falsehood
2ust as physical pain is given to us so we will understand
that there is illness somewhere.
)u,ering points to an area in which we have not yet
where we need to grow and be transformed and change
'hen our illusions clash with reality,
when our falsehoods clash with truth then we have
9our steps to self empowerment
<ealise reality is not the problem, we are the problem.
!et in touch with negative feelings we*re not aware of ,
why are we feeling nervous, tense etc
5nderstand those negative feeling are in us, not in reality
problems exist only in our minds
4ever identify with these negative feelings
#hange self, not others or external circumstances
)ince our origin, we have focused our attention externally
in a need to feel safe, loved and valuable ...
we need to look inside ourselves to 3nd the roots of our
insecurities and pull them out .
0t is not skill, talent or things that produce destructive
its our intention to use them to manipulate,
and control others in order to make self feel valuable and
'e need to look at the external world of things,
0nteractions@ experiences, as a mirror that re(ects our
internal world of intentions, emotions and thoughts.
)elf empowerment is the alignment of our personality with
our )oul ...
)elf %mpowerment confronts us with the most unhealthy
parts of self,
the parts that blame, criticise, 2udge, resent, envy, and
hate others, self and the 5niverse.
)elf %mpowerment is our human experience without the
limitations of fear, self doubt and self hatred.
#reating authentic power is a pro active, lifetime
endeavour that re1uires our intention and e,ort ...
we cannot align our personality without becoming
conscious with our emotions.
'e become a "ight that illuminates the darkness rather
than a voice that condemns it
we become a gift to ourselves and others ,
we step into our role here as a )oul@)pirit ,
awake and aware ,
2oyful and grateful,
powerful and creative,
compassionate and caring.
%motions are currents of energy that continually run
through us,
from the crown chakra through the other chakras and
return ...
as energy is processed at the chakras in di,erent ways
di,erent emotions result .
'e cannot expand spiritually without learning how to
detach from our emotions
and understand them as products of the way energy is
processed by us...
our emotions come from our energy system not our
interactions with things or people ...
each emotion is a message from our )oul to stop and look
The more intense, the more pain is felt in our body and
the more compulsive our thoughts ...
the more familiar we become with our emotions we will
see how they remain the same,
even though the circumstances in which they appear
Painful emotions, anger, fear, 2ealousy, revenge
are experiences of the parts of our )oul that our soul
desires to heal...
emotional pain is physical pain and emanate from fear.
'hen we do not recognise our deeper, painful emotions
for what they are they shape our perceptions, 2udgements
and actions.
%motional awareness is continuously studying the
changing array of emotions within us
if we are fre1uently emotional we don*t know the meaning
of our feelings.
;epression can be utilised as an instrument of spiritual
otherwise its like drifting on an ocean of pain without
learning how to sail.
%arth )chool ... even if we are not aware of our emotions ,
they are always being produced inside us ... we all take
the same course
)elf %mpowerment di,erent students need to take
di,erent classes in order to complete it.
There are two types of classes ...
about 9ear and about "ove ...
instead of trying to change circumstances or people,
its important that we examine the emotions we are
by looking inward instead of focusing on outward
+ssume that we are the cause of the emotions that
torment us, not others ...
our task is to change self not others as we can only make
permanent changes in self.
;o not focus on the experience of anger, 2ealousy,
sadness, fear instead focus on what makes us angry,
2ealous, sad and fearful.
'e are here to be create )elf %mpowerment based on the
perceptions, values, purpose of our )oul,
being 8armony, #ooperation, sharing, giving, reverence
for life
we shouldn*t use our energy to rearrange external
circumstances that trigger painful emotions,
as that will not change our rigid patterns of emotional
response which have a life independent of external
'e will continue to encounter circumstances that trigger
painful emotions until we look beyond them to the interior
dynamics that create our emotional pain.
%nergy There are two ways energy can leave our energy
system which transforms every experience
in 9ear and ;oubt ... creating ways to exploit others, or ...
in "ove and Trust, which produces health and vitality...
no matter where or how it produces an emotion
any painful emotion means we are acting, speaking,
thinking in 9ear and ;oubt.
%very emotion is a physical experience
emotional awareness is noticing what sensations we are
feeling in,and where in our body it is preventive
The deeper cause of every physical dysfunction is energy
leaving our energy system in fear and doubt ...
&edical treatment is an emergency reaction to a symptom
that has developed over a long time.
Our energy system B#hakrasC continually produce physical
sensations, in the form of emotions, in the vicinity of each
of its centres
the departure of energy from our chakras is a real event
producing physical experiences.
efore we can change the way we process energy,
we must become aware of how we are processing it...
each decision is a moment of creativity.
'e are an immortal )oul temporarily utilising a body our
emotions are the instruments that tell us how our energy
system is functioning
scanning each chakra gives us emotional feed back this
emotional awareness which allows us to make life
changing alterations without the experience of physical
disease to force the issue
0f we think that we feel nothing, we are bound by fears
that we think we do not have
if we pay attention we will notice that we have grown
used to painful sensations
once were are aware that our body is hurting we can do
something about it.
Present &oment ... when we are not aware in the present
moment we have no power
when we are aware of the present moment we have
access to all possibilities the present moment has to o,er.
0t is not possible to become aware of the present moment
by examining, studying or thinking about external
our inner landscape is richer than the outer
remaining with our inner experience is the choice to
pursue authentic power.
'hen we are continually aware of everything that we feel,
we are in continual communication with our )oul
'hen an activity is used to divert attention from painful
emotions, it is compulsive.
Passion is the unfolding of $oy ...
#ompulsion is the unfolding of fear ...
to uncover the origin of a compulsion we must stop doing
it and, experience what we feel
0f we are not aware of what we are thinking or feeling in
our body we are not aware of the present moment
when we are not aware of our emotions our attention is
focused on the circumstances around us.
;etachment 'hen we are 3xated on the events of our life,
our attention is absorbed
detachment allows us to remain aware of what we feel
while the events of our life unfold.
'hen we are not detached from our emotions we cannot
separate self from them, and they possess us.
'orkaholism is a (ight from emotions
an exploitation of people and circumstances to avoid pain

its putting strangers in charge of our life while we focus on
insigni3cant things
the strangers are the emotions we bury under our
super3cial activities,
'orkaholism and +nger go together as they are both
(ights from our feelings.
0ntimacy ... it doesn*t matter how others act, or speak, it
depends on how energy leaves our body
when it leaves in "ove, and trust we experience intimacy

the pursuit of external power through manipulation and
control is incompatible with intimacy
harmony, cooperation, sharing, giving and reverence for
life brings intimacy...
0ntimacy is trusting that )ource will provide what we need,
when we need it and in the most appropriate manner.
+nger is the path of least resistance
beneath every anger experience there is huge amount of
emotional experience
anger is the tip of the ice berg the rest awaits our
outbursts are painful experiences but are not emotional
all hostility originates from fear fear D a life of
"ove D fearless D a life of ful3lment ...
our +nger prevents "ove and isolates us
we push away what is most longed for , companionship@
Our +nger is the agony of believing that we are not
capable, or worthy of being understood
when we are angry we may not appear frightened ,
actually we are terri3ed
beneath anger lies pain and beneath that pain lies fear.
continual anger D continual pain.
Our +nger is resistance to the world not being the way we
want it
then we feel the fear of realising that we cannot control all
that we feel is essential for our safety and well being ...
rage is an excruciating experience of powerlessness.
'e continually encounter what our soul wants us to
when we resist our encounters we resist the purpose of
our life and that resistance is our pain.
The core cause of anger is lack of self worth
when our pain is acute we cover it with anger striking out
at friends and perceived adversaries ...
we mistake kindness for weakness,
we cannot imagine that others care for us because we
don*t care for self. ...
we imprison self in a cell of our own creation, blaming
everyone else for being there.
+nger D Pain D 9ear D "ow )elf %steem D +nger D Pain D
9ear D a terror of being alive,
of not belonging, of being alone and unable to survive,
its not a reaction to particular circumstances, its feeling
unprepared and powerless.
Perfectionism is the continual 2udgement of self and
others as de3cient
our assumption that the world is not perfect
that we need to control and manipulate so that the
circumstances we prefer are perfect for others
our preference create a painful fortress ...
whereas honouring others preferences creates harmony@
+ll choices create perfect conse1uences
we create continually and perfectly, consciously or
the never ending experiences provide us with
opportunities to see the relationship between what we
choose and what we experience
it is our compassion and wisdom that bring greater
awareness and freedom.
PleasingE our desire to please others is a potent way to
distract self from our feelings
it is an attempt to change others so we will feel better ...
it is our covert way of pursuing external power,
whereas anger is our overt way either way we have
authority issues.
Our intention to be what we think others want us to be
disrupts harmony , even though it may temporarily reduce
we are always tense, as we place our self worth into the
hands of others, depending completely on their
2udgement, while doing our best to in(uence them.
Pleasing others prevents us from experiencing our
emotions because we are attempting to feel others
in the process of being 2udged by one, disapproved by
another, and accepted by a third we become lost
our emotions (uctuate between fear, anxiety and relief.
;aydreaming is our way of keeping self from all that will
bring meaning, purpose and ful3lment in our lives.
a pattern of distractions to avoid feeling if we allow self to
become aware of our emotions
when we daydream we lose awareness of the present
moment which continues without end or beginning,
but our transitory time on %arth to realise self is not
)ome of us spend our lives unaware of self as the central
character in our life "movie" ...
by not experiencing our 0nner self,
we focus on pleasing and controlling others,
eating, having sex, achieving, or becoming invisible.
oredom is deep rooted resistance to experiencing painful
after all e,orts to distract attention from ourselves has
been ine,ective
while workaholics and perfectionists put our energy into
externals ,
when we are bored we put our energy into avoiding
boredom is the opposite of reverence.
0dol worship is the internal image of what we think we are
or should be, to be safe, admired, valuable ...
it is a screen between us and our experiences to avoid
leading our life directly
we ignore our inner signals@emotions
we do not have the courage to open self to "ove so we
mistake admiration for "ove, and act as we think we
should act
if our emotion doesn*t 3t the role we think we should play
we substitute an emotion we think we should feel.
+s a daredevil we see self as courageous but we don*t
have the courage to face what we are feeling
as we don*t relate honestly with self or others , they can7t
relate honestly with us.
+ glorious life means we face the pain of powerlessness,
of feeling unloved and change.
0mpenetrable optimism is not the optimism that we feel
when we become aware of the compassion and wisdom of
the )ource
it is when we shield self from painful emotions by
barricade self from our emotions behind "all is for the
but if we operate out of fear, anger, 2ealousy,
vengefulness it is only a pretence.
%ntitlement is a perception that we are superior
the pro2ection of invulnerability beneath this is a terror of
ridicule and re2ection the more frightened we are the
more entitled we feel.
+lcohol@;rug addiction ... the cause is intense emotional
which points to a part of our personality that does not
share the elevated perceptions of our )oul
3nding and healing the cause of emotional pain is the core
of )piritual expansion it can only be done by self.
%ating E as we learn to receive the nourishment of the
)ource and use it, our body assumes a form that
expresses our balance otherwise we feel the need to
provide it self.
)ex addictive sexual attraction is a defence against being
they can be continual and intense or in our background
activated by a potential sexual partner
the craving is a search for purpose, meaning and value.
The more intense the pain of fear, unworthiness and
feeling unlovable the more obsessive the craving for
interaction becomes
even though they appear intimate they are barriers to
connecting the obsession with the avoidance of painful
emotions is the 3rst step
in "oving sexual intimacy, sexual partners are not
Power struggles when the outcome is more important
than the activity
its when our desire to manipulate and control con(icts
with others desire to manipulate, and control us
it is the pursuit of external power without reverence, our
attempt to avoid pain
it collapses when we withdraw our energy from it
they become uninteresting when we change our intent
from winning to learning about self
they illuminate dynamics within that we must change to
be empowered.
)aviour searching is locating someone or something that
can deliver us from discomfort
0t usually takes the form of romantic attraction, and places
the responsibility on others for the work only we can do
only we are the source of our happiness.
$udgingE when we 2udge others we forget who we are, our
goals and desires and what we are feeling
until we acknowledge that we possess the same
characteristics that we 2udge in others we will become
enraged, disappointed, angry, contemptuous when we see
them in others.
0t shifts awareness from our body experiences on to the
activities of out mind
it is a pre emptive attack against what we most want ...
intimacy, and acceptance.
)tress when we resist a circumstance in life it takes
energy and produces stress
how much energy we expend in resisting determines how
much stress we have ...
<esistance is the loss of energy when we attempt to
change a person, event or circumstance...
its like saying to the river of your life (ow over there not
here once we accept our life we can determine what we
need to change to create what we desire.
"09% 0) + ;<%+&
This whole play is but a one@night dream
and 0 have woken you up.
This body is false, as is the illusion of existence,
as is the mind charmed by this falsehood.
)oami $i, )ar achan Poetry
"ife is a dream and the )aints tell us this again and again.
They tell us that this world is not real, that sooner or later
it will change for us and that never again will it be as we
know it now.
'e all know that we are passing through the worldE we
were born and one day we will die.
There are many metaphors to illustrate thisE for example,
that this world is a ridge over which we must cross but
on which we cannot make a home.
That it is an 0nn in which travellers meet and pass the
night together but which everybody leaves in the
morning, each one travelling to his own destination.
This is a world in which nothing that we see lasts for long.
)uch a world, in which death and constant change are the
rule, cannot be real.
8ow many of us can say that none of our beliefs have
changed over the years = ;o we still believe all the things
that we used to believe =
0f we take a look around us, what is there that we can say
does not change =
'hose circumstances have never changed = 8ere
everything is always changing. That is the law.
The seventeenth century )panish playwright, #alderon de
la arca, described this in his famous poem,
"ife is a ;reamF
'hat is life = + fren6y =
'hat is life = +n illusion,
+ shadow, a 3ction,
that everything in life is a dream,
and dreams are 2ust dreams.
+n illusion, a shadow, a dreamE a 3ction where everything
changes, where nothing lasts,
0llusion and 3ction are 1ualities which belong to the world
of the imagination, to the world of dreams rather than the
world of reality.
'e believe that we are living a reality, but we are living a
dream which happens to be very real to us.
ut how are we to wake up if we don7t even know that we
are asleep=
8ow are we going to escape from a dream when we are
not even aware that it is a dream =
'e are dreaming that we are awake .
8ow then can we even want to change =
#ould there be a more perfect trick =
0f only we could manage to leave our fantasy world, we
would see that the reality is very di,erent .
'e would see our present "reality" for what it isF
a perfectly invented world, a world in which we could not
help dreaming that we were awake, a world in which we
were utterly deceived.
The rich man dreams in his riches
The poor man dreams that he is enduring
&isery and poverty E
+nd in the 'orld, to conclude,
everyone is dreaming what they are,
and none of them understands.
#alderon de la arca, "ife is a dream
'e are condemned to carry on dreaming . +nd we don7t
even know we are dreaming, because we have nothing to
compare it with.
;ream is real when one is dreaming. Only when he
awakens or comes into the other BconsciousC state and
compares the two states, he calls the conscious the real,
and the dream the unreal or an illusion.
'hen the attention leaves the physical plane, enters the
astral, and compares the two, only then the physical world
becomes unreal, and the astral the real.
)cience of the )oul is a school in which human beings are
taught to live in accordance with their nature, and their
nature is not material but spiritual.
'e are taught to wake up to reality.
'e are taught to be conscious of the true nature of the
world in which we 3nd ourselves and of our own true
nature, so that we can relate to the world in the right way.
0f the )aints tell us that life as we know it is only a dream,
then what is reality =
0n the ible we can readF
0n the beginning was the 'ord, and the 'ord was with
!od, and the word was !od.
The same was in the beginning with !od. +ll things were
made by himE and without him was not any thing made
that was made. $ohn -FA
+nd )aint &ahara2 )awan )ingh tells us in ")piritual
")ound is the only reality. )ound is knowledge, )ound is
0t is the 'ord of the ible, the )ound, the "ogos, The Tao,
0t is !od who pro2ects himself in the form of )ound and
"ight, and who, in this form, creates and sustains the
0t has been here since the beginning of time.
0t created us, it sustains us and will one day take us back.
0t is a permanent and unchanging. 0t is Truth. 0t is reality.
The 'ord will never leave us.
Our feelings and beliefs may change, but reality never
0n fact, there is a very good de3nition of reality as
7that which is still there even when we don7t believe in it ".
"<eality is Truth" , as )aint &ahara2 )awan )ingh put it.
ut he was talking about T<5T8 in capital letters.
The real Truth stands above this world of duality where
changing appearances are the norm and where
everything is open to di,erent interpretations.
The real Truth is not open to interpretation, it 2ust 0).
Truth is beyond reality.
Truth is to be found in a place where all di,erences come
to an end,
where we are all e1ual and where we look at everyone not
with the physical eyes but with the eyes of our )oulself
This Truth can never be discussed or interpreted because
it can only be experienced.
0f what we consider to be truth is sub2ect to debate or
interpretation, then it is not really truth, because truth is
one and never changes.
0f Truth cannot be discussed or interpreted, then it follows
that it cannot be found in books or )criptures.
These can talk about Truth and they can praise truth, but
they can never show us truth because truth can only be
0f someone has never been in love how can we really
explain it to them = #an we tell them how it feels =
+t best we can extol the virtues, but we can never make
someone feel it and live it.
and if someone does not live it, what are they going to
know =
'hat are they going to feel =
The )aints come and tell us how to make contact with the
because only that will make us independent and gives us
the strength to go through our lives whatever happens,
with serenity and without losing our e1uilibrium.
Only the Truth will set us free and only the truth will make
us strong. There is a story which illustrates this state of
mind as wellF
+ disciple met with his &aster to discuss the nature of
liberation and to ask about the position adopted by those
who attain it.
The disciple asked "&aster, how is it possible that a
liberated human being can remain at peace when faced
with the tragedies su,ered by humanity
The &aster took the hands of the disciple in his and said
" 0magine that you are sleeping and that you dream that
you are in a boat with a lot of other passengers.
)uddenly the boat hits a rock and starts to sink.
0n your distress you awake up.
'ould you go back to sleep in order to warn the other
passengers that the boat is sinking ="
#ompiled by <amiro #alle, -G- #uentos #lasicos de la
'ould we go back to sleep or would we be happy and give
thanks for having woken up =
'ould we remain in a state of distress or would we feel
liberated and relieved because had been 2ust a dream =
The )aints have woken up spiritually, so they have the
awareness to see the whole physical creation for what it is
@ an illusion.
'hy, then, would they worry about what is happening =
<ather than talk about the apparent problems of this
The &asters prefer to use any opportunity to remind us of
the fundamental need to contact the )habd B)ound and
'e can see this from )aint &ahara2 $agat )ingh.
"et the dying year with all its memories and regrets,
pleasant and unpleasant, bring home to us )atsangis the
impermanence and unreality of what we behold,
and strengthens our resolve to rise above the phenomenal
existence and reach the glories of the 'ord, the 4am that
was, is and will be. "The )cience of the )oul"
0s it not then time that our dream became <eality
T8% "OH%< @ T8% P%+#%95" '+<<0O<
The way of the lover is that of the peaceful warrior, whose
2ourney home is transformed by the glance of the
9rom the gentlest and most cautious of beginnings we
will one day be ready to drop everything and run towards
eloved I
despite the lure of the world ,our confused egos, our
failure and the blackest of separations.
&aster <umi speaks of this preparation that the mystics
themselves have gone through, and that we too must go
through the preparation that will enable us to face his
)ays <umi, The bodies of holy men and women have the
ability to endure the unconditional light that can tear
mountain ranges to pieces.
$oseph is taking a walkE in the beginning his light is gentle
we are drawn to the light of his eyes and our life is never
the same .
Then we begin to see our eloved in our daily life
+s <umi says so sweetlyF
The light of $osephs face, when he passed by a house
would 3lter through the lattice and make a radiance on
the wall. People would notice and say " $oseph must be
taking a walk".
+ll that is positive in us is a re(ection of our eloved
%ach remembrance in )imran, every moment we devote
to hearing the )ound even the smallest memory of him
even the tiniest desire to turn to him to see him tells us
that our eloved is taking a walk.
8e is passing by our window, his light has 3ltered through
the lattice of our mind, and we are seeing its re(ection.
ut <umi, like all mystics doesn*t stop with satisfaction in
8e continuesF
0ts fortunate to have a window that faces that wayJ
Open it up and stay at the opening so you can have more
delight in $osephJ
The window that faces the eloved
Of all of the millions of life forms in this creation in this
particular life @ in no more than a six hour play we have
been given the human form and initiation@ the window of
the eye centre that faces our eloved.
%very being has this window but without the eloved
&aster it is closed curtained and shuttered.
To open it we must receive initiation and give our
attention to it ..
thehard incessant work of attention, the love play of
<umi tells us the work of love is to open that window and
look incessantly on the eloved.
'e can do it .
'e already have the precious mixture that will make us
well ... 5se it.
The )aints keep no secrets., they tell us exactly how to
make rapid spiritual progress, how to become a lover.
Their desire is to take us out of this creation as 1uickly as
0f they seem to work slowly we only need to look to
ourselves and our own non@action.
"et the four birds go
On the path of love we move in one direction alone @
towards him.
<ight now we are like the four birds of earth water 3re air ,
tied together, and each one attempting to (y in its own
direction, towards its own desired end.
&eanwhile the soul with its nostalgia for the "ord is left
)ays <umiF
#onsider how the soul must be, in the midst of these
tensions, feeling its own exalted pole
&y longing is more profound ... these birds want the sweet
green herbs and the water running by
0 want the in3nite ... 0 want wisdom
These birds want orchards and meadows
0 want a vast expansion
They want pro3t and the security of having enough food
'e understand that the bird of our earth element is
interested in money and security.
The bird of our water element focuses on lust and all its
The bird of our 3re element goes to anger, rivalry and
thoughts of violence
The bird of our air element is possessive 2ealous and
attached .
These four birds are tied by the strong twine of ego.
<umi says
eloved !od breaks the wings of our intention and then
give you another,
cuts the rope of contriving so you will remember your
ut sometimes your plans works out you feel ful3lled and
in control
That is because if you were always failing you might give
ut remember it is by failures that lovers stay aware of
how they are loved.
8e saysF
+ lover doest 3gure the odds
+ lover gambles everything, the self, the circle around the
+ lover cuts and throws it all away
"overs run and they run
Ours is the way of the peaceful warrior who7s action is to
remember him with every breath, to our last breath
Kabir saysF
Try hard to conceal love
ut it cannot be concealed
once it has taken hold of a person
%ven if one does not talk about it
(he eyes disclose it"
;ear Prodigal )oul ...
+n 0nvitation To Participate 0n
+ 4%' 04T%4T 9O< 85&+40T:
" 9<%%;O& "
0f we wish to remove disharmony from our lives, and from
the world ...
and renew 8ope in the hearts of our distressed children ...
it is timely for us to individually express a 4ew 0ntent,
based on "OH% not fear.
<egardless of our religious beliefs ... we are all immortal
Prodigal )ouls
we can choose to participate consciously, and positively,
in this movie like drama, called "ife, ;irected by
%"OH%; 9+T8%< ... our
)O5" #<%+TO< ...
O#%+4 of "OH%.
'e can choose to +waken,
and remember that Our "ife Purpose,
in this transitory puri3cation experience,
is to remerge our )pirit dew drop,
with the O4% )pirit... the Ocean of "ove.
+ 4ew ;aily Prayer F
"ove :ou eloved who art in me
"ove )elf @ Others as essences of Thee
0n "ove@!ratitude embrace Thee
living in :our 'ill eloved
one can see
"ove makes me 9ree.
eloved says " "ove one another " @ "ask and it shall be
given" @
This simple, powerful, focused 0ntent, expressed as a
shifts our outer focus of +wareness toward individual inner
Our 0ntent prevents outer forces from controlling our )elf
+wareness, by distracting us from our )oul Purpose
of 3nding the inner "'ord" ... the )ound . "ight connection
which returns us to our )oul #reator,
our "eloved", in the )piritual <ealm.
eloved says "&any will be called, but few will be chosen"
The path of the )piritual warrior is one of
"ove @ #ourage @ 8onesty @ 9orthrightness @ ;iscernment,
and Trust in eloved.
eloved says "resist not evil" @
)piritual warriors move forward ... not in resistance, or
fear ...
but in the "ight of "ove,
expressed as daily, individual, inner &editation .
The Ultimate ,onspiracy @ the conspiracy to keep us
human J
"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the
truth which men prefer not to hear." @@ 8erbert +gar
'e stand on the abyss of another purposefully contrived
'orld war in all of history, there has never been such
insidious global turmoil
Politically, %conomically, )piritually, &orally ... the world is
in deep crisis ...
%nvironment, Poverty, +lienation, #hild abuse, )piritual
bankruptcy, are 2ust some of the dilemmas facing us in the
new century.

ut things are nor what they seem ... be aware that such
a phenomenal situation has a cause ... the chaos of
modern civilisation did not 2ust happen .
There are sinister guiding forces behind it that operate, on
the human level as a demonic cabal, as well as on a
supra@human plane, as the "4egative 9orce".

Our denial of authentic )pirituality and embrace of
materialism causes us to be enveloped by the most
malevolent forces of the "4egative 9orce"
!iving rise to a civilisation in which the ;ivine "ight is
almost extinguished.

0f, )piritually destructive forces are working on many
di,erent levels, then we cannot ignore the activity of such
elements within all branches of society.

"ast century the ritish politician, en2amin ;israeli, a
man of wide political experience, said that "the world is
governed by very di,erent personages from what is
imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."
8e may well have been referring to that directing
consciousness which is not human, that holds the
overwhelming mass of humankind in bondage through
manipulation and deceit.

9alse spirituality, delusion, materialism, secularism and
scientism are an integral part of life in this world
They are part of our "fallen" condition ... ignorance being
the essence of our mundane existence .

Transcendent Truth is almost unknown in the world ... the
very idea of transcendence to a new level of +wareness is
usually portrayed as bad or evil in the media ... people
become werewolves, vampires@monsters but rarely
angels, or )ouls.

8owever, great Teachers come to guide us to our goal of
;ivine Perfection ... our Path is Transcendence beyond this
Perfection is latent potential, because it relates to the
divine spark within ...
"0s it not written in your law, L0 say, :e are potential gods"
said a !reat Teacher.

5nfortunately, the so@called L4ew +ge" movement refuses
to face the reality that powerful, maligned forces control
the world, and are holding us back from the goal of
Popular culture is programming us to re2ect our genuine
)upreme 9ather .
"e ye therefore perfect, even as your 9ather which is in
8eaven is perfect," said a !reat Teacher.
+wareness is the key to absolute freedom... the Truth will
set us 9ree.

%very one of us on %arth is programmed from a very
young age .
'e have learned not to 1uestion anything that is taught to
us, not even the obvious contradictions, or things lacking
plain common sense
This hypnotic spell cast by the "4egative 9orce" is the
outcome of life in this gross plane of matter.

#entral to every conspiracy is the suppression of speci3c
information or the deliberate avoidance of certain key
#ontrol of information is a mechanism of social control ...
if information is used by the 'orld Order to programme
and mentally enslave us , then 0nformation can be used to
de programme@liberate us.

#onspiracies, like the #rusades, the 0n1uisition, the 'ar
on Terror, keep us occupied, sometimes for centuries
They are designed to, prevent us from detecting and
recognising the nature of The 5ltimate #onspiracy.
The #onspiracy to Keep us 8uman.

&oves directed toward a 'orld !overnment are all around
us cunningly disguised by idealistic fronts.
The forces and agents of the "4egative 9orce" always
present themselves as that which they are not
Those who control the world order make much of their
humanitarian values... it should come as no surprise to
discover that they fre1uently claim to be acting in the
name of god ... but which god =

The ruling elites of this world are the unconscious tools of
malevolent higher powers ... the minions of the "4egative
&ammon, the god of #ommerce ... $ehovah, the god of
'ar and ;estruction ... aal, the god of "ust for !old, ...
&oloch, the god of #hild sacri3ce .
$ohn /FA-, AA@ M/EMM,MNF
":e are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your
father ye will do.
8e was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in
the truth, because there is no truth in him.
'hen he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his ownF for he is
liar, and the father of it.
8e that is of !od heareth !od7s wordsF
ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of
!od". ... said a !reat Teacher .
The "4egative 9orce" is an elusive spirit existing within
our mind
'hen we, individually or collectively, ignore the laws
given to us by eloved !od
through accepting fear into our thinking, we open the door
to being in(uenced by the )atanic universal mind ...
This degenerate in(uence is what has created the discord
that keeps humanity in chaos throughout the world.
0f we could understand the fear within ourselves, and
replace it with its opposite "ove, then evil would have no
hold over us
did not a great Teacher tell us ... O9ear not for 0 am with
you always.P

ut we must be cautious ... to 3ght or resist evil supports
it through attraction ... force and counter force
ut if we work for good, through "ove, then evil will be left
with no place to exist
"ets not be anti any negative, but be for a Positive... for
example, lets not. be anti war, lets be 9or Peace.

The %stablishment, the Lmovers and shakers* of our time,
control our behaviour.through media manipulation,
politics, economics, and even pornography, drugs, music
and religion
+ll aspects of life, popular culture, 8istory, %ducation,
)ciences, <eligion etc are completely controlled by them.
&ore often than not they present themselves as defenders
of law, order, morality and religion ...
in our fallen world, the servants of the "4egative 9orce"
keep passing themselves o, as the Lgood guys* ...
to confuse and exploit, planting their nefarious ideas in
order to combat the divine "ight.
0n the name of putting an end to con(ict and humanising
the planet they are actually debasing human beings to
ever lower levels ...
these ;ark 9orces are blocking any possibility of
Transformation, and genuine Transcendence beyond the
material world.

The +wareness of the existence and activities of various
conspiracies, orchestrated by powerful un !odly ruling
groups, has a largely liberating e,ect on thinking people

disclosing to us the vast magnitude of the lies and

deception incorporated in the various layers of o>cial
Once we realises that there is a Lhidden history* behind
our so@called history, we invariably want to break away
from the futile human pattern of seeing reality as it is
not ...living a lie...
we want to abandon the anaesthesia of ignorance, and
suppression within which we cocoon ourselves, and to
embrace the intensity of the reality that we are in reality
0mmortal Prodigal )ouls having but a transient human

The underlying cause of the !reat #onspiracy is our own
irresponsibility, forgetfulness and inactivity ...
the world tells us what we want to hear, giving us
2usti3cations for di,erent states of numb irresponsibility .

These ;iabolical forces create continuous 'ars, and low@
grade social con(ict that they manage to divert attention
from their own depredations, and 2ustify more government
control and our conditioning ...
they create problems like ;rugs, +ids, Terrorism, and then
provide their pre planned solutions .

These negative in(uences are working to promote, and
then fully utilise such con(ict to 2ustify a ig rother
society BOrwells -./MC ...
secretly under the control of the "4egative 9orce" who
hides behind the veil ... this is the hidden agenda of
con(ict management.

&any intellectuals and bureaucrats who implement the
strategy in !overnment and the think tanks believe the
cover story ...
believing that they are working to Lperfect* human beings,
that is to eliminate man*s inhumanity to man ...
they see themselves as Lhumanists* 3ghting pre2udice,
racism, sexism, male chauvinism, etc.

0t is grim testimony to the power of propaganda that the
energies of idealistic people are focused on the faddish
supremely synthetic issues created by the ruling elites ...
such pawns in the game are totally oblivious to the rapid
march to a global tyranny.

+wareness of the conspiracies and struggles that make up
humanity*s hidden history should provoke in us that inner
longing for
Transcendence... by discerning the world*s real condition
we can begin to break free from the bonds of ignorance,
and.no longer be a pawn in the game of life.

Transcendence is the goal to be pursued in life.
" if any man be in #hrist, he is a new creatureF old things
are passed awayE behold, all things become new" said a
!reat Teacher ...
the strategy of the 5ltimate #onspiracy is to cut true
humanity o, from Transcendence by convincing us we are
2ust highly evolved animals.

+wakening from the sleep of conditioned existence we
can take the 3rst steps on the Path of liberation to the
realisation of 5ltimate <eality ...
then we appreciate the words of the &uslim )u3 mystic +0
"The higher one ascends a mountain, the farther one

The ;ark 9orces and their minions are incapable of
comprehending the higher <ealm of "ight ... hence they
act to condition us to re2ect )piritual Truth ...
keeping us enslaved in their ;ark world ...we are called to
awaken and purify the holy spark within, by transcending
this world of illusion ...
"8e that 3ndeth his life shall lose it," said a !reat Teacher.
'e. are totally conditioned by habit, by the world ... the
part of us that we call 0 and &e is programmed by society
and its institutions ...
however we are certainly not these mortal bags of skin
and bone ...
the real 5s , the inner true being hidden behind our
conditioning is immortal )oul ...
"and be not conformed to this worldF but be ye
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may
prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will
of !od", said. a !reat Teacher.

"et*s. now choose to remember who we are ...
0mmortal, prodigal dew drops of the ;ivine Ocean of
"ove .
'hen we choose. the "ove of our )upreme 9ather, over
the 0llusions of this material world, then his )on, a living
earthly Teacher will 3nd us and evaporate. our )oul, from
the trap of this. cesspool, and like the Prodigal )on, return
us to our true home beyond the stars.