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Basics of Software Testing

based on the ISTQB-Certified Tester

Foundation Level Curriculum
Final Exam
Time Allowed: 1 1/4 hour (75 min)
Number of Questions: 40
You are not allowed to make copies or use an part of this e!am unless ou have e!plicit approval b an
authori"ed Qualit #ouse representative$ Should ou have %uestions or want to make a re%uest& please
contact trainin'(%ualithouse$bi"
)*+,-./0/ 12 Qualit #ouse 3 !"# $ %&%"$&%! ' #()#%
4-,5/612 4+-78129 :; ,/40/7.+< :==> ?$
Answer *heet
@ark our answers with a solid dot or - mark$
Ase black pencil$
Bttempt .ll 40 %uestions
@ark onl one .nswer per %uestion
Crase an answer ou decide to chan'e and mark our new chosen answer clearl$
Q1 a b c d e
Q/ a b c d e
Q0 a b c d e
Q4 a b c d e
Q5 a b c d e
Q1 a b c d e
Q7 a b c d e
Q2 a b c d e
Q3 a b c d e
Q10 a b c d e
Q11 a b c d e
Q1/ a b c d e
Q10 a b c d e
Q14 a b c d e
Q15 a b c d e
Q11 a b c d e
Q17 a b c d e
Q12 a b c d e
Q13 a b c d e
Q/0 a b c d e
Your Dame9
Q/1 a b c d e
Q// a b c d e
Q/0 a b c d e
Q/4 a b c d e
Q/5 a b c d e
Q/1 a b c d e
Q/7 a b c d e
Q/2 a b c d e
Q/3 a b c d e
Q00 a b c d e
Q01 a b c d e
Q0/ a b c d e
Q00 a b c d e
Q04 a b c d e
Q05 a b c d e
Q01 a b c d e
Q07 a b c d e
Q02 a b c d e
Q03 a b c d e
Q40 a b c d e
Copri'ht E :==F-:==> Qualit #ouse& www$%ualithouse$bi" ,0+$ / -0 G
Bnswer all %uestions$ Ase the answer sheet$
Q1 4hen . de5i.tion from the s6e,ified or
e76e,ted beh.5iour is 5isible to end'users8
this is ,.lled
aH an error
bH a fault
cH a failure
dH a defect
eH a mistake
Q/ 9e:ression testin: should be 6erformed
i ever week
ii after the software has chan'ed
iii as often as possible
iv when the environment has chan'ed
v when the proIect mana'er sas
aH i J ii are true& iii K v are false
bH ii& iii J iv are true& v J v are false
cH ii J iv are true& i& iii J v are false
dH ii is true& v& iii& iv and v are false
eH Bll of the above are true
Q0 +;;; 2/3 test 6l.n do,ument.tion st.nd.rd
,ont.ins .ll of the followin: e7,e6t
aH test items
bH test deliverables
cH test tasks
dH test environment
eH test specification
Q4 Testin: should be sto66ed when
aH all the planned tests have been run
bH time has run out
cH all faults have been fi!ed correctl
dH both aH and cH
eH it depends on the risks for the sstem bein'
Q5 <rder numbers on . sto,= ,ontrol s>stem ,.n
r.n:e between 10 000 .nd 33 333 in,lusi5e?
4hi,h of the followin: in6uts mi:ht be .
result of desi:nin: tests for onl> 5.lid
e@ui5.len,e ,l.sses .nd 5.lid bound.riesA
aH L === 3 >= === 3 MM MMM
bH M MMM 3 >= === 3 L== ===
cH L= === 3 >= === 3 MM MMM
dH L= === 3 MM MMM
eH M MMM 3 L= === 3 >= === 3 MM MMM 3 L== ===
Q1 Bonsider the followin: st.tements .bout
e.rl> test desi:n:
i earl test desi'n can prevent fault
ii faults found durin' earl test desi'n
are more e!pensive to fi!
iii earl test desi'n can find faults
iv earl test desi'n can cause chan'es
to the re%uirements
v earl test desi'n takes more effort
aH i& iii J iv are true$ ii J v are false
bH iii is true& i& ii& iv& J v are false
cH iii J iv are true$ i& ii J v are false
dH i& iii& iv J v are true& ii is false
eH i J iii are true& ii& iv J v are false
Q7 Non'fun,tion.l s>stem testin: in,ludes:
aH testin' to see where the sstem does not
function correctl
bH testin' %ualit attributes of the sstem
includin' performance and usabilit
cH 'ainin' user approval for the sstem
dH testin' a sstem feature usin' onl the
software re%uired for that function
eH testin' for functions that should not e!ist
Q2 4hi,h of the followin: is N<T 6.rt of
,onfi:ur.tion m.n.:ementA
aH status accountin' of confi'uration items
bH auditin' conformance to ISN M===
cH identification of test versions
dH record of chan'es to documentation over
eH controlled access to the libraries of items
Q3 4hi,h of the followin: is the m.in 6ur6ose of
the inte:r.tion str.te:> for inte:r.tion
testin: in the sm.llA
aH to ensure that all of the small modules are
tested ade%uatel
bH to ensure that the sstem interfaces to other
sstems and networks
cH to specif which modules to combine when&
and how man at once
dH to ensure that the inte'ration testin' can be
performed b a small team
eH to specif how the software should be
divided into modules
Q10 4h.t is the 6ur6ose of test ,om6letion
,riteri. in . test 6l.nA
aH to know when a specific test has finished its
bH to ensure that the test case specification is
cH to set the criteria used in 'eneratin' test
dH to know when test plannin' is complete
eH to plan when to stop testin'
Q11 Bonsider the followin: st.tements
i an incident ma be closed without
bein' fi!ed$
ii incidents ma not be raised a'ainst
iii the final sta'e of incident trackin' is
iv the incident record does not include
information on test environments$
v incidents should be raised when
someone other than the author of
the software performs the test$
aH ii and v are true& i& iii and iv are false
bH i and v are true& ii& iii and iv are false
cH i& iv and v are true& ii and iii are false
dH i and ii are true& iii& iv and v are false
eH i is true& ii& iii& iv and v are false
Q1/ Ci5en the followin: ,ode8 whi,h is true .bout
the minimum number of test ,.ses re@uired
for full st.tement .nd br.n,h ,o5er.:e
Oead P
Oead Q
Print SLar'eS
IF P R >= T#CD
Print SP Lar'eS
aH L test for statement covera'e& ; for branch
bH L test for statement covera'e& : for branch
cH L test for statement covera'e& L for branch
dH : tests for statement covera'e& ; for branch
eH : tests for statement covera'e& : for branch
Q10 Bonsider the followin: st.tements:
i L==U statement covera'e
'uarantees L==U branch covera'e$
ii L==U branch covera'e 'uarantees
L==U statement covera'e$
iii L==U branch covera'e 'uarantees
L==U decision covera'e$
iv L==U decision covera'e 'uarantees
L==U branch covera'e$
v L==U statement covera'e
'uarantees L==U decision
aH ii is True& i& iii& iv J v are False
bH i is True& ii& iii& iv J v are False
cH i J v are True& ii& iii J iv are False
dH ii J iii are True& i& iv J v are False
eH ii& iii J iv are True& i J v are False
Q14 Dun,tion.l s>stem testin: is
aH testin' that the sstem functions with other
bH testin' b users to check that the sstem will
perform business functions
cH testin' that the components that comprise
the sstem function to'ether
dH testin' the end to end functionalit of the
sstem as a whole
eH testin' the sstem performs functions within
specified response times
Q15 +n,idents would not be r.ised .:.inst
aH re%uirements
bH documentation
cH on-line help
dH test cases
eH improvements su''ested b users
Q11 4hi,h of the followin: items would not ,ome
under Bonfi:ur.tion E.n.:ementA
aH software
bH operatin' sstems
cH test documentation
dH live data
eH user re%uirement documents
Q17 E.inten.n,e testin: is
aH updatin' the tests when the software has
bH testin' ver old sstems
cH testin' a sstem that has been chan'ed
dH testin' b users to ensure that the sstem
meets a business need
eH testin' to maintain business advanta'e
Q12 4h.t ,.n st.ti, .n.l>sis N<T findA
aH the use of a variable before it has been
bH unreachable VWdeadXH code
cH whether the value stored in a variable is
dH the re-definition of a variable before it has
been used
eH arra bound violations
Q13 4hi,h of the followin: te,hni@ues is N<T .
bl.,= bo7 te,hni@ueA
aH e%uivalence partitionin'
bH state transition testin'
dH snta! testin'
eH boundar value analsis
Q/0 Fet. testin: is:
aH performed b customers at their own site
bH performed b customers at the software
developerZs site
cH performed b an Independent Test Team
dH useful to test bespoke software
eH performed as earl as possible in the lifeccle
Q/1 Ci5en the followin: t>6es of tool8 whi,h tools
would t>6i,.ll> be used b> de5elo6ers8 .nd
whi,h b> .n inde6endent s>stem test te.mA
i static analsis
ii performance testin'
iii test mana'ement
iv dnamic analsis
v test runnin'
vi test data preparation
aH developers would tpicall use i& iv and vi[
test team ii& iii and v
bH developers would tpicall use i and iv& test
team ii& iii& v and vi
cH developers would tpicall use i& ii& iii and iv[
test team v and vi
dH developers would tpicall use ii& iv and vi[
test team i& iii and v
eH developers would tpicall use i& iii& iv and v[
test team ii and vi
Q// The m.in fo,us of .,,e6t.n,e testin: is
aH findin' faults in the sstem
bH ensurin' that the sstem is acceptable to all
cH testin' the sstem with other sstems
dH testin' from a business perspective
eH testin' b an independent test team
Q/0 4hi,h of the followin: st.tements .bout the
,om6onent testin: st.nd.rd is DAG*;A
aH black bo! desi'n techni%ues all have an
associated measurement techni%ue$
bH white bo! desi'n techni%ues all have an
associated measurement techni%ue$
cH cclomatic comple!it is not a test
measurement techni%ue
dH black bo! measurement techni%ues all have
an associated test desi'n techni%ue$
eH white bo! measurement techni%ues all have
an associated test desi'n techni%ue$
Q/4 4hi,h of the followin: st.tements is N<T
aH inspection is the most formal review process
bH inspections should be led b a trained leader
cH mana'ers can perform inspections on
mana'ement documents
dH inspection is appropriate even when there
are no written documents
eH inspection compares documents with
predecessor VsourceH documents
Q/5 A t>6i,.l ,ommer,i.l test e7e,ution tool
would be .ble to 6erform .ll of the followin:8
aH 'eneratin' e!pected outputs
bH replain' inputs accordin' to a pro'rammed
cH comparison of e!pected outcomes with actual
dH recordin' test inputs
eH readin' test values from a data file
Q/1 The differen,e between re'testin: .nd
re:ression testin: is:
aH re-testin' is runnin' a test a'ain[ re'ression
testin' looks for une!pected side-effects
bH re-testin' looks for une!pected side-effects[
re'ression testin' is repeatin' those tests
cH re-testin' is done after faults are fi!ed[
re'ression testin' is done earlier
dH re-testin' uses different environments&
re'ression testin' uses the same
eH re-testin' is done b developers& re'ression
testin' is done b independent testers
Q/7 ;76e,ted results .re:
aH onl important in sstem testin'
bH onl used in component testin'
cH never specified in advance
dH most useful when specified in advance
eH derived from the code
Q/2 4h.t t>6e of re5iew re@uires form.l entr>
.nd e7it ,riteri.8 in,ludin: metri,s:
aH informal review
bH walkthrou'h
cH inspection
dH mana'ement review
eH post proIect review
Q/3 +n whi,h of the followin: does +m6.,t
An.l>sis h.5e the hi:hest 5.lue .nd
aH component testin'
bH inte'ration testin' in the small
cH non-functional sstem testin'
dH user acceptance testin'
eH maintenance testin'
Q00 4h.t is N<T in,luded in t>6i,.l ,osts for .n
ins6e,tion 6ro,essA
aH trainin' in the inspection process
bH settin' up forms and databases
cH analsin' metrics and improvin' processes
dH writin' the documents to be inspected
eH time spent on the document outside the
Q01 4hi,h of the followin: is N<T . 5.lid test
aH to show that the software meets its
bH to find faults in the software
cH to prove that the software has no faults
dH to 'ive confidence in the software
eH to find performance problems
Q0/ 4hi,h e76ression best m.t,hes the followin:
,h.r.,teristi,s .nd re5iew 6ro,esses:
L led b the author
: undocumented
; no mana'ement participation
F led b a trained moderator or leader
> uses entr and e!it criteria
s inspection
t peer review
u informal review
v walkthrou'h
aH s \ F& t \ ;& u \ : and >& v \ L
bH s \ F and >& t \ ;& u \ :& v \ L
cH s \ L and >& t \ ;& u \ :& v \ F
dH s \ >& t \ F& u \ ;& v \ L and :
eH s \ F and >& t \ L& u\ :& v \ ;
Q00 4hi,h of the followin: is N<T 6.rt of s>stem
aH business process-based testin'
bH performance& load and stress testin'
cH re%uirements-based testin'
dH usabilit testin'
eH top-down inte'ration testin'
Q04 4hi,h st.tement .bout e76e,ted out,omes is
aH e!pected outcomes are defined b the
softwareZs behaviour
bH e!pected outcomes are derived from a
specification& not from the code
cH e!pected outcomes include outputs to a
screen and chan'es to files and databases
dH e!pected outcomes should be predicted
before a test is run
eH e!pected outcomes ma include timin'
constraints such as response times
Q05 4hi,h of the followin: h.s the :re.test
influen,e on the m.int.in.bilit> of . s>stemA
aH @odularit
bH @emor in use
cH Oesponse time
dH Oobustness
eH Case of learnin'
Q01 The ,ost of fi7in: . f.ult:
aH is not important
bH increases as we move the product towards
live use
cH decreases as we move the product towards
live use
dH is more e!pensive if found in re%uirements
than functional desi'n
eH can never be determined
Q07 4hi,h of the followin: is N<T in,luded in the
Test Hl.n do,ument of the Test
Jo,ument.tion *t.nd.rdA
aH Test items Vi$e$ software versionsH
bH ]hat is not to be tested
cH Test environments
dH Qualit plans
eH Schedules and deadlines
Q02 Bould re5iews or ins6e,tions be ,onsidered
6.rt of testin:A
aH no& because the appl to development
bH no& because the are normall applied before
cH no& because the do not appl to the test
dH es& because both help detect faults and
improve %ualit
eH es& because testin' includes all non-
constructive activities
Q03 4hi,h of the followin: is not 6.rt of
6erform.n,e testin:A
aH measurin' response times
bH measurin' transaction rates
cH recover testin'
dH simulatin' man users
eH 'eneratin' man transactions
Q40 ;rror :uessin: is best used
aH as the first approach to derivin' test cases
bH after more formal techni%ues have been
cH b ine!perienced testers
dH after the sstem has 'one live
eH onl b end-users