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2/4/2014 Australian Education System - Study English in Australia

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Education system in Australia
Secondary Education in Australia
From year 7 to 12 and is typically f or students f rom the age of 12/13 to 17/18.
Senior Secondary Cert if icate of Educat ion ( SSCE), whose name varies f rom state and terr itory, aw arded af t er successf ul
complet ion of Year 12.
TVET courses, typically known as Certif icat e I and II ar e of f ered in Year 11 and 12.
Tertiary Education in Australia
In Aust ralia, the Australian Qualif ications Framewor k (AQF) gover ns educat ional qualif ications t hat classif y qualif ications f rom
Vocational Education and Training (VET) and higher education inst itut ions. There has been a grow ing overlap between the two
sectors, as the Vocat ional Education and Tr aining Sector (TAFE and RTOs) may now provide Vocational Graduate Cert if icates and
Vocational Graduate Diplomas, and Universit ies may provide Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas (Higher Education).
AQF Qualif ication by Sect or of Accreditation ht tp:// www. aqf . edu.au/aqf qual.htm (htt p:// www.aqf .edu.au/aqf qual.htm)
Cer tifi cates
Cer tif icate I through to Cert if icate IV prepare students f or employment and f urther education and pr actical t raining in a w ide range
of f ields.
Of f ered at Technical and Furt her Education (TAFE), r egistered private training provider s (RTO) and Adult and Community
Educations centr es
There is no specif ied dur ation
Typically there are no pr ior qualif ications needed as entry requirements, but some cour ses may r equire demonstrated work
experience or pr erequisit e subject s
Kaplan Inter national Colleges Sydney of f ers the Cert if icate IV in Business, aimed at pr eparing students f or entry- level positions in
the areas of Human Resour ces, Marketing, Management and Administr ation, or f or f urt her Vocat ional or Higher Educat ion studies.
Diploma and Advanced Dipl oma
Diploma and Advanced Diploma progr ams in Australia t each complex theory and pr actical elements in a wide range of technical
and/or management f unctions.
They ar e of f ered at TAFEs, pr ivate provider s and Adult and Community Education cent res.
Two to three year program.
Ent ry r equir ements typically require Certif icat e IV in t he f ield of study, some courses may require addit ional demonst rated wor k
experience or pr erequisit e subject s
Kaplan Inter national Colleges Sydney of f ers the Diploma of Business and the Advanced Diploma of Business, aimed at preparing
student s f or supervisory positions in the areas of Human Resources, Market ing, Management and Administrat ion, or f or f urther
Vocational or Higher Education studies.
Bachelors Degre e
Bachelors degree programs pr epare students f or prof essional careers and/or postgraduat e study. A variety of progr ams are
of f ered in Austr alia, including a prof essional degree, double degree, graduate entr y degree and Honours degree.
Requires a Senior Secondary Certif icat e of Education (Year 12) or overseas equivalent. Alter natively an Advanced Diploma of
Business will gain entry into most business related Bachelor Degr ees and may also provide cr edit recognit ion.
Thr ee t o f our-year pr ogram at a univer sity
An Honours degree awarded af t er an additional year of resear ch.
Postgraduate study in Australia
Mas ter s Degree
In a masters pr ogram, st udents gain advanced knowledge and skills in a chosen f ield of study or area of prof essional pract ice.
Programs include cour sework Master s programs, prof essional Masters progr ams and r esearch Masters progr ams.
Coursew ork Masters: consists of coursework, pr oject wor k and research. Requir es successf ul completion of a Bachelors
degree or Gr aduate diploma.
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2/4/2014 Australian Education System - Study English in Australia
http://www.kaplaninternational.com/resources/education-system/australia-guide.aspx 2/3
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Prof essional Masters: involves work-based projects. Requires relevant qualif ication and prof essional experience.
Research Masters: consists of research and a t hesis. Requir es successf ul completion of a Bachelors degr ee, Masters
preliminary year , Graduat e Diploma or equivalent research experience.
Most MBA programs require successf ul completion of a Bachelors degree and wor k experience.
A Masters is typically a two year program at a universit y or register ed pr ovider.
Doctoral Degree
Two types of Doctoral degree progr ams, research and prof essional, are of f ered in Australia and provide advanced knowledge
and skills in a chosen f ield of st udy.
Research Doctorate: mainly consist s of supervised resear ch. Requires research Masters degree or Bachelor Honours degr ee.
Prof essional Doctorat e: consists of coursew ork, research and prof essional practice. Requires Master' s degree, Bachelor
Honours degr ee.
International students
To study in Aust ralia, international students must t ake the Inter national English Language Testing System (IELTS) test in order to
prove English competency. Each school requires a dif f erent level of IELTS. The 2 hour and 45 minute IELTS is scored on a scale
f rom 0 to 9 and assesses the ability in English to listen, r ead, writ e and speak.
Kaplan Inter national schools in Australia have a range of IELTS preparation courses which consist of highly f ocused exam
preparation classes t hat cover all sections of the exam in detail and teach the ver bal and t est- taking st rategies you will need to
In addition to proving English language prof iciency with your IELTS score, other requir ement s include:
The equivalent standard of education, of an Australian Year 12 qualif ication f or undergraduate study.
Passed requirement subjects f or some courses.
If it is your aim to get a degree f rom an Austr alian university, the Kaplan International Univer sity Placement Ser vice (UPS) will help
you gain ent ry ( we cannot guarantee the ent ry, especially f or the universities which we do not have agreement s wit h). Student
using t his service will benef it f r om our extensive network of par tner inst itut ions and our long experience of guiding students
thr ough the admission process.
For mor e inf ormation, email ups.australia@kaplanaspect.com
or visit the Australian Qualif icat ions Framewor k (ht tp:/ /www .aqf . edu. au)
Of f icial Government School (http:/ /www .studyinaustralia. gov. au)
or the Austr alian Government Education (htt p:// www.education.gov. au/goved/ go) .
2/4/2014 Australian Education System - Study English in Australia
http://www.kaplaninternational.com/resources/education-system/australia-guide.aspx 3/3