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A Kiran Kumar

- 1 -
Narasimha (Sanskrit: , Narasiha) whose name literally translates from Sanskrit
as "Man-lion", is an avatar of the Lord Shri Krishna according to Shrimad Bhagwat
Purana, Scandh(chapter) Seven.
"In the fourteenth incarnation, the Lord appeared as Nrisimha and bifurcated the strong
body of the atheist Hiranyakasipu with His nails, just as a carpenter pierces cane." and
one of Hinduism's most popular deities, as evidenced in early epics, iconography, and
temple and festival worship for over a millennium.
He is often visualized as half-man/half-lion, having a human-like torso and lower body,
with a lion-like face and claws. This image is widely worshiped in deity form by a
significant number of Vaishnava groups. He is known primarily as the 'Great Protector'
who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need.
A number of prayers have been written in dedication to Narasimha avatar. These include:
The Narasimha Maha-Mantra
Om Hreem Kshraum Ugram Veeram Mahaa-Vishnum,
Jwalantham Sarvatho Mukham
Nrisimham Bheeshanam Bhadram
Mrityu-Mrityum Namaamyaham.
"O' Angry and brave Maha-Vishnu, your heat and fire permeate everywhere. O Lord
Narasimha, you are everywhere. You are the death of death and I surrender to You."
ito nrsimhah parato nrsimho,
yato yato yami tato nrsimhah,
bahir nrsimho hrdaye nrsimho,
nrsimham adim saranam prapadye
"Lord Nrsimha is here and also there. Wherever I go Lord Narasimha is there. He is in
the heart and is outside as well. I surrender to Lord Narasimha, the origin of all things
and the supreme refuge." (Narasimha Pranama)

A Kiran Kumar
- 2 -

"Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Mantra Rajapatha Slokam" which is the best
sloka to get relief from lot of Pains and Depressions...

1.Ugram, veeram, Maha Vishnum,
jwalantham , sarvathomukham,
Nrusimham bheeshanam bhadram
mrutyor mrutyum namamyaham

I salute the God who is death to death itself, Who is ferocious , who is valorous ,
who is great Vishnu, Who shines with faces in all directions, Who is Narasimha ,
who frightens and who takes care of.

2.Vruthoth phulla visalaksham ,
Vipaksha kshaya deekshitham,
Ninada thrastha viswandam ,
Vishnum ugram namayaham.

I salute the ferocious Vishnu , Who has broad round eyes, Who has taken an oath
to kill enemies, Who shakes the globe of the universe by his roar.

3.Sarvair avadhyathaam praptham,
Sabha lougham dither sutham,
Nakhagara sakali chakre,
Yastham veeram namyaham.

I salute that valorous God, Who cannot be approached or killed by any one,
Who tore with the tip of his nail , the enemy of Indra, Who is the son of Dithi
along with a great army,

4.Padava ashtaabdha patalam ,
Moordhavishta trivishtapam,
Bhuja pravisha ashta dhisam,
Maha Vishnum namayaham.

I salute the great Vishnu, Who reaches the netherworld by his feet,
Who touches by his head the land of the trinity, And by his hands touches all
eight directions.

5.Jyotheemshya arke indu nakshatra ,
Jwala nadhiny anukramath,
Jwalanithi thejasaa yasya ,
Tham jwalantham namayaham.

I salute him who shines, by whose light sun, moon, stars,
And fire are able to shine, And appear resplendent.

A Kiran Kumar
- 3 -

Prominent Narasimha Kshetras
Neera Narasimha
Location: The temple is at the SANGAMA PLACE OF RIVER NEERA AND
Lord Shri Neera Narasimha was installed by Sri Prahladaraja in Krutayuga. In the same
temple premises you can find one more Narasimha Idol which was installed by
Chaturmukha Brahma. You can also find Shri Raghavendra Swamiji's Brindavan here in
this temple premises. Shri Raghavendra swamiji is well known as incarnation of Bhakta
Shri Prahlad. Here in this temple poojas are performed according to "Madhwa" tradition.
Everyday Dwadasha stotra is rendered here at the time of Naivedya which was composed
by Shri Madhwacharya. H H Shri Satyadhyanatirtha swamiji a well known great ascetic
of 20th century came here and has given his guidance to the priests here, who were
followers of Shri Maadhva Vaishnava tredition.
Shri Dandavate, a well known scholar and the chief priest of this temple and his family,
still follow the guidance of great guru Shri Satyadhyanatirtha. There are 1000s of families
in Maharashtra and Karnataka who has Neera Narasimha as their Kula-swami. Every
year Narasimha jayanti is celebrated here. Deshastha-Brahmana families are the main
followers of this temple. The present temple was constructed / renovated by Vittal
Shivadev DaaNi at the time of Maratha Dynasty.

A Kiran Kumar
- 4 -
Karigiri Narasimha

A hillock is situated 10 miles from Tumkur District . In Krita Yuga it was known as
Ukeladri, In Thretha Yuga it was known as Simhadri, In Dwapara Yuga it was known as
Sidhagiri and in Kali Yuga it is known as Kari Giri.
There is an interesting story how it got the name Kari Giri , In Deva Loka there were two
Gandharva brothers named Devadutta and Dhananjaya. They were specialist in Music .
Once they were singing and all were mesmerised by their songs, and all appreciated their
singing. But Brighu Muni did not like their song and he commented that they did not
have any knowledge of any Music. After hearing this comment they insulted the Brighu
Muni , but Brighu Muni in turn cursed them that they will become a Mountain in Bhoo
Loka .Then they begged the Brighu Muni for forgiveness and Rishi was kind enough and
he modified the curse and told one will become Kari (Elephant ) and other will become
Giri(Elephant) and in due course they will get Shapa Vimochana. Hence this place came
to be known as KARIGIRI.

It is place blessed by Sadhu and sants, Sages like Agastya, Parashara, Durvasar,etc did
penance here. It said that Sri Rama , Sita and Lakshmana stayed here for some time, to be
precise the Sthala Purana says that Sri Ramachandra used to sit on a particular stone and
apply Tilakam and one day he struck with with the sharp edge of his arrow and pierced
the rock he was sitting and immediately Ganga come out in the form of Jala Dara and
Srirama applied Tilakam using the water and the place is known as Namada Chilume
Even now you can see a spring where Srirama sat and pierced the stone.

A Kiran Kumar
- 5 -
Zarana Narasimha

Narasimha Zarana Cave Temple - It is also known as Narasimha Zarna Cave temple, and
Jharani Narasimha Temple. The famous cave temple enshrines the powerful deity Lord
Narasimha on the wall at the end of a cave,and it is an architectural wonder. It is believed
that the shrine at Narasimha Jheera Cave Temple is a swayambu (self-manifested)
roopam. A perennial stream of water is said to be flowing continuously for hundreds of
years in this place. It is a thrilling experience to walk through waist deep water for 300
meters through a cave-like tunnel, to seek a view of Lord Narasimha. It is one of the main
attractions of Bidar.
The legend goes that, Lord Narasimha after killing Hiranyakashpu, proceeded to kill a
demon named Jalasura. Jalasura was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. After he was
killed by Lord Narasimha, Jalasura turns into water starts flowing from Lord's feet. And
to this day water keeps flowing from lords feet and fills the cave.
So, to reach the lord we will have to wade through a 300 feet long cave, with water about
4 feet deep. Bats hanging from the cave's ceiling add to the thrill. Lighting and ventilation
have been recently installed. The water is a little muddy, since it is flowing water it is not
uncomfortable to walk through it.
There is a water fountain outside the temple, in which people bath before entering the
cave. At the end of the cave we have Lord Narasimha and also the Shiva linga which
Jalasura was worshiping. There is very less place to stand, around 8 people can see the
lord at once. If there are more people they have to wait in water.

A Kiran Kumar
- 6 -
Seebi Narasimha

The 18
century Seebi Narasimha Swamy Temple, this quite temple adjacent to the
National Highway 4 can be easily missed but for a large board reading Seebi on the
median. This place is about 20km from Tumkur when driving towards Sira.

This temple looks very plain and deceptively simple from the outside but hold your
breath, for the beautiful stucco figures on the parapet will defy everything that you might
imagine to see inside. Walls and ceilings are bountifully covered by paintings.

While a majority of the paintings are in a sad state of affairs some still carry the tinge of
delicacy and softness. Paintings, which can be called historical, have themes of
Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Dashavatara and are very similar to paintings in Daria
Daulat Bagh, Srirangapatna. Some breathtaking stucco figures line the four walls of the
outer parapet of the temple. These have survived the ravages of time and stand testimony
to the eye for detail and excellence of the sculptors.

A Kiran Kumar
- 7 -
Karpara Narasimha(Koppara)

You will remember when Hiranya Kasipu asked Bhaktha Prahalada where is your
Sriman Narayana , Instantly without even battering an eyelid Prahalada told GOD is
Present everywhere. Then Hiranya Kasipu asked whether he is there in this pillar,
Prahalada told yes.
To protect his Bhakta's word Our Lord emerged from the pillar in Narasimha
Avatara and did Samhara of Hiranya Kasipu Now after drawing a parallel instance
now we are taking to a Kshetra where Lord Narasimha is present in the tree , yes God
is omni present, Yes this Sacred place is KOPPAR in Raichur District of Karnataka.
In Karnataka itself lot of Narasimha temples are there but the one at Koppar is rare
and one and only of its kind . This temple is situated in in picturesque serene
atmosphere amidst of river Krishna . Koppar is 64.5 Kms from Raichur a Railway
Junction on South Western Railways.
Sthala Purana:
The scene is 5th century , spot is thick jungle on Banks of river Krishna a
descendent of sage Brighu Maha Rishi ( Due to him only we got Lord Srinivasa
amongst us in Thirupathi). Sage Karpara is doing Agora Tapasya. Our Karuna
Moorthy Lord Lakshmi Narasimha appeared before him and showered his blessings
of supreme Knowledge and and also granted him lots of boon. Then also told him
henceforth this place will be known as Karpara Sri Narasimha Kshetram and it will
attract lot of Devotees.

A Kiran Kumar
- 8 -
Chintalawadi Narasimha
Sri Yoganarasimha Swami temple is situated in a small village called Chintalavadi on the
banks of river Kaveri. The place is about 50 KMs from Trichy on the way to Karur. The
main diety in the temple is Sri Yoga Narasimha Swamy, but you will also find Sri
Gopalakrishna Devuru and Sri Prana devaru which are believed to be Vyasarayaru
pratista. There is also Lord Sri Venkataramana devestanam in the village with Rayaru
(Sri Raghavendra Swamy) Mrithika Brindavanam.
The temple is located in a serene environment with lot of greenary around with trajectory
of Kavery flowing just besides the temple. There are excellent facilities available around
the temple for a comfortable stay and for performing sevas
About the Temple
The main diety at the Chintalavadi temple is Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy. In the sanctum
sanctorum of the temple there is also a vigraha of Sri Gopalakrishna Devaru. Within the
temple on the left of Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy there is Prana Devaru.
It is told that Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy appeared in dream of a pious brahmin by name
Aryaachar from Srimushnam. The Lord mentioned to the brahmin that a washerman was
actually washing clothes on his back and told him about the exact location. He also asked
him to locate the stone on which the washer man was washing and then carry it in a
particular direction till the stone gains weight. At the point were he can no longer carry
the stone, he asked him to keep it down.
As per the instructions of the Lord, Aryaachar went looking for the washer man and
found him. When the stone on which the washer man was wahsing the clothes was turned
they found Lord Yoganarsimha carved on the bottom side of the stone. Aryaachar then
carried the stone in the direction as instructed by Lord and when he came to the banks of
kaveri he had to put it down. This place is chintalavadi. Subsequently the place was
experience lot of difficulties like drought, forest fire, etc. At this time Vysarayaru was
camping at Sriramgam and on hearing the news about Chintalavadi, he apparently
travelled there and located the Yoga Narasimha vigraha and started doing Abhishekam
and pooja. After that the place prospered. Vysarayaru also installed GopalaKrishna
Devaru and Prana Devaru

A Kiran Kumar
- 9 -
Toraveya Narasimha(toravi)
This temple is very near to Bijapur.There are several Hindi temples in this village.
The most important temple is that of Narasimha, which has gained for Toravi the
honour of a Kshetra. A Kannada version of Ramayana in this temple of Narasimha
and that work has come to be known as Toravi Ramayana.
The main icon in the temple is in reality of Ugranarasimha but locally taken to be
Laxminarashimha. Iconographically and stylistically it is of Maratha period. It must
have been installed in the place of the original similar icon not found know. Masonry
temple is underground and the garbhagraha is excessable trough a narrow passage
with flight of steps from inside a large courtyard on the ground. There is also a pond
in the village, known as the Narasimha Tirtha, about 360 Mts. square.