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Knapp 14.

The daughters of Lady Shurvana.

Tale written by Alfredo Juillet Frascara. (September- October 2009).

Epoch: 3770 3772 C.E.
Places: Knapp planet / Tuberon planet

Listado de personajes:

Alaida and Minoya, daughters of Shurvana.
Lord Marmendor, Decane; Greion, Medic; Mr. Origorgo, Chief Executive at Espari Bio
Lab, together with Mr. Aukfor.
Egogar, Synthetic person, Assistant to Miss Minoya.
Vertonfeld, Captain of the Spaceship Marmol.
Goroeinfer, Adm. Of the Mining field At Asteroid AJ 642
Doctor Zarbor, Medic, Chief of implants and biological experimentations.
Alston Kibbling, Dragonet Axon, Leroy Forkensbrutner, Kraut Hifler, Elsie Voncat,
RR50, Juan Dillert, Diego Perez, John Dillbert, Isaac Runsberg, Abrajam Israbing,
Jurgen Kurzte, Gacfor Untenostor (house owner).
The Rixiabergian (pilot of Orbs).
Lokor Fanax, Commander at the Knappian Royal Starfleet.

Intelligent Squids or Ghamcounins:
634-20 (Crewman at the Orb); Lord Amtuberon, Lady Tentaria, Captain X30.

Jovians: Guards at the Spaceship Industries in Tuberon Planet.

Chapter 1.

The daughters of Lady Shurvana receive their Diplomas from the hands of Lord
Marmendor, who said to them: you are the best students I had in my classes of this
year! Lets see you honor your education now, by working for the good of our society!
Thanks you, Sir! - Both girls told him, bowing slightly. A teardrop run by Alaidas
cheek, as she was remembering her mother was sick and not present to share this
moment of triumph.
Afterwards, a dance party was followed by more than two hundred young couples;
former students now full professionals in Art and Science, plus parents and guests.
Pity our mother is sick, Alaida! She would have been happy seeing us finishing our
careers.- Minoya said.
We are going to see her and show our Diplomas!- Alaida said.
Of course. Well, lets dance now! We must be happy for the time being! Minoya
said, smiling to some young Graduates who were approaching them, at the dance floor.
Soon they were dancing and letting their partners murmur sweet words on them hears -
part of the happiness they were seeking for.
Later, they were part of a group, who went to have breakfast to Oxiborion, on some
students big Flier vehicle; there, on a table facing the sea, Greion, the muscle-man who
owns the Flier, said: I am very happy we all end up with Diplomas and not defeated
this year! Well, guess Ill work with my Dad at his Corporation.
Lucky you! We, poor mortals, must seek for a job from now on.- Alaida said.
I am sure youll get a job as soon as someone needs a Biologist! Same with your sister
here, youre outstanding.- Greion said, looking at them they both were very beautiful
and clever.
You are such a soft-soap!- Minoya said, laughing.
In case you didnt find a job, my father could be of use- he knows every important
person in Industry.- Greion said, sipping his ice cream.
Thas is easy to say! But I rather find a job myself, thanks you.- Minoya said.
Suit yourself! How about a swim in the ocean, now?- Greion invited, and soon they
were on the beach, taking the stars rays with delight.
A week later, Alaida was waiting for an interview at the Ezpari Biologic Laboratories
; she was applying for a job there, and after a brief examination, now it was the time to
speak with the man in charge. She was seated on a fine chair, when a man in his middle
age come inside the room, and said: Apologies me! I was very busy. Did I keep you
waiting too long?
Only 20 minutes, Sir.- Alaida said, standing up; she was as tall as the man, and he
said: Well, Im Oriforgo, from Laboratories. I am sure you understand all of our talks
here, must be kept in private.
And the blue eyes of the man were fixed on her.
Of course, Sir. I learnt about ethics at the University.- Alaida said.
Very well; take a seat, please.- Oriforgo said, seating on another one, and said: Lets
talk about science.
My specialty.- Alaida said, smiling.
The scientific estimates place the origin of the Universe at between 10 and 20 billion
years ago. The theory currently with the most acceptances is the Big Bang Theory, the
idea that all matter in the Universe existed in a cosmic egg (smaller than the size of a
modern hydrogen atom) that exploded, forming the Universe. Recent discoveries from
the Space Telescope and other devices suggest this theory may need some
Astronomy? I know about that, but my specialty its Biology.- Alaida said.
Wait a minute! I must say that evidence for the Big Bang includes:
The Red Shift: when stars/galaxies are moving away from us the energy they emit is
shifted to the red side of the visible-light spectrum. Those moving towards us are shifted
to the violet side. The processes of radioactive decay and heat generated by the
impact of planetesimals heated the Earth, which then began to differentiate into a
"cooled" outer cooled crust of silicon, oxygen and other relatively light elements and
increasingly hotter inner areas. Impact and the beginnings of volcanism released water
vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and other gases into a developing
atmosphere. Sometime "soon" after this, life on Earth began.
Right.- Alaida said, almost bored.
The idea of panspermia hypothesized that life originated out in space and came to
Earth inside a meteorite. Recently, this idea has been revived as Cosmic Ancestry. The
amino acids recovered from meteorites are in a group known as exotics: they do not
occur in the chemical systems of living things. The ET theory is now not considered by
most scientists to be correct, although the discovery of meteorite and its possible fossils
have revived thought of life elsewhere.- Origorgo said.
Yes; I know that scientist heated crystals of a mineral and discovered that they formed
urea when they cooled. The primordial Knapp was a very different place than today,
with greater amounts of energy, stronger storms, etc. The oceans were a "soup" of
organic compounds that formed by inorganic processes and conditions have existed
over 3 billion years ago were such that the spontaneous formation of organic
macromolecules could have taken place. The simple inorganic molecules that Miller
placed into his apparatus produced a variety of complex molecules.- Alaida said.
Right. Guess you are qualified; lets talk about incomes and wages. We are
deploying a branch of our Ezpari Biologic Laboratories on some other part; I dont
know if you could leave Oredloro? At zones the salary is increased in half.
Alaida said: I have problems with that; I have a sister- she was receiving his bachelor
on science at the same time as I; and I dont want to leave her behind.
Origorgo said: A scientific family?
She is a Medic.- Alaida said.
Well, I guess we need young people for our new site; call on her, and tell Ill be
waiting to interview her.- Origorgo said.
And this is it? Im hired?- Alaida said, incredulous.
Yes! What, do you want more examinations? I know when Im in front of a useful
person; believe me.- Origorgo said, standing from his chair and walking to the door,
which opened.
Well, thanks you! Ill tell my sister about this; when I present myself to work?-
Alaida asked.
Lets wait until your sisters examination. Then well call on you.- Origorgo said, and
Alaida went out.
On the street, she called on Minoya, and said: I did it! I get the job! And they could
hire you also- only after an interview.- Alaida said by the cell phone.
All right! Im happy for you! Well talk more at dinner.- Minoya said, and hung up.
That night, on their small apartment, Alaida said: and Im earning half more pay- as I
must be working not in this town.
And where did they have the job? At Oxiborion?- Minoya asked her.
I really dont know, sister. Perhaps Oxiborion! I didnt ask.- Alaida said.
Ill be there tomorrow! You could go there with me, to give me strength.- Minoya
asked of her.
As you wish! Im hired, but I must wait until you are approved or not- really, if you
dont go with me, Ill quit.- Alaida said.
Sister! I also will be not leaving your side- ever!- Minoya said, embracing her sister.
At the next day, Origorgo finds her acceptable, after a brief talk, and said: I am sure
you both will find your new job exciting and well remunerated.
Where are we going to be working, Sir?- Minoya asked him.
Oh, dont worry about that! Youll have a nice apartment for each of you; good food
and nice company! - Origorgo said.
Good food.- Minoya smiled at him.
Yes! Well, you are ready now to begin- return tomorrow morning- at eight! Well have
a little chat, and youll receive some advanced money- perhaps in your cosmetics and
stuff like that- before you are sent to your final destination.- Origorgo said, and
opening the door of his office, the girls went out, smiling.
See? You are hired just like me! Guess well be having fun.- Alaida said.
At the next day, Origorgo presents them to Aukfor, an elderly man, saying: This is
your future Chief of Operations; youll travel with him to your final destiny.
Aukfor coughed and said: I guess you are acquainted with the kind of our work?
No idea.- Alaida said.
Well, nothing out of the way, of course! But I prefer you talk technicalities at your
point of destination; now that you know each other, I hope all is right with them?-
Origorgo ends asking Mr. Aukfor.
Oh, yes! Beautiful ladies; hope they are as good as they seem.- He replied on
Origorgos hear.
Five days later, Origorgo sent a Synthetic man to guide them to the spaceport; the E-
man said: Ladies: your trip begins now.
Funny guy.- Alaida said, looking at the well tailored suit the e-man was wearing.
Do you like it? Armani.- The Guide said.
Armani? Whats that?- Alaida asked, puzzled.
An old guy who designed mens clothes- back at Earth! Retro fashion, of course- I find
delight dressing myself fine.- The e-man said.
Whats your name?- Minoya asked him.
Egogar. Model AB, of course- serial number A03030. Earth made, of course.- The e-
man said, proudly.
Well! Guess our models are not as fine as you.- Minoya said, blinking an eye to
Of course not! I have more software on myself than a dozen Knappian models.-
Egogar said.
Guess your modesty chip is failing, friend.- Alaida said, laughing.
They departed from the small apartment- that belongs to them. Alaida locked the door,
and Egogar takes the four valises, saying: dont you worry about me! I can manage
these valises by myself- plenty of strength on my frame
Of course._ Alaida smiled to the e-man- now they were doing Synthetic people with
small amounts of personality- just not to show too much they werent Naturals.
The flier kept climbing with the two damsels and Egogar on board- the in-built pilot
was driving fast, and soon reaches a big spaceship in mid-air, lading on top of a
platform; Egogar opened the door, and said: Watch for the wind! No need to leave the
platform by the other end!
Both girls descended with care, and follow the e-man inside a turret; meanwhile, the
flier vehicle takes off and descended, back to the city of Oredloro.
The turret was huge; several people dressed in yellow uniforms were busy there with
some apparatus; Egogar gets inside an elevator, and they followed; once inside, Egogar
said: Fourth deck.
The elevator descended two decks and opened its doors to a corridor; on the wall a
holographic signs reads 4 DECK.
They followed the e-man, who opened a door on the passageway, and said: This is your
new place to stay, ladies! Ill be out for a moment, but you could rest here for a while.
And leaving the suitcases on the floor went out of the room, closing the door. Minoya
tried the door lock and it opens the door.
Well, we are not locked inside.- She said, rising her shoulders a bit.
Why should we be locked? We are members of whatever this assignment is!- Alaida
said, and seats on a couch.
From the wall, a voice said: This is the captain of this ship speaking: you are aboard
the Marmol cargo ship; my name is Vertonfeld. We are going to the Fifth planet,
where you will work. As the trip will take only four days, nobody is going to be freeze
for this voyage. Lunch will be served at the Mess hall in half an hour. Have a nice trip.
And the announce ends.
Guess what! Planet V! I was thinking in a cozy small laboratory circling our planet.-
Alaida said.
Well, now you know the trip will take us far into the space!- Minoya said, not without
certain tremor in her voice- she was always scared about space trips, and now she was
in the middle of one.
I guess this trip will make us rich! Neither Beauty Parlors nor fashion shops over
there!- Alaida said.
A ring at the door; Alaida opened it and it was Mr. Origorgo, saying: May I come in,
Of course!- Alaida said; the man enters the roomand said We are voyaging now;
to the fifth planets orbit. Are you all right in here?
Yes, until now.- Minoya said, smiling.
Well, I hope you are satisfied; the cabin has every modern appliance; no need to be out
if you wants a snack; there is a food processor.- And Origorgo opened a lid on the
wall; he asks three lemonades; a door opens and three glasses of lemonade were there
on a tray.
See? Well, certainly we are here to improve the health for the entire human race: not
only Knappian but also Homo Sapiens from Terra and Vulcan.- Origorgo said,
drinking the lemonade.
And why not Klingons and Alarians as well?- Alaida asked him.
Because we are just beginning its that our options are few. But all depends now of
ourselves. If we produce enough discoveries and if these discoveries produce enough
income, we could move forward as it is planned.- Origorgo said.
The ethics of these labors are diminished in scope?- Minoya asked.
Certainly we must set aside some of our ingrained prejudices, if we want to go ahead.
One of the reasons our society has not improved as it should, its because we are stuck
on old models of ethics.- Origorgo explained.
Alaida blinked an eye to Minoya, who was spellbound. After that first reunion,
Origorgo went out of the room.
Alaida said to her sister: We must hear and accept this peoples reasons if we want to
keep our jobs.
That is just beginning.- Minoya said.
At least our quarters are private and acceptable.- Alaida raises her shoulders.
The spaceship was speeding along its course; captain Vertonfeld use the cannons to give
way to his spaceship while approaching the meteorite zone. Huge rocks were smashed
by the LASER beams, and sometimes a quick turn of course was needed to avoid the
bigger ones.
They stop near an asteroid thirty kilometers wide; on its surface a shining turret appears;
they all use special suits and glide to the surface using a long chain not to lost course; in
this the crew of the Marmol spaceship were helping the scant passengers along the
The turret, who appears small from the Marmols skylight windows, had an altitude
of 300 meters; mostly antennas of every kind; the circumference was of 30 meters and it
had a big sluice gate and a smaller one at a side; they enter by it and descended in a
huge elevator; they went out and Origorgo said: We must take off our helmets and the
special suit; here we have a normal atmosphere.
They handled the suits to the Marmols crew and a thin tall man presents himself as
the Administrator Goroienfer.
I am Goroienfer, the Administrator of this mining operation; welcome to this facility.-
Goroienfer said.
Thanks you. This is our scientist: Lady Minoya, Lady Alaida, Mrs. Kubloing, Ason,
Forkensbrutner and I am Origongo, general manager.- Origongo said.
Welcome you all! I must say this building has several floors and tunnels; please do not
wander here alone, or you could get lost; meteorites are often a problem if you went
outside the turret; please refrain to go out there. - Goroienfer said.
And this facility has a name?- Alaida asked of him.
Yes, lady: the same as the asteroid we are standing on: AJ -642 Mining Field; mostly
copper, as its the most needed metal nowadays; but you must not get tired about
mining as you come here to study and make experimentations; I only mention we are in
a mining facility, in order you realize there are some dangers you must take in
consideration.- Gorienfer said.
Yes, I am scared already.- Alaida said, looking at the man.
Im afraid that was not my intention, of course. Well, anything you want from me, Ill
be always at your service. Now a person will show you the laboratory and your cabins.
Good day to you all.- Gorienfer said, blushing red.
A man in blue uniform guide them through several corridors, and then to a quiet sector,
where several doors opened to a single corridor.
This are your cabins, Ladies and gentlemen: everyone is alike the other; you can
choose locations.- The man said, and went away; Origorgo let them choose, and after
that, he said: There are no breakfasts nor lunch or dinners in here; you will be feed
using pills and vitamin in beverages.
Nice.- Alaida said, mockingly.
Well, Ill be at the Lab; please take your time here, but afterwards, go there.-
Origorgo said, leaving the place.
Both girls had a first bad time, but then, with
The passing of days, they grey accustomed to not eat in the old fashion.
There werent recreational places- just their own cabins where to stay. Five days after
their arrival, Alaida said: Pity we dont have friends in here! At the Lab, theres not
time to chat, and the males seem they arent aware we are women.
Minoya said: certainly its strange- they seem like drones! Perhaps they are Synthetic
Synthetic people? They look so human! They sigh, perspire, sleep- Alaida said.
They could be pretending all that!- Minoya was not so sure, but inside of her, those
people were not men, but scientists- they job make them indifferent to women.
Who knows? We have been here so little time- well need more time to see the reality
of things- I am making compounds and until now I hadnt seen any living creature
under examination.- Alaida said.
Neither do I. Just analyzing samples and reading Doctor Zarbors work- hes a Russian
guy- from Earth.- Minoya informed her.
And is he good looking?- Alaida asked.
I dont know! I was told to read his book, because hell arrive here soon.- Minoya
Well, I expect hes a real man!- Alaida sighed, making her sister laugh.
The work keeps on, but there was no guess things happening- until Doctor Zarbor
arrives Minoya and Alaida were called by the Administrator General, Mr. Origorgo,
who said: Doctor
Zarbor is coming. He is a doctor in Sciences and has several outstanding achievements
in Biology. Our work will really begin with his presence here.
Minoya realizes that the man was excited, and said: Its good to know we will begin
with the real work.
Yes, lady! I am sure you will find your stay in here very rewarding.- Administrator
Origorgo said. Then, a technician enters the room and said: Doctor Zarbors spaceship
its arriving, Sir!
Very well! I will be receiving him at the elevator.- Origorgo said, and to the ladies he
added: Please wait in here! Ill be back!
This guy its on the verge of a system shutdown!- Alaida laughed, and one of the
other doctors looked at her in disgust.
Fifteen minutes later, a group arrives to that room, and a fat old man appears- he had
scant white hair and a big mouth; his height was a mere 1.65 meters tall, Caucasoid and
with cold blue eyes.
Good afternoon! I am doctor Zarbor; I presume you will be my closest collaborators?-
He said, without hesitation.
Origorgo said: Yes, doctor! They are Lady Minoya and Lady Alaida; Mr. Alston
Kibbling, Mr. Dragonet Axon, and Mr. Leroy Forkensbrutner.
All skilled professionals on their fields, I presume?- Doctor Zarbor said, looking
straight at the two sisters, whom were too young to be much of skilled persons.
I hired the best of the best, Sir!- Administrator Origorgo said, coughing.
Of course. May I present my staff to you, then?- Doctor Zarbor asked mildly.
By all means, Doctor.- Origorgo said.
Doctor Juan Dillert, Diego Peres, John Dilbert, Isaac Runsberg, Abraham Israbing,
Kraut Hiffler, Jurgen Kurzte, Eloise Danour, and Elsie Voncat, all of them skilled
chirurgians and with several other titles I could mention if necessary in the future.-
Doctor Zarbor said, not without some pride- he chooses them himself.
Welcome to you all!- Origorgo said, looking at the team, who looked back with cold
I need to know where we are going to be lodged, and also my luggage must be storage
appropriately, as there are lots of delicate instruments to worry about.- Doctor Zarbor
I understand. I will guide you myself.- Mr. Origorgo said, leading the way.
Doctor Zarbor and his Assistants bowed to the group where the sisters were included
and went after the Administrator.
Poor Mr. Origorgo! He must guide them through half light corridors.- Alaida said.
Well, he has several Synthetic personnel to do this menial task! He chooses to be the
guide.- Minoya said.
The rest of the doctors returns to their labors, leaving them idling on that room. Alaida
said: I am bored stiff of germs and freezers!
We could stay here waiting or working at the Lab.- Minoya said.
Guess we return to work.- Alaida said, after some while.
They both arrive to the Laboratory when Doctor Zarbor was also arriving after a brief
examination of the cabins.
As you see, four floors are ready to be of use. Here, our doctors were gathering
materials for your use.- Mr. Origorgo said.
Fine, fine!- Doctor Zarbor said, and then he went to look the test tubes and chirurgical
equipment. Certain bags were brought, and soon the first naked corpse was lying on a
stretcher, while Dr. Diego Perez cuts the head, and Doctor Zarbor said: We have not
much time to spare! Bring me the first client, please!
Doctor Eloise, 37, with a black box at her feet, releases a round lid and takes a human
head with both hands, saying: Item RR50 is here, Doctor- Temperature -8 degrees C.
Preparing the body._ Dr. Juan Dillert said, inserting several tubes on the corpse; soon
the head of that body was severed and was put into the same box the first head was
Doctor Eloise closes the round lid hurriedly.
We will try to give life to this poor head.- Doctor Zarbor said, while Dragonet Axon
fainted to the floor- several Assistants takes him out to the corridor, where two
Synthetic personnel carried him to his bed
This is already exciting!- Alaida said.
The newly arrived team was working fast and with an easygoing way. Alaida and the
rest were just looking how the others were working on the implant; two hours later,
Doctor Zarbor said: The difficult part is over, so lets see if your skill is as good as
should! We are going to suture the rest of the veins and lets finish the job with a good
stitching! We dont want to lave the patient looking as Doctors Frankensteins ghoul.-
Nobody moved- of the Origorgo team. So, Dr. Zarbor chooses: Ladies! I am sure you
are capable to help in this! To work!
Minoya and Alaida put them to the task- the more they work, the best they did- so at the
last they end faster than Dr. Zarbor were thinking.
Very well! We will leave the patient be, for some hours, before we could give the next
step- He said, and everybody was asked to leave the operation room, except three of
the men from Dr. Zarbors team.
At Minoyas cabin, Alaida said: I think I will ask for a cup of tea.
Make it two.- Minoya said, while she was revising her recent work in her mind. When
already seeping it, Minoya said: I wonder how Mr. Patient Item RR50 is now.
We can find out by going there.- Alaida said
Guess we will become rogue doctors. At Oredloro this practices are not allowed. The
Law- Minoya said.
Oredloros Law its very far from here.- Alaida remembered.
Knappian laws are applicable in all the Knappian planetary system. We still are
there.- Minoya said.
Congratulations. You know you could scare me, when you really try,- Alaida said,
making a grimace.
Guess we could have a nap in here, dear sister. The absence of dawn and daylight
tricks us to believe we are in an eternal day.- Minoya said.
Right. A nap and then we went to the Infirmary to know how our patient is.- Alaida

Doctor Zarbor was at his cabin, looking unto his laptop- 83 implants to do; all of them
people of importance: nobles and old tycoons from Oredloro and Oxiborion.
A knock on the door, and Dr. Zarbor opened it; Kraut Hiffler (68) said: Too late for a
chat, Sir?
Of course not, Hiffler! Come on down.- Zarbor said; they seat on chairs and Kraut
Hiffler said; Guess we will have a new member of our small colony here, Sir?
You mean RR50?
Precisely, doctor! The recovery is waiting ahead, of course.
Pity it takes too long! Bodies recovered fast enough, but the brain takes its time to get
in control of things.
Research! Perhaps we could find a way to fasten their recovery.- Kraut Hiffler said.
Doctor Zarbor thought about it- a thing Hiffler seems not to know, it was the effort in
that direction was already been made; but with no success- rather, with failures so deep
that the subjects collapsed afterwards. He asked for a couple of drinks and offered one
to Hifler, saying: We already did that, and nothing good sprout from it.
Now its the time to try again!
Perhaps later- we have a lot of work in our hands and perhaps we could try on one of
A not too prominent head, of course.
What do you think about Origorgos team?- Doctor Zarbor asked.
Origorgo is a hell of a good Administrator and I know he had hired capable people for
this job. In all cases, he is a good Chirurgical doctor and I could put him to work, if all
his team fails; but as you saw with that couple of damsels, they know what they do.
It was the easy part to perform.- Hifler said.
But primordial! They started slow but soon gained confidence- and finished at a quick
pace. I amsure they are able medics.
Of course.- Kraut Hiffler said, looking at the screen, where several diagrams were
I am working in other Projects, for the Military men.- Doctor Zarbor said.
Again a monster for the future wars? The last time I remember, I had nightmares for a
whole year after we ended our project.- Kraut Hiffler said, finishing his drink.
Yes, I remember those things we did. Wonder where they are now!
Possibly in some forest.- Hiffler said.
But this time there are stronger winds of war.-
Yes, but I had heard about it. The Federation of Planets are here now. They an handle
any problem King Garach could ask of them.
We must design some insect- like creature, capable of to defeat any insecticide
somebody could design.- Doctor Zarbor said.
Insects! I am relieved! Mammals look too familiar for me.- Kraut Hiffler said.
Yes, our skills must be tested again.- Doctor Zarbor said.
There are not much to think about : spiders are the best warriors.
Spiders, scorpions, beetles, bees: creatures where to choose from, with a sprinkle of
human genes.- Doctor Zarbor replied.
Clever insects, then. They will know when to bite and when to hide.
Guess it will be very stupid of our Generals to create a bug they cannot kill later.
Yes, but we are more clever than that, no? We will have a window hidden somewhere
on the Genetic Code.
Hope they didnt smell your trick.
Generals? They have their minds occupied by strategic plans, conspiracies, weapons
and dreams of glory! No need to worry about it.- Doctor Zarbor said.
The revival of bodies could be fastened. Give me a small team to begin with- you with
other twice as fast.- Kraut Hiffler said.
How many colleagues do you think necessary?
Four, plus some nurses.
Synthetic nurses.-
All right, I have no problem with them.
I will tell them tomorrow about this. I will begin with another client.- Doctor Zarbor
I am sure you will end having a cohesion team, among us and the medics brought by
doctor Origorgo.- Kraut Hiffler said.
That is the only option.- Doctor Zarbor said, and Hiffler stands up and went out the
A group was waiting at his cabin: doctors Juan Dillert, Diego Perez, John Dillbert, and

Isaac Runsberg.
After the metallic door was closed, Kraut Hiffler said; Success, my friends!
They all cheered him, and Juan Dilbert said: Another team! Now we will be doing
things for ourselves!
We will be reviving important people, who had paid good money for it. We will be
dividing our time fromnow on; and the tradition here on this flying rock has been
established. Set your clocks now, Gentlemen.
They all did; it was 23.02 hours.
As you can see, we are prone to say good night.- Kraut Hiffler said, and they all
laughed- but Hiffler begged them to be ready at the next day: I want you all here at
7.00 in the morning; we will be looking for a place to work. Be punctual!
And they all departed, wising him good luck.
At the next day, the new team separated some equipment and begins working at a near
by seven rooms place, but the dimensions I heard somewhere: Size of every room is
the same: seven meters long, four and a half meters wide.
I see this its beginning to get fun! Two teams: We are stuck with doctor Zarbor -
Alaida exclaimed.
Stuck? He will be our teacher, sister! Remember we havent revived a even a small
rodent yet!- Minoya remembered to her sister.
They present to work =another body was lying on a stretcher, and when ready, a new
head was placed attached to the severed neck.
Pity this neck has degraded! Holes will be navigable.=later well
Have to reconstruct lets move on!
Now the turn to work was on Abraham Israbing and three more medics: J urgen Kurzte,
Eloise Danour and Elsie Voncat.
As in the precedent time, all the medics were present; some able to look directly and the
rest looking on a holographic projector.
Very interesting.
Of course. The difficult part begin when the necks is half closed or connected with the
ones at the head- a long operation.
When the difficult part of the operation ended, Assistants performed the rest of the
Doctor Zarbor calls on Minoya and Alaida, and said: You will be in charge of the
attendance of our first implanted- RR50.
Could we know his real name, Sir? RR50 seems some kind of engine oil.- Alaida
Very funny. RR50 signifies Recuperated Roll, and 50 mean we had revived another 49
persons before.- Doctor Zarbor explained.
All right; you had explained the cipher but his name keeps on being in the dark.-
Alaida said.
Sorry about that! We cannot give names! The Contract between our Organization and
our clients forbids it.- Zarbor said.
Of course. Well, we are ready to work!- Alaida said.
RR50 is all yours! See that the medicines are supplied at the exact time. Good luck.-
Doctor Zarbor said.
The patient was placed on a big room full of beds; at the walls there were stocks of
medicines and all kind of instruments that Alaida and Minoya could require for their
Four days passed by, and another three patients were delivered under their attendance.
Guess we are in charge of the ward, in here! If doctor Zarbor keeps on sending us more
patients, well be exhausted before long.- Alaida said.
I guess you are right- at night is when we require help- to sleep the eight necessary
hours without interruptions- we will wait until he send us the Sixth patient- then well
talk with the Doctor.- Minoya said, believing that was their maximum capacity.
As both teams were sending patients every day, the Sixth patient arrives very soon, and
Minoya waits until Dr. Zarbor finished another head graft to say to him: Doctor
Zarbor, we need to talk to you.
He stops washing his hands and looking at them, he said: Yes, Doctors? It is much
I assume it is, Doctor.- Minoya said.
Very well. Give me a hint.- Dr. Zarbor asked, rubbing again his hands under the
We received the Sixth Patient today, at the Ward. We believe that some more hands
will need to attend the next patients.- Minoya said.
Dr. Zarbor dried his hands on an hot air machine, and said: Certainly youll be needing
assistance. I will get you some Synthetic personnel, or do you have some problems with
Not whatsoever, Doctor. Thanks you for the offer; guess we will require two Assistants
for each ten more patients.- Minoya said, departing; Dr. Zarbor smiled- he had been
waiting for that request, and all the while was looking how they behave in their new job;
the ladies were

efficient and to the point.


Two Synthetic persons with Medic Software on their memory were appointed as their
Assistants. Kraut Hiffler and his team were ahead of schedule- they were resurrecting
two persons per day.
These guys did work as slaves! Soon our ward will be full of patients.- Alaida said,
while injecting some medicines to a patient.
Certainly they did! Hope theyre doing things all night!- Minoya said, as she already
notices that the bodies coming from Group 2 were harder to attend. They arrive not as
healthy as the ones coming from Doctor Zarbors team.
Two months later, the grafts ended; every body had a new head and they were all in the
recuperation room.
Doctor Zarbor calls for a meeting one afternoon, and looking at his staff of seventeen
medics, he said: Well done! The operations are ended; there are no more patients to
resurrect. Your labors, from now on, will be to help at the Recuperation Room, under
doctors Minoya and Alaida.
They all applauded, and doctor Zarbor said: Soon other duties will be performed, but
for the seriousness of this we must end a job to begin another.
They all understand he was saying true, so at least eight months were going to be
elapsed on those implanted people.
They divide labors, and make them all accept a certain routine; during those months,
several medics simply didnt work as wished by the sisters and Alaida finally said:
You should call for a meeting and threaten them
With something if they dont work as we want.
Money, my sister. This people are here for money. The one who is not working as we
want, will be fired with a fine on his wages.- Minoya said.
We should tell doctor Zarbor about this situation.- Alaida said.
But he will think things are going out of our hands.- Minoya said.
No if we just tell him our plan.- Alaida said, and added: This must not seem a fight
among us and the rest. This must be a dear message to Doctor Zarbor. People are here to
work, obey, or be fired.
All right, we must tell him who wants to work and who doesnt.- Minoya said.
Doctor Zarbor was working at his office with two other medics, when the sisters appear
asking to be heard.
Good morning! Take a seat. These two colleagues are helping me in my future project,
you can speak freely.- Doctor Zarbor said. The doctors were Mr. Kraut Hiffler and Mr.
We make a scheme of work at the ward, where everyone must fulfill a shift of four
hours in rotation. Some of them are not present when the time comes; if asked to be
present, they refuse.- Minoya said.
Bad sign. Proceed.- Dr. Zarbor said.
Here is a list of the ones going rogue. I intend to call them all for a meeting, and tell
them that the one not present at their shift will be fired.- Minoya said.
Strong words.- Dr. Zarbor said, thinking how to replace people being at an asteroid.
The alternative?- Alaida asked.
Well, theres no alternative. We could put the rebels in stasis. We havent the means to
send them back and we will need them later. Tell them what we talked.- Doctor Zarbor
At the meeting with the medics, Minoya told that the option was the slumber pods- and
nobody was too interested in to spend time in a pod.
Alaida begin an affair with Mr. Leroy Forkensbrutner, and Minoya was enamored with
Alston Kibbling, who was a biologist of forty years of old.
Eight months of routine ends when all the patients were able to walk and communicate;
four of them had difficulties to speak, but by other means he was totally normal.
Doctor Zarbor said: Must be some incompatibility with the body. We cannot give him
another body but we could give him some implants- the voice will appear just the
He performed an operation that was to insert a small box on his throat, that amplifies the
feeble signals and reproduce a male human voice. The box was one centimeter long by
half a centimeter wide.
The couple of persons recuperated their voices, and the whole group returns to the
Knapp planet in a spaceship.
Later, the Doctor said; We have another project, now this has nothing to do with
Heads and bodies, but of genetic engineering: somebody needs insects capable of to
terraforming certain planets still not suitable for human life.
Thats odd.-
Yes! But true. Colonists arent what they were in the first days of colonization of
space. Now they didnt want to fight against a wild environed.- Doctor Zarbor said.
They saw several computer animated holograms, showing what the aim of the Project
was: insects ranging from 20 cm. to 2 meters long.
Insects can move because they are tiny. With bigger bulks, they systems begin to
crumble. Muscles arent designed for much weight. Our job its to by-pass those
hindrances and come out the other way with success.- Doctor Zarbor said.
Doctor Asimov explains the why not. Are we going to change that?- Kraut Hiffler
Certainly, yes. I dont know if you are aware of studies made by Professor Forgodden?
We will start with his theories. I beg of you all to begin studying his work thoroughly.-
doctor Zarbor asked of them.
Professor Forgodden writings were available on every screen they wish to occupy on
the Computer in line; four days later, Doctor Zarbor divides the team in three different
groups: one under his command, other under Kraut Hiffler and the last under Abraham
Israbing (58).
So, the three teams were like this:
Dr. Zarbor (65)
Jurgen Kurzte
Eloise Danour
Elsie Voncat

Second team:
Dr. Kraut Hiffler
Juan Dillert
Diego Perez
John Dilbert
Isaac Runsberg

Third Team:
Abraham Israbing
Alston Kibbling
Dragonet Axon
Leroy Porkensbrutner

Jurgen Kurzte said to Dr. Zarbor: why are we only four and at Israbing group there are
seven members?
Because he has people not fully tested under his command. We are more skilled,
Jurgen; that you cannot deny.
Using different species they begin the process of to make them bigger and bigger.
In four weeks there were four species caged; two of them build by Dr. Zarbors team,
and one by each of the other groups.
Dr. Zarbor invites Mr. Hiffler to see the insects he created in action; and he makes them
degrade several materials into usable materials; the idea was functioning and the job
was now to make bigger insects for the phase B.
Dr. Zarbor saw the spiders fight a locust; they attack in unison; one bites and the other
put a cord around the body of the locust; soon his head was cut off.
Once covered with a nest of chitin the spiders lost interests and walk away of their pray;
they will wait for the locust to die of hunger.
Remarkable situation; normally they stick to their pray, and fights the newcomers.-
Dr. Zarbor murmured.
We must teach them to obey us, and attack the ones we tell them to fight.- Alston
Some kind of instinct. No matter if they really dont think.- Dr. Zarbor said.
I know what you mean! We will find a way to do it.- Alston reply.
Later, more insects were produced until they were finding good results.
A meter and a half long; fifty centimeters high- good specimens. They produce organic
materials while they live and more when they die; just what we need.- Dr. Zarbor said.
The whole production ends four months later, and delivered to a Spatial Army Force
Doctor Zarbor reunited them at his office, and said: The payment for this work will
take a little longer- Army Forces usually heat the money some more time than necessary
on their pockets, but in the end they pay. As we all need a Vacation, I had arranged
three or four weeks on Oredloro of leisure time at a good Hotel in Oredloro city. All
paid by our Organization, ladies and gentlemen!
They all applauded.
The wages will be paid while on that Hotel; plus some more money as a premium.-
Doctor Zarbor said.
They all cheered and happy faces sprout where long faces were seconds before.
The Spaceship appears two days later; everybody boarded it with their valises and
secretly several of the Dr. Zarbors staff said good by to that installation for ever, as
they were feed up with horrible sights such as the ones recently get while at work.
The trip was marked by several rows among the medics; free from work, their
personalities began to crash one against the other; except the sisters, who had
boyfriends with whom to have a good time while traveling.
They arrive to Oredloro and were sent to the surface on a shuttle.
Doctor Zarbor was with them all the time; at Oredloro space field they were received by
a Flier from the chosen Hotel, the Gorboson; Minoya said, during the trip to the
Hotel: I feel strange- must be the gravity force.
Yes, Sister! I feel the same. Perhaps we should take some pills to get fine.
Of course. I will ask for it.- Minoya said, and at the Pharmacy next door she bought
the necessary pills.
The bigger suite was for Doctor Zarbor, who said: you will notice every one of you
have the promised money sooner than expected- from now on, you are free to roam this
city and only I beg of you all to be here in thirty days elapsed time. We will have more
work to do and more wages to collect.
Well be here! Where else to get knowledge and money at the same time?- Elsie
Voncat asked, and somebody laughed.
Alaida and Minoya went out of the Hotel Gorboson and arrive to a fine lingerie shop
where they choose several dozen pieces of fine lingerie.
This is life! All that horror pays our bills now.- Alaida said.
We will be shopping all day long! I must look pretty for my beloved.- Minoya said.
Your beloved does not need fine clothes to worship you.- Alaida exclaimed.
Think about it, sister! We are here not the only females for them! Now they had the
opportunity of to choose among thousands of good looking women- we must keep
beautiful for them.- Minoya said.
At the next day, they take a
Flier, and with their fiances (Leroy F. and Alston Kibbling) traveled to Oxiborion- they
visited their former house- now sold to Mr. Gacfor Untenostor; from there, to the beach.
As I told you before, we had magnificent memories of this place. Our parents brought
us here in Vacations for many years.- Alaida said to Leroy, while seated on the sand.
By the look in your eyes, it is clear to me that you have fond memories of this town.
Wish I could buy you a house in here.- Leroy said.
Oh, dear! We sold the house when our mother died, as we were burdened with too
many memories._ Alaida explained.
Leroy Forkensbrutner immediately thinks that not only that house, but the entire town
was a fountain of sad memories for his lover, but didnt open his mouth to persevere
with the theme.
From there, they rented a bungalow for both couples, and made a barbecue on the
backyard, dancing and talking almost until dawn.
This place is really quiet! No sounds of traffic, no people rummaging around.- Alston
Yes! Here people prefer silence and quiet nights.- Minoya said.
Suddenly, Alaida said; Look! A spaceship its approaching!- And pointed to a light in
the dark sky.
Seems to be a comet!- Minoya said, but then the object turns direction and grows
bigger to their surprised eyes.
Must be in problems! There is no spaceport in the vicinity!- Alston said.
The object cross the sky over their heads, at low altitude, in the direction of the sea.
Lets go there to see it! Perhaps we could be of help.- Minoya said, standing up from
the sand.
They all walked rapidly to the nearest beach- a glow on the night indicates plainly
where the object was located. Several other people were approaching to the spot.
They saw the object when at a hundred meters away; it was at least 80 meters high and
its glow was red.
I cant locate this shape- perhaps a new member of Federation of Planets?- Alston
Must be an exhaust! Look how the glow diminishes!- Minoya said.
Why are we here? People are running away!- Alaida said.
Inside the spaceship recently arrived, XR30 said: Are the brain waves functioning?
Yes, Sir! To a female.- The crewman 634-20 replied.
Good! Females commands where humanoids set their feet! Tell her to approach to the
ship._ XR 30 said.
Right away, Sir!- 634-20 replied.
The telepathic device gives the necessary impulses, and Alaida said: Lets see nearer,
please! Could be people trying to get out.
They approached, and XR 30 sent a strong signal, while opening a hatch.
See? There are people inside!- Alaida said, and as the signal was now stronger, the
rest also feel the need to enter that spaceship. The corridor was half light: when they
advance some meters inside, they enter a round chamber with three doors rimmed with
Locks! Strange design.- Leroy said; the hatch closed, and the MKUltra type of rays
was stopped, and both women became really frightened.
A voice said, through a loudspeaker: Dont be afraid! You had been chosen to be
At the same time, a tremor was felt, and they suddenly became as glued to the floor, so
Minoya said: The ship is taking off the ground!
Kidnapped by space robbers!- Leroy said.
Both girls were screaming at hearts content, and her yelling resounded on the
spaceships, awakening Lord Amtuberon, who moved on his tank while saying: Captain
XR 30! Whats that horrible nose? Some ball bearing is broken?
Some creatures fromplanet Knapp, my Lord!- XR 30 replied.
Humanoids! The noisiest people I know! Are they here for some experiment?- Lord
Amtuberon asked, looking keenly with his big round eye.
We need more workers at Plant B38, Milord. This people seem fit for the work.- XR
30 said.
Of course. They dont serve for any other thing!- Lord Amtuberon said, swimming to
the monitor chamber; he saw the captured humanoids: two males and two females.
I see the females are yelling more than males!
Yes, Milord! They are more hysterics than males of the species.- Captain XR 30 said.
I know that, no need to lecture me! I was thinking aloud.- The Lord Amtuberon said,
touching the screen with a tentacle.
Forty is what we need, Milord! We only have these four persons by the moment.-
Captain XR 30 said, moving slightly away, as Lord Amtuberon expelled some detritus
by his anal conduit; the filtering system was alerted and a soft current takes that crap
I will be with lady Tentaria, we have matters to discuss. Take your time, Captain! No
need to arouse panic among the natives!- Lord Amtuberon said, moving away.
At Lady Tentarias cabin, he enters, as she replied to his call telepathically, by saying
You may come in.
She was on a pink atmosphere; scent to algae was on the water.
Lord Amtuberon! Did you sleep well tonight?- She asked, looking at him.
Like a clam! Thanks to you- my little fish!- Lord Amtuberon said, caressing one of
her tentacles.
Oh! You are in love, dear Amtuberon?
Of course! You are marvelous!- He said, always telepathically (and the only way his
race was capable of).
You were very gentle with me, inviting me to this peaceful flight!- Lady Tentaria
said, embracing the Lord, who expulsed some spermatozoids.
For me is the delight, my love!- Lord Amtuberon exclaimed.
Our children will have a nice place to live- I hope!- She said.
Of course! You have nothing to worry about.- He said, while she moved her fins a
I heard you have new specimens at your spaceship! They are hideous!- Lady Tentaria
One of the Lord Amtuberon tentacles pushed a pair of buttons on a console and the
screen flickered on and the corridor where Alaida and the rest were trapped was shown
in colors.
This four beings will help on our facilities! Pity we must use them to build our
spaceships. The Jovians are not enough for our industries, now Humans are not scarce,
but are very bellicose: they have learnt some basic sciences and its more difficult for us
to made slaves as in ancient times.- Lord Amtuberon said.
I could hear noises! Someone said me that they can talk with noises! A very queer
thing, dont you think?- Lady Tentaria asked him.
Yes, not everyone could modulate thoughts as we could. The poor humanoids cannot
understand each others if they are tem meters apart- certainly that some of them are
using devices to hear through electronic apparatus! But you see those four creatures
there, at the dry corridor: they havent any such electronic devices with them!- Lord
Amtuberon said.
Alaida was saying: Seem we are kept captive. Nobody has come to say hello, and that
gives me the creeps.
Why, are you afraid? Perhaps they are timid.- Leroy Forkensbrutner said.
Timid? Perhaps they kidnapped us- like our friends Fella and Askor! - Minoya
What? So you knew of previous abductions?- Alston Kibbling asked.
Kidnapping, dear! Abductions is when your captor releases you shortly afterwards!
These friends of us never come back!- Minoya said.
It was a mistake to come here; we are like rats inside a cage.- Alston Kibbling said.
Later, other humans were captured, but each capture used a different corridor, so Alaida
and friends didnt knew about it.
Put them all in stasis! No need to let them think too much!- Captain X30 said, so they
were all suddenly frozen at 0.4 Centigrade.
End of distraction! Your captain gassed all those funny creatures!- Lady Tentaria
said, cutting off the screen.
Darling! They could cause troubles, later! They could think about escape or
something! It would be not the first time they try to maim themselves there in prison!-
Lord Amtuberon said, extracting his male tentacle.
Wow!- Lady Tentaria said, closing her eye for a moment. Lord Amtuberon flows to
the cabin and said: Captain! Are we ready now?
Yes! Milord! All specimens are sedated and cryiogenized! Do you want to travel home
now?- Captain X30 asked him.
By all means! Lady Tentaria is becoming bored. How fast could we travel?- Lord
Amtuberon asked, touching the Captain with a tentacle.
Four days and nights, Milord!- Captain X30 replied.
Fine! Cook one of the humans, for dinner. I must have Lady Tentaria happy or she will
become very mean to me!- Lord Amtuberon ordered.
But, Milord! Our Emperor the Great Tuberose recently had forbidden to cook humans
in flight!- Captain X30 warned him.
I am sure you will have those proceedings not recorded on the main computer, of
course; not a word to anybody about this future event except the necessary few- and I
mean the cook. And I could be very thankful for you.- Lord Amtuberon said, turning
very red.
I understand, Milord. I will do as you say.- Captain X30 replied, as he was not willing
to end his career in some dark deposit 20 fathoms below a fishing settlement.
X30 choose a man; women were more susceptible to change the savor of their flesh
when killed, no matter the instrument used; that night Lady Tentaria was surprised by
the nice meat, and said: This kind of meat its superb, dear!
I imported it exclusively for you.- Lord Amtuberon said, and she caressed him with
three of the longer tentacles.
Nice of you, sweetie.- Said the Lady.
In the voyage, that took thirty days, seven other seven humans were butchered, to feed
Lady Tentaria.
Lord Amtuberon said to Captain X30: I will see you get a better occupation, when
arriving to our world.
No need be, Milord! I am happy here on my actual post.
Very well; then I will see you receive a promotion.- Lord Amtuberon promised.
When arriving to Tuberon planet, Lord Amtuberon and his Lady traveled to his grotto
on the south west portion of Subgorfor City.
The prisoners were delivered at the dry facilities upon the Gorfor Continent, on the dry
continuation of Subgorfor City.
A group of 200 prisoners were lined up in two rows in front of a squad of
heavily armed men from Korkemouth, a planet long ago conquered by the intelligent
squids of Tuberon planet. A chieftain was also present, who said: Welcome to Gorfo
City. Here we work for the Intelligent Squids, receiving food and shelter in exchange. If
you obey the orders, life will be sweet for you; the rebels suffer. Now, we will be
designing you for different tasks and labors. Women first: to the right every women;
men to the left.
The group of women was smaller: thirty seven women in all; they were carried away in
a truck. The men were 170 in number; divided in four teams, they were carried in trucks
to different locations: Leroy and Alston stick together and descended on a plant where
Spaceships were being assembled.
As they were newcomers, they were put with the apprentices, to make simple tasks.
Four hours of labor, among those spherical spaceships, leave them sweated and tired to
carry metallic pieces where ordained.
At the end of the shift, they were carried in tracks to some barracks on an open field. As
they were new workers, they were given beds on a half occupied shack, together with
the recently kidnapped people. The guards went out, and everybody could mill around
and talk as pleased.
Then, Leroy said to Alston Kibbling:We are in a real mess, partner! Our babies are
kidnapped and in another part of this alien planet and we are a pair of brand new slaves
for the Empire of some strange creature not known by Man!

Yeah! I have my hands with blisters already! I think I dont like to be a slave, right
now.- Alston said with humor.
Me too! Lets mingle with these losers! Perhaps they know where the women are, and
how to try to escape from here!- Leroy said.
They talked with different people until everyone goes to sleep- that was about two
oclock in the morning. Leroy said: I find out. There are thirty two locations for our
babes to be living this nightmare!
Correct! Same thing I discovered at the other corner of this huge barrack! And two
invitations to sleep with corny guys!- Alston confided.
And you accepted?- Leroy asked.
Of course not! I am not a homosexual! But perhaps after several months of this place,
who knows? So we will search our babes!- Alston said.
The only way is up! The seas of this pesky planet are teeming with those squids a-
talking! A guy told me about to steal a spaceship and depart to our planet in it!- Leroy
That easy? A new spaceship with a novel crew? I dont know how to fly an airship,
less a spaceship!- Alston said.
Dont matter that! We will be helping to build spaceships here! People with some
knowledge of how this things fly ought to be sleeping around us now! Someone will be
risking his neck to leave this slave house.- Leroy was sure things were possibly
IN the next twenty days, the first spaceship was ready to be delivered to the Squids- so
Alston and Leroy escaped from the barracks at night, and using a pair of bicycles they
rode to the city.
There were no real roads, as every squid
On the planet moves using the aerial ships; human people or other air breathing persons
just walk of bike their way by the terrain as he could.
At the city, they soon find the first possible place- the Fisheries, where fish and other
products of the sea were brought by ships, manned by men; they were canned and
delivered to the Squids, who then have no need to fish for preys themselves.
The women quarters werent guarded but the doors were closed; Leroy said: This place
has several windows! No glasses- but wooden frames protected the intimacy. We only
need to unhinge one of it to enter.
Alston begin working with a piece of metal; soon a hinge went down to the floor with a
thud; they climb to the window and went inside; rows of beds lined by the walls;
women faces were almost in the dark- just one electric bulb was lighted at the other side
of the huge place.
What are we going to do? More than three hundred beds and we are looking just two
known faces among them!- Leroy said in a whisper.
Not counting they could be in another place! But let us revise these womens faces
now! You take one row and I the other; the moment we find them, well step to the
middle of the corridor!- Leroy said.
They begin their difficult task; they look on the dark, almost touching heads with their
noses. At the middle of the room, Alston and some figures stepped to the middle of the
You find them!- Leroy said, approaching.
A great luck indeed!- Alston said, embracing Minoya, while Alaida embraces the
astonished Leroy.
We must get hurry! Soon it will be dawn, and you must hide until the spaceship could
be manned!- Leroy said.
They run back to the male barracks, and the girls hide, one in each of their companions
bed; Leroy went to talk with the possibly pilot; the man was from Rixiaberg, and said: I
can go with you, but I cannot say if Ill be able or not to pilot that thing!
The spaceship is ready to be delivered to those squids.
So we better get hurry.
Of course! Let us go before everyone wakes up, the guards will be all around us and
our crazy adventure will be ended before the start.- The Rixiabergian said.
All right!- Leroy said, feeling the creeping sensation of doom all over him. They
cover the girls with blankets and walks out of the barracks; the place where the
spaceships were being assembled was guarded, but only by name, as the Guards were
nowhere to be seen.
That is! The grey one! We will close the locks and I will try to launch it as I may!-
The Rixiabergian said, while running.
They enter the Orb and as they were familiarized with the interior, they didnt waste
time arriving to the cockpit.
Hope this is fully charged!- The Rixiabergian said, in front of the main panel. He
pressed buttons and suddenly all lights were on, not just the emergency lights.
Strap yourselves! - The Rixiabergian said, and grabbed two of the levers with his
hands; the vehicle moved sidewise and went out of the Hangar with a small bump on
one of the gates.
The early morning light was there to be seen through the screens. Several radar devices
shows the surrounding area to an extent of thirty kilometers. The Rixiabergian moved a
lever and the Orb spewed ahead as a rocket; soon they were looking at a receding planet
Tuberon by the rear monitors.
I think I could set the course- look!- The Rixiabergian said, showing a map on the sky
with names and numbers on the screen. He inserted a code he thought was of the
Knappian planetary system, and the Spaceship slightly moves, correcting its course.
Now, I will give full velocity! The Intelligent Squids could send a battleship to give us
chase.- The Rixiabergian said.
Do you know if this spaceship has guns?- Alaida asked.
No idea! So we better run as fast as this vehicle is capable of.- The Rixiabergian
answered, thinking in how a vehicle that wasnt previously tested was going to perform
a race between stars at top velocity!
Weeks later, they arrive to Knapp IVs orbit; soon several Army Vessels were
surrounding them, and as the Rixiabergian has no inkling in how to communicate, the
Space Soldiers enters to the spaceship opening a gap on the hull.
The air grew thinner, so when the soldiers of King Garach enter the cabin, the four of
them were on the brink of to be asphyxiated and also freeze to death.
By signs they asked for help; Lokor Fanax, the commander, understanding their
situation, sent for spacesuits for all of them; when they finally were protected inside of
those, the Rixiabergian said by the radio: We are Knappian and we had a big adventure
to tell!
Commander Lokor Farnax said: This vessel is not known by our experts! Could you
land it on the surface of this planet? We must study it patiently!
Yes, Sir! Where do you want it landed?- The Rixiabergian said, feeling confident as
the original pilot was in their time.
You are invited by the Knappian Starfleet to inform all of what you had seen in that
World! We need that information in order to be prepared! The Government will pay you
for your cooperation!- Lokor Farnax said.
Alaida said: I have no problem with that! But you need to give us some rest! I want to
be in a quiet room, also to buy new clothes and stuff!
The Commander was not very happy of her request- also, the others said the same thing
soon enough- so he must say yes to the civilians
Of course! But I will appoint some agents to protect you all.- Commander Lokor
Farnax said.
As you wish.- Alaida replied, and smiled.
They return to their places- a thing they never suspected- and after refreshing and
relaxed themselves for two days, they return to duty; now Commander Farnax
withdrew his generous offer of a nice Hotel for everyone to lodge in; just the payment
was standing.
They accepted to work giving information and for six days they were interviewed and
biologically analyzed by the doctors on the Armys payroll.
At the seventh day, Commander Lokor said; You have cooperated enormously. Our
Government its cashing a million Credits in each of your Bank Account.
This is good news!- Alaida said, rubbing her white hands together.
You must recommend not telling anybody about those aliens and their doings around
Knapp. The actions they are performing could create a state of panic difficult to
controlin our cities. Commander Lokor Farnax said. He had received valuable
information by the Starfleet (Federation of Planets) who had more knowledge about
those creatures, and the way to handle the matter.
I am not interested in the divulgation of this bizarre adventure! Only- I will refrain to
get near any queer aerial manifestation from now on!- Alaida said, and they all smiled.
When at their apartment, Alaida said: Our project goes asunder; but we earn a lot of
money in our adventure.
Yes, sister! We were lucky to have the guys with us! Or we would have been slaves for
the rest of our lives!- Minoya said.
Or careers must to be fulfilled! With our money, we could open a Clinic! I am certain
that several of our former colleagues could be interested in to work with us!- Alaida
In Oredloro or in Rixiaberg?- Minoya asked her.
I prefer Oredloro; Rixiaberg its a bit too more cosmopolite for my liking.- Minoya
All right! I will talk with some Agent to see which part its better to begin with a
Clinic!- Alaida said, and both sisters
Had his Clinic ready to work in three months elapsed time.
In less than a year, the invested money was recuperated fully; they both get married
with their lovers, and with their honest work they were contented for the rest of their


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