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Lindab Kft.

2051 Biatorbgy, lloms t 1/A

Tel: +36 (23) 531-100 Fax: +36 (23) 310-703
www.lindab.hu, e-mail: info.profil@lindab.hu
System Accessories:
- LindabRainline

Gutter system
- LindabProtectline

Roof safety system (snow fence, rooftop catwalk,

roof and wall ladder, protective railings, etc.)-

High-quality sectioned industrial gates

- Egyb tartozkok
(doors, windows, overhead elements, etc.)
Lindab offers a wide selection of hall products to
suit industrial, agricultural, commercial, education-
al, storage, and many other buildings.
In order to harmonize with the function of a build-
ing, area constraints, and architectural require-
ments, we offer halls in a wide choice of size,
shape, and structure.
The LindabSystemline hall system boasts all the advan-
tages of lightweight construction methods: rapid con-
struction, superior technical solutions, and a multitude of
variations to choose from.
The hall system is complete with the sub-systems listed
- primary steel truss structure;
- secondary steel truss structure (purlin and wall frame
- ceiling and wall covering system; and
- system accessories (gutters, roof safety system, indus-
trial gates, doors and windows, etc.).
According to the dimensions, function, load of the hall,
and customer-specific requirements, there are three
main types of steel primary truss systems:
- LindabLS with EURO-sectioned, double-hinged
frames wedged in the corners;
- LindabLH with a variable cross-section and double-
hinged frames; or
- LindabLR three-dimensional frame structure with grid
trussing and EURO-sectioned supporting pillars.
In addition to the above standard types, unique primary
truss systems can also be implemented (e.g. hall sys-
tems with multi-peaked roofs and designed for traverse
cranes, with a mezzanine or joisting structure etc.).
In most cases, thin hot-dip galvanized Z- or C-purlin sys-
tems manufactured by Lindab serve as secondary truss
system components. The wide selection of profiles, static
system, and construction provide the optimum solution in
material usage and economy. High-profile trapezoidal
sheets may also be used as secondary truss elements
as roof purlins or between floors.
Our wide range of ceiling and wall covering systems offer
economical solutions to meet your demands and please
the eye.
The roof covering systems introduced below have
been developed in accordance with customer require-
ments and technological considerations:
- LindabEcoroof (Z-C purlin system, one- or two-layer
trapezoidal sheet or tile plate covering);
- LindabBuiltroof (high profile trapezoidal sheet as
secondary truss system, distance piece, outside
trapezoidal sheet);
- LindabQualiroof (Z-C purlin system, boarding,
seamed flat panel covering);
- LindabFlatroof (high profile trapezoidal sheet as a
secondary truss system, flexible covering); and
- LindabSandroof (Z-C purlin system, precast lami-
nated panel).
We also provide our partners with a wide selection of
wall covering systems:
- LindabEcowall (Z-C wall purlin system, one- or two-
layer trapezoidal sheet covering);
- LindabCasetwall (wall coffer as secondary truss
structure, outside trapezoidal sheet);
- LindabQualiwall (Z-C wall purlin system, outside cas-
sette-panel lining);
- LindabSandwall (Z-C wall purlin system, precast
laminated roof panel); and
- LindabTradwall (Z-C wall purlin system, fastener ele-
ments, front face brick covering).