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Homemade Air-Powered
Light Machine Gun

The History,
My Quest,
the Complete Construction Plans
On Guns Magazine, December 1991, page 93, "Gun Market Classifieds", "Survival", there was an

"Awesome .30 cal. Air Machine Gun design, 30 shot clip, selective fire, 32 ACP power, hand held
rifle size, detachable tank. For survival and defense. Don t be disarmed. Home built proven plans
reveal system. $ 19.95, with video $ 59.95. Caselman Explorations, Box 348, Cameron, MO 64429".
Since that time I am after those Plans & Video to no avail.
I advertised in several publications and websites, send messages to airguns collectors all over the
World, also created Communities at Orkut.com about airguns to try to find information on this gun
to no avail.
In the early years of 21
. Century I managed to stay in contact with Mr. Jeff Caselman, the
inventor of this amazing weapon.
We talked over the phone a few times, exchanged e-mails and fax notes, and he said to me that
later he ll search for the original plans and send me a copy.
But since that day I can not found him anymore.
E-Mail changed, Phone disconnected, Letters returned as if he vanished on thin air!
But I stay after those Plans & Video to no avail - till August, 2006.
In August 4
., 2006, my dear good friend Dr. Robert Beeman (www.beemans.net) found a copy of
the plans and send it to me as a gift.
Now, after 15 years and several thousand Dollars after the initial search, I am givin it for free to
anyone who want to download it.
I hope that this humble contribution ll help fight the crazy global war against legal firearms and
civilian ownership of legal guns this guns is an AIRGUN, not a firearm, but really awesome as a
combat weapon and I m sure anyone under infantry combat conditions on urban, jungle, or woods
environements ll find to be not undergunned.
Have fun, be safe, and never give away your FREEDOM.

Mad Abe - Brazil, August 2006.
Excerpt from a great book:


If you really want to know everything about AIR MACHINE GUNS or
want to tray make one yourself, this amazing book is a MUST.

You can order it on-line from the Author:

This file is distributed for FREE and under COPYLEFT
(www.gnu.org/copyleft/) and CREATIVE COMMONS
(www.creativecommons.org) Licenses.


It is for FREE, and I worked hard and spent 15 years and several
hundred Dollars to give it for FREE.

Please, distribute it among your friends, fellow citizens, other
survivalists, pro-gun civilians and police and military people,
place it for FREE to be downloaded on websites all over the WEB,
keep it surfing the information highway.

Only one who can SELL this Book & Blueprints is the sole Author
and Inventor Mr. JEFF CASELMAN.

This work is being distributed under the spirit of helping people to
have easy access to combat weapons by building it, even when
under siege by any criminal Government or Tyrant.


The CopyRights of this Electronic Edition is by Mad Abe, that is,
myself and Im givin it away for FREE please, keep it so


Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for
you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force.
Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that's it.
In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid
method of social interaction, and the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as
paradoxical as it may sound to some.
When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have
a way to negate your
threat or employment of force. The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing
with a 220-pound mugger, a
75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single gay guy on equal footing with a
carload of drunk guys with
baseball bats. The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a
There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force equations. These are the people who think
that we'd be more
civilized if all guns were removed from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a [armed] mugger to do his job.
That, of course, is only
true if the mugger's potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative fiat--it has no validity when
most of a mugger's potential marks are armed. People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the
young, the strong, and the many, and
that's the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a
society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.
Then there's the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that otherwise would only result in injury. This
argument is fallacious in several ways. Without guns involved, confrontations are won by the physically superior party
inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser.
People who think that fists, bats, sticks, or stones don't constitute lethal force watch too much TV, where people take
beatings and come out
of it with a bloody lip at worst. The fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works solely in favor of the weaker
defender, not the stronger attacker. If both are armed, the field is level. The gun is the only weapon that's as lethal in
the hands of an octogenarian as it is in the hands of a weight lifter. It simply wouldn't work as well as a force equalizer
if it wasn't both lethal and easily employable.
When I carry a gun, I don't do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I'm looking to be left alone. The gun at
my side means that I cannot be forced, only persuaded. I don't carry it because I'm afraid, but because it enables me to
be unafraid. It doesn't limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those
who would do so by force. It removes force from the equation...and that's why carrying a gun is a civilized act.
I wish to say to everyone out there that all the information you now have in your hands is worth much more than

It can mean FREEDOM in any language.

But all the data here was possible because a few precious friends gave me great support over the time Ive been
searching for it.

Im very indebted to them all, and I wish to express my deepest feelings of brotherly love to these so dear friends.

Mr. Steve Preisler, aka Uncle Fester,

co-author and Publisher in USA of Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin Techniques, who gave me his friendship, total
support, even money for some jobs not really well done, to help keep me on the way; if you want to meet Americas
most dangerous man (but a Gentleman anyway), take a trip to his virtual home: http://www.unclefesterbooks.com/;

Dr. Robert D. Beeman,

who gave me the original set of blueprints and it was there that everything else started; if there is one single place on
the Web everyone must go at least once, to know everything about the most famous and valued weapon of the World
(the Lewis-Clark Air-Powered Pneumatic Assault Rifle), this is Dr. Beemans website: http://www.beemans.net/; There
is a new addition to this website's sections which have been reporting on his three decade search for the Lewis and
Clark Airgun. Recently discovered evidence seems to finally identify the .46 caliber Repeating Airgun - a true "Assault
Rifle" - carried by Captains Lewis and Clark in 1803-06 on America's most important military expedition ever (* look
at the end of this page, please);

Mr. Gary Garber,

Jet Commander and War Hero, Author of the new, fresh great book An Encyclopedia of Daisy Plymouth Guns, and
publisher of an email-only newsletter related to Daisy guns and history. Contact him at the e-mail daisybbgunner@aol.
com with your name, address, and phone number. Hell guard your privacy;

Mr. Don Holness, who gave me for free the rare CASELMAN VIDEOS. His e-mail is DHolness@aol.com;

Mr. Phil A. Luty,

an Englishman who was convicted and sentenced to several years in an iron cagebecause we wrote one book: "Expedient
Homemade Firearms - the 9mm Machine Gun" a useful addition to any gun lover and freedom loving being library. It
is available from the publisher, Paladin Press, Gun Barrel Tech Centre, 7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, Colorado,
80301-3505, USA. http://www.paladin-press.com/. His site is http://www.thehomegunsmith.com/;
with his sufferings and ordeal we all can learn how dangerous a deranged system ruled by despotic persons can turn.
Mr. P.A.Luty is a gun-rights campaigner and long-standing opponent of the anti-firearms lobby. He has spent many
years in a unique area of homemade firearms design and writes books on improvised firearm construction techniques.
Adhering to a no-compromise position on gun rights issues, he has been both a political prisoner and the subject of
numerous magazine and newspaper features. When not designing firearms he is an active member of the anti-road
building movement and a campaigner on animal welfare issues. P.A.Luty lives in the north Leeds suburb of Tinshill in
the county of West Yorkshire, England. He spends his free time exploring the 'wilds' of Yorkshire with a 'mutt' called
Gyp, his faithful fourteen year old border collie dog. Read more at the end of this page (*);

And, at last but not the least, my foreworder and long-time friend Mr. Jim Benson,

legendary survivalist from the famous American Survival Magazine, now on the command of the best survivalism e-
magazine ever, Modern Survival Net (http://www.modernsurvival.net/); he is responsible to the opening of more than
a few doors to me, to say so.

READ THIS: (*) A little bit more on the LEWI S & CLARK Assault Rifle:

Transfer to General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army
Left to Right: Dr. Jeffrey Clarke, Chief Historian of the Army, representing General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army, receiving the Beeman
Girandoni Repeating Air Rifle, on behalf of the U.S. Army, from Dr. Robert D. Beeman and Mrs. Toshiko K. Beeman. The Beemans have been leading
students of both the Lewis Air Rifle and the Girandoni-system airguns for over three decades - but were unaware until evidence uncovered by Ernest
Cowan and Rick Keller in 2004 revealed that they apparently had had the Lewis Airgun in the Beeman collection for all those years! Foreground: the
hero of the story: the Beeman Girandoni, acclaimed as the "Wonder Gun" which Captain Meriwether Lewis carried across the wilderness of NW
America in 1803-06. The air flasks in the foreground are museum grade copies, made by Ernest Cowan, of the original Girandoni buttstock air flask.

Mrs. Beeman and I have just returned from a wonderful ceremony marking the final transfer of our Beeman Girandoni Military
Repeating Air Rifle to the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. For protocol and legal reasons, the first step was to donate our gun to
the Army Heritage and Education Center (AHEC) on September 26, 2006. They in turn loaned it to the National Firearms Museum of the National Rifle
Association for public display until May 17, 2007. On May 18, 2000, at a grand U.S. Army ceremony at the AHEC center, the Beeman Girandoni, accepted by
the Army arms curators and historians as the original Lewis and Clark air rifle, was formally transmitted to General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the
Army. Representing General Casey, accepting it for the U.S. Army War College, was Dr. Jeffrey Clarke, the Chief Historian of the Army.
General Robert Scales, past director of the Army Heritage and Education Center, spoke about the plans of the AHEC to develop an Army Museum as a major
expansion of the present research and display facilities. Their plan is to present the Beeman Girandoni as a pivotal item in the Army's role in the Western
Expansion of the United States. Robert Beeman spoke of the change in perspective, after the recent identification of the Lewis airgun; of its shift from
historical curiosity to being described as a "National Treasure" and "The Most Important Gun in American History" - how it apparently affected the
successful Western expansion of the U.S.A. The guest list, of over 500 military VIPs, historians, arms curators, gun experts, collectors, AHEC members,
media representatives, etc., included VIPs from all over the world. Special guests of honor were Ernest Cowan and Richard Keller, master gun maker and
gun historian, who not only uncovered the first internal clues in this gun which led to a general consensus that it is indeed the Lewis Air Rifle, but who built
four extremely authentic museum copies of the Beeman Girandoni, Warren Lee from California, the artist who did the commissioned painting "Air Power
Diplomacy" featuring the Beeman Girandoni, and - all the way from England - Colin Currie - one of the co-authors of the definitive book on the structure
and function of Girandoni air rifles. American airgun collectors were represented by several key persons including Fred Liady and Marvel Freund. Marv
presented a delightful trophy, commemorating this event, to the Beemans. The ceremony was followed by a reception, hosted by the U.S. Army, and a VIP
tour of the facilities. We went away with a sense of deep satisfaction - a feeling that "our baby", the former "Crown Jewel" of the Beeman Airgun Collection,
was VERY well appreciated and would be well preserved and well presented to future generations!
For the story, please click on http://www.beemans.net/ to see this new addition to our on-going series of Lewis Airgun reports.
Robert Beeman Ph.D.
Airgun Information International
PO Box 516
Healdsburg, California 95448-0516
Fax 707-431-7500 - email: DrAirgun@Beemans.net -website: http://www.beemans.net/


"We want your guns ... All of em"

"When guns are outlawed", goes the old proverb, "only outlaws will have them". We all know what it means and it
could not better describe the situation we have in England in 2002. Only the criminals and police now have access to the
Hand-gun, even if some of these "criminals" are otherwise law abiding people who have the sense not to be unarmed,
they are still "classed" as a "criminal".

Back in 1987 when the British Government decided to ban semi-automatic rifles, behind the usual smoke-screen of
"Law and Order", I did "my bit" writing letters to MPs and the press trying to inject a degree of commonsense into
the proceedings. To little effect, as was expected, the guns were prohibited. For good measure, shotguns were placed
under even more draconian control even though they didnt feature in the crime which was used as an excuse to take
the rifles out of the hands of thousands of law abiding people. The ban achieved nothing. The illegal ownership of
firearms increased along with the crime rate. The Government knew they had to be seen to be "Doing Something".
They did. They trampled upon the rights of an innocent minority whos only "crime" was to own a particular type of
rifle, a rifle no more "Dangerous" than any other firearm, if used in a criminal or irresponsible manner. The semi-
automatic rifle is now extinct in England, a victim of hysteria and political expediency. It will never return. Our
criminals, however, have ready access to an array of weaponry from MAC10s to semi-automatic pistols and the armed
paramilitary wing of our "Unarmed Police Force" bristle with prohibited machine-guns and semi-automatic hand-
guns! Law abiding citizens, the very people who should have the firearms, for the most part, do not. Due to the
draconian controls we are brainwashed into believing make our society safer.

As anyone else with a genuine interest in a particular subject, my interest in firearms and "Gun Control" issues
remained constant, and when the need arose, I continued to fight my own personal campaign against the anti-firearms


Then came 1996. The most disastrous year in the history of firearms ownership. The anti-gun lobby received the most
wonderful gift they could have ever imagined. A lunatic, armed with a pistol, committed a particularly grave crime. In
usual British fashion, some gun owners succumbed to the dreaded "gun owner guilt complex" while others gave a good
impression of the ostrich and hoped the "problem" would go away. It didnt. Public concerns, while understandable,
were fanned into an hysteria which even by British standards, was a staggering example of the blind leading the blind.


Seeing that another perfect opportunity to disarm another innocent minority was at hand, the Government, backed to
the hilt by the hidden agendas of the police and media, succeeded in prohibiting the legal ownership of privately owned
hand-guns. Through a law based wholly on hysteria and knee-jerk reactions and without a shred of evidence that a law
banning all legally held pistols would have the slightest effect on gun crime, one of the greatest injustices inflicted on a
law abiding section of British society came into effect. With the stroke of a pen, one of the most fundamental rights of a
free people, to keep and bear arms, ceased to exist. Many thousands of law-abiding people lost, at the very least, a life-
long hobby or sport. Others lost their jobs and livelihoods. In human terms the costs of the ban cannot be fully
calculated. In financial terms, it cost the British taxpayer many millions of pounds as the Government reluctantly
engaged in a hand-gun "Buy Back" scheme. What did it achieve? Nothing! Since the ban, crime rates have soared and
gun related crime is at an all time high. It is often reported in the media that we are more likely to be a victim of a
violent attack in our own inner city areas than in the often reported areas in the United States with its supposedly high
crime rates and, incidentally, a more liberal and enlightened attitude towards firearms ownership.

When the 1996 Hand-gun hysteria started, I knew it was only a matter of time before the pistol joined its friends in the
extinct cabinet. After all, it was just too good an opportunity for the "gun grabbers" to pass up.

The British gun owner took little notice of the truth in the old proverb "If we dont hang together we will all hang
separately". And hand-gun owners did hang, while the rifle and shotgun owners gave little in the way of "supporting
fire". When it comes time for the shotgun and rifle owners to hang, I wonder who will support them?

I decided it was time for action. Words and reason were an insufficient weapon against lies and misinformation. I had
to illuminate the true motivations behind the anti-gun lobby and show the futility of attempting to control who may own
a gun and who may not. I decided the best way of dispelling the cosy myths expounded by the gun grabbers was to write
a book! A controversial book, something that would rock the flimsy foundations of the anti-gun ideology.


An academic book, full of facts and statistics perhaps? Well such a book is great and can offer useful ammunition to fire
at the enemy, but facts and figures can be taken out of context by the opposition to prove or disprove a particular point.
Beside, such a book may be viewed as a boring read by anyone without a keen interest in the subject and the reader
may even be in danger of "Nodding off" after a chapter or two. Hardly the result desired by its albeit learned author!
What I wanted was instant impact, something that would shock the anti-gun mindset into something resembling human
logic and consciousness! But what. Due to my long interest in firearms design, the answer to my quest hit me like a
brick. I had it, a Homemade Sub-Machine Gun Book! Think about it. If the average person can build their own
machine gun, with all its inherent firepower, from "off the shelf" materials, wouldnt all anti-gun legislation suddenly
be seen for what it really is, the transparent sham of "Crime Control" behind which the gun grabbers try to hide? I
went to work.

My requirements for building the machine gun were two-fold. It must combine both simplicity of design and material
availability as a means of achieving simplicity of manufacturer. I had three machine gun designs to chose from. The
first being no more than a fully automatic "zip gun" which didnt have all the characteristics normally associated with
what is commonly perceived as classic machine good looks. It was, however, a laughably simple design. The other was
in .45 a.c.p calibre and although a nice and simple design, I wanted a 9 mm. Its the most popular machine gun round in
existence and, as a result, ammunition availability is very good. I opted for the 9 mm. Designing and constructing the
machine gun took about six months, fitting it in as best I could between various other endeavours. The main problem
being designing such a weapon around available materials and products, while at the same time ensuring a reasonable
degree of durability and strength. Eventually, out of an array of innocent-looking hardware products, a fully
functioning automatic firearm emerged like a Phoenix from the Anti-gun smelting pot! Following extensive test firing
(this being the most enjoyable part), I proceeded to compile the manuscript, drawings and photographs with one
thought in mind. The finished book must be written in a format which the average individual would understand and
offer an improvised machine gun design simple enough for any would-be homegunsmith to put into practice, if he so

Upon its completion, the machine gun was reasonably light and compact. All items used in construction were standard
hardware products which would not arouse suspicions when purchased or left "lying around". It would fire a
commercially available cartridge and could be clandestinely manufactured without the need for expensive machine-
tools. I felt the finished product fulfilled all the requirements I had originally laid out. More importantly, at least as far
as I was concerned, it succeeded in giving the British anti-gun lobby something to think about, which was the whole
motivation behind the project in the first place. The irony of the whole story though is this: it was those responsible for
the hand-gun ban whom I have to thank for Expedient Homemade Firearms. If it were not for the anti-gun lobby,
neither the book or this web site would exist!

Strange how things turn out sometimes!

even after such unfair punishments, Mr. Luty still has a lot of Brtish sense of humour


During the period of 1979 - 1990 an American by the name of Jeff Caselman developed a weapon which was, and still is,
revolutionary in concept and design..the worlds first Air Powered Self Sufficient Homemade Machine Gun!
As Jeff himself wrote "with gun prohibition perhaps staring us in the face it is nice to know you do not have to be without
protection. This gun was designed with the idea that any and all guns could be banned and ammo could be illegal or
unavailable, this is why we strongly urge you to have these plans. To have the security of knowing you can make a high
powered automatic weapon using high pressure air..a self sufficient alternative for home protection and defense,
and also the inexpensive pleasure of machine gun shooting."
The machine gun is a basic blow back system designed to operate from a pre-pumped detachable tank of approximately
100cu in capacity, which also acts as the stock. The weapon can be extremely powerful for 30 shots or tuned down to
150 shots for fun shooting. The gun uses a cast 1 in 40 parts tin/lead bullet and will saw a 4" x 2" in half at 25 yards!!
No cases, primers, or gunpowder and no forensic evidence!
After developing this amazing weapon Jeff Caselman mysteriously disappeared. He just vanished without a trace. Some
say he emigrated to become a missionary in the Middle East, others, that he was "taken out" by a hitman hired by a
conglomerate of American ammunition manufacturers, and even a rumor circulated amongst those "in the know" that
he went to England and joined forces with the 'Homegunsmith' to perfect his design and now lives in a secret
underground arms manufacturing facility beneath a hop field in south west Kent.

1) Self sufficient air power.
2) Delivers .32 acp power.
3) Hand held selective fire automatic.
4) .30 caliber.
5) 30 round magazine.
6) 20 - 24" barrel.
7) Removable air tank.

Caselman Air Machine Gun
As a tribute to Jeff Caselman the complete construction plans for this amazing weapon will be available here soon.
I am indebted to my good friend Mad Abe, a former "Soldier of Fortune" turned author

(see http://www.unclefesterbooks.com/)

who patiently endured 15 years of searching to track down the plans which are now shown here for the first time in
their entirety.
These plans are available from no other source. While I do not usually supply firearm design plans written by others,
the design of this weapon is so unique that they deserve a place here.

Caselman Air Machine Gun Plans a dream came true!


Caselman Photos by Phil A. Luty.
The Caselman Air Machine Gun is now being built by a gunsmithing buddy located in New
The component parts of the airgun are in prototype form at present but they will be displayed
here as, when, and if, I receive them.
Watch this space for future developments.

Firing Valve

Firing Valve Component Parts



Barrel component parts

Close up of locking knurled ring.

Firing valve shown alongside barrel and receiver assembly.

The Bolt face (left) shown in relation to barrel breech.


Who is Mad Abe?
I can tell you some things about me, but Ill let the images do that.
A Hunter... once a Hunter... yet a Hunter... a Hunter forever...
Big-Game Hunter... Man Hunter... just a Hunter...

Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
1 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40


Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
2 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40
A Review by a Brazilian:

Ricardo "Kamakaze" Nakayama, one of the most experienced self-defense instructors in Brazil, Pedro "Fat" Cavalcante, internationally known action-sports photographer and himself an
expert in survival techniques and instructor of radical sports, and J.R.R. Abraho (aka "Mad Abe"), a criminal attorney, master shooter, gun collector, big-game hunter and published
author, once more bring us a literary work that is a must for todays depraved Society.
Originally published in Brazil, these teachings found a fan at the publishing house of UNCLE FESTER . UNCLE FESTER started to learn this system, and saw it was so easy to learn and
effective in practice that he decided to translate and publish it in his homeland.
In todays badly troubled environment , the authors, using simple and objective language, and a lot of good photos and clear illustractions, show their own experiences on the defensive and
offensive use of knives in real fighting, giving a real treasure trove of information that could save a persons life when the chips are down and one is on his own.
More than just showing the fighting tools, the book lists the most common fighting blades, showing the best and worst points of each design, plus a lot of the fighting techniques which can be
used with a variety of blades by the person who choses to use one for his defense.
Fortunately, knives are not yet considered as weapons in Brazilian Law (in USA there are Federal, State, and Local Laws regarding blades); but dont feel sorry for yourself, fellow
Americans, because we, Brazilians, now have one of the most draconian Laws in all the World regarding guns, ammunition, their possession and carry. These have practically disarmed the
Brazilian Society, and have left law-abiding citizens without any option to repel criminal attacks - unless, of course, one choses to follow the path of the Man with the Blade, taught in this
BLOODY BRAZILIAN KNIFE FIGHTIN TECHNIQUES does not teach one to kill people in cold-blood, but does show the moves and actions that must be executed by all people who suffer
unprovoked violent attacks.
In easy language, even to the layman, the book is very attractive by its way of showing uncountable ways to expertly manipulate knives, giving the self-taught reader complete mastery
of this "Great Art" in few weeks of dedicated training, or even a couple of weekends of hard-training.
There are no doubts that this bookll be acclaimed by the public & critics, and Im sure that the people whose lives will be saved by the book's teachings will be very gratefull to the authors.
As a Commanding Officer of Brazilian Navy (retired), veteran fighter of the 1964 Revolution, when we defeated the communists attempted Coup Dtat and veteran of years of rural and
urban guerrilla warfare, I strongly advise the reading of this fascinating work.
I must thank the authors, especially UNCLE FESTER, for being at the same time co-author & publisher of this book, for their hard efforts of bringing so much pertinent and complete
information on a minucious yet concise book, important, needed and easy to read and understand, and yet it talks about a very serious topic - life & death - its an amazing and, we can say,
even fun, literary work, written in impeccable English.
Claudio Buchholz Ferreira
Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
3 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40
Captain (Navy), Brazilian Navy - retired
(Capito-de-Mar-e-Guerra da Reserva Remunerada da Marinha-de-Guerra do Brasil)
The last Commander, Captain-in-charge of Destroyer PARAIBA
(ltimo Comandante do Contratorpedeiro PARABA)
Bachelor and MSc in Naval Sciences
(Bacharel com Mestrado em Cincias Navais)
Brazilian Navy Commander BUCHHOLZ was not only just a Commanding Officer givin orders to hundreds of sailors he has been engaged in a kind of combat much more up close and
personal than that.
The year 1991, it was late night, and Commander BUCHHOLZ was drivin his car, in civilian clothes, along his wife and son, on a freeway filled with potholes.
This is Brazil, and of course there are no policemen on that road, and it is also without any artificial light only the car lights to illuminate ones path.
It is common practice for criminals on the roads to throw heavy rocks into windshields of cars passing under bridges. The same places are previously heavily "powdered" with big steel nails,
to make the vehicles, already on low speed, to stop with a broken windshield, flattened tires or splattered passengers.
His car was hit that unfortunate time.
He was forced to stop the car, but he made it as far as possible from the point the vehicle was hit, because he was sure it was a criminal attack.
Soon, two men, armed with big-bore handguns, were coming close, running in his direction.
These two two-legged predators faced a seasoned combat veteran, who greeted them with a pistol and shooting only twice, once at each man, killed instantly both before they could kill
him or his family.
After being sure the attackersre incapacitated, he called the police over his cellular phone and, after some 15 minutes, the police arrived.
Both of the dead men were fugitives from a high-security prison near the shootout scene, condemned to decades behind bars for several crimes, including dozens of murders.
Of course Commander BUCHHOLZ was declared justified in his actions he was prepared to defend himself and so saved his life and the lives of his loved ones too.
This is why he has testified to the importance of the book BLOODY BRAZILIAN KNIFE FIGHTIN TECHNIQUES because he KNOWS it is important to be prepared, physically and
emotionally, to confront evil, and win over it, when the need arises.
Thank you, Commander BUCHHOLZ!
A Review by an American:

Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
4 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40
by Uncle Fester, Rick "Kamakaze" Nakayama, Pedro "Fat" Cavalcanti, and J.R.R. "Mad Abe" Abraho

Reviewed by Charles S. Brocato, M.Sc., D.D. (*)

The weather is changing, strange events are taking place allover the world, and as world economic news worsens, and people become more desperate, violent crime rises.
Those who cannot obtain handguns for personal protection need an affordable, but efficient, means of self-defense.
The authors begin this book with a fascinating history of Brazilian knife-fighting, how it came about and what circumstances forced it to develop.
When Brazilians lost their rights to own guns early in Brazilian history, and a series of dictators passed draconian laws against gun ownership, the common people were
forced to develop knife-fighting skills to protect themselves against violent crime.
Brazil now has the highest rate for violent crime in the world, so ordinary citizens need these techniques to defend themselves against attack.
What happened in Brazil is now happening in England, Australia and other countries that once promoted personal freedom, and the One World Government protagonists want
above all to stop gun ownership in America.
This is a reason for Americans to get prepared for when that happens, by studying this book.
The authors carefully point out other reasons why, in addition to the above, you should learn knife-fighting, especially if you are interested in self-defense. Edged weapons are
"popular with criminals, psychopaths and even terrorists," because an edged weapon is very quiet.
It can be concealed easily, and "they do not present mechanical problems as guns do."
Knives can be found practically everywhere and they are cheap.
They are also easily carried and easy to use. The anti-gunners in America want to be politically correct and respect the human rights of criminals by disarming the criminals'
In Brazil, as will be in America, the knife is the favored option chosen by criminals because guns are hard to get and are extremely expensive.
Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
5 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40
Consequently, the knife is the weapon of choice for self-defense, also.
For these reasons, knife defense underwent years of development as victims learned to fend off the criminal element.
BLOODY BRAZILIAN KNIFE-FIGHTIN' TECHNIQUES takes you to that high point of development in easy steps, so that in a few days, you can learn the salient features of
knife-fighting techniques that were developed over 500 years of Brazilian history.
The book is designed for self-study.
The pictures alone are worth the price of the book.
The photographs and illustrations show clearly and dynamically how and where to strike, while the text describes how to move and most important, how to think.
Readers also learn how to fight multiple assailants.
Stance, movement and parry techniques are pictorially illustrated and described, with a number of practice photos and situations that will enable you to better able to defend
yourself with a knife.
A small woman can overcome the largest assailant with the deft use of a knife.
If you thought the Japanese monks developed a strong system of self-defense, they have nothing on the Brazilians and their development of the knife as a tool for self-defense.
I wish I'd had this book, and the knowledge it contains, years ago.
Gun rights may eventually leave America, as they did Brazil.
For what's coming to America, you had better have some means of self-defense, and it had better not be entirely based on the gun.
(*) Dr. Charles S. Brocato is the Publisher of CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WARFARE UPDATE
(a free update sent by e-mail on the first day of each month).
Anyone can subscribe to this monthly e-mail update by sending an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to: csbkek@ih2000.net
His WebSite URL is http://www.ih2000.net/chembio/ (its worth looking at).
He is the Author of two Best-Selling books:
- Chemical/Biological WarFare...How You Can Survive...
- The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of the Coming Earth Changes
(http://www.ih2000.net/chembio/twofold.htm) {for more information, how to order, and an interesting synospis on The "Two-Fold Chastisement, Visions of the Coming Earth
Changes", download this file: http://www.ih2000.net/chembio/TWOFOLD.EXE}


A Review by an English reader:
Reviews http://www.bioark.com.br/
6 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40

My name is Philip A. Luty.
I am the author of the "Expedient Homemade Firearms" books and CD's covering the building of improvised firearms.
I also have an interest in knives and the art of knife fighting self defence techniques.

I recently obtained a copy of the new book Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting, more than anything, because the eye catching cover caught my attention!

Upon receiving this book i found it to be very well presented from cover to cover.
The information inside those covers is both "straight to the point" and easily understandable, even by those who might have little prior knowledge of this facinating subject.
The book is, to say the least, profusely illustrated throughout with countless photo's and illustrations covering every aspect of the knife fighters art, written by top Brazillian
experts in their field.

The book covers everything you need to know about using one of mans oldest tools as an instrument of self defence against a violent, weapon carrying, assailant. Something
the lawless streets of Brazil has far too many of. In my opinion it is well worth the asking price and should be regarded as a "must have" book for any knife, or knife fighting,

This amazing book is as ''good as it gets'' and is the next best thing to having ones own knife fighting self defence trainer!
P A.Luty
P.A.Lutys book is the first book to show how the layman can make with simple hand tools a workable combat-grade submachinegun - so "real" he was arrested and jailed in his homeland.
Look at his website to know his complete saga in once free England: www.thehomegunsmith.com

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7 de 7 3/2/2005 10:40
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Pedro "Fat" Cavalcanti http://www.adventurefactory.com.br/
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Dr. Charles S. Brocato, the American reviewer http://www.ih2000.net/chembio/
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Click here to see a PDF format version of this article (best for printing or saving)
Click HERE to know the AUTHORS of the book (PDF file)

See how the AUTHORS train and fight (click here for open a PDF file)
See how Sensei KAMAKAZE NAKAYAMA trains and fights (PDF file)...
(click here for video #1) ... (click here for video #2)

Click HERE read the FOREWORD of the book by J IM BENSON (*) (PDF file)

(*) J im Benson, former editor of American Survival Guide, now is the publisher of Modern Survival net

An online-only publication

Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin' Techniques, by Uncle Fester, Rick
"Kamakaze" Nakayama, Pedro "Fat" Cavalcanti, and Mad Abe, 2004,
Festering Publications, Green Bay, Wisconsin, 79 pages, softcover,
available for $20 plus shipping from wwwunclefesterbooks.com. See
more information about this book at http://www.bioark.com.br/.
Reviewed By Jim Benson
It was my privilege to write the foreword for this book, at the invitation of
my good friend J.R.R. Abrahao, one of the book's authors and a
Brazilian lawyer and author of more than 60 published works.
Long a student of numerous martial arts, including the Brazilian Sotai
System, "Mad Abe," as he is also known, is also an authority on
firearms and other weapons and occasionally works as an advisor on
counter-terrorism. He is one of several knife-fighting authorities who
collaborated in the creation of this easy-to-read, well-illustrated primer
on Brazilian knife-fighting techniques.
"The streets of Brazil are a savage no-man's land where life is cheap
and guns are owned by two oppressing classes: the criminal element
and the military," says the book's back cover text. "How then do decent
people survive in such a place? They train themselves in methods of
attack & defense, using one of man's oldest toolsthe knife. Come
train with the Brazilian masters of this art. In the pages of this book you
will learn the the methods which keep them alive in one of the world's
most dangerous places. Profusely illustrated, and with step-by-step
detail. Sensei Nakayama demonstrates the close quarters combat
techniques which can mean the difference between life and death when
things turn ugly. Gun ownership is becoming saddled with more legal
encumbrances with each passing day. Prepare to defend yourself
Knife fighting is a subject that has been covered in many books, articles
and videos over the years. There are many different styles of this art
and science developed in countries and among cultures around the
I am certainly no expert on this subject. Indeed, I don't consider myself
an authority on knife fighting in any way.
But I have been the victim of an attempted armed robbery in which I
faced three assailants armed with a large butcher knife. I have also
studied Karate and other martial arts.
And in my nearly two decades as an editor of survival publications, I've
seen quite a few texts from books and articles on knife fighting, along
with numerous training video tapes on different martial arts styles
employing techniques to defend against knife attacks.
Bloody Brazilian Knife Fightin' Techniques is unique among these, due
to its comprehensive approach to the subject, and its eclectic method.
It's an interesting read and informative educational tool for anyone
interested in defending themselves against armed or unarmed
There is in-depth discussion, accompanied by high-quality illustrations,
of knife-fighting techniques, training for these, types of knives available
for combat situations, and the mental preparations required to be able
to react with the speed and effectiveness to stay alive amid the vicious
actions of knife combat.
The book's authoritative content is due to the combined, accumulated
knowledge of its four authors' long and varied training, studies and
experience. Knowledge is drawn from both from within Brazil, the main
area of focus, and from other countries where knife fighting techniques
have been studied.
"Mad Abe" started Judo training when he was just 4 years old. He
began Karate training at age 7. He has trained in several other martial
arts and combat sports, including Chi Kung, Western-style boxing and
Arnis. As a former intelligence officer for his country he has worked on
high-risk assignments in Africa, Central America and the Middle East.
Master Rick "Kamikaze" Nakayama created and developed the SOTAI
System of personal defense and knife fighting, an advanced and
revolutionary method whose main characteristics are the efficiency and
simplicity of the techniques and its emphasis on the safety of the
"Fat Pedro" Cavalcante began Judo training when he was just 7 years
old. He has also trained in Kendo, Occidental boxing and "Vale-Tudo."
His interests in knife fighting began when he served in a Brazilian Army
paratrooper brigade. He has studied under Master Nakayama's direct
supervision and is today himself a qualified master instructor of the
SOTAI System.
"Uncle Fester," founder of UncleFesterBooks.com, was the first
American student of the SOTAI System and is the publisher of this
This book is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Its subject matter is
deadly serious. Survival is not a sport or a game.
For those of us who have faced knife-wielding assailants, there is a
defining moment, that split second in which you realize you are facing
ghastly wounding or death and you MUST act and act decisively.
As is pointed out in the book, your mindset in a knife fight is everything:
"Some [knife fighting] methods, undoubtedly, are more efficient than
others but with any of them the most important element is the mental
preparation. There must be an internal change of the combatant, the
development of an unflinching spirit when facing death, the final destiny
of every human beingwhich so few of us are really prepared to meet."
Having a good quality knife you can use to defend yourself, and having
the capability of reacting effectively against a knife-wielding attacker
provides a great deal of peace of mind, and self-assurance. This book
is a powerful resource to help you gain that peace of mind and self-

- 1 -
Brazilian Self- Defense & 21
. Century Fightin Art

Founded by a group of researchers and experts in security,
criminology, law, survival and citzenship.

The ideology it follows and disseminate is internationally accepted as
the most effective to survive in the modern world threatened by
violence, organized crime, and global terrorism.

Sotai has been doing a pioneering work in Brazil and abroad in finding
answers for the main issues concerning physical and psychological
personal integrity of civilians, security personnel, police and military.

In order to do that Sotai publishes booklets, mpegs and gifs as a
complement to its regular and customized programs.

- 2 -

It is a center for the dissemination of a survival mentality. It aims to research
knowledge, study, find answers, train, and apply them in the most
comprehensive way.
SO SObrevivncia (Survival) the most primary instinct, that makes the
species to continue existing.
T Treinamento (Training) Necessary for perfecting the being (body, mind
and soul).
A Aplicao (Application) It can be defined as will, faith, and
determination in the search for ideals and goals.
I Informao (Information) an endless search for knowledge.

SKFM Sotai Knife Fighting Method

SKFM brings together martial arts, military and security training, as
well scientific principals which have been studied and applied in real
scenarios. This system is being continually upgraded through feedback
received by the military, police, security personnel and martial artists.

This system has been developed by Ricardo Nakayama, who is an
expert in Brazilian knife fighting and a master instructor in unarmed
self-defense for police units and security personnel .
- 3 -

The basic concepts in knife fighting is relatively easy to be learnt, but
this idea can be misleading as the system can be developed to a very
advanced level involving a sophisticated range of techniques and
strategies. The knife can be used either for attack or defense, on one
or both hands, to cut and thrust or many other ways of combat. A knife
is a tool which can be found in any kind environment or be adapted
from many other objects. It can be easily carried, quickly drawn
becoming a great equalizer giving a weaker combatant a way to
defend him/her self against a stronger aggressor.


BIoody BruzIIIun KnIIe IgILIng` TecInIques
Pedro Fat Cavalcanti Pedro Fat Cavalcanti Pedro Fat Cavalcanti Pedro Fat Cavalcanti Pedro Fat Cavalcanti is a Brazilian who started studying Judo at
the age of 7 and who is now an accomplished master of this art. Pedro,
however, has been in a constant search for the ultimate fighting system, so
he also studied Kendo, Boxing, and the Vale-Tudo form of Brazilian Jujitsu.
Pedros interest in knives started while he served with the paratrooper
branch of the Brazilian Armed Forces (Army). He knew a good thing when
he saw it, and trained under Master Nakayamas direct supervision. He is
todays most accomplished Brazilian student of this art, and is a Master
Instructor. Pedro is now an advisor on threats management for radical sports
and other high risk outdoors activities. His website is
www.adventurefactory.com.br www.adventurefactory.com.br www.adventurefactory.com.br www.adventurefactory.com.br www.adventurefactory.com.br
Rick Kamikaze Nakayama Rick Kamikaze Nakayama Rick Kamikaze Nakayama Rick Kamikaze Nakayama Rick Kamikaze Nakayama was born in Brazil, and is married. He
has one son who is following in his father s footsteps. Master Kamikaze
Nakayama created and developed todays most sough-after personal defense
very advanced and revolucionary method, whose main characteristics are
the extreme efficiency and simplicity of the techniques, along the utmost
care for the preservation of the practitioneers well-being. We can say that
SOTAI SYSTEM is the most vicious, brutal and ruthless fighting system to
ones foes, and a very secure one and friendly to its students. He started his
training before he was 5 years old, under the wise guidance of his father
and first Karate Master: worldwide renowed Sensei Nakayama Sensei Nakayama Sensei Nakayama Sensei Nakayama Sensei Nakayama, deceased.
(Sensei Nakayama, Sr., moved from Japan to Brazil to teach Karate, a mission
he acomplished with honour). For more than 30 years, Master Rick Kamikaze Nakayama honored
his earlier teachings, pursuing a lifelong search for the ultimate Martial Art; he learned and earned
Grades in such diverse Martial Arts ,Contact Sports and Combat Techniques as Arnis de Mano, Kick
Boxing, Hapkido, Karat, Krav-Mag, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Vale-Tudo, Kombato,
Aikido, Capoeira, Occidental and Oriental Boxing, Jud and Kung Fu, besides being a Combat
Handgun Master and teacher. Since 1982 he has taught at the most prestigious Dojos and Security
Institutions (both Public and Private). His research on weapons combat started in 1978, when he
started to learn the martial use of such traditional weapons as the Bo (long wooden stick), Chinese
Short, Medium and Long Swords, Katana Sword, Balisong Knives, and the Nunchaku. At 22 years of
age, he moved to Japan, where he earned his 2nd Dan in Karate, and there trained with several
traditional Masters of different schools of Martial Arts, specially the Internal Arts, which were then
very secret to the outsiders. After a 2-years period in Japan, Rick Kamikaze Nakayama moved to
China, where he refined his skills on the Internal Arts like Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, and Dim-Mak . Back in
Brazil, he was the first Martial Arts Master to develop a systematized Knife Fighting System, uniting
the raw realities of the Streets, with the coordinnated methodology of the Oriental Dojo, along
with a rational, simple approuch, that incorporated unarmed defense skills with the Knife Fighting
techniques. Since the early 80s, Rick Kamikaze Nakayama has taught unarmed self-defense,
Knife Fighting, Tonfa and ASP (Baton) police techniques, as well as a very effective, street-proven,
improvised weapons combat system using common items. For about 10 years, he was the technical
manager of Latin Americas largest private security instituition, where he taught self-defense to
more than 50.000 trainees. Besides being such a skilled Master on the Combat Arts, Rick Kamikaze
Nakayama is also a Mathematics teacher, a Fighting Knives designer, and a very accomplished
illustrator. He has a website: www www www www www.sotai.com.br .sotai.com.br .sotai.com.br .sotai.com.br .sotai.com.br, where internauts can see his techniques in photos
and short movies.
Livro1.p65 23/08/04, 19:31 78
BIoody BruzIIIun KnIIe IgILIng` TecInIques
Mad Abe Mad Abe Mad Abe Mad Abe Mad Abe a.k.a. J.R.R. Abraho J.R.R. Abraho J.R.R. Abraho J.R.R. Abraho J.R.R. Abraho, is a well known author in his
native country of Brazil. He has over 60 published works, the most
influential of which deal with the subjects of magic, sorcery, and the
occult. Starting at Judo at the age of 4, under the worldwide renowed
Sensei Yamazaki Sensei Yamazaki Sensei Yamazaki Sensei Yamazaki Sensei Yamazaki, and at Karate at 7, he graduated in these Arts.
Besides these, he trained in several Martial Arts along the years, like
Tae-Kwon-Do, Kung-Fu Wing-Chun, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, Occidental
Boxing, Arnis, Fencing, Combat Hapkido, and Sotai System. He is
also a Master at Pistol, Submachinegun, Shotgun, and Rifle. He now
works as an attorney, but from 1980 to 1996 he battled the forces of
Communism at home and abroad. He still does occasional advisor
work in the fields in which he has expertise, specially terrorism, NBCR-warfare/MD-weapons, and
armed combat. His spare time is spent with his favorite playthings. The 20,000 + rounds per year he
fires from his machine gun and destructive devices collection would bankrupt a lesser man. When
diversions with guns become tiring, he likes to light up a flame thrower. Special times are spent
testing improvised fuel/air explosive devices (see Home Workshop Explosives, 2nd. edition, by
Uncle Fester, to see some of his ideas on FAM/FAE devices). Mad Abe was also a VIP-BG to the
Mayor of So Paulo city (largest South American city) in the late 80s, and also to other State VIPs.
Retired from the operative field, he now serves the people by offering the worlds largest free virtual
library at www.alexandriavirtual.com.br www.alexandriavirtual.com.br www.alexandriavirtual.com.br www.alexandriavirtual.com.br www.alexandriavirtual.com.br
Uncle Fester Uncle Fester Uncle Fester Uncle Fester Uncle Fester a.k.a. Steve Preisler Steve Preisler Steve Preisler Steve Preisler Steve Preisler, is the author of several books, and is
generally recognized as the worlds foremost clandestine chemist. His most
influential works include Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, Home
Workshop Explosives, and Silent Death. Fester was an outstanding wrestler in
high school and college, and when he saw the original Portuguese-language
edition of this book he was fascinated and began to study and train. He became
the first American student of this school of Brazilian knife fighting. He next
undertook the English translation and rewrite of the original text. Fester is the
father of two children, and he at present works a dayjob as an industrial chemist
to support them in the style they are used to. When not working that dayjob or
raising his children, he writes more books, researches the problems facing
clandestine chemists, runs Festering Publications, and trains for marathons.
His website is www.unclefesterbooks.com www.unclefesterbooks.com www.unclefesterbooks.com www.unclefesterbooks.com www.unclefesterbooks.com
Livro1.p65 23/08/04, 19:31 79
Mad Abe
Website: www.unclefesterbooks.com,
E-Mail: brazilian.contractor@gmail.com,
So Paulo, SP, Brazil.